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Chase customer service is ranked #366 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.97 out of a possible 200 based upon 301 ratings. This score rates Chase customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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30 Positive Comments out of 301 Total Comments is 9.97%.

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    • 271 negative comments (90.03%)
    • 30 positive comments (9.97%)
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Posted by Anonymous

If you have a bank account with Chase, please be very careful with mortgage shopping with Chase. Since it has access to your account and they can take so-called application fee from your account without your authorization. You will not be able to get it refunded.

My strong advice, stay away from Chase!

Posted by elcorderito7

I'm super mad chase bank and tried to make an appointment and always says they are busy recording and hangs the machine shut think my bank account this is the worst united states

Posted by Anonymous

This phone number does not contact chase! It is a company trying to sell you a 100 dollar gift card for $1.95 if you give them your credit card info. BE CAREFUL CHASE DOES NOT DO THIS!

Posted by Anonymous

I will be Leaving chase due to poor customer service. Horrible service. Manager of spoke with has no sense of customer satisfaction. Just rude. Here I come wells fargo

Posted by cammiekye

Chase Bank on Marbach Rd in San Antonio manger sucks, he thinks because he's manger he can tell people what to do when doing business. This business is too small for a few lanes, plus I'd fire the manger jus because people can't wait he's tells me to move . Racist white man

Posted by angiebare

I got a Chase Sapphire card in 10-2015 since I travel a lot and could benefit from the rewards program. I have excellent credit, low revolving debt, a small mortgage, and earn 130K annually. I was immediately approved with a 25K limit, which is something I would expect and equates to my other cards. In early of April 2016, I lost my card and reported it immediately. A new card was issued and when I received my new card and when I called to activate it, I was told the account was closed permanently. The only explanation I received was "the bank reviews its relationship with it's customers and has decided to discontinue the current relationship with you". If the problem is that I spend a lot and pay in full, then I am guilty as charged. This non-reason is infuriating as there is no reason for this kind of dismissal.

Posted by Anonymous

Chase has screwed up my account more than once they are so monotone on the phone the dont care!!! Somebody drew funds out of my account i filed a claim i understand their process i will go up to the branch if i have to their tone sounds like a computer when you call no care no empathy period!!

Posted by Anonymous

This happened on 14th April 2016. I was shocked by the RUDE treatment by the Chase Bank representative at Becton Dickinson Franklin Lakes New Jersey. I was late for make my appointment with Chase bank by 1hr (i admit), i was asked to return back at 2:15PM, for which i did. When i went back at 2:15PM, the reprsentative did not even hear my requirements, starting yelling "We dont do that at our Bank". His attitude was completely negative and obvious he was not willing to work with me to help. I was taken back thinking what did i do wrong? When i told him i was not greeted properly, he threw my license and ATM card back at me and said you can go somewhere else.. This is the height of the insensitive behaviour with a customer.. Not the appropriate way a customer has to be treated!!! Not happy!!!

Posted by Anonymous

i applied for a credit card from chase and they wrote me back and said my application is in processes for two months they kept telling me that this time my application was denied before it reach the approval department and everytime i call them to fine out they tell me its still in process then i ask to speak to a supervisor and he tell me it was denied four days later from the day they received it and then i ask him is that the way they do business and they never wrote me up to know to give me a real reason why .chase is a bank that never tell you the truth .

Posted by Anonymous

South Chase On Alton Road Gave Me A Counterfeited $100.00 Dollar Bill, Found Out When I Went To Supermarket, Chase Won't Take It Back Beware Crooked Thieves Tellers!

Posted by Anonymous

3/3/16 @ horizon rd location erika is someone from behind a wall who gets very annoyed when the woman assisting me asks for an"override" customer ahead of me requirrd one and erikas response was a loud deep sigh...when I required one her response was " ugh, Oh Lord !".... I made it a point to address her and even say thank you, though it was a sarcastic thank you, she never even looked at me. She is RUDE !!! And the woman assisting me tried to cover for her by saying " ive been bugging her all day". Considering a different location because of Erika.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a chase customer for quite a number of years. I dont have a computer at home so I use my I phone to pay all my bills and all online banking, now with this new update my I phone does not go to 8.0 (whatever that is)so now have to buy a new phone just to utilize my online banking. Whats worse is you didn't even let the customers know in advance.Needless to say my opinions about chase have changed..

