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Carbonite customer service is ranked #183 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 47.84 out of a possible 200 based upon 76 ratings. This score rates Carbonite customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


67 Negative Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 88.16%.


9 Positive Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 11.84%.

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  • Carbonite

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 47.84 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 67 negative comments (88.16%)
    • 9 positive comments (11.84%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
    • 3.5 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 5.5 Friendliness
    • 4.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by JJay

They say they're open "7 Days a Week." But Mon. 5/29, after I discovered Carbonite had stopped working 5 days earlier, with no warning messages, that same screen on their website said,
"Closed due to Memorial Day."

Huh? You're not open 7 days a week if you close for holidays. That's about as accurate as when they claim "continuous backup" That's only if it's working and I received no error messages when it stopped for 5 days.

Posted by eyemd

The back up has worked ok for a year +. When I recently had a problem, I went to their chat for help. The tech took over my computer using his remote access. When I got my computer back, the mouse function was seriously degraded. When I got back to them, they denied any responsibility and absolutely refused to help - aside from suggesting that I check to see if my mouse w

Posted by Sportzgy

I have a Mac and Carbonite constantly "disables" itself but doesn't send me any type of notice. I occasionally notice the tiny icon in the top right of the screen is disabled and then I have to uninstall and reinstall the Carbonite software to get it working again.

First, they should figure out why it constantly does this and how to fix it so that it doesn't constantly do this. Then, even when it does disable, they should send a notice to me via email, etc.

If this was for work purposes, I'd have switched long ago. Next time it's up for renewal, I will go with a different company that is more compatible with Macs.

Posted by Terry

i had the home version for 2 years no issues, i downloaded pro, had issues, spoke to a tech who could not help, escalated to higher tech who told me i had a user profile error and i needed to have an IT person look at my computer. i did, paid $165 for them to tell me my computer had no issue, they deleted my computer on carboonite (which i had asked the techs to do but they said i dont want to do that) added my computer back as a different name and no issues now carobonite will not cover the expense,

Posted by craisin

I was very disappointed after spending hundreds of dollars over three years to find, when the crunch came, I could not reastore my system as promised. The restore period took 14 days and at the end of it I was no further along the track to recovery than before I started. TERRIBLE.

Posted by ccsweeps

I have a Mac and keep noticing that although I have the carbonite as enable when I check it is in disable mode! I unlock fix it and it continues to happen..I am no unable to sign on using my password..contacted them they sent me a reset memo but when I go on it an ans the security questions and go to the next phase to reset there is a password there already in the first line..I am unable to copy it since it looks like this:......... It has been over 36 hours with multiple emails and resets and continue to have the same problems..

Posted by Anonymous

In the past I have had Carbonite's service. I have tried twice since then to start Carbonite service again. I was under the impression that the service would start. However, it never started again. My name is Ross Peeler,e-mail Please look into this for me and let me know what the difficulty Is. I just want residential service.

Thank you. Ross Peeler

Posted by Saulina Seko

I decided on new computer. Asked Carbonite to reload all my information. (Working on a book times 7 days and the new computer continued to freeze and returned it.) I called Carbonite to reload information back to old computer, plus the file I had been working on. Janet said, "there is a problem." They had not put on the new computer any of the writings for 7 days! She sent me to Conrad, who showed and said, "one of the services we use couldn't take a picture, so none was saved the entire time." He then told me it was my fault. I asked to speak to his supervisor. Brad listened and then said, "It is our fault, but do you expect us to to monitor the files, and notify the customer if there is a problem?" I said this is what I was paying for. He then said I had to retrieve the "frozen" computer, and maybe they could do something. I then said. "How could that be when your service couldn't capture the information and you have "still pending"? He admitted they probably couldn't help me. I insisted he return my money, and she said he would. My work is lost, but he could care less!

Posted by jpie

I would steer clear of using Carbonite if you have a MAC computer. I have 2 Macs, and bascially every other week, the product stops working. This results in a waste of a 1/2 hour or so twice a month to have the tech person uninstall then reinstall Carbonite...Ugh!

While the tech people are knowledgeable and helpful, the MAC based version of the product is unfit for usage...they would not even give me a refund!! I called and was promised the ye olde vaporware.."we've got a new Mac version coming our later this year...great...sell it to some other poor shmoe who has yet to experience how crappy Carbonite is!

Posted by Rev

I have a 4 year subscription. I recently found out the hard way that you no longer back up videos and I need to upgrade to prime, unless i want to right click each video file.
(I was not pleased about the number of files I lost because I never saw this change.)
So how much more per year must I pay to back up video?
I subscribed early in your start up and am kind of disappointed. I feel I am being shaken down for more protection money by a back alley thug.

