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    • 540 negative comments (98.18%)
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Posted by mike

I have had delivery issues for the last year. papers wet, not delivered,not in bags properly, delivered to wrong address.
Have dealt with outsourced vendors in the Philippines. it is awful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by JolietBear

The Chicago Tribune delivery is a COMPLETE JOKE!!
I have been having delivery problems for over a YEAR. The best part is NOBODY THERE cares. I have spoken to numerous customer care reps/supervisors/customer advocates and such, yet it CONTINUES !!
So, I guess the only way to make them understand is for me and all my friends/family to cut ties with them once and for all. PLEASE don't believe that your delivery problems matter to them at all. EVERYTIME I call I have to decipher what they are saying through a thick Phillipino accent, yes their call center is in Manilla, Phillipines !!! Sunday paper didn't arrive until 11:45 AM...seriously? By the time I get the papaer the news is already old !!
Good-bye Tribune....the problem IS THEY are the ONLY newspaper delivery system in my area, so WHATEVER newspaper you get delivered here, THEY DELIVER IT !! So you will get really bad delivery of ANY newspaper...what a JOKE!!

Posted by Anonymous

7am haven't received my Sunday paper 111 n. West street

Posted by Disgusted

I have been a Chicago Tribune subscriber for decades and I am completely fed up with their nonexistent customer service. There is NO WAY to speak to anyone in the United States, much less Chicago. Every single call goes to the Philippines. Most of the time the "service" people there speak too fast and with such a heavy accent, they are unintelligible. They also promise to do things and then don't. I've struggled with them for years! The Tribune offers no other way to contact anyone, so it's just around and around and around with the Filipino people. No wonder the paper is going under! Get a clue, Tribune, hire people who will actually straighten out problems with bills, delivery, and everything else. For years you haven't cared about your subscribers and you've paid the price. Good-bye and good riddance.

Posted by Anonymous

I just cancelled my subscription after many years. I started with 7 days a week then went to 2 days a week due to delivery problems. The delivery service is terrible where I live. Yesterday they said they would deliver a paper and never did after I called. Each time I call they are going to escalate and nothing happens.

Posted by Anonymous

The delivery for my paper is horrible! I never get it on time I have called and got a run around. The people taking the call are trying hard to help. It is the people here in Chicago that do not seem to care!!!

Posted by bigdaddycool492

AWFUL....AWFUL....AWFUL! No other explanation for it. Their customer service is atrocious. After canceling my subscription, they continued to send me the paper. Called several times after that. Sent me to collections. After arguing about that, canceled everything. So now they want me to pay extra to view articles on line, when as soon as you click a link, you are inundated with ads that tie up your machine and freezes it up. Just awful.

Posted by John

My name is John Kurowski and I live at 71 W Vandermeer Drive Antioch, IL. My phone number I have bee getting you paper for a long time. The delivery for my paper is horrible! I never get it on time I have called and got the same run around all the time. That person that delivers the paper should be terminated, because the can not do their job. If I did that at work I would not have a job, the distribution service let their employees get away what they want to do no set hours or complaint reviews for that carrier. I will be cancelling my paper if this is not resolved quickly. Need New Delivery Driver NOW!CG



Posted by Antioch Frustration

After two weeks of either no paper or paper soaked through because it was not double wrapped and calling 3-4 times a week to complain, we received a call from a supervisor Thursday leaving a message that the delivery service was notified of the problems and we were assured to have daily delivery of a paper in good condition. Friday, no paper, called and one was delivered before noon. Saturday, paper in the box below the mailbox...hoorah!..Today, Sunday, no paper, called, promised a paper delivered before noon...still do not have. Contacted Sun Times to ask about their service...they use the same deliver service....what the what???? So disgusted spending time trying to get a solution to what we think should be a simple process.

Posted by Anonymous

We did not receive a paper yesterday, called twice, asked to have yesterday's delivered with today's. Well, neither one is here. Would be nice to talk to a person rather than push buttons!

Posted by Customer!

WHY do I have to speak with a customer rep to arrange a vacation hold in excess of 30 days? For 30 days or less I can enter the start/stop dates on my phone key pad. Makes no sense. And let's not even go into the time it takes to reach a rep!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been receiving the newspaper for the last two days but haven't subscribed to it. One of your customers must be missing the paper that is coming to me. Please stop delivering

Posted by Anonymous

No delivery this morning so I tried to find some connection by e-mail to report this but could not find any. I eventually called the tribune and $2.12 worth of time I finally was connected to a human voice (it would have been cheaper to go out and buy a paper then to report my missed delivery) and eventually a paper was delivered. Please tell me if there is an e-mail that I could have used or a better telephone number to use to report "missed delivery".

James Erlenborn

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Chicago Tribune subscriber I would like to know why Mary Schmich is not in the

paper I read that she was on assignment however such as today there is nothing mentioned it doesn't say anything about her nothing about beaing on assignment.

Please let me know is she coming back to the Tribune?

