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Cellular One customer service is ranked #651 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 26.88 out of a possible 200 based upon 41 ratings. This score rates Cellular One customer service and customer support as Terrible.


39 Negative Comments out of 41 Total Comments is 95.12%.


2 Positive Comments out of 41 Total Comments is 4.88%.

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  • Cellular One

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 26.88 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 39 negative comments (95.12%)
    • 2 positive comments (4.88%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Renae Beyale

Customer service at your Farmington NM store. Took an elderly, signed in, waited and waited. Noticed others going ahead so I inquired. Was told to wait.

Posted by Sandye

I have been with celluarone for 10 years and am very unhappy with them. I no longer have coverage in different parishes in La.They advertise nationwide coverage.When I tried to resolve my problems they really didn't seem to care and was told that there wasn't anything that I or them could do, so will be switching soon.

Posted by Jim

Cellular One is into false advertising. According to their Nationwide coverage map, all of Louisiana has coverage. However, over the past year a north corroder approximately twenty-miles from my home is not covered. In fact, I drove eighty-miles north and still no coverage. Was advised by support that Cellular One did not renew their roaming contract with providers along this corroder.

Support is difficult to contact and not always in the knowledge bank as to addressing specific problems.

There was a store in the mall Ten-miles distant. Store was closed last year. Also a store 5 miles away with friendly folks that had some fix-it knowledge. This store closed this year. There is a single store now twenty-miles distant. Folks there are far removed from the knowledge bank.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer since 2008. I am very unhappy with the amount my bill is it has been 260.00 got it today 317.00. I am about ready to switch to [email protected] Especially since last week my phone was turned off on a wed for three hours and I have expresses how I was unsatisfied with service and no one has seem the least little bit concerned I was even hung up on when I called with my complaint last week. My lawyer has told me that since my phone was turned off that is a breach of contract.

Posted by Disgruntled one

Customer service is horrible as they seemed to realize they serve us to make us satisfied. They,are uninformed about services and a foreigner must be from Russia. Services have been erratic that I couldn't download or send encrypted messages. Totally incompetent!

Posted by Jim

Cellular One closed the customer center that was six-miles from my home. They were friendly and did their best to correct any problems I had with their service [Sic].

The only other center is fifteen-miles distant. The lady that I had contact with did not know much about problem solving and really did not make a serious effort to investigate the problem. Seems about every six-months my nationwide service is rolled back to local. This means no service beyond about twenty-miles from home.

With only 3 providers in my area and all 3 equally terrible according to this board, there is no changing providers for better service.

Calling support [Sic] is high-stress and a waste of time. Holding for up to thirty-minutes listening to distorted music, interrupted with market spiel and saying how important this call is. Repeat the spiel again and again with distorted music until my head hurts.

Posted by mlazarre

First, they say there is no contract, that is a lie because you have to agree to stay with them for 12 months. This month, they try to bill my account for excessive usage. Apparently, you are using your data even if you're not using your phone...ridiculous. I smell a scam. When you call, they purposely keep you on hold for 10-15 minutes so you have no choice but to listen to their stupid marketing messages telling you how great they are...ha..

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with cell one for 15 years in Texas and recently we have been having to go to Buffalo,Texas for everything so my boyfriend and myself went in because my phone had cracked after getting there in which its a 2hr drive from where we had to drive but the customer representative Angie was very rude and told me that I couldn't get another phone because I had already made an insurance claim I explained to her several times that it was the first claim I had done and could she call corporate office or insurance claims and let me talk to them because I hadn't filed but 1 insurance claim after having my phone for 2years she was very rude and told me that she wasn't going to call them and wasn't allowed to give me any numbers and I had to come back after the 04-27-16 but told me she could put some gel on my phone and put a protector on the screen to keep me from cutting my finger after doing that knowing that the phone was all cracked up my phone stopped working and after I called back and told her my phone wasn't working and me calling customer service the guy told me that she wasn't suppose to put any liquid on a cracked phone because it want work anymore and they don't deal with insurance claims and I needed to call Angie back and let her know my phone is not working at all now. After calling her back her smart mouth, unprofessional red headed butt told me there's nothing they could do and she had 5 other customers in the store when I was there and she didn't and wasn't going to call no one regarding my phone and its too bad I would have to come back like she had told me and if cell one customer service told me that they need to send me a replacement phone and quit calling her. She was very rude and tacky and prejudice but she was so busy trying to make her hairdresser file a new claim for her phone cause she was having problems with hers and the hairdresser kept telling her that she already had filed over insurance claims but she proceeded to tell her hairdresser she was going to call to see if claims would allow her to go ahead and get her a new phone. I would never recommend or refer anyone to get a phone with cellone due to the customer representative Angie but I would suggest better customer representatives before they make this company completely go out of business because its already headed in that direction here in Texas.

