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Canon customer service is ranked #6 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 131.04 out of a possible 200 based upon 711 ratings. This score rates Canon customer service and customer support as Satisfying.


277 Negative Comments out of 711 Total Comments is 38.96%.


434 Positive Comments out of 711 Total Comments is 61.04%.

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Satisfying Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Canon

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 131.04 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 277 negative comments (38.96%)
    • 434 positive comments (61.04%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 6.5 Issue Resolution
    • 7.3 Reachability
    • 5.2 Cancellation
    • 8.0 Friendliness
    • 8.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke with a wonderful, extremely patience young lady by the name of Ms. Preda. She was not only very patient but very pleasant as well, your company is very blessed to have her working for you.

Dorothy R. Snell

Posted by Anonymous

Great experience with KEVIN at work station #308 on 8/16 . Provided me with stellar customer, service covered all the bases and provided me with excellent references for my particular issue .. This kind of customer service doesn't go unnoticed .. KEVIN is an asset to your organization and it should be recognized by you as well as me and other fortunate recipients of this QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE. He provided me with the [email protected] and I tried to log into that site but was unable to so I hope this will get delivered to the proper location and if not please e-mail me and I will respond

Thank You
R.E. Whittaker

Posted by Charlie[225] and Courtney[12]

Had great tech support from Charlie[225] to fix a wifi problem. He was super smart and especially good at explaining how to fix the problem. Later had a different problem about scanning and Courtney[12] did a really fine job of helping me with that. These are two fine employees and they both made me glad I chose Canon for my printers. Thanks Charlie and Courtney.


Posted by Anonymous

Tonight I installed my new canon pro 100 printer and needed help downloading certain programs. I called support and was fortunate to get Laurie on the line. She was very helpful and even took the time to research answers she wasn't sure of. She spent a lot of time with me and I appreciated her patience. You are lucky to have her as an employee!

Posted by James W

I was just connected with James W. I received excellent customer support. We had a conversation over an hour. James remained calm, intuitive and patient. I thank you for hiring someone like him.

Posted by Patti A

Today I needed to connect my new Canon printer.. and being up in years I need all the help I could get... and then Chiquesia answered the Canon phones.. She was so nice .. so knowledgeable ... and with her help I finished the set up. I could not have done it with out her.. she explained everything so well .. she was my Angel .. Thanks !

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you so very much today for helping us old folks re-connect our printer after an upgrade in our internet speed caused so much havoc. You were patient, kind and not at all frustrated with me as you led me through several processes. Again... YOU NEED A RAISE.

Posted by Karol

I had the pleasure of working with technical support person Chris (211-17-B) today and couldn't be more satisfied. He walked me through use of my Canon MG7720 PIXMA printer and made this non-tech savvy old lady understand how to get the most out of it. What a lovely person, and so professional. Thanks, Canon for your excellent customer service. Wish all companies as accommodating. You all really know the secret of success, keeping your customers satisfied and happy.

Posted by ?

I contacted Jessica at station 67 today, (7-5-17) to assist me with a fax problem with my Canon MX472. Jessica did an outstanding/excellent job helping me to print the fax that was stuck in memory mode. She should be recognized at employee review time for being an outstanding employee of the Canon Company.

Posted by N/a

I was very interested in Canon and Josh (20915B) was able to assist me in a very kind, knowledgeable, patient, professional manner. Because of Josh, I am very pleased with the service Canon has to offer. I am a fan!

Posted by Steve

I put off using my computer for 2 weeks because I did not know how to change my Canon printer settings to LAN. Fortunately for me Canon employs STEVE
desk 211-16-A) who was TERRIFIC, PATIENT AND KNOWLEDGEABLE and SPOKE ENGLISH WITHO9UT AN ACCENT OR INTERPRETER. Within 20 minutes (my slow speed, not his) my printed was working and so was I! Thanks, Canon, for employing this competent employee. He--and you--made me a happy repeat Cannon customer. On this National Donut day, I'd send him one were that possible. Great experience.

Jackie Dalton

Posted by bobmc747

I just had the absolute best experience I've ever had in my life with the customer service at Canon. The help I got was with Kevin at station 219. There was no hassle at all. He diagnosed the printer problem and resolved my problem with my printer in the shortest amount of time. I will be a Canon customer for life due to Kevin and his help. Kevin needs a raise.

Posted by madelga

Sought help w/ printer problem. Assistance provided by "TRACY", #066. She is WONDERFUL, OUTSTANDING, PATIENT. Walked me through how to correct my problem. I kept making mistakes but she patiently stayed w/ it. She made recommendations how to address and correct the problem in the future. She sent print-out so I could try to fix the problem should it happen again.
Too many other "customer service" providers could learn from Canon and "TRACY"!
CANON.....GIVE "TRACY" a raise!!!

