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Cablevision customer service is ranked #205 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 45.89 out of a possible 200 based upon 133 ratings. This score rates Cablevision customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


114 Negative Comments out of 133 Total Comments is 85.71%.


19 Positive Comments out of 133 Total Comments is 14.29%.

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    • 45.89 Overall Rating
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    • 114 negative comments (85.71%)
    • 19 positive comments (14.29%)
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Posted by Anonymous

It is Saturday evening (4/2) and On Demand is not working. The first time I called customer service and notified them, I asked for a nominal adjustment ($1) to my monthly bill as a sign of good business faith as I am unable to watch on demand on a Saturday evening. The individual told me he was not authorized to provide a refund and to call again. I called back and a very nice woman tried to get me a $1 rebate but the system denied her efforts. She was very apologetic. I asked to speak to a supervisor, which happened after a 16 minute wait. When I spoke to the supervisor, I was very angry, and at this point not at the unavailability of on demand. Rather it was the corporate policy of not issuing a rebate for failure to provide a service that is handsomely paid for. This is pure greed. The supervisor was able to give me the $1 credit, but the damage from my perspective. After a 15 year relationship, where they made a very good profit off me, I will now seriously pursue other options for entertainment. A great company like USAA or some other high quality would not antagonize a customer in such a way, and would also be quick to provide fair resolution

Posted by Anonymous

Contacted Cablevision to report a downed Cablevision wire and was told to contact local FD despite the fact the wire was not a powerline - primary, secondary or service. Jesus what a group!

Posted by Anonymous

I had cablevision for more tan 10 years and I decided to change because I needed to reduce the bill. But I never going back to them. They made three mistake and send me to a collection agency and nobody was responsible of this. Their costumer service department were very umprofessional and rude. This the most awful experience that I ever had.

Posted by howietmpb2

You should be embarssed to know that I filled out 2 forms faxed 2 letters and made 4 phone calls to recieve my Senior Citizens discount which after all that came to $1.07 per month . Does anybody at cablevision know how misleading your information is. We were told we would recieve a 15% discounts on on our cable package and it all was caculated @ was a Basic charge of $10.71. If I knew that I would never of wasted my time for $1.00 a month. What a POOR discount for such a Large Co. You should be embarssed

Posted by Anonymous

Am headed for FIOS after a week of insanity trying to use the new program guide. And Cablevision couldn't care less.
Their self serving publicity is insulting.
There is nothing "right" about this guide.
It is pretentious, inefficient, tedious to read, poor designed and adapting rom the old one signals insanity to arrive.An opportunity to go back to FIOS -save money, get a user friendly al...

Posted by Russell

I am having constant problems with Cablevision TV & DVR service. Picture and sound freeze sporadically; new Samsung DVR Hi-Def recorder doesn't play back all shows (rewinds to beginning at same point in recording, even though 2+ hours remaining) and doesn't record sound on some recordings. Numerous visits, no resolution, buck continually passed elsewheere.

Posted by Anonymous

Do any other Ranger fans have the same problem as me every year where just around playoff tim Channel 408 mysteriously goes on the fritz- freezes, scrambles or just plain blacks out?

How about offering us free Hockey channels for a month until you can figure this out? I am tired of being denied access to channel 408 MSNBC due to a diagnosed issue by your servicemen, "Not strong enough signal" to my house. Why just this channel and not other channels?

Posted by Anonymous

IMHO, Cablevision has always been tops . until today! My phone developed a hum last week and I e-mailed it in on Saturday. Told rep that there was an impending death in the family and I needed the phone. When no one came, I e-mailed today and was told that I had refused service.

What idiot would refuse service with an impending death and a need to use the phone . not me! Had to push to get them to rectify the error .. was told they would schedule me for this evening. Cancelled all appointments to be here. Just received a call on my cell that they would not honor that commitment.

The person died today and I have numerous calls to make . using my cell is too expensive for my limited senior citizen budget!

