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Chipotle customer service is ranked #642 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.12 out of a possible 200 based upon 284 ratings. This score rates Chipotle customer service and customer support as Terrible.


274 Negative Comments out of 284 Total Comments is 96.48%.


10 Positive Comments out of 284 Total Comments is 3.52%.

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    • 27.12 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 274 negative comments (96.48%)
    • 10 positive comments (3.52%)
    • 9 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by eyimusic

I ordered online to the wrong location and the manager Joseph from 6230 Rolling Rd,
West Springfield, VA 22152 (which was very nice and understanding) took my information and said The website will contact me through email. I just wanted to make sure.

Posted by Matthew

I tried leaving the app and bought the food by mistake and i called the store and they stopped making the food and told me to go to their website to get a refund.

Posted by Taimecka

I would like a refund please for the chips and queso I didn't realize I ordered it when I had already added queso too my salad other then that my experience was great

Posted by Blaqkwene

I prepaid for an online order on May 14th 2018 at 10:02pm. When I arrived at the restaurant to pick up my order, only part of the order was served. I did not receive the two bags of chips and two sides of guacamole I ordered. I was informed by the cashier, Cassie, that she was unable to refund me my money due to the order placed online. She instructed me to request my refund via When I got to the website, it is not user friendly. Whether an order is placed online or in person, a direct manager should be present to handle matters such as these. This is very poor customer service and unacceptable. I would not recommend anyone to order online from this restaurant.

Posted by Heather

Placed an online order 5/13/2018. Sent my daughter into get it. We get home and realize that it's short so I call the Tussing store to get a refund and they tell me they can't do it I have to go online but have no idea where online I have to go. I tell the woman that as a store they should know this policy and she states shes just a team member. I request for a manager to call me back. If the store shorts an order they should have access to right the wrong instead of the customer having to jump through hoops. VERY poor customer service.

Posted by Not mecessart

My husband and I @6:48pm last evening went to your resturant at 345 3rd Street in San Rafael Ca. I asked for one veggie taco and was told an order contained three tacos. I complied. The wait person squashed the three tacos in a mini tin foil, so small the ingredients were oozing out the sides. The so called “ manager” added another mini tin foil, additionally squashing everything together even more. Had I known the mess I encountered when I got home and opened my dinner I would have paid for three tacos and had at least one edible. The mess that I ended up,with looked like someone puked on two pieces of tin foil. Disguising.and shameful. Would not the intelligent way to present the food be to put ithem in one of the paper bowls. Secondly when asked if I wanted the queso sauce not one mentioned it was an extra cost. Should I need to ask each time I am asked if I want this or that does it cost extra? Two more issues. The PINTO beans which resembled poop were horrible. My husband who frequents various Chipotle’s and enjoyed your beans was told they addd water to the beans. WHY???? Finally my husband asked for a salad bowl. The dressing followed him all the way to being bagged. Got home wala no dressing.

Posted by LAURA

I Had Entered A Previous Comment On A Duplicated Order

The Order #s Are

Posted by LAURA

An Order Was Placed For One Veggie Burrito, 3 Tacos, & One Barbacoa Burrito Bowl.
Somehow This Order Was Duplicated And We Got An Additional 3 Tacos One Veggie Bowl And One Barbacoa Bowl.
However, The Credit Card Was Also Charged Duplicate.
I Need A Refund For One Set Of These Orders As We Did Not Intend To Duplicate Anything

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to report a situation that occurred last night to me at the Chipotle on Mangrove in Chico CA. I ordered food for myself and four children. I provided a credit card that the employee was unable to swipe successfully due to either issues with the swipe on the card, sensitivity of the register, or cashier's technique. He told me that the swipe wasn't working and I needed to provide another form of payment. I provided another credit card which was also unable to successfully swipe. Both cards were valid as I had used both of them successfully earlier that day. He then asked that I provide a different form of payment. I asked him to manually enter the number on the credit card knowing full well that the card was current and there were no issues that would prevent the sale from going thru. He told me it was the company's policy that they could not manually enter the numbers and he could not do that. My total was close to $40 and I had $29 cash. At this point, I panicked and became extremely embarrassed as my 4 kids had already made there way to the table and were eating their tacos. Fortunately (and unfortunately) an acquaintance that I knew who witnessed the entire embarrassing event stepped forward and paid the remaining balance I owed chipotle ($11). This is completely absurd and I would like to know exactly what the chipotle policy is. I have never heard of such a thing. Clearly, this establishment was not providing good customer service as I saw several others while I was there storming out of the restaurant when they were denied use of their credit card. If the user or machine isn't properly accepting the swipe on cards this responsibility should not rely on the customer to provide an alternative form of payment. Please fill me in on company policy so that I determine if I like chipotle enough to make sure I have adequate cash on hand for payment. THanks!

