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Posted by Cher

Regarding Cadillac 2004 CTS V63.6. My Son almost died! I want compenation!Due to malfunction undetectable. Stalled while driving, starring wheel locked and breaks, car accelerated. This happens before when I was driving. This time the car locked up and ended up in a ditch during a turn! Lost the vehical, my son almost lost his life!Previously we had the vehical inspected several times and nothing was detected. SECURITY ALARM INDICATATER LIGHT FLASHES.THIS TIME THERE WAS NO RESTARTING THE VEHICAL. TOTALED OUT.What price due you put on a disabled persons life, and all the expense that goes into trying to fix the problem when it was never repairable or could not be detected. Do I just have it towed? Please contact me

Posted by RAM

Cadillac is unable to come up with a new part for my broken Daytime runing lamp, Called Customer service eight days ago, each time they tell me it will take 24 to 48 hours for a response. Each time I talk to them I'm transfered to someone else which starts the 24 to 48 hours again. Bottom line is that this part doesn't exist anywhere in the country. This is also considered a safety issues and will be reported to the National Transportation Safety Board. I've owned several Cadillac's but this is the last one.

Posted by Danielle

GM needs to make a better product!!!! I've owned 2 CAD ESCALADES over the last 10 yrs. My current 2010 Cad Escalade had an issue with the dash (the portion closest to the windshield) splitting in 2 places for what appears to be no other reason than hot & cold affecting it. It had under 60k miles when this started and will cost me approx $475.00 to fix!!!! The dealership I was referred to said they have seen A LOT of this with Escalades and so far, CADILLAC hasn't covered the cost of repairing even 1 of them (through that dealership). I recently signed a petition (along with a thousand others) to sue Cadillac for this defect. Its just absurd driving a $72k car with a dash flapping around! If they don't cover this I will NEVER buy GM again!

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Cadillac from Moore Cadillac in Chantilly, VA They sold me a car with a 30 day warranty. Two days after I had a small problem with the car I took it in.The sales manger Tony who gave me the 30 day warranty told me there was nothing he could do but he would fill my gas tank up. They got me this time but never again and I will spread the word.

Posted by GRD

I have a 2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT with less than 70,000 miles. The front drivers side exterior door handle has pulled loose from the body (broken - poor design). I am the only person driving this truck, have been the past nine years and have not abuse it. I checked with the local Chevrolet dealer for cost to replace it, $250. This is wrong for a Cadillac to use/design such cheap parts. There should be a recall to cover the replacement cost of these door handles!

Posted by Jessica

I have a Cadillac Escalade that I purchased in November of 2015. Since then, I have replaced three door handles and now another door handle broke. I am at awe on how cheap Cadillac is put together! I would be ashamed to sell these types of vehicles at high dollar amounts when they are not worth half of what they are asking for! I will NEVER own another Cadillac vehicle and when I am asked if I like the SUV, I simply reply, "do not own a Cadillac because they are cheaply made!" With all of the complaints that everyone has had over the door handles breaking, that there would be a recall on them!! Come on, make it right!!

Posted by Anonymous

Like many others who own a Cadillac escalade, and I've read other Cadillac owner complaints about their door handle problems, I too am very dissatisfied with the escalade door handles breaking. This will be the fourth one to break.This is not a cheap repair at Massey Cadillac in Orlando. It would be right that you the Manufacturer would at least eat part of the repair cost since you are aware of this constant problem. Please. Please respond by e-mailing me.

