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Capital One customer service is ranked #364 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 36.04 out of a possible 200 based upon 359 ratings. This score rates Capital One customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


328 Negative Comments out of 359 Total Comments is 91.36%.


31 Positive Comments out of 359 Total Comments is 8.64%.

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    • 36.04 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 328 negative comments (91.36%)
    • 31 positive comments (8.64%)
    • 5 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Alteredstate

The hardest compant to reach on the phone i have ever encountered, appalling.

Posted by Anonymous

Please don't send any more applications had you all before and paid you off. Tried to get a card and was turned done. You send any more it will get ugly.

Posted by Jrogers

The customer service representatives while they may be pleasent, have such a strong foreign accent I can't understand them. I am only asking simple questions like my interest rate. The prerequisite for the job should be to speak clear English.

Posted by michael

why we need to call Philippine to get our issues resolved with capitol one credit card ?

Posted by Anonymous

Although I was appreciative of the Auto loan provided from capital one the most Frustrating aspects of their service is the automated aspect. You are required to either provide an account# or a Social Security Number. There is no other option in which to speak with a live person.

Posted by Miked1100

I cannot get to customer service without a card. I need to resolve an account paid off 3-4 years ago

Posted by tiredofcapitalonelies

Another victim of credit fraud, someone took my maiden name and opened many cards with my social and yet I cannot get Capital One to remove the hard inquiries that are affecting my credit score. All card/bank companies willing to work with me but the one I am ironically an actual customer of, Capital One. Instead of just flat out telling me to go fly a kite, they are worse, they say, "we'll look into it," or "don't worry, this will be taken care of." only to have them make empty promises and "disconnect" the line or never call back.

Posted by Lori

I am currently a victim of identy theft that involved my capital one checking & cedit card account since November..know one has helped me recover, and your institution keeps charging me more fees.

Posted by Arbeekwet

Years ago, I had Capital One cards. They took every opportunity they could to add fees which sent me over my limit so they can add more fees. They were absolutely horrible. I swore I'd never get another card. Now they employ Samuel Jackson who is clearly a racist as their main spokesperson. I will never, ever have a Capital One card in my wallet again. I say cut them up and find yourself a new bank.

Posted by Capital One Screwed ME!

I've had my Capital One secured card open since June 2015, every payment that I've made has been placed on a hold. I made a payment on 09/11/2015, on 09/14/2015, I chatted with a rep who told me that my hold would be removed on 09/15/2015 8am ET. On 9/15/2015, I checked my available credit at 9am ET, no available credit. I called and spoke to a representative and she stated that she needed to transfer me to an ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR. This lady was AWFUL. I attempted to inform her that I my bank account is an international bank account from when I served in the military and that they would not be able to call, I would have to call the bank with them on the line LIKE I"VE DONE EVERYTIME BEFORE THAT. She became really confrontation and started to speak down to me. I went right back to her (now when I think of it I shouldn't have allowed her to bring me to her level) with the same animosity that she was showing towards me. I then asked her, what would happen to my deposit if I requested to close my account, I was IMMEDIATLEY without warning transferred to REP MFP883, he came on the line ready his script. I informed him that I did not need any of that information, I just wanted to know what will happen to my deposit IF I CLOSED MY ACCOUNT. The call then dropped mysteriously. Nothing was agreed upon on my end. I NEVER authorized MFP883 to close my account. I called back immediately and to my horror, the automated system said my account was closed. SINCE then I have spoken to NUMEROUS reps, sups, whatever else you can think of and NO ONE can resolve this issue. I cannot for the life of me understand how ones account can be closed without approval. I've worked at Capital One in the past (2009-2012), we were NEVER allowed to close someone's account unless they agreed to the terms of the close request. I was never informed of any disclosures, when MFP883 came on reading his "disclosures" he was interrupted by me and I informed him my intent was not to close the account, I just wanted my question answered about my deposit. I understand that I may not have million or even thousands on hand, I am a very TINY fish in the POND that Capital One caters too but im a consumer and should be treated as such. I now have my account closed, my son's daycare will be charging the account any day now, I cannot change payment method's because it was already processed and I have ZERO answers from CAPITAL ONE on how they will resolve this issue that THEY (MFP883) created. I've called the executive customer service team 703-720-1000 and they are supposedly looking into this. I just decided I would share this horrible situation. Hate to complain but I also HATE to be treated unfairly..

