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Carnival Cruises customer service is ranked #116 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 55.02 out of a possible 200 based upon 188 ratings. This score rates Carnival Cruises customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


153 Negative Comments out of 188 Total Comments is 81.38%.


35 Positive Comments out of 188 Total Comments is 18.62%.

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    • 55.02 Overall Rating
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    • 153 negative comments (81.38%)
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Posted by Very Unhappy Tina

I felt the need to share with you, the negative experience that I have witnessed on your cruise ship with your Pixels Dept. (Photo Dept.). My booking number on the Carnival Conquest

I was informed after my last session with Photo Pixels that my photos would be delivered to my room. I ordered a 16X20 Canvas and (1) 8X10 with complimentary of (16) wallets. My pictures were never delivered, and was charged a transaction of $125.92. I did not think about the pictures, until I returned home. I notified Carnival about the unfortunate situation, and have been given nothing but the run around ever since. I have made (7) phone calls, with countless hours of being put on hold, and several conversations with different people, that not been helpful at all. I have never experienced such unprofessionalism with a company in my times of cruising with Carnival, as I have with your photo Pixels Department.

I have made my last attempt today, and requested to be reimbursed for the $125.92, in which your customer service assured me it would only be for $81.94. At this point, I am too exhausted and frustrated to argue about the amount difference.

I have booked another future cruise with Carnival (Booking #4FB9D7), be honest with you, I am seriously considering cancelling the cruise because of this past experience.

I can't help but wonder how many other people have experienced this same situation with this department. It has totally taken away the excitement of the beautiful photos that my husband and I were so proud of. That was the reasoning of ordering the canvas portrait.

The Photo Pixel company and your customer services, should be ashamed of the attitude that they shown your Carnival customers. They have shown NO remorse at all.

Their names are listed below with dates of the conversations.

09-30-16 - Spoke with Andrea (AGAIN) . She assured me (Lori Marks -Supervisor) would call me back...SHE NEVER DID!) Note: Had days to do so.

11-02-16 - Spoke with Giovannie - States manager Corrina Mora would call me back. NEVER DID!!!!

11-03-16 - Spoke with Gail Ellis - For her to reimburse my money. She was not very personable.

I will report this to the Better Business Bureau, with hopes that no one else will experience what I have on this ship.

Out of respect for you, I felt the need to notify you personally.

Posted by [email protected]


WHY is it that when I go through ALL the online procedures and try to print my luggage tags, etc. NOTHING is printed?

Please see the information below and mail me all printed material available, TODAY.

OR tell me why I should not find another cruise line whose online services WORK.

You are BIG - I am a regular cruiser - get it together! Contact me TODAY!

Booking My Ship: Carnival Glory # of Guests: 2

Stateroom:9225 Check-In Time:01:30 PM - 02:00 PM Sail Date:Oct 08, 2016

Posted by 320 Tex ave

This was my first cruise and I was a little disappointed my dress bag was lost which they fixed guest service to much time spent in line overall my first cruise was ok

Posted by Primcessel

I was very dissatisfied with the Carinval Cruise ship in Miami on 6/24/16..
There was roaches in the bathroom and the water in the tub smelled like Dookie. We had to get our room deordorize before we could return to our room.

Posted by Mommabeck

Dear Carnival Cruise Customer Relations Representitive,

I have not gotten any response from the letter I sent several months ago, regarding the following booking. Booking 6B5ZW9
As you can see by our VIFP accounts, we enjoy cruising with Carnival. That is until this particular booking.

Unfortunately, the week before sailing I was admitted to the hospital through the Emergency Room.
Although I purchased the Travel Insurance, they denied coverage.
I believed Carnival would stand behind my coverage.

I feel that Carnival should have at the very least applied my payments towards a future cruise!

Since I had no response to my letter, we have taken two cruises on NCL.
I would like to book a family cruise, but I will book with Royal Caribbean if Carnival does not take steps to make this right.

Very Respectfully,

Posted by [email protected]

My wife and I have platinum status with Carnival, and planned a Mediterranean cruise for a special occasion. When we inquired with a planner on our recent cruise, we were told that there was no such trip available. Enter the Vista!! The Mediterranean is in fact a destination. Since we were misinformed, we booked with another line. We spent 12 wonderful days visiting spots we had only dreamed of. It was a glorious experience!! I sincerely believe that Carnival dropped the ball. We are not just ordinary folks, we are stockholders who are very disallisioned!
You collectively need to get your act together and provide accurate information to loyal customers!

