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Chili's customer service is ranked #576 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.66 out of a possible 200 based upon 494 ratings. This score rates Chili's customer service and customer support as Terrible.


469 Negative Comments out of 494 Total Comments is 94.94%.


25 Positive Comments out of 494 Total Comments is 5.06%.

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    • 469 negative comments (94.94%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I've been going to Chili's for years and I spent lots of money there! As a matter of fact, I used to go every day of the week! Whenever I ate inside I would give big tips. When ate inside, the cook would pretty much get my order correct. However, it is impossible to get the order right when I pick up or have my Aid and attendant pick up for me! I got so tired of them treating me inhumanely and disrespectfully that I had to stop going. They were polite but they would never do what I ask them to do with my food! I even talked to the manager over and over, I bet him also! He promised to get it right and each and every time he would get it wrong! I would ask for the soft cooked crispy chicken. But, I never got it no matter how I begged and how many times I talk to the manager. I am a disabled veteran! It took every fiber of my being many times to come inside and wait for nothing periods of time for all chicken! They would always give me old cold chicken! Once I paid about $25 gave a $20 tip then to the manager to give me some fresh chicken and after paying all that money for tip and for the price of the food, I ended up with old cold chicken. I read it the first time that anyone could ever even dream of. I was always cold and tired and hungry, but I could never get my order right! I used to get a bugger before the doctor persuaded me to try to stop eating so much with me. I am as I have let all of them know suffering with cancer! I would come in and ask for a well-done burger and no matter how many times I would beg and ask for a well-done Burger they would give me the Italy cooked unhealthy roll on the inside Burger! I would have to go back in and try to get it cut again! I don't know what the hell is going on, but the cooks at Chili's are inhumane and treat people inhumanel. I thought for my country and I'm disabled because Serve my country Faithfully and put my life on the line! But I can't even get a well-done burger or some chicken that's not old is dirt! People see me with my Walker and act like it's okay to cheat me and lie and steal from me! Guess what?! I am a Human Being too!

Posted by Joyce

We went to the Chili's in Aberdeen/Southern Pines last night, 4/09/18. When we were seated, the booth was nasty, food and crumbs in the seat. Hostess never said a word. I was going to overlook that, but when I opened my menu, it was so sticky with food, that I had to pull it apart. Then we looked at the floor, from the hostess stand to our booth, and it was filthy. Food and trash had not been swept in awhile. We left, and 2 hostess were standing at booth and said nothing! The restaurant even smelled dirty. Unbelievable!

Posted by Anonymous

The previous business failed because it had the same ideals. The wife and I arrived at your restaurant a few minutes ago and left shortly thereafter when I asked for the manager. We were told that there was a 15 minute wait. Yet there were about 75% tables available to be seated. It didn’t make sense. There were probably 4 sets of customers waiting. So I told her, you don’t treat your customers this way, you seat them down and surely they know there is a wait. But when you tell them there is a waiting period when there are tables available in plain sight, it’s almost as if you’re lying to them. I wouldn’t treat my customers like that. They are first class and should treated as such. We walked out and went next door to your competitor. Sorry

Posted by Anonymous

My last two experiences at Chili's will be my last. The first time, my wait person saw me when I came in and took my drink order. Someone else brought my drink, my meal was delivered by another person and when I went to pay my meal, she told me I should use the kiosk on my table. I refused and she took my bill up begrudgingly. I left begrudgingly not leaving a tip.
Last night I thought that I would try again. I ordered the ribs as I usually get when I go out. The menu said 1/2 slab. When the meal was delivered, there were four bones. I confronted my wait person and he said that is 1/2 slab. I'm 70 years old and never, never in my life did I get 4 bones considered. He said it goes by weight and not bones. What kind of crap are you guys pulling. I WILL never eat at Chili's again!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Today, 12/11/2017 at 12:30 pm my husband and I stopped at Chili's on Taylor Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23321. There was a total of 6 vehicles in the parking lot, and they were not overwhelmed or busy. It took the over 15 minutes to get a waitress to stop at our booth, at which time we ordered our drinks (2 ice teas) and two lunch fajita with loaded potato soup. Drinks arrive 10 minutes later, then the fajitas arrive warm not sizzling, at which time I had to ask for plates, and the soup, which still had not been served. Plates arrive, but still no soup, and I ask about the soup again. Soup arrives so cold even the cheese would not melt, and I am spitting out the chicken, which was like rubber. Waitress offers to remake. Remade fajita arrives sizzling and looks juicy, but no condiments. I had to ask again for new condiments of sour cream, cheese, and pico, which arrives by the time the fajita have stopped sizzling. Service was deplorable, and the food was awful. Don't think we will be visiting anytime soon. You need better staff that can provide timely service and serve a quality product, which is seriously lacking at this franchise #947 in Chesapeake, VA.

