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Posted by Anonymous

Terrible cellcom policy for switching service provider as the credit balance can only be refund after 4 months from date of confirmation to customer service . If dont inform customer service the the credit balance will remain in cellcom system.

Posted by jvr001

If I ran my business this way I would not have a business.

Spoke to several people at the Shawano, WI location who indicated they could not get a replacement glass for my Samsung Galaxy S6. I found several of them on AMAZON.COM which included the replacement kit tools and glue. Several you-tube videos on how to do it, so it is absolutely doable. Store asked me to purchase the glass - no big deal $11.00 and bring the phone in and they would have it done. So at this point through phone calls etc. probably have two hours into this. Stopped by store; they inspected it, and then I waited an hour for them to transfer files/contacts etc. and off the phone went for repair. It came back 4 days later NOT REPAIRED. It was stated they would not replace just the glass, the screen would have to be replaced as a combined unit. Thinking about this, just get's my blood pressure up higher so I won't say more. Again if I ran my business like this I would not have a business. Yes it had the protective case and protective screen glass.

Posted by Anonymous

We watch the ad about how good the service is but everyone has trouble with the wi-first in this area. Nothing gets done cannot download much be a useful service is to slow. I even contacted our representative.

Posted by guypeanuts

I am paying NIS2880 over three years for two phones worth less than NIS1260. Cellcom pushed me into "upgrading" to a Samsung Galaxy J1 worth about NIS450 ($117)and charged me 36 payments at NIS44.99 = NIS1620 or NIS3.858/$ is $419.

I loved my Nokia 204 (worth $52) but it stopped in the middle of a conversation last November 2015. It is a basic mobile phone not a smart phone. Cellcom assured me it couldn't be fixed and upgraded me. I had no phone and went along with them, My Hebrew is very weak and I signed a contract for three years on the Samsung. It was a big mistake.

I got my Nokia fixed by a Cellcom technician across from Cellcom Dizengoff Center A Building.It lasted two months. I told Cellcom the Samsung was a lemon. They didn't want to take it back. I told them I want a good phone I can depend on as I manage a residential building and have emergencies all the time. I said I wanted my Nokia 204. They agreed to sell me another Nokia for 36 payments at NIS35.

My payments started January 27, 2016, on the Nokia phone and I've paid NIS105 or $27.22. The total is NIS1260 or $326.60. I owe $300 for the Nokia 208.4. It is worth about NIS365 or $97 http://bit.ly/1VeSGyc

I am payhing Cellcom NIS2880 for two phones. I only wanted on relieable phone for no more than NIS56/mo and I am paying NIS184/mo for a lemon Samsung (worth between NIS434-900) and a Nokis 204 worth NIS197 ($52).

I live in Tel Aviv and have filed a small claim in Tel Aviv - Yaffo Court.

Posted by Concerned party

Cellcom Human resource department is very unprofessional. I spoke with Sarah and while being hung up on without Sarah saying why and me trying to call back 3 times wondering if we got disconnected. Eventually the customer service person told me that they were not interested in switching carriers. Please seek training on how to talk with potential sales and how to say yourself that you are not interested instead of just hanging up the phone. Very unprofessional.

Posted by Depere cellcom has thiefs

my phone broke in Nov. the Bellevue store gave me a loner phone until mine fixed. They couldn't fix gave me a different phone on Black Friday at DePere store. I am now being charged for that loner phone that the DePere store kept and will not return to the Bellevue store and/or return to me. I have called them twice now and came down to the store and talked with Chris Kern(assistant manager) and was told they have the phone and will get it returned to Bellevue. That was on 1-8-16. It is still on my account and I am still being charged got put on hold for fifteen minutes waiting for cs supervisor and now have to wait for a call back 1-21-16 I am really upset with this company. How can you charge one of your costumers for a phone that you have and will not return.

Posted by dan1225

Cellcom overbilled me by more than $100. I was quoted month to month pricing advertised on their website for my out of contract phones. I was then charged the 2 year rates. I contacted customer service regarding the mistake. It took over 75 minutes for them to "correct" my account. They kept telling me they would add a credit and I had to keep correcting their math. I highly doubt that it was done correctly. I stated I would be disputing the charges until I can verify that the credits were posted correctly and asked that the fee be waived for disputing a payment. They refused. I have very dissatisfied with my experiance today.

