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Cincinnati Bell customer service is ranked #888 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.57 out of a possible 200 based upon 254 ratings. This score rates Cincinnati Bell customer service and customer support as Terrible.


249 Negative Comments out of 254 Total Comments is 98.03%.


5 Positive Comments out of 254 Total Comments is 1.97%.

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  • Cincinnati Bell

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    • 18.57 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 249 negative comments (98.03%)
    • 5 positive comments (1.97%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

They cancel my service in no time at all. But when I wanted it back it took 24 hours or more. Cincinnati Bell is awful.

Posted by Crap-optics (fioptics) is a was

You guys at Cincinnati Bell use to have good service, but not anymore. You have gone downhill big time and can't do anything right. After having technicians out to my house on 4 different occasions, the cable and internet still don't work properly. I am so tired of paying over $130 a month for services that don't work right. I will be switching to Directv next week. Their cable actually works better even when it rains than Fioptics cable. I am very disappointed in your services and will make sure to tell my friends and family about it.

Posted by Mr. Brownstone

What does it take for Cincinnati Bell to provide good, reliable service? Ive had so many techs out to try and "fix" my problems and they are still happening. Bell has become a horrible company and their cable and internet stink. Weather even affects it when I was told it wouldnt. Avoid this company like the plague.

Posted by Garbage-optics is a poor product

If you are considering getting Fioptics internet and cable service...think twice before you do. My family and I have all sorts of problems and issues with both services. They are always going out or not working properly. If the weather is bad, internet will go down completely. Cable channels always freeze.
Resetting boxes doesn't do any good. I have been billed wrong and have to call and have it fixed month after month. Their service people aren't even English. They will transfer you sometimes three times or just hang up. Be prepared to spend 45 minutes on the phones with these clowns. Cincinnati Bell is a subpar company when it comes to service, equipment, modems, technical support etc.

Posted by Chrisobrien

Whatever you do, do not get Cincinnati Bell's Fioptics service. It is awful. It never works right and is unreliable. The wifi and internet go down at random especially at night. Speeds are slow. Bad weather always affects it. There are always billing errors and mistakes and trying to get them fixed is near impossible with their foreign customer service. They always try to charge you too much. Then they send you to collections if you refuse to pay for their mistake. This company can't get anything right. Their service has gone downhill in every way during the past two years and nothing is being improved.

Posted by Anonymouscontributor

I want to know-what does it take and how many times do I have to call your d*mn foreigners in customer service to get my internet and cable to work properly? They don't have a clue as to how to help customers. I am so fed up with your terrible service. My cable channels are always freezing up/pixelating and all they say is unplug or reset your boxes. That doesn't fix anything. Every time it rains like today, it affects my internet speeds and they slow to a crawl. The internet connection will just drop. If it thunders, it stays disconnected until the storm is over. I never had problems like these with Spectrum internet. Even Dish's cable channels never froze. I hope you guys fix these problems real soon or you are going to lose a lot of customers. Im shopping for other providers right now.

Posted by DontwasteyourmoneyonBell

Cincinnati Bell has really gone downhill when it comes to service and reliability in the last couple of years. Your Fioptics cable and internet service is awful. Especially out here in Anderson Township. The internet speeds are always slow and the network is congested. The internet always drops out and streaming is never smooth. Calling your horrible technical service won't do any good. You get transferred around, the people can't speak English and nothing is ever fixed. I would not recommend Cincinnati Bell to anyone.

Posted by Tommyboy46

So I moved my services over from Spectrum/Time Warner to Cincinnati Bell's Fioptics service. That was a huge mistake. Bell was going to give me a good bundle deal. Its only been 4 weeks and I'm already going back to Spectrum due to a bunch of problems. My first bill was way wrong and a lot more than what I was promised. My internet and sometimes cable will go out even in a light rain or small storm. My internet speeds are drastically reduced when it rains or thunderstorms. The cable boxes are always freezing up when I change channels. Changing channels is not smooth at all. There are frequent cable outages and channels missing. Plus, you guys are always taking good channels like ION and WGN America away. Its time for me to shop for a new cable and internet provider.

