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    • 113 negative comments (98.26%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I am receiving emails that say I have paid $735.20 for cvs bill receipt no. I do not owe anything because I have not ordered anything. Please rectify this matter immediately

Posted by Dee1234

Dee O, customer, unhappily
We have been with, Caremark mail in order, since April 2012, no problems.
But now we don't get the proper treatment. Staff keeps givenning the run around. Staff say one thing and does the opposite.
Caremark, offvers a 90days for prescriptions. But they refuse and change the plan. I cannot get 90days for my meds, only 30days mail in order, why?
Just order from Caremark mail in order, at the doctors office with staff place prescriptions order,last 11/15/16. Staff said you can get 90days prescriptionsmail in order dept. Today Saturday 11/18/16 meds came and no 90days only 30days, plus generic meds are 15$, they charge 30$ for generic.
So, why, Caremark change the plan, even they paid 2x this yr for 90days?
Why staff give us and doctors office the run arround, and lose Dr prescriptions?
Why Caremark is refusing to pay for my meds all of a sutton, why?
This is unprofessional, this is Caremark refusing service to an medical need person. This call take avanage of consumers. The meds are expansive and now the consumers have to pad for less then what Carmark have been paying for yrs. Hoping the company to change Caremark and insurance, next yr. Looking forward to the change, and consumers are not happy. Wish Caremark and staff the best in the future, may
God have mercy on your souls.

Posted by Chris62876

Well to say that I am unhappy with CVS Caremark is an understatement. I have breast metastasis on my liver and have to get my chemo through them. I have been trying for a week to refrill a prescription. I called on a Tuesday - I was told package would be delivered on Friday..,Friday came no package. I called Friday and I was told there is a problem with script. (Try getting your doctor at 5:30 on Friday). Monday I call to check- will be delivered Tuesday. I called Tuesday of following week to verify and now I am told there is an issue. Please have doctor call. Doctor called 4 times and finally one week later allegedly package will arrive tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it.

No one calls you back. Everyone blames the doctor or you the patient. They have poor customer service and it is a disgrace that people dealing with severe medical problems have to deal with this BS every month to refill a prescription.

I called insurance company and they are the only option- so they get you coming and going. You have no choice but to deal with their incompetence! I have never dealt with such a horrible company and I have been battling cancer for 5 yrs. Shame Shame Shame

Posted by Anonymous

If you choose Caremark for your prescription coverage, at least you can drop them because of their poor customer service and unprofessional and disorganized job performance. I don't have that choice because Caremark is what my employer offers me!
I'm stuck with them and I need lifesaving medicine because of a transplant! I have to call constantly just to get my meds on time.
They are playing with the lives of very sick people, just look at these terrible reviews! Upper management needs to do something about this!!

Posted by Stapleton

I DETEST CVS/Caremark and could tell stories about both CVS retail and Caremark mail that happen with every three month fill of my three maintenance meds.
Why has the US Federal government gone with CVS/Caremark again?

The past three days have been spent trying to get my Ultracet Brand from being denied and, if that war isn't enough, I'm also fighting to get a vacation override in order to go to London for a family situation. I can not leave without having these three meds, two are antiseizure meds (Klonopin and Gabitril) and the only pain medication that works on whole body pain, Ultracet. No Klonopin (a danger benzo) means non-stop seizure, coma, death. So day four of fighting CVS/Caremark starts tomorrow. I must leave for London in 13 days and doubt I will be able to go.
I'm furious and could go on and on about their games, but typing on a cell phone is hard.
CVS/Caremark: Do you care about doing your job or is this fun listening to people trapped in a medical nightmare because of you?

Posted by Anonymous

CVS Caremark customer service reps are normally kind, but they're inept, and they lie. They'll try to blame their mistakes on your credit card company. Saying that the card rejected your order, or "CVS was waiting for the cc company to 'authorize' the order". Resolution Center won't return calls, even though they state that they will. One order, electronically submitted, took almost two weeks, and 13 phone calls to my bank, to CVS, to CVS resolution center, to UPS. The service is horrible. Prepare to be lied to, given incorrect information, and prepare also to waste an incredible amount of time on the phone in futile attempts to right things.

