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Posted by Anonymous

Had an issue with receiving the validation code for an online Canon course. Finally, after 2 months, made contact with Diane.....Awesome. Very patient, very knowledgeable, just a great all around lady.
Oh, and I now have the course, thanks to Diane, and it is great too.

Posted by Maury Mitchell

I have tried multiple times to reach customer service to return a camera that my daughter wanted for xmas. Each time I've been on hold for periods of up to 25 min plus. This is the worst experience I've ever had and still haven't been able to get through to anyone to get an RA number. This shouldn't be this difficult. I would love to know if anyone else has had this experience. I'm still trying to get through to customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

OIXMA TS 6120 Printer. Had it two months, printer informs me the paper in the rear tray is incorrect. I want to print from the cassette but can't change to the cassette. Error codes 1000 and 2114. I want to return printer for a refund.

Posted by JSev

I want to let Canon know what a wonderful, EXCELLENT, patient & overall truly customer service oriented employee/team player working for them by the name of Chiquesia. I have never spoken with such a professional & knowledgeable person as this lady. I can not tell you how impressed I am with her professionalizum. I will quickly tell you that I had called a company that was representing themselves as a part of CANON! Seriously!!! They ended up talking me in to allowing them control of my computer. After talking to me about everything, (except what I called them for) concerning my Camon printer. they tried to sell me an anti virus system to the tune of almost $1k! I'm serious. Of course that was the premium package. The packages ranged from $299.00 & up. After about 30 minutes of being scared that someone over seas had all my confidential information...I finally decided to go into another room & call the 800 number provided on my Canon information sheet I received upon purchasing my printer. Chiquesia is the person who answered quickly & was my total savior from there on out. I quickly told her what this man was trying to do & asked her if she would speak with him. She was more than happy to help me. She was totally professional...& told him that they did not have a technical department in Atlanta GA where he had told me he was from!! Once he realized that she was not backing down & had all the right information he became rude & said he was going to hang up because I would not listen to him. Chiquesia saved the day!!! She was so amazing, professional & never raised her voice while putting this man in his place.

After that was over she explained in detail what to do so that would never happen again. She then said, "now lets get that printer working for you again ma'am'! What a relief it is to get such great customer service. I was able to not only fix the issue I called in for...but after that was completed she asked me if there was anything else she could do for me before we finished the call? I remembered that I had tried many times to connect my fax machine. I asked her id she could help me & her kind reply was that she absolutely could walk me through the process of adding that feature. Bravo Chiquesia...with your expertise...I did it! Now I have access to a fax machine in my own much better than taking everything somewhere else to have it paying for that service! I want you all to know that this lady is defiantly a added bonus to your company! Before we hung up I asked her if there was someone I could speak to so I could relay my positive experience to. WHen her manager came on the line...he was as professional & accomodating as she. Way to go CANON! In my book your company is #!!!!!!!!

Posted by [email protected]

I am writing in this format because 3 customer surveys failed to open when I pressed the "Next" button. Perhaps I should have called Canon tech support again?

I want to complement 3 people that I had contact with who really are deserving of the highest praise. There were different problems in
installing the driver for my scanner on the TS9020. Joelle led me through the first one. Another issue and multi tasked installation and cancellation was led by Charlie from Alberquerque. He consulted manuals and scratched his head over some of the items I reported on my screen but was able to help me unscramble some incorrect routing on my computer/printer hook up.Michael was the last agent consulted
and I have an interesting comparison for you in his case . The night before I called gmail support because emails were printing in a truncated format. After seizing my screen they weren't able to resolve the problem. Your man Michael ran me through some adjustments and happily the problem was resolved. I really was struggling with these problems and I am happy to say there is an efficiency to your operation that I like.

Posted by Anonymous

I contacted Canon to help me with getting my copier to print from my Andriod phone. I was in contact with David station #69 and I can tell you he is the most patience person I ever spoke with. He certainly is a great Canon employee.

