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CarMax customer service is ranked #157 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 49.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 37 ratings. This score rates CarMax customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


34 Negative Comments out of 37 Total Comments is 91.89%.


3 Positive Comments out of 37 Total Comments is 8.11%.

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    • 49.71 Overall Rating
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    • 34 negative comments (91.89%)
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Posted by Anonymous

My name is Rosa, I bought a 2014 Versa Nissan with Carmax in Orlando less than 6 months ago and I am extremely disappointed to be without a car 5 months later. My car start to over heat last week 03/02/16 I toke the car to service at the same Carmax store on Semoran blvd for repair on 03/03/16 7:30 am. After spent the whole morning there waiting they told me that the car would be ready for next day 03/04/16, almost ONE WEEK later I still don't have my car and every day they give me the same excuse " we ordered the part and your car will be ready tomorrow"{!?) I tried to talk to the service manager Steve Linquist several times but he is never available and does not return my calls. How can you treat a client like that?! Can anybody tell me what is going on??

Posted by Badfinancing

I bought a 2006 convertable chysler sebring at car max 4.5 years ago in arlington texas,and financed this through santander consumer. This company is terrible. It takes irregular amounts every month for interest and there is major discrepancies with my billing info. My monthly statement say one thing and the payment history says another in interest charged and prinicpal. Carmax I would reconsider using this bank for your customers. They denied recieving my witten complaint to the better business bureau for the financing issue, and still have not given a an explanation for the discrepancies. They are portaying themselves as crooks and robbing the public in taking interest and not applying it to the principal. I put 3,000.00 down on this car for these people to rob my money in a car loan. I would suggest not taking this long in clearing up matters as such or doing business with people who do this to your customers.

Posted by Vivian Mathews

My name is Vivian Demus-Mathews. I called your office last week with a complaint of your Brandywine Carmax service department. My car was dropped off Sunday, August 10th for a 100K mile check-up, tune up expected and a check of the sensor light for a few warning I received. Customer service has been extremly POOR. My car has been at Carmax for ONE "1" week today for a tune up and replacement of a few values.... WHAT is the Problem!!! I can't get throught to talk to anyone because their lines indicate the mailbox is full. But when i was able to get through no one called me back including the service manager. HELP ME PLEASE! I'm afraid....of what to expect when and if I ever get my car back. Will it be fixed or just parts thrown in there. Why did I select a contract with Carmax if service is not to be had. I could have taken it to the deal.

Posted by angrycustomer

The Sales Manager was not friendly. Still waiting on his call he promised it would not be long 1 week ago!! We had to pay $ 199.00 for a 2nd useful key. Here is the story: The contract stated 2 Keys. We received one VALET and one regular key. It was NOT disclosed before completion of the sale that the Valet key is not to be used to drive the van. Talked with Sales Manager Mr Davon but did not get a response back as he promised 1 wk ago. We had to pay $199.00 (with military discount) for a 2nd computerized key and REQUEST A REFUND. The sales contract states 2 keys, no VALET key mentioned which can not be used to drive the van.(see email from Chrysler Corporation) I think this is very poor customer service and should have been disclosed prior to sale. We feel deceived by CarMax. I hope you can help and initiate a refund. Contacted Crysler about the keys:

Email from Chrysler Corp:

Dear Rosemarie,

Thank you for contacting the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center and

congratulations on your purchase.

The key and key fob system of our vehicles are a type of security

system. There are components in the key fob that the vehicle reads to

know theft key is the proper one. If the vehicle does not receive the

signals as it's supposed to it will shut down the engine. This can be

reversed by inserting the proper key again. This theft deterrent helps

prevent car theft. The 'normal' key is called a valet key. It is used

strictly to open the doors and trunk. If there are any other concerns

you have please feel free to contact us.

Thank you again for your email. Should you require additional

assistance, or have any new information to provide, please reply to this

email message or call



Customer Service Representative

Chrysler Customer Assistance Center

For any future communicat

Posted by wsowers7

Purchased an M56 2011. Had gone through CarMax 100+ point check list, AOK. Got the car home and within 30 days, took it to the Infiniti dealer who had to replace the 2 MAS.