Posted by One pissed off Dragon

I have been fighting with Caremark since June 2015. I have met my deductable / out of pocket. I can go a few months no have to pay a dime then I have to pay full price for all my meds. When I call and complain, ask for my refund they tell me it is my insurance to refund me. I complain to the insurance they call Caremark to verify my ded / out of pocket has been met. Caremark states that is not sufficant.

Run far away from Caremark. Customer service sucks. They never do what they say they will do. I am still waiting for my refund. I chewed their butt again today because I am getting charged again for my meds.

Posted by Skyyton

I am not happy that GEHA switched to Caremark. Their website is terrible and their customer service is worse. I did not receive my last mail order prescription and because the PO tracking shows "delivered", they will not replace the prescription or refund my money. They claim it's my responsibility It is common knowledge that it is the sellers responsibility to ensure an order is received by the customer and that PO tracking is not proof of actual deliver. Our PO frequently delivers someone else's medications and other mail to me. Multiple contacts with customer service were frustrating. I will look for another provider in the open season if GEHA continues with this horrible company.

Also, when you hit "reply" to a message in your inbox, you have to compose a completely new message. The prior conversation is not part of it.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband has a prescription for rejection. The prescription is continually delayed because the pharmacy keeps putting through Medicare B. We ordered the prescription 10 days ago and they cancelled it even though there was refills. They never called to let us know. It clearly states in his file not to put it through Medicare B. I was told by customer service 4 other times and 3 hours later that the prescription was going to be overnighted because the pharmacist is trying to put it through Medicare B. I received an addition message today that I needed to contact his prescriber for more information?? I have been on the phone since last Friday and it still is not being shipped. This is not the first time this has happened, and it takes forever to resolve. I think this is very serious because as I said it is a rejection drug as he has had a heart transplant and does not need this aggravation. I am not sure if the problem is with customer service or the pharmacy but I hope this is addressed. I don't think we should be waiting this length of time for any drug.

Posted by Anonymous

I have to use a name brand medication because it the only one that works . For the past three years I would get it at CVS under my husband's UAW prescription cate. Always paid a co-pay of $17.00, until last week! I was told my co-pay was $63.44 for a 3 month supply. When I called I was told my Dr. Wrote the script wrong. Seems Caremark/CVS now wants brand name scripts to be written with the name of medication and then say " generic available" but not check the box for brand name or you will get generic brand. So I went to the doctor who found the rumors in my thyroid & para thyroid and he wrote the script &a faxed it to Caremark and now they said they never got. And in today's mail I got a form for Dr. To fill out questions as to why I can only take name brand. I've already paid the penalty price for the first wrong script and now it looks like my doctors will have to jump through hoops to get the medication I need. My life depends on this med. without the right med all my bodily functions go down to danger levels. But Caremark doesn't care!Plus every woman I have spoken to over the last week on the Caremark phone line has given me a different answer as to how to do this their way!!!

Posted by Felicia Whitaker

CS is very unprofessional and rude. Asked for CSS WHO was unprofessional and without Knowledge explained that I didn't receive my prescription on are around June 11. Automated service rejected refill. Didn't speak with CS concerning refill on that day. Preparing meds and noted that I did have 1 refill until 7/20/15. I mail-order my prescriptions due to my chronic illnesses and quantity of meds.CSS was of no assistance. She placed me on hold and disconnected call. Called back spoke with Antrinique who stated that tracking showed prescription was @ the Post Office. Health Partners should provide knowledgeable and courteous.