Posted by Lucky

I just started using Capitol One Visa & I had a question. So far, I have been on hold for high call volumes for 30 minutes!

Posted by Den

Just called Capitol One customer service and after waiting a VERY long time they answered the phone by saying "Good Morning". I asked where he was as it was 2pm where I was. He said oh, sorry good afternoon then or is it evening there? Totally clueless! Trying to make a paymennt over the phone as I cannot get online access like some of the other reviewers previously said. They could not find my card so I could not make a payment. So ridiculous - I did not have these problems when my card was Discover.

Posted by Novatone

The Cap One call center in the Philippines was an absolute nightmare. To get my wife's card activated was literally 2 hours ending with me supposed to send my wife's identification, social security card, and utility bill... to some representative in the Philippines? Seriously? I'd rather just cut the card up than send my wife's US documentation to another country via email. To require such a thing is absurd, especially when the rep was so painfully rude on my first call. In subsequent calls no one seemed to act like her actions were offensive, instead I got responses like, "Yeah I know how that is I deal with it all day too".

Posted by Anonymous

I had applied for a loan, and gotten turned down. I have received phone calls several times a day for the past two months in regards to the application. I have requested at least five times to be taken off the list as I have gotten what I needed else-where and I am still receiving phone calls. I am at the point where I am considering filing a harassment charge if they continue to contact me.

Posted by Anonymous

Can no longer make a payment online! This has been going on for several weeks. Worst IT / Developers I've ever experienced. They should hire some other banks IT team to get this fixed, but instead they just let it sit there broken!

Posted by Anonymous

Capital One will decline transactions on the pretense of "fraud prevention". Most Issuers will contact you via your chosen communication channel and ask if certain activity is valid. CapOne just declines the transactions. We were ordering some electronics on line and Cap One decline our transaction. The next day we get an email asking us to call in and verify the trans. I did and then CapOne wanted me to go to the merchant myself and reprocess the trans. Why am I required to correct CapOne's mistake. Then over the next 3 days CapOne repeatedly declined this transaction that we had already stated (on multiple calls) was valid. In the end we had to use a different Issuer card which was a MAsterCard and our CapOne card is now locked because of all the ERRONEOUS fraud flags. Time to cut up CapOne. A card that has great rewards is useless if you can not use it. An Issuer that cannot service there customer even when the customer follows CapOne's own requests is not an Issuer you should want to do business with. After this experience I had several peers tell me they have had similar problems with CapOne declining legitimate transaction with out any notice.

Posted by s scott

I'm glad to have however this card.It should not take seven to ten business days to clear. Anyone else have to wait? Pymt in full on the 26th and still waiting to clear. I just want to know if this is prodocall? Anyone? Thanks again i sure am glad to have this. It's has been so great to help build my credit. Great to be apart of something so good. It's a God, send, remarkable service and a credit to the credit card world. Customer service is like no other. Bless you one and all. s scott

Posted by Anonymous

After 30 years. I am closing all my accounts, personal and business as well as debit and credit cards because Capital One Customer Service has gone down hill and fast. Specifically, the bank manager makes promises and doesn't keep them, ignores personal concerns, abuses his perceived power.
Making calls to "customer advocacy" takes a half an hour of transfer calls to people who DON'T CARE. This word must travel fast to any potential customer. AVOID CAPITAL ONE AT ALL COSTS or it will cost you.

Posted by jopalu

Wife passed away 31, Oct. 2015. Have tried to close card, to no avail. I got most(3) billing changes to our home address, so card was clear. Sent death certificate, then I got a noticed that they were sorry that I died!!! I denied 2 charges made in Jan.'15 on her card, they said no, and charged late fees on top. Their customer service is horrible, not in USA, it is in India. I recently sent "my" bill for time I spent on this, I have a hourly rate, they refuse or deny bill, make a small claims against them. They don't show, I turn them in to Eqifax!!! I do not want to do anything with them, if they die on the vine today, I would NOT care..Capital One just go away... JWM

Posted by Anonymous

Applied for a card for my wife they sent it and immediately we could not use it. They said that they suspected fraud and needed to verify. I tried to help but they said she had to do it (which made sense and I was ok with) but then they began asking her questions she would never be able to answer or the data they had was wrong.
Then they said send proof of ID and address. We send it and wait, wondering why it is such a pain to get this card... two weeks later and multiple calls, they still can't figure it out. Every time I call we have to start over. They are nice enough but have no Idea what they are doing. The frustrating part is they won't even cancel the card till they have verified...

