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Chevrolet customer service is ranked #455 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.02 out of a possible 200 based upon 465 ratings. This score rates Chevrolet customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


437 Negative Comments out of 465 Total Comments is 93.98%.


28 Positive Comments out of 465 Total Comments is 6.02%.

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    • 33.02 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 437 negative comments (93.98%)
    • 28 positive comments (6.02%)
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Posted by Anonymous

My 2015 Duramax has left me stranded twice.
Limp mode while pulling a trailer is down right dangerous.
This truck has a problem being reliable.

Posted by Anonymous

Very unhappy with your engine reliability you know there is a major problem with your product with mystery miss fire spent a lot of money for common fix looks like a valve train problem probably buy a Ford next.

Posted by GM SUCKS

GM has the WORST customer service that I have EVER experienced. My husband shut the door of our $45,000 truck and the back window behind the passenger seat shattered. Under warranty service due to a manufacturer defect in the glass, Jim Price Chevrolet installed a window on my truck through a third party, which I had no say so in the matter first of all. Second of all, the third party scratched my truck up, and did a terrible installation job. Did not even remove the old window seal. Now we have mold in our truck. GM will not allow us to take it to another dealer to have the truck repaired nor will they insure that Jim Price fixes it. Several of the representatives are rude or hang up on you or simply will not call you back. You have lost a loyal customer. This is WHY people do not buy American cars. Last Chevrolet for me. I'm saying bye Felicia to you, the same way you have said it to me. You people need to get your heads out of your asses before you lose way more business. Back to Honda

Posted by Mindy

How does a company as large and GM/Chevrolet have technicians that can not diagnose or repair a dire issue with the Chevy Cruze Diesel yet charge the customer 150.00 per hour? There have been recalls in regard to this issue and yet even the recall did not repair the car. Do you have any great information that will keep me from going to a different manufacture? I loved my Cruze.........Now it is a huge stress to me and an elephant I can not afford to feed.

Posted by Anonymous

How long does it take to be respond too
Filed complaint no resolution ?
Does GMAC care about buyers problems or is this Fake

Posted by NikkiGra

I have to say that the car that I purchased 2 years ago has been a complete nightmare and I will NEVER purchase another Chevrolet ever again. I went to autozone to see why my car was cutting off and was told that it was the camshaft position sensor. When I went to the GM dealership I was advised that it was the timing chain. I had the timing chain repair by another mechanic and he advised that the timing chain for this car had to be one of the weakest that he had ever seen and that more than likely I will be replacing it again in the next couple of years. The dealership advised me that the Timing Chain was the only issue even though I told them what autozone found and they said with certainty that it was the timing chain. Now I have a car that needs not only the Camshaft Position sensor and actuator, but now says Engine Power Reduced, Service Traction Control, Service stabilitrak all of which I found are issues with Chevrolet cars. All I want is my lemon of a car repaired.

Posted by Anonymous

wow.... you are pathetic....YES we need to file a complaint.... you call your number get the PHILIPPIANS ... really... get thrown around from 30 minutes... BOTTOM LINE... NEED A COMPETENT USA, PREFERABLY SO CAL ADMINISTRATOR TO TAKE A COMPLAINT OF THE SALE AND SERVICE OF A CUSTOM ORDERED 79K Tahoe... CAN YOU HANDLE THIS.. OR DO WE GO TO CONSUMER AFFAIRS... ETC ET AL... i am hoping you can just call and get this done... simple.. easy... business 1010

Posted by Pam

I am having a very difficult time with Chevy customer service. They have Been horrible. They are quoting policy but not listening to my story. I do have a case number. I can be reached

