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Celebrity Cruises customer service is ranked #244 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 42.93 out of a possible 200 based upon 39 ratings. This score rates Celebrity Cruises customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


37 Negative Comments out of 39 Total Comments is 94.87%.


2 Positive Comments out of 39 Total Comments is 5.13%.

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    • 42.93 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 37 negative comments (94.87%)
    • 2 positive comments (5.13%)
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    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I and a group fo 16 went on a Meditteranean cruise last Sept.7 to 20 on Celebrity Equinox. My name is Grace Nuval and I was the one who actually arranged this cruise for the group. Anyway, on embarkation, we found out that we did not have a cabin. We had booked this cruise several months before and we've had that cabin with the group close or connected to each other. WHen we got to our supposedly cabin, some other people were already occupying it. What happened was we had to go back and forth to the guest services with our carry ons. They finally gave us a temporary cabin by4 in the afternoon. Our own canin was finally available just before dinner. I don't understand what happened and we were really frustrated with what happened. I've arranged two consecutive cruises, the Scandinavian on Celebrity Silhouette for 14 people last May and this is what I got in return.

Posted by RCB1948

Beware the "bait and switch" tactic.

February 3, 2016 we had an extensive conversation with Jason, a Celebrity certified travel planner. He offered us a package on a 14-day Southern Caribbean cruise leaving Miami April 3, 2016. The terms of that offer were a mid-ship veranda stateroom on deck 8, drink package and free gratuities for $4243. We paid in full by credit card while still on the phone. We immediately made flight and hotel arrangements to get to Miami from San Francisco for the cruise.

February 5, 2016 we were informed that we did not have a mid-ship cabin, but a lower cabin (aft on same deck). We called Celebrity reservations. To make a very long series of conversations short, we were ultimately told by "resolution agent" Julie that there was little Celebrity would do about this. We were offered our choice of cancelling our reservation, moving to a different room in the same category (not mid-ship) or paying extra to get a better cabin. We were essentially told that we were confused and they were actually doing us a special favor refunding 100% of our money. Cancelling is not really an option since flight reservations have been made and large change fees apply. Besides that, we really wanted to go on the cruise.

To clear up the "confusion" we requested that Celebrity listen to the phone call (which they should have recorded) from February 3 and please send us a transcript of same. We were denied.

We realize sometimes things happen and/or mistakes are made. That is not a big deal. It happens all the time. We were willing to work something out with Celebrity. It would not have taken much. But, Celebrity was intransigent.

The finally result is repugnant. Celebrity has all the money we mutually agreed to, but is giving us a lesser product/service than we agreed to. Their attitude is shocking to us. No attempt was made to make it right.

So, beware in your dealings with Celebrity (and, presumably, its parent Royal Caribbean).

Posted by Anonymous

please email me the survey for Celebrity Constellation March 2. I did not receive mine in my email.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Booked A Cruise With You But I Have Just Found Out That You Will Not Accept An European Union Id Card For The Cruise Within The Eu Waters.furthermore I Was Informed That You Are Aware Of The European Union Law Regarding Traveling In Europe But Seeing That Your Company Is American You Have The Right To Trump Our Laws And Force European Nationals To Travel With Passports.are You Above Our Laws??????????can You Imagine Some European Company Enforcing They Laws In American Soil?????????

Posted by Mark

Can someone explain why I must provide Prepay gratuities before I board the ship.
I always thought that a tip was offered after good service was provided and not before.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to clarify info regarding a booking for two weeks. The service department is horrendous! I'm ready yo cancel because I can get no info!

Posted by Anonymous

I just faxed some documentation papers to your fax # 305 603 0046....how will I know they have arrived properly? Will someone contact me?

