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Circle K customer service is ranked #749 out of the 939 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.12 out of a possible 200 based upon 51 ratings. This score rates Circle K customer service and customer support as Terrible.


49 Negative Comments out of 51 Total Comments is 96.08%.


2 Positive Comments out of 51 Total Comments is 3.92%.

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  • Circle K

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    • 24.12 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 49 negative comments (96.08%)
    • 2 positive comments (3.92%)
    • 2 employee comments
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Posted by Edward

Your keansburg store discriminate against my son who has a disability this place has gone down hill your employees Sheri was rude and should not work there I am getting a attorney

Posted by Richard

Writing in regards to the store on Harvard and peck in Santa Paula California. I go there every morning to get pop .either they refuse to give me change for a $100.00 or they refuse to change the mtn.dew.lazy and store is dirty and they are not pleasant all .and the store on main and laurel in Ventura California. The older lady scams a dollar extra on orders .and refuses to change the fountain as well. I have been a loyal customer for 5+ years and have noticed the lack of work ethic portrayed by your employees.

Posted by Betty

The Chevron/Circle K property at 639 Morosgo Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA has multiple issues which are not being addressed: litter, graffiti, and vagrants/homeless loitering on the south side of the property. Two of these issues were addressed to the Dept. of Code Enforcement and a court date of 1/24/18 was established. But the owner, Fabio Fernandes did not show up in Court. A failure-to-appear warrant has been issued for him.

This property is an eyesore. But it seems the owner DOES NOT CARE.

Posted by Peter

1. Most importantly it's Xmas close k down remember y'all sell chips and candy big whoop have a little respect and care for your employees and close it down.

2. I've been awaiting a return phone all from corp.that I have yet to have returned great company you have.

3. Don't pick and choose which stores open and not either close em all or vice versa.

4. Quit being like every other company around money hungry dumbfounded unorganized worthless pieces of crap, take that azz back to Arizona n stay there I hope y'all fall thru.

5. And for heaven sakes how many vacations do the GM's get in one year we been at this store for a year and only seen Mrs Becky Luna like 4 times no wonder that store.

6. San Antonio Texas hwy get that pedifile manager Robert and GM Becky Luna under control if they don't want their job I'll gladly take it.

Posted by Seth

To whome gives a rip.. I stopped at a circle k/chevron store in zillah Washington state. I stopped in this morning to get a fountain drink after I dropped my son off at school I walked in started filling my 44 oz cup and the machine stated sputtering so I let the cashier or manager know that I thought it might be running out of Mountain Dew. She then told me that the machine doesn't run out and that I was wrong, so I said I was just letting you know and she asked what I did for a living and I sai ima local farmer she then laughed and I asked what's so funny and she said to my face quote " oh that explains it, you farmers complain about everything" basically saying I'm stupid .. never stopping at a circle k again..

Posted by Payton

Yes I went to Circle K in Lakeland Florida store number 1790 I had an experience with this one clerk her name was Peyton and I had a $50 I asked for $5 in gas the other $45 was for my sick son medication I had no gas just came from the ER and she refused my services it's in the middle of the day like 6 o'clock in the afternoon the line is backed up gas pumps people are waiting and she said she didn't have $45 that was her excuse not to service me her justification in her Alibi she told me no if I bump it up to 10 that she would be more than glad to service me we went backwards and forth for about 5 minutes and I finally pulled off she didn't know because I had a $50 bill the other $45 like I said was for my sick son medication I am an American citizen taxpayer this was the worst experience I've ever seen for a store clerk to tell me she refused my service unless I get the amount of gas she wanted me to have and I want her head in her job because I feel like I was discriminated against because I was black the so-called African American and she didn't like my race she told me she had two more than one person and she had hundreds of dollars of bills and I asked her wasn't for the fact they was all white or what was the problem she said no I don't have the money in my drawer and no I'm not going to service you I'm not going to do it those was her words there was no sign out saying no large bills or anything like that she told me she had took 150 for other customers and I said what other customers were the other customers that you service was they white customers cuz at this point I'm confused and really feel like I've been discriminated against and I just feel like whoever her supervisor is need to fire her on the spot for this was the customer experience bad customer service experience I ever had in my life 41 years living