Posted by Jfthompson

I am writing this for my son and his wife. On 01/05/2017 my son sent me a text saying that his check engine and the oil light was on and it was making noise. I told him to call Northstar Chevy in Moon Township PA. Since he still had a couple of days left on his warranty. He had it towed and the service writer Scott told him the check engine light was from a torn breather hose, and that the oil pressure was fine. So he paid for the repair and drove the car home, on the way home while pulling in his driveway the car stalled, he restarted it and let it idle. After a little while the oil light came back on and started making noise again. The next day he called Scott and he had it towed back to Northstar. So after a couple of days they called and told him that there was a check valve in the head witch may be causing the problem. A week and a half later they contact him and said that they had to call Chevrolet and discuss it. So now they get a call and tell him that Chevrolet would only cover 60% of it because it's now out of warranty!!!! My question is, they took it there while it was under warranty I don't care if it took them two weeks to look at it and now it's out of warranty. It was under warranty. He's been in contact with Britney and someone from Northstar and they told that that's all they can do. In the meantime he had to lease a 2018 cruise and now they're telling them that's the best they can do. Hopefully this will be resolved at no cost under warranty.. thanks here is my I hope to hear from you..

Posted by Anonymous

Dear chevrolet dealership..I angella south purchase my 2015 Tahoe with Billy narrave in lake Charles,la.I love my truck I paid to much money and my truck have to many cosmetics wrong.. My carport look like somebody pulled it up halfway replace it. It very loose fit or poor looking.. The handle trays next to the door handle are missing.. Many other problems.. Under panel next to tire the black rubber seal or damaged..

Posted by Anonymous

I own a 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt Sport. It was bought new. My question is. I have a leaking fuel line that is being repaired by Chevrolet. The cost is about 1000.00 dollars for parts and labor. Am I covered by any warranties for this dilemma? I took out an extended warranty in addition to the original warranty. Unfortunately, the dealership that the extended warranty was taken from went out of business right after our purchase. Chevrolet told me they can't find any info in regards to this. Help!!!

Posted by Buddy

Then buying General Motors products for over 40 years had good luck with every one of them great service great automobiles Going to buy 2017 Corvette love those cars

Posted by Anonymous

It's been a year I've received a recall notice for chevy Avalanche Takata air bag recall I've always own GM Vehicle GM still don't have a fix for this problem, my name is Olive Deacon from. Spring

Posted by Rob

Bought my last Chevy last month. After filling out the customer (dis)satisfaction survey I received a TEXT message from the salesman saying he's sorry for all the issues I had with the dealership. Trying to contact a corporate rep is impossible, they put a buffer between the customers and the corporate hierarchy. I see a lot of dissatisfied customers in reviews. Wish I would have done more research before I bought a Chevy. Cant believe after driving Chevy's for over 40 years I am going to switch at this age. This spring I'm trading in my new Silverado for a Toyota if this doesn't get rectified to my liking, which I don't feel will happen given the track record of not caring about customers once the papers are signed. Keeping this generic as I will probably have to use my attorney to rectify the issues since Chevy is not interested in speaking to it's customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a chevy man my whole life ive been in fights over it. But this is it for me i own a 2002- 2003 trailblazers i am a 66 year old disabled vet i cant drive either car because you can't keep them running warning lights power lose service engine light keeps coming on i dont make enough money to try and keep these ford wanna be's running now i have to ask somebody else to take me to do anything. I hope somebody sues i join the group you just lost a life time customer

Posted by Anonymous

Pendarvis chevy in akin sc is the worst dealership I have ever delt with. We agreed on a price and shook hands on it. After signing the papers I left the dealership and then realized they did not have the right trade in price. After contacting them they told me that the contract was signed and I was wrong so basically they could care less. When I was signing the papers several times I was interrupted on simple question that could have waited. Very disappointed

Posted by Jnnmarch

Awful customer service....I've been trying to get a situation resolved since Nov 23rd. I keep getting the runaround or the "it takes a few days for it to attach to your case file!" Please, that's a load of crap.

Posted by GaryLacey

I found a truck at Terry Cullen Southlake Chevrolet that was exactly what I was looking for. I contacted the dealership about purchasing this truck and got a response from sales "manager" James Sanders. I sent James an email explaining that I had a check from the bank, but I was an hour away. I setup an appointment through Betty Lewis to work with sales "manager" Reggie Riley. My wife took off work to help me pick up the truck. We fought Atlanta traffic an additional 50 minutes. We called the dealership twice to let them know where we were and when we would arrive. As we walked in the door, they claimed they were selling the truck to someone else, yet the truck is still listed in their inventory three days later. I was in constant contact with these people throughout the day via phone, email and text to let them know that I was coming to purchase that truck, but they couldn't give me the courtesy of letting me know they were selling that truck while I was on the phone driving to the dealership. I wasted over four hours of driving and my wife took off work just to fall for a bait and switch scam.