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Agnes McGhee i am just back from from one of your cruises on the celebrity we sailed out on the 9th nov till the 22nd nov.A have only one complaint with it and that was my husband and myself saved up all year to have one good holiday and we chose the celebrity it cost use over £5000,When we went on the ship it was fantastic and then we sailed on the 9th there was a banging noise coming from the ceiling we complained 3 nights about it and the third time we complaint they sent a officer to speak to use he said he will get it sorted out and we got earplugs a was so annoyed by that we paid all that money and all they did was give use earplugs a thought that was terrible i have no other complaint the ship its self and the staff was amazing but every time the boat was at sea we had to wear our earplugs and we never signed up for that you dont expect to pay all that money and have to wear them the customer relations team sent a bottle of wine and strawberry dipped in chocolate with a letter because we complained yours mrs mcghee

Posted by Joan P

We are taking back-to-back cruises aboard the Reflection in April/May 2015. We booked using Choice Air. What a rip off. We decided to upgrade from economy to Business class on the same flights. We were told that we would be charged the difference between the two classes (which is fine) and an additional $150 per person for the change. If I would have booked directly with the airline, it would have been a lot cheaper (only the difference between the two fares.) I plan on posting this on Trip Advisor and Cruise Critic, advising people not to use Choice Air. It certainly does not bode well for Celebrity Cruises to contract with a company such as this. In this case, hopefully the pen will be mightier than the sword.

Posted by helen647

Tried speaking with Celebrity gift department today about sending a birthday gift to a friend who is sailing on Dec. 9 from Aukland, New Zealand. My friend lives in Australia and, of course, booked her cruise in Australian dollars. I am in the US. Because she booked in AUS $, Celebrity(who is based in Miami, FL) is unable to figure out how to bill me directly in US dollars. Here I am trying to spend money with their company and they can't figure it out. Oh well - their loss!

Posted by Bellafiore 8238

We just finished our 7th cruise with Celebrity in Aqua Class. We made the mistake of adding the Celebrity 5-day land package prior to our Alaskan cruise. Celebrity does not have good accommodations in Denali. We should have rented a car and made our own plans. We also found to our surprise that Alaska has rain 70% of the time and that unless you get a good day as in all the pictures, all you see is fog and rain. We did enjoy the cruise itself, but did have a problem with the internet manager. On the third day of the cruise we learned that we had to have our Android tablet on airplane mode to avoid an automatic connection to the internet aboard the ship. The IT manager refused to make any adjustments, but fortunately the customer service supervisor deleted all of the disputed charges and gave us $100 in shipboard credit for our aggravation.

Posted by Anonymous

Why is auto answer no one working on Saturday mornings when your auto answer machine says the are?

Posted by snewoce

What's the problem with these people? I tried to book a Canadian cruise on line, and their web site is full of broken links and problems. I tried to call their help line, and got a seemingly unending string of commercials until I hung up. Is this the sort of service I should expect on their ship? I'll look elsewhere for a cruise!

Posted by Anonymous

Been on many Celebrity Cruises, last one past January 2014, received my credit card bill charges that does not match my Folio statement.
Tried to resolve the issue with customer service to no avail. Very disappointed in Celebrity, will never sail with them.

Posted by Anonymous

Reservation no4993994 sailing date may10th2014 on eclipse.cabin no 1093. We have previously requested coloured luggage labels,for our forthcoming cruise.as yet no labels have arrived,we have been informed by our travel agent (those cook in Warrington)that they were dispatched on or about April 18th, we have called numerous times in the travel agents, they inform us they have contacted you..still no labels we are very disappointed,with the lack of action.please expedite the dispatch of labels at your very earliest convenience,(we need 8 labels.thankyou in anticipation....yours sincerely,Margaret Wrenn (mrs).

Posted by Anonymous

We just finished a 10 day cruise on Celebrity Equinox (Apr 4-Apr10),. We were given two $300.00
room credits. We asked at the Guest Relations desk on board: If we did not use the total $600.00 credit would it be credited to our charge card? We were told it would be. It was not.
We would have spent the money on board. We think we are out $328.00.

