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Cabela's customer service is ranked #185 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 47.66 out of a possible 200 based upon 260 ratings. This score rates Cabela's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


225 Negative Comments out of 260 Total Comments is 86.54%.


35 Positive Comments out of 260 Total Comments is 13.46%.

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    • 47.66 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 225 negative comments (86.54%)
    • 35 positive comments (13.46%)
    • 5 employee comments
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
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    • 4.2 Friendliness
    • 3.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

i was parked in the cabelas parking lot eating my lunch on . i work right next to the cabelas in bristol, VA. a white ford f150 pulls behind me and sets for a few min. and then pulls up to my window and says what are you doing, can i help you with something im cabelas security. i said im just parked here eating on my lunch break. he said well just to let you know im cabelas security, like im there to rob the place. i just spent over 2,000$ at this store, but i wont again. very unprofessional. i work a full time and part time job and pay every time i go here. they have gotten my last dollar.

Posted by Nawlege

I had a horrible experience ordering online from Cabela's as I thought I was getting a good deal on some ammunition when in fact I was getting ripped off. When I checked my credit card transactions I saw two seperate charges from Cabella's and when I called to inquire about the second charge they lied and said I would only be charged for the first amount. It seems that there was a hidden fee to ship ammo that was not mentioned at all by customer service and I kept being redirected by online support and finally when I was told they could not help and had to call customer service I was told I could not cancel the order at this point even though I was told my credit card was only pre authorized and my order was not fully processed yet. After all I had been through I did not want to give any business to Cabella's. The bottom line is don't purchase anything from this horrible company when there are so many more options found online and even other outdoor supply retailers to choose from.

Posted by Anonymous

I baught a smoker and it was being deliverd to store because they didnt have a smoker in store! I visited the store and they had one available in store but would not let me take that smoker home instead they told me that I have to buy that smoker then return it when the smoker being shipped to the store arives it was the exact smoker I ordered! I orderd a smoker because there were no smokers in the store! Terrible customer service should have let me take that smoker home with me great way to loose customers Grandville location!

Posted by Anonymous

So dissapointed. Waited back in firearms area for 50 minutes with the number we pulled on the screen and no help. On a friday they had one guy back there who seemed to not care about the customers who pulled the numbers. He took whoever in front of us. We waited 50 minutes. I even went and said something to a manager and still nothing done. Stood there for over 15 minutes waiting after speaking to a manager and still no one helped. We wanted to buy a 9 mm and a seekings lower. I have a cabelas credit card and have spent alot and am so dissappinted in the way cabelas in Avon helps their customers. Wasted over hour there and no help at all. Dont think i will go back.

Posted by Anonymous

I entered the code for free shipping and was charged for shipping anyway. Please cancel my order because of this. Order

Posted by not

Horrible customer service. Wrote emails to them and they were ignored, waited on the telephone for over an hour, gave up. They do not honor their sale prices and tend to be very rude and do not work with you.

I will try to find another retail shop and not shop them again.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently contacted a cabelas representative about a faded microtex outfit. It took me at least 40 minutes and two different reps to get any answers. The suit is 6 years old but lightly used. I have an older identical suit which has NOT faded. After agreeing to accept it back for at least a gift card so I could purchase something i could use I returned it. After receiving the suit it was sent back with a note. The note stated it was determined that it had faded due to wear. I could almost accept this if I didn't have an older suit that wasn't faded! I bought this suit because the add said fade resistant. So much for Cabelas legendary guarantee? I am extremely unhappy with the out come of my return. At the very least once agreeing to the return. I should have received a phone call explaining why it was denied not just a letter. I have purchased a lot of items from cabelas but after this experience and their unwillingness to back their product. I am not going to support this company again.

Posted by Anonymous

Called to Order a coat on hold for over 20 minutes finally hung up. I will purchase it somewhere else.

Glenn Schrage

Posted by bttrap

when I worked at the hoffman estates store their return policies was " make the customer happy". what happened to this policy?
my son went to the hoffman estates store to return a gun case that was not the right one
he had his reciept but got wet and couldn't be read. I told him to go to the dest and ask them to look it up and the outfitter told him they can't do that.

this was a cabelas credit card
they told him that he had to accept the lowest cost of the case.
now this is not right as he was going to exchange it for the right case, why does he have to take a hit on the return to get what he wants? Like I said I worked cabelas for the first 7 years and always seen people getting the right item after return of wromg item. Iv'e also seen customers getting gift cards after their returns
WHAT HAPPENED TO CABELAS? does being bought out by bass por have anything to do with this
former employee
carl bebar

Posted by Anonymous

I have never been put on hold for a total of four hours,several calls to ask a simple question about an order I had just placed.If someone had answered I would have cancelled my order and got the same thing from Bass pro shops.They always answer the phone,very disappointed with Cabela's customer service,as soon as I use the points from my Cabela's card I am done using it . I have always been a good customer and don't think anyone should be treated like this.