They say it is to protect us,... It is not worth the effort. Discover card protects me fine and always knows what needs to be done. I normally would not waste the time to write a bad review but they have wasted so much of my time, this is nothing as I continue to wait for them....

Posted by Mink

I have various C.C's but have always used my capitol one exclusively, I have been very loyal to the company, have paid every bill on time, in full, every month. There were 2 charges on my bill this month that I have no receipts for and I don't recognize the company name as anyone I've ever done business with. I called capitol one and asked for more info....the rep was rude, hostile, ignorant, and said: I have no information to give you on those charges and I've now shut your card down, you can no longer use it. I did not ask to have my card cancelled, I was merely asking for info on the 2 unknown charges. I WILL NOT be accepting a new replacement card from them, I will not be doing business with them EVER AGAIN. I will now switch to using one of my other c.c.'s, and capitol one has lost a great customer, whether they realize it or not. They're staff are rude, hostile and ignorant for absolutely NO REASON. If I had been rude to the rep first I fully expect they'll respond in the same manner to me but that was not the case. This guy was the most hostile person I've ever spoken to in my life, and for absolutely no reason. Then I asked to speak with a manager and I had to ask 3 times before a "supervisor" came on the phone, and basically said she has no authority to do anything to resolve this matter, except send it to a manager (which is who I asked to speak with in the first place). Why would you even have supervisors if they have no ability or authority to resolve a matter. All I got from her was condescending apologies and there-there's, in an attempt to patronize me. I'm not a 7 yr old, and I don't need to be treated as such. I expect to be treated in the same professional and courteous manner that I have spoken to them in. I would advise anyone reading this, if customer service is important to you when dealing with your credit card company STAY AWAY FROM CAPITOL ONE. They are horrible. No matter how good their cards are, their customer service is severely lacking and the reps will defend the company to the T because that's what they're told to do or because they know they are the ones creating the customer service problems to begin with. I am cancelling my HBC card, my capitol one cards and all other cards or business associated with this company. I'm done giving them my business and I will share my story with everyone I come in contact with in an effort to encourage others to not do business with a company that treats you this badly.

Posted by Owen

CAPITOL ONE A COMPANY NOT TO BANK ON . A few years ago I had a Capitol One CC for my business, I used this account for a decade. My bank sent a check automatically every 30 days to cover the minimum, this allowed me to pay the balance at my leisure and was usually paid in full two to three weeks after the automatic bank payment. So I am traveling and I check into a hotel and my Capitol One card gets rejected. I call Capitol One to find out what the problem was, they told me I was late on a payment. The Balance on my Capitol One account was Fifteen Dollars, they had received a One Hundred Dollar check and another check for over Two Thousand Dollars within three weeks of this phone call. They refused to reactivate the card until I could make the fifteen dollar payment, they actually said that this was due to a new Massachusetts regulation. They had no problem leaving me stranded, fortunately I have an outstanding credit rating and used another line of credit. Now they send me junk mail five times a week telling me they want my business, what a joke. Vote with your feet when you get bad service from a company.

Posted by RPills

When I attempted to buy a gift card in Baltimore, my purchase was declined 4 times. Upon calling Capital One I was given the reason for the purchase being declined. It was because I used my card in Virginia the previous day when I rented a car and then used it in another state, Maryland, the following day which is inconsistent with my past purchase history. When I was able to verify my card was not compromised, I was told the card would be reactivated. However, 4 hours later trying to make that gift card purchase once again at the same store chain but another location, once again the purchase was declined. This time the card was locked and nothing could be done because "management" does not work the weekend. This left me without the ability to use the credit card while on vacation. To make matters worse, when I returned home on Monday, I was informed by Capital One that I needed to file a fraud report, which I politely declined because doing so would be fraud committed by me for filing a false report. The card was only attempted to be used the times when I attempted to buy the gift card and at no other time. Now I understand why 1 out of 5 complaints filed regarding credit cards is regarding Capital One. Never again will I permit Capital One to ruin my vacation.