Posted by Anonymous

The new format is awful. too complicated and hard to maneuver. also the DVR will not record a show while you are watching another show. The whole TV shuts down and the screen turns black. They have been promising for 4 months now that they will fix the problem but they have not.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been waiting for someone to show up at the house since yesterday! was supposed to be in ponocos with my new fiance! no one has show up over $500.00 wasted and no return calls

Posted by Anonymous

I have a serious complaint, a $4000.00 complaint, It has to do with your disabling of my ALLIO, a device that has a full function PC housed inside a 42" TV. It seems that you have rendered all its functions, ncluding the PC, inoprable for no valid reason. Clearly some background is requred for you to resolve this issue.
My name is William Fisher and I've lived at 104 Yorlsjire Drive in Suffern, NY for 40 years. I have always received my elevision signal atop the 4 unit condo buildng in which I live. I have often been solicited to upgrade to cable, satellite, or fiber optics but have always refused, content with the broadcast channels. I also declined these services when the condo board asked to let first cable and lately FIOS to pre-wire the building. They've wired my unit, but I have not signed for the services.
A few years ago my neighbor across the hall, Mrs.Betty Daniels, signed up for your service and left me with the keys while she went to work. The installer had to climb a step ladder, go through a trap door and across the raftrs of our unfinished attic to access the point where the various wires entered our building. I helped him by watching the picture as he made various adjustments and describing the effect. This saved taking sever trips to the attic.
Being a salesman, he asked if I'dlike to sign up for the service but I declined saying I was content with the broadcast channels. He suggested that he could iprove the picture for those channels if I would like. I, of course, said "fine". He dropped a cable into my unit and I connected it to my TV and it did improve the piture qality. I thanked him and that was that until last Friday, the 20th when things went haywire.
I now cannot access my ALLIO in any way because something has disabled all functions including the "input select" and PC. So no computer, DVD, VHS, oor any of the other connections I have to the has been rendered an expensive piece of furniture. At first I thought the device or the remotes were to blame but that proved not to be the case. The only other explanation appears to be that your people have, without warning, sent a disabling signal down the line on the assumption that I was stealing the signal. As shown above, I was not, our own installer dropped me the cable for broadcast cannels only (here that is 2,4,5,7,9,11,13,21).
I ask you to verify this account if you have doubts and then reenable my device. I will then disconnect the cable and dcide to go with your service, FIOS, atellite, or do without TV service entirely. Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, William Fisher

Posted by IWantFios

Worst Cable TV service ever. Never works. CS agents know nothing except how to read from a script on a computer screen. Constantly having pixilation, picture freeze, and complete loss of channels.

Posted by spam

Rip off alert. Went to turn in a cable boxes & was told TV wouldn't work without it. Totally false!!! They are lying, period!! Rep Refused to take it back WITHOUT CANCELLING SERVICE!! Each box w/remote cost $7.00+ tax. Called spoke to supervisor who apologized and had rep come pick up box w/remote and apply credit. Think cable is purposely advising its reps to tell the public the wrong information.

Posted by Anonymous

new program screen does not allow u to record the last half hr or hour of a show which u could do with old software. calls to customer service fell on deaf ears. very dissatisfied with new software and their response

Posted by jb

Ever since Cablevision switched over to their new guide..nothing but problems. Anything recorded (if it records!) has "no data' once it is recorded. If i have a show scheduled to record for one hours, sometimes it goes for 9 hours!!!. Even if i reset the show for one hours it still records for 9 hours!. General viewing of the guide often shows "no data"
5 calls in one month has resulted in NOTHING. On my first call, the rep told me (after i told him to check ) that it was a widespread problem. The next time i called they wanted to replace my both my boxes. Hint: if two boxes are having the same problem then IT IS NOT EITHER ONE OF THE CABLE BOXES THAT HAS THE PROBLEM!!! Such poor service. it is a total shame.

Posted by Anonymous

The new guide format is lousy. It is more difficult to read because the fields are smaller and there seems to be no way to DVR the same show every week with one process. I assume that if enough customer complain you will revert back so I will not leave CABLEVISION unless the change becomes permanent. If it does I will leave. Please forward this complaint to the proper department.

Posted by Anonymous

On January 21,2013 Monday morning I haven't as had any kind of service from your company.
When I called to find out whatwas wronng with the service all I got as explain was there was on outage in the area. I cna't beleive that it is takingover three days aleady inorder to fix the problem. As a customer this problem should have been fixed immediately within this time period.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had intermittent connection problems for the last 3 days. This has been a big hit to my business and online activities. The gentleman they sent out was able to quickly find the cause of my problem. It wasn't my modem which the guy on the phone said was the problem.

Turns out a previous installment was hurting reception the whole time. Which would explain years of disconnections, reboots, etc. Travis was a very big help and even arrived a whole 3 hours earlier that expected. A real go getter and he knows his stuff.