Posted by Capt. AD. Shadan

While my comment may not be as serious as those below, I do hope that this is read by those that care. I am a Former Marine Corps Captain and 100% Disabled Veteran. While listing one of the Circle K store in Texas I unfortunately got the bad side of an employee (asst. Mgr) who apparently was having a bad day. In the tirade the man was having he threw a pack of Cigarrets at me and it hit my head. Of course I became upset, (just raising my voice) after he did that and then was confronted by another employee that did not see what just transpired or why I was upset, and then forcefully told me to leave the store. Moreover, for two weeks, I have been trying to get in touch with a human at all 5 numbers I have tried to let them know what happened. I was able to get a young man at a location who took a ticket number ?? 2470730 and he was able to see the video remotely from what happened and the young man showed more concern and took the burden of apology on his shoulders. (he was about as professional as anyone can be - kudos to him). He told me to follow up with corporate and gave me a number to call, but it seems no one at corporate is home, or no one cares. Maybe I should just go file assault charges against the employee.

But hey circle K corporate Executives, you can't fix something if you don't know its broke!!!! Or do you care?

You will no longer be getting my business, nor the countless other veterans from my VFW or American Legion Post in the area - quit looking at your salaries, and take care of your customers.

Thank you for the way you treated me through this. I firmly believe you give respect to get it - and you certainly do not have mine.

Capt. A.D. Shadan USMC Ret.

Posted by Anonymous

Just left a CircleK in Jamestown SC. Was informed that neither men's or women's bathroom was in service. The next restroom is approximately 30 miles. The personnel were quite unconcerned and offered no apology or explanation...just that they were told not to use them. My husband and I are 65 yrs old and would have appreciated a little more concern than was shown to us. We did purchase some food so we weren't expecting anything free. Very very poor business in our opinion. Won't be tempted to shop at CircleK again.

Posted by Blackberry

I swiped my card inside the store for $40. The gas part of my purchase was $25. Once i got the gas i could only use $24 of the gas so my total came to $39. The $39 was immediately taken off. A few hours later The $40 was taken and has been held for 6 days now. It still says pending on my account. I want my money and i want it now. Can't talk to anyone on the phone. It just gives me a voicemail. Your customer service sucks

Posted by Jenn

I do not who over Aurora CO but u have store employee that keep been rude all customers and she rude and had many complaints why is she still employee?

Posted by Rhonda

I went to your location in Maryland Heights Mo.on Dorset and McKelvey swiped my card at the pump it asked for a zip code, entered it asked me again entered it again then I was told to see cashier tried to pau in the store card declined long story short CIRCLE K has 100.00 tied up and is pending and I can not talk to anyone I will not be doing business with them ever again.What's the point in having a corporate office when you constantly leave messages and no one responds

Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Sandra loper I live in Lancaster ohio I went to circle k on Memorial Drive and the attendant was very rude because I stated that a certain product was piced wrong instead of telling me the difference he yelled at me and I stated in would still take it is didn't wanna argue with him and he told me to get out or he was gonna call the cops, this is not the first time he has been rude. His name is Tom I will never be going back there.

Posted by Anonymous

I just left the New Concord, Ohio store. The clerk was so rude
My husband already stopped patronizing you. I am glad to be done with your store.

Posted by ljgwen

32nd St. and Cactus location.

I filled tank with no receipt, went into store to obtain receipt, said to clerks you might want to think about replacing receipt paper and with totally rude remark from both clerks, THANK YOU VERY MUCH HAVA NICE DAY, In totally condescending way and rude and meant to be rude. I WILL not be going to this store again even though it is close to home. You hire the most in grateful people and rude and whatever else word you might want to use.

