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Chevron customer service is ranked #88 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 60.58 out of a possible 200 based upon 22 ratings. This score rates Chevron customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


18 Negative Comments out of 22 Total Comments is 81.82%.


4 Positive Comments out of 22 Total Comments is 18.18%.

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  • Chevron

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 60.58 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 18 negative comments (81.82%)
    • 4 positive comments (18.18%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 3.9 Issue Resolution
    • 4.5 Reachability
    • 4.3 Cancellation
    • 3.7 Friendliness
    • 4.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Jabba46

I never been to the Chevron gas station in Santa Cruz.
My family and i, came down from San Diego.
As we walked in, right away, we got greeted, with this young ladys' smile and high positive energy. I must say, I never been some where to where, an employee, especially at a gas station: acknowledging, smiling, joking in a friendly matter of course.
As well as, seeing regular customers knowing this one employee. Very awesome, really impressed with the service.
It happened to be an Assistant manager; jennelle.
Makes my family and I definitely go back.

Posted by Anonymous

Re: Chevron

The slender black girl mid thirties at register is horrible at customer service. Always on her phone. Debit machine never works

Posted by Anonymous

My daily experience at the Chevron on 164th close to Mill Plain is usually filled with employees outside smoking. And then me feeling inconvenienced when having to pay for my products. This morning's experience was that they didn't have enough money in the till their lottery machine was down wasn't going to be fixed till tomorrow with no remorse. Also coming to find out that a employee named Joe likes to play the Washington Lottery scratch tickets after watching people lose and leave the employees left the other day how he's been making a lot of money off of it. I'm not quite sure if that's more real I definitely know it's not legal. From my Outlook you have a bunch of jokers running that store.

Posted by Anonymous

Been a LOYAL Customer since 1988, with no late payments or any issues till March 2016! At that time, I had some issues with my Bank which resulted in some issue concerning my Automatic Monthly payments on my account. Sent Chevron a Check in the amount above what my account balance was for future CREDIT, while I resolved the issue with my bank, and Chevron return a check in the same amount that I had sent to them back to me for reasons beyond my control. Since then, Chevron has CLOSED MY ACCOUNT without any phone call or Emails stating that there was an issue with my Automatic Monthly Payment Account set-up. After being a LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR over 27 YEARS, this is the LOYALTY that I get in return! WOW!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have to write a complaint about a a worker at the 176th and pacific ave location in tacoma Washington. I have to say that I am very unhappy with the worker named Judy,who had no right to talk to my friend the way she did. My friend is dying of a liver disease,which obviously she was unaware of,but for her to sit there and talk about how yellow his eyes are,and calling him contagious,was VERY uncomfortable and inappropriate. She even went to the length of covering her own face with her shirt thinking he was contagious.Even when he left the store,and went the extra step to go over the INTERCOM,address his other friend who was pumping the gas and tell him to keep him out of public because he is contagious. THIS IS COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE AND BEYOND RUDE.I dont know what could be done to fix this problem but in my opinion,she shouldnt work around people if she cant keep her self opinions to her self. If u need to contact me back feel free. He has been a costumer of your company for over 10 years. I would deal with this in your corporation before she says something to someone else and Chevron ends up with a lawsuit. Thank you. Tracy Ewing. I would appreciate a response within a decent time. Btw,the peraon who she insulted is a company CEO and is now considering canceling his cards and moving to another company.

Posted by Don

I stop by at chevron 10:10pm at daly city on hicKY blvd neXT to freeway,I gonna buy some stuff,after I buy it and I change my mind to switch different thing, the cashier very unhappy said they don't have it (he havet look it).

Posted by Anonymous

I live in Henderson,Nv, & use the Chevron station on windmill& Pecos.About 6 months ago it has stopped asking me if I am a Vons member, therefore I don't receive my discount? Why, I asked the staff, totally not helpful? Can you help me on getting back the Vons member discount? Thank you, Leslie