Posted by Anonymous

You need to get professional and management at your Alexandria, Louisiana restaurant. No one knows what your specs are. Dirty, nasty, BAD FOOD. Necessary items to service customers are not Available. No team work, managers loudy disrespect workers in front of customers. No service from managers. Everyone is just standing around doing nothing. Old food in refrigerators, refrigerators are so nasty. Under setup there is Maggots on floor there is Maggots! Tile floor is lifting up due to water under it. no prep done, no cleaning supplies for kitchen, fire hazard in kitchen due to grease not being cleaned, air vent for cooking is clogged. You have have food inspectors in and they don’t do their job either. Managers don’t help team when needed, if only one person is on the line how do you expect customers to get their food. UNDERCOVER BOSS NEEDED ASAP!!!!! NO ONE IS TRAINED CORRECTLY OR EVEN KNOWS YOUR SPECS IN THE BOOK!!

Posted by Anonymous

Tonight I sent a family member to chilis two chicken crispy dinners. When the food came the chicken was soaked in grease. I took my finger and pressed down and grease would flow from the chicken.we could not eat this meal. The corn was good and I ate it. The time before this we ordered two hamburgers.well done..the outside was raw.we took that back and got a replacement. Whoever is cooking needs to be trained or replaced. My family cannot be the only customers having these problems. We will not return. Threw chicken away.
Thank you Margaret Smallwood

Posted by Anonymous

Today my family and I went to the chilies on town lake pkwy in Woodstock Georgia. Our server was amazing. But my daughter ordered a sirloin. Medium. When it came out she cut it open. The inner color was gray brown. The manager came over. Seemed skeptical but reordered the steak. The second came out the same way. I asked the manager if that looked right to her. She said yes. There was something wrong with those steaks. Gray is not normal on the inside of a steak. I don't know if the meat was old or had been left out but it was NOT appetizing looking. There were 5 adults at that table and none of us would've eaten that.

Posted by Brudix

Had dinner on your new menu tonight - fajitas. VERY disappointed. Dry beef with no taste, no juice. Learned from our server, who talked to the manager, that you no longer pre-marinate. Big mistake. Always used to order fajitas, but no more. No flavor.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is David W Peterson, on November 8th my Wife and myself visited the Chili's at, KC, Mo 64157. We arrived there at around 5:35 pm and were promptly seated for our dinner. We looked over the menu's and had decided what we would order, at about 5:55 after we had not been asked what we might like to drink or even saw a waiter or waitress, we decided it was time to leave, as we noticed tables that were seated after us had all ready received their drinks and placed their orders. We have eaten their on several occasions and had never had this problem. As we walked out, I had asked to speak to a manager, He responded quickly and I voiced my complaint, he made no attempt to try and fix the problem only wanted to know where we were seated, which the hostess informed him of which section. I have never been treated like this a any dining facility before, shame on the waiter or waitress for ignoring us and on the manager for his disregard of what would of been a paying customer.

David Peterson

Posted by Anonymous

I recently visited the Chilis in Canton Michigan the bartender Hope was awesome great service and friendly but the other bartender Kari had her hair down and was very rude.

Posted by Crystal

I visited a location in sawgrass yesterday with my daughter and was very dissatisfied with the level of service I received. The waitress Crystal was very laxy easy with the service, was long in wait and the area was not that full. The food kept coming out wrong and the wait was just to long for corrections to be made.

I did ask for a manager who never came and when she finally brought the bill a charge was there that was not authorized because she never made me aware of the change. When I questioned her about it she stared at me nonchalantly and said you asked me to change the sauce did you think it was free. At that point I paid the bill angrily and left.

