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Cisco customer service is ranked #603 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.03 out of a possible 200 based upon 132 ratings. This score rates Cisco customer service and customer support as Terrible.


128 Negative Comments out of 132 Total Comments is 96.97%.


4 Positive Comments out of 132 Total Comments is 3.03%.

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    • 28.03 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 128 negative comments (96.97%)
    • 4 positive comments (3.03%)
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Sridharan

I called up CISCO Printers customer service rep and a person called me promptly. Although I know what was the problem (I changed my internet service provider) I was not sure how to fix it in the printer. But the person who spoke with me ran some scans in my laptop and told there was some virus infection and that I need to pay $199 to clear it up. And he said I cannot use any other laptops as well within my network to print it and that's when I became suspicious. I called the same number later in the night and the person who picked up then helped me to fix it. So be very careful and do not get encourage anyone who is asking you to pay up for any service.

Posted by DEB CD

In trying to set up a Roku box I kept getting an error to call a number and in doing so someone claiming to be from Roku said I had a "networking" issue that ONLY Cisco could solve. AftHer hearing the spiel I said no and she hung up on me...WHAT THE !!!!

Posted by Greg-Hates_Cisco_management

Cisco support, Licensing and Senior management is a complete joke. They are trying to price themselves as if they were in the same League as Palo Alto Networks. NOT EVEN. I am convinced to be in senior management you cannot test higher than 70 in any IQ tast. THey have a bad clock chip recall. Then on brand new hardware not even deployed yet, made me wait 2 months to get replacements. Why is none of this kind of crap in the news? They recalled the lions share of their ASA's> There is no phone number you can call for this only an email they never answer.

Posted by Pallishree

wat can i say abt security service .....its poor like anything.The support guy only know to take the webex and make the customer fool by moving there mouse here and there and pass 8 hours.after that just tell my sift is over. Technically they all are Nil.I have opened a ticket from last week the is still not resolved. If someone will ask how much time you required to solve issue they simple tell 6 months............

I am giving -5 out of 5.

Posted by Nevermind

I would like to point out that CISCO is such a terrible company that is destroying families and employees. MY husband works in London Bedfont. His manager is coming from time to time and pushing them to go out for "dinners" clubs and drinks, and company pays for that. The question is how you dare to encourage your employees to drink until late away from home and work next day in the morning? This is unacceptable,they are promising them pears on the trees when they are drunk, keeping away from home and what at the end ? MY family is destroyed, we have two children and I'll not leave it just like that..You better control your management or otherwise you will customers and reputation!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Straightup 123

Bought a Cisco e1200 router about 18 months ago. I didnt know how slow it was running until I took my computer to my girlfriends house and it it ran on her wifi a LOT faster. SHe told me I needed to call and have the router manufacturer sync it to my computer. Today I called Cisco customer support to have it sync'd.

After 45 mins of BS on the phone the guy from India or Pakistan told me I'd have to pay $249 for a 1 year service contract and they would clean up my computer to speed it up, block my neighbors from the router that were now showing as using it, and then sync the router for me. I told him I didnt want all the other things, I just wanted him to sync the router. After 8-10 mins of saying no to the $249 he finally said I could just pay $99 for them to block my IP address and then they would sync the router. I asked him if I went out and bought a new router for $79, would they then sync it for free. After giving me another 10 mins of BS he finally said yes they would. SO I asked why should I pay the $99. He said because that is the only way they could sync the router for me.

It is very obvious that Cisco's supposed 'customer service' line is set up to be purely a 'sales pitch line' to further increase their profits, and is NOT there to actually provide a service to their customers. I DID NOT get my router sync'd to my computer because I would not pay them more than I paid for the router $69.99 to have said router sync'd to my computer. Don't fall for this!! Buy a different brand of router if you can, and hopefully the company will sync it for free.

Posted by sea brise

The experience with was not only very rude but pathetic. He was pompous to cover for a low self image compensated by rude ordering around behavior. Made threats of what he was going to do in terms of complaints as soon as the client said he wanted someone else, polite and knowledgeable.

I know you have to keep a certain quota but we would like to deal with a human not a brute. It's pitiful.