Posted by Anonymous

I agree, they don't know what they're doing there! I too waited close to an hour for an operator to answer my call. Then she couldn't address the emergency of the problem. She wanted to have the emergency wait til the next day after 1pm, when I called it in the morning!
They can't even pronounce even the most basic names either.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Customer Service really stinks, unprofessional! First of all without any exaggeration, I'm I called at 11:20am with a sYrvice wire issue,it's now 12:41pm and I'm STILL waiting for a customer rep to assist me!
Doesn't anyone know anything about performing their entitled job. As busy as you may get, a WHOLE hour waiting is DEFINITElY NOT ACCEPTABLE.You're wasting my valuable time, how can anyone get repairs/services/anything if you answer your customers. WTH are you guys goofing off there. You should get fired; I'm sure there are plenty of people needing a job that could replace slackers!
You guys could even make the Pope get an angry mood !

Posted by Anonymous

Spoke to some very nice customer service people tonight. HOWEVER I stayed up until 2:00 to watch one of my favorite movies. The "emergency broadcast system warning" came on 4 times in the first 1/2 hour of the show. All I could get from them is "it's mandatory". OK one is mandatory not 4. They kept saying yes IT IS mandatory. Couldn't even get them to see how stupid that sounded. Why would customers sign up for a movie channel when it MAY be interrupted 4 times in an hour?

Posted by MyCatsMean

My modem disconnects for no reason, taking down my internet and two phone lines. Sometimes, it reconnects on its own. Sometimes I must reset it by disconnecting and reconnecting both the power and cable. When the modem goes down, the power and downstream lights remain steady while the upstream light flashes. All other lights go out. The modem was a Motorolla SurfBoard model that was several years old. On 03-Dec-2012, I went through the troubleshooting process and was sent over to the Service Dept. I made an appointment for 04-Dec. The tech replaced the first splitter, which has its high output leg going to the modem. Afterward, he said all the modem's readings were nomial. Fifteen minutes after the tech left(at 11:10 AM)the modem disconnected. A different tech came on 05-Dec. He said the modem's readings were way off and replaced the modem with an Arris TM822. Afterward, he said all the modem's readings were nominal. On 06-Dec, the new modem disconnected at 11:15 AM. On 07-Dec, a third tech came out. He said everything was fine and that he would refer the matter to the Field Dept. I asked if I would be conntacted. The tech said no. I asked how I would know if the problem had been found. The tech said the modem would I would know if the modem does not disconnect again. I asked if there was someone I could call. The tech said no. On 10-Dec, the modem diconnected again at 1:40 PM. This time the service rep put me through to Steve in Tech Support. Steve was the first person I have spoken with who seemed to know what he was doing. He said he could see a transmit problem from his end. He set up a fourth appointment for 11-Dec between 8:00 and 11:00 AM with (hopefully) more experienced tech personnel who will be able to address the transmit problem. We ended our call before Steve could receive a confirmation for the 11-Dec call from lead personnel, but he had high confidence. We will see...

Posted by Elliot from Manalapan

On 11/19, our cable vision went out; including TV, phone, and internet. The earliest someone could come out would be Wednesday!

On Tuesday evening, the service returned, but I decided not to cancel the appointment (I wanted to see what the problem was). The service was operating when I left for work on Wednesday at 11AM (Cablevision did not show up for the appointment).

When I got home, the service was out again. I called and was told the earliest they could send someone was Friday (8AM to 11AM). I begged and pleaded for something earlier. I had to send a report to my boss, but they said 'nothing else we could do'. Needless to say, my boss was pissed.

So on Thanksgiving, we had no TV, no internet and no phones. On Friday the technician came, opened the box and so the problem; on Wednesday, someone came out and disconnected my service by accident. They were supposed to disconnect my neighbor because he moved to FIOS. It took him 5 minutes to solve the problem.

It gets better; he asked why I didn't ask for an earlier appointment and I told him my story. His response, "That's strange, I was on Thanksgiving and I didn't get any phone call of any problem. I was in the area, I could have solved this."

I called Customer Service and was very annoyed. They apologized, but I requested a little more than an apology and a credit for service lost. After 5 minutes, Monique, a supervisor, told my that my request is impossible, she finally yielded and gave me a $25.00 credit. Remember, Cablevision screwed up by disconnecting the wrong house, then wouldn't fix in on a timely basis forcing me not to have service on Thanksgiving with a house full of family.