Posted by janemelu

Bought 2014 Chevy Traverse LT. The break lights stopped working and nobody will help. Recall on October 1st regarding chassis console module that controls brake.. and yet Chevy has refused to take care of the problem.
Do I need to go to court to have Chevy accept responsibility of this problem..

Posted by Cruze

My name is Frances. Wyrsch

I purchased a 2011 Chevy Cruze and have had nothing but problems especially the transmission. Recalls and recalls

My last one was in the rocking arm I am out of the 100,000.00

And the months for warranty. Ii have 98 thousand miles on my car I went to have my oil changed and Transmission fluid leaking

Oil leaking water pump out ( it had a deductible ) of $300.00

I had to pay $635.00 dollars to get it fixed NO HELP

I've been in and out of chevorpt dealers I'm sick of it and always the transmission ... Which Jack Schmidt chevy rebuilt because

It was thank goodness under warranty . When does it in with this car. I only have 98, thousand miles on it

I need some to contact me I am very dissatisfied with this car

Thank you for your time

Herbert and Frances Wyrsch

Posted by CORVETTE GIRL 2016

I Had An Appointment With Hood Chevrolet In Covington,louisiana For 9 Am This Morning First Service For My 2016 Corvette With 3845 Miles Oil Change And 2 Recall Softwear . I Asked Three Times Would My Car Be Ready For Noon Important Business Meeting Oh Yes Yes Yes It Will Be . Noon No One Called So I Called Sorry No One Is In All At Lunch I Said Really You All Closes Up Noon To One Oh No We Have A Big Thanksgiving Lunch Party Today . I Said How Nice But Now Im Missing A Realy Big Business Meeting . This Is Awful Service Not To Have A Caqr Ready When They Say . Thank You Faye Wagner

Posted by Disgruntled Dan

I have had nothing but problems with my Chevrolet Sonic! An average of 20,000 miles for each thermostat the car has had in it is completely ridiculous!!! Their "customer service hotline is a joke as they hung up on me just like the lame dealership did!! I will advise everyone I can to NOT buy a Chevrolet especially from Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet in Rockville Maryland!!!

Posted by Lashu74

Chevrolet in my eyes has always been a company that made great sports cars attainable for the middle class working man/woman. I have waited over six months for the release of the 2017 Camaro ZL1. I have spent countless hours reviewing forums and calling dealerships in anticipation for the release. There is not one dealer in my region that got an allocation for this model. There is one dealer in a 300 plus mile radius of me that has one allocation at a 17k dollar mark up. There are too many options out there to not make this car available to anyone that would want one. If the model is making it to dealerships I should be able to order one in my area and not have to pay above msrp. It would have been nice to at least see a list of dealers that have allocations so I was not forced to contact every dealer in a 100 mile radius. I was truly looking forward to getting my hands on one of these cars. Very disappointing to say the least!

Posted by Pissedoffsail

I had my new sail released last sept. But until now. I dont have the papers even the temp.plate or anything that i can use it. I always text the sales admin in davao but to my dismay that if not being send by loads of text and minty words she would not reply. She cannot even give the timetable when will be the papers to be released.but prior to the purchased i was given a week to wait until they finish it. But here comes november and still no signs on when i can get the papers. They are blaming the head office of not doing it.please give justice..december is coming in 2 weeks.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Chevy Silverado and just put a new engine in. Two days after, the truck broke down on me in the middle of the road. Took it to the dealership and it sat there for two weeks. Then they said it was the distributor and told me it would be 100.00 to fix. Then they told me it would be an additional 400.00. They have had my truck for almost three weeks and they wouldn't give me a loaner. I will NEVER buy another chevy or deal with this dealership again in chesterfield, va.

Add your review!

Posted by Bobet

Why is it 06'model parts are so expensive?ex cv joint,cost13k pesos!im planning to an suv but price of the parts plus service is too much.