Posted by Anonymous

We were highly disappointed in our cruise. I think when booking a family cruise, you should be notified when the majority of the passengers are going to be drunk, partying college kids on spring break. My 12-year-old was propositioned more than once and offered to be bought a drink. My kids were never able to get in the pool or hot tub because they were totally packed with obnoxiously drunk college kids at all times.

Our stop at Half Moon Cay was cancelled 10 minutes prior to departure which was a total disappointment. My kids were looking forward to the horseback riding excursion we had booked for them. I understand now the reasons for the cancellation, however I never knew that was even a possibility prior to it happening.


Very dissatisfied Carnival customer

Posted by rlg

Customer Service on the Triumph. Very bad, in fact this was my forth cruise with Carnival and my last one. Feb 22 - Feb 27, 2016. Shower had hair floating in it from other cruises, deck had cigar butts and cigarette butts all over it! Shows were cancelled because of leaks on stage. Ship is in bad shape. When I called customer service and asked when my shower would be fixed so it would not be clogged and flowing over, they didn't know. Deck cleaned three days into trip. The website says adult pool but there is no adult pool customer service said they have adult whirl pools which were full of kids too. Terrible trip. Terrible service. Take another cruise line!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I called your customer service line 3 days ago to ask questions about an upcoming cruise to Alaska as well as past cruises that we had taken but we're not registered on our . I spoke to Elvena (possibly misspelled),who works in Colorado Springs. Her supervisors name is Janet. I found Elvena to be extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professionable during our phone conversation.

She answered every question that I asked of her

I have worked on the retail side of banking for many years and I know how customers can be. They are quick to make complaints but rather slow to make compliments. I hope that all of your CSR's are just like Elvena

Victor Perez

Posted by Anonymous

I was on a 11 day cruise last week on the triumph. I was told and had read the ship had been cleaned up after the breakdown a few years back. I was very disappointed because there was mold on our sink and in the toilets. I had no choice but to try to enjoy the trip. Why was it not cleaned up? The staff and crew were very nice but instead of standing around to sell the spa services, those people should have been cleaning the place. I have pictures to email so you can see. I have cruised alot and this is the worst I have seen. They should have stated the triumph still had problems.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, My husband and I recently booked a cruise with Carnival along with our 12 family members.
We have 5 cabins reserved under Stockman and DeMarco. The Miracle leaving Dec 17th from LA.

This group was on the Carnival Dream back in Dec 2014 and unfortunately had to write a complaint as a few of us were verbally assaulted by one of your wait staff and swore that we would never sail with Carnival again.
After many discussions we decided to give Carnival another try and went ahead and booked another one. One of our Conf#'s is 9C7NZ4.
Today, I received via USPS a flyer that states "WELCOME to the INNER CIRCLE" for my VIFP #35940694. I immediately called Carnival and inquired as to if I would be able to utilize this on our up coming cruise. I spoke with someone by the name of DENNIS who was so rude that I had to end the conversation.
I have to be honest, I am contemplating CANCELLING the up coming cruise. Not because the promotion is not allowed for the dates that we are sailing but because of his rudeness. He acted as if he was bothered by taking the call and talked down to me.
Is being rude customary of Carnival? I really hope not.
I will be sitting down with the other family members within the next few days to discuss the possibility of moving this cruise to another cruise line.
Please understand that it is not my intention to get any special perks or special treatment. I am just hoping to raise awareness to your management so that Carnival does not lose more customers.

Thank you so much for your attention in this matter.

Posted by Anonymous

Just returned from Carnival cruise on the Dream. Very unhappy! Boarding was very difficult (compared to

Florida ports. What a nerve charging $20 extra for a decent steak during regular dining. This was our 13th cruise, 8 or 9 with Carnival, and we have always had good food available each day. Choosing to go to an additional cost restaurant is fine, but expect better in regular dining. VERY unhappy with the Casino.

Spend more than the average. Had enough points for free drinks by second day, but was not informed of this perk until the 5th day!!!!! Have in the past ALWAYS received at least one bottle of complimentary wine. While others did, we did not! Just not what wse have come to expect from Carnival. Sailing again early February, HOPE for better. Would like to know where we stand with regard to premium status

Posted by larry4jesus

Back in Mid August my daughter and her boyfriend went on a cruise on one of your ships and sailed out of Galveston Texas. They had a great trip and called to check in on my grandson a couple of times during the trip.
My problem is...I continually get phone calls from the cruise ship. A guy called last night and left a message about his missing luggage. I hope he found it cause I aint never been on a cruise and wouldn't know the first place for him to look. I have gotten numerous calls form all sorts of people and do not answer. When they do leave a message my phone carrier is charging me for an overseas call from Greenland. Is there any way this can stop? Is there anything Carnival can do to reimburse me for my phone charges and the annoyance this has been for me.
And in addition I know your passengers are being charged for calls they thought were going to your ship and not to Texas.
Please advise what can be done to rectify this problem.

