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Check n Go customer service is ranked #392 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.05 out of a possible 200 based upon 16 ratings. This score rates Check n Go customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


15 Negative Comments out of 16 Total Comments is 93.75%.


1 Positive Comment out of 16 Total Comments is 6.25%.

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  • Check n Go

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 35.05 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 15 negative comments (93.75%)
    • 1 positive comments (6.25%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
    • 2.6 Reachability
    • 2.6 Cancellation
    • 3.5 Friendliness
    • 3.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Ej

Why have it taken two weeks to get approval I have given all information required my store has been a great help with this.

Posted by SAT

Horrible customer service. Used them for Western Union. When my transaction did not go through they refused to refund my money and than made a smart comment stating "good luck calling corporate". Basically, telling me that their corporate office does not care what their teller do or say because they don't need the business.

Posted by Joann

The customer services was poor leaving me late to pay : the Covington pike location : help

Posted by Anonymous

Please remove my number off of your call list I have a cease-and-desist letter from Lexington Law Firm which is suing you did not call again you are giving me harassing phone calls

Posted by Kassandra Vazquez

I am a customer of Check n Go in Burbank,IL
A payment was made in Friday Dec. 2nd and yet another payment was taken out of my account. I went to the store that Monday morning explained to Ashley what happen and came back with two statement. She then gave me my money and I went home. Only to receive a phone call stating that I had to drive back there and return the money because she failed to realize that the transaction was voided. The drive is an one hr going and coming back to my house! When i got there she told me that my money would be in my account the next day, Tuesday. Still nothing. I called back and she then tell. Me she will call me back with more information and I never got a call back. I called my bank and they said there isn't any pending return for my amount! I finally reached her after 3 hrs and told her what my bank said and she then tells me it will take 3-5 days for my money to be returned to me! in my account. I am left broke with no money to feed me and my child until my next payday, all because of a "mistake" that your employees so carelessly made! And what makes it worse, there is no manager on site! This needs to be resolved immediately!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Yes my name is Anita Wheeler I live in Sacramento and I visited your store at 3537 Bradshaw Rd., Rancho Cordova I had a conversation with a lady by the name of Victoria I arrived at the store to pay my loan at 2:30 she had a sign on the door that said she would be back at three are you win get cash out of the bank to pick make my payment and I had a doctors appointment but I thought I'd be there quick enough and be able to make my doctors appointment I was disappointed when I found out that the store had was close especially on the first of The month no prior notice if they was going to be closed him I called back and I explained to her that the doctor gave me some medication and I was in able to drive back up there can I make my payment the next day she tell me know that it would be a late charge if I did why said I came there to make my payment and your store was closed she said I was by myself and I went to lunch well that's not my problem that she was by her self and then she went to lunch on everybody's pay day she was very rude she would let me speak to the manager I know calling another store of yours and I talk to at another branch and I talked to another lady she didn't feel that that was right either and she went on and I have my girlfriend take the money to the bank for me and put it in and they made my payment for me this is very unacceptable on the first of the month your stories how do you expect for people to make their payments and make your payments on time which you would then penalize them and you given no prior warning is at the stores going to be close that is totally unacceptable my name is Anita Wheeler

Posted by Anonymous

Your Check'n Go location on North Peoria, Tulsa, OK, seems to never open on time. The hours show 10am, but the small clock on the door shows otherwise. This is not good business. Do I need to patron a different location in order to get better service?

Posted by Anonymous

I think that your referral system is the most untrue contractual agreement that you have. I've waited over two months for a lousy fifty dollars. If by chance your customers paid back the money the way you handle your referral you would be out of business. Tango is not the blame. You lost a good person who believed in Check N Go If by chance I need quick loans I will seek other avenues
No help from the branch office asked for the Manager to help also for the District Managment too no avail.
Thank you have a bless day

Posted by Anonymous

I've gave a referral over two months ago and gave my email address never received credit still waiting you should never take this long to respond

Posted by Anonymous

I did a payday loan for $500 I paid it over the phone on my due date however I had got a call back that I was charged the wrong amount for more by $55. Then I was told my the store (on del prado blvd,cape coral, fl.) that transaction was voided so I was recharge the correct amount however it is 5 days later and the original amount is still on hold with my bank account I am very upset this never should have happened