Posted by James Gillis

For Xmas I recieved gift cards . I purchased a new real tree hoodie at the Calgary store. I have washed it twice and noticed there is a flaw in the material and it has started shredding in the one spot . Went I went to the store to get it exchanged as I feel this is a flaw in the material I was told they only have a 90 day return policy . I'm disappointed that Cabelas would not exchange it for me . Do you not stand behind your products that you sell with the Cabelas label . I have never had a problem at Bass Pro with there redhead product they sell .

Posted by Anonymous

I went to Cabela's in Avon for the grand opening checked out the aquarium boy was I disappointed water was cloudy Fish were dying ? The represented was telling the kids that were upset that it is normal for large Walley to dye when you set up a aquarium ? Really these are the kind of people you have representing live animals ? All the kids were really upset. Just unbelievable a large Co. Was not able to set up the aquarium months ago and have it cycled for the grand opening. Really disappointed

Posted by LostCustomer

Store in Garner, NC. Lack of sales associates. Was sent to Club desk, where no one was working. Waited in line at Customer Service desk, only to have her tell me she needed to call someone for the desk right next to her. Then they gave me wrong info. While waiting in only checkout line open, smart mouthed associate standing around doing nothing, told me "you could be starving in Africa looking for food instead of complaining about buying fishing stuff". Really? What awesome professionalism this store exhibits. Never do business with them again after years of being a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

How do I reach customer service thru E-mail? I don't want to wait 20 minutes again when I try to use telephone.

Posted by k8cix

Bought $182.59 worth of items March 9, 2016 on the internet from
Cabela's, using my credit card. 2 days later I check my credit
card acct. online and find pending charges, a total of 4, for over
$400.00. I contact Cabela's by phone and am told just authorization
charges will disappear in 24 hrs. Nope, did not disappear but new
charges took their place. 2nd. call different story. New billing
program on computer, will straighten out in 24 hours. Nope, so I
revert to email so I have a written record of communications.
17 emails and 23 days later I finally get if straightened out, only
by filing a dispute against Cabela's with my credit card company.
Only worry now is, Cabela's still has my card number!

I will never deal with these people again. They have been a good company
in the past but that seems to be over since Bass Pro bought them out.

Posted by Don Beal

So I called the scarborough maine cabelas store because I wanted to buy a heritage rough rider 22 revolver combo. I was told they had one left in stock and they pulled it aside for me as I had to drive 1 hour to get it. Got there, took it out of the box and it looked liked someone had used it for a hammer. The guy suggest I buy new grips for it. Really? The gun had various scratches and dings and this was suppose to be a new gun. I was told I could not even get a discount on it.
I understand that it is only a two hundred dollar gun but still shouldn't have been that way. This was suppose to be my first purchase using my cabelas points from my cabelas card. Two hour round trip for nothing. Very dissapointed....

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a serious customer for over 30 yrs.It looks after today - that Will change.My purchases have been as little as $ 20 and I believe my largest was over 6,000.00 I went to your Kansas city store- tried to purchase.the Sig m400 rifle pkg. you had on sale, temporarily out of stock - No rain check, I offered to give a deposit, I even offered to pay for it now and wait on the order to come in. No - what the heck - I know its only a 1000.00 sale but to not offer to fulfill my order asap, no rain check ! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE ??? I WORK AT FORD MOTOR ASSAY. I HAVE ALWAYS BRAGGED ABOUT HOW WELL YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS. And yes I would like to have that item shipped to Kansas city But I am not going to hold my breath. I am just a vEry Disappointed Former customer !!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

After spending $3000.00 on a fire arm and optics for it, when I got home I realized that I had no manual, warranty info etc on the optics ($999 cost) it was a display model so I figured it was an honest mistake so a week later I returned to the store of purchase (Tualatin ore) I explained the situation and was told sorry can't help you but the info is available on the manufactures Web site .I was surprised after spending that much money that I was pretty much told not our problem..for a $1000.00 purchase (optics) I expected alittle more after sales customer service then I received and to be honest it pissed me off this is the first time I have ever registered a complaint with a store as I am pretty easy going so you can judge the level of how I was dealt with effected me as a attempt was made to resolve my issue except one employee asking another, they did not even take the time to at least look to see if the paperwork I requested was even available at the store. I realize that Cabela's is a huge chain and my $ 3000.00 might be just a drop in the bucket on a corporate level but to me it was a major purchase and I sure expected alittle more effort on the part of the employees that I was involved with than what I received. Based on the reputation of Cabela's I was very disappointed. It came across to me like we got your cash now don't bother us unless you are ready to spend more..I don't believe any company condones that behavior but you might want to reinforce your companys cultural philosophy to the employees working the fire arms dept in Tualatin be fair everybody else at that store treated me in an outstanding manner that any employer would be proud of especially the people that processed my paperwork and the person who initially sold me my merchandise. I have to be honest I am on the fence about futher business with your company if that is the best I can expect after purchase.

