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CenturyLink customer service is ranked #704 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 25.46 out of a possible 200 based upon 1749 ratings. This score rates CenturyLink customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,692 Negative Comments out of 1,749 Total Comments is 96.74%.


57 Positive Comments out of 1,749 Total Comments is 3.26%.

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  • CenturyLink

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 25.46 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,692 negative comments (96.74%)
    • 57 positive comments (3.26%)
    • 20 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
    • 2.4 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 3.3 Friendliness
    • 2.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by CenturyLink sucks

They failed to setup my internet. CenturyLink and their customer service are a complete joke and doesn't know what they're doing.

Posted by Hoggy

I reluctantly signed up for CenturyLink internet.

Two weeks ago set up a time for new in to be in into my home.

It's a new home. House is already wired for internet.

The wires are already ran to the tumb stone in the front yard.

Took off work at noon.

Lost 3 hours of pay.

At 4:30 in the afternoon.

Started calling.

4 CenturyLink people late.





FROM Gary from Wentzville MO.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst company ever I have been lied to 4 times about the same problem.

Posted by Ernst1

Very difficult to contact them. Waited over 30 minutes on line for a chat. Major billing issue that their representative was not able to clarify. Cannot believe that they are allowed to continue operating!

Posted by floufox

Century Link (Century Tel) has caused me stress before but today proved that their customer service is not one of their strong points. Every year I travel for 7 weeks and put my phone on vacation hold. This gives the message to callers that this number cannot be reached now. It saves me a little to do this. I was told to call when back in the USA to reconnect the service. I called Monday morning and asked to be back with landline service. I was put on hold for about 5 minutes while she was trying to find someone to do it and then was told it would take 4 days. By the 4th day I called again and was told someone would reconnect me next Monday. When I said this sounds kind of like a long time she put me on hold and said she would call me back. A short time later my landline service was working again. Because finding out information by telephone is problematic I tried to use their internet Chat method to communicate but each time I tried - during their Chat hours of service - the screen said Chat was not in service. I can't imagine worse customer service than CenturyLink's service.

Posted by Chris

Okay this is week 7 I've had a tech out here who said that they would get right on the broken pole in my yard ???? The power company has put a new one up and are waiting for you guys to move your lines so they can take it down they had to tie the broke one to the new one I have 4 kids that play in the yard. I have called all of your BS phone numbers and still no help if I have to get a lawyers in to cover or have this fixed I will this the most BS I've ever seen in my life. Costumer service LOL you guys are a joke all of your people just keep passing the buck?? And no my damn internet is not out just move

Posted by Nancy

Century Link is the worst. They promise the moon and stars, fail to deliver, and fail to charge you the agreed rate. Deeply regret upgrading our high speed internet. Was tricked 2 wks ago & had to cancel that order. Tried again but now I'm told the upgrade won't be another five days, and then I have to wait 7-10 working days before receiving the new modem! Say What! I won't even be able to use the service for a week while awaiting delivery of the new modem. Claim they will prorate the charges but I find that unlikely. I printed out my most recent chat with a CL CSR but doubt that they will support it by just saying the CSR gave out wrong info. I was promised an e-mail for confirmation of the upgrade, still haven't received it (& yes, checked my spam folder). The CSR couldn't even help with that, gave me a different # to call for that and when I enter my account #, it goes unrecognized and no one can help. Once my year is up, I will not remain with CL. Worst of the worst!

Posted by Kandi

The sales representatives are dishonest. I was quoted the price for a TV/Internet bundle on 1/30/17 and found out after receiving my bill that the representative "misquoted" me the price. Centurylink is now saying that I still have to pay the full cost of the bill - and they did not own their responsibility for the miscommunication. The difference in cost is over $150. That is a company taking advantage of a customer for the sake of profit. My advice - avoid using CenturyLink for service and do not trust them if they offer you a "special" no matter how many times they assure you of the offer they are presenting.

Posted by me

There has been several time we paid a bill and they would not reconize it and would have to pay again for service. They have left service off for 4 days because they don't a a service person available for that long but still charge you for those days. We have cable and Internet that goes through them and service is terrible.

Posted by 4wapiti

Can't get results. Tried the customer service # and could not get anyone, tried the computer - nothing there either. The doesn't work, the doesn't work, can't get a real person. The Centurylink service sucks. Can't block idiot numbers.

Posted by Wstepps

I am very dissapointed in this company. I upgraded service and had it scheduled for Saturday from 12-4. The technician showed up before 9 and never knocked on the door just hung a tag on the door to get out of doing his job. I called to reschedule and all the customer service rep did was say I understand but theresnothing I can do. Yes u could u could call him and say go back. Very dissapointed in this company. Especially since I upgraded so my daughter could use her laptop for her birthday which now she can't. Would not reccomend at all.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely crappy company, zero ethics. I was having major intenet issues, these guys didnt want to help in any way. Finally closed the account, had my number transferred over to comcast. Dropped off my equipment and got final confirmation for account closure on 9/6/16. They owed me money for half a month since I paid in advance and I was told it takes 1-2 billing cycles for everything to settle out. 2 months later 1 received $147 bill when they owed me about $50. Reporting to consumer reporting agency now..

Posted by Anonymous

Centurylink Is The Absolute Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With. All That I Was Trying To Do Is To Get A Line Trench In To My New Construction House And I Was Bounced Around 9 Different Locations, Usually To People With Such Thick Accents That They Couldn't Be Understood By Anyone In Our Household. They Didn't Understand The Issue And When We Asked For A Supervisor We Were Diconnect On Three Occassions. Once We Got Someone Who Could Understand/and Be Understood They Apologize After They Tried To Contact Several Locations To Provide Help And Got The Same Results As We Were Getting. This Company Should Be Shutdown!!!!!! All The People Wanted To Do Was Sell Us A Bundling Package...which Is Pretty Hard To Do If You Can't Even Get Them To Bring The Telephone Wire To Your House From The Road.

Posted by Anonymous

We have had problems with our internet speed for approx. one year (following work that century link crews did in our area) Century Link tech support has given every excuse in the book why our service is alright. Approx. one week ago a telephone support person advised that they showed us having several errors on our line and a field tech was scheduled to arrive. When the tech arrived (10/18/16) he also verified tht there were isues on our line and would be back the next day to work on these. On 10/19/16 the tech returned but now he started baslming our band width usage as the problem (never mentioned the errors that two people found) and that we could have had the performance that we'd had prior to this work being done.