Posted by Anonymous

Cadillac, please do your dealer and your brand a service by getting Cadillac of Novi to include a female in their TV ad showing their new car sales people. Thank you, Pete Effinger,

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Cadillac CTS-V back in 2004 new. After getting the automobile home, I noticed that when I used the Onstar Navigation System, it would often have me located in a complete different area and in some instances in another state. After I talked to several dealerships and had my car serviced at them, the problem remained for three years. I finally called Cadillac and was told that I would be credited for the time that I had been paying for onstar and did not have the full services of the system. I was told that they would issue the credit after I had the car fixed. Four months later, one dealer and a Cadillac Representative figured out what was wrong and got the car fixed. When I called for the credit that was promised, I was given the run around, said that it was not documented that anyone had told me that and denied the credit I had been promised but offered something much less just to go away.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased a used Cadillac from Frank Kent Cadillac in Ft. Worth TX. The salesman said they thoroughly inspect the vehicles before customers take ownership. I purchased the vehicle on 12/11/2015. I returned the car because major scratches on the hood that we could not see at night, when we purchased the vehicle. I also informed the salesman that the brakes felt funny at high speed when I stop, I also told them the temperature gauge was too high like it was running to hot. The salesman had mechanics at Frank Kent check my car and they said they couldn�t find anything wrong.
My car started to overheat so I took it to Firestone in Wylie TX. On 01/09/2015 this is where I usually service my vehicles. The technicians found a wrench stuck in the dual fan systems, they also found a leaking valve-cover gasket. I called the dealership on Saturday 01/10/2016. No one returned my call. The cost of the repairs will be 300.00 for the valve cover gasket, and 866.00 to repair the fans that are now inoperable. They were supposed to have removed any minor dents or scratches and checked the car like a certified vehicle. I have all of the records when Frank Kent serviced the vehicle in the past. So far no one will answer emails or phone calls.

Posted by LJF

So my Horrible experience began 11/10/2015 I discovered I had a flat tire on my 2014 Cadillac CTS Coupe and discovered the car didn't come with a spare only a compressor ( I was never told there was no spare and never received wheels either from the dealer I purchased car from), so took it to local Cadillac Dealer (Cutrubus Cadillac in Ogden) to repair and drop the car off at 8:30 am to Joshua in the Service Dept. I was told I would receive a call if it could be repair or if it needed to be replaced, never received that call so I called back at 12:30 pm to get information since none was shared with me. When I called at 12:30 I spoke to Joshua and I was told tire could not be repaired and needed to be replaced and they were looking up prices and will callback with prices. So again no callback and I called and spoke to Joshua again at 4:30pm 11/10/2015 and was told the same tire was discontinued and they would have to put in a special request to Michelin for that tire and could take weeks or buy 4 new tires (required for the car since its Leased and has to be returned with same tires). So I tried myself to find a used tire to put on for temp use while tire is ordered by no tires found in salt lake area. So called in 11/11/2015 to see what could be done and if any other options so I'm not left without a car for over a month plus having to pay the lease with Joshua no options given, explained why should I have to buy 4 new tires priced $900 -$1350 (I know the prices because of course Joshua tried to offer that) when only 1 needed to be replaced. so I decided to call GM Consumer Affairs and I was connected to Serena at 866-790-5600 ext. 5911595 and she was very helpful and ask what I expected which was get permission from leasing company to put a new recommended tire on that's in stock or give me a loaner car or get a rental car for me since I am paying for lease and ready and willing to buy a tire. Serena gave me contact info for Hannah Hernandez at Cutrubus Cadillac the Customer Experience Manager and said she was contacting the dealer now and I should receive a call within 48 hours. I received a call from Joshua from the Service Dept. 1 hour later with a more open ear and ready for ideas, and told me he would call me later once he found a solution. Joshua did call me back like 1 hour later and said they spoke with Ally (my leasing company) and got permission to put a different but new tire on the car and there would be no issues with returning the car at the end of the lease. So Joshua then said the other tire wasn't in tire now (although yesterday I could have bought a set of 4 ready to go) and they had to order and would only take a day or 2 and he would call when tire was in. So 2 days later 11/13/2015 at 4:30 I call because I received no call again and of course get Joshua again and he tells me there are delivery issues and problems on the east coast with storms and it is holding up the trucks and tire would be here Monday now, so I understood be explained my dissatisfaction with their Customer Service at this point because no one calls to rely the information and he apologizes for it. So being very upset I can Hannah Hernandez and explain the situation and she said to give her a few minutes to get the information and make sure things get done. She calls back in 10 mins and begins to tell me that the tire is there and the problem is there's no wheel lock to take wheel off to change tire and needs to be ordered, or they could get off but have to replace the lug nuts with new ones and the needed my permission but I never got that call about that issue. So I am now more upset because I'm now lied to by Joshua, first Joshua lies to me and now they are lying to her because how did they take the wheel off in the first place to know it could not be repaired and they were going to take the tire off so I could get it repaired somewhere else and I was to bring a used tire for them to put on and they said fine no problem. I was never told that they don't have the wheel lock and it was never an issue to anyone but me because I never received the wheel lock when I first got the car. So after Hannah hearing me out she told me she was going back to get the right information and a day that my car would be done and that she leaves at 5pm normally but will stay later and call me back to have this resolved. IT'S NOW 7PM and no callback for Hannah Hernandez the Customer Experience Manager WOW!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase Cadillac escalade..the outside trim is peeling all four windows and the handle broke..made out of plastic...the mirror dont fold...I would like to know if...I could have Cadillac replace them at no charge