Also replaced the ignition switch assembly, intermittently wouldn't start.

Also reinsulated the console for noisy vibrations.

CarMax "inspection" isn't professional or what they would have you believe it is in terms of thoroughness.

Don't but until you have a dealership inspection.

Posted by Angry Customer

I purchased my 2011 Maxima from CarMax in Lithia Springs, and they are the WORST EVER. I will never refer anyone to Carmax because of them. I am in the process of writing a nice letter to send to the Corporate office. I know it will probably get lost, along with all the other complaints, but I must get this experience off my chest.

Posted by mouldingwood

Purchased a Hyundai Veloster from Carmax Albuquerque. They failed to provide the plates and registration. They sent them to the wrong address. They put the wrong data on the purchase forms causing my son and I to have to return three times to get it right. The car was purchased in early November (maybe late Oct) of 2014. It is now January 19th, 2015 and we still do not have plates or registration. Last I spoke to them they requested we bring the car into them for a free oil change, wash and to take a little bump out of the hood. I was told they would adjust their schedule to do this. I am going in Wednesday. But now they cannot do it as they have other cars to work on. The trip in is roughly 200 miles. They want me to go back next week. I have to go Wed and now have to return...yet again because this company cannot get their crap in one sock. I purchased from them previously but I doubt I will every do so again. Inept.

Posted by dee11208

I visited the CarMax on Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw, Georgia. ALL TIME WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I went there after work, because they were near closing I was rushed through the purchase process and out the door. A week later I was already experiencing issues with my vehicle. I brought it back and was pretty much treated condescendingly and told nothing was wrong. It's been four months and I have had major issues every single month since purchasing. They wouldn't repair because I didn't buy their service contract and continued to turn me away. After repeated calls nothing. Finally, my car broke down and I had it towed to them. Spoke to someone in service and they said they would look at the vehicle. The next day I get a phone call that my car was sitting in their lot with the keys in it - nobody at CarMax knew who it belonged to. Finally I go in to speak to one of the sales managers, he says there is nothing he can do, I must speak to the service manager. Mind you, I am paying for a car rental because they won't give me a loaner car despite the fact that they sold me a vehicle with fundamental issues and I won't even go into all I've already spent on the car for things they claim they inspect for prior to selling the vehicle. I go the next day and speak to the service manager. They claimed to look at the vehicle and that there was a problem with the engine coil that they repaired for me at no cost. So they said. Less than 24 hours later, the car is still having the same issue. I don't know how CarMax is still in business with this kind of customer service and poor business practices. They claim they stand behind all their vehicles, but they don't. Once the car is sold and off their lot they do not care about you as a customer. Service does absolutely nothing and they lie. Now, I am stuck with an over-priced piece of junk and no one at CarMax cares to do the right thing. Not only would I not recommend anyone buy from CarMax, but I would DISCOURAGE people from buying there.

Posted by nancydonna777

i bought a 2007 chevy impala that has been in the shop 37 times in 3 years i wouldent sent my worst enemie to car max

Posted by Stacy

I recently purchased a 2010 Nissan Maxima September 2014 from the Charleston, SC location & I must say, I'm very disappointed. Within, my 30 day warranty; my husband & I needed to have some lights on dash completed & chip/missing paint redone. I took my car in which, Ernest from Service, was very helpful & understanding. My car went out within 2-3 days to a 3rd party painter, which was HORRIBLE!!! With the Service Manager,Ernest,myself & husband everyone was embassed of the work so to try to satisfy us they kept my car again for a week this time sending to a BodyShop. I was without my car for 2 weeks; very disappointed!! During all this time, I decided to just trade in for a 2012 Silver Nissan Maxima,_ which was on the lot. All within running back & forth, I brought my niece in to purchase a vehicle; which she did. Not knowing my car was ready sitting in parking lot. So then I was given to deal with Dave, who was not friendly/helpful at all. All I wanted to do was trade in & be satisfied. He would tell my husband & I lies after lies. He at one time told me he had found a car, which was located in another state. I stated i don't have extra money because my car payment is due, he said oh no; we should be able to exchange equally; again he lied. He called me the next day, said I'm tracking the vehicle now which should be here today but I can't pull up any info or pictures.... Sounds fishy!! Car must never made it cuz before he could tell us another lie, he just said it could be another couple days after Thanksgiving so just bring the loaner back in rudely, in which I saved. A car was on site so why couldn't we just complete transaction there to resolve my frustration of 2 weeks. He did not do all he could as a salesman. So I went yesterday to pick up my original car, as I was almost home, check maintenance oil...oil filter appeared; which I took a picture. I called service to report now but was closed so again I gotta wait until after Thanksgiving, for a call. I must say I'm one mad, frustrated & disappointed young lady who spends her money wisely. At my place of employment we are trained, "to always take care of the customer", all wanna do is trade in & get the car other Maxima.