Posted by p b

Dear Hotline Activity,
This is to only let you know that, Chevron such a world famous company working in Bangladesh for a quite long time, previously Chevron used to run by the most expat people, and day by day company reduce many of them for their contract variation or follow Bangladesh local laws.
Since many of the local people got chance to handle the higher position & itâs begin lots of unnecessary problems, which is cause jealousy & superiority complex.
I would like to express very recently done a few odd things, which is really injustice.
SCM take over the maintenance & catering department & they plan to reduce a few Camp Bosses & their new designation is Facility Coordinator, Production Camp 6 Camp Bosses & rest of the Camp Bosses was temporary appointed for company small jobs say 1 or 2 years. (Like FE Construction, Drilling People & Survey People) SCM arrange an interview for all the Camp Bosses from Chevron Private Resident & production Camp. It was not necessary to have an interview for those people where production (Camp) Camp Bosses working for last 6 to 7 years & Chevron Private Resident Camp Bosses worked only for 1 to 2 yearsâ time period. Anisur Rahman the Facility Manager, Shariar Abedin Admin Supervisor JBGP Facility, & Biplob kormokar Bibiyana Admin Facility Supervisor received a very handsome cash as a brief & 56 âinchâ Smart TV from Chevron Private Resident Camp Bosses Name of the Camp Bosses are Ruhul Amin Currently working in JB Facility, Washiqur Rahman Currently working in MB Facility, & Uthpal Rozario Currently working in Bibiyana Facility Also Tariq Shah in Bibiyana Facility as well.
Now all the experience Camp Bosses are out of their Job & people who offered brief only they are still working in 3 main location of Chevron facility Sylhet.
Shariar Abedin JB Admin & Facility Supervisor is doing his entire personal job in company computer; he has a share one of the Resorts in Sylhet Srimongol Call NOVEM ECORESORT. He is doing the responsibility of Admin job for NOVEM ECORESORT, whole day all the booking & making all the phone call from Company Cell Phone & you will found all the record for Novem Ecoresot details in his company Laptop & Desktop.
During last Camp Catering Staffs interview lots of experience people were out of their job as they were not agree to paid the brief money to Bibiyana Camp Boss Uthpal Rozario. People who paid individual money around 3 lac local currency & those people are still working at Bibiyana Gas Plant Camp.
Many of the people who lost their job & they are hoping & praying to have an proper investigation & find out all the illegal things has done so far & still going on.
Vendor involvement with cash money gift & offer their contract instead of handsome packages as well please.
Imrul Kabir maintenance Superintendent Base in Bibiyana Field kept Tariq Shaha Camp Boss for his own interest. Where Tariq Have lots of complain as he worked as a Camp Boss in Jalalabad Gas Plant Camp, Previously Imrul Kabir was GPS at JB Gas Plant and he supported him like anything, all the staffs wanted to talk to Imrul Kabir regarding Tariq Camp Boss but Imrul never want to listen to staffs complain as Tariq usually give him lots of gift especially every year he brings 500 lychees & 40 kg of Mangoes to GPS Imrul Kabir & GPS Rumel Chowdhury. Also many other gift from Tariq to Imrul Kabir, that is why he supported him like a mad, please do ask question to JBGP Camp Staffs regarding Tariquzzaman Camp Boss.
GPS ALAN giving idea to the people to file a case for company 5 percent profit per year since 2010. He gave idea to people to collect the money and arrange more people to involve this matter. He is currently the main person to creating problem for 5 percent profit.. He gave his own nephew as a GPS position to MB Gas Plant. He is trying to spoil company and he is oiling to higher position management staffs.
I wonder Unocal was better in this way, when small things happened or heard, there was investigation that is also used to come from the corporate office. But Chevron now a days many things is happening but there is no sign of investigation.
Lots of People really earn illegal monies from Chevron & things doing their own way also enjoying themselves very much as well.
We are hoping & praying to the Almighty Allah to have an proper investigation for all the above said matter.

Thanking you all in advance for all the kind help & cooperation.

Posted by Jo

Marietta, Georgia. Chevron station is filthy- mold on shelves of refrigerated drinks, floors are black, sticky and stink. Bathroom has broken tank lid, no hot water, paper towels or hand drier. Floor is sticky, reeks of urine and lock on door of multi-use restroom is not secure. Shut this guy down. He gives all small business owners a bad name. I told him it needed to be scrubbed and he told me I did not have to come there.!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I was getting gas at the Chevron station on the corner of Albert and Grady in Renton Washington. Got my gas went in to get some coffee in the Alaska blend was out so I only got about a half a cup of that so I went to the other container filled it up with that roast I didn't mind missing the coffee when paid for it the cashier clerk by the name of Nicole didn't seem to be too attentive anything. Left the inside of the store I was walking towards my car took a swig of my coffee and it was totally lukewarm go back inside tell her about it and I told her that one container was empty when I want it before I left and she didn't seem to care came in and told her about the loop be at Coffee Bean lukewarm and she didn't seem to care about that either didn't apologize for anything didn't have any sense of urgency to replace the coffee I ended up microwaving the coffee to heat it up so I can leave didn't offer to refund me the money back because of the lukewarm coffee the Clarks was totally inadequate for the job

Posted by Costumer

I'm a regular costumer of the store located at 2760 Fallon rd in Dublin Ca, but today I make a quick stop just to get a 16 oz chocolate and I asked to one the cashier if they haved a whip cream for the chocolate like other stores does it. she answer whit a repulsive tone this is not Starbucks as you can see. And after I'd pay for my hot drink the other lady laught saying the same thing this happens between 6:20 & 7:00 pm of the Friday 01/08/2016 I hope you fix this problem and teach them how to treat the costumers thx.

Posted by Werther1

When to chevron on union near hwy 58 on 12/22/15 at about 11:40pm and my brother and I were asking the employees how much the ice cream was because we wanted to buy some but the last one my brother asked the price for the employee rudely told my brother he wud have to wait five minuets because they were doing a shift change and so we decided to leave. My brother went to the restroom before we left and I went to the car. As I was heading to the door I heard two of the employees making fun of us because we were asking how much each ice cream was. I did not appreciate that at all. I work with customer service and i know that is now how customers are suppose to be treated. I am a customer who refuels at chevron gas stations often. With this treatment I feel like going somewhere else to getting gas.