Posted by Buyer beware

Don't buy a Cadillac especially from Cadillac of Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia. Terrible follow up and follow through on a service issue on a new Cadillac CTS. Cadillac corporate customer service is equally as bad. You call and call and they put you off and never call back.

Beware of the Cadillac cars!

Posted by 2011 SRX

We have a 2011 CRX with just over 54000 miles. The car has been into the shop 2 times for the same air conditioning problem. Starts off blowing cold air and fan setting 3. After about 2 hours we must increase the fan until it is max to stay cool at 82 degrees. The temp will continue to get warm and fan speed drops to very little air flowing. We are told the AC works fine.

Posted by Going back to Mercedes Benz

I bought a Cadillac SRX two years ago in the state of Texas from Sewell Cadillac because they are known for the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE, but I live in Louisiana and the Cadillac dealerships that are near my home have given me the WORSE service ever!!! The very first thing the service advisors as well as the service managers do when I bring my car for service; they ALWAYS ask if I bought my car from their dealership? They know prior to my arrival that my car was not purchased there BUT they still ask and look at the SEWELL emblem on my car and then proceed to act like FOOLS! GM DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in correcting these dealerships for their EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FOOLISHNESs towards customers who purchase their vehicles from out of state. I have learned a lot about GM and CADILLAC. I wish I would have done better research. I currently have to drive over 70 miles to get my vehicle serviced and depending on how that service advisor feels that day will reflect in the service I receive. I have given this dealership an A for great service BUT if I receive great service, the next visit will be AWFUL!!! And if I call about a problem, then the monkey shines start. I know why GM is in so many lawsuits now....customer service has gone straught to the trash