Posted by Madickens43

My email address I would like to know how to make a complaint against an employee at Jasper Technologies of which I understand you are owner or part owner in this person has use Jasper equipment 2 hack my email and make threats towards me he is also my ex-partner I want to know what I can do about this and how to do it because from what I understand because of him using your equipment you can also be held liable for the things that he has said and done to me and if I'm wrong on that please correct me but I need to know how to make a complaint this person needs to be fired from your company and disciplined and I also have the IP addresses and copies of the hacking on my email thank you Michael Dickens

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Cisco ASA-5506 and the support site sucks! We've been working on getting our contract added just to download software. Add the contract, can't add a device, get confirmation that contract is added. Still can't add a device, says contract needs to be added!!!! Site down, get email to wait 24 hours yadda yadda yadda! Repeat! Cisco blows!!

Posted by Bones

Cisco Tidal and Cisco Support absolutely sucks. Not only did they rip us off with a shoddy product full of bugs and database corruption, they went back on some significant contract requirements. We could sue but the recoup just isn't worth it.

Cisco Tidal is the biggest piece of garbage ever written.

Posted by Anonymous

At pharmacy's nationwide in the u.s., using this Cisco system has been a nightmare, the staff cannot get calls that come through, the voicemail does not hold messages, you cannot get tech help for theses systems. This is the most unprofessional phone system, very cheaply made, poor in design, and a very poor product. People are so disappointed, and dissatisfied with this system.

Posted by Glenn

I have been on the phone with Cisco technical support for an hour and a half now (still on hold). The technician that was assigned the call spent one hour on the phone and all we did was to upgrade to the latest firmware version. He never even looked at the configuration of the router or addressed the VPN issue I opened the ticket for.

After I had to practically beg to get the ticket escalated to a higher tier tech, I was told his supervisor was the only next tier tech available. I called BS on that and am now 20 minutes into hold silence. If Cisco would provide the level of support they had 15 years ago, I would go back to using them exclusively. Since this seems to be the normal experience I get with them now, I generally look at Adtran and Netgear first for solutions and use Cisco as a last resort. Adtran support has proven to be the best for me!

Posted by Prad

Dear Cisco,

My name is Prad from Mitsui E&P Australia based in Perth.

I tried to get some information on our Cisco UC560. Called the number and she forwarded e to another number (I dont knwo the number). I waited for 2 hours and no one was answering the call.

She also gave me a contact no. to call incase I need to call again. I called that number and it says (Your call could not be connected please check the number)

I connected to a chat session with session He told me to call a different number 1 866 606 1866 . When I call this number it says this number is not available.

I have been trying to find an answer since yesterday and no luck. It is frustrating how I have been turned around and passed around while trying to contact you.

I found better response by Polycom. I am almost to decide on changing our phone system to Polycom now.


Posted by LarryM

I purchased a Cisco 890 Series C892FSP-K9 router which arrived with not a spec of technical documentation or software for getting it installed. After two full days of searching their website and trying various recommended procedures without success, I emailed their technical support. I was told that even though the unit was obviously under warranty, it was an enterprise product (even though it was advertised as appropriate for a home office), and I would have to purchase a service contract before they could help me. Since I really wanted to use it, I spent two more days trying to get it working, before sending it back to the vendor. Much of the information on the website was contradictory, so it was difficult to tell if I had ever followed the needed procedures. In retrospect, I think I probably dodged a bullet by getting rid of it. On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate this company a minus 5. With the poorly designed user interfaces on their products, they have created a technical support nightmare for themselves and their customers.

Posted by Anonymous


I am a customer in South Africa, Kwazulu natal, Richards Bay.

in 2013 we invested approx. 1.5 million rand in Cisco wireless equipment (AP's and controllers) and till date (18 Nov. 2018) this kit has not been activated. The implementation partner Business Connexion has had constant problems in implementing this solution in our production environment and had to constantly load TAC cases with Cisco to assist.

Unfortunately Cisco has thus far failed to see the urgency of this and respond when they prompted. Thus far Cisco has been using my site as an R & D facility for their equipment i.e. When we log a call Cisco engineers will provide a solution - this is tried and usually fails and a another is logged and this has gone on for 2 years now.

This is disappointing support from Cisco but you never to request your PSS cost from me although equipment is still sitting in boxes.

Is there anyone at Cisco than can provide me with support to get this solution work for me so that I can realize my investment. If your Cisco equipment is not compatible with an industrial environment - please confirm and we will write of this amount and opt for some other more predictable wireless solution.