Posted by AlistairB

I use both Carbonite Backup and Carbonite Mirror Image. The Backup appears to work well. Not so with Mirror Image. I had a hard disk replaced and thought that Mirror Image would make the re-instatement painless. Not so. It didn't work. Carbonite were slow to respond and so I had to rebuild the hard disk the long way. Carbonite then offered to help if I went on to their website and phoned a "free" number in US (not free from UK). I have asked for a refund which I have not yet got. I would not recommend Mirror Image as you will only know that it doesn't work when you really need it! I still have the external drive attached but I keep getting a message that Mirror Image is not attached. Hopeless!

Posted by AMWM

Carbonite deleted 80% of my files without my knowledge or persmisssion, and I am hoping to join a class action lawsuit.

Posted by Marcus

Significantly worse than useless as it provides false sense of security unless you manage the hell out of it with all of its file type exclusions from the back-up. Total absence of useful chat, online, or telephone support

Posted by STANLEY

I have just paid for a one year subscription to Carbonite.

I had accidently typed in the wrong email address on the Carbonite application form.

I have not been able to logon to the Carbonite website to check my information due to a lot password.

The contract telephone numbers on Carbonite's website are all inactive.

I have not received any return messagesw from the emails sent to Carbonite

Posted by Anonymous

Overseeing a carbonite restore right now. I concur with Abe3's comment.

They have throttled the download speeds so much that the restore is taking about 2 weeks.

Let me be clear that I just messed up my desktop and had to download 80gigs from Steam. It was done in about 8 hours.

Carbonite restore, by comparison, is downloading 12 gigabytes a DAY. Their default customer support says the "primary" limiting factor is your own internet.

Well, the last 8 hours have been illuminating. Why? Because Steam downloaded those 80 gigs AND Carbonite was still downloading at its measly ~900-1050kb/second.

What's worse is I called customer service and they told me that I should run a "trace route" to see if that's affecting my downloads. For those not tech inclined, trace routes do nothing more than show internet latency and the number of "hops" between your computer and a server. It doesn't show or explain why downloads would be capped at 1000kb when your internet can handle astronomically faster downloads.

Eventually, when I apparently out-knowledged the customer service rep, he finally offered to contact one of their engineers.

Result: nothing changed. Days later still restoring at snail's pace.

What bothers me most is Carbonite supposedly got in trouble for throttling its upload speeds and made a big effort to say it no longer throttles uploads. So, while their marketing and support materials state that you can download "up to 10Mbps" if your internet can handle it. And that you can download up to 100GB a day if that's the case.

The restore has NEVER exceeded about ~1300Kbps. In fact, it has been steady at that speed. That suggests in my uninformed opinion that they're capping my restore speed at 1Mbps (aka throttling the download). If they are physically capping my restore by a network setting on their end, which is suggested by having a steady download rate at the same speed during day, night, week, weekend, peak and non-peak times, that makes me believe Carbonite's "up to 10Mbps" is a lie in the case of my restore. Perhaps others.

Posted by Abe3

My computer is still, after five days still recovering files from my carbonate backup​. It now states it is a 62% and estimates three more days. I have had carbonate for several years, but never had a crash. They advertise it as a fast backup and restoring of files.

At the rate it is now going I will have my computer back maybe by the end of this week for a total of eight days with no computer!! I have a fast Internet connect using fiber optics just so you know.

This is actually ridiculous.... Carbonate is better than nothing, but a poor back up system.

If you dont't need your computer and have lots of time I recommeny you us Cardonite's service and watch you computer be restored at a snails pace.

Posted by Paula

After Kody got my files going, 2nd call.
Called back to restore them. Emmi after an hour or so got them on the desk top, but thought there might be a problem. She opted to re-start my pc at which time ALL DISAPPEARED and I had fewer files than I started. This was on 01/08/14, 10:30 a.m.
All of a sudden, Carbonite was cut off with the words: Session Ended. Emmi suggested I had a virus and needed to get it cleared up before I could be restored???
This does not look hopeful,she said in despair...

Posted by Duke

Can not get any type of satisfaction to correct a simple problem

Posted by Legion

Tired of waiting and waiting for Carbonite Support. Can't reach the corporate office> Here are the mobile numbers for the VP of customer Support and the Director of Customer support. Give them a call and let them know how you feel.

Director of Customer Service Brett Siedman

Posted by tercric

VERY unhappy with Carbonite and would advise all not to use. When I logged in at their website after renewing earlier this year, found that they had not done a backup for nearly 6 mo. They never alerted me to this. I switched over to iDrive and called Carbonite for a pro-rata refund but was advised that they only offer a refund within 60 days of purchase or renewal. So in March I paid them $60 for doing virtually nothing for most of the year.

Posted by Ricjo

Cannot get anything out of Carbonite that I paid for. Worthless to me.
My computer crashed and my Carbonite went with it. Came back with a new tower hoping to retrieve everything because I had Carbonite and got zero.