Posted by RegularCustomer1

I've had chase bank for years since I was in high school I had a hs checking account. I had some trouble finding jobs and maintain actual jobs throughout college . So I had my accounts closed, I walk in today because I have a steady job and pay for almost a year now I want to deposit my income tax into a savings account. Well the banker at the North 10th location in McAllen, Tx was very rude and smart mouth about it . Tried to talk like he was big shot, I have no idea why this guy is working for chase, I've always had wonderful service throughout the year but this clown was full of himself and tried to put the guest down. Not only that but didn't even want to open a new account because he was lazy to work. It doesn't take an hour to open an account sir. I'm sorry to say I will take my money elsewhere chase thanks to that clown you have working as a banker. I believe his name was Jose Lopez. DO NOT GO WITH HIM !!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Chase disputes dept are the worst and simply dont care to recognize issues and resolve

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service and customer satisfaction is very poor. I lost my job because of the chase fraud division . You people need to review and change your policies for the reason that I try to make a purchase and my card is decline for suspicion of fraud against me spending my own money. On top of that because for an hour of waiting to be connected to an operator. So I can finalize my purchase. My boss calls me and tells me if I don't return to work in 15 kins not to bother. Well your fraud department took another half an hour. This is bad for business and thinking of withdrawing all my money and and removing my bonds and notes. You can't be trusted with my money. Sorry but you guys such bad......

Posted by DB072

They should call it lack of customer service. Explained why they declined my charge, no good reason in a nutsehll, and totally failed to even attempt to correct their mistake

Posted by Anonymous

What bank charges and non sufficient funds fee on top of another!!! Do not bank there

Posted by Anonymous

I just made a deposit to one of the Chase here in Lawrenceville. It's an in store located in shoprite store. A guy teller there is horrible, he is the only guy there everytime I go there. He does not have a name tag. It's always slow when I come to make a deposit. I always make deposit for the company I work for. The very first time I already had bad experience of not having greeted or thank for. I let it passed. But it's already multiple times and I guess have to let Chase know this. It's getting worst, today he wore his fake smile and never greeted me even I said hello. No thank you or have a good one. My company bank with BA, Raymond James and Chase and Chase is the worst. So sorry, he doesn't possess the basic customer service skill. If I am the only one he picked to treat like this it's a discrimination because I am Asian. Hoping that Chase would pay attention to this comment because that person doesn't care about how would Chase look like if he treats people like this. Thank you in advance!!!

Posted by Latrelleo

Went it the Chase branch in Mesa, AZ. on Signal Butte today, and I have to say it will be my LADT, They have one teller to service customers inside and outside at the drive-up window. Many people in line had to leave because they could not wait. The teller was extremely rude and never even attempted to smile. The ATM was down. I needed to speak with a personal banker and was told they are to busy, you need to make an appointment another day. I have never experienced this lack of customer service in my life. I took most of my money out and went down the strret and opened amother account with a different bank that appreciates my business. I will close my account next week, if they can squeeze me in their busy schedule, and I will NEVER return to another Chase bank. Very unprofessional.

Posted by Anonymous

This new MURAL that has removed about 4 or 5 teller positions is wants us to bank for ourselves at new their employees see that their jobs are soon GONE....20 year customer thinking about saying Goodbye I waited 19 minutes at 4:00 till 4:19 to make my transactions....also...their was NO CUSTOMER SERVICE desk on the premises....are they HIDING??? Afraid to hear the complaint

Posted by Anonymous

I have a lot of Chase Bank and received great service, but the Chase Bank on Veterans has the most rudes employees especially the older lady at the business window she place my money on the counter even though my hand was extended out ...I usually never complain, but something needs to be about her nasty attitude. ....It's not the first time she has done this I thought she was having a bad day the first time it happen, but clearly that's just her personailty.

Posted by anon.

I've had accts. with Chase that go back to Bank One. Over 30 yrs. Customer service can't speak English & did not care that I was unhappy. I will close my accts. tomorrow, and open ones with Park National, or Security National. They are very good & speak English.

Posted by Anonymous

They have removed the option for joint credit cards. I called twice to find out why my spouse no longer has access to the card but got no help or explanation. I had to google to find out that they change policy without notification. If your married and want the convenience of having a joint account don't go to chase.

Posted by Lovealways831

Horrible horrible horrible...a lady named vauncia parker from Carmel ca...rudest lady I've ever met she refused to help me when I was there trying to do the most simple transaction and she made a point of announcing that she was the branch manager to me at least three times which meant nothing because if she was the manager and treated people this way it shows me that chase does not care about their customers I started feeling like it was a racial thing she's a HUGE African American lady and I'm a petite white lady from the moment I walked up to her she was rude

Posted by Anonymous

Does Chase purposely misapply mortgage payments? I believe so. Even when I use their web site to make extra principal payments (and specify they are "principal only") Chase still applies them however they please. For the past two months, not only did they do this, but they electronically withdrew over $1000 more from my checking account than I authorized. When I called them about this, instead of reversing the payment back to my checking, they mailed me a check -- of course using my money for added interest to themselves until it is withdrawn from their account. Isn't this illegal? I have been having these problems with Chase for over 2 years -- having to call them almost every month to correct their errors. Of course, you get transferred at least 3 times every time you call.

