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Posted by NWA

This company sucks! They lie to their customers and make up excuses for service interruptions, usually blaming the customer. Internet speeds are slow yet they claim that it is not their problem or equipment. They cannot seem to get their techs to notify customer service when they cause an outage so you have to endure being transferred and lied to by minimum wage, poorly trained employees!

Posted by Lost in the 20s

Charter has the worst.... WORST customer service I have every witnessed. No thought for the customers. They don't relies that people work for a living and can not take off 3 hrs to get the service they provide corrected. The 3 hrs away from work would go to paying for the service. They do not provide weekend appointments and the product they provide is laughable. The lady on the phone messed up over 14 days ago but some how it is still my fault that I have been without service for half a month. What a joke.

Posted by CVandergrift

I had Time Warner Internet for many years with NO problems of any kind. I was even able to get cut rate deals when I needed them, because I lost my job or had my hours cut, so I didn't have to cancel my internet service.

When Charter took over and created Spectrum instead of TWC, they went UP on my bill WITHOUT notifying me. Since they took over, they have gone up on my bill THREE TIMES!!!! And thats in a two year time period!

I called Charter last month to see if I could get a cheaper deal, since I found one Charter special online that was $20 less a month than what I'm paying. I called them and they said I COULD get that special, so I told them I wanted it.

Now my bill has come and my bill has GONE UP AGAIN!!!! It didn't go DOWN, it went UP! So I call their "customer service" which is a joke, and was told I am NOT able to get that internet special I was told I WAS able to get when I called last month!


Apparently new people can get this service for $30 a month, but LONG TIME, ON TIME paying customers get NOTHING BUT LIES!!!!!

Worthless, useless, and CORRUPT!!!!!


Posted by tnmom52

I am really upset I draw disability paid the first of every month I ask that my bill be due then Noone would help me. Was in the hospital for a week and lost my husband last month. I scraped together $182. Still owed $45 and I was cut off. Guess I need to find other provider.

Posted by Char

My wifi router went out I had spectrum come out to install a rented one..first I don't think they should charge to come hook up their equipment. Secondly the router installed apparently has to be individually connected to each device in your camera apps. Etc. Worse part us tech must not have known that. I kept getting kicked off wifi on my cell phone called spectrum they told me had nothing to do with their router. WRONG...had to put IP address of every device into router...and had to pay another company to come out and do it...this was so wrong.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband came home from up north, three of our 4 TV's are not working. he called Tech Support and when he could not find the on/off button immediately on the TV (why should he, when we always used the control device)the support guy HUNG UP on my husband. I consider that to be extremely bad, poor customer service.

Posted by gigij28

I live in lineville al and charter has the worse repair service of any CO I have ever used, they simply fix your service whenever they please. I am very displeased with this!

Posted by Anonymous

My donna mcbroom i live in cookeville tn.i have tryed since june to get my billing fixed i live in an apt complex that they payed the cable so when they debunked in june i tryed to get my account fixed i have called 6 times and got 6 different answered went to the cable office 5 times still no help i got a letter from charter saying that the rental company was paying up till 8/22/16 but the huge bills keeped coming so when i got the bill for 213.00 i called again some man told me he didnt know why i got a letter from charter but the bill is urs so i had it turned off so charter didnt even honor there own letter that is sad since then i have been called 2 letters a guy knocking on my.door wanting the equipment all in a matter of 2 weeks wish charter was a concerned before anyway i am happy u guys treated me in such a way made me look into other options so went bought a tv with roku it is freaking awesome dont have to have channels i dont want so i am telling all my friends about it and get there wifi through frontier so with all the new technology coming out that will eliminate the need for u maybe u should treat ur customers better.

Posted by Anonymous

First I would like to congratulate you for being so prosperous that you don't need my business.
I lost my husband and am elderly.I changed from AT&T to Charter on the advise of my daughter who has Charter.
As per your policy the rates were raised after a year.I called another provider who
was a bit cheaper as I didn't need all the channels I now have, so I called Charter to ask questions. I spoke with Jenna who was so rude, she should never be in contact with your customers. In fact she told me to switch providers and when I said had another question, she said we were through and she was sending me to fill out a survey which I didn't do because I was too angry to do.