I am requesting a full refund for the awful service.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to location in Forney. Service was terrible told manager on duty server was struggling. Ask for highchair never got one finally got one from another table when another party left.(We got yourself) Mac & cheese was old and dry look like put some dry powder cheese on it. Fried pickles had no breading attached to the pickle. It was a really bad experience. I live in Forney & usually do not go to Chip's due to poor service. When it first opened went at least one or two times per week. Service became bad so stopped going. Had my children and grandchildren over thought would try it again very bad idea. Went to another location service much better.I know we were large party of 5 adults & 7 kids under age of 10. Ideally would love to dine in Forney but not able to due to poor management & service. Thank you for hearing me out hopefully this will improve with more training from corporate. Feel free to contact me if any questions.

Posted by Anonymous

i have been a waitress and manger of restaurant for 36 years but your restaurant in Montclair

California is the most dirtiest place i every ate at every other table dirty dishes

i ask don't u have a busboy no

you always take the dishes away when done i had all dishes that where dirty sitting on my table while i ate dessert a waitress should try to take the dishes away every time she passes

i think i see the hostess more than the waitress

i will recommended to all my friends not to go.

Posted by Kpeck

My family ate tonight at the chilis in corona,ca.

The place was absoluty a disaster.tables full if used dishes,floors full of trash n food.or waitress dropped a tray of dishes.. she cleaned it up but there was glass and food everywhere.I finelly found the manager wirthless he was back cooking clueless of what was happening.There was like 10 people waiting for a table with NO hostess.The bar was filthy.I eat iut alot and I rate this a 3 iut of 10!!

Pathetic..I will not be back!

Posted by Kenni

I ordered my food online for a 12:15 pickup, When I get there I to wait over 20 mins before someone got to me, then half of my order was not included which took another 15-20 minutes to fix, I was so frustrated that I did not care that I didn't get salad dressing for my salad, and utensils...I spent over an hour at this location, and the only reason I stayed is because I paid online. I will never come to that location again.

Posted by Anonymous

Greetings, My name is Sue Diaz. I frequent your chain Restaurants at least 3 to 4 times per month. I frequently had to deal with your customer service regarding gift cards, and I must say that Sept was exceptional.
My husband and I visited the Chili's restaurant in Wellington FL. The service was awesome, wish I could say the same about the food. I ordered the chicken crisspers and they were gummy and tough, it tasted like they were placed in the microwave a few times. We did not complain or sent it back. Don't want the cook to get mad! lol
Ir was Sunday and late, so it wasn't like they were that busy.
I will probably give them another try, but if it happens again I'm done! I also have a business, and that is the reason why I'm not posting on the internet.
Thank you,

Posted by Goldie

I took my Son to chills in San Bernardino CA for him he got 💯 on his written driving license test !! There were like 4 customer an the food was cold an I was email a free eggrolls as long as I ordered a meal that's not on the discount selection so I ordered an was still charged for those nasty microwave food that was the WORST visit every an I don't want any more of those fake emails for free food an points !!the only best part of that visit was the cocktail

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I visited your unit in Thomaston, Ga. We ordered the smothered borito. It came to us cold. We told the waitress and she called the manager. He gave us a choice of a take out box or a new order. We chose the new order. He brought the new order and it was cold also. The plate was even cold. We told the waitress to bring is a to go box. This is not the first time this has happened. We will not be back to a Chili's.

Posted by frank j. conversano

My wife & I have been eating at chilli`s for sometime. It was considered our favorite rest.
We thought your ribs were the best of any rest. Today we visited the rest in new port richey
#1002. I had the ribs, my wife chicken faithen. The ribs were tasteless. I told the waitress
but never saw the manager.

Posted by Anonymous

A friend and I, whom I haven't seen in 6 months decided to meet and have lunch at chili's. It was 12:15 and wasn't busy and we decided to sit in the bar area because it only had one other customer in that area. We sat patiently for 10 minutes approximately eight feet from the bar where one employee was sitting on a stool, the manager leading against the bar chatting with the two girls behind the bar and showing some video on her phone.I finally asked if someone was going to wait on us and they all scattered. The server working the bar area whom was on her phone walked up to our booth and with a cocky attitude and no apology asked if we were in a hurry. I said no, but I thought we were invisible. She replied back no your not invisible so are you ready to order. My friend and I weren't going to let her ruin our day so after her rudeness and a manager that didn't even bother to check on us and apologize we left. I am a server and have been in the industry for many years and you really need to train your servers on hospitality and that they aren't at work to socialize with one another.

