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    • 15.80 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 7 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I had a discussion with your cust care 1 month back and your device (disney mobile cot) fell down from cot and luckily my child is safe.

Pls check if load of this device cant be handled by the knob then why we have such design.This is risky and can harm little childs.

Pls get my device replaced .
Note : I am appraoching you guys from last 1 month on email sending reminders and no one is picking calls and responding back on email. What a great service ?? Check my emails ?? pathetic service in India


Posted by Art

Dear Chicco Group
I Would like to tell you about the complain in Chicco in Armenia.
I Have bought an item (Silicone nipple shields) on 17/07/2016 and which I returned back after 1 hour on 17/17/2016, but the Sales Consultant hadn`t got it back.
She Told me, that they couldn't return it back, because it was hygienic item, but nobody told me about that important information when I bought it .
I Told him, that the pack hadn`t been opened, the item was in original package and they had to return it, because they didn't give me a true information.
the gave a very bad service and didn't try to support or to solve my problem, the service is very bad.
Many years a love this brand and bought a lot of items for my family, but after this situation I am going not to buy anything from chicco and will give a bad feedback to my friends and everybody, if this problem isn`t be solved.

Please support to solve this Case ASAP

thanks beforehand

Posted by Minokawi

I bought a very expensive highchair from them brand new. In less then a year the plastic has started to rip in 5 different places. I contacted them and say I need a receipt in order for them to replace it. I thought I was buying a high-end produce that would last through many children so I didn't see a need to keep the receipt. Will never buy a Chicco product again!

Posted by NOOZA

I bought a chicco electric breast pump from a store in EGYPT and once it felt on the ground it didn't suck again,and when i tried to reach CHICCO customer service or maintainance, they all said that there is no after sales service for chicco in egypt,how come do I buy supposed to be well reputable brand such as a chicco with expensive price to use it once and then throw it away. This will be the last time to buy any chicco product.

Posted by BJXZ

we have several chibbo glass feeding bottle.
yetserday my baby dauther fell down while holding one on her hand. bottle shattered and broke into sharp pieces which caused severe cuts on her panl and wrist. we took her to emergency and had 4 stiches in the end. she was very luck that neither her veins not nerves had no cuts at all. ý am very shocked the way bottle bore. dont they have to be tempered glass???
ý am wring from isanbul turkey and really need some explanations????

Posted by nitin

i an residing in India,new delhi i have purchased Chicco Electric Breast pump fpr my wife,from the day of purchase it is not working that is 17.11.2012 i have purchsed it from Chicco Exclusive outlet in Subhash Nagar Pacific Mall new delhi but on revisiting store 0n 25.11.2012 store manager assured me that withing couple of days someone will visit to solve the ploblem at home,record of my complain is registered in their service book however no one turned up then i revisited the store on 12.12.12 then they had send one lady at home on 14.12.12 which confirmed that product is not operational and when i called up customer support number miss Monika replyed stating she will revery with some reply but till today no reply recieved nor my produt is repaired .
As my wife is finding difficulty in feeding baby i had purchased this Product Spending good amount Rs 8499 but what the use
Chicco india is totally non relible i belive mother care or mom and me are better.I am putting my case in consumer forum next week if no answer as i am a lawyer and will make sure this is not repeted to any parent again

Posted by jen

no good for communication. I have a faulty product with a safety issue and no one to contact about it. i have e-mailed on several occassions but no reply.

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