Thank you.

Larry Foley

Posted by Harry

I just sent an e-mail to customer [email protected]

The address I sent this request was given to me by Vacation to go but it came back please pass this on to the right deptment.

Thank you Harry Smith

Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2015 6:01 PM

Subject: Fw: Help

Dear Customer Service Dept.

I just looked over the letter I sent E mail a couple days ago, noting that I for got to include our phone numbers.

our house phone #530 832 1654 and My cell (Harry) 530 927 9742

Also our address if needed PO Box 457 Portola, Ca. 96122

Thank you again

Harry and Delories

----- Original Message -----

From: Harry Smith

To: [email protected]

Sent: Friday, April 17, 2015 3:12 PM

Subject: Help

Dear Customer Service Dept.

My wife and I are just at the age were we are looking to do more cruises. We just booked one four days ago,and the next day we went to see Dr. Garey Sage for a follow up on my wife's

urine infection, part of the check up was to look at the bladder. After looking at the bladder, His report is she has tumor and she must have surgery as soon as possible, because He also said it could be cancer.

The reason I am writing is we would like to get your help. I have talked to the travel agent and He is the one who advise me to contact you and that you were the only one who could help me out. If you could give us favor and exception. If we could get a voucher, later booking, or a refund it would be a blessing what ever works better for you. We were looking forward to our cruise (disappointed).

The details as followed.

Harry and Delories (Dee) Smith

I have never received a booking # yet but I do have a Reservation # and it is 5T1ZB2 We booked our tickets from Vacation to go

Sailing date May 10th

Departing from Galveston TX.

7 days

going to Cozumel, Mexico. Belize City, Belize and Roatan, Hondures.

Name of Ship Carnival's Carnival Magic.

I am getting a letter from Her Dr. that I can fax it to you as soon as I receive it. Please advise, or you can call her Dr.

We hope you under stand and well make exceptions.

Please advise if you need any more information

Harry S Smith and Deloris W Smith

Posted by Anonymous

Good afternoon my name is David Blake Jr., I'm a Public Safety Officer in Massachusetts. I worked six years in Corrections, three years Police, then the Judical System. I want to make a difference for person

I recently found out my friend: was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer and its terminal. Her name is Loretta McClary and she's 31 years old.

Miss McClary is a full time Massage Therapist, and on free time donates free service to Hospice patients. Also brings her dog who is trained to see patients. She also sells part time organic foods, and if I recall proceeds go to Jimmy Fund. Loretta also does a lot charity running events up to getting sick.

Loretta is graduating next from Regis College as a Bachelors level Nurse.

She has a husky/samoy mix dog named sam and she dressed him in Redsox attire.

I would do anything, if she could be granted a trip. I can get medical documentation

I would volunteer or make a donation to a cause of you choosing. To return the favor if you like. Thank you so much for reading my message. She has been crying every moment since last monday, the bills are high and just did life insurance policy. Please I'm begging any way to grant a vacation.

David Blake Jr.

My friend who is sick please oniy contact her, if can grant a vacation as gift.

Loretta McClary

Posted by M

Hello, I wanted to let you know that I have cruised twice with Carnival since August 2014. On both cruises everything was wonderful! We have been on cruises before on Royal Caribbean and have always loved cruising! We were pleasantly surprised by Carnival and decided we were going to switch to your cruise line because we have had such a great experience!
On the cruise in January 2015 I entered a slot tournament and won an entry for the 100k tournament in May on the Dream. I called the phone number on the certificate last night to make my reservation, the Rep did not know anything about the promotion, and after explaining the certificate three times to her she finally gave me a price of $1055.00 at B4 this was for both me and my husband. I wanted to check and see if my daughter was going to go with us so I did not reserve because we would need a bigger room. Today I called and I spoke with a rep named Jeanette, again she was unaware of the promotion, again after repeating the promotion code to her several times and explaining the certificate she took several minutes to check a price for the 4 of us (which was over close to $4000) I told her I knew that my daughter would not go for that so I wanted to book what I spoke about the night before she then told me the rate for the room was now $1765.00! I told her I wanted to speak with her supervisor but she refused. The cruise in January cost us $739.00. Are you going up on the price of the cruise because of the tournament? I was so happy when I won because I haven't ever won anything! Now I am feeling that I just won a scam to get me to sail again at a outrageous price! sincerely,M. I have sent this to guest services 4 times and only get an automated response stating they will be in touch within a week it has been 2 months