Posted by Felicia Whitaker

Attempted to fill a prescription on are around June 11, 2015. The automated system rejected said that there were no refills left. Preparing medication and noted that bottle said 1 refill until 7/21/15. Explained to CS that I didn't receive the prescription. Asked to be transferred to CSS, she again repeated that I received the prescription. She then asked me to hold to be transferred, I was disconnected! I then called back, spoke to Antrinique who was also very unprofessional she stated that prescription was at the Post Office. Mail order preferred due to chronic illnesses. CVS CareMark CS shows no professionalism, or knowledge in providing in home service that I required.

Posted by Anonymous

I think that CVS Caremark is horrible. The website is a real pain, I cannot ever get my passwords to work and the customer service is severely lacking. My Rx are always messed up. I really miss my Company Benefits when I had Express Scripts. Caremark really needs to adapt the Express Scripts' service model... and then perhaps the company may get better reviews.

Posted by AnotherDissatisifiedCustomer

CVS Caremark has to provide some of the WORST customer service ever. My wife has one perscription that her pain doctor perscribes electronically. Every time he perspcibes this particular medication they manage to loose that one perscription out of the 3 or 4 she had perscribed. Her other perscriptions make it though fine but this one never shows up according to them. Interesting coincidence, ya right.

What a MISERABLE, HORRIBLE, AWFUL company to have to deal with. Unfortunately my company has them set up as our perscription provider that we have to mail perscriptions in to.

Posted by pina

CVS-Caremark 'lost' my records after pharmacy coverage for more than a decade. The CVS-Caremark representative was rude, arrogant, and certain the mistake was all my fault. I'm still on hold while she looks up yet another record.

Posted by DMW1957

It is extremely frustrating dealing with this company. They are the only company I can go through to get Botox for my migraine treatment is from Caremark Specialty Pharmacy.I have had same kinds with this company for about two and half years. Dealing with this company has only made my migraines worse. Their The problems start with their automated phone systems and it continues when trying to figure why nothing has happened after the the doctor's office has initiated the order. When you can finally reach as human, they automatically claim that the doctor's office has not submitted the authorization and/or prescription. When I tell them that I have proof that these were done, they claim that they must of used the wrong fax number, but when I tell them I have the fax number and the doctor's office has the fax confirmation, the CVS Caremark Specialty rep simply says they can call it in. I have changed doctors because of these claims from the CVS Caremark Specialty reps, but when the same problems occur with the latest neurologist's office, it is obvious that the problem is with CVS Caremark Specialty. It takes months to get it set up and the company is impossible to deal with. I have been trying to get my migraine treatment for over a month now and still no luck. Not only does it take too long to get your medication, they torture the consumer with their automated calls. These automated calls started a couple days ago and it ask to say or key in your date of birth for verification. This horrible automated system does work, I have repeatedly stated my birth date in the format requested it does not capture all of the digits and when you key in the date it begins to repeat the digits when you are about to enter the last one. I tried to have other people say and key in the dates because I thought I was doing it all wrong. No. The same issue. And this happens repeatedly. The reps are not helpful and most of them are rude.

Posted by Alaska Moose

Since GEHA changed from Express Scripts to CVS Caremark I have been receiving medications in bottles showing they are manufactured in India. Other meds from them in their own bottles just show the manufacturers name but not country of origin.
We have been told over the years how unsafe it is to buy prescription meds from other countries and now our health insurer has switched to a provider who is dispensing foreign meds.
Are any of them from China?

Posted by houston

We Have Been Useing Caremark Through Cvs For The Second Year. Major Problem, For Some Of Us It Is Easier To Pay For A One Month Script . But When U Have More Than One Script And They Are Wanted U To Pay $400.00 For One Script When Last Year You Were Paying $40.00 For That Same Script. But For Some Reason Caremark Really Don't Care Its All About The Dollar. Was Not Able To Get Much Needed Scripts. So Far Couldn't Afford To Get Several Scripts Fill Due To Greed. Caremark Is Only Making People Sicker With Their Medication. Houston, Texas