Posted by Thetechguyknows

A word to the wise-do not get Cincinnati Bell as your internet and cable provider. You will have nothing but problems with them. Ive only had their cable and internet service for a month and a half and already have had 2 technicians out to my house and the problems are still occurring. Ive also had my equipment switched out and replaced but that didn't do any good either. For the high price I am paying, I get cable boxes and channels that constantly freeze up, picture that pixelates and isnt clear. Good channels that get taken away. The dvr boxes are of poor quality and never record the shows I want them too. The internet is always slow no matter what time of day it is. A little rain will affect the internet speed and sometimes cause it to go out completely. It randomly will go out at night while downloading stuff. Cincinnati Bell's service is very unreliable and their network is unstable and poor. Spectrum has much better service and reliability.

Posted by Randy M.

Cincinnati Bell is an absolute joke of a company. Don't ever get their services! Do you know how they handle customer service and fix problems online? They read or type from a script! "Im so sorry sir or maam that you are having problems with your cable and internet. It is never out intention to frustrate or upset our customers. Please send me your 13 digit account number and I'd be happy to look into this for you." None of them speak good English either. Yeah, sure you would like to look into it,just like you provide good internet and cable service. What a joke. After 3 technicians came to my house and getting new equipment, my cable boxes still freeze up and my internet cuts out constantly. Bye bye Ma Bell and Hello Spectrum. I will be contacting the Ohio Attorney General and PUCO about your garbage service.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered the Fioptics Bundle for my new residence. I had to pay a $200 deposit for the services. So two days before the services were installed my landlord stated that I could not have the TV service that they would only allow the phone and internet service. So, I call the customer service line to cancel the TV/ Video service. The representative stated that since no services have been installed that they would refund my $150 deposit back into my bank account. Well, that was over 3 weeks ago. I called and spoke with the customer service department every week and they keep giving me the run around saying that the refund was not processes properly. It seems as if they are making up stories so they don't have to give me my money back. The crazy part about it they would even credit my account for the $150. It is truly sad I that a company will take your money and not try and fix the problem. I am highly upset and I really feel like canceling my internet and phone services.

Posted by Just Bob

In September a CB representative called me in response to a complaint about terrible service regarding my internet service. She told me that fiber was on their calendar within the next six months but that it could change. In December I watched as fiber optic cable was being installed on the poles in front of my house. I thought "maybe". In February I watched as trucks drove through my front yard, leaving deep ruts, as work continued on the fiber optic cable. I really didn't care as I thought this was really going to happen. March 2017, nothing. I called my neighborhood CSR in the Philippines. I asked what was the status. I was told that my area wasn't scheduled for an upgrade in 2017. I called my local electric company to find out who exactly installed the optic cable on their poles. I was told it was my local phone company. Called the Philippines again and asked to be pushed up the ladder to someone closer to my "Hometown". I was refused. Tried another phone number and again connected with the Philippines. Is there any number where I can reach my "Hometown" business? Is there anyone I call talk to who knows what is happening?

Posted by mastrb8ingmonkey

I deeply regret giving Cincinnati Bell and their Fioptics service a chance. I am having problems and issues literally every week with my internet and cable. Calling technical support or customer service does not help. Even if they send a technician out, it won't do any good because the problems are with their poor service, not your house or equipment. I don't understand how they are still in business with the kind of service they provide. Plus they keep adding useless channels on their cable lineup.

Posted by Getridoftheforeigners

I tried to reach your technical support department last night and after 30 minutes of waiting, I got a foreign person I couldn't understand. Then I got transferred 3 different times. Is this the kind of service you provide now? That's ridiculous. The cable and internet are not reliable either. Im always having to reset my boxes because they freeze up a lot. I will be shopping for another provider because Im so tired of the problems.

Posted by Melvin K.

Your service absolutely stinks at Cincinnati Bell. What does it take to get your fioptics cable and internet to work properly everyday? When are you going to fix all of the issues? Neither of my services has worked right since I had them installed two months ago. My cable channels freeze up a lot. Several times a week. There is a lot of pixelation on some channels. The cable goes out frequently. The internet service is just as bad. I never get the speed I am supposed to. I always have to reset my modem because the wi-fi randomly disconnects. Weather affects the service also even though I was told by a technician it wouldn't. Its been a very disappointing experience and I would never recommend your service to anyone.

Posted by Jackincincy45

I want to know-what does it take for anything to get fixed down at Cincinnati Bell? Your service is unreliable and never works right. I had a technician out last week and my cable channels are still freezing and pixelating, and my internet is still slow and cutting out. This is the 3rd technician that has come to my house to "fix" these problems. Each time I call in about these issues, I am always stuck talking to some foreigner that I can't understand. Well I am done and am going to try Spectrum out. I am sick of Cincinnati Bell and your problems and poor service.