Posted by Leo

Is it just me or do all your customers have to deal with the loss of reception for 5 to 7 minutes when they change the channel. This happens to me 5,6,7 times a day, usually at the most inopportune time. My favorite was during last year's ncaa title football game when we lost reception for the last 3 minutes of the game. The 20 guests I had over to my house were really impresses. We lost reception 4 times during the game, but missing the end was just icing on the cake. Please tell me, why am I paying you for a months worth of service when my TV is constantly telling me "one moment please, this channel should be available shortly." I am tired of waiting for my reception to come back while I stare at a blank screen. That is NOT what I am paying for. My family has been with Charter for years and I've had it with this issue. It will be addressed by someone in management or I will have a new cable company by next week. As we speak it just happened again, that's twice since I started this comment. Enough is enough. The ball is in your court Charter management.

Posted by Anonymous

I just returned a box to our local office in Clarksville TN and feel professional is not what a word I would use to describe the experience. First off one of the ladies behind the counter greeted me with, "hey girl". I have no idea who this woman is and was kind of caught off guard. The other two ladies behind the counter were appropriate. You are required to use a touch screen to sign in as you enter the office. It would be nice if someone would put some hand sanitizer up for the customers. I was not comfortable in touching the screen with numerous fingerprints on it and no way to cleanse my hands. I realize that I handled the door handle and touch the counter but seeing fingerprints on a screen was just uncomfortable. The man who entered the door behind me was coughing and then touching the screen. Lastly, I personally do not think that displaying someone's name in a waiting area is considerate either. I realize that there has to be check in method but could you at least put the screen behind the counter so the clerks have access to your name but not everyone in the waiting area. I will say that the lady who took my box today was fine and professional.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to speak with a charter customer service rep live. My land-line is not working. It is part of my Charter Spectrum package. When anyone tries to phone me (608-355-2402) they are told the phone is no longer in service. I have no dial tone on my end either. I am current on my bills to Charter and still have internet and TV working. I am not able to run up and down my basement stairs looking for a phone modem as your computerized service rep suggested. Mary Small

Posted by Terri in Wilmington NC

Wow. Best service today....worst experience yesterday. Went to pay my bill at Carolina Beach NC office yesterday. I rarely do that. Customer rep's name was Samantha. Rude, obnoxious, grabbed papers from my hand. She told me I had a poor attitude. I told her she had poor attitued. Samantha told me she couldn't take my payment - system wouldn't let her - 3x. Would provide no explanation. I asked for supervisor - she said she was in charge. Guess what, she is NOT in charge. There was a supervisor there.
Today I call 800 number and tell my story to Montrel. He immediately writes up complaint and tells me she is not the supervisor. AND that she was entering my routing number with an extra digit; probably why it wouldn't go through, huh Samantha? Montrel is the ultimate customer service rep; easy to work with and should be a supervisor.

BTW I stormed out of the local office telling Samantha I thought she was a liar. I won't apologize for that. She needs to go.

Posted by Anonymous

We are so sick of Charter. Once again TV says "this channel available shortly". Today it's the local channels and some of the others. This seems to happen at least once a week. Today we are looking at other options - HTC, DIrect TV.
For the amount we pay each month, this is unacceptable. And Charter doesn't even seem to care!!

Posted by Anxious

Internet goes out all the time. We have the triple play. No service at all right now. Can not find the number to report it. On hold with customer service forever. I will say once you get someone they are very nice. We never know when the internet will work or go out. High speed?? I do not think so. They should pay us to use this service.

Posted by Sasha

So disappointed with charter! First they are extremely difficult to reach and even more so to talk to a real person. Secondly they quote you one price and bill you another ( I even went in to their office and was given the full price including taxes etc). I had one normal bill and then it jumped up $13 the following month. I was also without phone and wifi off and on for 5 days before that was resolved. Looking now for a new service

Posted by Previous Customer

Charter is THE WORST HANDS DOWN! There customer services reps are the worst, most unfriendly and not at all knowledgeable. They have absolutely not knowledge if the area's they serve. Charter's pricing for existing customers is horrible and they actually say leave and then come back and you get a better price.
What ever happened to retaining customers!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am sick and tired of not having television to watch. I call in and they reset the box and within a few days I am having problems again. After they reset the box it may take up to three hours for everything to download. I am on my fourth box in one year. I am tired if having to set ip appointments and be there for someone to come to my house. The company does not give a customer any satisfaction. One of the worst companies to deal with.