To Cablevision, their responsibility was worth $25.00. We now know Cablevision has applied a value of $25.00 for Thanksgiving. I wonder what they think New Year's day is worth? or Christmas.

Hello Fios?

Posted by Anonymous

I have been calling them for weeks because since the storm the cable lines are blocking my driveway. Because I have service they don't give a crap. They have sent someone twice but because they are not in a bucket truck they can't fix it. They just give you the run around when you call. I am going to switch to Verizon.

Posted by anonymous

Easily the most incompetent, inept, irresponsible, insensitive, irreverent company I have ever had the displeasure of interfacing with wtih. It is remarkable they can stay in business.

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Posted by OldFloridaGirl

I would rate Marion County Cablevision as Very Good. They set up internet service and three TVs at our new house. I had to call them back once to fix an incorrect password. They came and fixed the problem the same day. On the phone and in person, they are super polite and helpful. So far both TV and internet service are very good. Also, the sign-up for service was low pressure, and they didn't try to get auto-payment as a requirement for service. Their installers worked well with the Geek Squad on the TVs, too. Much better than Comcast, which I used to have.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the most wonderful experience with customer service guy by the name Enrique from the Bronx, he answered all my question, very polite, very very friendly, he truly deserves a good raise, thank you more guys like him are needed, I am from Newark nj, Thank you Enrique keep up the good work

Posted by Deb Dallas

I was in the ATL looking at T.V. Their remote control was unique. When using the remote control all you had to do to change channels or other commands you may want all you do is talk into the remote control. I thought that was a awesome feature. Can you look into this feature for Cablevision.

Posted by Anonymous

We had the cablevision worker named Steve to the house to check the tvs. He was very effiecient and polite....a good employee to have. Thanks, Steve

Posted by Mel Fabrikant

Finally a phone service person, David, came. He was Cablevision service personified. David did a thorough job of checking my phones including a visit to the apartment building shared cable/FIOS closet where he removed the danger of another 'ground' hum.

While I can't say much good about the support people and dispatcher that I just encountered, I will give David the highest marks possible!

Posted by [email protected]

This is a complaint about the new user interface/channel changer/cable guide/DVR controller. Whatever you call it; it stinks! The dark blue lettering against a black background makes the grid difficult to read. Navigating & selecting options or channels requires more button pressing than the before. And you can only go forward. Going backward is limited to half the last show. I guess the thinking was the show is half done & no new viewings are forthcoming, so lets limit viewing & recording what we can of those shows. (But the killer is the simple selection of a new show. Used to be you selected the show and it came on. Now you have go thru more menus to get to the "watch option. The extra "watch" press for selecting a channel is REALLY annoying!)And this is just to watch a show and not to tape it! Setting the DVR is now aimed for more devices. I've set up recordings many times for my living room TV without issue before. But with this new system setting the DVR is hit or miss. it mostly does what it is supposed to do. But sometimes it does not mark the show for taping. I have to check the grid to see if it took. And what's with the small pinpoint red marker to indicate the show is set correctly.The whole show box on the grid used to change it's background to red before. You had no doubts the movie was scheduled. A pinpoint of red vs a dark blue background is hard to see & determine what was done for this show. Readability is important here. Pinpoints are hard to see. Even the name of the shows don't make it completely through the limited space they are given. Who the hell thought this up? The design mavens? Sure looks like it. Form over substance is the rule of the day. Common sense just flew out the door here.Style over substance is the name of the game. Ye must have all imbibed the waters at Jonny Ives' fountain. Change for change's sake. Ya got to remember, we don't work the Optimum interface during our workday. May be during yours, but not ours. We only use it on our off times to unwind with a show or movie shown live or DVR'd from an earlier time. The simple, easy to read interface of the old Scientific Atlanta worked perfectly for that.
Change is coming to me too, After, I don't know 25-30 years with Cablevision-later Optimum- all was fine.We complained about service cost and content. But that was to be expected. Now we are forced to use this very poor, non-intuitive navigation system. Thats the part we see & work with all the time when we turn the box on. Our first impression. It's not a good one anymore. Time to take up stakes and move to FIOS.My sister has FIOS. Over the years, their interface got better. It's slightly more direct and intuitive. It's not perfect but as I speak it is light years better than Optimum.Up until this change I was OK with Optimum. But if they don;t change their "new" interface soon, I'm gone.