Posted by Anonymous

Recently friends and I cruised with the "Pride." and were extremely disappointed.
The stateroom need desperate updating as there were gouges in the wood, filty carpets and drapes.
We experienced dirty cutlery on the Lido deck.
Ashley in the jewelry dept. and the Lady in the candy store were very cold and rude.
Hector in the dining room was wonderful and Edy our cabin boy was marvelous.
The cruise experience left me feeling sad.

Posted by jbmyb98

To whom it may concern,

My name is John Brown, and I was on the Facination 2/9 - 2/14. There were issues that I brought forth to guest services, and were completely ignored. Pepole were smoking in the no smoking areas, and in cabins. I was on upper deck 6. Walking to the laundry, you can smell it. Your crew did not enforce the policy. At the bars inside and out that state no smoking, were not enforced. I spent hard earned money to take a cruise and have fun, not be ignored. I told a crew member that one of the glass elevators was not working (he had rand) He was standing next to the elevator. He looked at me, then looked away completely ignoring me. How can a person have fun on a cruise that was ignored. I sent 2 emails, and haven't received a response regarding the issues.
Not receiving your response is telling me that Carnival does not care about
the guests concerns. I'm going on the Sunshine in October, and really hope that these issues don't happen. This will tell me weather I stay with Carnival, or go to another cruise line. I really hope I hear back from someone really soon.

John Brown

Posted by patricia

I booked my first ever cruise with carnival spirit 07/01/215.The staff were excellent right across the board it was an enjoyable and fun experience would I book again cant wait as it was like living in a different world the steward that attended my suite is great and I would book the same suite I would do it on my own now.The only thing IS that after a couple of days after returning I received a statement from my bank and my account was over drawn after discussing it with my bank they discovered that on the 22/01/2015 two purchases were made on the spirit when I left the ship all that had to be paid was the price of two cans of coke I need answers as that money was going towards my next cruise with carnival sprit

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern, on the 17 th August 2014 I went on my first cruise for my 50 th birthday, with 18 people, this was on the Pacific Jewel leaving from Brisbane qld for 4 nights, from the moment we boarded, we had nothing but a bad experience, we were in a minisuites, and had no more service than anyone who was on the bottom of the boat. The food was cold, room service was very poor, all the activities which was shown on your web site, didn't exist, I saved up for this cruise for over 2 years, and found that I could of had a better time at home, and saved my self money, I was so looking forward to the cruise. We got are bill and was charged an extra $100 foru nothing, the entertainment was very minium, and was lost what to do during the day. The main part of the cruise was getting of at Airlee beach. I know that this must not mean much to you, but I would really like to go on a cruise again, and experience a great time, with the extra services we were to get, and told about. I hope that you could give me some feed back about this cruise.

Posted by torchy4

I booked a Carnival cruise for 03/22/2014-Have alwas went on Carnival-I have health problem with my wife and wanted a change the trip to the September 27/2014 cruise from the same port Ft Lauderdale-I wouldnt think there was a problem-until I heard from Felicia the supervisor-couldn't of cared about my situation cannot change-so Ill take my sick wife on the cruise on March22/14-and this one I promise will be the last cruise on Carnival

Posted by Helen

Hi, I am Helen Hayes I traveled on carnivalsplender last June I fell on my knee comming out of the hot tube. I reported it to the offficer and thought I was alright, but after getting home my knee stayed bruised and kept on hurting so I went to the doctor and had a hair line fractor. Iam saying this to letyou maybe a matt can be put down to asorbed the water and and pervent falls.This will not stop me from cruiseing with carnival, the manner in wich carnival keeps us with a smile with the great hospitality for our family it is the best. In fact I am planning on cruiseing in June or July13,2014 to southern caribbeam for 8 days.I been crusing with carnival for 11 cruies. Thanks Helen Hayes

