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Carquest customer service is ranked #142 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 51.89 out of a possible 200 based upon 21 ratings. This score rates Carquest customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


18 Negative Comments out of 21 Total Comments is 85.71%.


3 Positive Comments out of 21 Total Comments is 14.29%.

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    • 51.89 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 18 negative comments (85.71%)
    • 3 positive comments (14.29%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 4.1 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.9 Friendliness
    • 4.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I have had a charge account at our local CARQUEST store in Malta, Montana for over 30 year, Solberg Farms of Malta. I had one of my men go to the local store this morning to purchase a part for his pickup and he was told that I no longer have a charge account. I spoke with the manager and it seems I was late on my bill some time in the past which I reply..... "Guilty as charged." So my account has disappeared. I asked the manager how much I owe and she said "It appears that you have $12 credit." I said so you owe me money, but I don't have an account to charge on any longer. I understand in the big picture that you need policies to stay current on your "Accounts Receivable" but shouldn't you look at history before you pull them off the books.

Orvin Solberg

Posted by Anonymous

My experience at carquest in Brookings Oregon this morning was terrible. The employee cussed me out in front of the owner and called me bad names when I wanted to return some items with my recipes. He told me there would be a 20 percent restock fee..he turned to me and started saying you and calling me names and said he should charge me 80 percent restock fee..all this in front of owner.. this is Dan's Auto & Marine Electric in Brookings Oregon.. they should close there doors and never disrespect there customers..EVER..

Posted by Kaye

Carquest on 1012 W Maloney Ave, Gallup, NM 87301

2 times my husband abd I went to go into the parts store for oil and antifreeze, they men who worked there followed us like we were going to steal and when confronted them of why they were folowing us, they said "So No Oe Steals", Customer Service was very bad, we experienced racism at its finest, they didn't even want to cash us out and told us they do not have a debit machine...but they had machines at the registers. Both times we were treated like they didn't want us in the store, the didn't want to help us at all. I will not go back to that store, so unprofessional and lacks respect to customers as well as very bad customer service.

Posted by gord

I'm on my 4th Carquest rack and pinion assembly since October 2015 and within 10-12,000 kilometers. Our vehicle is a well maintained and senior driven 2008 Ford Taurus AWD.

I contacted the local CARQUEST dealer. I was told that he had been raising concerns for some time with the company about the poor quality of the rebuilt units. He gave me the number of the local rep.

I called him this morning and briefly explained the situation. He advised me that he was in traffic, that he had my contact number on his phone and that he would phone back within the hour. It is now 5:30 p.m. and no call. There could be a good reason for the delay calling back, but there's no excuse for the obvious inferior quality of the parts.

First unit was very stiff, would not return to steering neutral position after a turn without input. It was replaced within 90 days. Replacement leaked immediately upon installation and did not even make it off the hoist. Third unit was less stiff and lasted about 18 months, then a major failure once again.

I leave it up to my mechanic to pick the parts. No more. Only two years warranty while NAPA offers lifetime. Four hours labour to change these things plus the downtime and the cost a new alignment.

Posted by Carquest

Would like to report Williston by. Economy motor sales. Tried out a truck on Saturday said I would go to the bank on Monday for a loan. They said ok. Got loan early Wednesday am. Asked for a $300 deposit on Thursday I said ok. Got a call in afternoon on Wednesday and was told the truck was sold. It's still on carquest. Had to drive 200 miles in order to see it. This is not right.

Posted by Anonymous

I brought 6 quarts of oil and a filter and you charged me 3 different price for the oil. I brought this to your employees attention and they said there is nothing they can do. Well i see this a bad customer service and i would not recommend any to your parts store. I am not very happy with what i was told and i dont like being ripped off with so called oil change specials this no way to keep customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I was not a customer at car quest but instead had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a car quest employee, in Cañon City Colorado by the name of Rosa, seek help at a store where I was shopping. She was not only rude to the employees, but she actually yelled and demanded they change their policies or they would all lose their jobs. She was completely unprofessional while the employees were apologetic and as far as I could tell they were able to order her item. Anyone who works for a company and goes shopping in their company uniform and conducts themselves in such a manner should be held accountable for their actions just as they would if they behaved in such a manner at their physical job. She was so unbelievably disrespectful that I will never use car quest and I will advise my friends and family to avoid the company as well. Car quest would do well to better inform their employees on how to conduct themselves when still in uniform.