Posted by pzapien

Capital one customer service is the least user friendly credit card I have ever used. From the moment I received my card, I could not access my account online. I didn't have time to sit on the phone trying to figure it out so I added my wife as an authorized user. They still wouldn't talk to her even to fix the online access registration. She figured out that they had incorrect information and they still wouldn't correct anything. This credit card customer service is terrible if you are a married couple that share financial responsibility for credit cards. Both parties do n to have equal access. My spouse does not want to be an authorized user for an account that she has no right to manage. Now we have to look for a better credit card that is easier to manage with two users.

Posted by Mouse

Because I had a very small balance carried forward that automatically shuts me out of customer service! Even if it was their error. In order to fix it I have to first pay it and then call back to get it fixed. Over 10 minute wait each time only to be given my balance and nothing else. Worst customer support I have ever encountered.

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Posted by Anonymous

I had to cancel my card and get a new one...the agent helping me was Ann LBG231....she was so nice to deal with that we laughed and talked easily. I got my mail two days later and found a card from Cap 1from her. She wrote a cute hand written message and gifted me with a JC Penny's card. I was amazed. Please thank her for me. I will pay this kindness forward. Aurora

Posted by Outstanding Customer Service

Capital One - 4416 Ambassador Caffery, Lafayette, LA 70508
Deidre Jones, Lead Teller and Tameka Edmond, Associate are welcoming customer service support personnel. They always greet me with a smile and positive attitude!!! Rare attributes in todays business customer service world. Hats off to these two ladies for their outstanding customer service!!!
You are appreciated!

Posted by GG

I just called Capital One and I spoke with Teresh (I think that's how you spell it lol) and she was awesome and very kind and professional. I had some issues with my account and she was very understandable and nice. They answered the phone pretty fast and every thing was just perfect :) I'm glad I talked to her

Posted by Alissa

Tonight I called capital one after I received a scam phone call. The lady cancelled my card right away and was very helpful to me. Thanks a lot girl you made my night less stressful and you and I had a good laugh as I was freaking out lol.

Posted by double02

I have 2 auto loans with Capital One and my husband and I each have a credit card with them. I love them no fees to make your auto payments by phone. And The blank Check service is excellent blank,when buying a car a 100% no hassle they give the specifications for your loan and buying a car has never ever been so easy Capital One has the best customer service they rock!Extremely happy customer

Posted by kinghomedesign

Capital One is a great company! Their Zero Fraud Liability program has really saved me some prolems with unauthorized charges on my acounts in the past! I spoke with an extremely knowledagble and friendly rep earlier this week named Danielle She was great, what a great asset to Capital One.

Posted by True Customer

This Company is the bset especially the managers there, they all ROCK !. Kudos to Mark (jaw379) for being so patietn with me thru my tough times .


Posted by Jen

capital one is the best for me!! they took good care of my account and remove all the fraudulent charges that was made to the old account number and i recieved my credits for more than 900 dollars!!

I love capital one!! the best in this kind of industry

Posted by Stephanie

I was able to speak with a representative named Billy. I was worried since my card has been used without my authorization. Billy fixed things for me, she stopped the card and removed the charge. I just received my card and credit today. Kudos to Capital One!

Posted by lala

i talked to a representative from capital one and her name is verna!! she is awesome!! she took care of evrything i wanted kudos capital one

Posted by Anonymous

I want to commend you on having the Customer service phone # listed and so easy to find.
Thank you
Carol Hargitt.

Posted by Anonymous

Capital one has always been the best in this kind of business. they helped me out when i was on my downfall, and assist me all the time that i needed help from them. I would like to a acknowledge this very kind agent from the philippines his name is eddie and as i can remember his employee thanks for helping me out! I would like to talk with you again.

Posted by Richard

capital one for me, is the best credit company. called for additional credit for emergency i needed to buy my son a gift on his bday on 3rd of march. new here in capital one and i'm loving it


I've been with capital one for 10 years now and never put me down. THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

Posted by cookiemomma

I do not have any problems with Capital One. I make my payments o time and they raised my limit. I had no rouble reaching customer service calling the 800 number on the card.