Posted by jamesbond555

I have been sailing with Carnival for over ten years and want to say that Carnival service on board for the last 10 years was excellent and had no complaints. But just want to say until you want to cancel or reschedule your cruise. Then your problems start. Rudeness non considering corporation. They don't care how many years you have been with them. There answer is no. What makes it worse when you have gone through another travel agent like Travelocity they will only communicate with them not you. Guess what you get a different agent every time you call, unfamiliar with the problem. But Carnival is the problem. I will not cruise again with Carnival even if its cheaper.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been on many cruises. Always would highly recommend this cruise line over others. My cruise on the Dream from Oct 5 - Oct 12 was terrible. Not only did I have to ask for CLEAN TOWELS because the ones hanging in bathroom was dirty, room service DID NOT bring napkins or silverware 3 mornings, bloody napkin was sent once. Cabin person NEVER came to introduce himself...I called him on my Tuesday evening to ask WHY I did not have a towel creature in my cabin. He said, "I guess I forgot." Had to ask for husband's golden pin. Took 2 days to get. Ask could we maybe go to Formal Dining Room later since ship was 5 to 6
hours late getting to san juan because of medical emergency. A female behind customer desk named Dana was VERY RUDE and said NO. This is only a few problems we had. I am so disappointed with Carnival Cruise Line.

Posted by Peggy Gordon

Carnival Cruise Lines has always been my favorite cruise line to travel with. Their care and concern has always been very good until this year. My family made a tradition every year since about 3-4 years ago to meet somewhere, we usually take up to about 15-20 guests and most of the time always some that have never been before for future potential cruisers. In the year 2012 May, we took my parents on the Fascination out from Jax, Fl.

we were so impressed we couldnt wait until this year. We didn't the same treatment as last year and this was about our 7th cruise. I had an accident on May 29th. No fault of my own but of the staff of the Fascination of neglect. I wound up in the Bahamian Hospital costing us $2500. before we could leave the hospital. Was taken back aboard ship and I spent the rest of the cruise in bed in the bottom of a ship and couldn't get around except for a wheelchair, they we had to beg for and had to pay $50. for on board. My young granddaughters 12, & 8 were terrified. It was their very first cruise and I so wanted them to have the time of their lives. The service was NOT great, rude staff members (with the exception of the guest services) they were very nice to us. I sent an email to guest services a few months back I was promised that they would reply back to me with 7 - 10 days. Up until this day. NO RESPONSE as was promised. I am not asking to sue the cruise lines ( I know that I can) because of the negligence of the staff. I just want to be compensated for pain and suffering and losing a vacation my family and I wasted our money on at no fault of our own. I have asked for the CEO's name and address and also the captain of this ship. I save from year to year a little money out of the mere earnings from a job. I am 61 years old, my husband is 63. We are at this time of our life ready to retire and maybe do a little more cruising. Right now I would never recommend to anyone to take Carnival. Not because I think the cruiseline is bad. Just didn't take care of me personally nor my family. I don't treat my guests that visit me like this. I was truly let down. Since my injuries were extensive and I will never over them (I had whiplash, a concussion on my head the size of a football & bleeding on the skull, injuries of the back, side and both arms and could not walk for days, my plans will be to hire an attorney to seek compensation. I don't want to get rich, just wanted to be treated as a guest you would care about. I am ready to present to the courts witnesses who will testify (one a retired OSHAA expert from the Coast Guard) in whom I fell in front of, a wife of a Judge from Fernadina Beach, Fl., and others will tell you that with the seriousness of these injuries, I had to wait 20 minutes emergency response time from EMT and was snatched up with no C-Spine control nor placed on a backboard to prevent further injuries but merely put in a wheelchair from the Lido Deck and taken to the infirmary. I just want to know that someone from your Cruise line cared about me and my family. I do expect to receive some kind of reply soon or I shall go ahead and instruct my attorney to proceed further. I would like to send this in a letter form, certified to the CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines. Would you please do not ignore this one like the previous request that I never got a reply back. My name is Peggy S. Gordon.

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Posted by Anonymous

i just spoke to shanika she was VERY VERY helpful to me she is a great asset to your company was very helpful wi th a problem i had in changing an excursion time

Posted by [email protected]

Enjoyed my cruise love that the staff that help us especially the ones that served us in the dining room hope they get kudos I have forgotten their names also the two gentlemen in the fun shop Lewis and Yukov was very helpful and courteous and waitress Cynti in the nightclub on the magic this weekend work great please let them know I didn't forget how I was treated much love to that staff don't know how to pronounce Pomona name but dining in his present were excellent host.