The tech even had a laptop trying to show the band width usage. The repair ticket was closed but the tech also said that we were at the end of the distance for good service but he was going to try something else and bring one of century link's modems out to try (even though I had installed a new modem on 10/12/16 which was compatible with century link service). I advised that I wasn't going to pay a monthly fee on a modem at which time he advised that he would just give it to me to use.

REMEMBER - we're talking about a CENTURY LINK tech? This field tech kept telling me that MediaCom was a better service provider than Century Link and that's who he had. He was actually promoting MediaCom to me.

What's with this? You can't get the job done right so you try and push a customer away that's been with you for over 10 to 15 years instead of trying to fix the problem?

I'm appalled at the service we are now getting but are still expected to pay our bill on time or our service is shut down.

Some NEEDS to explain this to me as a consumer.

Posted by al

I attempted to set up my internet service with CL and was told I could continue to use my current modem. After several long conversations I was told that a new modem would be shipped and arrive in a few days. When it did not arrive as promised, I called to ask about it. I was told I had no order for a modem. When I asked for a supervisor I was told that these requests were sent to something called"escalation". I had not been rude or unpleasant but when I was transferred I was immediately treated in a rude and condescending manner and told my problem was that no modem had been ordered.Neither of the people I spoke with took ownership of the previous encounters and took the position that this was all my fault.

Posted by Camel

Customer service rude can't speak english over bill customers slow internet and disconnect service violte illinois fcc laws should be shut down

Posted by Rafa

2 hours on the line, got transferred about 10 times. Just for a $15 dollar credit on the service that i didn't use at all. I WILL NEVER CONSIDER ANY SERVICES FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN!

Posted by Never Again Centurylink

As a small business owner I signed up for CenturyLink for my telephone and internet. Because I was rated a good price. Well needless to say I have only paid that price I was quoted once. I have been receiving $400.00- $655.00 phone bills since. Needless to say it is always someone elses fault. Recently I was told that is is due to a third party long distance provider and unfourntialy out of their control. I now need to call this new company an discuss the matter with them. I will be finding a new provider. In business for 6 months and this is ridiculous NEVER WILL I GO WITH CENTURYLINK AGAIN!

Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst customer service I have EVER experienced. I'm being charged for a service that was never connected, and NO ONE is able to do anything except put me on hold to someone else. They're HOPELESS!

Posted by Unhappy person

This truly is the worst company and i will explain. You never get charged what your promised.you allways get all these crazy charges that dont make sense. Im supposed to get charged $24.95 plus modem rental 9.99 and tax but i allways get chared over $72.00 per month. And the next thing is the customer service you get transferd multiple times and they will not remove any charges that are on them and completly not your fault i hate is company for this reason and you will see that everyone else gets treated the same way so make your choice wisely.

Posted by jamist649

Bill is incorrect every month. I have to call and spend minimum one hour on the phone re-explaining everything just like I did the month before and the month before and...Representatives act as if this is the first they have heard of my billing issues. If it were just a few dollars, I'd probably not even bother with it, but it's DOUBLE. I've heard every excuse in the book as to why the bill is wrong. I always get it fixed, but I shouldn't have to call every single month. I live in a very rural area and they are the only provider...and they know it. Totally unconcerned.

Posted by hd patton

they EVERYbit of terrible.... AND THE "INDIVIDUALS" themselves seem to be going along with these obvious/ blatant tactics. even seemingly lying themselves... big corporations lose touch and so easy to fix and people would be happy to do business w/ them.instead of saying " centurylink!" like a curse!!!

Posted by CP1

Can't Get Answers Without Being Transferred Time After Time,returned To The Same Place More That Once.the Right Hands Has Never Meet The Left.very Poor Service

Posted by problems unresolved

Continued problems, not resolved, terrible customer service.

I've had Century Tel/Century Link at my address in Missouri for almost 20 years and their service has been terrible. The same problems persist and are never fully corrected. I can't tell you how many times I've had to call their customer service, only to be put on hold and given the run around.

Their billing people said they would adjust my bill for down service but almost never do; they make promises which are never kept.

I wish the FCC would red tag CenturyLink and close them down.

Posted by Anonymous

CENTURYLINK IS THE WORST COMPANY IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE GALAXY!!! Wrongfully disconnected my service yesterday and when i tried to call they dont have anyone available until 8am. Called this morning, spoke w representative after being on hold for 15 mins (i watched the clock), they apologized and said they would restore service and not charge me reconnection fee. Lol! I said that wasnt enough so they put me on hold....15 more minutes. The guy says we can give you $10 off your bill. Really?! How generous.$10?! Thats insulting. But to get that $10 he has to put me on hold....another 15 mins...sorry we cant give you $10, we have no record of your conversation. Let me put you on hold!!!! Just out of principal i held on for 5 minutes....so furious by now....couldn't hold any longer. I caved! But Im here to tell you...i don't care if they built a stadium for The Seahawks!! They suck!
BTW...Did I mention I was reduced to tears?

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Posted by Jkuy

recently came to our address twice. Once to our home and once to our family unit on our property for our sons internet. The very first people that came out here to set up the account we're so horribly rude we almost cancelled our service and our son did cancel..But Ody who has been here twice has been so professional and courteous. You definitely need to hire more people like this man to get your ratings up. Although we had to wait a few days until someone came he did an outstanding job and should be rewarded for it.

Ody rates 10 on everything but I didn't rate the other people..about a 5 but I didn't know how to separate the phone call versus the person who did the job.

Posted by Twright

I just set up internet service with centurylink and I have not had it installed yet but so far I am pleased with the customer service and prices. Actually spoke with two people, the first guy was very good but I felt a little pressured and uncomfortable going into a firm decision. My phone died in the middle of talking to him and I'm kind of glad because it gave me a few minutes to think over everything and I did not have that luxury while I was on the phone with him; having 50 different prices thrown at me. So I called back and spoke to a different representative named Parker and he was great. I felt more comfortable and free to my own decisions and price ranges. He set me up with something more affordable and beneficial anyway. I wanted to leave a comment that he was a great asset to the company and I'm satisfied thus far as a brand new customer.

Posted by Baby girl

Love the service a little slow at times but when I called in to extend my payment that was due for just 1 more day lady named aisa or iasia was very rude and impatient didn't let me speak, I just couldn't understand because of her thick accent and I repeated to her the information she was giving me and was very rude I I didn't understand her mind you English is my 2nd language and she got very upset by the tone of her voice by the way the word was possession but I heard a different word when I asjed her to explain what she ment she got really angry. Im not the type to give reviews this is actually my 1st type ever giving a review and I wouldn't even bother but I felt like she needs to work on her customer service. Thanks I do love century link don't get me wrong and usually I get someone very happy to help because I can feel it over the phone. By the way she did extend it eventually.

