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Cathay Pacific customer service is ranked #710 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 25.30 out of a possible 200 based upon 135 ratings. This score rates Cathay Pacific customer service and customer support as Terrible.


130 Negative Comments out of 135 Total Comments is 96.30%.


5 Positive Comments out of 135 Total Comments is 3.70%.

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Terrible Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Cathay Pacific

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 25.30 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 130 negative comments (96.30%)
    • 5 positive comments (3.70%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 1.4 Reachability
    • 1.5 Cancellation
    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 2.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Terrible phone service, impossible to get connected to a live person. May give up and try another airline.

Posted by Anonymous

Cathay Your Call Is Progressing In Queue Please Continue To Hold. Searching For The Best Match Member Of Our Team? For More Than An Hour And Still No Response Are You Serious? Are You Going To Pay My Phone Bills?

Posted by daydreamer

The service provided by Cathy was become worst and worst all the way from check-in counter supervisor, airport ticketing counter, hotline where they treated my case as ball and passed from one to another...

The staff was not only unhelpful but in a way to thread me that the seats was not of the return flight is not guarantee and asked to purchased another new round trip ticket.

but similar case to happened to my friend and Cathy treated him differently and what Cathy answered its case by case and its exceptional case where they have procedures/policy to follow.

Posted by Anonymous

impossible to reach a live person

Posted by hhenke

In my 40 years of flying all kinds of airlines all around the world, Cathay Pacific is the first one that has forced me to give up my guitar (an instrument built by a master luthier, valued at about US$ 8,500, but with even greater sentimental value) into the general luggage compartment, a storage that is completely unsuitable because of the sub-zero temperatures in it. Because of this, two cracks in the wood have appeared. Every other airline crew around the world is always glad to put up the guitar for me in their crew storage compartment. Thanks, Cathay, for being complete inflexible jerks about this.

Posted by Anonymous

I used Alipay to send my payment to Cathay. Somehow it failed to reach Cathay due to a website outage.

OK, it happens, so I called Cathay support - no answer. I've emailed customer support - no response either.

In the meantime, my reservation expired.

They just stole $566USD without any recourse.

Posted by Dinner

They take hours to answer their phone and then you are speaking to people who have no customer training and LIE. Beware of giving them your credit card info, it will be used with out your consent.

Posted by Don't bother with Marco Polo clu

Indeed, consumers be warned. The customer service of Cathay Pacific is next to non existant. I have to do all the running, contact them by email and telephone. Did I get any swift response? After I paid my membership fee, I didn't get my membership for ages and only got a reply after 3 emails. Then I have problems logging into my account and I contacted them again by emails and phone. Did I get any help? Nope! It is a waste of money joining their club with very little benefits.

Posted by GoldMemberMacroPolo

Will advise not to join Macro Polo clubs or flight with CX or collect air miles. It is next to impossible to redeem for flight as they will rather sell you the ticket. My last experience, they will rather flight an empty seat then giving me the redemption ticket. Unbelievable even the booking was 6 month in advance, and 3 days prior to departure when there are more than 10 seats available, still not going to release it, but you can buy the ticket!!!

Posted by greatcustomerservice

Dogs. When they don't want to pick up the phone to answer your inquiries - they say you have pressed the incorrect number. Dogs.. Horrible. Deceitful - actually dogs have more class. Never fly with them again - sickening.

Posted by Victoria Dizon

FlightCX806 from Hongkong 02/22/14 to ORD
Why senior citizen like me and my husband were sitted
separately, 67E and 68E
Very inconvenient, esp. for my husband who tried to control his cough throughout the flight.
We could not get Internet connection to request for seats but we did not expect you would do that to us.
Before check in, we were told to exchange seat if we can
We didn't dare ask for anyone to change seats bec. we didn't have aisle seating to exchange
We thank God we had safe travel.
But whenever we think about your seating arrangement, as I told the supervisor before check in, that was cruel to do to seniors.
Hoping to hear from you,
I remain
Vicki Dizon

Posted by tom

impossible to speak with a live person

Posted by mslai

Asia Miles suck. Customer Service sucks, reaching to their Call Centre in Hong Kong sucks even more. I don't even know what better words can describe Asia Miles other than "sucks". You got a complaint about them? They do not CARE about you because they their mistakes, you're just an unlucky one. Too bad.

I attempted to call the Cantonese line on September 7th 12 times, through out the entire day and left voice message. NO ONE called back. No one. So for the last attempt, I went for the English Line and it went through.
The first customer representative FAILED to assist me. I asked to redeem my points for a flight ticket between September 20th to September 26th. He said no available flights are available, please contact our partnered airlines to find out the available flights. I told him that last time when I redeemed my points, one of the staffs actually contacted the partner airlines for me to find out the available flights. He RESPONDED - "BECAUSE YOU"RE LUCKY". Oh really?! Oh I'm SO THANKFUL. OH WOW...yea right.