Posted by Anonymous

We live in Fairmont WV we go to your restaurant in Morgantown WV and we have always had good food however last evening May,16 2017 I ordered the guacamole burger as I have before. I ate some of it and then realized the middle was raw. We found out waitress and she took it back and they replaced it. I was up all night throwing up and diarrhea and still have today. I have never felt so bad. You need to instruct you cooks to check to be sure the food is done. I will never order a burger there again it will be a while before I can eat there again. The waitress apologized but no manager came to the table and we were not offered a discount very disappointed since I ran a restaurant in Fairmont for years and we appreciate our customers. Just thought someone should know. I tipped the waitress 20% due to the fact she didn't cook it. She did her job. Maybe you have so much business that you don't care but I believe that is a sad way to look at things.

Posted by Terry

Went to Chili's in Wilson NC for lunch today. MOTHER'S DAY. Was with 11 other people. Time was 11:30 am. 2nd person to order tried to order broccoli was was told they were out of broccoli. Not more than 2 minutes later we saw others receive broccoli on plates. Waited and saw others with broccoli. I asked waitress who had been rude during time we were there what was up with others getting broccoli. In a very rude tone of voice she said I didn't know we had broccoli back in. No one told me. We've been out for about a month." If she knew after waiting our table and the person who wanted broccoli hadnt ordered lunch due to no broccoli, shouldn't she have returned and informed her she made a mistake and asked if she wanted to order? We couldnt believe the attitude this waitress had.

Posted by Anonymous

We ate in your Chilli's at 2222 West Northwest HighWay in Dallas on May 12th. My associates and I eat out every Friday for the past 10 years. All I can say this was the worst meals we have every eaten. To begin with, the silverware was dirty. The chili was cold. When it was returned it was like a soup not like chili is suppose to be. The chicken sandwich was cold and it was not fully cooked. Never returning.

Posted by Anonymous

I have eaten at Chilis for many years and loved it, but this last time made me think otherwise. It was the location. The food was TERRIBLE. I have always loved the chicken crispers, but these were RUBBERY, SMALL and tasted terrible. The manager even offered to recook some more, and they were still disgusting. I hope this is not what the food is now. I will be saddened.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I just placed an order for to go at the chilis on grape street whitehall pa. The service was fantastic. Both bartenders were friendly and polite. First time here to get to go order. I will come back because of the service I received.

Posted by Anonymous

We recently were on vacation visiting family in the Phoenix area. I am pleased to tell you that my wife and along with 14 other members of my relation from the area had a most pleasant time at your store number ( 1243 ) @ 1951 S Signal Butte Rd in Mesa. They accommodated our party of 16 with great enthusiasm and a quick time response. I believe the manager on duty at the time was Derrick and the waiters name was Greg. It is not easy to make room for a large group on short notice and then to top it off with awesome service and outstanding food. Thank you and hats off to this store. You should reward them in some way. I am from Wisconsin and will be stopping at one of our local Chili's to see if they can come close to the great job these people did.

Posted by Anonymous

Good evening! I just wanted to leave a few lines regarding my experience this afternoon at Chili's in the brier creek location. My coworkers and I were on our lunch break and due to traffic we were in a bit of a rush. The guy working the bar area was aware of our situation and did everything he could do get us in and out. I just wanted to say thank you because we made it back to work on time and was not late for our meeting. Keep up the awesome work!!

Posted by Bj

This Chili's rocks. Our waitress CAYLN remembered our order and made note she had not seen us in awhile. Great customer service. I posted on facebook what a great experience. I also told the manager Hector about the gteat experience and shoes him my facebook post. I cannot say enough about this location

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to inform you of an outstanding employee, her name is Peachez Sansonne. I may have misspelled her name but is close. She is an assistant manager in Wilson North Carolina. She went out of her way to help me deal with a complex situation. Her efforts will always have me think of Chilies in a posative way.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, Just wanted to say that I received excellent service from one of your employees at the north dale mabry location in Tampa. Davonte (or maybe Damonte) was very helpful and upbeat and just was so helpful. He is an asset to Chili's in my opinion.