Posted by Cora

I initially acquired my internet service in Denver though a wonderful company Called Quest Internet. this was over 6 years ago and i had very reliable and pleasant quality service with them for about 2 years. However, at some point Quest was acquired by CenturyLink which was a shock to me as i was under the impression Quest was doing really well.

Sense switching to CenturyLink and even moving once during the 4 years my service has been with them, my connection has been consistent and only rarely, due to outages or when ever my device overheats and things of that nature, have i ever had any disconnects.

Tonight i had one of those rare issues where windows suddenly forgot my router information which has occurred only once before about 2 years ago and as i am a tech myself and former SATCOM engineer i quickly rectified the situation. However, a thought did cross my mind that i havnt checked on on the status of CenturyLink as a company in some time and i find it a good practice to do so as businesses often evolve over time in capability and service.

In my research to get a grasp on the service i am getting i found this site and i am shocked that so many people are receiving such poor standards of service. I will admit that waiting for a service rep is rather time consuming and i too wish for faster service, but i have never had any issue with the representatives once i got hold of one. Also, my service connection has never given me an issue.

I am expected to move soon and after reading reviews by people that have moved service to a new residence, i have prepared a list of things to take note of when i choose to contact CenturyLink about my continued service with them at my new residence.

First, acquire a phone recording device. After the representative states that he/she is recording the call for quality purposes... you MUST inform them that you are also recording the call for your own records.

Second, always be sure that the Name of the representative and Office information are clearly named in your recording and require after each dealing with your representative, (before ending the call) that they email you a receipt of service that lists the representative's name, their supervisor, and the corresponding office information, along with the details of your business for that call.

Finally, As accidents do happen with companies and due to the complexity of internet service corporations, when a mix-up does occur, understand that often the individual you are speaking with only has one tiny job. That is to answer the phone. Rarely do they have the technical knowledge to provide service for every detail you may be dealing with that day. Because of this and due to orders given them by their higher-ups, they will likely try to send you to whom they feel would provide you the best service(often another office or outsourced provider). DONT LET THEM DO THAT!

If your Rep gives you the impression they are planning on transferring you. Ask for their supervisor to come to your Rep's line(dont let them transfer you through the wait que to speak with the supervisor). Then get a direct call-back-number to the supervisor before they send you to the next office. if the next office tries to send you someplace else. contact the first supervisor directly and inform them of the issue. Also each time you meet a new representative, always inform them they are being recorded for your records.

I personally have never found any need for this level of scrutiny with CenturyLink. However, it may be that my great experience with my provider has been an anomaly and in consideration of this, for those that feel you may require such detail in your dealings with CenturyLink or any other provider, do note that everything i have listed is perfectly legal and the things i stated you request of your representative is able to be carried out by any ISP representative no matter what company. It also is excellent evidence should you choose to take your ISP to court over wrongful service.

Posted by MissComplain

First call August 17- the worst! The wait was long! My package was sent to the wrong billing address and I was furious. I had to pick up my own package. It took and long time and the lady was rude. The tech guy was nice, but the next lady who help had a ugly attitude.

Second call August 27th- I was on the phone with two people for 58 minutes, that is waiting and helping together. Although the wait was long, they gentlemen who helped me was very helpful and was able to help me get credit for the un-service time. The second lady was Misty, she's a St. Paul Financial service. Misty went far and beyond to help me, not just with my billing; bill went to another account, but she also was able to help me enrolled. I was having difficulty and she manage to help. I really appreciate her help. Thank you Misty.

Posted by Appeased

Thank you for a real-person option! Carrie and Mark were very helpful, as was the tech representative whose name I did not get. I have been deeply frustrated with this comåpany, yet because of my desire for a land-line, have seen no other alternatives for my area. Can't tell you how much I loathe monopolies.... At any rate, their customer service gave me hope, so thanks.

Posted by davexlch

had a billing problem mathew resolved the issue and evan called to make sure it was resolved to my satisfaction now thats customer service im so glad i left comcast

Posted by Anonymous

After reading through this. Its hard to believe you are talking about the same company! maybe you need to spend some time with (1) COMCAST then you will appreciate these reps. lol
okay but seriously... I have had to deal with them a lot this month because i was over charged and I had absolutely no problem resolving the issue. nor have I had any problem getting a hold of them. I think the longest wait was 6 minutes. revert back to (1). I said I have had to deal with them a lot, because I was trying to upgrade ... Then later found out from a friend they had a promotional that I could save 10.00 on my bill per a month. Is their internet as good as (1)? NO will I stay with them. Hell ya... its good enough to do everything I need to do. Would I recomend them? definitely anyone leaving COMCAST will enjoy the friendly reps at century link it does not getting any better then the service I have received.

Posted by RL

Centurylink has usually been a pretty good provider of cable programming until a new developement. It has just changed their software so the TV may not be left on while the customer is away to make others think someone is home. I can't fathom why they would make such a change, but they have done it and there is no way to opt out of this. If 10 hours go by with no input to the cable box, the programming goes to blue screen. I guess they feel the customer isn't the one to decide how long the TV is left running. If they don't change it back by the time I go out of town again, I will probably need to change providers.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the pleasure of talking to Tiffany (I dont know her location) & Nick (in Boise ID) on Friday 2/27/2015. Both were very helpful & proffessional. Tiffany helped me with my bill & services. Very nice informative person!! Nick was in the internet dept He directed me to a video on my wifi. Very nice & pleasant. Very pleased with your csrs!! Thank You for a good experience!

Posted by srgwriter

OK, they are hard to get through to like everyone else, but once through, their customer service is amazing. Plus, the only reason I had to get through was because was Direct TV bundled in and the billing came through Century Link. It was not a Century Link issue, they've been great.

Posted by N/A

II have qwest and now centurylink for over 7 yr, I love the service and All the time I need to contact cust serv, they are very very nice to me ! Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Great customer service from Adam and Troy, Thanks guys and Happy New Years.
William Wagner.

Posted by MGardner

We have a CenturyLink office in our county. I have had good customer service on the call-in line and in-person with CenturyLink. I know others haven't. I like to say a good word when it is warranted. I'm more satisfied with CenturyLink than I have been with so many other customer services desks.

Posted by joyslusher

I had the best help from one Rudy MARTNEZ
HE WAS SO HELPFULL, helping me with my billing. He was so pleasant and best manner it was yes mam no mam.Havent heard
that kind words spoken in awhile.

thank you keep up the good work
hiring great help century link.