Posted by Yourservicestinksatbell

The other reviews on here are true-I have also had problems with Cincinnati Bell since day one. Their equipment and products are garbage and are of the cheapest and poorest quality. The service itself is no good either. Their cable never works right-it is always freezing up, the screen jumps and hesitates and the sound won't match the screen. Picture quality is poor and not clear or sharp at all. It's the same with their internet. You never get the speeds you pay for. The internet has frequent outages. Their customer support is terrible-it is full of foreigners that have no clue what they are talking about. Then they are rude and hang up on you. Email doesn't even work a lot of times. Whatever you do, avoid this company at all costs. The problems you have are not worth what they charge you.

Posted by Tomwahl

Here is the truth about Cincinnati Bell that they don't want you to know about-their internet is always going down, you never get the speed you pay for or are promised when you sign up, you always get buffering, their modems are cheap and never work right. Their cable is just as bad-they don't have a lot of channels that Time Warner does like Ion and WGN America, they don't carry all local channels, picture quality is not sharp or clear, weather affects it-when it rains or is windy, the cable is always going out, channels freeze up a lot, the sound won't match the screen, the screen jumps, etc. Their sales people want you to think how great their service is. Believe me, it isn't. Just read the online reviews.

Posted by Bart M.

This company does not care about it's customers whatsoever. The customer and technical support is all foreign and very unhelpful. They don't even work 24/7. They are rude and condescending to you as well. If you ask for an American person, they hang up on you. The cable, internet and phone service isn't much better. The phone service goes out frequently. There is always some kind of background noise. The internet is always very slow and is never the speed I am paying for. It just drops out at random too. Their service is pathetic. Their cable is the worst. Whatever you do, DON'T get it!! Their channel selection stinks and they don't even carry Antenna TV, GET TV, ASN, and Comet TV or the PBS digital subchannels. The channels are always freezing up, pixelating, the sound never matches the screen, picture quality is poor and not sharp, changing channels takes at least 10 seconds and the screen acts like in slow motion and the picture jumps. Avoid them at all costs, the problems aren't worth it.

Posted by DonewithPhilippinesBell

Can you people down at Cincinnati Bell do anything right?? Your customer and tech support are a bunch of useless foreign a** clowns who can't speak decent English and who don't have a clue as to what is going on or how to fix your cable and internet issues. They are also very rude and condescending. Since you refuse to hire American workers or bring support back to the States, I am searching for a different provider. Im not dealing with Philippines Bell anymore. Yet again, my internet is going down tonight and is real slow, and my cable channels are freezing and pixelating on me. These problems are getting old, and happen way too often. Your service is very unstable and never ever works right. It is unreliable to in that it frequently goes out. To top it off, you overcharge me every month and I have to call about that as well. If anyone is considering Bell as their provider, I would strongly recommend someone else.

Posted by Cincycableguu

I agree with many of the other reviews on here-Cincinnati Bell has horrible cable and internet service and they do absolutely nothing to fix it even though they are aware of the issues. They could care less about their customers and problems. Ive had numerous technicians out to the house, called tech support, switched out all of my equipment and the problems are still happening. Time Warner Cable has so much better service that actually works. More channels to. I shouldn't have to reset my cable boxes and modem on a daily basis. I also have the freezing and pixelating channels (cable boxes) issue, the frequent outages, dvr not working right, slow internet speeds/buffering, internet going down, channel switching issues where it acts in slow motion and takes a while to load, sound not matching the screen, missing channels, foreign and rude customer service, incorrect bills, I could go on. I am going back to Time Warner Cable because their cable and internet work well.

Posted by Cincinnati Resident

Horrible customer service, regular internet slowdowns, poor TV picture quality, and 4-hour window service appointments that are totally missed - dropped Cincinnati Bell yesterday, called Warner Cable and was hooked up today with faster internet at less money!

No brainer - Cincinnati Bell is horrible.

Posted by Bellneedstogounder

The picture quality on your cable channels is really bad and nothing ever improves. Most of the channels are not clear or sharp. Directv had much better picture quality. It looks like you are watching streaming 480p video that is always pixelating. You guys need to spend some money to upgrade the fioptics network and make it more reliable. Also, scrolling up and down through channels and changing them is a major problem. The screen will freeze up a lot and the sound will get real choppy or cut out as the channel loads after being changed. Pathetic service!