Checked the partner airlines' website and found available flights. Called back to the English Line and got someone else to check. Spoke to a girl on the phone, again. No available flights and added that they're "system is more updated" than their airline partner's website. Later, she found an available flight on September 27th and said 50,000 points' needed. I told her..."no...last year (2013), 20,000 is only needed for round trip tickets from YVR to LAX". Then she replied that it has changed....Well great, guess I can't redeem my points for the tickets.

So I purchased my tickets from Expedia. A LESS FRUSTRATING & WITH BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE COMPANY. Found a ticket that's on special. Got it and made a complaint on Asia Miles' Facebook and Twitter. Jenny, is one of the staffs that followed up on me via Facebook. Told her what happened and she said she'll get someone to get back to me.

A day after, received a email from one of the staffs. She said she has FOUND AN AVAILABLE FLIGHT ON SEPTEMBER 25TH. "FYI-ED ME THAT ONLY 20,000 POINTS' NEEDED." Excuse me?! So I emailed back saying that they have MADE MISTAKES AND CONFUSED ME. 1) Only 20,000 is NEEDED and NOT 50,000. 2) Available flight on September 25th and not that it's unavailable, although they claimed that their system is UPDATED. 3) They EMAILED back after I said I HAVE PURCHASED A TICKET FROM ANOTHER TRAVEL AGENCY ALREADY

So today, one of their representatives called FROM MANILA (till now I still don't understand why I haven't received a call yet from Hong Kong). Long story short, she told me the lists of available flights. AGAIN, I've mentioned that I ALREADY SAID I HAVE PURCHASED A TICKET ALREADY IN MY COMPLAINTS. Then she said they can't do anything. They can't give any reimbursements, all they could say is "don't worry, this will never happen again," "sorry, we can't do anything". I asked her to have the complaint forwarded the the Hong Kong's head office; yet, she said that my email's going to be ended up forwarded to the Office in Manila, Philippines. And nothing can be done cause the decision has been done.

I attempted to call the Cantonese line after the call.'s the we're busy, please leave a voice message.

Yes, Asia Miles. I GOT IT. NOTHING CAN BE DONE. YOUR MISTAKES, MY PROBLEM. Not only you just lost ME as a customer, you have lost another 2 at the same time. You're welcome and I will continue spreading my honest review upon your poor customer service. I will avoid taking the airlines that's part of the Asia Miles program, have a great day!

Posted by steve zhou

this company has problem, since the upgrade there computer system 2 year ago, it likes everything is in chaos. I want to book ticket through there web, it shows ticket is available, but when you go through check out process, it just don't show you anything. customer experience is very bad. call there 800 number, try 10 times, always busy, even without any greeting message ask you wait, just busy signal, very weird company. something wrong with this airline.

Posted by MS

Saturday July 27th was my first time flying with Cathay, it has been an awfull day

Now it's Sunday 28th 2h00 pm and i don't yet get my luggage . I really don't undestand why because there where 2 night flights, but my luggage has been put into morning flight (It's a very poor customer consideration)

To sum up i choose Cathay expecting to be at hotel in Bangkok at 18:00 pm and to relax and in fact i arrived at 22:30 pm hungry and the sunday is also a bad day because it was needed to call at least 8 times to try to get information for the luggage (here again good customer sercice !!!)

Already 2:pm on sunday, i'm still waiting in the hotel room for my luggage to be able to change clothes

Very nice customer service from Cathay !!!!. I would rank it as worsed from the world.

Posted by Rory

I am asking for your help Cathay Pacific Airways to please follow up my mother's luggage. She just arrive yesterday in Italy from Cebu, Philippines. Now, she can not claim her things from Cathay Pacific Airways Italy. I am so worried as a daughter for my mother, she is 60 years of age and really need your assistance. She was asked for her key for her luggage in order for her to claim her things. I hope you will not allow any racial discrimination here. Her flight was July 15-16 2013. Flight number from Cebu to Hongkong(CX920). Her baggage claim tag numbers are and . Please do help her, have pity on her time and effort going back in your office in Italy.

Posted by Anonymous

They Are Horrible. I Will Never Fly On Them Again. They Lost My Bag No One Will Help. No One Will Answer The Phone. I Am Feed Up With The Lack Of Service..

Posted by CX heart attach though stress

Cathay Pacific is a disgrace. I cancelled 2 flights and paid the penalty. I was told that for my refund I would also need to speak with with customer service...after hours on the phone and messages left i have still not been able to get to anyone who can help me. I have tried to go through reservations and have even been told by them that it is no good at all!!