Posted by Anonymous

Moved recently from Florida and visited chili for first time. Was a very pleasant visit. Tried new chicken fingers with pancake batter but calories made me think I might go with ribs next time. However service at this chilies in farming dale, ny was outstanding. Server Blake was fast, personable and knew menu very well. Filled out a survey with comments. Later got visit from manager Charles Ling. Was friendly and warm and thanked me for my military service. A professional and a pleasure to have him come to our table and chat. We all were very pleased with our night out. A 5 star visit. EdCat Long Island my.

Posted by Denise

I had the pleasure of a great experience at Chili's Oconomowoc, WI on Veteran's Day this year. I was grateful to have a free meal, Thank you. The story is this. It was pretty busy as you would expect with Chili's giving Veterans a free meal. My husband and I sat at the bar. Our server and bartender, Christine Hodgins was right there with a friendly smile. We had a great banter back and forth while she served many that evening. We were in good company and it is my nature to help (serve) when I was able, passing a menu to another bar customer, sliding the used dishes closer towards Christine so other's could sit and enjoy their meal. At the end of the evening Christine told us that our check was on the house. WOW was our reaction. Why? Christine told me that she was very grateful for the 'help' and asked her manager, Matt, who also came out to give me his thanks, if the house could buy our meal and drinks. So I'm letting you know of this since it was uncalled for AND very appreciated. Christine had a wonderful attitude while serving a packed house, gave us a wonderful experience at Chili's and I had to share the story with you. Our sincere THANKS to you for having such wonderful people working at Chili! and Thanks again to Christine and Matt!

Posted by None

My husband and I just had lunch at Chili in Dublin, Ohio on 161. Had Great service from Terri. The restaurant needs a good cleaning. It needs a new face lift. Something needs to be done. Thanks for listening . Susan Kruse 11/12/16

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank Chilli's for the offer made to me on Veterans day. As a Veteran I felt honored and appreciated by this act. That you for honoring us as Veterans. As I entered the Chilli's at Toco Hills in Atlanta I was very moved to see the missing man place setting. Thank you so much.

Posted by Anonymous

Good Afternoon,

My name is Lisa and I am an office manager for a non-profit in Vero Beach. I wanted to take a quick moment out of my day to compliment the manager Bill, of your VB location on Us Highway 1. I have never been so impressed with a restaurant manager before. What a great guy! He was extremely helpful recently with some gift cards we needed to purchase and went above and beyond to make one of our staff members happy. In a society where it is becoming increasingly difficult to receive service with even a smile, Bill is truly a rarety. I am not sure how you recognize your employees for customer service satisfaction, but Bill certainly deserves something! Having a past career in the industry I know how hard managers work and how many hours they put in and sacrifice. His attitude is positive and genuine and he treats people with respect and I know that can be trying at times. I have always liked Chilis but find myself there more often, I think that says a lot about Bill and some of his team, fort example Chelsea (I think that's her name). What a great server!

Posted by Anonymous

Just had lunch at your Dyer,IN Chil's and I just wanted to let you know about a genuinely super nice waitress you have there named Stacy. She went out of her way to make sure we were happy and we thought you should know!

Posted by Fernando

PLEASE READ I visited chilis in Manchester CT on Monday Sept 5,on or about 5:00pm,as i waited for, my order i hear the lady on the table next to me scream call 911,and also was screaming for anyone that knows CPR,I noticed the little boy"appeared to be like between 1-2 years old" that was with her was choking,everyone at the restaurant froze,nobody got up and tried helping,,well out of nowhere comes this lady waitress that was working and grabbed the child by one arm,and put him on her kneww facing down and procedeed to tap the child on his back like 10 times,,and finally the bot after the second time started crying and screamimg,,which was a good sign,,Please I want to make sure that waitress get achknowledgement for what she did,she truly saved that childs life.. Chilis should be proud to have this young lady as part of their team..Fernando Tirado Willimantic Ct