Posted by [email protected]

Hello my name is Ronald Grim,I have been with Capital One for a few months but im here to tell you that I have never in my intire life dealt with a better customer service than Capital One,The Customer Support is like no other ive ever experienced,Capital One treats people with respect and professionalisim,From Stacy to Rodney to Kris and so many many more,I felt like I was part of a family,Its easy to sit and type all of those growsly misleading negative comments but thats the way people are,Because they are unhappy in they're own lives its easy to say aweful things about good and decent people.Capital One literally saved my life,I had nothing left in my life,I had gone through severe atrocitys that almost killed me,I lost everything I had,I felt hopeless until Capital One helped me to turn my life around,They gave me hope and treated me with kindness and it was not an act,They truly care.I concider everyone from Capital One a Friend,I had not felt more kindness and compassion that Capital One showed to me in years.I know that many people hate the big banks but I for one dont carry that hatred with me or in my heart.I plan on opening up.......Well thats kind of a secret but I will be going through Capital One for all of my business needs.Thank You Capital One,You truly are the best.
Most Kindly
Ronald Grim

Posted by allie_b

I had my credit card right at my limit before I lost my job. I was unemployed for 4 months before I found something starting me at part time, and I'm working up to full time again. Obviously my account went over the limit with the interest rates as they are, and I was sent into collections. I stressed about calling for a long time before I got my new job, so I avoided it. I finally called today to ask about setting up a payment plan. I wish I had gotten the rep's name, because she was extremely nice and helpful to me. I explained my situation and she was very sympathetic and understanding, and she asked what I was able to pay per month with my current budget. She allowed me to set up $60 payments for a few months to start catching me up, and never pressured me into paying more or made me feel guilty about my situation. I hope my next call is like this one. To the rep, whoever you are, thank you so much!

Posted by Andy_Credit*REBUILDER

Now I can't really speak much for any other CC companies as I'm 23 and had bad credit and just about 6 months ago decided it's time to try to start just letting collections come and say 'who cares theyll just report it to my credit WOW which with my history if I asked for a loan a bank would probably make me pay THEM for wasting their time after seeing how bad my score was LOL. However anyways I decided it's time to start trying to rebuild my credit as it is VERY important in many things in life as I found out many times the past three years, after 100% b& intentionally screwing over all the 'bad credit' cards who gave me a chance (i'd immediately spend the entire line/or take the entire line out as a cash advance and never pay a dime on purpose), credit cards that would give you like a $150 amount to spend out of a like $350 total line and then charge you a $200 fee cards like persay; First Premier, Rewards 660, Total Visa, Orchard Bank Mastercard which didn't have the bs 2nd chance fees like the others and I also screwed over Fingerhut for $350 in merchandise and Gettington Catalog for like $250, would get bank accounts and didnt purposely open the account to do this but I would end up well for the one account getting payday loans and they kept trying to take my payment out like 15x each time at a $35 overdraft fee before the bank closed it and put for collections, then my next 2 accounts they started the wh not too mention NON intentionally getting cell phones w/ contracts and not being able to complete the contract and having the bill be like my balance of 4 missed months of like $400 plus the contract early termination fee for 2 lines at $250 a piece then about $200 in late fees and ending with a totalled balance owed to T-Mobile, Sprint AND Verizon because I would get a job again and think I could keep it afloat even after the first one, then again at a later time with the 3rd contract, plus not too mention unpaid utility bills for like Verizon, Comcast, Direct-TV, etc. and ANYTHINB I ended up somehow getting charged/billed for but i'd never pay it because I know it 'would just go on my already bad credit' so why pay money I could spend on something else right? and those things would be like Unpaid Ebay Seller Fees, Magazine Subscriptions my debit card would no longer authorize for them but they'd still send a few copies thinking i'd update my billing info, and a moving truck company I returned like 2 weeks late making my charges WAY over what I gave them as a deposit and also for an Apartment Complex for breaking the lease by moving out before the lease end date ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!!!! But now I couldn't regret it anymore so because i'm paying it all back, or i've gotten about %40 off just by disputing them repeadily and about 1/5 of my bad credit accountS from a time period from when I was 18 are soon going to be elgible to fall off because of their age in about a year or less which is great, HOWEVER ANYWAYS getting back on topic here.