Posted by cyrus

when i got problem and need help . i never ever can get get the phone through. i kept telling me that above provided no is not correct.. i don't know why........ pls check out immediately as it really makes people frustrated

Posted by Peter

Eticketing service center unreachable hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

In July I paid 50 USD to receive a Marco polo card and am still waiting to receive it. I have phoned a number of times and have been told that I would receive the card within a few weeks. I have been assured that the card has been processed etc. When the card didn’t come I called again to receive the same news and a reassuring “were looking into it” Last week I called again and was told that it was being processed and also told I would receive a call to let me know what was happening, the call wasn’t made. I also asked for a refund as I had not received the service I had paid for. I was told that no refund was available. I called again this evening and was told again the card was being processed and would arrive in 4 weeks, I requested to speak to a supervisor but was told they were all busy. I am disgusted with the lies, evasion and time wasted in this matter. I have paid for a service I have not received.
No business has the right to withhold a product or service after payment has been made

Posted by Fly_With_SomeOne_Else


1. NO MILEAGE CREDIT AWARDED, even though I paid the full fare to get the miles.

2. NO ACCOUNTABILITY. IRRESPONSIBLE AIRLINE SERVICE: Cathay Pacific denied accountability and reverted me to the other airline for OTHER AIRLINE'S Customer Service.


Posted by Fatty

Very disappointed by their customer service!! Treated me like a prisoner throughout my 4 day of hassle at the airport. I admit it was my mistake i didnot inquire about getting a visa because my passport is still Pakistani. But how could they board me without checking? and even if they did.. why would they not let me fly bac to Pakistan when my passport is Pakistani?? very very unaccomodating.. throughout the 4 days i waited to get back to chicago i was treated like a criminal who was constantly being escorted by their staff.. was promised a hotel or a lounge but nothing was done for that..and then when i finally got back to chicago they didnot fly my bag!!! extremely disappointed!! wasted my money!! Have written to them 3 times.. have not recieved a single response..

Posted by don don

july 31 2012 my fligth from dubai to hongkong .and hongkong to philippines..i still remember the plane cx 746 raw 41 i admit that on my side i have also mistake because it was my hand carry but accidentally i left my laptop inside the plane, around 10 to 15 min when i discover that i left my laptop inside the plane..i go back to the plane but it was close so what i did i go to cathay pacific counter near in that area..i spoke to one of the staffabout what happen..and after she try to call or comunicate to maybe person incharge..then she said to me just wait for 10 of the staff will bring my happy that time because of the service..but after 10 min the personel i spoke said that you have another fligth maybe you can't board the plane and she said they find anything..i am very dis apointed why she tell me before that one of the will bring ang after she said also that they never find anything..,.

Posted by Anonymous


I am writing this mail as I am not able to reach you though phone from past one week I did mail you infroming regarding this.I never got a reply.I am Preetam Bale Shivalingappa, unfortunately used your Airlines for travelling from Bangalore to Memphis on August 30th 2:40 AM flight number CX 6711 via Hongkong, Chicago. I am sorry to say that I had a very bad experience though out the flight journey and would never want to fly again using your airways.
I encountered a list of problems during the travel.

I am strict vegetarian and I was served Non-vegetarian food in spite of requesting them to be served veg.
At Chicago Airport,I searched for my bags and could not find it. I was so tensed because of this.I did not have any of you infroming regarding the delay in bags.I waited for like an hour at your counter and there was no one to help me out on this.Later I was told to contact United Airlines .I went to inquire there and they sent back me to Cathay Pacific. I had only around ten mins for catching the next flight to head towards Memphis .This made me feel even worse.
My baggage were delayed for 2 days. As all my daily requirements were in those baggage I was forced to shop out because of the delay.
After getting the bags I found 2 of my bags out of 3 to be damaged which is so disgusting.When I asked the delivery guy, he asked me to inquire the Airlines.I did write a mail soon regarding this and even called but there was no proper response.

So now I have decided to cancel the tickets which I had book to return back to Bangalore and would never want to fly again in your Airlines.

Thank you for such a wonderful service to your loyal customers

Ph: +1 901-907-1476

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Posted by Bingham OC

I waited 45 minutes to get to a live person regarding my reservation. During the hold time I was googling Cathay Pacific's customer service and came across this site with horrible stories of long futile wait. I'm glad I didn't give up because a live person did answer the call despite the long wait and took care of my problem with a very pleasant attitude.

Posted by Robert R.

I would like to bring reconition to an outstanding employee in your Cebu office,I do not know her full name,her first name is Pinkey,She was the most friendly and helpful prtson i have ever met.Through her hard work and personal care i was able to fly out from Cebu to Hong Kong to Nrw York after the thyphoon in Hong Kong earlier that i thought.Give her my love and appreciation. Robert R. Willis

Posted by Tom

Great service flying from SFO to HK. I messed up my flight time, so woke up to realize that my flight was already departed. Called customer service and for a small fee they booked me on the flight following day. Travel experience was great, personal tv with great selection of movies and programs to entertain during the long flight, friendly staff, food was good as well. Will certainly fly again.

Posted by Gwen

I am stunned to see these negative comments. Cathay is the best airline I have ever flown. The service is extraordinary, the comfort unsurpassed, and the caring and courtesy with which I have been treated is unmatchable. Give it another try.

Posted by Satisfied

Just had a seating problem fixed with customer service. The staff was professional, helpful, and quick.

Sorry the other posters had so many problems.

I've never had a problem with this airline.

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