Posted by Kim

We just returned from our 5 day Bahamas cruise! We were on board the Esctasy! We had an amazing time!!! Words can't describe the amazing top notch staff we encountered.. Pictured below is Puja- Asst team waitress- who made our trip above and beyond all our expectations! She made us feel so comfortable as she went out of her way to make us feel special. My kids cried the night we left because they were goingto miss her! We also enjoyed our waiter Gusti- we was amazing! Joycee the junior maître d' was another amazing lady! She went out of her way everyday to say hello and to make sure we had everything we needed! Please give these staff members the recognition they deserve... Because of them we will definitely be cruising again!!
Kim Potlas

Posted by Anonymous

Great Customer service today by Mrs. Sarah Burnett on the phone. I called in to ask some questions about my reservation for September FL sailing; what a nice helpful staff member Mrs. Burnett is. She listens, answers with cruise policy knowledge and directed my inquiry to my Travel Agent, National Liesure Group for further clarification. In short, Sarah was the perfect assistant today March 13, 2015. As a past cruiser, I very much look forward to my trip on The Sensation ship this Labor Day..... P. Daiger of Florida.

Posted by ShopperSue

We docked after a cruise on the Legend on Feb 2, 2014. At the airport I realized I left my wallet in the safe in our cabin. It was Sunday so Customer Service wasn't open. I had to wait until Monday to call. I had debit card, credit cards, checkbook, Durable Power of attorny, cash, insurance cards etc. My entire life is in that wallet. I was told they would do what they could to find it. I waited two weeks and called again. They said the ship had gone into drydock for remodeling and there would be a delay in retreiving lost items from the ship. Another two weeks and I called again. They said they were still receiving items from that particular cruise. Finally March 7th I got a call that they had my wallet. The rep said they had already mailed it and I would get it in a few days. I did receive it the following monday and everything was intact. They remove the cash and mail a check. But they told me exactly how much cash was in it and it was correct. So I am now waiting on the check which they said could take two weeks. I am very impressed that there was nothing, not a dime, missing. Kudos Carnival. I greatly appreciate it.

Posted by Anonymous

We just finished our Caribbean cruise on Carnival Valor and filled out a survey with high praises but failed to recognize the Guest Services supervisor, Moises Clarena. Somewhere on the ship, we misplaced our camera and reported it to Guest Services. It had not been turned in but Mr. Clarena took great care to record all the information in case it was turned in and provided us with a letter confirming our loss. We thought he went well beyond what was expected and appreciated his time and concern.

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off the carnival triumph the house cleaning dept did a very good job but the restaurant an activity dept seem like thy were always lost an confused never on time an so forth ! but I wanted to respond an say that cleaning crew was very nice an helpful an very none rush able about getting you out of there way!

Posted by Anonymous

We took a 5 day cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel on the Carnival Paradise on Sept. 21-26, 2013. It was a terrific and enjoyable vacation. I want to acknowledge the awesome service given to us in our cabin and dining room. Victor made sure that everything was perfect in our cabin and Sergio handled all the dining requests wonderfully. We were in Cabin U148, so that proper recognition may be given to them. Thanks for a fun, memorable vacation!

Posted by Grateful

Baltimore Carnival Pride cruise this past week was beyond fabulous. The staff, the amenities, the food, the entertainment, the cleanliness, and the value are all above and beyond expectations. As for my family and all the interactions of other guests and staff were amicable and endearing. There was nothing that someone would not like, only personal preferences regarding types of food, entertainment, etc. My appreciation to all the staff who worked so diligently, above and beyond any request.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to give special recognition to Stacy in customer service. She was so informed and had answers to many questions. But most importantly she help me find a reduced rate for my cruise and I ended up with a credit on board. She really took the time to help me. Her computer went down at one point but she stayed with me till it came back up again. She was just terrific. Also, I have talked to a Mary and Jennifer in the past and they were lovely too. Thank you Carnival for hiring great staff and keeping them happy!

Posted by betts

Would like to recognize Beth booking agent for carnival OBG. She was very patient and helpful with me while booking a cruise for late june.