Posted by margarita q. gonzalez

I want to say, we were so please with the technician assign to upgrade our equipment. Mr. Chad Taylor is a very helpful tech. Mr. Taylor also took his time to lectured us on the new genie. We say he deserves 10% for work done.

Posted by Milzar

I couldn't be happier with the service I have received from Century Link. I have had more consistent internet speeds and better picture quality with Prism than I ever had with COX. I would STRONGLY recommend to all my friends and Family.. In fact in laws are probably going to change service to Century Link soon. Customer Service was amazing, Grace was more helpful than anyone I have ever had on the phone!

Posted by Anonymous

I was unable to sign onto the internet wirelessly from my laptop. Centurylink Customer Service representative, Claire, was so patient and helpful in assisting me with resetting my network name and password, since it had been somehow changed without my knowledge. Thanks for the great customer service!

Posted by T.M

I've been using their business services since the third week of January and while the first 3-4 weeks went very well, it has been a nightmare ever since then. Customer service reps are very personable but that doesn't change the fact that no one seems to understand billing, customer service. Technicians that come out to the house are outstanding, very knowledgable.

Posted by Anonymous

4/15/13-Re:Public Easement- lines in back yard (underground)-troublesome- as a resident, there should be more option, by your company to relocate the lines in resident back yard; with lines underneath in back yard it creates problem and disturbance, when one or more houses are involved; so if one house has a problem, that means that Century Link will need access to come onto the property and try to correct the problem for another house, which has the connector, which is very, very disturbing; I have own several dogs in the past; it may create problems without ownership. There should be more option then relying on that particular property to come in at any time, to corect or check another house problem. I was told that it is up to Century Link and that they can relocate those wires where they can come out from people back yards; as they have it with the new residents, who is not under that old code. It is my understanding that some of the older houses have this type of issues here in this location,in certain area of Glendale, Az, being as there are no allies. Surely, you can re-adress this issue. City of Glendae does not determine as to where the lines are located, it is the developer gets the permit, however, Century Link can relocate if they wanted too, from my understanding; again, please reconsider to relocate the wires, from in the back yards...too inconvienent. It is very imposing on ones privateness as how troublesome, when you have a problems with one line, and involve another house per say,all because that line is connected to one connector, something can be done by your company
Thank you.

Posted by Roy in Oregon City

I've been with Century Link for 7 months now and overall the experience has been decent.

Last night I opened my Dec. bill and noticed it was higher than it should be. Digging into it I discovered there was a $5.00 late fee tacked on, which startled me because I take great pride in paying my bills on time. I checked my Nov bill and it was $95.40 due on 11/21. The Dec. bill shows receipt of $95.40 on 11/15. So why the late fee?

Looking further into this I saw that there was an adjustment made (actually a small series of adjustments labeled UFB or IFB or something) that totaled $.60 and we back dated to the Nov bill. Since that $.60 was not on my Nov. bill there's no way I could have paid it, but it generated a late fee.

I saw about 4 phone numbers on my statement, so I picked one, fully expecting to not reach anyone, but got through to a customer service rep right away (even though it was 7:00 pm. The lady was nice, even though I was a bit gruff with her and looked into it for me. After a couple minutes she said there was some type of billing glitch and they would credit me the $5.60. I wasn't to happy with the fact it will take up to 2 billing cycles to get the credit, but the customer service rep did a professional job.

Now if I don't get my credit in 2 billing cycles this will quickly move to the disgruntled list and I will complain to anyone that will listen ( FCC, BBB, Local news). It's only $5.00 but there's principles involved.

Posted by emma.a.lundberg

I just cancelled my Century Link service after being a customer for about 6 months. In that time, I never had anything but the best in customer service from them. While their internet was a tad slow (which is average for Montana), it was reliable and their agents were never anything but the nicest people. I highly recommend Century Link.

Posted by Dakota D 20708 was his name!

Dakota D 20708 was the most helpful rep I have ever spoken with in my whole entire life! I originally chatted in asking for help with my online account and he greeted me very kindly and asked how I was doing. He listened to my concerns and did a very amazing job at assisting me. He waited in chat with me as well to make sure I could login. Once I logged in he then asked if he could review my account and I said that I would love for him to. I only had a basic line with CenturyLink so it was nothing too big. He then asked me who I was using for Internet and TV I then replied and said Comcast. He asked how much I paid and for what speed. I told him I had roughly 7Mb and I was paying around $95 for Internet and phone. Add my phone line and I was paying well over $115. He then offered me a 3 year pricelock for $99.94 which includes my new DirecTV Entertainment Package, 12Mb Internet, and my new home phone plus package! He went above and beyond with saving me me money and helping me through all of this. I recommend this agent to anyone and everyone. My whole family will be soon switching to CenturyLink and asking for this amazing REP! I WISH HE COULD GET A RAISE WITH HOW WELL HE TREATS HIS CUSTOMERS!!!!!!! IF ANYONE FROM CENTURYLINK READS THIS PLEASE ADVISE THAT DAKOTA SHOULD BE REWARDED FOR HIS ACTIONS.... PROMOTE/RAISE HIM!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I've had century link for over a year. Connection quality is pretty good and I haven't had to call for support too often. Technically, century link is awesome, set up my static IP range online, and the fact that the modem does transparent bridge mode is great.

The price I pay for the speed I get is awesome and I can deal with some internet issues because I know that poor apartment wiring doesn't have anything to do with Centurylink. My only complaint is that I recently called their technical support to have someone replace the line coming to my unit, and I wanted to pay for it myself, and they wouldn't just send a technician out.

To all of the people complaining about loosing business because they work from home, I hope you realize you have a residential account and Centurylink has no responsibility to you if you are abusing their terms for their service.


bI got a great deal when signing up with CenturyLink! I got 12Mbps for $19.95/mo for 12 months because I bundled with Directv! The Directv was really cheap as well, the package I got was only $28.99 and only got one receiver and nothing fancy. They even offered me a $50 credit on my first bill! The 12Mbps is working great, I love it! The sales rep was super nice too! I had talk to a couple of people who were rude and pushy. I then chatted with this rep and don't get me wrong she wanted the sale but she did let me think about it an email her when I was ready.

