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Canon customer service is ranked #6 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 130.79 out of a possible 200 based upon 710 ratings. This score rates Canon customer service and customer support as Satisfying.


277 Negative Comments out of 710 Total Comments is 39.01%.


433 Positive Comments out of 710 Total Comments is 60.99%.

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    • 277 negative comments (39.01%)
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Posted by Anthony

I was having difficulty setting up my wireless printer with my new IPad. Anthony was very patient and knowledgeable. He walked me through each step slowly and easily. He tried to make me feel comfortable with the steps needed. Excellent customer service.

Posted by Bryan

There's an old expression that REALLY holds true with technology. There may be many versions, but this one is the polite one. 'If it aint broken, don't mess with it.' Then why did you guys at Canon change something that was setting records of 'good' all over the planet or at least in my world. The MX830 ran flawless for three years straight! Not one time did it even have a slight hickup. It was amaizing....the best printer I've ever owned!! Light years ahead of the same category printers of Hp and Brothers. After three years if had its first malfunction and then you 'so called genius IT people' figured it was possible to improve on perfection. WRONG!!!! You came out with the MX922, so inferior and full of bugs you should be ashamed at even stamping the Canon name on this inferior piece of junk. I have had continuous malfunction issues, nearly every week I've owned it. Machines like this MX922 is what alienates this once loyal customer. You guys actually lost or will lose market share with this most terrible 'Edsel', if you will. I would not recommend this printer to anyone unless they enjoy stressing out with constant malfunction issues, constantly have to reset settings because near automatic default settings seem to kick in even after reset correctly time and time again.

Anna showe great patience, understanding, and skill to help reset this inferior machine as the third technician having done so, only to witness tomorrow, the same or similar manifestation of something obviously of no human inteligence, yet appearing kin to 'Chucky'. Sometimes I wonder. Words to the wise: RECALL MX922 and BRING BACK MX830, a true record breaking phenomenon of superior reliability.

Posted by Larinda

Some of the features with cannon printer not available because my ink has run out, have just spent one and a half hour trailing through the cannon site to replace the ink, UNSUCCESSFULLY, because the search wont recognise what I am requesting, which has been copied from the previous ink packet. I am wondering how I get guenuine replacement cartridges for my cannon printer. I am loosing the will to live, and thoroughly fed up with Cannon product support. If I could afford I would buy a new printer from another Company.

Posted by I've had it

Absolutely non-existant customer support. They have rigged their phon e line to recognize if you have previously called in (as in, 30 minutes earlier). When they do answer, a voice tells you someone will help you in a few minutes, then you get switched to another robot who basically says "get off of our phone line, and go to the website for your help".. Problem is, the website is the reason I had to call in the first place, as it is useless. I tried to download a copy of the manual for the camcorder I had just purchased, and nothing happens. Tried several times. Then, having had the telephone robot disconnect me several times, I went to the website to email the problem. You guessed it, the site won't accept the email. I click send, and my input page just sits there.

Posted by CFWM

PIXMA MX922 printer. Had about a year. A B200 appeared in the screen. Instructions were to call Canon. Did just that. Got disconnected. Called back. The answer knew I had called before. Asked if I would like a call back. I answered yes and was disconnected as I put in my phone number! Dialed again and had a young man. Asked for home phone (I had called on my cell phone so I could be near the computer with free hands - my email, my full name and then asked my problem. Told him of the B200 appearing and then an email that said I should call Canon. He said he would be right back. My best bet, he the came back and said, because of the cost of fixing the printer (which had cost about $100), he would put me in contact with someone else who would help me. Not worth fixing. I do have another printer and tried not to be rude, but what a waste of time. I guess if you buy cheaply you get a cheap product.

Posted by Anonymous

don't know how to speek to a customer ANJALI from hindi section.Used rush language like i am her servent.

Posted by REEZ

I've Never Seen Such Poor Service From A Company Before,. Spent 25 Minutes
Waiting For Someone To Take Me Off Of Hold To Speak To.
Got Tired And Hung Up And Called Back And Just Waited Another 25 Minutes On Hold.
Incredible, You Must Have Just One Person To Answer All The Calls For This Corporation,
Or Every Product You Make Is Defective In Some Way That Everyone Is Trying To Call And Complain.
Unfortunately, Your Chat Line Doesn't Work Either.
Some Companies You Can Leave A Message With Your Phone Number And They Will Call You Back
No Luck Here For That Either. Don't Know What I Have To Do To Get Service, Very Disappointing.

Posted by bazebolljim

I can't believe that Canon, a multibillion dollar world-wide company does not have 24/7 customer support available. It's 6 pm on a Saturday and they are closed. Unfreaking believable. FYI, HP does provide 24/7 service. You may talk to the Philippines, but you do get someone who can help.

Posted by Anonymous

The Canon printer that I own (MP800) works fine, but -- because of its age -- Canon has decided to no longer support it. I therefore cannot find any printer driver that will allow my MP800 to work. I am told by customer service that I must throw away this perfectly good printer and buy another one.

If my Toyota stopped working because the company no longer supported the car's software, how do you think that customers would feel? A scenario where consumers have to buy a new car due to lack of manufacturer software support sounds ridiculous. And yet this is what Canon is forcing me to do with my printer.