Nicole O'Hara

Posted by Anonymous

I am sitting here at10:50 still waiting for my Tribune as well as Beacon News. Of course there is no way to speak to anyone about the chronic lateness.

Posted by Anonymous

No paper today time 8:50 am last Sunday paper delivered at 9 am this is just wrong. Why always late delivery? Apparently the cancelled flights at Midway and Ohare was mimicked by the Tribune delivery system. This huge 3" blizzard has affected ALL TRAVEL. Come on Man, really????

Gary Riseling 818 Redwood lane Bartlett Il. Please respond

Posted by Anonymous

contacted the tribune in july stating that im cancelling my subscription and will not renew it. customer rep could hardly speak English and I told him so and repeated that I was not going to renew the paper multiple times. they still sent me the paper. in October they sent me a bill. I again called and spoke to a lady and told her what I told the rep in July that i will not renew and cancel. she told me the paper will stop in october. they now sent me a bill for july to october. call again and they said they have no record of my calls. I told them if you you dont receive a renewal payment why do you keep sending the paper. Is this idiotic or what? I will never do any business with the trib.

Posted by ?

I have stopped getting my Sunday Tribune but the delivery service keeps leaving the paper behind my door.

I only get the paper online now. Unfortunately, the delivery service keeps leaving it behind my door.

I am unable to go out and get it and need a number for the delivery service to speak to someone in English

about my problem. I need to get the delivery people to stop leaving the paper as I am reading it online. My

Posted by Anonymous

Tribune delivery to Park Ridge has been horrible for weeks. I leave for work every day just before 7 and I haven't had a paper to read with my breakfast since sometime in mid-October. And for this I'm paying what??? I always call when the paper is not there on time. Yesterday, the message I got was that my phone number is not recognized as a subscriber. I've been a subscriber for more than 35 years - same phone number. And now suddenly I'm not recognized as a subscriber? Maybe it's time to no longer subscribe.....

Posted by Anonymous

Been looking for Sunday 11/6/16 Pickles comic strip on-line. Where is it. Don't see it listed on the index of comic strips. Section 9 Comics was missing from my paper delivery that day.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been unable to get a sensible answer to my question about my billing. Frank Lacey,

1200 Forest, Oak Park, Il. Acct No. 40372501. I received a billing for $116.35, and was told that this was for missed payments. I told your representative that I have not received a billing from the Tribune for those payments. She was unable to explain why no statements were sent to my above address. Please check your records, and you will discover that this has happened several times in the past, and I have received late billing notices. I pay my bills when I receive statements, but cannot pay if no statements are received. I am really concerned about the Tribune's lack of ability to manage my account. This is happening so frequently that I am considering just dropping the paper.

Please correct this problem so that I receive my billing statements as I should according to my agreement with the Tribune

Frank Lacey

Posted by Anonymous

Avoid this newspaper. Poor customer service and lousy home delivery. Going to cancel my delivery subscription.

Posted by Anonymous

the chicago trib operates the home delivery service that also delivers the daily herald newspaper.rectified the herald problem thinking it would solve the trib problem.NOT! double bagged paper will not stay dry on wet weather days when both bags are open on the SAME END.10 bags will not keep the paper dry when they are all open on the SAME END,DUH ! chicago trib, PLEASE HELP?

Posted by Ashley

Ashley at first said my subscription had expired, ha ha, I just mailed a check for $6.50 for 13 weeks and you cashed it. How can it be expired? I didn't get the first week paper yet? I would sign up for the special that I just received for $20 for Sunday DLY for one year but you guys would hose it up. Terrible service... If you cannot deliver the SUNDAY paper send me my money back please.

Billy Mack

Posted by Anonymous

We have been subscribers of the Tribune for thirty years. Last week we moved to WI, so we called the Tribune to cancel our print subscription and keep the digital. Apparently they cancelled everything. We called on Monday to ask why we haven't received anything and they told us we had to set up a new account, which I thought we did. It is now four days later and we still haven't received anything. We have called back three times and every person we talk to still has our old address and old email address, even though we have changed it three times! Today I was told that there is an outage and to call back. Your service is terrible and there is no one to talk to!!
We can subscribe to the Suntimes for free...who needs this aggravation.

Add your review!

Posted by Molpen75

I commend the delivery person for the great job delivering the newspapers the past week with all the rain showers. However, the Sunday, October 2nd Tribune Life Style nor the A&E section were not included in the paper delivered to our home.

Posted by Homeowner

Ya know, the newspaper business is a shrinking model. Lots of this content is already free on the Internet. How a newspaper expects to forge a new future by suddenly and radically raising prices, requiring secret codes to get a small discount, and outsourcing customer service to a third world country where the agents barely have any customer understanding, is all beyond me.

But I wish the Tribune well, even though it's backwardly conservative and out of step with Chicago political leanings. So still giving a positive rating as it's the only real news worthy paper left in town.