Posted by Anonymous

Spoke with mr. Thomas and he was extremely nice and helpful. He works in freehold and his Id is IQT.

Posted by butch

Compared to other TV service providers, Cable would get a solid B grade. Have Verizon for phone/internet and I givethem a D on overall service.

Posted by Anonymous

I changed from Cablevision to FIOS two months ago. The internet was always a problem, now no problems, the Cablevision tech, people would ask me to return the modem, reboot and other band-aid remedies. But when I left them they called me three times for an explanation. Then tonight a salesman rang my doorbell at night seeking yet another explanation--if only they put a little more effort into basic service. Needless to say I will not return. So far i am happy with FIOS, if that changes I"ll try direct TV.

Posted by Anonymous

Has great customer service. I called them like five times already pertaining to issues with my modem/router and they've solved the problem every time.

My internet's been really funny lately especially the day after I had to use it for quite a bit. Found out they throttle your internet and don't tell you about it. On certain days I'll get disconnects left and right and it's not my modem or my cables because they're brand new & tested. I can't play games, I can barely use Youtube, I can't do anything but browse the web. Paying almost fifty a month for internet alone and THEY decide how much I can use the internet? Well then shouldn't I decide how much money they get? And $50 for 10mb/s down and 2mb/s up is good but not the best value. Too bad FiOS isn't available in my area; 1.5x the download and 2x the upload speed I'm getting for the same price. Not a heavy gamer but would like it if Cablevision let me use the internet reliably when I need it.

At least they have great customer service and very knowledgeable personnel; you're gonna need them.

Posted by Anonymous

Just a special thanks to Ray, Tech #3228. We had all our copper pipes stolen at 783 Milton Turnpike and because the rest of the pipes froze we lost our phone service. He showed up and did a wonderful job of getting us back in service. No cell service up there. Just wanted you to know, his type of service is appreciated, the human kind. Thanks for having people like him.

Posted by Thick Head

I am a cablevision customer over 20 years. I received a flyer via mail and stated that triple play $69.99 for 2 years. I called their customer service and they told thats only for the customers who had FIOS or Direct TV. I have to pay $89.95 for the same service.So I will get the $69.99 if I quit cablevision and get the service from other company then they will call me to switch again. My cousin did the samething. I think this is kind of stupidity from cablevision to lose their loyal customer for their thick headed decision. If I change the service and I am not coming back.

Posted by MC macdown

Great service, great help and support. My service is great and I got a great deal with the bundle all of em for $99.99 plus my fukin HBO n starz . Its good and my girl dont complain anymore. I just shut her up n tell her to watch a movie. Shes kinda crazy sometimes ya know... gotta keep her on lock. Anyways thanx for givin me somethin tht actually work.

Posted by Elaine from the Bronx

I must say that, so far, my whole experience with Cablevision with my 3 for one service has pleasantly surprised me. My installation person was on time, fast, complete and not to mention a genteleman. Since then, my service has been great. I am billed what they said I was going to be billed ($148.oo per mth). A couple times my router was not connecting with the service and when I called, I got complete and easy instructins on how to reboot it and it started immediatley. So for now, I am happy with the service. So hopefully when my contract is up,I am able to get a new contract for the same bundle price and not get a balloon payment for something I cannot afford. But for thank now, thank you Cablevision and the 2 great representatives that came to my home in the Bronx to sign me up and explain the cost savings and all the extra services that with signing up. Thanks

Elaine from the Bronx

Posted by kplivvy

Forced to switch back to Cablevision when I moved, after 6 glorious months of perfect TV service from FIOS. Same problems in new home w/Cable that I had @ the old address--warm, humid weather & rain cause loss of signal & an audio buzz. Everybody acted like I was nuts. Last week, after 5 service calls, they sent a repair tech who changed the wiring, because it was split & water was getting into the system. It finally works. I will say, though, that the C/S dept has improved greatly. The telephone reps have become much more polite & friendly.

Posted by Anonymous

We recently had a problem with our internet service/browser. We called optimum and spoke to a young gentleman, by the name of Oscar (I.D.2602). Mr. Oscar was extremly helpful, patient, polite and a joy to work with.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to say Oscar, a customer service agent(ID#2602), did an excellent job assisting me.