Posted by Danyelle

Yes I have a complaint on the store manager at the store in Louisville, ky at Dixie and Garrs Ln her name is Kathy also complaint on store employee shelby Daugherty the store manager is very unprofessional she use profanity in front of customers also she purchase lottery tickets while on the clock and her employee shelby Daugherty uses her sale phone while waiting on customers she also uses profanity in front of customers shelby also clocks the store manager out so the store manager is still on the clock when she leaves for the day that is using company time so she makes it seem like she is still at work also both of her Assistant Karen and Kenny Karen took a phone charger out of the store and did not pay for it Kenny her other assistant kenny goes in the office shuts the door and goes to sleep on the clock also another employee by the name of Mike who works 3rd shift uses drugs on property while at work

Posted by Anonymous

I was discriminated against at my local circle k due to the fact that I am disabled and have a service dog. Not only did an employee refuse to wait on me but she told me I was not allowed in tbe store with my dog. I am having a hard time getting someone to do anything about this. It is illegal and just wrong. This person is a bully. I was humiliated and hurt. I will not let this person get away with this. I am pretty sure she is the manager. I need a number to call where I can actually talk to someone. Please help.

Posted by Anonymous

Extremely rude cash rep Lakeisha told me that she wasn't going to give me the number or anyway to contact a supervisor to disclose her unprofessionalism in front of other customers. . This interaction was due to not letting me buy a pack of cigarettes because she thought I was going to buy cigarettes for someone else. Circle K Rocky mount Wesleyan Blvd location.

Posted by [email protected]

Hello, I'm a regular Circle K customer. When I go into the Circle K located at 16530 Beach Blvd Huntington Beach CA 92647. It wonders who is working.When I purchase a Frostier. The day clerk charges me 89 cents. If I go into the same store later in the day the lady with the long dark pony tail and accent charges me $1.50. The sign in the store says .89 cents. This is false advertising. The same store, the same item, a different price. Why? If I don't have enough money, she will take what I have, then shame me in front of other customers. The same store, the same day, the same item. 2 different prices. I find this very unusual. Is she charging extra on items, then keeping the over charge amount for herself? Is she keeping the extra cash?
I have gone into numerous Circle K's. Every store, no matter which clerk is behind the counter the charge is .89 cents. All except the Beach Blvd store. I find this to be unusual. Can you please explain this? I feel that what she is doing is not procedure. Is she authorized to change prices when she wants? Does she do this to all customers, or just certain ones? If the price is $1.50. That needs to be posted. The old sign needs to be removed and a correct one needs to take its place. I dont like someone that plays games. Can you please verify this information? Please let me know the proper procedure. Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been cheated out of money twice recently pumping gas at Circle K stations and this is wrong today at station number in Augusta Georgia I pushed the 87 octane and 93 pumped the lady in the store claims that I pushed the 93 I don't even know what to say except that I'm just not going to get gas from Circle K anymore because this is the second incident and every little Penny adds up to dollars and this was a difference of about $ $10

Posted by Girlz personal

I attend this store 3818 birmingham, al.35216 daily, the manager harrasses customers daily with trying to get him a date he said. The cashiers are always asking for personal information that do not cocern the job if you know what I mean.I'm sick of them at the store it just had a law suit that what the manager James/JamiE keep telling the public about.

Posted by Anonymous

Cashier was rude to me because I asked her for some cheese. She was laundry and rude needs to be fired. Tuscaloosa Alabama. Store #3823

Posted by Bipolarunderwear

I go to the Circle K Monday through Wednesday store# 22470 and it seems every Wednesday two person working graveyard is rude and her heart is Never full the nacho cheese is never ready for the truth I was going to buy nachoes that day but because she wasn't ready I walked out and bought nothing this isn't the first time this is like the 2nd or 3rd time I think she should be fired or retrained or move to days or to the back where she doesn't have to work with people because she does not know how to do customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a terrible experience in one of your stores last week. I have called, left messages. I have posted on your customer service blogs, etc... NO ONE has responded to anything that I have left a way to contact me...what a company!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like someone to call me. I have left several messages on the regional customer service number and no one has called back.