Thanks, Bob T.

Posted by Anonymous

We were having trouble with our printer and were fortunate to have Jose as our support team. He was most patient with us as we are not Technical . He is also very knowledgeable. He took his time with us and answered all our concerns.

Posted by Anonymous

Rarely do I take the time to answer, or seek to do a survey based on services. However, there are exceptions to everything; I don't know how to properly thank your Customer Support person but I have to at least try to convey to you the appreciation of him assisting me. Fairly new to the photography world, he walked me through unfamiliar areas of frustration (with my Cannon 70D) with such clearity and precise instruction, that I found myself elated, and screaming in his ear (sorry Chris)with a new understanding for my CAMERA.

No longer will I waste my time with sales reps (sorry reps,some are great) on the knowledge of a Cannon product. With a Customer Service Support team displaying patience and knowledge, like Chris showed me, I will continue to purchase your products with confidence, knowing that if I ever need assistance or have any questions, a Cannon representative is there, ready to HELP me. Thank you greatly Chris!

Posted by ebowen3132

service agent Dillion...I am 84 years of age, he was so patient with me. as it turned out my AVG had blocked my computer from acknowledging my printer...

Very sharp young man.

Posted by Anonymous

i like to thank james for helping me today with my printer a canon mx470 .he was very patient with me and help me out with my problem.thank you

Posted by tjshock

I called Direct Source Copiers in CA & ordered a copier "on sale" for $1,999. & added a toner bringing my total to $2,149. on October 31st afternoon. The money was withdrawn from my account on November 1st. My son gave me a similar printer that evening so I called emailed Direct Source Copiers at 8:36 AM on November 2nd to request a cancellation. David ? called and said it was already being delivered (even though I was originally told it would take a week to 10 days to get it) and so I would be charged up to $300. shipping and a re-stock fee.
The next day he let me know ALL I would have to pay is the $150. re-stock fee.
I still have not received my refund and it will be 6 weeks soon.
He says Canon refunded but did not deduct the $150. re-stock fee so it's taking longer.
I have tried to file a complaint but the CA BBB doesn't allow me to for some reason.
I would like for someone in charge at Canon to see my mail and understand that, for 1 thing, the charge for a re-stock is unfair since I notified the dealer the next day I wanted to cancel and also - why is it taking so long to get my refund? I should be able to charge interest on my money.
Please forward this to someone who is able to help. I'd be glad to forward the emails between myself and the dealer.
I would appreciate it.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Madam/Sir,
I have purchased Canon EOS 700D DSLR camera on 18 Oct 2016 from, Invoice D1fKI90GN (Invoice number: TG-HYD7-141011551-719. The Camera was delivered by CAPITAL PHOTO SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, Sy Nos.241-244, 275-284, Penjerla (V), Kootur(M), Mahabubnagar dist. Hyderabad-509228. I have tested camera with lens 18-55mm and I fount it satisfactory.However, when I used camera on 30th Oct 2016 with lens 55-250 mm I observed some focus issue, then I contacted Amazon for return on 01 November 2016 but they refused to return as the time of return was only 10 days. Amazon suggested us to contact service centre. I given the lens to service centre on 5th November,2016, CD:1600000673106 they accepted the lens but refused to replace it . Service centre has refused to replace it and stressing me to accept repaired lens.
Canon is a esteemed company this type of service of giving defective product and refusing it replace it with new one was not accepted from Canon. I request you to kindly replace it with new lens.
Yours truly,

Ashok Jadav,
11 Ramkumar Jagerdev Chawl,
Behind Kaju Pada police Station,
Sudham Nagar, Kaju Pada Road, Borivali East,
Mumbai, Maharashtra-400066, India.

