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Posted by noem

When I bought my new 2014 ram I was lied to about the truck from day one. I was told I was buying an 8 speed, got a 6 speed. I was told 30 days after I picked it up I would have my remote start, went a whole winter without one. Now my hoods paint is rusting and Chrysler will do nothing about it.5 year paint warranty my ---. First and last Chrysler product I will deal with.Too bad because I do like the truck but warranty and customer service is not worth it. After 28 Fords I guess trying a Chrysler product was a mistake.

Posted by Phyllis

I recently bought my dream car...2005 pt cruiser, love this car, except for one common problem. Constant over heating, I have contacted many websites which view this as a continuous problem. Is this something chrusler is fixing or is this a constant $2000.00 dealership repair? My dream car is now crap!!

Posted by cooper470

This has been my first Jeep purchased in my life and I will never buy another vehicle from Chrysler in my life. This has been the worst overall experience I have ever had. I purchased a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK Altitude on January 31st of this year fully loaded for $44,000 roughly. Within the first week it started having issues. When I would drive it for more than 15 minutes and turned it off, it would not turn on until the engine cooled down. I have taken it in 5+ times now since January 31st. It's been in the shop for 37 days now since January 31st trying to get the same issue fixed. Nobody knows what is wrong with it. I have opened a case with the attorney general office, I have an open case with Chrysler - case number So out of the roughly 75 days I have owned it, it's been in the shop half of the time and broken down the other 32 out of 37 days. I have been trying to just get a new Jeep but NOBODY will help me out. Everyone just keeps giving me the run around. The Customer service has been the worst I have ever had in my life. I had been talking to a lady named Megan - and she just went MIA - I have left 10 Voicemails for her in the past 2 weeks with no responses. I have been trying to get a hold of a supervisor. About 2 weeks ago she said her supervisor would be reaching out to me in 1-2 days and I never heard from anyone. I cannot get anything accomplished with this place whatsoever. I have already contacted an attorney and filled out the complaint form for NCDS. This is absolutely ridiculous and customers should not be treated this way. I want a new Jeep or just terminate my lease at this point and give the Jeep back. This Jeep is 100% a Lemon and Chrysler should have done something about it a long time ago for me.

Posted by Kevin

Chrysler customer service is a joke! I get better customer service from mcdonalds when they mess up my order than I did from chrysler when they broke my car! After spending 30,000+ you would think they actually care...nope!

Posted by Lorenzo

I had my vehicle serviced at Hawk Chrysler in Forest Park, IL.Oscar the service writer was the most unreliable person I have ever met.He was supposed to order a part for me that take 48 hours to order. Instead it to 30 days.
When I saw him no apology or explanation.

Posted by Radar68

I have contacted Jeep three times about the transmission lines leaking from the factory crimp on my 2010 Jeep Wrangler. I keep getting the run around. They put me on hold while they act concerned then come back and tell me sorry that my jeep is not included in the transmission lines leaking defective parts issue. So when the transmission leaves us stranded on the highway and causes an accident Jeep will be receiving another copy of this review from my lawyer.

TSB: 2008-2010 JK Wrangler: Transmission Oil Cooler Lines May Weep Transmission Fluid
Extended Warranty -Transmission Oil Cooler Lines May Weep Transmission Fluid At The Hose To Tube Crimp Joints (7 Years or 70,000 Miles Warranty Extension)

This bulletin involves installing new transmission oil cooler supply & return line assembly.

2008 -2010 (JK) Wrangler
NOTE: This Extended Warranty Bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with 3.8L engine (sales code EGT) and an automatic transmission (sales code DGV) built before March 10, 2010 (MDH0410XX).

Weeping transmission oil cooler lines at the hose-to-tube crimp joints.

If the symptom/condition is experienced proceed to the repair procedure.

Posted by JimmyRaySatterwhite

Chrysler has special pricing online but they never let you have that price. Ex: Ram 5500 at Houston Chrysler Dodge for 51,389 internet price. The MSRP is 58,810. Discount 7412.00 for a total 51,398.00 + TTL. They total me drive out price was around $54,xxx but unless I had apportion plates they would have to add on around another $4000 for a total of around $58,xxx. The integrity of most Chryslers dealerships is gone:( This dealership is in Pearland Texas

Posted by FIAT HATER

Why won't you admit and commit to fixing all FIAT'S with the PCM modules. Have been without vehicle for 3 wks. Car would not start, STILL will not start.
I am a disabled veteran and I am on a fixed income.
I feel you are a dishonest and negligent company. One person says it is covered by extended warranty others say not. No one seems to care nor are they willing to help unless I pay for another tow and then still no guarantee on warranty. BAD BUSINESS TACTICS. I will fix this car then I WILL SELL THE PIECE OF CRAP!!!! Never will deal with Chrysler Fiat again. Company is about as crooked as VW!