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Posted by Anonymous

My name is Donald Master and I am a retiree from CenturyLink, I retired on Dec 5th of 2014 and received a severance payment in January of 2015 . I have not recieved a W2 from CenturyLink for the severance check as of today . If I remember correctly these are supposed to be in the hands of the employees ( or retired) employees by Jan 31.
My address is 16007 16C rd, Culver, Indiana, please let me what what is going on before I take other measures to get this resolved .
Thank you,
Donald Master

Posted by giraffe

i worked for centurylink for over a year in a call center contracted by them to handle their calls, and i can tell you some things about the way they operate that will make you have a clearer understanding of their general M.O. first of all, they did have 5 weeks of training, which consisted of drawing a "centurylink superhero" doing other arts and crafts, and setting up new accounts. it reminded me of being in kindergarten, we made so many posters and stupid art projects and took multiple 25-30 minute breaks a day. i worked in the retention department (cancelling accts.) but most of the training revolved around sales. in training, they heavily pushed on us the idea that we cannot do bill adjustments, everything is a valid charge, even if it's something you didn't order. but in reality, we are able to adjust up to 250.00 per acct. on our own discretion. when i started, however, being in retention, they told us we can make five $25 dollar adjustments total per month to keep people from cancelling, so if you had already used all five $25 adjustments, just let them disconnect, basically. which is not even centurylink's own mandate, and thankfully they stopped limiting us like that about 3 months in to my tenure. keep in mind too that all of the people you are talking to on the phone were trained at call centers exactly like mine, because unless you escalate to a supervisor, no one really works for centurylink directly. they are all "vendors" for centurylink. and the supervisors are extremely hit or miss. i have had supervisors be rude to me, so there is no telling how rude they can be to the customer. they are often not willing to waive early term fees when you didn't know you were in a contract or adjust bills when you didn't even want phone service, because they will say "well, they HAD the service. it's not centurylink's fault they never used it, and because they HAD it, even if they didn't want it, they have to pay." like i said, i worked in retention, so most of the people were calling in to disconnect their products. i still had to try and sell them something on every call and i had to make sales goals for phone, internet, and tv. sales is a part of our quality assurance scoring. if we don't offer, we lose points on QA and can get fired. if we don't meet our sales quota we get fired, even in cancellations. i was part time so it was not quite this bad for me, but most of my colleagues work 10 hour days with two 10 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch. we get written up for going to the bathroom outside of our specified break times. and they are always scheduled strangely, for example, say you are working 8-6, your first break will be at 8:50, second break at 11:30 and lunch at 4. and if you don't go when it's scheduled you get written up. they say this is because of call volume at certain times of the day. if you are sick and call in, expect a call back from your boss ranting at you and demanding to know why you aren't coming in. by the way, when you call in, you don't talk to your actual job, because they have outsourced that, so you talk to a person in a foreign country that you can't even understand and they email your boss who then calls you ranting. our QA scoring is even outsourced. i have gotten low QA scores because the foreigner who was listening to my call thought i was being rude when he just did not understand the american dialect. they really push for sales hard and they will instruct us to tell people they can't upgrade their internet speed unless they add a phone or TV or that we can't renew someone's discount without them adding another product, which is COMPLETELY UNTRUE and also puts ME, the retention agent at a disadvantage, because once someone has spent 15 minutes listening to a hard sell for directv while being told there's nothing i can do for you, it makes my job a lot harder because now you just want to disconnect, you don't want directv, and you don't want to pay $80 a month for internet. so when they transfer you to me, you're already upset and you don't even want to talk to me. and there is an 11 minute handle time for retention, so at the 12 minute mark, your manager or someone floorwalking will come stand by you and hassle you until you get off that call and on the next one. i promise, we are not trying to rush you off the phone, it's just annoying when somebody just comes and stands by you. it doesn't matter what the issue or questions the customer has, get them off the phone. we are not allowed to quote tax, so please don't ask. if we say 61.90 expect 85. i had people all the time that thought their bill should be the exact quote and it doesn't work that way. one little piece of advice i have is just be nice. i can't even tell you how many times i have adjusted a nice person's bill, because they are nice. when you come on the phone calling me a stupid b**** and raising your voice at me i am much less likely to make an adjustment or even want to help you, because frankly, i haven't been to the bathroom in 4 hours and i know if i keep saying no to you, and you ask for a supervisor not only do i get rid of you, but i know the supervisor is definately not going to adjust your bill, and that provides me with just a bit of vindictive happiness. oh, and here's another little tidbit, i am not asking for the last 4 of your social to steal your identity. we have it on file, so please don't insult me by saying "i'm not giving you that" or arguing with me when as an alternative i ask for the billing address and exact amount of your last bill. not asking those questions on every call is grounds for immediate termination. and i was definately not willing to lose my job for some yelling, over-talking me idiot. also, the reason why you keep randomly getting disconnected is actually two-fold. a convoluted phone system we receive no training on and laziness. some people just do not know the proper way to conference a call because they were not trained and some, while not being trained want to hang out on the line to avoid taking other calls, so they conference you and then just sit there for 15 or 20 minutes, wait for the other rep to pick up and then release the call, not realizing they are also disconnecting the customer.

Posted by But its a job

I currently work for a call center that contracts with CL, and I'd guess that over half the people you may talk to representing CL don't actually work for CL but for outside vendors. The company is a joke, the customer is just a cash cow opportunity. There is little to no real customer service and no matter what you call in about you will be hammered with sales pitch after sales pitch. If you're not in the market for anything you'll likely be transferred to someone else, and half the time it won't even be to the correct department. Don't fall for the reward card come on to get you to sign up for service. Way too often the salesperson will promise you a card that either doesn't exist or that you won't qualify for anyway. Speaking of call centers, they employ mostly poorly educated kids just out of high school who think that customer service is not spitting in your hamburger at McD's. It's a building full of overly tattooed losers who don't really give a damn about you. Pay is $9-10/hr and the only way to make a buck is to make a sale. Supervisors will push you to make sales and accuracy is NOT important, the sale IS. My advise is to stay as far away from CL as you can. The top 5 people in the corporation make almost $19 million a year combined, all they care about is more money and use misleading and confusing pricing and promotions to keep their 1% lifestyle.

Posted by Anonymous

During one of many customer service calls, I had a young lady accuse me of becoming hostile on the phone. I was anything but hostile! I maintained a steady, pleasant tone to my voice and she interrupted me several times and spoke right over me. i finally decided that the only way I was going to end the misery was to disconnect the call; how sad :(

Posted by Anonymous

I up until recently worked for CenturyLink on the business side of things and I can tell all of you readers that CL does not care about you unless you are buying something from them. It's not the fault of the agents you are speaking to on the line either most generally. The problem lies that CL places extremely high sales quotas on their reps. The rep is forced to sell you something or get rid of you asap so that he or she can get someone on the line that wants new services, or face being let go. Please people bear in mind that everytime you call into the customer service you are speaking with someone who has a quota. Reps may also deliberately slam you. I have personally seen this on multiple occasions. For some it gets to the point of either slam services on the customers account and be fired or be fired for not making their sales numbers. I would advise that all of you keep these things in mind when having any dealing with CL.