Posted by prabhath

SIR I BUY CANON PIXMA E460 photo studio work is passport size photo [8copies].but this printer set up is passport sizephoto [6copies]. because your setup get [usless] white boarder i need remove this [usless] white boarder.maxi photo is disturb this [usless] white boarder.pls canon company must answer and salve my prablem

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a MG5220 Canon printer and have had a great experience until all of a sudden, I got a U052 error message and the printer will not work. I looked online for a fix and did all of the appropriate things that it mentioned several times and no luck. In deperation, I called Canon customer service. I was cut off from the first CSR so I called back, started from scratch and after trying several things, the CSR and I realized that a fix was not to be without buying a new Printer Head. I could not locate my sales receipt and so he was not able to send me a new printer head for free. I asked if I could buy one and he said no that I would have to try and find one at a parts place that sells them. I am VERY frustrated knowing that Canon has the part I supposedly need and that they will not sell me the part. Also, after going online, I realize that there was a class action suit filed against Canon regarding this issue but of course that was not mentioned. So, as of now, I am without a printer, in need of a printer head. Incidentally, I just purchsed 2 sets of new print cartridges for my printer that I cannot use. I will not buy another Canon product! All Canon would have to do is willingly send me a printer head.

Posted by Anonymous

Pune Authorized Canon Service Centre ASF Pune 1
I am loyal Canon DSLR user with a portfolio of lenses. I had given my 7d for routine servicing to your Pune Authorized Service centre ( ASF 1 ) on 30 July 2016 and collected it back next week.

However receipt ( bill ) for the payment of charges of Rs. 2900.00 was not provided as it could not be printed due to some " technical reasons " and I was promised that it shall be sent on email.

In the third week of Aug 2016, I had gone to the centre to collect my duly serviced 100-400 lens and reminded them about pending bill. I was once again assured that it shall be sent on email - it was not readily available that day also.

On 16th Sept. I reminded them once again on phone and email - no response.

On 19th Sept - when I called them, I received a Rude Reply " Why are you making a big fuss about such a small issue... ? "

Not only I am insulted but shocked at such poor standards of customer service at a Reputed Brand Like Canon.

All I was asking for a Bill and no Favours !!!

Posted by Mike

I recently purchased a Canon PowerShot SX720 HS I was very much looking forward to utilizing the Wifi features of the camera I AM HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED to discover that Canon does not have software drivers available for my OS. My desktop is an iMac running the latest El Capitan OS X. This camera was released this year (2016) New camera-latest OS X-NO GOOD REASON TO NOT HAVE THE COMPATIBLE DRIVERS AVAILABLE. To add insult to new WIFI CAPABLE CAMERA did not come with a USB cable to work with my less than one year old computer. GO FIGURE

Posted by Anonymous

Having problems with their printer after one week. Having problems getting adequate tech support. They don't know what's going on.

Posted by Anonymous

I was having problems with my canon mx 922 wireless printer and called customer service. I reached Leah,who was patient, supportive and really helpful.This is the 2nd time i have used customer service and both times I was extremely satisfied and the problem was resolved. I will continue to use Canon products because of people like Leah,

david Ofman

Posted by Anonymous

My PC uploaded Windows 10 which I have no idea how to use it. I needed to scan some documents. I didn't know how. So I called Canon Printer/Scanner Helpline. A lovely lady name Barbara came on the phone. She was heaven sent. She was so kind to walk me though every single step without any problem. Canon is very lucky to have her on their staff. She's beyond the best!. I only hope that she can answer all the phone calls from people like me. Thank you Barbara for you assistance. Very much appreciated. Your pal Maria

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Canon printer- not a cheap one- a few months ago and has just displayed an error code.Because I cant find my receipt- even though Canon have confirmed that this model only came out in September 2015 they wont honour a manufacturers warrant. Nobody wants to know! Trying to get a number for their complaints dept, is as bad as trying to get a doctors appt...will NEVER buy Canon again!

Posted by Anonymous

Ref no 1-7579719084. A very mixed review. Andrew was polite and helpful, but never sent the promised email. And yes, I checked in junk emails just in case.