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to inform you on o e of your location this location has a rep that needs to be dismissed unprofessional very rude she filled out my application herself was rude about that I asked her the information that I would need to provide her she was rude about that also came with a card that was sent to me from your company for business was rude about that I don't need that well I was asked to bring it when I came to your location at that point when application was finished I asked for my application back because I no longer wanted to do business with your company she was rude about that I can't give you your information back I told her to shred it her comment was nobody wants your information that was not the reason why I asked her to shred my information it's personal information is being passed and I wanted to make sure that my information was no longer and lingering around the office because I did not want to do business with your company she claim she shredded my information I did not hear of Shredder shred my paperwork I'm very unsatisfied and I feel something needs to be done and I would like a phone call back on the way the situation was handled and also I would like to know where is my information my personal information I provided her with my contact number

Posted by Anonymous

Acouple of years ago a represenative called asking For my mother's SS and that she Needed to pay a loan we talked to a customer service person and explained our situation my mother Doesn't work she is Eldery has lived in the same adress 20 years not at Address they have in another city .turned out a person had a bank account in her name a Job at a wrecker company the address wasa house that was empty in another city Today they called asking they would give her a Deal if she paid a small amount or she would go to jail!!! A 67 year old lady disabled lady hanged up saying she was sending the Marshall's The caller had no Number said Private caller

Posted by Misty

The lady I spoke too was very rude & disrespectful. She had called me at 9:10 AM and then proceeded to say that I sounded intoxicated and if I would like for her to call me back at a later time. I told her I literally had just woken up to answer her phone call and also that my seizure medicine would make me sound a bit slurred until my brain wakes up, so with that being said, I would like to find out her name & report what she has done. Her boss needs to know that she is speaking to people in a rude & misunderstanding manner. Debt collector, Business, or whoever it may be; I was taught that you always treat others the way you want to be treated. the number I was contacted by was 530-398-3412; She said she was part of your Check N Go company. If somebody at your corporate office can contact me I would be willing to explain everything in detail to you. I don't think somebody who talks to people like that should be working under a company that "Always wants the best for their customers" I was able to talk to somebody else & resolve that issue on my part through payments. First & for-most you do not speak to somebody "accusing them of being intoxicated" when I have seizure disorder & my medicine does make my speech slurred, but that does not give her any right to say that I am intoxicated. If this does not get a respond within the next week then I will be taking it to a lawyer because I am disabled and what she said will have an impact on your business. Thank you,

Posted by Lonnie Albert

Yes my. name is lonnie Albert. i referd someone who got a loan it's been over a month and i still haven't received my fifty dollars refreel yet so the store told me to contact you all i got one email but never got the second one wit the bar code my number thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I have cashed my pay check at check & go in oskaloosa Iowa for the last few weeks the service takes about a half hour if I'm the only one there but I got a Netspend card while there she was supposed to put 100$ on the card and give me the rest in cash she put all but a hundred on the card and gave me the cash I was at work when she called and said she had made a mistake so I wasn't able to get back to check & go so she had Netspend take everything off my card including the money that should have been there when I went into the store she said she couldn't get the money back on the card and couldn't give me my money back I have to go back again Monday for the third time to try and get my money the bill I was going to use the card for is now over due and I have to drive 30 minutes again to try to get my money back if I don't get it Monday I'm pressing theft charges check& go is a joke a monkey could do a better job faster I'll never use your stores again and since your agent is a representative for Netspend I'll not be using them again either the part that really got me was when she told me this wasn't her fault can't wait to see you out of business

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Posted by celinesanderson

I love check n go customer service! They were super helpful to me since I didn't understand one aspect. Keep up the good work!

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Posted by Checkn gooooo

Well this place is a home. I worked in Franklin DISTRICT in Indiana. And i was sick called off one day. And they demanded a doctor statement or no to my return to job. The Ddo was from out state RF and he brought his buddies with him to hope to make the DISTRICT better he placed them in stores that have good turn over so they get the bonuses and they would party and do no call no shows and still have a job. But I was seriously sick with doc statement but I felt I didn't need show one since I was threated I needed one when RF and his buddies called off or no show when they wanted because partying. What a joke of a place. And the Epp plan RF does not want us provide that to customers. Its the law but RF says try talk them out of it. I HOPE this crooked place gets shut down


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