I decided to start rebuilding and besides getting rid of old bad debts you need to have some sort of current revolving account(S) on your credit to have a good score, so I like pretty much anyone else sided on a secured credit card, I went with Capital One because their actually INCREDIBLY strict for it being secured (because both my parents when they did the 'what card do I qualify for?' web page on their site they didn't even QUALIFY for the secured card lol, as most know 95% banks don't even pull reports and ficos for secured cards, but I heard they would alot make a persons credit limit like 125-175% of their security deposits (like the bank of america 99/500 secured visa, it's not advertised on their site as you will only know of it if you were approved or heard of it, it's a card with a $500 limit but they require a $99 security deposit) so basically they sometimes did PARTIAL securing with customers and make their line over what their deposit is, bad sadly they didn't for me but I also went with them for reason 2 which was because on my forum regarding credit alot of people that had a secured capital one card and paid on time for 6-18 months and over the minimum payment while keeping the balance pretty low in that 6-18 months they'd let their customers know their secured card is being converted to an unsecured card with say a $1000 limit when the people just had the minimum or small deposit amounts so thats $800 over their secured line AND it's unsecured as they got their deposits back WITH a little bit of interest it gained depending on the months they kept it, now not EVERYONE got converted, hell I heard of people with HUGE deposits like 2-5k and using 1-5% of their card lines at ALL times and paying the balance off on time every month on time, usually before the grace period for YEARS on top of the fact their credit history was now actually GOOD with say a 700 fico because of the payment history and of other cards and NEVER got offered a conversion to an unsecured card. so i'm not counting on that either but I chose capital one also for a 3rd reason for my secured card & thats because their pretty much a Prime Card Bank, Popular & A MAIN lending Bank which looks good for anyone viewing your report SEEING you have a card with a prime card bank (especially since it DOES not report as secured which brings me to my last reason #4 I choose them which is they report to all 3 CRA's and report it as a regular unsecured card vs. other banks who report it AS secured which lowers your score vs if it would of reported as unsecured for 3 years for example, and also for lenders personally viewing your report seeing that you have an UNSECURED line with a prime bank thats quite picky and dosent open lines for people with even good credit and being very picky, but however they approved you and gave you an unsecured line (even though it IS secured, its reporting unsecured so they think it) and after approval you never missed a payment either, have a low balance, have a low max used balance of say 25% usage of your limit, looks EXTREMELY well even if your credit and history from say 1 yr and past accounts, that in the last year you somehow luckily got approved by a prime bank somehow got a a chance, and you actually did FANTASTIC monthly and never even used more than 25% of your line and your average balance is only about 5% so yeah your past you didn't manage your accounts well, but the past year you did GREAT in fact you couldnt of messed up at all, so if I was the lender viewing that report i'd say well yep they were bad news more than a year ago, but presently & in the past year they pulled it together somehow whether its a stable income, responsibility or better bill management but they proved themselves they CAN be trusted and MORE!

Getting to my point I have an unsecured mastercard with Capital One w/ a tiny $225 limit and usually a high balance, I pay every month for the past 6 since opening however last week my grandfather died who lives a state away and my car in the shop and not being completed for 2 days I could only rent a car to get there, and every rental agency I called everyone needed a card and a deposit to be held on that card between $100-$500, I sent a moneygram express in minutes payment of my entire balance at around 10pm and had to attend his funneral the next day at around 2pm so had to rent a car and have money avail on the card at around 9am (which was 11 hours away). So at around 6am the payment still did not post I called Capital One and said I made a payment yesterday with moneygram USING MONEY IN MINUTES EXPRESS PAY and why it didnt post yet, and they informed me it will not post until the next business day after 8am and explained their funds availability policy; I immediately got extremely upset and shocked and explained the situation, the rep told me they have a special department called special customer account managment or something and said they settle things that sometimes are able to bend their policies or break them for situations, so I got transferred to a young lady, gave her all my info and confirmed my identity with the regular check and asked what she could do, histerical I said My father just died last week and his funeral is today and I must be able to rent a car in 2 hours to drive 3 hours away and to rent a car I need my payment of $220 to be available in the next 2 hours and I was told it will post tommorow!! She showed much sympathy and said she was sorry and reconfirmed I did pay w/ moneygram and I said yes, and I then said not regular 3 day moneygram and that it was express money in minutes which nearly cost $10, she then said still very concerned did you happen to get a reference number? I gave it to her and she typed it in and said I WILL be able to make your recent payment today and the funds will be available in about ten minutes after I enter this information I just have to place you on hold to do that, is that ok, can I place you on hold for just one moment again and im sorry for having to place you on hold again and all this stress *hold* ok sir im back I was able to confirm & post your moneygram payment of $220 just fine, it should show up on your account and be available in about 5-10 minutes, I replied with a GIANT thank you and told her your a life saver and she said again im very sorry for your loss but im very glad i was able to help you make your funeral today is there anything else I can do? I said no thats all thank you SO MUCH you'll never know how meaningful this is! she replied No problem sir, thats what were here for Enjoy your day and have a safe drive, thank you for choosing capital one again bye now!