Posted by russkigypsy

It is inexcusable for Carbonite to have to wait anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes on the phone for the next available tech. In my case on a required service help in re restoration of my files a week ago I spent over 3 hours on the phone having passed to remote control my PC to 3 techs who tried but have not resolved my issues.

Posted by edkinsc

Your files will not be there when you need them and there is no customer support. I tried to download a backed up file only to get "An internal error has occurred. Please try again later." over and over again. Tech support chat wait is almost two hours. Call in wait time are so long I have never made it through.

Posted by Anonymous

My mirror backup drive physically failed. Bought new Toshib Canvio 2 TB. Installed it and Carbonite software insisted on erasing the new drive first. This, in retrospect, ruined the drive. My computer can't format it or do anything with it. Have to start over. Carbonitye tech service, after they found out what happened transferred me to their Tech department. 45 minutes on hold and I figured it out. They are going to replace my new drive or do they have a solution to their software-caused issue.

Posted by 999kick

I can't open carbonite on my computer to find out if I am being backed up. If I go on line and log on I get messages that back up failed So far this has happened 5x.
P Sciscione

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Posted by Stephen Dolleck

Can't begin to acknowledge and extol the professionalism, knowledge, patients, multiple responses that Ralph
exhibited during weeks of restore issues.
The best!

Posted by I don't know what this means.

My name is Ed Dornig I am sorry for this delay at giving feedback. I recently suffered a terrible experience related to a virus that did bad damage. Basically, it cost me my operating system. I'm not a geek and thanks to having Carbonite, after having my computer fixed, I was able to get much of what I needed back into my updated computer. The Carbonite guy that was a big help was Matt. He was excellent at moving all my information back into my updated computer. All the data is in the computer, however, due to reasons, I do not have programs to open some of my files. I understand the problem. Those files were related to a business I use to have and I choose not to pay licensing fees to open those files. They are not needed at this time and I will cross that bridge if I ever need them. But, it is important that you understand that I appreciate what Matt did for me related to getting my data back into my computer. Please notify him that I responded and I apologize for the delay. Due to our schedule not being compatible it took us time to connect. The delay was my fault because of demands that I had at the time. But, again, Matt was excellent and I want to complement him in helping me restore my computer. Thanks again. Ed Dornig

Posted by Al Lee Gator

Greetings.......This morning 7/12/14 contacted Customer Support. Ms. Raven was my assistant, She is the MOST Knowledgeable, Personal, & Friendly. This was my 2nd. or 3rd. time calling for support. Carbonite NEVER FAILS !!!! I recommend your service to all I come into contact regarding back-up o be conversing issues.........It's a PLEASURE, NOT too be speaking with someone who you can't understand......and they continue giving you a BS sales pitch...........Once again I Love Ya CARBONITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by steve desper

Your technician, GRAIG R., spent a lot of time with me and fixed many things on my computer so that Carbonite now works exactly as it should -- and my computer works much faster too!

GRAIG R. Was very competent, polite, and represented Carbonite Corporation with the highest professional standards.

Having been in the service business myself, I know that an employee such as GRAIG R. is a valuable assist.

Sincerely, Stephen W. Desper

Posted by cbob270

You cannot download/restore more than a few small to medium file using the internet interface. You must go to my computer and select carbonite, then the file or folders, then right click, then restore. The web interface is extremely limited and is for browsing not restoring. Also, even though the chat estimated wait time was 1+38, I waited 25 minutes (still unacceptable). The person who helped me was extremely good however.

Posted by DebbieP

I am so impressed with Carbonite's customer service (you can talk to an actual person who knows what they are talking about), technical support, program capabilities and professionalism. DavidW from Lewiston, Maine was so helpful and professional I was totally sold on this company.

The only thing that I did not care for is that each time I did call for technical support, I was on hold for about 45 minutes. This last call I was on the wrong phone and will have to pay .25 a minute now.

Posted by Dr. Donna

I have had the most wonderful experience with Carbonite. My computer hard drive crashed and I had to purchase a new computer. I had used Carbonite for back up. The downloading and restoring of all my files was painless and so very easy. Afterwards, I spoke to a great support person who was very helpful with downloading programs and making sure all my old files were downloaded and in place. His name is Jarod and I cannot say enough good things about his expertise and manner. Thank you Carbonite! You saved me! I teach online for a university and I had some pictures that are very dear to me saved on my computer.

Posted by Anonymous

Called the number, was on hold 30 minutes & finally gave up. Found another number and waited another 10 minutes. Lucy from Lewiston was helpful thankfully!

Posted by Chaser

Today I had a couple of problems with Carbonite.

Customer service was prompt, and when the first level agent wasn't sure of his answer, he escalated to a second tier agent.

I consider this support to be superior.

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