Posted by vactor

Worse parts you can buy . Had to change timing chain 6 times now due to failed parts that was new.

Posted by Dave

My name is Dave I'm from the Las Vegas Nv area a small town 60 miles from Vegas called pahrump and we do have a CarQuest here. Last April of this year I was working in Vegas and my truck broke down, I replaced the master brake cylinder, the power brake booster, also the vacuum pump on the front of the engine it froze up and my serpentine belt broke. With each one of these items was another trip to the Carquest store. I even went back one time to rent a puller tool to take the pulley off the old pump the new pump doesn't come with a that was like four times going to CarQuest and buying parts and renting one, and each time I gave them my name and number and got my truck running. Will here it is (4) months later and the pump broke and froze up and broke my serpentine belt again. Will no big deal can't find my receipt but I know they will have my name and info in there computer because the pump had a warranty. Will I went down to CarQuest 8/25 and told them that I don't have my receipts that I pick these thing up at a store in Vegas because I was working there at the time, I would of gone back to that store but iam no longer working I have no way of getting there so can you look it up on your computer the guy said as long as you give them your name and number which you know I did to get a rental tool you have to besides that I did anyways. So now its (4) months later, no job two kids in school with after school activities which they can't go to because I can't pick them up. Will I gave him my info and I'm not even in their system,I can't afford to buy another one its like $130.00 and in the mean time we are just ---- out of luck. When he putt my name in the computer it came back with a completely different name I think he said its a woman's with out receipts there is nothing he can do so I'm just out of luck I can't afford to buy a new one so now what.

Posted by N/A

I went to buy sum new struts for my truck at the spokane valley pines store, and I waited about over 30 minutes before I received help, when I was the only one in the store...okay I was okay with that but the mangerJamie and I asked her if they had the part in stock and I waited again for another 30minutes and so I was all ready an hour and so I left and when I was getting she was just agreeing with some guy I guess she had more important things to do then help me...and I've been going to that store for years and I've never met someone so unprofessional,and so rude to me cause I was in a hurry, but I waited and when I went to my truck she saw me and I said thanks for the help and gives the middle I'm never going back to the valley pines car quest ever again and I couldn't believe that she's the manager of that store.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer at the Kalkaska, MI location for over 30 years and never have had such bad service since recently. I ordered a set of shocks for my truck and was told they would be in the next morning. So, I took my old ones off and the next morning went to get the parts. They ordered the wrong ones! No apology, nothing! The previous day, I bought a small bottle of acetylene only to find when I got home (14 miles away) that the bottle was empty! I took it back and exchanged it and again, No apology, nothing. Just a smart remark about not knowing how much gas in in the tanks they sell. Not going to this store again even if I have to travel for a part. By they way, we have an O'Rielly's, an Advance Auto Parts and an Auto Value in our town of Kalkaska, MI. Guess they don't want my business anymore.

Posted by Bear

I called your Lebanon Kentucky store for a part for my truck. The clerk looked up on the computer and as he was talking, he would use foul language. Then he would continue to use foul language while trying to figure out what he was looking at. A simple egr valve is all I needed, but I didn't need to hear the garbage that was coming from his mouth. Is this the kind of disrespect you guy hire to treat your customers? I will no longer be going back to carquest for anything else if this is the kind of garbage come from this place.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a water pump from Sheffield CARQUEST in Kansas City Missouri and the water pump busted in half and tore the hood up on my truck toward the fan belt the fan went through the radiator in the hood of my truck and I need some help with this cuz I cannot afford to buy all these parts when I just bought that water pump my name is Curtis Neal my telephone number is could you please give me a call on this thank you

Posted by na

Did repairs on equipment at one of their locations approximately 7 months ago and still haven't been paid. Tried calling headquarters several times and all it does is ring. Very poor on their payments.

Posted by Mark

I attempted to purchase a brush used for washing cars that I have purchased from your Airline Hwy Baton Rouge location many times.The staff and manager at the location were not helpful at all and treated me indifferently. They said they couldn't help me unless I had a part number. I feel as though they were just not interested in helping me. I called the Oak Villa Baton Rouge location and the manager there quickly found 5 of them for me.