Posted by ERanard

i had a service call today to repair a tv line

the technician was 3622

date feb 17, 2010

he was very professional and a sense of humor

he did the job expertly and he did it quickly

good job and a good man!!!

elliot ranard

Posted by The Kid

WOW. Blame the company of course because that would be easiest. Where do you get off saying Verizon's pricing is better?....They offer comparable programming for more money, customer service is not 24hrs, if your services are interrupted for any reason you will be waiting a true 24hrs at least for restoration of service, OH, and they lock you into a contract for 2yrs if you want the package that compares to Cablevision's Triple Play and you have a cancelation fee if breeched. What part of the game is that? No other cable co. does that. People need to think before they talk because "the grass isn't greener on the other side". If you say you have poor pic quality as well....GET A BETTER TELEVISION. No one should ever complain about picture quality if you don't have the most advanced TV with a HDMI connect either. It's been great chatting with you all, I will be back if anyone has anything interesting to say.

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Posted by Anonymous

"Cablevision field service employees need a union there are alot of issues within management. Management encourages there field service employees that unions are bad. so management cant dictate the assignment given to employees as well as hand out as much work as they want because there is no voice to speak up for the employees. Management manipulates the the numbers unfairly to rate each technician so no one can achieve over a 3% raise. They use the perks of not having to pay for cable; but thatís only if you live in a cablevision area to be fulfillment enough not to get a union. Time Warner employees have unions and have free cable. Often many employees are scared to speak up because management loves to imply that there lucky to have a job. Unfairly using the economy to talk employees out about a union. I am an employee and for one am not scared of change especially in Yonkers CablevisionĒ

I agree 100% with the last post!

Cablevision management, they are driving their Level II support personnel into the ground by now making them do customer support & billing calls along with our already high volume of support calls. It's called stay where you are calls, if you get it, you handle it.

As other employees say "We are Jack of all, Master of none"

Terrible in house support/training for our products. Customers are our beta testers!

We get the "up training" at best days before we launch new products & are expected to be knowledgeable in them, the latest is the Ipad app & to be released on May2 the new OOL Boost+ service.

If a Union came to our call center, there would be overwhelming support for it. Bring it on!

This company rewards those who get you off the call & sound good doing it, not those who care about doing a quality job & helping the customer.

Terrible management & poor treatment of employees & customers alike Will be the companies downfall.

Posted by ilovepeople

While all you completely miserable people complain about nothing, I'm going to complain about you, because when you call in, and I have to keep my manners and my calm while you make things personal by taking you 'anger' out on me(and yes, I've had plenty of horrible, heartless people call me names, both racial and disrespectful) just because you like to hear yourself yell. I have no respect for all of those people who call in and just rant about how horrible something is. But I love it when you are screaming at me and I just sit back, put you on mute and play games on my phone until your done and say "I'm switching to another company!". And guess what? I really don't care! You think that's the breaking point where the whole company is put on hold to convenience your needs...yeah right, once again, I really don't care. I'm thinking that you sound like an idiot, who I would gladly shove over to another company, where you would just find something else to hate about, and you can yell at those reps and ruin their day. The only thing that brightens the light on you kind of people is the fact that the hour that you just spent tearing a hole in my ear is that I'm getting paid, while you are not.

So when you say that you can't take it any more (because cable is the one thing that is going to ruin your life apparently, with the way you burst a blood vessel on it) and say you want to switch, then stick to your word and do it. No one cares, and no ones going to try and keep you as their customer the way you have no respect for other people.

So get over yourselves. Realize that the voice on the other side of the phone is a person with a family and a job, and probably a lot better person than you are. When your done fussing and moaning about the bill you haven't paid in 9 months and wondering why it is so high, just remember, karma will get you.

Posted by Anonymous

Cablevision may as well be named Cable Crap because thats the industry name for them anyway. I work for a cable company, I get to sell their awesome and innovative services during the day and come home to crap! Cable Crap!

The channels are terrible, they are lacking alot of channels and provide you a fraction of what Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon offers for less money. The DVR interface is ridiculous, its a terrible DVR! The internet does not deliver the speed or reliability that is promised... the phone is the only thing I will say does work.

Don't get me started on Cablevision's annoying commercial and the fact that because they cannot sell advertising spots, we are "treated" to something like three Cablevision commercials every time there is a commercial break during a show.

The pricing is very high for the low quality of service. The customer service reps and in particular sales/retention will lie to you, its a joke that this company is regulated by the FCC, they are terrible! I may compete against Verizon at my job but I can't wait until they turn on my area for service.



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