Posted by Anonymous

Chrysler customer service is a joke. They tell you the same thing over and over. We will take your name and number and have a case manager call you. They never call back. My brand new Charger Scat Pack has software issue a and now the battery went dead. It's at the dealership and they contacted Dodge who said they are aware the chargers s have issyes but don't have a fix for the software issues in the 2018's They may have a fix in early 2018. Dodge should be ashamed to put out vehicles they know have major problems

Posted by RANDY

I Just Spoke With Adam Friend, Sales Manager @ Hartley's Chrysler/jeep In Newport Maine. I Have Been A Salesman With Chrysler Corp As Well As With Ford Motor Previously So I Know How Customers Are To Be Treated. I Have Never Been Treated Or Swore At Before But Adam Just Did So On The Phone With Me . I Called The Dealership Back After Adam Called Me A Cheap F--- And Hung Up, And Asked To To Talk With Steve Hartley, The Owner,specificly And Adam Somehow Intercepted The Call, Told Me I Was Barking Up The Wrong Tree And Hung Up Again! This Piece Of Garbage Is A Poor Excuse For A Salesman To Say Nothing About A Sales Manager! I Intend To Notify The Attorney General About The Situation For My Call In The First Place. I Know That If Ford Motor Ever Got A Complaint Such As This That Sales Manager Would Be Called On The Carpet And Probably Dismissed. The Piece Of Garbage Sold My 85 Year Old Mother Who Is Suffering From Dementia A 2013 Chrysler 300 Rear Wheel Drive Car With 20" Tires Which Are Almost Impossible To Find Snow Tires For And We Live In Maine. My Mother Didn't Even Know It Was Rear Wheel Drive But Mr "friend" Claims He Told Them It Was After He Had Already Told Me That He Didn't Even Talk With Her But An Imported Salesman Did . I Expect Answer To My Complaint Asap And I Want Adam Friend At Least Reprimanded And I Expect An Immediate Apology!!

Posted by Anonymous

New car came in with wrong wheels. I told manager from start which wheels I wanted and he still got the ones that came on the car. He got rude and said that's what I ordered, when I showed him the cat. The wheels that he was suppose to get. So he says I have a bad attitude and told me to leave his office. Also kicking my wife out who never said a word. He didn't bother to check if he made a mistake or not just got loud and defensive. So I didn't buy the car and went to another dealer and ordered another one. Which I will say they were very pleasant. The dealer that gave me the trouble is Country Club Chrysler in Clarksburg WV. The manager who was so loud and rude is Doug Mankins. I live close to this dealer but I will not buy from someone with an attitude like his and won't admit he ordered the wrong wheels. When I spend $43000.00 I expect to get what I ordered

Posted by Stew

Chrysler is the worst! Will never by another Jeep . My wheels totally corroded after 61000 miles. They told Me sorry, out of warranty. So I have a grand Cherokee I paid 40000 for with wheels I have to spend 500.00 on to make it look nice again. What a joke! The dealership Krebs in Gibsonia, Pa. and Chrysler wanted nothing to do with me. So Jeepâs can go over 200000 miles. I guess I drive it now looking like crap!

Posted by minivanmom

We bought a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan from Bustard Chrysler, and it has had problems from the very beginning. It stalled on our test drive, which we brought to the attention of our salesman, who stated he would have the mechanic look into it. When we picked up our vehicle the following week, we thought the problem had been dealt with, but it had not. For the first month, our vehicle would stall as we would slow down/ stop at stop signs and traffic lights. We called Bustard Chrysler and asked that we receive a new van, as they clearly sold us a faulty vehicle. They refused to do so, and were not concerned in the slightest that they sold us a defective vehicle. We then took it into another Chrysler dealership, and the technician claimed our vehicle was not safe to drive and that some major work needed to be done on the transmission. We were given a rental vehicle- but not a van, because they didn't have a van, so we had to deal with a car or a massive truck. After 2 weeks, they finally had our vehicle fixed. Now, 5 months later, our BRAND NEW VAN is leaking transmission fluid. I am absolutely disgusted. I called Bustard Chrysler and told them again that they had sold us a defective vehicle, and they told me to call Chrysler Canada. I called Chrysler Canada and they said that they could not give me a new van, as this was a dealership issue. Neither Chrysler Canada or Bustard Chrysler are at all concerned that the vehicle they sold us is a piece of crap. They keep stating that it is covered under warranty and can be fixed. My concern is in 2-3 years when I am no longer covered under warranty and have a vehicle that continues to need repairs because it was built poorly. I am incredibly disappointed in the service I have received. I would not recommend Bustard Chrysler or Chrysler in general, to anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is Lewis Strayer I bought a 2017 Chrysler pacifica limited in march all make a long story short my car was in the garage at my house I opened the tailgate to load some things in then 5 minutes later I pushed the button for the tail gate to go down it did not go down 5 minutes after that I forgot about it pulled my car out of the garage and busted the back tailgate window out my car its at corona autobody has been there for 3 weeks its the only car we have and I cant pick it up because they cannot get the back window glass from you or anybody for that matter very upsetting made my car payment yesterday don't even have a car listen I used to work at an auto plate assembling cars in ohio stop the line where the glass is being installed on the vans pull one out and ship it to corona autobody in corona ca. take care of the people that has already bought one of your vehicles instead of making new ones to sale take care of the people buying first hello THANK YOU LEWIS STRAYER