Posted by Eclipse909

In addition, this Person has called me on my cell phone not to apologize but to intimidate and scare me, a customer. However, when I returned the call fortunately for me I get to hear his voicemail yelling out his last name Jimenez. To the corporate office of Carmax, please investigate what happened at Carmax in the City of Ontario, CA on how a number of staff ganged up to embarrass and insult the customer. I am asking corporate to act on this matter.

Posted by Eclipse909

I have visited Carmax at the Ontario, CA location. Prior to my visit I have talked with someone from sales asking about the car I requested for a transfer from another location. I was told that the was in the location and that the can be seen but cannot be test drove. When I came to the location a person named Jorge Jimenez, which I assumed the manager on duty. I have never been disrespected in my whole life and the worst part of it was in front of his staff that he had disrespected and unable to handle the best customer service. I have asked for his last name, which he refused to give just so I can send my complaint to the corporate office. As I walked out of the location, his staff were laughing at me on my way out. I have never ever been treated so low and insalted in my entire life. I have acted histerically loud for customers to hear and see what I have experienced and because of how I was treated. I am writing this complaint that hopefully corporate office would respond with sincere apology to unknown customer and apply the right punishment to the management of this location and the staff who had their fun on embarrassing a customer. Tape will show laughing staff. I will never nor will I ever recommend this location to anyone I know. I am asking the corporate management to do something.

Posted by lavonbrown77

I've purchased a car over 2 months ago and have yet been able to get my tag for my car and have been getting the run around from car max. I have contacted the dmv and they said they've received nothing from carmax to start the paperwork process. Any day now I can get pulled over and receive a ticket for driving off a expired paper tag. I haven't received any phone calls back like promised.this says a lot about the staff.

Posted by nini4nya

On September 17, 2014, I left the Plano Carmax with a vehicle I had purchased. On September 18th I called my salesman Larry and indicated the vehicle had few minor issues. Larry contacted me back and said he had given my name and number to a service department associate. Later that evening James called me back and I told him the issues I had discovered (vehicle pulling to the right, wobbling when vehicle took off from stop, and almost staling at stops). James indicated to me I needed to bring in the vehicle so he could look at it. We had decided I would bring the vehicle in on Monday after I got off of work ( 9/22/2014).

When I arrived I told the young lady at the desk who I was and that I needed a loaner. James was there as well but never acknowledged me. She indicated that she didn't see I needed a loaner, and I said James and myself had discussed it (James still did not acknowledge me). She went over to him and asked him if he remembered me, and he said to her, "did I put that she needed a loaner?". Needless to say he went and got a loaner ready, and still never acknowledged me. I later got a call from him which I had missed so I tried calling back with no luck until 445p I finally got a call back, and he said he was just trying to reach me to tell me he would look at my vehicle in the morning, which I said ok.

Yesterday 9/13/2014 at 145p James called me and said he and his manager drove the vehicle and found nothing wrong. I asked if they took on the highway because the day before I had brought it I had drove to Fort Worth and on the highway I had major pulling to the right. He didn't answer me. He asked me what kind of car I traded in, I told him Mercedes (which I don't think was relevant), he said well some people who drive a Mercedes then get into a 4 cylinder vehicle don't realize the effect, I advised him that I am 56 years old and have driven every kind of vehicle and know the effects of different vehicles, and in case he didn't know, my Mercedes I traded in was 4 cylinder. I advised him that there was definitely something wrong with the vehicle and I was concerned. I had advised James that maybe I would need to return the vehicle because I was not happy with the outcome, he proceeded to say, well, maybe you should. I ended the call and when I got off work at 2pm I went t Carmax.