Posted by Anonymous

I thought I saw the most moronic
commercial ever with Dish's turn back time guy,
but your idiot spitting out what no one can interpret
as notes is the worst.

You spent your advertising money poorly-whose kid works
for that agency?

And I'm a customer.

Jim Hedrington

Posted by pissedoffmontanan

I am in Northwestern Montana and have had to deal with this utterly pathetic company for the last several years. I have never experienced such absolutely horrible customer service with extremely high pressure sales tactics and very sketchy approaches with their billing system such as hidden fees, double charging for services, forcing customers to rent their equipment. Not to mention that is now costs $5 to talk to an actual human to deal with issues that are out of the customers control. My internet connection is worse than Centurylink's 1.5mbps ancient dsl service both in ping times and connection speeds. In fact the connection drops a minimum of 8 times per day with an average down time of 5-8 minutes per drop. 60Mbps!!!??? I am a network engineer and have run regular tests throughout the last several years and I can say for a fact that we don't even get close to 60. On a good day at 4:00AM I might see 12Mbps for 10 seconds to a speed test server outside of their network plus my house is less that 100 yards from their fiber junction box. Any educated person in this industry very well knows that using a hybrid fibre/copper coax distributive loop system with a 70:1 line sharing ratio pretty much guarantees massive interference from over head power lines, weather, and general electrical line loss pretty much guarantees the network will fail on a consistent basis. Apparently Charter hasn't figured out (and/or is ignoring technology advances) what smaller and far more reliable wireless, and fibre communication company's have figured out quite a while ago which is copper networks are old news and anti-interference with unlimited bandwidth capable fibre optics is the only current viable option for the future of the internet. I can't stress how much I despise this company and their god awful tactics!!!!

Posted by Whitney M

I just wanted to add cable TV service. Your support staff 'Whitney M' kept on insisting to take 3 bundled pack of TV+internet+phone and ended the conversation desperately. She never understood what I wanted.

Posted by Mad bomber

I spent 20 min on the phone before being able to reach an Agent. That is BS the Agent was able to correct my problem but I'm Extremely disappointed with this service. I will be searching for another provider as a result of this issue.

Posted by No Charter

Charter Cable is hiring technicians who are not honest and need not be let into your house. I had one come over even though nothing was wrong. He insisted on trouble shooting my cable. I told him everything was fine. He was told not to go into a specific room. He disregarded my instructions and went in anyway. He said he needed to tighten cables, even though they where very tight already. This room had a lot of valuables, and I am now having to take inventory to see if he stole anything. Why would he do something I told him not to. Well, this guy does what he wants to do even if he is told not to. This looks like someone who wanted to see what was in that room, at any cost. I have told Charter, and they seem not interested. I need an honest company, who will protect me from technicians who come into my house and do what they want. Why hire these types? Only Charter knows.

Posted by Anonymous

Ive Been Trying To Change My Mothers Phone Number From 608 230 6319 To Her Number She Had 3 Months Ago 6Charter Suport Said No Problem 10 Days Ago,still Not Done!!i Gave All The Info That Was Needed ..

Posted by Ookla and Charter's own site

I'm paying for 30MG and do not use wifi. I have 9 to 11 meg download and 3 to 5 meg upload. Per Charter and Ookla. What's worse is it seems to be an allocation problem happening around 7PM CST. Customer Service....

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Posted by Anonymous

I have a very specific complaint; it concerns movie remakes. Now I'm not a real fan of most remakes besides that when I check the guide and it tells me that "Parent Trap" is on and it's the 1961 version with Haley Mills....then that's what I expect to see. But for the 3rd or 4th time in the last 4 months that listing was WRONG.... it was that HORRIBLE REMAKE!!! Can you please correct this in whatever department is responsible for these things.....I would feel better about paying my bill if I was actually getting what I paid for....

Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke with a woman name Pam. She was so helpful. She thoroughly explained my bill and made me feel so much better about my concerns. Thank you so much! Great customer service!

Jacqueline Forsyth, Missoula, MT

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. My name is Cynthia Arthur 248-308-0852. I spoke with a great rep today she was very efficient. I goofed up the survey. I am not good with names, but just wanted to say she did a great job. Same as the men who installed the cable today they were great. Great job very nice.

Posted by Anonymous

The man who fixed my internet connection was outstanding. He had to be there a lot longer than he probably wanted to be but he got the job done, and my internet worked again. He also was kind and outgoing and was easy to talk to. It was nice to see a passionate and generous employee. Unlike the random calls I get to try to get me to upgrade.