Posted by Not_Satisfied_With_Dealer

I purchased a new Cadillac from Cadillac of Knoxville, Knoxville Tennessee ("the dealership"), in March of 2015. The general manager at this establishment is John Jackson. When I washed the vehicle for the first time, I noticed several blemishes in the finish and on one of the wheels. At this point I had only used half a tank of the gas that was in the car when I took delivery. The car is kept in an enclosed garage when not in use. Additionally, when I picked up the vehicle, it had a front license plate holder installed; front plates are not required in my state and I requested that it be removed. Since the part had been riveted on, instead of using the screws provided with the car, I had to leave it with them for a day so they could remove it, fill the holes, and paint the repair. When I examined the repair before taking the vehicle, I saw that a sloppy job had been done; the holes had not been filled evenly and for a space of a couple of inches beneath the grill, the paint was all "globbed up". It looked like a kid with a spray can did it. When I pointed this out to service personnel, I was told to let the paint dry for a couple of days and they would buff it out. Shortly after, I received a letter from the general manager of the dealership stating that he wanted to make sure I was completely satisfied with the purchase of my new Cadillac, and to let him know if there were any issues. I sent an email to him thanking him for the letter and told him about the problems described above. He responded and said he would like to see the vehicle. I took the car in the next day. He looked it over, acknowledged the blemishes, and said he had a fellow that was good with a buffer and that if I could leave the car with him for a day or so, he would have the man buff the finish. He said he would have someone in the service department take a look at the blemished wheel at the same time. He said he thought that would take care of the problem. I said I would be happy to let him try it. I asked him what he thought about the blemishes, that I had taken delivery of new Chevrolets, Pontiacs, and Buicks, one of which I had bought for my wife about ten days before buying this Cadillac, and all of them had better finishes when I bought them. He said that he "would have expected better from Cadillac". He said he would call me next week to set up a day for me to bring the car in and they would work on it. After a week had gone by with no contact from him, I called his cell phone number and reached his voicemail. I left a message identifying myself, left my phone number, and said that maybe I had misunderstood him last week and that he was waiting for me to call him. I requested that he call me. After another three days with no contact, I filled out my Purchase and Delivery Satisfaction survey from Cadillac. I noted the issues with my Cadillac and the lack of response from the manager of the dealership. Three weeks after my initial contact with the manager, (I suspect this is because he had received a copy of the survey), he called me and asked if my problems had been taken care of. I said "No". He said he had been on a trip and that he spoke with "the salesman", who said I had brought the car in and that the issues had been resolved. I informed him that I had not been to the dealership since the day I met with him. He said he would set something up and call me. The following week I had yet to receive any contact from the dealership. I called Dan Eldridge in the service department whom I have known for many years. I had brought my last Cadillac there for service and he had worked at a Buick dealership where I did business in the past. I asked him to check and see what was going on. He said: "Yes, I think I saw something on the internet about that", (he could have said intranet and I misheard). He said he would check and that we would set up an appointment soon. That was nine days ago. Today I have posted this review, more than five weeks after my initial contact with the dealership manager regarding the issues with my new Cadillac. I am extremely disappointed, to say the least.

Posted by julivdm

I am sorry I purchased a Cadillac. I work very hard form my money.I have been saving for this car for years, since the mid 2000 I have always wanted an SRX from the minute I saw it for the first time. This is the most expensive mistake I have ever made. Poor customer service, filling out surveys and getting NO FEEDBACK. Orange peel paint is the standard, a bad paint job from the factory with dirt and runs in the paint is acceptable, my care leaks something that is staining my driveway and we just had the driveway re-surfaced, and they are telling me it is not. the transmission is horrible. Customer services is horrible. When you go to them for help they answer is you should see the other cars. Who ever designed the seats put this huge seam running down the middle of the seat vertically. My husband hates the car, he cant sit in it comfortably. If I did not pay cash for the car I would have returned it or traded it in for something else. I am very disappointed in Cadillac.

Posted by Mechelle

I own a 2003 Cadillac escalade, I've had a battery drainage problem from day one. When I purchased the truck used, I bought an extended warranty, the instrument cluster had to be replaced an I had to purchase a battery. After truck sits more than 2 or 3 days, something drains the battery. I took my truck to the dealership here in Va, after further research I told them of my findings only to tell me there were no recalls for the battery drainage on my year truck, with the plant information were my truck was built.I was told my truck year wasn't affected by the recall.(please help), I have replaced my batterery 4 times already in 3 years.Please follow up with feed bac please to this issue. Others have complained of these same drain problems as well as my power windows, clock reflects 12:00, as well as my CD player an power seat stop working. Each time I've replaced the battery at SEARS they stress its an electrical issue of something killing my battery.