I contacted Canon technical support about a problem with my printer. I had already tried all of the troubleshooting in the manual. I wasted 1 1/2 hours with "senior technical support" people just reading the troubleshooting from the manual, then telling me about the great deal I can get on a new Canon.

I finally reach a representative who admitted they don't really provide any information which isn't available in the manual, and that after that they are supposed to start the sales pitch.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is terrible! I telephoned a few minutes ago to customer service. The representative on the phone was rude to me and hung up! I complainted about canon battery not holding a charge very long and ask if a make a better battery. I talked to friends and they have same problem with Cannon camera battery. I rate them zero for customer service. PS The camera takes a good pictures, but battery doesn't hold a charge very long.

Posted by Jegan

Product Serial Number: [Serial number removed per forum guidelines]

Date of Purchase: 11/27/2015

I bought cannon SX520 HS camera [NEW].

When inserting memory card, it shows memory card error.

But same memory card working good in other cameras.

Memory card: 32GB, SanDisc, Class 10.

This camera was bought in US, now I am in India.

I took cannon to service center in India, they said USA warranty cannot be applied here.

Now they say PCB UNIT have to be replaced.

PCB UNIT defect and to be replace

Part Charges Rs.2518/-

Service Charge Rs.750/-

Service Tax Rs.105/-

Total Charges Rs.3373/-

I bought this for 99$ + tax.

I have not even took a single photo, it needs a service for 60$ (3373Rs + some other charge).

I can't afford so much for a repair, it is better to buy a new once than to use this repaired one (not canon again)

I contact both US and India support, both refused to help me.

They cant waive off the service charge.

They cant extend my warranty.

They cant even give discount for the repair.

Total waste of my money.

How could cannon sell such a useless product? Don't they test it before selling?

Just insert card and it shows Memory card error.

I post this question just to show how bad Canon product could be, don't trust them.

Posted by Good Grief

Had a bad day with Canon Customer Service that a loyal and long-time consumer of Canon products didn't see coming. Our three year old MX892 came down with the terminal B200 error. Did I mention we bought $85 of print cartridges a month ago? Asking to return or exchange them I was told immediately that I didn't fall in their 14 day return policy. They're telling a guy with a history of 6 Canon printers, 2 DLSR Canon cameras, more Canon point and shoot cameras than I can count that they couldn't help me. I also told them I had just ordered a new Canon MX922 to replace our now dead MX892. That didn't phase them either. After expressing my disappointment, they finally offered to send me complimentary ink for my new printer but needed a serial number. How could I do that when "I just ordered it"! By now I couldn't be more upset knowing a 3 year old printer is toast while staring at $85 of ink I can't use and a die-hard Canon customer got absolutely no satisfaction. I didn't think this type of corporate insensitivity still existed. Nikon has become my new favorite camera brand and Epson will get my business in the future...Good Grief!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I called customer service for technical support, Chris at station 260 was extremely helpful and patient with helping me setup my wireless printer!

Posted by Anonymous

Yesterday I had the opportunity of working with Samantha to help me connect my Printer to my computer. She was patient with me, professional, calm and guiding.I do wish other companies agents are as helpful as Samantha. Congratulations to Canon for having Samantha on your team. Thank you Samantha.

Posted by Employee ID: S05667

On April 26, 2018, I called Canon's customer help line and was connected to Charlie (ID S05667) who spent almost an hour searching for my printer problems and correcting them, including uninstalling and reinstalling. He was so patient and took the time to explain each step in a way that my non-techy brain could understand. It was obvious that this employee truly enjoys problem-solving and making customers happy. Congratulations, Canon, for having such professional employees.

Posted by Anonymous

Mike 2096-B worked with me this evening. He was very patient with me and resolved my issue graciously. I was a pain but he walked me through each step. He deserves recognition!

Posted by Anonymous

Tech Support Joel M. somewhere in NM was just great. Wish other company's had more like him.