Posted by Meemaw

My family and I placed internet orders on Saturday, March 24, 2018. My granddaughter and I went to pick up the orders. We placed separate orders and I waited outside because we had a child in the car. I went in after she did. I asked the cashier on duty if my order was ready and gave her my name, she said yes and walked away from the counter to fill the utensil counter. This was 30 minutes after the initial order was ready, I felt that was rude. The point in placing internet orders is to avoid the wait. I sent an email regarding this issue on 3/24/2018, but I never received a response. This was the Reynoldsburg Oh store on Fussing Rd

Posted by Anonymous

7601 south Cicero, chicago, ILL location. My sister and i purchased a chicken bowl from this store. We were going to buy 4 with extra chicken. Instead we bought only 2. The reason only 2 the manager (Pedro) would not bend just a little and cook some red peppers without onions. The store was not crowed and we told him we wanted to buy 4 chicken bowls. We didn't want red peppers with onions because we don't like onions and we didn't want to take our food to the movies smelling like onions. I believe he could have cooked some red peppers without onions to please the customer. It was not crowed and we were supporting your company. As a senior asking a young inexperience manager to accommodate me in this way was very humiliating. I will not come back to your store until you can hire mature

managers who knows how to accommodate the customers and can give them a reason to want to come back.This was my 2nd time coming into your store. The food is good. Your young inexperience manager needs to learn how to deal with diverse age people and diverse nationality people as well. He did not take in consideration i was making a large order and he would not even try to please the customer. I heard so many negative things about your company but yet i decided to support you regardless of he say she say propaganda

Posted by Anonymous

we bought three chipolet meals yesterday dinner time, the brown rice was half cooked. my son got stomachache after two hours. we called manager and she said that she leave a notes to next day manager and we can get money refund,but manager who work today denies money refund for us and she says the manager (worked yesterday) is new

Posted by Anonymous

I Placed A Mobile Order And I Never Got My Refund I Even Contacted Customer Service Thsi Is Very Bad Customer Service To Just Take Our Money And Not Consider How The Business Is Running Thanks To Your Clients! I Want My Refund For Not Ever Picking Up An Order That Was Placed And Charged For.

Posted by Danielle

I purposely moved close to a Chipotle; it's my fav! Well, this evening, I ordered a Chicken Bowl. After paying for my food, I asked for a bag with handles because I was walking several blocks. It's cold out and I wanted to put my hands in my pockets. Well, Lattice, the cashier, told me that I hadn't purchased enough to have a bag with handles! You can't find an email, or other ways of contacting this company. This is absolutely social media worthy and I just may...

Posted by Shauba

I WENT TO your chipotle in the city of Cerritos ca and they gave me dried up steak and also cold chicken burrito I called the manger loudece she said she going TO replace them when I got there she refused to give me what I paid for extra steak and guacamole she said no she's not going to replace ANYTHING she is extremely rude and I explain this to her before I arrived to the location she said no problem she left me standing in the front for 30 mins and WENT to the back poor services

Posted by David

I put in a order but did not pick it was at the wrong location

Posted by Trayveon Hamell

I ordered a burrito. I was charged for the burrito. The order was canceled before i could pick it up. I would like a refund

Posted by Molly Davis

We ordered to the wrong location so we called and canceled the order

Posted by Irate Customer

Terrible customer service at the Dublin, California Chipotle. The staff there are un-coordinated with orders and mess up the to go orders, it happened three times! When you bring their mistakes to their attention, they get defensive and come up with frivolous excuses. The store is also very unhygienic, looks dirty inside.

Posted by Anonymous

Had the worst experience a you AVON, Ohio location. The manner in which they prepared my bowl was very sloppy. Items were dripping off the side of my bowl, my guacamole also fell off the bowl. One of the employees came very close to putting her elbow in my bowl until I informed them in which I received a rude look. To make things worse when I got home and was eating I found a hair in my food, near the bottom of the bowl. Threw out the mean. Woke up this morning with an upset stomach almost like something was not right with the food. This used to be such a nice place, but is going down hill.