In the midst of this I called back to speak to manager Pete to find out what he thought and I was left on hold for 10 minutes. I called back again and a lady came on the line and asked my name, I told her and she placed me on hold and came back and said "he said your car is ready, come and get it", I advised her I wasn't calling about picking up my vehicle, I needed to talk to him. She placed me on hold, then came back on and just put me through to his voice mail (I did not leave message). By this time I had reached Carmax.

I went to the counter and the young lady k=evidently knew who I was and gave me papers to sign and gave me my keys. I had texted Larry (salesman) and let him know I was there and I was upset. Larry came to me (was crying at this time) and asked me if Pete had called me because he talked to him, I told him no. He said wait a minute, well I was pretty upset at this point and decided to leave and take the vehicle to my mechanic (Firestone).

I was convinced to go ahead and get alignment so if needed I wouldn't have to pay to see if needed and also for alignment. Well, yes, it was a "little" off and they fixed it, but there was a recall (steering) on the vehicle which firestone went ahead and did for me. I and the service manager at firestone drove the vehicle and he also determined vehicles steering wheel was pulling to the right and had to be controlled manually, he also felt the wobbling that I had indicated to the service manager at Carmax. He said for them to actually get under the vehicle and determine what is causing it could be costly ($60 per hour), not to mention the repairs. He advised me to contact Carmax since I had service warranty and ask them to fix, I told him the issue and he as well advised to contact corporate. He and the mechanic who looked at my vehicle said that it's possibly Half Cam or maybe even axel issue but again couldn't determine unless fully diagnosed.
Needless to say, I should not even have to go through this, and I don't have the funds to go get diagnosed.

The issue with almost staling at stops was normal, the Firestone manager told me it's an idle down issue, but its normal, but I can truly concerned about the steering and wobbling.

I'm not only concerned about the mechanical issues, but after purchasing 3 vehicles from Carmax I never have been treated so disrespectfully. James and Pete (manager of service dept) totally disregarded me as if Carmax already had my $ they didn't need to cater to my needs. I am totally appalled and literally hurt emotionally over this treatment.

I paid $42.59 for the alignment that was needed, and still have mechanical issues with this vehicle. I love my new vehicle but am even more concerned because it's my understanding that even the recalls are to be tended to before selling the vehicle.

I would appreciate a call or even a response. If in fact someone can tend to my vehicle am concerned about the back lash and treatment I would receive if in fact I did have to go back.

My next step is the BBB, not to mention legal advice. I am not a vindictive person, nor am I a problem, but I will be willing to pursue this considering the treatment that was given to me.
I do have paperwork from Firestone for the alignment, but they were unable to indicate they saw issue because I didn't get diagnostic.

now:I spoke with Vicki Waters today who had been helping me on a matter in reference to Carmax Plano TX. My mechanica issue is being resolved, but upon being told that I should take my vehicle to my own mechanic if not happy with Carmax service department telling me there was nothing wrong. Needless to say At request of your corporate office Vicki told me to take to Courtesy Nissan and get the vehicle diagnosed (attached assessment).

Today I spoke with Vicki to ask if I would be refunded to paying for alignment on vehicle thinking it was possibly alignment and she told me no, that Pete the service manager whom I had issues with in the first place told her no because they didn't tell me to go get alignment. I know they didn't tell me it was the alignment, I assumed on my own it was possibly alignment since it was pulling and shaking. I sent paperwork to your office showing alignment was off and they fixed it. Alo the vehicle had a recall that carmax never remedied which my mechanice went ahead and did.

I in my first letter (attached) did indicate I wanted my vehicle repaired after your mechanic (Nissan) said there was in deed something wrong with vehicle. I have been told I will not reimbursed for alignment on vehicle.
I am totally disappointed in Carmax and needless to say I will "never" come back to Carmax after purchasing 3 vehicles. I will turn this over to the BBB just to add to the numerous complaints on Carmax which I gave the benefit of the doubt.

I am at this point livid, Its not the $50 I spent on the vehicle it's the fact that your service department including the manager just disregarded me, and my complaint, and litereally told me to come get my car there is nothing wrong.