Posted by Anonymous

June Of 2013 I Purchased A 2013 Cts. Moss Robertson Was The Dealership. It Has Since Changed To Cadillac Of Lanier.gainesville Family Had Purchased Over And Over. I Would Say Do Not Purchase A Car Here Unless You Plan On Using A Different Service Dept. I Made An Appt For An Oil Change And Even With The Appt I Waited Over Two Hours. A New Air Filter Was Put On Also. I Drove The 45 Minute Trip Home Only To Discover The Engine Light Stayed On. I Am Disabled So Another Trip Has Its Problems. But Of Course I Returned The Next Day And Was Told That The Tech Had Neglected To Replace A Line. No Sorry Or Any Other Appologies. I Was Also Told That I Would Need New Tires Nest Change. These Are Michellin And Less Than 30 Thou Miles. I Was Told That This Was Because I Drive To Church Grocery And Around Town. I Called Service Dept Next And Spoke To Donna. I Was Assured The Mgr Would Call. After 2 Weeks Passed I Returned And Spoke To Salesman And Gen Mgr. They Appologized. The Service Mgr Called Nest Day To Appologize. Since Then The Car Has A Loud Hum And Is Louder Than My Husbands Truck. Problem I Have To Travel Further To Find Yet Another Cadillac Service. I Am No Longer In Love With The Car Of My Dreams. I Certainly Wish I Had Back My Old 2006 Pontiac That I Donated To A Fellow Church Member. I Would Trust It On Long Trip. Not So Of This Cadillac Which Is Supposed To Be The Best.i Have Since Sent My Son And Other To Kia And Other Models. Cadillac No Longer Has The Distinction Of A Trustworthy And Up Grade Vehicle That You Spend Many Thousands For.

Posted by 2009Caddy

2009 Cadillac CTS Timing Chain
GM does not stand behind their special coverage for their known faulty timing chain. An updated bulletin issued 11/5/2012 not ates extended coverage for this well known issue. My vehicle matches the make, model, etc but apparently GM picks and chooses what cars they mysteriously choose to cover as though I match the criteria, my VIN does not have the coverage.
No answer as to why my car is not included in this special coverage as my car matches the criteria.
Filed claim and no help from claim person or dealership.

Posted by M42

Poor quality car with majority of materials made overseas and inferior. Continued problems that dealer would not address and let warranty expire. Tried getting GM customer care manager involved while warranty still active and they told me they couldn't do anything to help me and that they were the dealer's advocate. Said all they could do was try and negotiate a compromise, but if dealer wouldn't address problem there was nothing that could be done.

Have been GM loyal and Cadillac customer for years having bought many new cars. Just bought my first foreign luxury car and will trade mine in a few months for a foreign brand. No wonder GM went bankrupt.

Posted by Jess Emery

Went in to purchase a vehicle from Sullivan Cadillac of Ocala Fl and had was looking to maybe purchase a new vehicle and trade in my car which had 6 months lease on it. Told the salesman that if I could get my payment the same as the current car we could work a deal. 3 cars later and a month long ordeal and they have 5500.00 down payment and my trade in and refuse to return it while I'm still making payments on that car. The reason is I was told my payment would be the same and signed a contract at 6.5% interest rate to only be called a week later and told sorry you've got to return and sign new contract and payments will be 900.00 from 600.00. They refuse to return my car or money. How can this be legal or fair?

Posted by Malakotipour

Hi, I purchased Cadillac XTS 2013 from your showroom In Shekh Zayed Road in Dubai, U.A.E. with Engine and Chassis # 2G185S30D9214860 on 31 July 2013, FYI car has been kept in your Services center in Dubai on 1st June 2014 till now UNBELIEVABLE Services, it is almost one month and nobody calling, no update at all and even when ever you call Service Advisor Mr. Shibu Phillip will reply that i will check with my manager and update you, which will never happened and when ever i am trying to call his Mobile it will be ignored. I paid almost AED 300,000.00 for this car thinking I got the good package. But....

Hamid Reza Malakotipour

Posted by kjoye

On March 17th, my 2005 Cadillac Escalade was taken to the dealership in Bend for regular mainenance/service as well as a tire rotation. At the time of the service, the vehicle was in perfect condition and had no issues or problems.