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Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke to a rep from chase I wish i asked him his name
he was so helpful and super nice and friendly
Chase is a good bank
I trust chase and its people

Posted by Don

I recently opened a Chase Military Checking Account, located 4100 Lapalco Blvd. Harvey La.70058. Before I opened said account, Customer Service Representative Katie Jackson, was very helpful in presenting the products that were available for the different checking accounts. Ms. Jackson was very informative and professional in her presentation. She shows a lot of concern, and an understanding, for my banking concerns. Ms.Jackson is an asset, to the Chase Banking Industry.

Posted by Don

I recently opened a Military Checking account with Chase. Before I opened this account, Customer Service Representative, Katie Jackson, presented all the products that was available, for a checking account and which product would be suitable for me. She was very informative and professional during her presentation. A plus is her understanding and concerns for the Chase customer. Katie is an asset to the Chase Banking Industry

Posted by Anonymous

The several personnel I have met at your NE Seattle branches have all been very good and helpful when I have naïve questions.
Earlier, I complimented you all and especially the people at the 125th/Lake City branch.
Lately, Ms. Andrea and Mr. Vinh Koch at Lake City have helped me arrange things and have advised me.
As ever, the central figure is Ms. Nina, a very sharp/attractive personality who refers me to all the nice people at the Lake City branch. I TRUST them.

Posted by Michael

I love my Chase branch! Every time I go in I'm greeted promptly and always leave with a smile. Feeling better than I did when I got there. Ms Strong is my favorite Chase employee. She has shown me how to use the ATM to deposit checks, which is really neat and fast, but I still prefer to go inside and be assisted by a person. Thank you Chase. If it were within my abilities, I would recognize Ms Strong for outstanding customer service. She's the reason I bank with Chase.

Posted by [email protected]

To chase
I just like to say thank you chase fokes for being so good to me.I've been with chase almost 2 years everyone I've dealt with has been very professional and find and understanding Matt at the 14 mile bank sighed me up me and my oldest son Jason asked if I was a veteran
I said yes marine Viet Nan vet he said thanks for your service and said because your a vet your checking is free I've never got anything for being a vet he's a very professional and polite young man you better hold on to him my option ofcourse.I had a unauthorised withdrawal from my account I called your employees said no problem chase will take care ok problem and you did I was very impressed
I'm 64 and truth fully in my time banks wernt so helpful so anyway keep up the great work ILL be a customer for as long as you'll have me
King regards. David Viger

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service representative Joffrey is his helping mood....Excellent!

Posted by joffrey

Excellent customer service from chase!
the guy named joffrey was very helpful.....thanks jeff....u r best

Posted by Richie Castle

Sent An Email Through The Secure Message Center Asking About Late Payment Impact On Credit Score. The Csr Explained & Surprisingly Credited $115 In Late Payment Fees. Since Then I Always Get My Answers Via Email Which Has Saved A Lot Of Time Compared To Phone.

Posted by guy9921

I recently visited a Chase Bank in Farmer's branch where I looked to open a new account. I was helped by a very handsome, friendly, bilingual, new gentleman. His name is Jake and he stated that he had just transferred from Utah. He was the best banking person I have ever worked with and made sure to accommodate all of my needs. Someone give this kid a raise or props!

Posted by Anonymous

Chase should start giving intelligence tests to people before issuing credit cards because people in general are too stupid to handle credit cards or to speak to customer service reps with any kind of lucid thoughts or questions or respect. If there is an "actual" problem it can be fixed if you're smart enough to communicate effectively!!!!

Posted by MayMuncy92

I had the best customer service by Minh Nyguen at the Chase bank in Veterans Memorial and Antoine in Houston. I needed a banking statement to send over to transunion in order to get my credit check for a realtor. I had been dealing with idiots since they claimed the banking statement I got in the mail wasn't a banking statement. So Minh printed out a banking statement and even offered to fax it over. He called transunion for me to explain to them that what I had sent them was a banking statement. They took my banking statement after that. He went beyond my expectations.