I will await your response. Contact me on

Posted by tim mackey

Cisco after they sold you their product! its the start of your worst nightmare when it starts to fail.

Posted by siva

So my initial feedback gets kicked because of profanity. Maybe that's because that's how terrible your customer service is! Downright rude and completely unhelpful. Had the nerve to ask me if I was American whilst she spoke horrible imcomprehensible English. Will never willingly buy or use your products ever again!

Posted by Hugo V

Cisco logistics is a disaster.
Customer create a request into cisco system. System give a case #.
Then Customer receive many parts, try to verify each related case #
And the initial # not founded. The reason: each department inside cisco "create" new number called RMAxxxx, bla bla bla. Not sense.
At the end, parts around, nobody know why, who order, when.
HP be the other side: employees care for us and change any report to satisface our request and necessary control tools.

Posted by Anas

I have Passed ccna exam last year august 2014. I did not receive CCNA certification on home address yet. Address mentioned on form is correct but still waiting.

Posted by Hugo V

Cisco need some one with brain, simple is that.
When customer created a request, the system give automatic number for follow up.
All fine.
Then deliveries going to customers with others numbers like RMA, track, etc.
But never come with the original system number.
We can't track who did the order, or the unit serial # involve with the case.
Third party deliveries create numbers too but never give the ORIGINAL SYSTEM number.
HP do 100 times better. Listen please.

Posted by Anonymous

Service Request open since over 12 months. After reply from us it takes up to 6 weeks for them to check and reply. This way we are working all the time with them. This is really unprofessional!

Posted by tidal_user

We needed support for our Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. I have been contacting them since last 10 days. Nobody is getting back to the service request. Everytime same crap continues like "we will have someone call you within 2-3 hours or next day". Still trying to get hold of someone. Even escalation doesn't work. customer support ever!!!

Posted by Too

I'am one of the candidate who take CCNA exam about 2 month, i'am very happy that i received my certificated yesterday, but unfortunately i found that my candidate name that was incorrect with my actual identity so i need your assist and help !

Posted by eans

Cisco calls our office main line constantly, at times we get 9 calls per minute. We have called them directly four times to ask them to stop their robocalls. They tell us that are aware of the problem but can do nothing to stop their calls. We are not even a customer of theirs. We have resorted to turning the ringer off our phones. A company that is in communications that cannot even control their own phones. This problem has been going on intermittenly since October 2014. It is now January 2015.

Posted by Anonymous1

Cisco Support is really going down the hill. Current Smartnet agreement, we require a new IPS license. Previously, I was able to receive it within a business day. It's been 11 days waiting! 3 engineers have been assigned/ reassigned to the case. None of them actually responds to my emails and/or phone calls/ voice mails. Very frustrating.

Add your review!

Posted by Jeri

Joseph (869225), is a positive asset representing CISCO at the highest level. He displayed patience, understanding and guidance to an individual who is technology challenged.

His attention to detail and tolerance was reminiscense of the way we were as a nation years ago. Please thank him for updating my expectation regarding the industry.

Posted by Tanya

ONLINE chat help: Very helpful and seem to know what they're doing. It just takes forever. When you do the chat support, they get right down to business. It just takes a long time. I think they outsource, but they sure know what's going on.

Phone customer service: I called in and they tried to sell me something that I didn't need. The woman that helped me also wasn't really "listening" to my issue. She just kept trying to connect me over to another department so I could purchase a $69 product.

Posted by Montymommy

I've contacted Cisco on two ocasions regarding my Linksys wireless router and found them to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. In all instances technical support/customer service personnel were willing to go that extra mile to assist in resolving any issue I presented. I've read the other reviews posted and I don't share their experiences. Compared to other companies I've recently contacted regarding issues with products (ie HP) I have to say Cisco is a breath of fresh air.

Posted by mike18421

actually all like all our other electronic devices, these linksys routers too has it's own warranty period. So if your device is already outside of it, that's the time they will ask for a fee based support. But as far as the product wise linksys routers are more reliable compare to other networking gadgets out there. For customer service, i don't think all the tech's or service reps are like that. they're just humans too.. So if you think at first call that the person you're talking with is an idiot, then just hang up the phone and then call again. It is very impossible to be connected to 1 tech or customer service rep every time you call.. :) i love my linksys by cisco E3000 by the way...the best router i ever had!

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