Posted by JMonique

Cellular One without a doubt is the WORST PHONE COMPANY EVER!!! the supervisors are rude and if you complain instead of them resolving the issue they tell you to go to another phone company but they call us valued customers ok

Posted by Jim

Twenty-five minutes on hold listening to the same distorted tune repeatedly interrupted by stupid marketing comments with repeated apology for having to wait.

After all this stress, was advised by a speed talker that there is no way to investigate why my payment has not been posted. Totally useless so-called Customer Care. However, there is no problem for them to send text messages informing my account is past due.

Posted by shelley

People do not order from this company, I have tried 3 times and have been unsuccessful at every attempt. The website says the product is in stock and will ship within 24 hours, well 3 days have passed and they are apparently still processing my order. They do this every time. I've emailed them and get NO reponse. I thought I would try them again, but now I'm fed up, this is a terrible place to get any phone products. They take your money quick, but never see your order. Last time I tried to find out about my order 2 weeks later they cam back and said the product is out of stock, buyers beware of this company.

Posted by MovingOn

Have been with Centennial and then to Cellular One, all together 14 yrs. When I wanted a phone in February I couldn't get the new installment plan bc I was rated a "B" customer. Then starting in February was sold a Que phone that had terrible connection and then I replaced it with a moto g second edition which wasn't much better. Something happened to their towers or something bc I have dropped calls and poor data connection. They sent a tech out here and he agreed. So the people at the main office are more than happy to send me a booster for over $300.00 but charge me in installments for it, but wouldn't when I wanted a certain phone. Stay clear of this company. With this going on won't be long before there is no more customers to complain.Will be going with a new company.

Posted by Kim

Service is the worst. Stay away from cellular one. I have been with them 13 years, but am trying out other companies service to get the best one for my family, the customer service I'd horrible, put you on hold and hang up or keep transferring you around and around. They are liars and cheats... how do these customer service people live with themselves?

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer for more than 5 years. Since Feburay 2015 I have been having trouble out of this company. Poor cell service. Even in the middle of town, I get dropped calls and missed calls. I work about two miles from the cellular one store and repeatedly get dropped calls. They tell me its because they have to get contracts with verizon and AT&T. No idea what thats about. I pay almost 200 dollars a month for me and my husbands cell phones. Basically I pay for a phone to play candy crush on. After calling them on a regular basis and raising hell, I switched to verizon and wanted out of the contract with cellular one. OF course they claim they cant do this until they send a technican out to see what my phone is doing. So I am having to keep the line on with them at 80 bucks a month until they send a tech out to see about it. But heres the catch....they cant tell me when the tech will come out...I am giving it a week and then going to cancel. I will just bite the bullet and pay early tremination fees because Im sure i wont here form a tech!! By the way anyone reading this...I switched to verizon and got cell service 10 miles out in the back woods of grant parish on a recent four wheeler trek. Highly recommend VERIZON BUT DO NOT SIGN UP WITH CELLUALR ONE IF YOU WANT RELABLE CELL SEVICE...!!!!!!

Posted by Jim

Was with the 2 carriers that became Cellular One. Learned from an out of town trip that my nationwide service had been reduced to local, about 30 miles out, because I could not make or receive calls. Nobody within the so-called customer support or local center has a clue as to why. Monthly charge did not reduce with local coverage. Customer drama advised the original service would be restored by May 1st. Out of town again May 18th with no service. Made a 3rd visit to the local center. The associates are friendly and helpful. However, they could not get my plan back to what is was through the drama place. Customer drama is a trip to stressville as nobody has the knowledge to restore my service.

Posted by Dimestorehalo

Be careful!

I bought a Samsung Galaxy 5 from Cell One (full-price)one month ago. It was loaded with Kit-Kat (4.4.2). Samsung has come out with their latest version of Android (Lollipop) which it has been trying to load on my phone with no luck. That download sucks my data usage very quickly.

After being on the phone with numerous people, I discovered that I bought a phone that can NEVER be updated to a new operating system because of the firmware they installed in the phone. Data tech spent all over an hour googling trying to find an answer. Great training and customer service, guys!

Posted by DisappointedByCellOne

HORRIBLE! I have been with Cellular One since before they were Cell One. Back when they were Centennial and before 4G, I had NO issues. Lately they seem to be getting worse and worse. I barely have a signal at my house, which is strange because there is a tower 6 miles down the road. My husband gets shotty service at work and had never had an issue until recently. My daughter plays softball, so we tend to travel many places, but in several places, I have NO SIGNAL at all. Can't send a text or make phone calls. Today I am on my last straw!!!! I have NO SIGNAL and I'm at work! NEVER had an issue at work before! Cellular One has gone to crap!
I've never had a problem with customer service though!