Posted by Jodi

My friend who is a hard working single mom contacted u about getting partially re emburssed for her parts that were under warranty when she had to get them fixed on her vacation and u people are doing nothing to help her
So disgusting
Her name was Dianna

Posted by Anonymous

I am the owner of a 2015 Dodge Journey. Yesterday while traveling down a 3 lane highway, my back caliber became seized, to the point where it was smoking. I was very fortunate that I noticed this and was able to get myself and my children off the highway safely, before it potentially caught on fire. I went to the nearest garage and had the vehicle (which is still under warranty) fixed at an expense of $1184.72. I called the customer assistance center today to see how to go about being reimbursed for the parts that were still under warranty. Jocye from the customer care center refused my claim. She also then refused to allow me to speak to her supervisor. I am a single Mother who has never won the lottery. A $1200 bill is devastating to my budge. I am highly disappointed with the poor response from your company! I also contacted my local dealership where I have all my service done and they refused to right the situation as well. I wasn't asking for my total bill to be covered. I only wanted the caliber parts that were under warranty to be reimbursed. The quality of vehicle and customer service is appalling!
Patiently waiting for this to be made right

Posted by Anonymous

I had 2008 town and country total lemon of a car traded fo 2014 town and country that was suppose to be a lot better, IN 3 YEARS I had it I know all service guys by 1st names in 2 dealer ships service department.Will never buy another chrysler in my life.

Posted by Brown

Just bought a brand new 2017 pacifia. Love the van. What i dont like is that i have to buy a spare tire, and all the tools that put one on. I would of never thoight that i had to look for a spear.i am not happu. That i have to pay a extra 500.00 to by a spare. I am disable and I and my husband are going on along trip. My husband double checked to see what the spare looked liked, only to find out we didnt have one. That is not good selling . Please responed to my camplaint. I would like to to what your answer is for this . Thank you Debbi Brown

Posted by Contack Help

My daughter was looking to buy a new car for the first time. I talked her into purchasing a 2015 Chrysler 200. She has had a few problems but she always returned it where it was purchased, and she has had no problems with service. This time she left her car at my house while she was on vacation. When she returned the doors would not unlock. We thought maybe the battery was dead. She removed the key from the fob and tried to start the car but it kept saying something was not connecting with the fob. We had to call a wrecker to have the car towed. When the tow truck got here he had to put card board down and other stuff to get the car on the wrecker because they could not get the brakes off or remove it out of park because the car would not recognize the fab. It took forever. My first complaint is why do you make a key fob that will not let anything work if it malfunctions. The car was towed to the Landers Chrysler which was closer to my home. When they got there the people at the shop could not figure out how to release the brakes or get it out of park to get the car down. They told the tow truck driver to drive it up a hill on some grass and some kind of way the tow truck driver was able to get the car down. All of this happened Monday the 24th. They said they would not be able to check it out and do a diagnostic until Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon arrived and we had not heard from them. I called to check on the car myself because I let my daughter use my car since I would not have guessed she would not have her car back yet. The person that will be working on the car said they were having problems with another car and it took longer than they thought. They said there were three cars ahead of her. That made me a little nervous because I needed my car. They did not call and say anything about the car on Tuesday. I called again Wednesday and I am really mad now. I feel like because she did not purchase the car from them they are taking there time with her. On Wednesday the same person who will be working on her car said there were still three people in front of her. When I complained about the car situation and how long it was taking they said she was able to get a loaner car. When I told her she called and said they did not have one available and she was number three on the list!!!!!!How about that. Now she still does not have her car or a loaner car so I still do not have my car back. As of 2:00 PM today we still have not heard from them. I guess they have not started on her car yet. This customer really sucks.