Posted by BEERMAN

My phone had to go in for repair 9/1/2015 its 10/6/2015 I called the store were I bought it and took it for repair the number was no longer connected, so much for talking to a real person. I then drove to the store and was treated like a bother because i took time out of his day. I finally got so angry i walked out. The i had was an iPhone 6 plus they gave me an iPhone 4 for a loaner it does not work for crap. this is the second time i have had an issue with them and I can tell you there service sucks. I was with US Cellular for several years and had get service the only reason I left was to get an iPhone BIG MISTAKE.now that us cellular does have iPhone Cellcom can take hike I'm done with them

Posted by starettie

I'm a tourist in Israel and I bought a pay-as-you-go cellcom data plan (unlimited talk/6GIGS data) for 160 shekels that lasts for 30 days. There are 3 issues:

1. There is NO English customer service. BIG problem for tourists. There is now way to communicate/resolve issues or buy extra time without visiting a post office. Even Cellcom's website is all Hebrew. They do not provide an English website. For a cell company that sells pay-as-you-go plans to tourists, its lack of English support is ridiculous.

2. My data network has been down for 48 hours. Cellcom does not provide 24/7 support. There's nowhere to call, no way to check what's going on. Cellcom shuts down on Friday and Saturday. This means that I have had no data plan for all of Friday and Saturday, which also means I cannot use the GPS to navigate around, nor I cannot communicate with friends or connections on the go via Whatsup. I am stuck in one place until Cellcom reopens on Sunday, and even then, I have to try to communicate with them in English to resolve the issue (and they don't offer English support).

Unlike other cell phone companies, Cellcom does not provide a website with current network information. i.e "Network is up" OR "Network is down in X areas..."

3. On the 30th day you are unplugged. It should be the day AFTER the 30 day plan, but Cellcom unplugs you on the last day of your plan. So you have to renew the day before -on the 29th day - which pushes your plan back 1 day each month. This means you get a prepay for 29 days (not the 30 they sell you), then 28 days, then 27 days, etc.

Posted by She

Not recommended to everyone. Had a bad experience with cellcom They offered me unlimited usage internationally but after 3 months they charged me one time for more than a thousand dollars. I complained to the customer service many many times but i feel they just ignored it.

Posted by Anonymous

David Rubinger

I have been lied to over and over again by your reps at the Cellcom Stn (Yad Harutzim Street, Jerusalem)

On each visit there I was promised a certain FIXED rate. However on every invoice I find items I HAD BEN PROMISED WOULD NOT BE INCLUDED.

For example this month there again appears an item

ot only have I been promised on previous visits there that I would not be charged in future, BUT I WAS EVEN TOLD I WOULD BE CREDITED FOR THE PREVIOUS MONTH as this was considered an error.

This is either incompetence or, worse, cheating

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service at Two Rivers, Wis. CellCom store is terrible. I bought a new cell phone there and got no owner's manual. Went back to the store and the manager was so rude. I was told that I would have to pay $15-$25 for a book - to show me how to operate the phone, that they do not give owner's manuals with the phone. This is just ridiculous! I know when the 2 year contract is up, I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK TO CELLCOM! NO WAY!

Posted by beja55

This is the first time we have ever experienced such a disgusting treatment at your branch in Dizengof center,Tel Aviv.

We are world travellers and this is the first time we have ever encountered such arrogance and disdain for a customer.

It goes without saying that as a share holder of Cellcom,you see me totally disgusted with the behaviour of your staff at that branch.To add insult to injury we were let go with no satisfaction.This matter will go to the web and all the mass media.

Doctor Rene Lev Ary

Posted by beja55

This is the first time we have ever experienced such a disgusting treatment at your branch in Dizengof center,Tel Aviv.

We are world travellers and this is the first time we have ever encountered such arrogance and disdain for a customer.

It goes without saying that as a share holder of Cellcom,you see me totally disgusted with the behaviour of your staff at that branch.To add insult to injury we were let go with no satisfaction.This matter will go to the web and all the mass media.

Doctor Rene Lev Ary

Posted by DeAnna

Leaving Cellcom after being with them for years. Can no longer afford the average $400+ a month our family pays for internet and phone service. This month (after $120 in overage fees), our bill will far exceed $500. The problem is...WE ARE NOT USING THE DATA WE ARE BEING CHARGED FOR! According to the text message alerts I have received from Cellcom in the past SEVEN days, we have exceeded our internet usage SIX times. Funny thing is, there is no one home to even USE that data if we wanted to. This has been a reoccurring pattern in our billing cycles since the end of aug 2014. Now, when we had our 5 young adult children still living at home prior to last aug (including 3 boys who gamed day and night online), we went over ONCE. At the end of summer, our children moved out to college...to travel the globe...etc. Suddenly, my husband and I are not only using up the 10GB we are allowed..but another 3-6GB monthly??? Do you realize how much data that is? On Feb 13th of this year, I was informed via text message, that our internet went over TWICE that same day! Then again the next day...and the next...and the next. It's so absolutely ridiculous I almost have to laugh. We do not stream movies, videos, music, or game live. As a matter of fact, my husband NEVER gets online at home, except on his iphone, which is covered entirely by his place of employment. So that leaves me and one small child, who never goes online without asking first. Another pattern we have going on every month for the past 8 months or so is that two of our phone lines (always the same ones), will exceed their data limit on the EXACT day that our old billing cycle ends and the new one begins. That means that we are charged another $20 during the last few hours of our cycle for data that we will never get to use! Every month? That is one hell of a coincidence. Customer service is no help (although the in-store employees have been wonderful in their attempts to help me sort this out). But there are never any answers. They tell you the data has been used..but they just can't tell you for what...or when really. I'm sorry, but that's sketchy as hell. I have a son flying to India as I write this..and as soon as I have confirmation that he has landed safely, I will be dropping Cellcom and switching to a different company. I am also going to contact a consumer protection agency to see what support might be available to help sort this out...as I REFUSE to pay even one more dollar to this company for bogus charges!