Posted by Phillips Chevy Frankfort, IL

I bought a Chevy at Phillips Chevy in Frankfort, IL my purchase experience was wonderful . My sales person was fantastic.
I always take my car back to Phillips for oil change, tire rotation etc. I get EXCELENT service!
Everyone goes out of there way to make sure everything runs smooth and I must say at Phillips it has been the best car experience I have ever had.
Just wanted to let everyone no this because buying a car is usually a nightmare. BUT NOT AT PHILLIPS?

Posted by Dinesh

My car (KL-35 4041) serviced on may 2014 and then its back wheel brake cylinder also replaced as advised from service center, Kottayam. Yesterday brake again had problem and had to replace the same component again without any satisfactory explanation.This caused me additional expense and time.I do not understand the reason of failure within 14 months of replacing it with genuine spares.Request your kind attention in this regard.

Posted by Heli

I Just Called And Spoke To Jackie At 800 # And She Was Fantastic
She Was Very Knowledgeable And Answered My Question Lickety Split
Thanks Chevy!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I called your dealership twice on 4-2-2015 I was trying to inquire about a recall on my ignition key rotation. When I called I talked to three people, one of the women said the part had to be ordered and I had to get an appt. after all of that was put thru to Daniel the service mgr. got his voicemail I left my contact information. No phone call. Called again got put thru to his voicemail again I hung up. Today 4-3 I went down to the dealership. Walked in and 6 service people just stared at me the only one that acknowledged me was Mr. Robert Carrillo. He was very helpfull, He said it would only take about 30 min. So I went to sit down on the chairs outside and they were just filthy, the table was very dirty. As I was sitting there I could hear some mechanics talking loudly and just cussing up a storm. If it wasn't for Mr. Carrillo I would have left. I was not impressed at all with the way things were handled. And all my fill ins on resolution,knowledge, and friendliness are all directed at Mr.Carrillo ONLY!

Posted by stephen b helfrich

My name is Stephen B Helfrich, I have a cobalt 2007. the signal switch will not shut off when I turn. The part must be cheaply manufactured. Never have I seen such a issue. Plus its expensive to fix. What if I fix it an it breaks again, chevy makes out. What a rip off.

Posted by Anonymous

On travelling through Kentucky recently I had trouble with my 2007 2500HD Silverado Pickup. The fuel pump had gone bad and I was on a tight sales schedule. The parts for the truck were not available for a week and the repairs where going to take about the same. Herb Jones Auto Group in Elizabethown KY not only quickly diagnosed the problem, but where also most helpfull in negotiating a great deal on a new 2013 2500 Z71 diesel truck for us. Since we were travelling they could easily have taken advantage of us but they did not and in fact did everthing they could to be helpful and gave us a very reasonably deal on our 2007 truck. I wnat to say thank you to them through GM for their honesty and helpfulness. Honesty and integrity is still alive int he USA

Posted by JAMES

i own 3 gm products 2007 GMC Denali Cadillac CTS-V Corvette Z06 ALL VEHICLES ARE PERFECT NEVER 1 PROBLEM FROM ANY CANT WAIT TO GET NEW Camaro ZL1. jimmy asheboro NC. the only problem i have is i cant seem to get a dealer to trade for a camaro ZL1 WANT TO TRADE CORVETTE AND CADILLAC. Love gm products they are the best just wish i could get a little bit of help after i spent $200,000.00 on cars in last 5 years with them. I did my part helping a great get back to greatness.

Posted by Mrs. B.

I wanted to take the time to comment on the excellent service I received from your employees at Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza in Nevada, particularly Lee Sproul and Brent K. I was an out of state customer and had taken my parents into Vegas for Dr. appts. The next morning when I went out to my car I found that I had a flat tire. I have a 2011 Chevy Traverse and thought I had some kind of warranty on my tires. They did everything they could to help find the information to no avail. They told me I could take my car while they worked on the spare. I received the call that they were able to save my tire and to come to the shop so they could put the tire back on my car. They showed me where the glass had gouged the tire and how they fixed it. I was worried and told them I drive the back desert road to get back home in southern California. They assured me I would be fine. They also put my spare back where it was supposed to go and secured everything back to its proper place. The best thing was I was not charged! I figured being from out of state I could get "hosed"....need a new tire..labor...etc. The tire is still perfect.
This happened a few weeks ago but in these busy times it's hard to sit down and write especially when it's not a complaint.
These guys and the other employees there treated me great and if I ever have any problems with my car while visiting my parents again I will not hesitate to take my car to Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza.
Thanks for the great service.