Posted by Mr.sigh

They are great, loads of seniority-Kind and professional people. Very small wait time

Posted by Norma Kelleher

I just finished speaking with "Susan #233) I asked how I could commend her and she told me. I had the best experience. She was very patient, very knowledgable and was the best I have had to fix my problems. I feel it was important to let you know how grateful I was to have had her assist me.


I have recently had to switch my computer system to Windows 10 and was unable to use my Canon Pro 100. I called your support line and spoke to James at station 260. This gentlemen could not have been more patient, kind and informative. I have been in customer service for 40 years, and this representative showed the kind of customer service you seldom find these days. He is a huge asset to Canon. My problem was solved quickly and courteously. I am not much of a computer whiz, but James made it easy. I will continue to use Canon products and will advise my friends and family to do so as well due to this young mans customer service. I don't impress easily when it comes to customer service, but this representative exceeded my expectations. Please thank him for me. If there is some kind of award he can receive, I hope he gets it. Thank you, James.

Posted by Anonymous

On 6 March a.m., I had excellent tech support for my CanonTS3120 printer from Nathan Athanose on your help line. I am in Winnipeg, MB. My printer was not connecting to my MacBook Pro laptop. Natan was pleasant, professional, patient & kind. He discovered that my Mac operating system was too advanced to connect with my printer & he found a way around this. As a result, I can print out documents, just not directly from my computer. This is not a huge problem as I have a mini iPad as well. Some of the things that Nathan initially explained to me were not located in the product manual and my printer would have worked had I not upgraded my operating system to High Sierra. Eventually my printer should be able to connect to High Sierra, I want to convey my sincere thanks to Nathan for his great help & I also wanted the Canon company to receive my comments.

Posted by RONALD

Charlie was AMAZING. He assisted me setting up my new canon printer. The man has more patience than anyone I've ever been on the phone with. It took almost an hour (because my computer had to "update" for quite awhile plus I'm an old guy with not too much technical savvy. He stuck with me the whole time and got the job done. Thanks Charlie for all your help.

Posted by Jeff

I would like to thank and acknowledge "Jeff" in the support dept. for helping me over the phone to hook up and problem solve my Canon Maxify printer/fax machine. He was knowledgeable, patient and able to keep it simple for me. And it worked. Canon has good products, but it is important to acknowledge the people who provide the service for the company and the products. Jeff, thank you once again. Sincerely, Dave Durr, California.

Posted by Jean

I want to tell someone how fantastic our experience was with Jean, Our old Canon MX870 "died" after several years and we bought another multi-function machine MX492. We could not figure out the wireless setup; so we called customer support. Jean helped us set up the printer and drivers, the fax (he even made sure we would get confirmations when we faxed), and the scanner (helped us setup a folder on our desktop to "receive" our scans, and taught us how to print from our iphone. We will continue to buy Canon products because of their support. Jean was awesome.

Posted by Anonymous

Dwayne made my day!! He listened, researched, gave specific directions...and my tablet is now printing...It was SO helpful. One of the best parts was that Dwayne was easy to understand...he was here in the USA.
Thank you have won my loyalty...I'm a switch over from HP...

Posted by Kevin station 211-16-B

Hi, Kevin in Albequerque MN station 211-16-B was a tremendous help to me and my business today. He was patient, polite, friendly, and most importantly, solved the problem. Many thanks to him, Romi Epstein/Tacoma Acupunture

Posted by Anonymous

Kudos to Steven at Station 57 for his excellent understanding, patience and clear instructions to enable our MX982 to SCAN. It was a very lengthy time on the phone, but Steven at Station 57 patiently explored different avenues to achieve our goal. It was draining on my part but Steven never wavered in his kindness and assurance that we would be successful. At my age, with limited tech-savvy, it was uplifting to learn one more computer tidbit. Thank you, Steve

Posted by Anonymous

I had the pleasure of getting Wayne to help me connect my Canon print-copy-scan-fax machine and he was so patient and helpful in assisting me get it set up! I had tried several times to do it myself but I'm not tech savvy at all. Wayne went step by step and I was able to follow his instructions to get everything connected! I'm so pleased that he was available and I'm very satisfied with the Canon product and the assistance I received. His supervisor is John so I want to make sure Wayne is recognized by his supervisor.