I mean I know its not like they posted an ach payment instantly, and that like prepaid cards can get instantly posted w/ payments but thats a debit prepaid card. But to be able to post a moneygram payment I made only 7 and a half hours ago when their policy was to post in about 34 more hours! And I just spent pretty much alll my savings to make the payment which I wouldnt be able to refund or anything and the funeral was that day and I no longer had enough money to get any transportation after spending it on the payment for my entire secured card balance to rent a car.

So I was able to rent a car & attend my grandfathers funeral (may he RIP!), thank you capital one for saving my day and breaking policy like it was nothing for my emergency in life which is not yours but you acted as it was!

Thanks again Capital One, I REALLY know whats in my wallet and now can say that with pride! GREAT CUST SERVICE, american too A+++++ couldnt asked for a better situation there!! THANKS

Posted by Anonymous

just like to use this site as an avenue to give thanks to an agent named jean with id cvg596,she was fantastic and went beyond in helping me,i called very upset because of the hold on my paymnt, but she was so patient in explaining to me why theres a hold and she had it lifted, she was very calm and proffessional, i hope that all agents there are like her, she was a polished diamond.

Posted by Michiko25

I would like to commend one of your employees for a great customer service. He's niel huw253. I have been with capital one for more than 3 years now and I have been late for a month because of some financial problem. he helped me out and waived my fee. and even provided me options. he is so friendly.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer at Capital One for many years have never had any problem with customer service always friend and pleasant to talk with Would recommend this company to anyone interested in building good credit

Posted by ace

Thank you guys for helping me during the time that i was unemployed. You guys really did help me compared to other banks that i got! more power capital one!

Posted by none

a customer service person name Brandon was extremely kind and helpful. He was patient and fulfilled my request.I talked to with the on line pymt line. Between 4:45 - 5:09

Posted by Anonymous

I have both a chase account and a capital one bank account capital one's banking far exceeds Chase is the cutomer service department. I had a capital one credit card and i got sick they treated me like trash while i was ill. Calling every day for money i didn't have and then closing my account even though i was paying every month. We had bad blood between us for years. I got a capital one card recently, the tables have turned and yes i treat them like trash demanding rediculous things from them. They take it like a pro we are working on rebuilding a tarnished relationship but it's working.

Posted by Whonoze

I've been a customer of Capital One for about
fifteen years and I've found that the quality of their
customer service depends on whether it's via email
or call center, and even the location of the call center.
In general, the call center in the Philippines (if it's
overnight in Eastern Time Zone) is very good, especially the demeanor of the contact. It's easy for me to get very upset with CC problems, but the
people there are very patient. Daytime service (State-side) is not as good. The most important aspect of customer service to me, is the attitude of the contact
and whether or not they make a concerted effort to resolve the issue.
The "virtual" service via email is the worst I've ever experienced; whoever is assigned to responding to emails gives an automatic response and I believe the first response is automated. I once went through 5 exchanges before I had an issue resolved.

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Posted by CARLISLE

I'm a Capital One Employee here in the Philippines. I place my comment here not to exonerate capital one from all of the negative thoughts I've read here but to say that its (Capital One) a good company especially the associates. I just like to express my deep frustration to customers who tend to be unprofessional and rude everytime calling us without considering that we are here to help them (customers) in EFFECTIVELY RESOLVING TRANSACTION CONCERNS. But unfortunately a vast number of callers (too many to mention) are yelling and speaking profane language to my co-associates even myself. How can we guys help you in the ways we can possibly be if you don't even deserved to be help. Capone associates are very nice and friendly and always ready to render true service. It's not Capone's intention if there are transaction issues exist on your account that's why we have what we call CUSTOMER SERVICE to cater all your needs- business needs and more importantly EMOTIONAL NEEDS. In addition, do not put the blame to associates, its not their intention too. We are here to diagnose every account issue you may have. Do not ruin the procedures set by Capone because we have circumstantial and substantial methods on how to help our customers. Just follow them and everything will run smoothly.