Posted by AngieO

Recently sailed on 5 day cruise on Constellation to Bahamas and Key West. Have sailed on this ship before and 4 other Celebrity ships. Not new to us. This ship is a poor choice but the destinations and time line were perfect. Very poor experience. Dining room food well below any par for dining anywhere. For a cruise ship, terrible. Buffet is limited compared to other ships in their Solstice line due to space. Have no good reports right down to music venues. Sparsely attended, perhaps some neat jazz quartets or a piano bar feature would be a better trend to follow. You do not cater to children, which was why we sailed with you, so find a nitch. Will be looking to try another cruise line now. Plus, their Captains Club a joke, benefits? A meet and great, a very minimal meet and greet pared way back on food. Not worth spending the time to go. Come on Celebrity, step up to the plate. Repeat cruising must be your life blood. We, however, have nothing good to say after this experience and we always enjoyed Celebrity but you are only as good as our last cruise.

Posted by Richard

I've made a dozen cruises with Celebrity and have an Elite+ ranking in their Captains Club, and I have to say their customer service interface is getting worse and worse. Their web site constantly has broken links and endless loops or just hangs. Today I tried multiple times to call to make a payment on a booked cruise and the wait times quoted were 37, 31, 34, 78 and 56 minutes. Unacceptable. Then I tried calling the Captains Club and after 20 minutes listening to commercial announcements, no one ever did answer. And no one answers their e-mails either. Memo to Celebrity HQ: Please, please, please pay attention to your customer service, it's going to kill your business.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get Celebrity to add to my booking confirmation of the onboard credit that was given to us, I have called three times since our booking and final payment and continue to be told that it will be taken care of. I am concerned that if it is not in writing on our contract, it won't show up once on board. Today I have been on hold for over a half hour. I am calling again, and will continue to until this is taken care of.

Posted by Upset22

I have been trying to talk to someone at Celebrity about a cruise we have book for three days. Does not matter what time of day I have been on hold as long as 45 min. It seems not that we are booked you can't get ahold of them.

Posted by Anonymous

I just got off the Celebrity cruise, December 29th -5th January .
I was on the Silhouette.
I was disappointed this time ( this was my 5th Cruise with Celebrity ) .
The magic has gone .
The Officers did not bother to acknowledge you, the food was OK quite often dry .
The activities during the day were non existence

Posted by Anonymous

Will be my first cruise on any cruise line, I have been treated extremely well by corporate employees, I just have one question what pier at Fort Lauderdale does my cruise depart from tomorrow January 5, 2014, due to depart at about 4:30 EST.

Posted by sullyman

choice air is a joke. We booked thru them and got awful seats that were not next to one another on a 20 hr flight 13 in air I had to pay an extra $259 to get seats together and with a little more room because as i explained to them earlier I have a new knee that needs room for a 6 ft 4 in person. I have taken over 35 cruises with over 16 being on Celebrity. Customer loyalty is usually earned not just a Given.Wish me luck on Dec !10th.

Posted by steve

i have just travelled with the eclipse which was ok boat and staff very good but there was lots of faults being asked for cash every time you move round the ship the security is a joke check after check it was like a floating prison and i have received a bill that does not meet what i spent never will i travel with celebrity again i will do the escape its small but you no what you are paying for

Posted by Daveflorida

We were leaving for Alaska on Sep 6, 2013 and the cruise was cancelled. We are receiving a 25% future credit. What a joke called corp office no one will talk to us. We're out $2000 in RV rental, transfers, airline tickets ect. Also my vacation was schedule for two weeks what a waste. I'm a Diamond Puls member with RCL this is how you treat you customers?

If your into customer service then call me. Until then stay away from this cruise line unless your wealthy.

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Posted by Anonymous

Would like to praise our waiter and assistant waiter for making our dinning experience very special, lorendo and silambarasan table 315 on eclipse Baltic cruise 7th June 2014, also we had a problem which was sorted out by Lauren guest relations and we could not have been treated better, it was our first cruise with your company and will certainly travel with you again

Posted by Anonymous

I was on celebrity silhouette ship from march 17,13 to march 24,13 when i broke my tooth due to hard bread while having dinner.Doctor on board sent me to a dentist who extracted my tooth.After that no body called or tried to contact me to find out how i was doing.While bach home i went to my dentist who said i need a tooth implant which will cost me appox $ 3000.I believe that it should be responsibility of ship management to pay for these expenses.I will wait for the positive response from the ship management. Thanks

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