So why in the world should I buy another Canon product? You have just lost a loyal customer. I will now go out of my way to buy my printers (and spend THOUSANDS on ink) from one of your competitors.

You should really re-consider your software support policies.

Chris Kunhardt

Posted by cornejo

Canon should stay open longer to service people on the west coast and alaska! Its only 8:00 pm here,AK. time. I have to wait until tomorrow to get a questioned answered.

Posted by artemis12

I purchased a Canon printer PXMA MX490 that was actually recommended by a Canon rep at my Best Buy store. I was unable to install the printer via my OS X mac air and when I was contacted by tech support, the rep was not helpful and a somewhat impatient.

Posted by Carol Zukin

I called canon support regarding problems with my printer not responding to my computer. After numerous attempts to repair this myself, I finally pulled out my old instructions and found the support #. I was pleasantly surprised by the incredible service I received. Robert, desk, was knowledgeable and patient. He walked me through the process step by step until the problem was resolved. Kudos to your customer support!

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I just spent over an hour with Tom #2239 and he was wonderful... He was patient and thorough and worked hard to resolve my problems. He was successful with almost all of them and then suggested I get updates on my computer so that I don't have more problems in the future... He was intelligent, polite, and very knowledgeable about what was needed. Great job!!!!

Posted by Wonderful Ryczo

Spent 45 minutes online, only to be up sold on a software package. Unfortunately, I gave them access to my Pc, no telling what they gleaned or dumped to make my situation worse. I was impatient and did not vet them prior to calling. My fault. I went from a paper jam to them saying my computer needed their $356.00 software fix. Really?

Posted by give my cameras asap

I bought two cameras on canon website but I did not receive my order.
The guy named Kim was soooo arrogant and authoritative. He ordered me "Listen, listen, listen and did not allow me to speak and after he finished he just hung up his phone.
I need my money back or the cameras i paid for.

Posted by Anonymous

I just got of the phone with Canon support guy name Vicete desk He was AWESOME. He was very knowledgeable and very professional. Most of all he was very patience and polite. He help me setup my new Canon mx490 in no time! I was very happy to get my canon to work thanks to him. GREAT JOB VICETE. Thank you again


Posted by Anonymous

Im so sorry to tell u this this printer that i have is not working its a inkjet canon printer mg 2520 i might b doing something wrong but for now . Im very unhappy

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible service. It's unfortunate because the camera is great. I called four times with a simple question and the techs were not knowledgeable about their product -and to boot, condescending. Their training must be minimal.

Posted by chen

Just got a new Mini Projector Rayo R4. Unfortunately, this unit is not working almost at all mobiles. At least those I got HTC, samsung and LG.

This wasnt adverted when I buy it by Canon staff at all.
When I call to service centre, they just give me feedback like I got my wrong choice and bad luck suck it.

Really dissapointed by Canon products. And strongly recommend anyone i knew to stay away from this brand forever.

Chen Tang
From Hong Kong

Posted by Anonymous

I have complaints about four Canon products I have owned. I contacted the local (RSA) warranty section and to date an acknowledgement and half a phone call is all I have had. Your support service seems worse than your products

Posted by Carleen Loader

I bought a Cannon MX494 printer, scanner. It is a very slow printer and uses ink
in a ridiculous way. you get a printer that is a reasonable price but you will go
bankrupt buying ink. I will NEVER buy a cannon product again.

Posted by Karen

Have a cannon printer mx882. Dont buy this printer. Ink very expensive and runs out so quickly that you have to go out and purchase more.

Will be looking for a different printer and it wont be a Cannon.

Posted by Liberty

Love my canon machine but when you run out of ink and only replace black because it is so expensive the canon machine won't run without both cartridges. That sucks, and it really makes you mad because it should run with only one cartridge. In the middle of homework and can't finish. The cartridge 210XL 211XL are $50.00.

Posted by Linda

Good evening, I just got off the phone for the second time today with Canon Technical Support. This time, after the printer on my PIXMA MG 2920 I thought was fixed from the correction suggested by the first Tech and it did print, several print jobs later, the error message returned. So, I was provided Jegason/ Employee ID #211-11 E; he too was most patient and also knowledgeable, in fact he had to spend nearly 40 plus minutes assisting me with removing the old print jobs and reloading this printer computer program to see if this would get it up and operating properly once again - after considerable patience and his gracious assistance in helping me navigate uploading the Canon program from the website, it worked! Hooray!!! Thank you, Jegason, I told him for his patience and knowledge with this product and having to work with my older laptop and Windows 7, yes it is old, but even older but quality products, like Canon still provide quality service I need and can continue to depend on. Please recognize employee, Jegason; he is exceptional. Thank you. Linda

Posted by Anonymous

Very unhappy with the life of any of your print cartridges. Don't print very often. Have had to purchase 3 (expensive) since owning. Compared to the HP I had for 10 years, this printer, Pixma MX922, is an ink cartridge hog!!! Replacements are overpriced for the amount of ink within. Printer/fax is soooooo noisy, slow and not at all as expected. Very disappointed!!! Customer service didn't seem to care and only made excuses for the cartridge shortcomings. Made excuses when I called. I had the "so called empty cartridge" checked because the printer would not print and found that it was still 1/2 full. Again, customer made excuses accusing the checker of poking a hole in the cartridge. NOT HAPPY WITH CANON or customer service TO SAY THE LEAST!


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