Posted by frozenskeeter

Never, ever join Cellcom. They make changes without your consent, they do not keep notes when you talk to them, and their live chat is pitiful. I just spend 40 minutes trying to chat with customer service and their response times between me asking question was several minutes in between. Any time you do chat, they always just direct you to call. Then you call, and they don't leave notes when they do! We had internet when it was 50 gb, then they switched to 20 GB so we had to purchase and additional unit. We were in the process of moving so we cancelled one when it went out of contract and we were told since we had been disconvienced by the 50 gb switch, they would not charge is a disconnect fee on the second when we moved. I even talked to two different people! Well, we got the fee and they are refusing to refund, since there are no notes. I hate that place and I cannot wait until our phones are done too.

Posted by sharon

I had the worst time with them, they always take extra money and when you ask why they say they will give it back but they dont and there is NOOO way to speak to someone, and if you do they dont even do what you asked for and you continue to pay insane amount of money!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

After several years with Cellcom, we decided to go with the prepaid plan 2 weeks ago. When I took my phone out of state, I was unable to place calls. When I took it in to Cellcom they told me they had nothing to do with that. However, when it came time to turning it in, they wanted a restocking charge..which means they were putting that defective phone back in stock????? We got credit for only one phone (purchased 2) which is their policy (should have read the warranty first). Worst customer service I have ever had to deal with.

Posted by Nakita54

If you have or even might have plans to move out of Wisconsin, do not get a plan from Cellcom!

They will not change your phone number to reflect the state you are now living in. If you phone dies or needs service, you need to get it back to WI. Any phone replacement has to be picked up in a store. Not easy when you live in Idaho!
Go somewhere else for your service!

Posted by Bustor

2 day member, not pleased with my local dealer. Forced me to pay an additional $30.00 than was told, and then found out they sold me a Freeform 5 with a 2MP camera in it when it should had been a 3MP. Refused to correct either of the two errors.

Posted by glschifris

Don't sign up with Cell Com.
Bad news! They will find ways to steal money from you and raise the rates.

Even when they knew they were wrong, they still did NOTHING TO THE MONEY BACK.


Posted by glschifris

Worst customer service in the world. They steal money from your account, then you speak to them, and they absolutely NOTHING!!!

Then they go and do it again the next month.

I have never seen anything like it. Hope the business fails immediately. Horrible!

Will be notifying all my friends to TERMINATE THEIR POLICIES IMMEDIATELY.

Posted by dontlikecellcom

After 5 years of dealing with Cellcom and there lies and bad customer service I am going to switch providers. Here is the reason: Cellcom is always behind with the new phones by the time they get the new phones they are outdated. I having problems with my phone and was going to get a new one and they told me I would have to pay almost $400 to cancle my plan just so I can get a new phone and I didn't want a new plan just a phone that works. So I thought I would send it in to get fixed and they told me it was to outdated and I would have to get a new phone and then told by there customer service that they are the last to get new phones because they are not a really big company yet. So now I dont have a phone and have a bill I refuse to pay because they cant replace my phone with out me paying $400. What a joke cellcom is.

Posted by goh

I am MR GOR CHOON HOI my cellcom phone no is
I would like to complain about the charges on my fab 2013 bill. I'm not open or use any internet or GPRS data but my bill is have the internet charges RM 300++! I also don't know what happen on this charges!

I so sad about this, any one can halp me!!!!

I thing I don't want to pay this payment if I didn't have any answer from cellcom.

Posted by glm406

Our family "upgraded" to the new 4g phones offered at Thanksgiving. We were told that we were just renewing our contract with no changes. That would have been fine, if it were true. One month later I find that our data limit has been changed from 5gb to 2gb per line. When I contacted customer service, after receiving a text that I was reaching my data limit mid-month, I was informed of this change. She was "really sorry" that I wasn't informed of this when we renewed our contract, and she would let the store we renewed at know about their error. Then she suggested to limit my use of streaming video/muisc, as this will really use up data. I guess they think I upgraded to a 4g phone for it's superior calling ability, not that I would be able to stream better. I was also informed that as of April 2012, 5gb of data for the primary line on my plan went from $40.00 to $120.00 a month! What a joke.

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