Posted by Bill & Sandy

Its taken several years of replying to refinance mailings,talking with local people without them getting back....but finally we were able to contact LaRONE JOHNSON(Downers Grove, our latest mailing....within a couple of weeks we were on our way to a rrefinance of our mortgage that saves us $500+ each month. LaRone wa very professional,attentive and prompt in organizing this process,,,we were then given over to our loan processer, ARRON HADGES(pOLARIS oHIO OFFICE) for the final processing to closing of our loan...Aaron and LaRone worked via phone and/or email to complete this loan, always there if we had questions...we have opened our Chase checking and once the transition is complete we well be tgransferring our savings etc. to Chase,,,,Again a big thanks to LaRone and Aaron and the staff at our new Chase btanch in Reynosburg, Ohio for making the refinance so positive!!!

Posted by created

It really does matter what branch you deal with. My branch has the best staff. Even though Chase is a huge corporation, the bank employees make it feel like a "small bank" with extreme politeness and hospitality. I never call the 800 number.
It seems if you build a relationship with the right branch, they go above and beyond to help you. But finding that Chase branch is another story. It took years to find the "right" one.

Posted by smapum

My credit card was stolen and they were wonderful. All unauthorized charges immediately reversed. New card mailed out. No fighting or haggling. Will do business with this company again and again based on experience thus far.

Posted by rblakin

I went to my local branch with some concern about a banking issue that I needed resolved. I was relieved to discover that the staff could not have been more gracious and professional. They resolved my issues quickly & easily. The staff at this branch represent your company extremely well and Chase should hold them in the highest regard.I was unable to get everyone's names but did get one representatives information.

Ms. Rosemary J. McClelland
Assistant VP, Business Banker
Chase Business Banking
720 Lee Blvd. Yorktown Heights, NY, 10598

Posted by Cecemal

Chase Bank in Centennial, Colorado and the Chase in North Richland Hills, Texas have been the best banking experience I have had, and I have worked with KeyBank, Vectra Bank and Bank of America - all with very negative results. I am a very fair person and always acknowledge when there is an error on my part. I have overdrafted before and it is not the bank's responsibility to help me out. But I have to say that Chase has always gone out of it's way to keep me notified on what is happening in my account, including when they are adding fees. While I may not always approve, I appreciate being informed, and when I compare Chase's fees with other banks they are not out of line. I have recommended Chase to several people and they have all had the same service, even at different branches.

Posted by Constance J. Picard

Top performance and excellent service! I wish to highly compliment Ms. Lois Vaughn for her professionalism in resolving a sensitive issue with my account. She could not have been more pleasant and diligent.

I've always been impressed with Chase and enjoyed excellent, quality service for many years.

Thank you Ms. Vaughn! You're definitely a credit to Chase.

Posted by Sherry

I(Sherry Satterfield) was in branch location between Lenox Avenue and 5th Avenue to reslove a banking matter. My server was Bridget Pinks:she reslove my issue quickly and keep me inform as the issue process to and end.
She made me feel as if Chase value my business.
Thank you Bridget Pinks for resloving my problem.

Posted by StargateMaster

i have been on the phone trying to talk to a human being and found this site. got to talk with someone on the first try thanks. omg time saver

Posted by JakefromStateFarm

I've only been with Chase for 2 months, but so far my experiences have been decent. I received a prompt credit when I disputed a charge and customer service has always treated me politely. I can say the same for the teller in the local branch. I was a Wachovia customer but dropped that bank as soon as Wells Fargo took over. I travel a lot, so I wanted a national bank so I don't get charged crazy ATM fees every time I make a withdrawal. In general, though, the mega-banks don't give a damn about the average Joe.

Posted by pribbit3

I was having difficulty attempting to set up an online account. One of your reps.(charty brooks) was very helpfull and most important to me, patient.She was a great help and I appriciate it.

Posted by annonymous

While I can "chase" away otherbanks with negative comments, I must say that with this bank, I have no problem, yet whatsoever....I think their customer service is wonderful....atleat the two that i have been to....they do follow-up with me like theysay they would, unlike other banks!

Keep up the good work!!!

I'll see what happens when i get into the depths of my

Posted by Anonymous

I'd like to thank Vince and the employees
at Chase Bank in Arlington Heights Il
for helping us refinancing our morgage.
They were and are very helpful . we give them all 10's . Thank you again


Posted by Happy Customer

I have banked with Chase Bank for many years and happy to say that I have had no problems with them. I deal with the Islip Branch and the customer service is great and the people smile and are friendly. I know they do not have the easiest job. I never have had to wait for assistance. I hope this great track record will not change.