I know there will be absolutely nothing done regarding this and they will not be reprimanded, but I will tell you this, I will in fact be turning over to the BBB>

Posted by Irene

I purchased a Toyota Yaris from Carmax on July 24,2014, On August 23, 2014.The electrical system shut down. I've contacted the Carmax on Mt. Zion Parkway,Norcross, and also their corporate office to get the issue resolved. Stay tuned as i will post the end result. Irene Rice

Posted by DeeBill

I currently bought a 2011 dodge charger . It's my first car and I thought it was a good decision because I finally got the car I have always wanted. I bought the car July 8,2014 the day I bought the car they of course fill up the tank for you, well the next day my gas gage dropped, I didn't really think anything of it until I got into the car an hour later it had risen. So I called trying to set an appointment and they were booked all the way out until August 7,2014... Are you kidding me a month later! During that time other problems started occurring and of course there was no availability. So I'm stuck driving the car that who knows what else will happen. So I finally get my car in and when I go pick the car up they say the car is great and in good working condition, yay great right? Wrong! I get into the car and it's reaking of gasoline...I thought it was like that because they worked on my gas gage sensor. Well come to find out the next day my car started leaking gasoline. How can the mechanics test drive my car and not smell it. And I almost wasn't able to get my car towed because of the leak. Anyone could smell the gas coming from my car. And of course this happens Friday and the service center is then closed and the next day is Saturday. So Monday August 11,2014 comes around and the service manager Kelly Hohn basically told me it's my fault it's leaking and claims she runs a "tight shift" obviously not if I'm leaking gas. And she stated I'm basically stuck with the car now and they refuse to buy the car back because of their problems. After communicating with another girl I told her to tow my car from town all the way to Fairfield and we had discussed it and no one ever showed up and Kelly claimed we never discussed that but I had told someone else so they blame me, clearly she's running a tight ship, way to go! So I have to get it appraised and who knows how much they will give me for that, basically nothing. I will never buy another car or get a car service through carmax ever again. I can't believe they would let a 20 year old leave the lot driving a death trap. I'm sure if their kids had a car with Carmax they'd get it in right away. I do not recommend buying a car with CarMax unless they fix their sh**. They are careless and don't care about their customer.

Posted by Never Again @ 90 days

I will never use Carmax Service for any type of repairs! 1) They are always booked and appointments are 5 days or more away to get service 2) Their employees are not the most knowledgeable and have no attention to detail. They attempted to repair a water leak that took them 3 weeks to find and had to call in a 3rd party to fix. With the amount of time elapsed and charges for labor going through the roof I opened an insurance claim to cover the repairs. 2 months and 2 different service technicans later; my car is finally ready to be picked up and i see that my car has been noticeably damaged while being repaired. They quickly try to amend the issue by doing a half way job that has made me very disgusted with their level of service and care. I have lost all faith that they even knew what they were doing to begin with and the amount of new damage isnt worthy of another insurance claim. I am definately going to corporate on this one because I have never had such a horrible experience in my life.

Posted by Chrissy6

Ok so about 4 months ago i purchased a 2008 saturn aura xe i have taken it into th newport news va,carmax three + times to be fixed for the shaken while im stopped,now my passanger airbag sensor is failing which they said they had to check into before i got the care, one of the workers told me that my car is shaken because its a v6 which is false because my cousin has one i am very unpleased and feel unsafe riding in my car, i am going to file a report with the federal business Bua....and im getting me a lawyer, i also have the carmax warranty and they still want me to pay outta pocket for the same promblem to be checked.i want this car fix or swapped it it only has 6100 miles on it

Posted by Ticked off

Purchased 2005 Chevy impala 6 mths ago. Took car in to service because car began to accelerate on it's own, and then on the expressway, it wouldn't accelerate at all. So there's an acceleration problem. But carmax wrote it up as two problems so that I would be on the hook for two diagnostic fees. Took car in on a Tuesday. I get a phone call two hours later to say that I needed a part that had to be " special" ordered so my car wouldn't be available til mid of the next week. The next day, Wednesday, I get a call to say that the part may be in by Friday, but I still may not get my car til late Friday, or Monday. I thought about the situation and I called carmax back maybe 2-3hours later that SAME DAY to say that I will pick my car up and just pay the diagnostic fees. No one answered so I said this in a message. I get a call back TEN MINUTES LATER and was told my car was suddenly ready for pick up, and of course I owe the $250 deductible!