Posted by Martha

Hello this is Martha, I had done a online order for two bowls around 6pm on 01/02/17, I told my boyfriend to pick my order up since I wasn't able to walk down to our local chipotle, he then told me he wasn't going to make it on time,I then called back for my refund and I was told I can't get my refund over the phone I was charge $18 and I didn't get my food.

Posted by Steven

I ordered online with my debit card and got charged 19.49. I go to pick up my food and was told that there online system is down, so I had to pay again. How do I get my 19.49 back from the online payment?

Posted by Anonymous

Wtf why did you stop selling chorizo

Posted by Anonymous

Boy so much for taking care of your veterans. I am a Disabled Vet went into your location in Houston Texas 10905 Loretta Rd over the Veterans Day weekend and was told that you were not honoring the buy one get one free meal for Vets even though it was on the internet that you were. I was told that you did that Monday or Tuesday the week earlier I think the little girl said with a smirk, kinda funny since Veterans Day was not till Saturday. None the less I paid for both and left. Not to to go back ever again and will surely spread the word about what happened.

Posted by Anonymous

I was ordering a large order online. It didn't provide any place to put in a $10 coupon they advertised, so I called the store in Glen Allen Virginia. The staff was so rude, I requested to speak with the manager to see if it could just be applied when I came in. The manager said she was too busy to talk to me because she had customers. I pointed out I was a customer and she said she wouldn't help me she was too busy and hung up.We won't go there again.

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Posted by Anonymous

My thanks and gratitude to Lenora, Mgr.of the University Village Chipotle in Seattle, Wa.He excellent response to a medical emergency I experienced at her restaurant on June 15,2018, showed compassion, great sensitivity and leadership in calling 911 and staying with me until medical help arrived for hospital transport. She displayed calmness but was proactive at the same time. I am fine, now.You have a manager who exceeded expectations and showed leadership
" under fire "..thank you, Lenora !

Posted by Antoinette

My name is Antoinette and I had a small complaint at Chipotle and they took care of it right away I'm satisfied with the prompt courteous service I received from the manager and staff the food was delicious and I'll give them 5 stars thanks chipottle.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I had the greatest experiences at your store! They store was busy as usual but your great working staff kept your line moving swiftly. I could not help but notice a beautiful young lady by the name of Desire (I'm not to sure how to spell her name but it's pronounced) "Des, er, ay" Anyways, this young lady was so accurate, fast, and friendly! I had to give her they greatest compliment. Please give her a raise! I love you food and your staffing choices are beyond impeccable!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to say that's I am extremely happy with the service and dedication under the management of Mr. Joseph Lucent and staff. I go everyday with my family and everyone is so pleasant and very efficient with the service. The place is very clean and enjoyable. I go to the Chipotle I recommend this location to everyone.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, my name is Jenifer escort I was in your restaurant in long island city, at 4Pm. I received an excellent custumer service. I just wanted to say thanks to the tean and the manager romudo. ur food is delicious. I love chipotle. thanks guys.....

Posted by Pamela BEASLEY

I Would Like To Commend A Young Mand That Hasa Beautifu.personally And Excellent Working Personality He Seems To Really Love His What He Does He Always So Cordially With A Smileso That I Am To Come Again And Again Because Of His His Frindluness And Goid Service ...ive Been To Msny Chipotles And Been Served By Many But This Guy With His Excelent Service Makes Chipotle One Of My Favorite Mealtime Places So If Nobody Else Does Like To High Five Him And Commend Recognize And Thank Nicholas Wood For His Going Above And Beyond In Excellence And Service....i Salute Nicholas Wood In Memphis Tn

Posted by Anonymous

Just a little note to let someone know that I received the best cuood.stomer service in the world by the crew at 1560 E Lincoln way in Sparks Nv.Outstanding service provided by the Main guy making food.The first guy I saw when i came in.9-16-16It was 7:01 pm i TOLD THE CASHIER THAT THE GUY WAS GREAT AND SHE SAID YES HE IS SO I hope he gets a GREAT JOB Pat on the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern, in the Corporate office,

We want to bring it to your attention, that your manager, Thomas Merics at 4418 Century Blvd., Pittsburg, CA 94565 is super customer focus. It's employees like Thomas Merics that gives Chipotle Mexican Grill a good reputation.

