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Carfax customer service is ranked #919 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 15.42 out of a possible 200 based upon 141 ratings. This score rates Carfax customer service and customer support as Terrible.


139 Negative Comments out of 141 Total Comments is 98.58%.


2 Positive Comments out of 141 Total Comments is 1.42%.

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  • Carfax

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    • 15.42 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 139 negative comments (98.58%)
    • 2 positive comments (1.42%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
    • 1.3 Reachability
    • 1.4 Cancellation
    • 1.7 Friendliness
    • 1.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Total scam I just paid tosign up to buy used car and nothing then of course the customer service phone office is closed..BS

Posted by RadioMan

Carfax sucks, they just cost me $5000...I was trading in my car, until the dealership ran the report, and found a false report of my car being a total loss...after which, my car went from $5000 trade to zero. I have owned the car since new, it was only in one accident, and NOT a total loss. After an hour of trying I got a person on the line, but it may as well have been a robot. Refused to get me a manager, supervisor, or anyone else.

Any other vistims of CarFax fraud? If so, we need to find each other and blow this out of the water!

Posted by pissed off

I am waiting for a phone call about fraud carfax or does this company hide behind a compter my name is rob my phone I want to talk to someone with aheart beat not a computer I don't use a computer as I have said in the numoris messages Iam not afraid of people like this company

Posted by will3hawks

Put in 3 different email addresses to include two that Carfax put in along with 3 different passwords 2 of which your website put in. Continual computer rope-a-dope; (no matter what I or your website put in, the website says it's wrong). Would like to do business with you but can't if your website continues to block me.

Posted by Anonymous

Please refund my paypal payment as I have tried for over 30 minutes to get the report I paid you for

and could not get so had to go to the other company and. I got a report immediately.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern. I own a car and went to the Ford dealer to get learn facts about my own car. I got the profile history from Car Fax. The fact that was given was wrong. It stated that my vehicle was in a car accident. This statement was wrong. If possible, can somebody contact me

Posted by Anonymous

I need the email that you have to send to, because I paid for record for, and I did not received any email with information about.

Posted by Jed101

Have tried to contact them as they put a Totaled on my truck and it was never even close to totaled. Trying to rectify it and no one will call back. . Their incorrect information is devaluing my vehicle by $8000. I will have to take them to court.

Posted by Christine Kemp-Palaigos

I've never had an accident w/ my BMW yet Cafax reflects 2 accidents erroneously- NOT ACCURATE -
Attempting to rectify the error, I found major difficulties w/ finding a contact number and no details on erroneous report followed by lack of immediate resolution - Too bad.

Posted by Flashback66

I Had Ordered A Carfax, Several Days Ago, You Website Had Tech Difficulty No Report Send, Today I Have Received A New Password And Reentered The Vin No And Your Web Site Came On "report Is Loading" It Has Been Running On That Page For A Hour No Report. Now The Car Has Been Sold Before I Could Make A Determination From Your Report If I Wanted To Buy. You Have Charged My Credit Card And I Did Not Receive A Product. Please Return The Charge

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get a refund for $59.99 and I talked to Samantha and she told me to send her proof that I paid this.I have not heard anything.I will just turn it over to the bank.I originally ask for info on a truck that I bought and the information was blurred,so I could not see it.So I would like a refund.Please. Thomas Louiselle

Posted by Anonymous

I need help my car fax had a clerical and hasnt been fixed ive asked since 10/12/16 my referance

Posted by ljenkins567

I just paid for a CARFAX report. They charged my credit card but did not give me the report. This is ridiculous that they don't even have a customer service number to speak with someone. I tried the "Live Chat" 2 times and no one came on to help me. I have also sent them an email. Now I'm contacting my credit card company to dispute the charge since they apparently can't provide the service. I needed that report ASAP.