Posted by Anonymous

In this day and age, we don't hear enough good comments...I would like to share one.
I called to transfer my mother's service to assisted living om 9/30/15. Susan was more than gracious to help with this, she even contacted the facility so we could get mom's room number to complete the transfer. Thank you so much for making this transition stress free!

Posted by Spectrum

I'm so glad I have charter. I used to have a differnt provider but my bill kept going up. With charter my bill is always the same low price. Wow, the Internet is speed is fast. The phone is crystal clear & my picture is great. Thanx charter!

Posted by walker

my sister had trouble with internet for some reason, we called, and Matt(or Mat?) walked us through the entire process. He made everything very clear and easy to understand. It took us a bit to fix the problem, but he was very patient the entire time. we were all very grateful, I couldn't find anywhere to leave a comment but here. So Matt, if you see this, you are the best! Walker

Posted by BigJohn

Excellent customer service - excellent TV service and no outage for bad weather like my old Dish or Direct

Posted by m mchenry

switched to charter phone and internet on june 19th 2013, the installation technicianfrom ACI named "Trevor" did a good job. He was courteous, efficient and a pleasant service technician.

Posted by pee pee touch

Now the brightest bunch, but really in the cable field my expectations arent too high. I rate them above average. Way to go Glenn Cocoa!

Posted by Anonymous

We get very good service from Charter. We have internet, with wireless routers, HDTV and two phone lines that I use for my home office.

Today I needed to change my home office lines to Unlisted (that'll help keep those pesky junk callers away).

The CSR was friendly and actually helped me figure out a way to lower my monthly fees between the phone and internet service while improving my service from 5 MB to 30.

As they say on DD, I'm Happy Happy Happy!

Posted by boostin

I've had two techs out in almost 4 years of having their service. I RARELY have any issues. Their customer service reps are really good too, always kind and help with any issues. Their speeds are amazing too, their slowest speed is 30Mb down and 4Mb up! Uverse slowest speed is 3Mb down and .5Mb up. Two thumbs up to Charter!

Posted by Anonymous

Had my service adjusted today. My name is Mack Robertson, 7741 Kingswood Drive, Tahoe Vista, CA 96143. Your service man was named Chris. Outstanding work. He is definitely an asset to Charter.

Posted by ryan larson

In my area, they do have fairly common outages on the internet service. I'm trying out Uverse to see if its better. But the customer service has rarely been a problem for me. They did just suddenly decide to turn off my cable modem without telling me why, and I had to call in to be told they had decided it was out of date and had to be replaced. Would have been nice to get an email or something. The CSAs however have always been effective and reasonable.

Posted by becker

I would just like to say this is the first time I have ever used Charter Cable. My experience was on June 21,2012.
I had an excellent tech named Alex (Id#7406)who serviced my home. He did everything above and beyond every measure to ensure when he left my home I had television to watch.
I must say this wasn't an easy task as my home had never been wired for cable.
Hats off to Alex and to Charter for employing such a resorceful, useful, relentless, and courteous field tech.

Thank you Alex.... Your efforts were/are greatly acknowledged and appreciated. :-)

Posted by Anonymous

It really makes a difference who one gets on the other line. I just spoke to someone here in America. Previously I had spoken with two tech support people that had a heavy accent and weren't really helpful. But, then I spoke to a mexican american guy who was funny, helpful and nice. He solved the problem in less than a minute. Thanks to him I am staying with charter.

Posted by PAPAKENT


Posted by Craig

I've had Charter TV, internet and phone service for about 10 years now. With some exceptions (like the MOXI devices rolled out 2 years ago that were crap), we've been very please with Charter. We live in St. Louis county very close to the Home Office, so maybe that's why we're getting great service. Am really disappointed to see so many people's problems, but locally its great. Techs I reached for problems like new 2-room DVRs loosing sync have been able to fix issues fine. But honestly, other than a major service interuption maybe 2-3 times a year, we've had great experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I called and was ready to cancel my charter service. I spoke with a person named Angie and she was so kind and took the time to explain some options that I could have. I'm still with charter thanks to Angie, she is a valued associate and you should feel very lucky to have someone with such good customer service. Thank you Angie,

June Ackerman

Posted by drew23

charter is working with me on my bill so actually you just need to talk to the higher ups some time

Posted by [email protected]

i would like to comment on my service call on Friday February 4, 2011 by technician Travis Shook Tech 0406. I appreciate the job he did of replacing my dvr box. He not only did so in a professional manner, but was customer focused, and he was easy to talk to and provided good information on my set-up. He should be an employee, you should be proud of having

Posted by Anonymous

Satisfied with customer service and charter services. Wife was home when contractor placed modem for phone service, poor job messy work placed modem on side behind Aromier with wires everywhere.