Posted by Anonymous

Three of us went to the Chili's on 3202 S 143rd Plz, Omaha, NE. It's been close to 10 years since I last went to Chili's. After debating about Longhorn Steakhouse or not, we all decided on Chili's. What a great dinner we had. Prices are still reasonable, but best of all, every dish we ordered was delicious. From ribeye steak, cooked to perfection, cajun pasta, and just an old fashion hamburger. All of us enjoyed our meals and the mixed drinks were awesome. Our waitress, Joanna (e) was very courteous and professional. The busboy even asked if we were ok and needed anything while we were waiting for our dinner. Nice to see someone checked just in case we were forgotten. A gentleman also checked on us a couple of times, I am guessing he was the manager? Only problem we had, which was not a problem. Toast was too burnt on one side, we asked for another one from our waitress. It was nice to get a genuine oh I'm sorry, let me take care of it for you right away. Instead of the gee, can't you see I'm busy attitude. Another toast was brought out within 5 minutes or less with another sincere apology from our server. Right after that was one of the times the gentleman came out and said sorry also. It was really nice to have a nice relaxing dining experience again. A big thanks again to the Chili's crew at this location. We will definitely be back and even try Chili's again in other cities during our travels.

Posted by Anonymous

Super great time at a baby shower at the 14 mile and John R location in Troy, MI. Manager on duty angela went above and beyond. Servers Ryan and Delisha were pros. They were remarkable and would sit in their section any time I am there. Also kudos to the cooks there food was great from appetizers, soup and numerous entrees. Big thank you, thank you, thank you. Servers know their stuff. Also kudos to the hostess that night around 6 pm. Awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh also the bartender for great service to those who came early.!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Chilli's San Bruno
Rachel P. Our server was fantastic! She was attentive and one of the best we've had here! More servers like that and folks will
Be coming back all the time! Props to her!

Thank you
Kenneth and Angel Lum

Posted by Myxchemxfreak

So a friend and I went to Chili's in Corsicana tx, our hometown. We were both kind of sick but wanted some good food. Her and I were being really difficult because we ordered burgers and ended up not liking the taste. There was absolutely nothing wrong with them and they were made exactly how we ordered. They offered to change it out, took our new order and tried to have it out as soon as they could. The service was awesome. We had 4 waiters/waitresses come up to our table to help us and even the manager, Joe. They were all helpful and nice even when we were being difficult. I recommend going there.

Posted by Anonymous

Chiles In Farmingdale has Billy obviosly Manager and I think MArissa,waitress. Billywent out of his way to satisfy me as did Marissa. My granddaughter and I couldn't have been more satisfied.

Posted by Barbara

To whom this may concern:

I'd like to compliment one of your employees, Barbra, at Store in Carlsbad, New Mexico for the excellent service she provided me the past two evenings. Although Barbra was overwhelmed with customers, she managed to attend to everyone's needs.

While observing all your services employees, I noticed that Barbra was attentive to all customers regardless if they were being attended by another server. Most of the servers were too busy socializing with each other or with there acquaintances.

I am extremely pleased with the service Barbara provide and will definitely be coming back to this Chili's location when I return to Carlsbad, NM. I hope Barbara is provide with the recognition she deserves along the a consideration for promotion and monetary advancement.


Posted by Anonymous

i just wanted to say thank you to the management and the staff at Chili's in Washington, Michigan. i work for the BBC in Northern Michigan. Came down to take our grandchildren to dinner for their birthday. the staff was great Amanda our server was excellent, and the food was excellent. They sang happy birthday to my grand daughter and the whole experience was great. Thank you for your support with BBC. Just wanted you to know what a great time we had. Be back soon.

Posted by Karla

My co workers and I had lunch at Chilli's today 7/30/15, the service was amazing! The manager Richard knows how to take care of his customers. This has been the best service I have recieved in a long time! We went to

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to give a shout out to one of you employees, myself and a friend started going to lunch once a week just to catch up. We went to chilis for the sandwich that we both love, but we got so much more, I have gone here on numerous occasions before and have always gotten great service but the past couple of weeks Myeshia at the mission village store made us both feel so welcome and couldn't do enough for us. You could use acouple more of her. We go every week now and it's all her fault. My personal code 1. Any question my name is Mary Pine Sorry I've been so long in sending this I've just been real busy. Hope you will let Myeshia know what a great job she does. Thank you for you time.l

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Rene .I'm a frequent customer at Chili's at the loop. I want to comment on Valerie's good effort and great bartending skills unfortunately I could not have rated her and the restaurant because the machines Kiosk froze up on the site just want to pass this on she was great on July 21st 2015 thank you my name is rene.