Posted by logman

January 10, 2013
To: GM Chevrolet
Re: Chevrolet Service
As our economy struggles to recover I, as a consumer have the responsibility of spending what little disposable income I have on the things that matter to me the most. When searching for professional quality of service at a cost effective price. Often I have found the expense not worth the services or the products rendered. I have embraced the notion that profits matter more to the big companies than what they offer in return for my money. On a couple of previous occasions my experience with Chevrolet Vehicle repair service appeared not to be lacking in this regard.
My previous letter of service complaint was intended to make others more conscious of the fact you dont always get what you pay for and not to shame anyone into offering a refund. I felt a need to express my feelings of helplessness with regard to dealing with big companies for their services.
On January 09, 2013, to my surprise I was contacted by Chevrolet Service Managers Tony from Bical Chevrolet in Long Island NY and Rick from Casey Chevrolet in Newport News VA. Both gentlemen expressed their sincere concern about my experiences at their respective Chevrolet service locations. They both made considerable efforts to try to resolve my issues with some satisfaction. I have been giving some measure of closure having my vehicle serviced properly at a fair expense at Bical Chevrolet and with incentive to consider Casey Chevrolet motors for my future automotive needs.
I now feel the need to express my new feelings of thanks and appreciation to Rick and Tony for the time and efforts they took to make my current and future experiences at their businesses a more positive one.

G Warren

Posted by Chip

Hello my name is Clayton(Chip) Goodwin and I bought a2012 Chevrolet Sonic from Heritage Automotive in Lawrenceburg, TN two months ago. I am very pleased with the vehicle, but the reason I am sending this email pertains to the customer relation of Heritage Automotive. Yesterday I took my new Sonic to the Heritage to have it checked out due to a short that cut all power to the car. I had to wiggle the attachment to the battery just to get the car to start. After scheduling an appointment for the next day to have it serviced I returned to my car to find that I was unable to get power to the car. Dan(car salesman) remembered me from two months prior buying the car, and came over to check on me. When discovering the problems I was having told me not to worry he would take care of me. He went to check on my appointment to make sure I was taken care of. Then got me a loaner car to get home and to work today. I have never been the person to buy new vehicles till now, I will continue to take my business to Heritage Automotive of Lawrenceburg TN. In a world where everything is about money it is refreshing to experience the care and commitment that this dealership has for its customers. They deserve a slap on the back!!

Posted by diesel

Do not buy a new Z71 pickup with the expectations that it will be capable off road. You CANNOT turn the traction control off, even though there is a button to do so. When in mud and a tire tries to spin, the brakes activate and you go nowhere! It clearly states on page 4-8 of the owners manual that is how it is designed to work,and I confirmed with a super nice customer service rep. that my only choice is to trade it for a toyota.

Posted by Anonymous

Was pleased to get a real human when I called. The young man was very polite and easily understood. I had a question about a repair part for my Malibu Max. He took the info I had and called my Chev. service man while I waited. He did follow up on my problem although I don't know the resolution at this time. Very pleased with the effort, however.

Posted by Anonymous

On March 29 I was on a trip to visit a friend in Kansas. On the trip I developed serious problems with the motor in my 2010 Silverado. I was able to make it to Tripe Motors in Alma, Nebraska. The service I recieved was truly remarkable. I pulled into the dealership at 2:45 on Thurs. 3/29, they replaced 5 lifters,
the cam, both head gaskets a belt and some bolts and I picked the truck up shortly after 1 pm on Monday 4/2. They also gave me a vehicle to use. I was 9 hrs from home and they didn't know me but they certainly helped me out. They were very friendly and the service was truly appreciated.Terry Krahn Pine Island, Mn.

Posted by Excal, Inc.