Would you please increase of papers to Warrenville, Il. The Friday Tribune paper is always out by 9:00 am. There are 10 locations that your paper services. I have heard many people comment that we need more papers on Friday. Would you please increase the volume of your Chicago Tribune Friday paper so everyone has a chance to purchase. Thanks

Posted by franthefree

I used to have terrible service. Either I have a new carrier or something changed because now I have only the best. My paper is ALWAYS on my porch right by my door by 7 am. I wish I knew how to let my carrier know how pleased I am.

Posted by Satisfied Customers

We can't remember the last time we have had bad delivery service. Our newspaper is always at our front door and while we are early birds (rising around 5:30 a.m.) our paper is usually waiting for us or is there within a short time. We recently received a new carrier and so far so good!

Posted by Dane

Hi Autumn,
A while back you told me I could only receive the bulldog Sunday Tribune in Madison, WI. Still, when I type my area code (53703) into the Chicago Tribune subscription page, I'm told I can purchase thirteen weeks of seven day/week delivery for $74. When I put in other zip codes north of Madison the only choice available is the Tribune digital edition. Is 7 day/week delivery actually available, or is the site corrupted? I already get the New York Times delivered every day, and that's printed in Chicago--why not stick a Tribune on the same truck? Also, the library I work at on campus here, UW Memorial Library, has editions of the Tribune available, but I think they are mail delivered--would this be an option if morning delivery is not?

Official company reply

Hi Dane, can you please email me your address, and I can take a look into the home delivery available in your area?

ChiTribClientServices 9/10/12 7:00AM

Posted by GlenEllynite

I want to compliment Autumn Smith and Chicago Tribune customer service on resolving a complaint I had. I posted my complaint in the "negative" section, regarding no more credit given for vacation hold of the newspaper. I emailed Autumn at her invitation, and she clarified the new policy.

She explained that although credit is no longer given by extending the subscription end-date, the carrier can hold and delivery the paper upon return from vacation. Although I disagree with this new policy, I was given a one-time credit, and it was explained to me in the future that the paper can only be held, like any other magazine subscription.

So I want to say I appreciate this good customer service from Autumn, and recommend everyone talk to Autumn and Tribune customer service first, before complaining and giving up on delivery or billing issues and problems.

Official company reply

Good morning, and thank you for the compliment. Feel free to contact the Chicago Tribune customer service team, if you have any questions regarding your subscription in the future. We can be reached by email at [email protected], on Facebook: and Twitter: @ChiTribCS.

ChiTribClientServices 7/24/12 8:00AM

Posted by maggie

I only get the Sunday paper, i don't know what is happening. This is the second Sunday i have not received my paper (07/15/12) i really don't think it is the delivery because once i looked out my window & the paper was there & when i walked out to get it, it was gone, that fast. Could you please see if the driver could put the paper on my porch or by the garage, i have made this request before but still it is not being done, i realize maybe this is not convenient for the driver but it makes for frustrated clients.

Official company reply

Good morning, my name is Autumn Smith, and I am an employee in the Client Services dept at the Chicago Tribune. I apologize for the delivery error. If you send me your address, I will be able to contact the delivery field manager, who will make sure delivery is made to the correct location. My email address is [email protected]

ChiTribClientServices 7/18/12 7:42AM

Posted by RF8655

I always pay for the Tribune a year in advance at a time. My annual rates aren't anywhere near the increased prices that others are reporting here ($97 every 13 weeks). So I'm pleased with what I pay.

But I do not like the outsourced call center in the Phillipines. The customer service from there is pretty awful. They have a "why should I care since you're 6000 miles away" attitude.

The Tribune content is much improved with more articles, detail, depth. This I do like. But arrogant rightwing columnists still permeate the paper, though, such as Dennis Byrne, Charles Krauthammer, John Kass, and the like. I hold my nose when flipping the pages and passing them by. This includes the reactionary editorials left over from the late Col. Robert McCormack.

Overall it's still the best source for Chicago and world news, and beats the thin coverage offered by the Sun-Times.

Official company reply

Good morning, my name is Autumn Smith, and I am an employee in the Client Services dept at the Chicago Tribune. I'm glad that you have been enjoying the Chicago Tribune! We do have a secondary customer service in Chicago, that is able to help with anything regarding your subscription or home delivery. We can be reached by email at [email protected], on Facebook: and Twitter: @ChiTribCS

ChiTribClientServices 3/4/12 7:24AM

Posted by Anonymous

I love your paper. It gets here on time and in my driveway. I adore John Kass. I need your address so I can send my carrier a Christmas gift. I lost the envelope he or she must have sent. Please e mail me the address. I live in Libertyville and I think my paper comes from Vernon HIlls. Thanks
[email protected]

PS I love that you investigate everything. You are what makes democracy work!

Official company reply

Good afternoon, my name is Autumn Smith, and I am an employee in the Client Services dept at the Chicago Tribune. I apologize for the delay in response. I will contact the delivery agent for your area, and request for him to send you his address, if you have not received it yet. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any additional questions. We're glad that you have been enjoying the paper!

ChiTribClientServices 3/2/12 1:20PM

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