As far as the assisstance provided by customer service via phone I am very pleased.

Posted by Anonymous

Actually, Charter's been great for me and my family. They've responded to my problems when I call - just press 0 a bunch of times to get past all that automated help BS.

They renewed my special promotion TWICE, and I mean a really amazing deal - internet service plus basic cable for $40.00 a month. AT&T will never be able to beat that.

We had an overcharge once, but I called and talked to someone (didn't yell or shout at them), and they cleared it all up for me.

Think about it people - Charter knows they have a bad rep. They're doing whatever they can to keep their customers. This makes you valuable - they want to help you and keep you happy. Use this to your advantage!

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Posted by AMILES

I Work On Behalf Of Charter Communications Im A Product Specialist In The Promotions Department And Its A Great Company To Work For. All The Customers Ive Talked To Have Nothing But Great To Say About Charter Services. And Way To Go Emp3 In Phoenix Arizona!!!!


i worked in the cable repair department and if anyone reads this i just want to thank you for getting me fired for no reason. charter services sucks so bad on all levels that the customers purposely take the surveys to give bad ratings which causes the agent (myself) stats get lowered because of it. i have been there for 9 months and was recognized in my call center as one of if not the top agent on my team or center and all of my stats were good including quality but when it came to customer surveys the ratings dropped my overall stat scores and they fired me just for that. so to the customers that read this please try to understand the agents really are there to help you and when you have a problem but we can only do the best we can over the phone its not our fault that charter sucks that bad if its that bad just go to another provider. and to the repair techs who read this please stop charging customers service call fees to their accounts when you didnt do any work. we as agents are tired of getting phone calls of repeat issues and complaints about what you didnt do. we cannot help if the equipment is old and refurbished we are working with the best hand we are dealt. not to mention the systems we uses to help troubleshoot you customers equipment dont work half time for us as well so when you hear that hold music in the phone so do we... because we are trying to find out another solution. MY FORMER CO WORKERS WHO ARE STILL THERE ARE DEFINITLEY GOING TO HELP YOU BECAUSE THEY DONT WANT THOSE SURVEYS TO COME BACK NEGATIVE WE LOSE JOBS OVER THAT AND ITS NOT FAIR TO US WHEN WE ARE HELPING YOU AS BEST AS POSSIBLE. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THE THINGS YOU DO.

Posted by Concerned CSR

As one of the people on Charters team in the call Center I have to say that I try my best to make sure I get the customer the best deal possible that I can on their services and help them whenever I can. I've enjoyed working with them for the most part, they pay well and give a good deal of care toward their employees. I just notice a few things when working there that I seem to get a lot of. Customers generally have ZERO respect for the person on the other end of the line. This doesn't help anyone fix your issue. We ARE people too. We DO understand and want to help you. Customer service is the PRIMARY focus in our call center and has been since I've worked there. Another FACT: Most of Charters call centers are in AMERICA, and the largest one is here as well. The fact of the matter is that if customers called in and were actually calling to solve a problem instead of throwing a fit that we could always easily fix the issue. I know I do, I have a high rate of customer satisfaction with the work I do. I try my best, and solve problems to the best of my ability and I know most of my fellow employees do as well. We want to be helpful and kind to you, please try and be kind to us. It helps everyone in the end. I hope to get more of you that have such a bad feeling about Charter on the line, I'd be happy to change your mind.

Posted by Anonymous

LOL!!!! i am a charter field technician and i can completely agree with most of the customers that the customer service charter provides is not that of the service most idividuals would expect from a company that overcharges for a product that come with problematic from the start. most of the customers that i have come across have either had charter for years with few problems our are new customers that have yet to be satisfied with newly installed services. all i can really say is charter needs to upgrade their equipment and run more fiber optics to provide a better service to its customers, but untill they do, i can appreciate the job security provided by their GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!


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