Posted by fallinak

Since Express Scripts is no longer the pharmacy management company for GEHA, I have had nothing but trouble with my prescriptions. I was able to fill my "specialty*" drugs for 90 days and pay $10 per script. I could go to my neighborhood, mom and pop pharmacy not a chain. Starting 1/2015, GEHA opted to go with CVS/Caremark as their new pharmacy. For individuals who do not require "specialty" drugs there are several cost effective prescription benefits (i.e. ~$10 copay for 30 days supply of generic drug and ~$20 copay for 90 days). These drugs can be ordered and managed online or over the phone. "Specialty" drugs are handled by the specialty pharmacy of Caremark. This is were the frustration begins. There seems to be several departments within the specialty pharmacy all of which does something different, yet the same things. No longer am I allowed to get a 90 day supply for my "specialty" drugs (quoted by specialty rep. at ~$4 per script). Instead I have to purchase 30 days supply at ~$33 per medication because they are special. Furthermore, I have to receive my medicine via delivery only. Within in 2 months I have had my prescriptions filled wrong and overcharged for their error. FYI, it is impossible to use Caremark online services to refill "specialty" drugs or pay for these drugs. There are some silver linings: the pharmacy is able to delivery medicine with in 24 hours and issues are resolved quickly. But, this is not a saving grace. My main issue is not being able to receive a 90 day supply of my meds. I honestly cannot wait for the next open enrollment; I've started researching other insurances as of 2/2015.

*Specialty indicate drugs that may require stringent handling, administration, storage or that are costly to make. Each pharmacy is able to dictate how often a script can be refilled and the cost depending, in my case, on the popularity of the drug. The lower the popularity the higher the cost.

Posted by ronald06

CVS Caremark is horrible. They just cancelled my Diabetes medication with no warning and no reason. I can't say enough about how bad this company is.

Posted by Sully

Can someone from Cvs/care mark contact me to help me get my medications. It seems there is always a problem wth them. My doctors office is so tired of messing with them that they will not talk to them. I am stuck in the middle and all I want is my medications. HELP.

Posted by Arby

Caremark loses personal and prescription information! I called in a prescription and supplied updated personal and shipping information. I called back a week later and was told that there was no record of my previous phone call.

Posted by Anonymous

I need a fax number to give my doctor for a 90 day prescription for my GEHA Insurance. My email is Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had nothing but trouble with Caremark from day 1. Virtually every prescription submitted by my doctor is put on hold, requiring more information from my doctor. There is no notification when this happens. They just put it on hold and do nothing. My doctor doesn't even know how to submit the information they require. These are cheap generic drugs. It has gotten so bad, that I am now having my prescriptions filled at Costco and paying cash. The price difference is negligible ... in fact one of the three actually costs less than the Caremark copay (the Caremark invoices make it look like they're paying 90% of the overall price - BS). An absolutely worthless organization.

Posted by Anonymous

GEHA dropped Express Scripts and went with CVS Caremark.
Now we are having an address issue with my Dad's Assisted Living (Bridgeway Estates Assisted Living) in Little Falls, MN order meds for my Dad. CVS told the RN nurse they'd deliver my Dad's this last time but they MUST continue and the nurse is authorized. Please advise asap.

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Posted by Anonymous

I was going to get a picture copied of a graduation gift at the Auburn,Mass Cvs.....Matt Harwood took time to help with was not very good.....Matt spent a lot of time getting it perfect.....That is the great service and friendlyness that made it so wonderful....thank you Matt

Posted by Anonymous

Stupidly, I left my prescrition at home while going on vacation. Because we have Caremark, I went to CVS at 5308 Branson Parkway in Kissimee, FL. Maureen Jackson, the Pharmacist there, was superb. Caremark was also, but they took a lot of time and callbacks which Maureen handled professionally and with a lot of patience!

Because of Maureen I can enjoy my vacation in good health. Thank you CVS and especially Maureen Jackson!

Richard Arnold, birthdate 7/23/35, date 1/22/12

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