Posted by Anonymous

Love my local Chili's Restaurant in Greenville, NC. Manager Kathy is wonderful and she knows how to bring staff members up to her standards of customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I want your corporate headquarters to know that the manger Mark in Morrisville NC represents Chilis to the highest standards. As a regular takeout customer late night when I am done working with a customized order...he waits for me if I am gonna be a few minutes late after closing makes sure my order is complete and treats me like I am family. It is a pleasure to be his repeat customer and I feel everyone should know how hospitable he is towards me always. It is a pleasure to see his smiling face and know that he values my business like he does. I can always count on him and a quality order late night when I am done with a long shift of my own. Thank you so very much for everyrhing he does he never lets me down

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Posted by Anonymous

I worked with Chili's in Lynchburg va since before opening date in August 2016. I recently was terminated on Sunday April 2 2017. A couple came in, you can tell, looking for a free meal. They ask me how much our soda drinks were and so on. They got water because they said they didn't have enough money for it. They both ordered HC crispers. When Drew, one of the managers, brought out the food, they tell him that they did not order it. That they ordered chicken and waffles.... They did not. So they got the crispers and the chicken and waffles and a free meal. Even ordered 2 cokes when they found out it was going to be free. They told Drew I should be fired. The rest of my shift, Drew and Stephanie swarmed me, constantly asking was I ready to checkout. When I was, they fired me, saying the customers are always right. This is unfair. How is it my fault that customers came in for a free meal and I lost my job, that I need for my children. I have been a waitress for 20 years with no complaints. Even have a customer on Chili Lynchburg va site, praising me and saying people would be lucky to have me serve them. And more good reviews. I am so angry at this and it is not FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

To Whom it may concern,
I am a server at 1940 N. Central expressway McKinney Tx. and my general manager Carl has demonstrated retaliation against me and persuded with wrongful termination. Two months ago, I had sent an email exercising the “open door policy” about how that restaurant was having extended tickets times and how the I.T.R. system is flawed and corrupt. Soon after, our regional manager stop by to investigate the situation. Well the situation with the ticket times got better for a short period, I.T.R. went up that month, and then the staff was presented with an option to fill out a survey about the management team. After all this occurred, my GM had started scheduleing me less shifts. At the time, it was ok, I was considering transferring to the other McKinney location off Custer and 121. So, after that I would pick up shifts when available. When I asked why, the responds were because of my ITR’s. At the time, there was an 8-month pregnant woman serving in the cramped cocktail area on busy shifts, and her ITR dropped to in the 40’s range for a long period. That waitress still employed. Current servers there are ringing up single Items, hint hint UPT or Units per transactions, and filling out the survey on themselves. So, there are servers spending their own money just to give themselves good ITR’s. Also, another trick that has been used by many of the veteran servers is: when a guest give you a credit card you take the card and the Ziosk off and away from the table and take the survey for the guest without the guest know that was happening, also servers have been stealing reward points and for themselves or redeeming the reward for them on cash tickets and keeping the extra cash, or just simply having it voided not compt. I would highly suggest doing an audit of the tickets and surveys for that location over the last 5 months, the result may show the store doing worse than anticipated. Now the surveys about the management had revealed a situation that resulted in a manager being transferred to another location. Next the servers’ sights are set on the GM and how he has presented himself to server during rush period of business. This is not surprising because the GM would “freak out” or become discombobulated worse than the young female servers which doesn’t help when he is to be the calm example. Again, his attitude lead me to write the first email about 2 months ago and his attitude caused many servers to leave. The ones who stayed are the one how have been manipulating the surveys. Again, and investigation will reveal what I have mentioned.
The GM is allowing for cheating and stealing while he himself is being disciplined for his own issues. Which will bring me the reasons I was given for termination. First was the ITR’s, next will be about attendance. I that last 4 months I was one hour late, that is it. Next, was about menu knowledge, well if that was the case why was not brought up before or ever. Menu knowledge was never an issue, and if so why was it only brought up the day he decides to terminate me. My tickets have always been accurate. Any comps I had were due to kitchen mistakes or entrees coming out before the apps, which was part of my first email sent. Again, an investigation would reveal that. Next, my GM claimed that “he and the management” discussed whether I should come back or not. Well 2 of the 3 assistant managers had advised me to speak with my GM in order to be put back on the schedule because the restaurant is so short staff and burnt out. When I say advised, I mean they supported me trying to return face to face to me. The one manager that said no. Her name is Courtney; she is a newly promoted manager. We only spoke for less than 2 hours. That day I had picked up a shift of hot schedules. It was approved by Ashley, an assistant manager and a great guy he should be the GM, it was a Thursday night I was on time stocked up for the dinner rush had a few tables. Then, Courtney tells me that I have be sent home. When I asked why she said it was because I needed to talk to the GM. When I asked why she said I wasn’t to pickup shift till I talk to him. Well he was at home when he texted her to send me home. I ask why wasn’t I told that I couldn’t pickup shift or there was a problem. There was no attempt to contact me though phone, email, or hotschedules. So I asked if I could call him since he took the time to send a text to send me home. I was told no. That situation showed how unorganized the GM is that he cant keep track of his servers who want to be there.
The reasons he has given me to not uncommon for any of the servers there. I was RETALIATED AGAINST and WRONGFULLY TERMINATED. All I want out of this is a transfer. The situation at that location is going to be clockwork. They just had a turn over or large loss of staff, a manager had to be transferred, and the current GM is being watched by his own staff for his attitude. Come spring/summer another turn over. An investigation on that location would help. There are good people who do work there. Single moms, older persons just needing extra money, and young adults who are serving for the first time. I write this because they are hardworking people and they deserve a better work environment. One where they don’t have to cheat and spend their own money on surveys just to keep a job. A young lady who was a server there over the summer, her mother works at a local corporate office, and she choose to leave due to the conditions there. Unkindly and misguided leadership has cause a trend of bad ITR’s and server turn over.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello i am an employee of nearly 2 years of store #470 in Colorado springs. I have had too many encounters at work with other employees and management. These issues have been spoken about with the gm sean and other managers and my voice jas yet to be heard and keeps getting blown off and its making me consider weather i wanna stay with my work family ect. The employees in general get treated like crap like were unworthy employees by the people we should be turning to when we need things. From the failure to perform manager assistance in the past 3 weeks we have lost 5/6 employees because they cant handle not having a support team. With the continuous letters and meetings witj them i see no improvements or no cares in the world. I as a current employee do not think its acceptable to treat employees so crappy and i most certainly do not appreciate it. I think something needs to be done from a higher authority figure. Im not sure that our area director would be a help because the management changes things and tells employees to change and do things cprrect because hes present. Its sad to say that if something or even An attempt to make things better ill resign also.. please help