Posted by ClinkRep

I worked in the sales and care department for a year while saving money for school. I will echo many of the sentiments posted by other employees regarding being in "customer service." I learned quickly that my job security depended almost entirely on my sales numbers. So when someone called in to the sales and care department, I only CARED if you were getting me a SALE. Clink does not have any incentive for me to resolve your issue or credit you account for minor discrepancies(In fact, I get in trouble for issuing too many credits). Moreover, a caller's satisfaction with company has nothing to do with my job. Even if I wanted to help, the tools available to me are very limited. I would probably need to transfer the caller out to a different department anyway. Clink makes things for employees just as convoluted as they do for their customers.

The two main issues people I often talk to people about are price misquotes and billing issues. Price misquotes are also a direct result of Clink changing it's focus from customer service to sales. The "trick" is giving out enough truthful information without getting into too many details. For example, Prism TV(HD and DVR free for 3 months) 39.99 and HSI 29.99 double play would be quoted at 69.98. Now if someone wanted to provide great customer service (AND LOSE THE SALE), first they would also need to explain pro-rated charges thoroughly. Then, they would need to advise the customer they would have to call back in 3 months to cancel HD and DVR or the price will jump 11.99 and 8.99 respectively. Then they would need to advise after the 6 months the price would go up 20.00. Finally, after a year the price would go again another 30.00. Essentially, after a year your price will go from 69.98 to 140.96 if we never hear from you again. Of course, if you call in after those price increases to cancel service Clink will re-apply those discounts (except for the HD and DVR), but remember if you don't get sales you don't have a job.

Billing issues are not unique to any company, but in general 98% of the bills I go over are correct and the decision on whether or not to issue credit is discretionary. With that said, throwing a temper tantrum will get you absolutely nowhere. Since most of the callers into Clink are 50+, I assume there was a time when it was acceptable to do this. As stated earlier, Clink employees really have no incentive to help unless you are buying something. Save the long sob story and accusatory remarks. Example "I noticed this charge on my bill and was wondering if I could please get a one time courtesy credit?" vs "You screwed up my bill I never did this and I won't pay for it(include yelling rant for 5-10min repeating yourself)." Prorated charges are the most popular by far. Clink does an awful job of clearing labeling what charges are for what time period. The regular bills themselves border on being inexplicable, so a bill for 1 1/2 months of service make things even that much more frustrating (for both employee and customer). The bill alone was enough to convince me that I would never have Clink service. I tell everyone to stay away from this company.

Posted by Anonymous

I am former Centurylink employees who worked in the escalation department and have been working in the telecom industry for over 10 years. In my tenure with the company I can say that the majority of our complaints stemmed from 2 main issues: 1) Billing- Incorrect or misunderstood bills because the services requested were not adequately explained or simply set up wrong. In researching these issues I found the majority of them can from a lack of through explanations and experience. While frustrating to both the customer AND the employee these discrepancies were not malicious in intent they were due to a lack of training and constant pressure on the reps to sell, sell, sell! The idea of a true customer service center does not exist in this company. They are simply fighting to raise their average revenue per customer so they can remain competitive in a market were land lines are becoming obsolete. What they have failed to realize is that by putting constant pressure on the reps to make their sales quota or be fired is that the overall customer experience is suffering, therefore driving customers even further away. Additionally by acting on their not so idol threats they have created large turnover rate in their centers, thus perpetuating the problems even further. Of course there will always be a few bad apples in the bunch but the majority of the reps are dedicated, so much so that they feel the need to work through their lunch and breaks, without pay, which is a violation of the FLSSA act. Issue: 2) On time delivery of products and services. When an order for new products and services are ordered a dated and approximate time of installation is given and an alternate contact number is asked for so the technician can reach out to the customer to let them know if they will be late or if an appointment needs to be rescheduled. This almost NEVER happens and I have seen many instances where the tech will close an order and never even attempt to contact the customer. I was told there were protocols in place for late or missed appointments but I never saw any results or indications they were remotely effective. The only response to late or missed appointments I was aware of was for the reps to instructed the customers that the tech has until 5 local time to complete the order and if they havent come by then to call back. The only problem with that is that unless there is an emergency techs dont start new installations past 5, meaning the appointment is put off till the next day. I dont think that math needs much explaining. While these 2 issues are quite substantial, they are merely symptoms and not the cause. The cause lies within the senior leadership who, and Im not sure which it is, fails to recognize these issues, address them or even if the senior leadership is even aware of the problems they have on their hands. Generally speaking the intentions and actions of the reps 99% of the time are to be helpful, but they face a myriad of obstacles put in place by the senior leadership of the company. I am one of the lucky who can and did jump ship not wishing to have my name associated with the company nor will I ever recommend or use their services, but I do respect the front line folks doing their best with the tools they have not been given.

Posted by CenutrylinkSucks

As well me being a former "billing and sales" rep, the company cleary does not care about their customers. We received mainly all angry customers calling in about their bill which we where pushed to sell NEW SERVICE to! Every single call you had to offer each and every product ceturylink had avaible to the customer even though they just got way over billed or how their tv/phone/internet isn't working. We also had to keep a average call time of all are calls around 8 mintues,. We have to resolve your bill/ whatever your issue is and offer all products and sell service too with a 8 mintue average call time? Impossible being a BILLING and SALES office in 1. Centurylink basically dosn't want us talking to you if your not going to buying new service. If we had a high average call time or no sales, we constatly got threated to be fired or wrote up for not being able to do so and thats why he majority of customers calling in just get transfered to another rep if they didn't want new service, because centurylink dosn't give us the time to talk to you as a customer service office should be able to. Centurylink is just greedy and want us to take as many calls in a shift and sell on them calls being in a BILLING center. AND MAYBE THATS WHY THE CENTURYLINK REVIEWS ONLY HAVE 30 SOME POSITIVE FEEDBACK COMMENTS WITH LIKE OVER 800 NEGATIVE FEED BACK COMMENTS. Centurylink needs to have a seperate sales, and customer service/billing center like back when Qwest was its company and maybe they would have more positive feedback haha. It just dosn't make sence to me nor most of my fellow co workers having a billing and sales center. I personally will never do business with centurylink seeing how they even treat their own workers that sell their service..