Posted by Cnama72

I bought a Ford Fiesta 2012 7 months ago and I have had problems since the day I bought it. I was never told when I bought it that it has a dual clutch / transmission. Now I know what that is and it sucks. It took people 6 months from CarMax to agree with me that there was a problem with it. I believe the problem was there when they sold it to me. But they deny that. CarMax won't touch it bc it is under manufacturer warranty from Ford. I have been to Ford 3 times now and I still have a car that sounds like a garbage disposal with a spoon in it. It is very embarrassing to drive. I have been told everything I am going thru is normal and that every time they fix it that is will happen again. Oh great. I have done everything I know to do, now I think it is time for court action.

Posted by gcoronado

We went to carmax in las vega in sahara avenue my wife and I test drove a suv we decided to buy it while we werr doung the paper work they sold the car to someone else it couple later I called corporation customer service and they had a floor manager big guy he said that for my inconvenience he will transfer a car for me at no cost this guys are a joke they put the name of Used Car Salesman very high so I went donw the street y purchase a ca from a professional dealer.

Posted by Toni

Purchased a E350 Mercedes in June of 2013 I have had problems with the breaks every since I have taken my car to carmax in ontario calif at least seven times they tell me the problem is solved and a few weeks later the same thing happens.
I called the corporate office and they solved the problem temporarily but the same thing happened with the breaks once again. I am getting ready to take carmax to court because they areas asking me to pay for the breaks.......don't buy from these guys...the cars are Wrecks.

Posted by cmh

3 months after purchasing a vehicle that cost over $10,000 the transmission went out. I was forced to use my extended warranty and they are giving me the run around about repairing the transmission. Car Max should have replaced the transmission at no cost to me. I have been without a vehicle for 4 days waiting on the extended warranty company (Maxcare to make a decision) about repair.

Posted by FireTom

The treatment of sales consultants by carmax is the worst in the industry, especially since they are 100% commission (free labor) they are paid when the sell a car and that is the lowest in the industry. Tom Folliard is the CEO and has put in to place terrible working conditions. As far as the employees they are all desperate and need to earn their pay to help support their families. Tom Folliard is a greedy and needs to be Fired!

Posted by ExCarSalesman

bought a truck that i thought was a decent price. after a bit i took my vehicle to a garage for an inspection. it was there i realized my vehicle was a flood vehicle. apparently there are certain time limitations as their requirement at disclosing this to the consumer. criminal organization. typical old car dogs. the only thing carmax has over any other used car dealership

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Posted by Boomerger

I went to the Carmax in Riverside after purchasing a car more than two years ago at the Ontario Carmax. Both times have been a very easy and pleasurable experiance. Although the salesman forgot to put me down for the date I should come in to have the LoJack installed, another person got the date correct and filled my car up with gas after LoJack only took less than half an hour to install the system. I wish Carmax had been around years ago when I started buying cars.

Posted by Nicoledickey/1977

I would like to thank Darcel Washington for helping me find the SUV that I wanted and could afford. She is a very sweet and very nice person. She treated me as family. I would refer her to anybody I know looking for a vehicle. Thanks for your kindness and help. Elizabeth Dickey.

Posted by chuckd

I was able to talk to a live person since the dealer does not open until 11am cst. Camile was very professional about my issue. She states she will forward concerns to mgt team at Tinley Park, IL store...

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Posted by Technician

Former mechanic, Employed 2000 - 2007, Alot to say about this company. Started off great as a (Mom and Pop) outfit under Circuit City's wing. We were instucted to repair cars as if customers were purchasing from dealership. As the years went by the company grew and separated from Circuit City. As a corporation, the company changed their views about repairing the cars for resell. Alot of cars that were normally not sold due to high risk ie...frame damage, were being sold on the front lot. BE Careful,Inspect Before You Purchase. Warranty Coverage is a Joke!!!!


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