Posted by Anonymous

The food policy this organization has for it's employees is absurd. It is sure to make the good employees not want to work there anymore. After 10 years servers can't get food when working double shifts and they can't take food to go even if they pay FULL PRICE, might as well go to dine with the competition on the way home.

Posted by Anonymous

Was an employee and due to a job conflict of interest I am unable to work at chillis. I started there in corsicana, as a dish washer. Enjoyed the challenge, was treated well and asked if I was okay. The team there made me feel welcome and comfortable, I would like to thank chillis for their superior staff. Making a new employee feel welcome. Thank u for trying to work with me. Tina Lopez

Posted by Smith1234

This manager is seen all the time across the street and the at partying with other employees. I just think it's very irresponsible to be doing that especially as a Manager she should be upholding an image for chilis and she isn't on think her name is meagn.

Posted by Emma

I want to remain anonymous but I'm an employee at chilis and have been treated horribly was to many time by the staff and managers and I feel like there's no one I can talk to or tell about how I've been treated. I feel like they don't care about my service or how I serve all they care about is my ITR score and when mine is low they make me work for free in the back of house and it's not fair and when I say something they say I'm being punished and that's why I'm back there. Then I was pulled into the office and was written up and told I was lazy and my team work needed work but when I need help I can't find it and I honestly feel like I'm being bullied out of chilis and I feel like I work in a hostile work environment because even the manager Larry spread rumors about the workers and I've even heard managers say they are just so unprofessional and there are a lot of ways they could get there point across without being rude and hatful

Posted by mdank

I worked at chilis in okc on meridian and cut myself at work bad they sent me to dr but then refused to pay the bill then fired me 3 daysI later saying they think I was drinking but had no proof. They just trying get out being liable. I still haven't gained feeling back in my finger. Ive contacted corporate about the gm brison hardy but ignored me on all his mis doing. Chilis hires illegals and felons.


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