Posted by tyleross

hey guys i am a former customer service rep who was let go for being to "customer servicy" and helping to much...yes we are customer care but that statement is for your benefit only in reality the company lets it be well known internally that "sales is the name of the game" in order to keep your job at centurylink and keep food on the table for your family you MUST offer EVERY available product and overcome ATLEAST two objections yall throw at us...and MANAGEMENT also has the decency to let us kno "NO call is UNOFFERABLE" i do apologize to all of you but the company even tells the reps to cut a cust loose so we can get to the next call and sell something.

Posted by JenLeigh

I worked for qwest for a short period of time over 6 years ago. I vowed after working for such a terrible company I would never do any kind of business with them again. A friend who works for the company still talked me into going back and giving them a shot with DirecTv and Internet service. I'm in school full time and work full time so having reliable internet service is something very important to me. Ever since I signed up with them in January I have had nothing but issues. I had an overcharge when I cancelled my movie channels after the 3 months were up I was still charged for the next month when I called in I was on hold for what seemed like an eternity and was transferred all over kingdom come. I finally got a girl to help me and she was RUDE. She told me that the credits were applied to my account and all I had to pay was my normal bill the next month. A couple days later I find all my services are disconnected because she didnt do anything to my account! Anytime I had to call I got nothing resolved except me wanting to rage! The last straw finally happened this week: I am attempting to bring up my schools website to submit a quiz that I had to do for that week. I wasn't even able to save the quiz my internet was so slow. I finally did a speed test to check the speed of my internet (I was paying for 1.5 Mbps) the speed test said I was getting between .4 & .5 Mbps. I called up and said I no longer wanted to be a part of this company. They didnt believe me that my internet was that slow. They told me it was impossible to get out of the contract. Finally a RUDE manager was in the process of getting me to a technician because they were going to charge me $200 to disconnect their CRAP service. He finally came on the phone and informed me they had been slowing my internet for repairs and he would cancel my service. And when I wanted proof he wouldnt be charging me the $200 he acted offended that I wouldnt trust the company. This company was terrible to work for 6+ years ago and its a terrible company to have service with all these years later. I will never had a good word to say about this company and I wouldn't take their service if it were free. STAY AWAY FROM CENTURYLINK they have to put customers in contracts or they would lose every last one of them. I gave a 2 for friendliness ONLY because I had ONE girl who helped me with everything I needed without transferring me just to get me off her line.

Posted by 1wandaringolfer

I was a Qwest employee for 31 years and retired 12 years ago prior to Century Link taking over. I will never, ever, ever do business with them again. I had telephone and internet service with them at my last residence and initiated a complete disconnect for the service 3 weeks prior to moving out. I repeatedly told them to make the disconnected effective NO LATER than the last day of my current billing cycle which was June 3. On June 4, after the service had been disconnected, I received notification that I was billed for the following month. After repeated assurances from their billing department that the payment would not go through, sure enough my checking account was debited the full amount on June 22. Now I will be forced to try and recoup these funds. Good luck with that. RUN...DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THIS LOUSY COMPANY. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM FOR ANYTHING.

Posted by scooterg

I worked for Centurylink in customer care for almost 2 years its truly a terrible company. Centurylink does not have a dedicated customer care department its a sales department. Centurylink looks at the calls to customer care as $$$$ signs. They looked the other way when top sales associates slam accounts with products and services. If you werent top in sales you are treaded like dirt and always threatened to be fired if you didnt meet sales quota. People would get fired on a weekly basis and the training classes which we called our replacements were constantly churning out new agents. Im shocked they dont get giant fines for over billing. To give a couple examples for the state of Florida during the full year of 2011 when a customer went on vacation mode they didnt get the discount unless the customer called in every month for it and when they came back from vacation the system would charge them a $53.00 connection fee. Another example when a customer calls in to add a call feature the system auto charge the account a $53.00 connection fee as if it is new service. Centurylink was aware of these over billing problems and never fixed them. I would give thousands of dollars a month in credits because of the dishonest over billing. These are just a couple examples of many! You know you work for a bad company if you wont even subscribe to their service. I started to look for a better job when I received my first write-up for falling short meeting quota I had 89.10% and I need 90.00% to goal to meet quota. Im happy to report I no longer work for Centurylink as they are paying for me to look for another job via unemployment. Two weeks after being fired Centurylink is downsizing because sales are bad and the call center I worked at in Altamonte Springs Florida is closing on June 1 2012 and everyone is being fired. I cant say I feel bad for the supervisors! You should stay away from this company at all cost!

Posted by Justanotherproudemployee

If we, and I mean as a whole COMPANY don't start seeing the big picture; Customers are our future and if we don't have customers we won't have a COMPANY !!!! We all need to do the best job we can, GOD has given you the skills to do many things, now use them the way he has thought you. In a day when jobs are hard to find or keep, you should want to come to work and deliver your best. I thank GOD everyday that Centurylink came along and gave me this oppurtunity and greatful of them. LET'S ALL GO OUT THERE ON A DAILY BASIS AND GIVE OUR CUSTOMERS AND COMPANY TO BE PROUD OF!!!!!!! GOD BLESS

Posted by smitty

I worked over 35 years for this former phone co, once known as mountain states, mountain bell, U.S. West, then qwest and finally century link. I was proud of the job that I and many others like myself performed on behalf of our customers. As these companies were acquired by still larger corporations, the customer took a back seat to profits and our reason for being was to make a profit in spite of our customers who paid the bills! Or as one of our new managers once said in a meeting " we are no longer a phone company and any one who does not agree, there's the door, we don't need you". I saw in my career a regression from the then greatest communications company in the world to the sorry state of affairs that now pass as a communications company, even though they have so little of the afore mentioned quality. Now that I am retired, I have had several occasions to call century link to request repairs to my DSL service only to be told that the problem was my modem, which I had already tested myself and found that it was operational but lacked an internet signal due to a storm which knocked down the DSLAM at the pair gain system. In each case, a signal mysteriously reappeared and the modem would work until the next storm. Oh, and did I mention that I live in Arizona where storms don't occur very often.

my sincere apologies to all the customers!!

Posted by Anonymous

I work in the CenturyLink HSI tech support department, and for people like me, who honestly care about good customer service, it honestly is disheartening to see so many people so dissatisfied with our service. I wish you all got to talk to me when you call in!