Mike Connelly

Posted by Rick

To Whom It may Concern:

You do not have to read or pay any attention to what I am about to say, but it would benefit you more than you know to do so as you are in grave danger of going under competitively. Your prices on all products you sell at your stores are much too high. It is unethical and cheating the public to charge the prices that you charge for everything you sell in your "convenience stores". I understand that a certain percentage of the prices you charge for the merchandise you sell are for the supposed "convenience" of not having to drive the larger distances to the supermarkets where one pays way less but is forced to put up with driving longer distances and inclement weather conditions. But the difference in your prices make it actually less inconvenient to simply drive to a supermarket so as not to have to pay the outrageous differences in your prices and theirs. I, for one, have stopped buying your products because of these ridiculously high prices I must pay if I shop at your store as compared to simply driving a mile or two more and burning a couple of tablespoons of gas and paying regular price to get what I came to get. It has gotten to the point where there are not only enough supermarkets as close to my residence as your store, but even paying regular price is considerably less than what you are charging for the same item. On top of this your selection, which used to be fairly wide and included items needed frequently, has become extremely limited and common items(lunch meats, eggs, toilet paper, etc) are simply no longer available..And if you are interested I can give other specific examples. If you do not decrease your egregiously high prices and improve your selection greatly, then others are going to find it more convenient to simply drive a little further and pay regular price rather than put up with your obnoxiously high prices and terribly limited selection, and you will find yourselves going bankrupt. Now I have said what I wrote to say and it is up to you to decide if you wish to continue your present course and find yourselves priced out of the market by the very people you entered the market to compete against, or go back to the REAL convenience and decent price that you used to offer and survive.

Yours Respectfully,

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Posted by Anonymous

the circle K store wells rd orange park,florida 32073 goes above & beyond being a GREAT store! the manager Dana runs a perfect place to shop; clean,well stocked,efficient & friendly. She hires & trains staff that care about customers & go the extra mile with a smile! i'v been a regular customer there for 25 years & can't say enough great things about a job well done & help they have given me over the years!!! SO JUST GIVE HER A RAISE & save money in adversbs! i wanted to say thank you to everyone in that store & her for job WELL DONE

Posted by I don't know what a screen name

Last night, Friday Sept. 30, I went to the store located on County Line Rd and East Rd., Spring Hill, FL around 8:15 pm. As I was walking the aisles, I began not to feel well. I grabbed a V8 juice out of the cooler and I began to wobble while walking. I made it to the front counter and put my head down on it. I began to shake uncontrollably. My blood sugar level had crashed.

I said to anyone in general to get me a candy bar. The cashier, Delvin asked me if I had diabetes and I said yes. (There was another girl working and she totally ignored my health issue). He told a customer to get me some donuts out of the case, in which she did and brought them to me. Delvin monitored me as I ate some donuts to bring up my blood sugar. He offered to call my family or someone who could drive me home.

I just want to send him so many thank you's for helping me with this issue !! He is one of a kind.

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Posted by Tim

Circle K needs to do a better job honoring their employees. Why not give an employee of the month award with a $10 circle K gift card? The company doesnât lose any money because it gets funneled back into the store. As a former employee at Circle K, the lack of recognition does not make working they fun or enjoyable at all. I have been to work at 3 different companies since my time at circle K and there are employee of the month recognitions at each of them. The employees at circle K NEVER wanted to be there and would call off or no call no show. I think having incentives would make this company WAY more enjoyable. While working at the other companies with these incentives, everyday the employees were chipper and happy because they wanted to make a great impression each day. When I go into circle K now in any location you can see the morale in the employees just completely low. You need to fix this.

Posted by Anonymous

Up until yesterday, I'd worked at the Huntington Beach, Calif. Circle K. I'd quit after a year of employment there because of the new owners practice of RE-using old food on the grill and changing dates on "fresh" foods and condiments. I have taken photos and tried contacting corporate to handle this issue, but to no avail. Hopefully the health department will take more of an interest in this than those associated with this store have.


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