Posted by Lorenzo at station 95

I had an extraordinary experience with Lorenzo (station 95) yesterday, 1/3/18. I was trying to set up my new Canon printer and was having a lot of problems doing it. I called the Canon Support number and was connected to Lorenzo. He was extremely pleasant, wanted to thoroughly understand my concerns, was one of the most knowledgeable technicians I have "ever" spoken to regardless of the issue or the company I was calling. He walked me through each step in the set-up process and explained why we were doing it. He then went through each step setting up my wireless connection via my smart phone. Once the process was completed, he asked that I run several tests to ensure that each of the printing options I had available to me functioned properly, and they did. He then asked if there was anything else he could do for me, told me not to hesitate to call back at any time if I was having any problems. Then he said it was a pleasure to assist me. He is a real asset to the Canon organization. I told him if I was still in business I would want to hire him. He made such a positive impression on me that I will always look at Canon products first before buying any other brand.

Posted by Greg, Printer Tech Support

12/04/2017 GREG is an excellent Printer Tech Support employee, he is the whole package.
I hope that this comment goes into your personnel file, you deserve it because you are:
In control and prepared to assist the customer
Can deliver detailed exact information with easy to follow instructions

Posted by Stephen Station 232 helped C. Tu

I had a problem with my printer. Stephen at station 232 was great. He was professional, knowledgable and helped get my wireless MP 620 printer up and running quickly. It is so refreshing to make a phone call to technical support and have it be hassel free. I asked Stephen if I could write a note to his boss and he gave me a customer feedback site but I could not log into it so I hope this message gets to Stephen's boss. Stephen 232 is an asset to Canon. Thank you Stephen and Canon.

Posted by Kevin station 308

Kevin, at station 308, in Costa Mesa was a great help to me. This man was a professional, he made it simple and he was clear over the phone. He guided me promptly to the trouble I was having and fixed it over the phone, I was amazed! Thanks Kevin, I am a Happy Canon customer.

Posted by wjrssr

Chris (211-17-B) in Albuquerque was outstanding. Hope the email request I filled out gets to him and his supervisor! I tried to use customer service as he suggested in the answer to my question but it doesn't work as someone else said.

Posted by Barbara, in station 209-14-F.

My name is Barbara, and I am in station .

I have never encountered a person with so much patience. She helped me set up my new canon mg3022. We tried several times and she walked us through and we hit snag after snag, but she remained patient the whole time. If it was not for her i would be returning the printer instead of writing this commendation.

PS. after dealing with me she deserves a raise.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent!!! I Have Had To Call Canon Support Many Times For Assistance. Not 1 Time Have They Failed Me. These Employees Keep Going Until They Have Solved My Issue. Cs Is Professional, Knowledgeable, Courteous, All Of The Above. Thank You Canon Support!

Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke with a wonderful, extremely patience young lady by the name of Ms. Preda. She was not only very patient but very pleasant as well, your company is very blessed to have her working for you.

Dorothy R. Snell

Posted by Anonymous

Great experience with KEVIN at work station #308 on 8/16 . Provided me with stellar customer, service covered all the bases and provided me with excellent references for my particular issue .. This kind of customer service doesn't go unnoticed .. KEVIN is an asset to your organization and it should be recognized by you as well as me and other fortunate recipients of this QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE. He provided me with the [email protected] and I tried to log into that site but was unable to so I hope this will get delivered to the proper location and if not please e-mail me and I will respond

Thank You
R.E. Whittaker

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