Posted by Anonymous

Cellular One has the worst service I have ever experienced in any cell phone provider. I had a contract for 2 years; I'll never use them again. Smart phone data is glacial (except that's an insult against the speed that glaciers move); the people you reach for customer service act like they're doing you a favor instead of keeping their jobs and making their company look good; in general, this is a miserable, low down, flea-dog excuse for a cell phone provider. Avoid them!

Posted by CellOneCanSuckIt

Dropped calls, no connection, texts that say "Not Delivered" way TOO FREQUENTLY, duplicate texts sent to most of my clients - how annoying, NO Service, Out of Service even in metro areas, rude employees,know it all employees that don't know how to listen, and on and on, but the best part is they actually expect you to pay for the "service" -
Heres my advice. You were looking for service when you found Cell One ... just keep looking.

Posted by Barmint

I have been with Cellular One for about 12 years. I used to have great service with them until they went 4-G. When I went to West Monroe, La. my service was null from Georgetown, La. to W. Monroe and back to Georgetown. They say they are working on this issue. They have been working on this issue for 5 weeks. Last night I went to Zachary, LA. When I got to Baton Rouge my service stopped. I came home through the New Roads and Hwy 1 area. not an inkling of service till I got into the 5th ward area. I am trying to run a successful delivery service. I dont expect my Cellular phone service to make me lose customers because they want to keep me. THEY ARE LIKE HOLDING ME HOSTAGE. I will be talking to an attorney Monday morning. Please people stay away from Cellular One in Alexandria, La. THEY TREAT YOU LIKE GARBAGE.

Posted by unhappy

I tried to get phone service with Cellular One in Alexandria, LA. Bud was supposedly the manager there. They charge me for restocking fees, equipment charges and phone service for two lines for three days (one of days was a Sunday) which I never had phone service other than in their office or within one mile from office. I live over 30 miles away from the office. I would recommend new management in Alexandria office as well as no one in Avoyelles Parish, LA to not try to get service with Cellular One. Also would like my full refund as promised by associate. Don't be scammed by not reading small print of a contract that they don't tell you that they charge what they want.

Posted by Disgusted with this company!

Cellular One. Do not do business with them. My elderly mom had a contract for 24 months with them, and they harassed her into paying for a 25th month saying if she did not pay they would charge her a termination fee of $250, even though her written contract term with them was completed. She has a copy of the written contract. When she paid the extra month to avoid a "bad credit report" they threatened her with, they told her "now you will receive your final bill." These people need to go out of business soon. SAD!!!

Posted by Dale R.

Samsung Galaxy 3 died after less than a year. Had to contact a 3rd party warranty servicer online. Site kept saying my membership id was invalid. Tried to re-register and it said the id was already in use. Got no help from phone number to 3rd party, and no help from people in store. Warranty expired and I purchased services elsewhere. When I cancelled my service for that line, they charged me $350 for early termination, even though I have three other lines (not under contract) with them. Needless to say, I am pulling all servicee from this company who has no regard for customer service. Last customer service rep in store I talked to had very bad attitude and kept talking over me as I was trying to explain my situation. I do not recommend this company or Samsung smart phones at all. I now have iphones with no problems at all.

Posted by needanothercarrier

After 4 days of service I receive a bill for 284.00. I ask why the bill so soon and was told its pro rated. So 4 days after due date my service was interrupted. Contacted customer service in an attempt to make arrangements for payment. And was told no. So paid bill, next month same issue. No warning emails, no warning phone calls. just interruption. Customer service is awful. Cellular one is definitely for the money and not for customer satisfaction. Would not recommend it to anyone!!!!!

Posted by Patsy

I have had cellular one for about 11 Yrs. and never had problems with it until they went 4 G and since then nothing but problems. Dropped calls, static, fading in and out, phone shutting down, etc. I have complained and complained. I always pay my bill on time and this is the service I get. My sons have separate contracts, with 4 each on theirs, I have 4 lines on mine and together we pay over $9,000 a yr. for phones and this is the service we get. I have complained and complained and no solution. They first said it was the samsung phone so they gave me a motorola and it does the same thing. I think it is Cellone and their service. Then now they want to switch me to a samsung again and it would be a used one. I am going to go get legal help because they are not living up to their contract. It is not right. I will never go with them again, once I get out of this!!!!!

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Posted by jag

I have learned not to get involved with company customer service. I go directly to my local Cellular One store on our Mall. The crew there have never failed me.

Posted by toddchevy1

Upon ordering service I had to pay one month in advance for usage, thus I paid for 2months on my 1st bill. I'm no longer under contract and cancelled a second line that I am no longer using, Cellular One still wants me to pay for the next month because it takes 30 days for the cancellation to go through...$100 extra because apparently they have slow computers?????? wow

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