I'm very disappointed in the service I received at the Airline Hwy Baton Rouge location.I will not go back there for things I need for my Avis/Budget Car Rental business.

Mark Hotard

Posted by Anonymous

i recently purchased a re manufactured starter for a ford bronco 1988 5.8 v 8 automatic.. what they gave me i think was a starter for a different motor .. the wrong part wrong nose cone on it .. i did not catch it being busy and out the starter in and it did not sound right but was working and then after a few days starting grinding!! well when i pulled it back out it was shot!! busted the drive gear in it and the casing i took it back and said something is not right .. was told to go get the receipt came back next day was told nothing cou;d be done until after lunch...i said you know what just order me a brand new starter .. so they did the clerk was just as flip as he could possibly get away with..two days later i sent my wife in to get the new starter as i was done doing business with car quest forever!! and they did not refund my money for the wrong part that almost wiped out the flex plate in my truck .. i am a semi retired ex mechanic of thirty years with references. auto truck all the way to inboard out board and heavy ships tug boats welder fabricator mechanic of the highest order...never in my extensive career have i seen such shoddy service!!! and such an under lying smugness and disdain for customers...fully intend to pursue the matter in small claims1!this particular truck has sixty thousand original miles on it !!! and is well maintained the new starter had a different nose cone and mounts and worked perfectly!!but i am out about fifty dollars and labor... thanks just want you to know the kind of people that are representing you out there!!ps it is my wife and daughters truck we live in Montana and winter is coming thanks for the stress.. we also spent an average f hundred and fifty month at your establishment..

Posted by Anonymous

Went into the store to find out the price on headlight bulbs. The gentleman that help me was very help. He told me how much the bulbs where and I told him I would be back to get them. I turned preceded towards the door but stop to look at another product when another employee said he's not coming back. He could've waited till I was out the door. I thought it was very rude for him to say something like that with me still in the store. I've stop there several times in the past and received fairly good service. But I won't go back anymore. I'm not going to spend my money where I'm not appreciated. The store in Nashville on 8th Ave won't be seeing me again. Customers service is really becoming a lost art.

Posted by Anonymous

completely rude asked a question they couldn't answer so they hung up on me and when I called back they told me to bad I cant do anything about it

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Posted by Jose, the store Manager

Hello: I just wanted to let you know that today I had wonderful service at store # 8302 in Sacramento,Ca. with JOSE, the store Manager. I was returning some break parts, he helped me get them out of my trunk and gave me a refund to my debit card. He was a outstanding employee.. This is the best customer service in a auto parts store that I have ever received too. I just wanted to let the corporate office know about him. He represents your company extremely well;. Thank you W. Alexander

Posted by Mike


I visited your store on New Bern Ave. today in Raleigh.I attempted to explaing my problem-all my tail lights went out on my Sprinter- and I thought it had to be a fuse. Your associate said it had to be the bulbs themselves. He came outside to check and confirmed it to me and I asked if he had a star screwdriver and he opened the trunk to his car and pulled one form his tool box and began to take off the lens to examine which bulbs were bad. Then he went inside to go over the vast amount of bulbs to find the right ones and fit them perfectly. Thankfully, there was another associate there and when a few more customers came in he went back to help his comrade. He kept coming back to help and it made my day as I am not too mechanically inclined in fact not at all. I think his name was Darren- an African-American man. I hope you can recognize a prize employee for what he is.

Posted by mhotard1

Your manager at the Baton Rouge Oak Villa Location, Charity, provided excellent customer service. I needed a tampico fiber brush to clean cars for my car rental company, an Avis/Budget center. She went out of her way to get as many of these brushes as she could from different locations. She was friendly and helpful, and kept in close contact about her efforts via email.

The brush I have used for years is part # 21074. If you can find a case of these I'd be interested in purchasing them. I don't care for the plastic bristle brush you have replaced this item with.

Mark Hotard

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Posted by Anonymous

Car Quest failed to put my direct deposit in the bank! I cannot find anyone who knows a damn thing about what happened. They keep transferring me to some lady in India that doesn't speak clear English! Who is going to reimburse me for bounced checks? Crazy mickey mouse organization!


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