It should be noted this vehicle is a second vehicle in our family and is only driven on occasion as I have a work vehicle assigned in my profession. Approximately 2-3 weeks after the service, a friend noted to me the front right tire was missing its hub cap. Also at that time, I noted the oil pressure gauge was reading zero and appeared nonoperational.

I noted this is the second time I have taken this vehicle to this particular dealership and last time, the hub cap was missing after tire rotation as well. At that time, 1/26/13, a hub cap was missing after service as well. As a result of the 2013 incident, the repair shop replaced the hub cap as it has obviously stayed on for 90,000 miles and was only missing after they "serviced" the vehicle.

Two to three weeks after the service, I called Cadillac service in Bend where the service was done to advise them of the damage to the vehicle. At that time I spoke to an adviser I believed was named "David" (but unsure about the name) who told me it was close to closing time and they would look around the shop and would call me back. I never received a call back.

The reason for the delay in advising the shop of the damage can be explained easily by advising I have been working night shifts, away at training and have not driven the vehicle on a regular basis.

On 4-17-14, I again contacted my Cadillac dealership service department who told advised me he "could do nothing for me" about the hub cap but would see if he could offer one at a discount price. Jeff told me the vehicle was a 2005 and "these things happen."

I then asked Jeff about the non-operative oil gauge and he offered me a "diagnostic" exam at no charge but told me any repair would be my responsibility as he had no idea why the sensor would be damage by a service. At that time, I told Jeff to have a good day and hung up on him.

Jeff then called back and offered the same assistance as far as a hub cap at a discount price since he was sure it was not their fault the cap was missing and a diagnostic free of charge with subsequent repairs paid for out of my pocket.

Since this vehicle was in perfect condition and neither of those items were broke prior to Cadillac of Bend touching the vehicle, it is obvious how/when the damage occurred and I only ask the vehicle be placed back in operational condition.

Posted by Thomasine

My name in Thomasine Hamlett I had a 2005 CTS CADI and it was stolen so when I got my money, I went to Frankel Cadillac because I wented to get a another Cadillac. Iam so

disappointed with this dealership I know I have been back about 20 times the 1st cad was a 2008 and it had so many problems with it . The car felt like it was gonna fall apart so the ran my credit again and then sold me another

one which the seller said this would be a good one for me and when I got the car home the car had a crack in the window and then they fixed that and it and we had a hard rain I went out to go to the movie and it was pour ring down

raining in my car its been may 5wks scents I brought my car

and I can'nt understand why I had 2 cars and both had all

of this problems now I just went my money 3500.00 dollars

back my credit score was good why do I have to go though this iam so tried of going back and forth to this dealership and getting a bad deal with the money that I put

down and just because iam a woman I should be tried fairly

for my money now I just want my money back and go somewhere else. Please help me iam a cancer patient and should not be stressed out my doctocs are ready to read a

letter to express how they fell about the treatment that I

have been though this very unfair I have really been stressed about the to cars I really want my money back....

please call

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Posted by Anonymous

Previously I had owned 4 Escalades & I just purchased a 2011 Escalade. The auto-sensor was not working for the high beams at night and no one at the dealership could tell me why. This also occurred in the 2009 Escalade. Dealership reprogrammed the vehicle but it still did not work. By accident I discovered why: When I would drive at night I put on the fog lamps with the normal head lights. Manually I put on the high beams. "The sensor would not work because the fog lamps were on"! If I did not put on the fog lamps the high beam sensor works like it should. No one knew that!!
It is stupid that I cannot use the fog lamps at the same time as the auto sensor!
When I "manually" put on the high beams it knocks off the fog lamps. Why can't you program it to do the same from the auto high beam sensor??
Also because the runningboards retract you cannot attach "splash guards" (flaps) to the front fenders. No protection for the bottom of the vehicle! I live in northeast PA and there is a lot of snow, ice, salt during the Winter time.
I've been trading the Escalades in every two years now and I enjoy them. But I wanted to comment on the above. Thank you.

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