Posted by CBserviceisgarbage

Your cable and internet service at Cincinnati Bell is absolutely terrible. It never works right and is always going out. The customer service and technical support is bad to-none of them speak decent English, they are rude and hang up on you. They are also clueless when it comes to helping customers. Please bring your customer service back to the States. You guys really need to fix the chronic ongoing problems of really slow internet, constant buffering, slow network, cable channels freezing up, poor picture quality, channels pixelating, and frequent outages. The dvr boxes never work right either. Im fed up with all of the problems I have with your services. I will be switching to Directv soon.

Posted by Mrs. Karen

Its Monday night 10/31 and my cable and internet are both down out here in Anderson Township. This is the 4th time in just the last two weeks. I called in to 565-2210 but couldn't get to a live person. I guess you don't have 24 hour tech support? That's pathetic. Anytime ive called in anyway, ive talked to a foreigner that I couldn't understand. Your service and company have really declined in the past 5 years. The leadership down there needs to change. There are always cable outages and the screen freezes up and pixelates just before it goes down. My dvr freezes up a lot too. This happens on a weekly basis and I always have to reset my modem. The internet goes down sometimes on a daily basis. That happens a lot during peak times. Also, weather affects the internet and cable. Speeds really slow down during a heavy rain or thunderstorm. Cable will pixelate or go out during a storm. A technician told me weather wouldn't affect the service. That isn't true. I am going back to Directv because their service actually works properly.

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Posted by Anonymous

I believe the date was 12/13. Both my internet and cable service went down. I worked with a customer service agent named "Joe". Ultimately, Joe provided 100% positive resolution to both issues. Joe went above and beyond the call of duty. He not only successfully resolved both issues, but also gave me tips to improve response time on my pc's and explained several codes on my pc and the modem that I was curious about. As a new subscriber to Cincinnati Bell, this was an excellent first experience with the Support Team, and specifically, Joe. Nice job, Joe!!! If there is a next time, I hope I reconnect with you!

Posted by JacobsLadder

Have've had Cincinnati Bell Fioptics internet only (20MB/2MB) for almost two years. We live in the Edgewood/Crestview Hills area of Northern Kentucky. My experience is the exact opposite of virtually everyone here! Speeds are reliable with no noticeable down times. (Meaning I've never "experienced" disconnects.) The ZTE router is in the basement and everything we use to access the internet is wireless. The main home computer is on the 2nd floor, Amazon Fire TV on the 1st floor, two cell phones, and one LG 8" tablet. All works to our satisfaction!

Posted by BlazingFastInternetUser

Have had Cincinnati Bell for years and have been very happy with their fioptics service. Love their 30mb internet and Elite TV. Have have a few minor issues. Nothing their technicians couldn't come out and resolve for me.

Posted by HappyToSwitch2Fioptics

We switched from TWC to Cincinnati Bell back in 2013 after having Roadrunner for years. Service started to go downhill in Cincinnati with Time Warner. We constantly had to get new modems and have techs come out to fix our service. We switched to Fioptics in Feburary 2013 and have been happy campers ever since! We started off with just Internet 30mb and have since added TV as well. We never had our service go out except when squirrels chew on our lines. When this happens, technicians are quick to replace the lines and get our service working again. The techs are friendly and always try to get your problems and questions solved. Sure Cincinnati Bell does use outsourced call centers but if you are nice to the help desk people, they can help you get your issues resolved. They are based in the Phillipians so they DO speak English despite what other commenters have said on this forum. All in all I highly recommend Cincinnati Bell. It's a good product and priced very competitively. I recently was informed just how much they giveback in the community as well. You should Google how much they give :).

Posted by motomoto

I have been using Cincinnati bell services for Voice, Data, and Video and sup to now they never fail me and top of it all they got good customer service w/c are all knowledgeable and very helpful. Keep it up ...

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Posted by Anonymous

I actually work for the outsource company locally in Cincinnati that does the customer service and technical support they are trying to move from the Phillipines back locally and must say that the FiOptics service is not ready or unreliable in many areas therefore angry customers calling in and giving the poor contractors ear infections and making our jobs almost impossible. It is like we are doing damage control more than customer service and there is no loyalty for us local contractors. If we get bad surveys for pissed off customers we get wrote up and fired and the next poor schmuck gets to take our place. Its not like we did anything wrong, just the customer is mad that they had a bad experience and we are losing our jobs to be replaced by the next unknowing candidate due to unfair metrics. The management is horrible and they like to point fingers and issue is with them not us. FACT!


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