SueSG3 was also very helpful in adjusting y cruise rates and upgrades for my two daughters. They are to be commended for their professionalizm Betts

Posted by great customer service


I am a travel agent with cruise brothers, and today I spoke to Samuel Garriga, to help me fix 2 bookings, I wanted to say how wonderful he was, even thou this call took along time, he was so friendly and helpful, and I just want to let you all know, what a wonderful worker you have in him.
Helen Elkins

Posted by Ida Cairney

Carnival Valor - sailing NOV05 -10 2012.
I want to express my gratitude to NATHALIA in guest services, the hairdryer in the room broke. I informed my cabin stewart nothing was done to replace it there were no spare ones. I called the spa and they told me it would cost$35.00. I went to guest services and NATHALIA provided me with her personal hairdryer. She fixed the problem and I can't believe Carnival do not have back up portables.

Posted by Nancy Allen

My husband and I have taken 3 cruises on the Pride and had execellant sevice!!! Our next cruise will be with carnival.

Posted by GrannyJo

We just came back from a 7 day cruise on Carnival Magic and could not have been happier with our experience. There were kids on the ship...but no problems. We had the best wait staff in the world in the Northern Lights dinning room. The entertainment was excellen. If your portion seemed too small the waiter would get you a second item. DAMIR and his team were excellent and made you feel special.
Loved my cruise

Posted by Anonymous

I was on Carnival Legend carribbean cruises on 16-23 Sept 2012.
I find it absurd that wine and food introduction was a way to make money and also a way of introducing a customer to fine wines but unfortunately it can only be available at the steakhouse !!!!
Why cant it be introduce or served at the Main Dining or be bought at the speciality store . FRETZER carbernet from California is the product that I am was in love with !!!

I also would like to comment and hope this kind of service does not happen again as the cocktail waitress said she could not get me Frosters beer and her comment that she went to 3 counters and non was available but I unfortunately got the beer my surprise she lied on top of that I finished my lunch and my drink was not served yet. I sincerely hope Carnival will improve their service to providing products and this waitress does not do this kind of service again by lying !!!! For improvement of training of service waitress/waiter of Carnival should they encounter a client that wants certain wine/drinks be trained to approach their Matrie instead of the customer has to request it from the Head Matrie or Assistant Matrie.
I would like to give my sincere compliments to the steakhouse waitresses /speciality store for their good service and that should be the way to impress customers with GOOD SERVICE and make the customer HAPPY ENJOYABLE CRUISE by providing excellent service and all their way to get what the customer wants/needs!!!!! Thanks for hearing me out.

Posted by makaymor

I can't believe what people will let ruin their vacation. I had several issues of my own making during the booking process. Carnival was very responsive and patient and did give me a refund. We were on the Splendor Aug 26th 2012. this was our third cruise on the Splendor. Three different Crews and always exceptional service. They gave us a centrally located table after we complained about being too cold. TIP for Maitre De! The hotel director gave us special attention and one of the photographers became a good friend. We still are in touch. And the food on Carnival is as good or better than many cruise lines and I have been on most of them. Overall I reat Carnival as the best and will continue to sail with them. Next cruise Feb 3, 2013!

Posted by txblondie88

Carnival Cruiseline Customer service has always been terrific! They are so helpful, friendly and go above and beyond. I do not understand the bad rating they have gotten here.

Posted by SS

Just returned from a 4-night Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico from Tampa, FL through Carnival Paradise. We were a group of 5 traveling from this Port for the first time. The issue was at the Tampa Port where the Porters collect the luggage, there was no mention that Passports should be part of the hand luggage. My Parents from India who accompanied us had sent their Passports along with the luggage. My Parents did not know that the luggage goes directly into our Cruise Cabins unlike in the Airports where it gets scanned with the presence of Passengers. Though we realized this immediately and saw our baggage waiting to get scanned, still we were not allowed into the luggage area to get the Passports out. We had a tough 2.5 hrs ordeal very close to the Cruise departure until the baggages arrived into the Guest services security where I could retrieve my Parents' Passports and have them check in. There were other Passengers who were stuck outside like my Parents for the same reason and the Carnival staff mentioned that this is a regular occurrence. Though the Guest Services staff were cordial throughout, we strongly suggest instructions should be clearly mentioned at the luggage loading area and it should also be announced through the Public Address system and/or through the Porters who were carrying luggage tags for a different Carnival Cruiseliner expecting tips from the Passengers. This should also be clearly mentioned in the Carnival website to have an overall pleasurable Cruise experience for the Passengers and better Cruise Management avoiding any related delays and also to avoid the related Cruise staff over work.