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by coy smith

Our DSL service was down on the morning of 11/05/11. I called century link repair for specials and was given the run-around by the service clerk who answered my call. Instead of a resolution to my problem I was read to from what was obviously a prepared format devised for reading to the customer. I told this person that I had performed all the required tests at my residence and was met with a condescending attitude and told that the problem was mine and not in the century link network! They told me the results of their tests were that my modem was bad and that I would need to buy another one(all this with out a trip to the pair gain cabinet) My response was that I had 35 years of experience with Qwest, now retired, and that my tests indicated an absence of DSL signal, which fell on deaf ears. Lo and behold after being told that they did not have a DSLAM problem my signal reappeared mysteriously -2 hrs later!! This is the third time in the last year that this has happened and I now know the frustration that other telephone customers must feel! You will never build customer loyalty with this type of customer experience! I would hope that this will not fall on deaf ears- for I would like to see your company do well, but as you should know-that depends on what you do for the customers and how well you meet their needs.

sincerely, a thouroughly disatisfied ex-employee.

Posted by whatevs

I just want to say that I worked at CenturyLink's customer support center in Monroe for a little less than a year. The department I worked in was the "billing dispute" department, where we received customer complaints about billing, then were responsible for verifying correct or incorrect billing. More importantly, I was responsible for deciding whether to issue credit or deny credit to customers. This is a department of 15 or so people who literally handle every one of the customers' billing disputes. This is the only department within the whole company who handles this information. While working there, and dealing with customer complaints, I realized that A.) The system used (at least in that specific department) was very efficient, and we never were rude or unprofessional with our customers that we needed to contact. We didn't take incoming calls, obviously, only had to call customers to discuss their disputes. I realized B.) Any customer in any company will do/say ANYTHING to get out of paying for whatever services they are receiving. I won't say that all customers are like this, but the majority of the customers I handled outright lied about half of the stuff they said. I don't speak for the company, I have no loyalty to this company, I had this as a job in between undergrad and graduate school, so I am not just saying these things to protect the company. I'm saying it because you guys are on here talking about how terrible the customer service is, however, we all know that customers are not easy people to deal with and/or please in any business. I can't count how many times I had a customer who I had proof was lying, yet he/she insisted on lying, hoping I would give them .11 cents for a call to their grandmother they swear they never made. This is ridiculous. There are a lot of different departments within these huge corporations. It only makes sense that, somewhere down the line of people customers have to call, there will be communication error. Unfortunately, in order to make money in this kind of world, bigger is better. More customers means more money and also more employees to take care of these customers. It's impossible to try to have one person handle over a million customers by him or herself. So, unfortunately, there are many people you'll have to go through for help within a company. The best way to get positive results is to be nice to the person you're asking for help from. No one wants to help someone who is treating them badly. And you need to remember that to you, as customers, it seems like a company offering services should have no mistakes. This is also a ridiculous thought. Humans make mistakes. We all do, customers and employees. These are people working behind the scenes to get you the things you want. If you can't handle mistakes then don't rely on other people for services. I will never work in customer service again (thankfully), however there are people who can't get better jobs. Whatever happened to the golden rule? I think that the customer service with this company is exceptional compared to other telecommunication companies, especially ones like AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, SmartTalk, etc. These are people who will work with you and will not lie to you and give you the "run around". In my experience, I can tell that when I've gotten the "run around" it's because I'm demanding something of someone who isn't qualified to do what I'm asking. So when a rep tells you you'll have to contact another department, don't freaking complain! It's not their fault they aren't trained to handle your issue. Just be thankful they even gave you another number to contact...some companies don't even do that. Anytime you're dealing with people, you should be courteous, even if you think because they are in customer service they aren't as deserving of respect as you or anyone else.

Posted by employee24

I am also an employee for Centurylink. I work in the internet tech support department. I've read a lot of the comments by angry customers and I have a bit of advice for you. If you are having issues with speed and you've done a speed test at the website http://speedtest.centurylink.net and know what you're actually getting there is probably a bandwidth exhaust area in your outage which is basically and outage that causes slow speeds and latency. These outages pop up a lot..too much and they can last for months sometimes. Customer service doesn't know anything about the speed outages sometimes and they suggest upgrades in speed even though the customer is in an outage. So the customer ends up paying more for a faster speed and are unable to get it because they were not aware of the outage that should have been told to them previous to the upgrade in speed. Another issue that is causing a problem with our customers are the tech/customer service reps whom are not really helping the customers and are just transferring them on to the next person just to get the customer off there line. Now I am not saying that it's all the employees but I have witness this happen and I just want to put it out there because it is not fair to our paying customers who are paying there hard earned money to pay for this internet service. Technicians that go out to the residence are always getting backed up for whatever reason and will not make it out to the residence and will not call the can be reached number on the ticket to the customer. Techs often are late turning on new customers internet service too and I think this is the worse because the customer is new to the service and it's not a good experience for them to start off with. I believe the company needs to be more selective about whom they hire and this would probably prevent a lot of these problems that are occuring. Employees in customer service often offer upgrages for speed when there are outages or the speed is just not available for the area. Note to the customer:
1. Before you do any upgrades in speed ask to speak to 'tech' support and ask if there is any bandwidth exhaust outages in the area first. Customer service often are not aware of these outages before they sell the upgrade to you.
2. When you call and ask for a tech to come out always ask for a ticket number after the rep tells you that they have the ticket put in. They must give this to you!!! Without the ticket number you have no way of knowing the the tech actually made the ticket!
3. If possible don't get in a contract! Other offers are availble that don't require a contract. Outages are regular with the company so you should not get yourself in something you can't get out of like a contract.

Posted by Jackal

I work for CenturyLink at a call center in the Voice Repair department. After reading the customer complaints, it's no small wonder most customers are frustrated by the time they get us!

Due to the merge, and a 65% turnover rate for this particular call center, we have a LOT of customers and hardly any reps to handle them. At any given time there are maybe 60 of us in Repair, and when the calls pile up to 138+ people in queue the wait times get ridiculous.

When a customer reaches us, if they explain their problem and it's a DSL issue, we have to transfer to DSL (which is usually an even LONGER hold!).

Also, our technicians are outsourced. This leads to a lot of discrepancies where the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. There are cases where the technician never shows up but closes the ticket anyways. Also if they are running late, I have to contact a supervisor and keep myself (and the angry customer) on hold while we wait to find out what's going on; the answer is not always favorable.

Lastly, there seem to be many of my coworkers that don't know what they are doing. Also the system will malfunction sometimes and simply not enter a ticket, which is why we are SUPPOSED to give the customer a ticket confirmation number and notate the account that the customer did indeed call in.

There always has been and probably always will be a discrepancy between what the customer wants us to do, and what the company wants us to do. While we do suffer for it and catch the flak from both ends, ultimately it is our customers that get screwed.


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