Customers of the Pittsburg Chipotle Mexican Grill,

G. C. Wong family

Posted by Malcolm

I just visited the Farmingdale location. I wanted to commend the cashier Hastings (Kelly?) for her warm, friendly service. While everyone at this location was great, she was especially so.

Posted by Angel12

Chipotle is the best restaurant, they have excellent service at there Mesquite Tx restaurant. They are always happy to help there customers. Every one is so nice. I havent had any problem.

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Posted by Anonymous

You have a manager in Denton named Frankie Hernandez. He is a horrible manager and runs his store unprofessionally. He lies to employees about promotions and has them do duties that they are not paid for to raise their hopes to move up. He has continuously lied and led on a crew person for over a year and had her train people to do the job she is told she will get without being paid as a trainer. He changes the schedule without notice and will have people cover their own shift and if they are not able to will have them come in sick when this is a strict policy. He has refused to let an employee call in when she was throwing up and told her to cover her shift. This is not the way to run a business. When he’s had 3 people quit in 3 days what does that tell you? A high turnover due to poor management and a deceiving boss doesn’t make good business sense. When given the opportunity for a transfer was denied because she couldn’t find someone to do her job? Thought about quitting and reapply at another location to make more than the .37 cents she’s made since she started and was told she would be put in as non rehireable? She trains people that make 11 dollars an hour yet still doesn’t even make 9.50 from 3 years at a job. Never been written up. Something is wrong at this store!

Posted by Anonymous

I cant believe that that almighty dollar is more important than the employees. Pennsylvania and Delaware getting hit with heavy snow. Michael the area leader states if you don't cime in your fired. The electric company is making more money than Chipotle. In fact, they are losong money, great managerial skills, nit.

Posted by Kuauhtli

I’ve been trying to contact anyone about not getting my W2 and I’ve been told for 2 days straight that due to the high calls there is no one available to answer my call which seems a bit absurd after 2 full days of calling back to back.

Posted by Mjung0624

I went to an interview at 2753 - TPC & 281 San Antonio Texas today. I am very upset with the GM. His very unprofessional, uneducated. He didn't even read my resume. I asked him why he didn't read the resume, he said, he doesn't check the resume at all. I told him I worked at Chipotle when I was in college, had experienced and have good people skill, my major was hospitality.... Then he told my about second interview, he told me that whole crew have to approve me to work over there, I was like what kinda the company does that when they don't have va n kno me... when I was working at chipotle I never heard the manager was asking us if he should hire this person or that person ... when I heard I was like really? Why do I have to get approve by the crew? He said that's the rule and policy of hiring people at chipotle. A while we are talking other lady came for an interview and she was Hispanic and all the people who works there are Hispanic except me. I didn't mind at all. The part that I am upset with this place is as soon as I got home from the chipotle, I got an email saying I didn't got the job. I feel like this is discrimination and the GM doesn't know what his talking and doesn't know how to be GM.. I love chipotle it was my favorite place when I worked. Now I have second thoughts about this place.

Posted by Anonymous

Upon being terminated from Middion marketplace Chipotle restaurant, I have yet to recieve my last paycheck from this company, located in Oceanside California.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an a employee at the steelyard chipotle in Cleveland and the management here sucks. Neither of my mangers do anything nor does the area manger.

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter has worked for over three weeks at the store in Arlington VA and has not received her pay or a employee number and your manager keep calling her after hours asking questions like are you okay are you tired what are you doing that she's been coming home telling me this stuff and the day she was in tears because when she called her card there's no money I don't want to take further action on this so please let's resolve this I should not to call Fox 5 7 On Your Side or her auntie Miss Cathy Hughes a Black Entertainment Television Mr.Staton her manager name is mr. Yesler

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning, my name is Cheryl and I just would like to let you know what I experience on my interview last week on Wednesday February 24, 2014. When I came in I was asked by one of your peers may I help you and then I told him I was here for a interview and he said no way no way are you serious and I said yes and to me that was disappointing to me I not ugly or broken down I look good for my age, i probably look better than him but for the records it don't matter about age it the principal and the should never happen to anyone again just do your job that all I need to say. And it took 4 day's to get back to me is also rude on that manager you have on your staff but I will be ok. Hope nobody have to experience what I did and it will never stop be from eating at chipotle it still the best

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter was scheduled for an interview today at the Hyattsville, MD location, and upon arrival she was told that the person who interviews isn't in and frequently does that! VERY DISAPPOINTING! FIX THIS COOPERATE


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