Posted by Anthony

I was having trouble print from my Laptop. I have a wireless Canon Printer. I call technical support and spoke to Anthony and he was so knowledgeable. We troubleshooted everything possible and then Anthony discovered the problem and assisted me with fixing it is a matter of seconds. I really appreciated his assistance and he is a great asset to the company.

Posted by Ginger

Dan was so patient and understanding while walking me thru the process of setting up my Canon product. I could not have asked for a better person to walk me thru this. My overall experience is A++++, Keep up the good work and I will be recommending Canon products to everyone I know. Thank you Canon and especially DAN.

Posted by greg

Tech, Jazzy was very professional in taking care of my request, she had patience and gave me detailed information to download canon driver for my printer MX479. We tried downloading driver but my computer wouldn't acknowledge it, I contacted Office Depot to investigate why it wouldn't download, I tried downloading google photos, it wouldn't download, Jazzy was as cool as a cucumber and should be appreciated by Canon Company.

Posted by none

This complimentary feedback is regarding Dwayne (Station 72) who helped me over the phone to reconnect my PIXMA MX922 to my home wifi and devices. Dwayne was very helpful, friendly, patient (I'm disabled and need extra time to program my printer), and very competent. He is an asset to your business.
Thank you for employing a gentleman like Dwayne.
Larry Anderson
Phoenix, AZ

Posted by ray

I had one of the most enjoyable tek support sessions ever josh 229 Chesapeake is one of the most thorough step by step info and also pleasant it is very evident he loves his job what ever the top rating is below his should be double that it truly was a pleasure working with him my hat is off to him awesome job he should train the new people10

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, today I spoke with Katieh in technical support. I want to give her an A+ rating in her customer service skills. She was so patient with me and never once did I detect in her voice that she wish she had never gotten me on the phone. She helped me to get my printer printing again by walking me through everything while I was navigating the computer {and may I say not very well}. I was totally illiterate. She displayed great customer service skills.

Posted by scaryTrump

Dillon from who knows where? Was one of the best customer service/Help Desk person I have spoken to in YEARS. Being a CE/CS/QA engineer and actually working on a help desk from time to time for some really OBSCURE UNIX/Digial equp. co. Software I was impressed. He did what I and many others from Canon have tried to do since Nov 2016. He was very professional and knowledgeable in many aspects of technology that I have lost touch with and actual have SHUNNED for years.

Sorry for the RANT this is about Dillon. Excellent is not even a superlative that can be used because he was more than that. Phenomenal? maybe. If you ever get him for a question and he spends 1 plus hours on the phone with you (the wife was in the back ground wanting to fix the problem herself) he will most likely get the job done. We had to take several different WORK around before we finally had a solution to the problem. SEEMS router engineers don't make it easy for any one to get there wps turned on. It is encoded of turned off in such a way that any normal (non-engineer, ever this engineer, me ) could not fix it. COME ON CABLE wake up. If I had been working and found that BUG you bet it would have been fixed. So kudos to DILLON, Thank you for the time spent and for the knowledge you imparted on me. Great JOB...oh and DT see you Rob F. Oh and I will most likely never read this or anyreplies to it....

Posted by ? Kareem

The Customer Service person That handled my phone call is named Kareem. It was a long phone call! It took quite a number of different tests to identify and fix the problem with my PIXMA922. Kareem was knowledgeable, polite, supportive and, most of all, patient. I am not a savvy technology user. I asked many questions. Kareem answered them without my feeling "stupid." His patience was outstanding and very much appreciated by this unsophisticated user. Canon gets an A+ for its service and I am a brand loyal Canon user.

Posted by Anonymous

This is my second time that I received excellent tech support from Canon. This time it was from Dale Station 85. I explained that my knowledge of wifi is limited. He took the time to set up my printer and walked me through the process of printing from my chrome book. I just want to thank you.
Ken L


Dear sir or Madam ijust want to thank u for this wonderful dear woman miss chirsten that you have working for you she was great help to me with my printer frist she took the time to listen to me and what was going on with it she search it out and fix the problem i had to call 3 times before i got miss christen your other 2 guys were no help at all the 1st guy dis me said i had computer problems the 2nd did not no what he was talking so think u for your great employee miss christen thank you DOC K WEBER

Posted by Dylan

Dylan, was wonderful, she is simply the best, without her I don't know what I would have done..Thanks you so much Dylan for your expertise, you are the greatest.

Terri Jones

Posted by Andre

Andre was very knowledgeable and friendly. His help was very comfortable


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