Posted by sunrise

Just got gas at the chevron station in Oregon City. The guy name Amrit Thapa is very rude. He can't speak or write English very well. Can't understand him. He harass me & others. Someone needs to replace him. Rude & very Disrespectful.

Posted by Trisha

I have used your Chevron station at 2834 East Main Str.Farmington,N.M. 87401 numerous times over the years..Most of the employees are very friendly..I was in your station purchasing gas on August 1,2015 between 3:25-3:30..The woman employee was very rude and she has been rude before..I will no longer frequent this store..I like to use Chevron gas for my Camero but we have no other stations in our town..I will continue to your gas stations in other towns I visit..Thank You for carry good quality gas..Sincerely Trish

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the service station located at 4300 watt ave north highlands, ca 95660 last night 12/31/2014 at 11:30p my phone had died & no working pay phone around I asked to use the phone there clerk said there isn't a phone then I offered a $1 to call a cab the clerk took the $1 called the yellow cab then instructs me to wait outside in the cold, I purchased a bottled water paid with a $5 bill wasn't given any change Asked if I could wait inside after making a purchase & the clerk said no I asked for my change he started yelling at me to leave, I called the store at 12:05 asking how to get my change he hung up the phone twice on me, said his name is Mike sing, store # 92210 I ended up paying $6 for a bottle of water & forced to wait 40 minutes in the cold on new years, another couple of customers who's car was broke down he allowed to wait in the store with out any purchase. I asked if he could tell me what time it was he stated that I was going to complain to corporate office so I needed to leave & go do that. Then calling me some unacceptable names as I left the store to wait for the taxi.

Posted by Anonymous

Will follow up on Mondaywhite male at your 395 and Palmdale Road store who gave four adults problem over a lotto ticket we are all black and everyone was age 26 -45 he the white employee made up rules as why he couldn't sell the ticket to us because one of The adults did not have ID.everyone else in the party at ID yet he refused to sell everyone else in the party a lotto ticket. Then another customer a white male came in and asked for lotto ticket and he was not asked to provide ID and was sold a ticket.this was clearly preferential treatment because of race this was clearly discriminatory treatment because of race this was clearly a racial situation. The store clerk was named Jimmy.

Posted by Anonymous

this Chevron station at the corner of Hamilton and Bascom in Campbell California horrible customer service I went in to get a cup of coffee I wanted Splenda and not sugar he said they don't have it I asked him if he could get some and he said no this is terrible other people that can't have sugar need different substitutes.
normally all of my interactions with Chevron have been wonderful but this particular person just doesn't care about customer service. maybe I will have to go back to Starbucks for my coffee instead. maybe I will have to go to shell for my gas.

Posted by Carter

Chevron lost a check for full payment and they began calling me all the time about it. I cancelled the check, waited as the bank requested and sent payment. Did the calls stop? NO, and they wouldn't take NO for an answer. I was a loyal customer for 28 years and now they treat me like a flea infested miscreant. Chevron can kma, I've shredded their personal and corporate cards. The fault was theirs and they pursued me as though I was a deadbeat.
Bugger Off Chevron, never again will I use your products.

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Posted by Anonymous

I was in Van Horn Texas at Sam's Chevron Truck Stop on November 22. I was there from about 8-11 in the morning. I sat in their restaurant doing some work on my laptop. As I was there I could not believe that the main cashier would be on her phone at the register while attending customers. She was playing games and listening to videos. This I know because the other cashier that was doing her job attended me. I could see what the other one was doing. Sometimes she would have a customer in front of her and the other cashier would have to stop doing what she was doing to attend them. I thought that was very bad customer service. Yet the other cashier never stopped. She was constantly doing something. And then if that wasn't bad enough the main cashier had black pants that were ripped at the pant legs. It came as high as her pockets. Where in the world is the manager. If they allow her to dress like that, I see it as a lack of respect. Nothing professional about that. I don't see how the manager or supervisor allows that kind of tackiness. But believe me she didn't move from that register at all. I just thought how nice it is to get paid for being on the phone while at work. I would really like a job like that. It just upset me to see that other cashier was doing all the work while she played on her phone. I even told the other on that did all the work that she gave great customer service and let me tell you she did an awesome job!!!! She was always greeting the customersâ and very friendly at that.

Posted by Hana

Ruby, of the Nuuanu Chevron, in Honolulu, Hawaii was very helpful in explaining the Safeway Rewards program. The world needs more people like her : loves her job, friendly with a contagious happy personality with great customer service.

Posted by Steven

Yhe extran mile Chevron on Ramona Ave in Chino is the cleanest and friendliest store I have been in in a long time. Thanks Melissa and Myra for the great experience.

Posted by Anonymous

The store on 5500 Telegraph in Oakland. Very nice and clean store. Manager and employees are very helpful and nice. I wish all chevrons could be like this one.

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