Posted by Kevin

Horrible customer service. I called on a lemon law issue and was given seven different Representatives that we're supposed to handle my DL. Finally the person that was dealing with me was very rude my car was seven weeks old and it a been in the shop for 5 weeks and she was very cold on the phone as to hat speak with her manager would not give me her name also asked if she would email me three times she has not emailed me. She doesn't return my calls it's time for an attorney. I will never buy Chrysler product again.

Posted by Marychot

UNBELIEVABLE! Today 1/17/17 Tom (would not give a last name) told me customer service is for customers who have a manufactures warranty. They do not support customers who have vehicles that are over the 36,000 mile, 36 month mark except in rare cases. It's time to boycott a company that will offer you a six year loan so you can afford to purchase their vehicles but doesn't care if it falls apart after three years.

Posted by Jade kot

Purchased new 2017 ram rebel truck n traded in my Ford 2013 F150 n my 2012 Nissan NV3500 both vehicals were never paid off n were put in default n repossession because liccardi chrysler did not pay off vehicals even though we paid for our new truck in "FULL" now my credit score is 520 instead of over 750, this dealer is a scam artist n a bunch of crooks they lied to us about the vehicular having side steps to enter n exit the vehical! Totally dissatisfied will never ever purchase a vehical from this dealer ever n will be sure to spread the word about this crooked dealer

Posted by No information concerning spare

Hello,I have purchase a 2016 town/country for the third time. I love your product.
I just recently thought after 19,000 mile to ckeck the Spare Tire pressure.
To my surprise, there wasn't one.
My reaction was, having a flat on the road ways today without a spare would be dangereous.
My complaint is not even a notice to the buyer that you no longer offer the Spare tire. Nothing from the salesman, service department, nothing in the storage compartment, just a big nothing.
So thanks alot.
Maybe the next year model won't come with any tires.
Oh, by the way, pretty sorry and scrude
to get another $360.00.
I wonder how many drivers do not know of this problem.

Posted by Doris Hart

I had a tune up did on my car at crown Chrysler and a month later it's missing come to find out they put the wrong plugs on my car. I have a 2005 Chrysler. I thought that they were suppose to be trained to fix Chryslers.

Posted by Mommy Dearest

Horrible Customer Service. Either inept or intentionally poor service. On hold for 2 hours. The 1st hr. was spent asking and presumably researching irrelevant info. and over-talking me. 2nd hr sat on hold w/o any communication. At conclusion of 2nd hr., rep returns to call as if just answering call, asserting he's not spoken to me already. Asked him if he was having a stroke and he hung up on me.

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Posted by Anonymous

After dealing with other car dealerships in our Wasilla and Anchorage area... we would highly recommend LYTHIA in WASILLA. We arrived at the dealership half an hour before they closed (7:30pm) and test drove a 2015 Jeep Cherokee. Even though the dealership closed, there was never a sense that we were inconveniencing them. We were at the dealership until .. roughly .. 12:30am and this was due to other businesses being closed, etc..and does not reflect on the team that sold us our car. We were treated with respect; fairly; and i have recommended this dealership to my family members.

Posted by Marcela

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Posted by Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern:

I have wanted to write about my 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager for quite some time now. I do understand, dealing with the public can be frustrating and nothing but negative feedback. I want to express how much I have appreciated and loved my van. For fifteen years and almost 300K miles later, she is still carrying me back and forth to work and store, etc. Her appearance could hold up to any new one on the lot. You built her well, the engine is still going strong and with just the general maintenance, I am happy to report, once again you have built an exceptional vehicle for me and my family. I will be looking in the future for one just like her. Thank you for allowing me the time to share a little bit about my experience. I truly have not one bad thing to say. If anyone wants a van, Grand Voyager is definitely the vehicle you should choose for yourself and family. It extremely roomy, comfortable and can hold anything you purchase from Lowes. Thank you again for keeping us safe all these years.