And dont forget to read the Terms and Conditions of Capone prior to sign it to avoid massive confusion.


CARLISLE from Philippines

Posted by EllieB

I have been a Capital One customer for the past five years and I hadn't had a problem since about a week ago. I have never missed or made a late payment and I have used my Capital One credit card all over the world. I made my payment, as usual last week, and I assumed the payment had been processed as they typically are. It turns out Capital One authorized a payment of more than 700 dollars more than I had originally anticipated. Slightly panicked, I called Capital One and the agent assured me that they could resolve the issue. I educated the agent on the situation and she advised me to call my bank to see if they could refuse the payment before it cleared. Naturally, my bank needed a lot of paperwork from Capital One in order to refuse the payment. So I called Capital One back and a different agent answered the phone. This agent made it sound all too easy; she would cancel the payment without needing any paperwork from anyone and I would see the refund in 2-3 days, at the maximum. 3 days later I called Capital One wondering which time zone in which they were located because I still had not recieved any of the refund. Beyond the fact that I could not understand anything the agent said, he told me that the 'payment investigation' had not even began and that I needed to submit paperwork from my bank. Glorious. I educated the agent on my previous conversations with his colleagues and he wasn't assisting me any more than they had with their misinformation. After speaking with his supervisor, I was told that in order to begin the investigation I would need to submit a bank statement from my bank and they would credit my account min 5-7 business days. Honestly, the agents said how sorry they were and how horrible the situation was, but were doing nothing to fix it. I would avoid this credit card company at all costs.

Posted by Mike

I myself is a customer service representative and what I can advise yall is once you sign up for a credit you should know what are the terms and conditions so that you won't get mad once you bill arrive. Capital One is good company compare to others. They provide more flexible options with regard to credit card. Don't dare shouting those represenatives coz they're just doing their job. You will feel what they feel if you're in their situation.

Posted by Anonymous

just a reminder
i know your mad about what happen but the more you yell at a customer service representative the chances of your concern not being resolved is significantly high :)

be nice to them they just doing the best that they can to help you out.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Capital One Small Business customer phone agent, in Canada. I want to address a few previous comments.

Firstly, we all know the main reason for outsourcing is because it saves a company money, we can't completely them. Also, the second reason is to try and allow Canadians like myself reasonable daytime work hours and not be banished to the 'graveyard shift', and India can handle many late and overnight calls - let's not forget that please.

Sid, I am sorry about how you were 'screwed over' with the payment allocation method used was to pay only a promotional rate balance, but I can guarantee you %100, it was not illegal, and is printed write on every credit card's welcome kit. Because something may appear unfair and 'catches you offguard', doesn't make it wrong or misleading, perhaps surprising, yes. And this was how the federal government permitted this to exist. And new laws are in effect Feb 2010 that make only minimum payments apply to lowest rates, and if you pay higher, that amount pays your highest rate balance now.

Keep in mind people, that these new laws impact card companies harder than you think. So much that, this is why other terms have unfairly, but still, legally, have changed, like tripled interest rates, Obama decided to leave uncontrolled. We are merely trying to offset the large losses from these 'assistances'.

Also, please allow me try to explain why rates change at awkward times, because I know it seems frustrating seeing Capital One want more from you during this recession:

Now, when our economy is in good shape, people have more money. We lower our rates then, under the assumption that now people can afford to apply more funds to their principle and not interest charges, as to 'prepare' for a financial 'downturn' and not have a large debt.

When the overall economy is in dire condition, rates will always increase. This is done to both prevent too much unpayable balance from being used with purchases, reduce general spending, and 'brace' ourselves as a financial institution.

No one provides a 'hand-out' if you will, in difficult times to accomodate the money-making 'whip-lash' the credit card company would suffer when the economy heals.

I mean, you, are helping us, to help you.

Like in early summer, the water is still winter-ishly frigid cold, and in late-summer to early fall, some water you can still swim in. This delay in nature is similar to how credit and loans work with the market, it appears as 'backwards', but is just delayed, deliberately, to have long-term benefits for all parties involved.

I hope this can shed some light.

P.S. the decisions are made by higher powers that done answer their phones, so try to be patient and channel your aggression somewhere other than regular people that will do what we can with what we are given.

Thanks guys.


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