Posted by Connie

I went to carfax to obtain a report on a vehicle. I did not receive any info. Also, I had to provide my credit card number for the report. My account was charged in spite of the fact I did not receive the info. Carfax advertises frequently to obtain the carfax report. However, carfax does not make it easy for a consumer to obtain the information. Also, I am dissatisfied that there is no direct telephone number to speak to a live rep.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a carfax review. I paid the monies. However, I am disappointed I am not currently able to review the report. Carfax has receive my monies. In my opinion, I should be able to review the report now.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried ordering a CarFax report on 9/29/16 and could not establish my logon. When I could not get the report I decided to seek other alternatives expecting to NOT be charged since I could not get through.

The next day I received an email from CarFax apologizing for the computer glitch and stating I could now attempt to get my sign on and to contact CarFax if my Card was charged more than once.

I check my credit card online and it was immediately charged $39.99 on 9/29/16. Did not seem to have any issues charging me $39.99, even with no assigned logon.

It is now October 5, 2016 and I have spent five days attempting to get a number to call CarFax. I get no response to my email sent five days ago, the chat function does not work, and there appears to be no way for me to get my @39.99 credited to my credit card or to speak with a live body.

I am extremely upset I was charged, never received a report, and now cannot communicate with a Customer Service Agent.

This organization has a total lack of service. Five days and cannot even reach a live body. What a joke!

Posted by I smell a Rat at CarFax!

I too was overcharged by CarFax. They charged me $69.99 instead of the USAA website rate of $31.99. Too may people are facing the same dilemma. It's a heck of a way to make a great profit, but they lost me as a customer in doing so. I smell a rat!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a single carfax report on pickup I was buying for 39.99 received report but credit card was charged 79.99. tried to contact thru computer site and got no responses for over a week. call customer support and was told there was nothing she could do for me and no one to transfer me to. went to their website and evidently this is a problem with them. every one said they either didn't get report or were charged for unlimited when only 1 was ordered. my credit card company checked consumer reports and found same thing. has turned into scam company. be careful.

Posted by Help me

I was also charged 69.99 for the $39 dollar plans that I purchased. I have disputed with my credit card company and they are taking careof it and making the adjustment. Tried to reach someone at Carfax and of course could not. In my research(after the fact) I found that they have a history of this. I had already paid $16.95 for a report through another service but since it did not have a lot of information I thought it must be inferior to Carfax but as it turns out that was not th case. A report is only as good as the past information reported on a vehicle. Not all wrecks get reported etc. Will not us them again.

Posted by Anonymous

I paid $39.95 for a Carfax and received NOTHING. I have since disputed my charge on my card.

Posted by Anonymous

I requested for a car report almost 24 hours ago and i have not received any. I have called and kept endlessly to await next customer person. I was readily charged almost $70. Should I consider my money lost or can I get a refund and forget your services in totality. I am a very, very disappointed customer

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a single carfax and was charged for five. I called the corporate office and Amy was extremely rude. She told me she wouldn't help me. She wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor. WHAT A SCAM!!
I will never use your service again and I'll be sure to tell all my friends and family how Carfax stole from me.

Posted by Linsey p

I purchased a vehicle with a green title. After owning for 2 years I decided to take it to a dealership for a trade in. Dealership shows my vehicle as a total loss on carfax. Contacted Secretary of State to find out NMVTIS does not show vehicle as a total loss and carfax has incorrect information. Contacted carfax and they are still persistent the vehicle is a total loss. So they are saying Secretary of State, my credit union and my insurance company are wrong. I don't think so. I requested they correct the information and they want the insurance information from me about the supposed accident. It wasn't my vehicle at the time they say the vehicle was totaled. No insurance company will discuss someone else's claim. They are requesting information I can not provide in order to fix their mistakes. Now the value of my car is pennies for what I owe on it due to their incorrect information! Extremely frustrating.

Posted by [email protected]

I was charged 5499 and 3499 i could nog use jt i need a refund arturo cisneros

Posted by Anonymous

Dealership ran a carfax on my truck and it showed a frontend collision with air bag deployment, this never happened. how do I get this corrected. Please respond as I have no intention of not pursuing this matter even if it means the BBB or investigative news channel.
Thank you

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Posted by Roger

I just heard back from carfax they removed false info. I'am very pleased to say they fixed the report so. Iam here to say that in this case they have cusomer service.

Posted by carfax

Carfax solved my problem yesterday. Thx you. I am very pleased with your service.

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