Very Truly Yours,

Christine L. Mitchell

Posted by Anonymous

Today I called Chrysler Customer Service for help with a complaint My wife 2012 Town and Country broke down almost 4 weeks ago (power train) we scheduled a appointment 3 weeks ago at Howard Wilson (Jackson Ms) so we still do not have it fixed or will they warranty it (under the mileage required) they were not helpful and not very nice Well the customer agent JESSICA listened got needed info and called Howard Wilson service dept manager she was able to get us answers and to assure us all repairs were covered under warranty. I give Chrysler Customer Service and Jessica a A+ great job I give Howard Wilson a F they only have one transmission person and cars waiting weeks for service Have they not heard of hiring more or farming out service Willie McIntosh

Posted by P Family

My husband and I were looking for a vehicle over a month. We narrowed it down to the Chrysler Town and Country Touring-L with specific options. We have two young children so we definitely were not wanting to pound the pavement. We opted to use the internet/e-mail to price and communicate. After we test drove a vehicle at a local dealership in Melbourne, Florida we sat down to talk price. Once we sat down we were not even close to the price discussed on the phone the day before. $4,500 difference. End result, no car. To make matters worse we received searing looks from two sales staff that my husband asked questions in the carlot two weeks prior. Very uncomfortable feeling, and our afternoon was wasted with empty promises, just to get us in their dealership.
July 4th again we were promised a great deal, exact car we wanted, the price was worked out, we drove to Merritt Island, Florida, nice Internet staff, poor management with customer greetings. No deal! We were told what we wanted for the price discussed was impossible.
We left feeling defeated, exhausted, and the kids were over the process more so then we were.
I was determined to not give up. I returned home and sent two e mails one to a dealer in Ft. Pierce, Florida and the other to a dealership in Titusville, Florida.
Communication with the Ft. Pierce dealership was okay, no real answers to questions on vehicle price when given the same window sticker as the other dealerships. They said they could get the car for us, no real pricing answer.
The same issue was found with Greenway Chrysler in Orlando. Their internet salesman would just send a blanketed e-mail asking if he could answer any additional questions when the first few hadn't been answered. Difficult internet sales communication.
The same can be said for Fields Chrysler in Sanford.
TITUSVILLE was the great exception!! Finally...
There on-line Internet sales manager (Denise) e-mailed a price for the exact vehicle we wanted rather quickly. I responded letting her know where we wanted to be price wise, she had her General Manager (Lee) call me. He asked me questions about our trade, questions with financing length, what was our monthly car payment goal. Once we agreed on price he asked me to simple e-mail him what I believed was our agreement and he would look it over and approve. (This was a great idea since we lived so far away, and we had bad experiences twice.) I detailed out monthly price, length of finance, options, color specifics, trade information, and that we didn't qualify for Specific rebates ( ie. Military or student discounts). He sent an e-mail back quickly agreeing to all that we discussed. This of course took my husband and I both by surprise. Our attempts with the other dealerships were less than pleasant, and this GM was so professional and straight forward as well as his Internet Manager Denise.
We scheduled a ballpark time of arrival since we live as far south as you can go in Brevard County.
We were greeted as we drove up, the GM welcomed us nicely and our personal time was not treated lightly, especially with two young children. Amy in their finance department was very professional and explained everything as she went through all the paperwork.
Our vehicle was ordered so with us having a vehicle to trade in it left us without a car to return home. The GM had already arranged for us to have a loaner van until our van was ready. To add, we purchased the car paint sealant and window treatment. They also scheduled this service to be performed prior to our vehicle being delivered to our home by the Internet Manager Denise. This saved us time and money, as well as completing the full service feel.
What a great team! What a great dealership!

I highly recommend this dealership not only for the courteous professionalism, but for their honesty and personal touch.
I really believe this is a standard for them, not a stroke of luck.
Most people comment on bad experiences, and not the good.

With great appreciation we thank you,
The P Family

Posted by Davis0042

I was very happy with the way I was treated. Took my pt cruiser in because of some transmission issues and was told my life time warranty was voided since I did not do the free 5 year inspection. Called Chrysler customer service and indeed they told me it was voided because of the 5 year service, she looked up every thing and said I see you are a loyal customer over the years and she would send it up for review, I got the answer the next day I was approved and the set up a appointment for me to bring the car in. Also all this time they were the most Courteous people I have ever talked to on the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

After seeing Chrysler involvement in the community nI am determined that Chrysler is the car for me. It sustained my family when we were children and Chrysler remains a big part of the lives of those who live in Detroit. My father was a welder and many days we ate because of chrysler thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I recently rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee to drive from LA to SF, stopping along the way at wineries and enjoy the area. We had a problem with the elect. winder and took the car to the San Luis Osbisbo dealer to have warrentee work done. I wanted to thank the service department and in particular the manager (wearing a suit and has long hair). He got the part in quickly and Squeezed me in so we could continue our vacation dispite knowing we will never be back again as a returning customer. The dealership is very professional, well equipped, and accomdating. Thankyou. We also liked the winery auggested by the manager.

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