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Posted by ex-employee

As a former employee, I must say that Chase customer service (through India) via e-mail is good. Chances of getting a late fee and interest charge waiver is high compared to a phone call. However, don't get upset if a few responses are incorrect/in-accurate or incomplete. The reason usually is due to the fact that the Indian low wage employes have to answer minimum of 10 e-mails per hour. They go through about 18 e-mail per hour of which a few (like merchant dispute, fraud, etc) can only be answered by a specialist department. The time taken to check the inquiry/history/account and route it to a specialized department is not counted.

Posted by Anonymous

I was an employee, but the reason why some customers act like that is because they are not getting the proper service. Why do people expect to get pay if they are not treating customers right. Customers are the one who allowed them to have these jobs. It also is coming from the top, with people who forget where they are coming from. Sometime it is people like us who are over excited and do not care about anyone else more than the nice paycheck they are getting. Do they really love the customers, or are they just excited about the amount of accounts they can open up to increase their assets. They do not care anything about customers. With the exception of few good employees, they are a bunch of actors who only laugh with customers when they make a good sale, but give poor service because that is reality for them. Come out of the closet and tell the truth. Tell the people that this bank only care about their sales. Please get smarter people, it is time to take a stand about these users. Know the companies you do business with. Chase fired good people. You ever wonder when you go to the bank and your favorite representative no longer works there. If your favorite representative do not gut out customers to make sales, they get fired. Listen -- the bank only care about sales. Employees are forced to make sales. Ever see a teller walk you over to the desk to the representative, or call desk person to tell them you are waiting. They want you to be served of course, because every business you open with the representative, they all get paid for it. Money talks. They fight each other to make sales. As soon as a customer walk in the branch, they do not even have to talk to the teller some times, because the representative already have their friends teller friends connected to it. When an account is opened up, they connect with a teller and they all get paid for it. More to come. Stay connected to the truth.

Posted by oryxinthegarden

Just read the employee section of this review:

"I have got to say that I am a chase employee and some of the stuck up people that come into the branch with a bad attitude and horrible mood make it hell for anyone to help them. Despite the fact that people throw their money in our faces expecting us to jump to every action they request, we still have policy and procedures that we follow. With all do respect, I don't care how much you keep or who you know. You are not important enough to me to lose my job. Im sure in your job, you have certain guidelines that you must follow and would not break either. Another thing is, we have a job to do at the end of the day as well. When we sit you down, all were doing is making sure your in the right accounts. If we offer you something, we are the experts. We are trying to help you by making out expert recommendations. If you receive an attitude or a bad attitude from someone, would you really want to help them the best you can? And as far as the fee's. Those are fees that every bank charges. Chase bank is one of the leading financial institutions in America. All the best we can give will not be recognized if one thing cannot be fulfilled for a specific individual. If you want excellent service, give us the respect you would like if someone came to you for help. We take pride in excellent customer service and we strive to make sure that you are always in the best account and receiving the best customer service.
Anonymous 4/10/11 8:56AM"

That's the kind of attitude (that the customer is not important enough for a representative to lose his or her job) is the exact problem that I encountered at this branch! Good managers observe and know client-employee interactions and can judge this stuff. Bad employees are afraid that someone will report them and confirm a manager's suspicion/reservation?

Posted by Anonymous

I have got to say that I am a chase employee and some of the stuck up people that come into the branch with a bad attitude and horrible mood make it hell for anyone to help them. Despite the fact that people throw their money in our faces expecting us to jump to every action they request, we still have policy and procedures that we follow. With all do respect, I don't care how much you keep or who you know. You are not important enough to me to lose my job. Im sure in your job, you have certain guidelines that you must follow and would not break either. Another thing is, we have a job to do at the end of the day as well. When we sit you down, all were doing is making sure your in the right accounts. If we offer you something, we are the experts. We are trying to help you by making out expert recommendations. If you receive an attitude or a bad attitude from someone, would you really want to help them the best you can? And as far as the fee's. Those are fees that every bank charges. Chase bank is one of the leading financial institutions in America. All the best we can give will not be recognized if one thing cannot be fulfilled for a specific individual. If you want excellent service, give us the respect you would like if someone came to you for help. We take pride in excellent customer service and we strive to make sure that you are always in the best account and receiving the best customer service.

Posted by chase_manager

Chase strives to provide the best customer service possible, unfortunately, not all concerns can be handled by one department only. As a suggestion, when you call telephone banking, ask to be connected to the specific department you want to speak with rather than giving a full narration of the situation. If your inquiry does not need immediate response, send Chase an email instead. This would help you keep records of the correspondence, so when someone tells you inaccurate information, you can always show them that you were misinformed.


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