Great job Hawkins Chevrolet! Recently while traveling through Minnesota my 2009 GMC Denali experienced a mechanical issue. I found my way to the nearest GM dealership (Hawkins Chevrolet),within 2 hours we were on our way back to Wyoming. This was outstanding service, Jerry Bulfer and all the employees at Hawkins have my thanks.

Joe Benson
Casper, WY

Posted by Anonymous

My 2011 Chevrolet Camaro was in a car accident. It was crashed by a truck. It cost over $15,000.00 to be repaired and the air bags did not deploy and the seat selt did not retract. The driver was injured. The customer service was nice and stated they would have someone to call me back.

Posted by Gary Abosch

Had a somewhat disturbing experience with the Chevy dealer on the "miracle mile" in Independence Missouri yesterday. Needed a duplicate ignition key and asked two different staff member for a quote on a programmed key and was told $50 by one guy over the phone (Jimmy) and then quoted $55 by another at the shop (I believe he might be the actual owner or manager - poor guy). I stated several times that I wanted to know the price of a programmed key. Four hours later they sock me with a $100 bill (and I don't mean the kind I can spend). I said what is this and they all surround me like vultures the manager stating that the quote he gave me was the price to program the key (the key itself was another $50). These people are either very slick con artists (which I tend to believe thanks to the have a nice day comment as I left) or very stupid indeed. However, after having seen all the complaints on the site and the incredibly low ratings I guess I made off pretty good. The key did actually work without anything falling off my car (as of this minute). It could have just been a communication I suppose but as I explained when someone wants to know how much a duplicate programmable key cost its a given that they want the total price of key + programming since one is worthless without the other. Cute girl at the counter made the pain subside quickly with superficial distractions (good job). Will go back again but without the high expectations I had before.

Posted by Anonymous

I am the owner of a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado
1500 4WD, VIN #2GCEK19V161110279.My comment pertains to the chronic failure of the heater/AC Blower Resistor Harness and Resistor. I had to replace those items @ a cost of $237.65. I was informed that this is a high failure item on the Silverado P/U. I think that GM is aware of the failure and should have recalled vehicles involved to upgrade this harness assy. It's a safety item because the electrical connector gets so hot when it malfunctions and create an electrical fire.I am of opinion that I should not have to pay for replacement of a critical component that don,t meet required specs. In conclusion, I think that I should be reimbursed for part and installation cost. Lastly, I think that these vehicles should be recalled for this harness serviceability.

Posted by arizonacowgirl

Thanks for the awesome info. I just got off the phone with Corporate office in...Detroit, MI USA. I had an A+ customer service experience. Way to go Chevy. God Bless America.



Posted by Mike Denton

My name is Mike Denton and it was my extreme pleasure from buying my new Colorado from Mr. Jay Vaswani and your Fairfield Ca. dealership. I can't remember the ladie's name who helped us with all the financial papers but she was absolutely pleasent to deal with as well. I would recommend your Fairfield Chevy dealership to anyone. Very, Very impressive.

Mike Denton

Posted by Anonymous

In Madison, WI we received cards this week giving us a year of free oil changes with a Chevrolet dealership in our area. This was necessitated by your closing of Thorstad Chevrolet which has been our dealership of choice for decades. There is no other dealership that is reasonably convenient for those of us living and working in the core of the city. Their integrity and customer care have been unequaled in this city. Yet, with no consideration for any of us, you closed them down as a Chevrolet dealer. This total lack of regard for your owners necessitates our decision to end our loyalty to GM products. No free oil change can compensate for your total lack of regard for our needs.

Posted by JEVAN


Posted by pra

Well here I have to come back and give an apology because Jupiter Chev. did take care of the loaner car and they are repairing my truck.I've been doing buisness with Jupiter chev since 2001 and had not had any trouble and I guess I just jumped the gun. Well at least I'm man enough to admit I was wrong. Now if they try to charge me for repairs we'll lock horns !!!!

Posted by alex papaian

i have a chevy silverado 2500 hd diesel at 100840 miles the engine blew up head gasgets two cylinders no comp.warranty expired at 100.000 so i thought i was out of luck i was wrong they are replacing my engine under warranty thank u g/m for being there for me when i needed ur help i will always be a chevy owner and will buy another silverado when time permits general motors you are the best thank you. alex papaian

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