Siva S (Atlanta, GA)

Posted by Anonymous

I was connected to the proper department within 4 minutes. Very helpful and explained procedure for issue (lost item)

Posted by Browns4099

I recently took my very first cruise ever with a group of women I work with. We travelled on Carnival Destiny to Cozumel Mexico. I was incredibly happy with everything. The staff was literally awesome. Each and every time I ran into a staff member, there was always a nod of the head and a hello. The rooms were kept spotless, each morning our towels folded into a different animal. The food was excellent. All I can say is that Carnival definitely has my business in the future. Kuddos to a great job :)

Posted by [email protected]

Excellent service & food. 7 days to W carribean.....Staff were very accomadating. Food great! Very Very Very Clean!! Can't wait to book my next cruise with Carnival!

Posted by lindy P

Myself, my husband and a group of 36 have just completed our cruise on the Carnival Spirit. It was brilliant. Food was great, service was great and so much fun. Carnival came through for us in more ways than one. As for someones comment below about the toilet items not being replaced - we took our own as I prefer it that way - some things you do for yourself but we had no problems at all and they were more than happy to accommodate any of our requests. Kudos to the Carnival Spirit and the crew and staff - it was fabulous. I would go again on Carnival without hesitation. Especially on the spirit.


I recently returned from a carribbean cruise with carnival cruise lines, it was cruise for a week from 25th Sept to 2nd october..rom San Juan to 5 islands around the carribbean..incl st marten st lucia st thomas st kitts barbados..and back to san juan...Karl (with a K) was our cruise rep, and must say did fantastic job on board...I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise, the staff amazing, the cleanliness entertainment everything, until my last day, when we docked at st maartens, where I had a very bad accident at Maho Beach...I was at the beach and stood on the small wall for a moment when plane was taking off, and the blast threw me from the wall, and my foot bashed badly in to a rock after being thrown quite a distance with the strong terrifying blast...I fractured my toe in 2 places, and got blood clot under nail, had to go to a and e on board the ship 4 times during nite ( which were not efficient) and had to change all my flights to get home a different route on the 2nd...I had to cut my entire hol 10 days short due to accident...I have never exper such excruciating pain, and had to be given oxygen on both flights home to Ireland...My complaint is that, people on board the ship should have been warned when we docked, how dangerous this horendous beach is, the rep should have announced to avoid this beach, and not to stand on any wall etc....if I had been warned how foroceous this blast wud be, I wudve avoided going near this part of beach...other members of the cruise, had severe sand burn from it on their faces and was the worse exper ever...please advise Karl what occurred, and maybe advise people to avoid this beach...also my expenses were nearly 1000 euro, due to the accident...also the a and e section on the ship was not efficient, and my toe got bad infection because of lack of care after injecting into my nail...please pass on my comments...apart from this, the cruise was fantastic, and v well organised, and Karl was amazing rep...

Posted by Ernie

To Whom It May Concern:

My wife, son, my son's fiancee and yours truly just returned from an Aug. 7th through Aug. 14th Caribbean cruise on the Carnival ship "Legend" residing in cabin no. 8169. I am a Carnival platinum member and as always this cruise was great, no different from any of my previous Carnival cruises except for a mistake by your people in making up the sign and sail cards. My card carried my photo and my 20 year old son's information and his card carried his photo and his 69 year old father's information. Although the Carnival people were very courteous in their attempts to rectify the problem, the glitch was never corrected. Every single time that we exited the ship for an island or returned to the ship after an island visit, neither my nor my son's card rang true. As previously stated, the crew was very courteous and accommodating however it was still embarrassing and humiliating to hold up the line or be asked to step aside while the problem was addressed (new photos taken, information checked, etc.). None of these corrections seemed to help for each time I or my son left the ship, returned to the ship or attempted to purchase something on the ship the same problem would occur. Each time as we approached the card reader, it was 'heart in your throat' nervousness followed by embarrassment when the cards rang bad. The problem was never solved even though new photos were taken at the gate and after many trips to the Guest Services Desk. The final embarrassment came when my son's card rang bad as we exited the ship after the cruise was over in Tampa, FL.

I (we) will continue to cruise Carnival but my hope is that you will take measures so as to not put another family through the above described embarrassment. I am an engineer with many, many years in the profession. I know that we are in the computer age but in most cases these types of glitches are easily rectified. I'm asking that you please staff your ships will at least one information technology (IT) savvy crew member and hopefully not allow this to happen to another family.


Ernie Brown, PE
Electrical Engineering Dept.

IQA Solutions, Inc.
5000 East Spring St.
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 275-4343, x-233
(866) 424-4472 Toll Free
Cell: (714) 904-3665
[email protected]

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