Posted by GMNU

My husband purchased a Cabela 7 in 1 Electric Smoker for my Christmas gift. He ordered it thru the store for pick up. Unfortunately when we received it, the bottom lid was dented, store agreed to take it back and offered an upgrade model for inconvenience and have us a gift card for the exchange. Now the upgrade model has a quality hold.

Quality hold has been in effect for 5 days, so here we are without a smoker and no way to get out money back, since they refuse to give money back on the gift card. This is just bad customer service. All I have is a gift card to a store that has an indefinite quality hold on the smoker I want.......they can't even offer me a comparable model and they refuse to simply refund the gift card. Not a good way to treat your customers!!! Very nice employees, but service is totally inefective. Doubt I'll ever shop there again. First and last time!!!

Posted by [email protected] Com

I recently signed up for your rewards card while purchasing a 350$ item.there was around 25$ on the the balance is only 15$!!I haven't spent that money!!!why is your company being Indian givers?I wish I showed elsewhere now because I called customer service and they lied.first the rep said that ya the money was taken,then when I asked for it back she put me on hold came back and said that my balance was always 15$!!what the hell?

Posted by Smokejumper7

I am an avid, long time shooter. i have over 50 years in NRA competitions. I shot for the USMC . I made the US Team in the 70's and 80's.. I was a coach trained by Loyd Woodhouse at the US Olympic center in the 90's..That is my resume.
Cabela's is a retailer that exists for one thing only/ TO MAKE AS MANY $$ EVERY YEAR? THEN NEXT YEAR MAKE MORE !!
They do not exist for customer service. They do not exist to give good advice and they are not there for you as a friendly fellow sportsman..They are there to move merchandise that they feel they can sell quickly and at max profit..They sell items that appeal for the general sportsman.. Not specifically for competition or specialised shooting disciplines.. the Gun library is a great, cool place to visit..Do not expect "FAIR" prices there either..Go to Gunauction or Gunbroker for that .. Trade with them at your own risk ..If you have $$ to burn..

I worked for the company that built all their stores.. Every year we received gift cards etc.. I even joined "Cabela's Club" !! No deal there either.
Why focus on deals and value ? Because unless you are very rich you will not compete another year if you pay those high prices.. Competitors are economical ( OK CHEAP!)..They learn to be that way year after year to stay in their respective shooting discipline . Most of us are no longer US Army Reserve or Air Force or US Marine shooters.. We pay our own freight and gas and entry fees.
Cabelas can and will hurt you in your sport..Their prices are high and they have lousy customer service.. Take my word for it.

Posted by icelanticman

I was on a camping trip when I encountered an employee by the name of Lynda in utah she proceeded to insult my choice of equipment that I have and that I was stupid for not shopping at Cabelas I said thank you for your opinion and she replied "whatever you're stupid for not getting my gear from Cabelas" I truly find it in poor taste for one of you cashiers to insult me for my choice to support a local business and not a national chain. Cabelas does have great equipment, but I don't feel like I should be bullied by one of your employees over my choice of where I get my equipment from. I find it in poor taste and Cabelas will not be getting my business from me or my friends and neighbors. Bad representatives Cabelas.

Posted by Wwashek

Today was the worst customer service ever! I was going to spend a lot of money on optics but now will give back my gift cards and shop at the competition. Rember the Outdoor World is small and people talk.

Posted by Ed MacLean

On the 02 Dec 15 I ordered a meat grinder online from Cabela's Canada. Online line it advertised it as having seven days arrival time.

Seven days went by no meat grinder. I called their customer service (an oxymoron) and asked about my order. I was advised at that time that the grinder was on back order. I asked them why this hadn't been posted online advising of the back order or why couldn't they simply couldn't email me. I was advised that they had several on order and they may be in.

A few days past and I contacted them again only to find out that none have come in and they would check with the stores to see if any was in stock. Another couple days passed and of course no emails or calls, so I called them and was advised they found one in Moncton and were going to contact the store and have it shipped.

A few more days again passed no contact from them at all. I called only to find out the article had not been shipped. I was advised that they would send another enail to Moncton. A couple more days getting very close to Christmas. I called and was advised it was not going to be shipped as the store either sold it or the they had the option not to send it.
By now I am upset |I called the Head office inn Canada requesting to speak to aa manager of customer service. I was contacted next day and advised that she would like to resolve this problem. I advised her that this was a Christmas gift.She stated she would check the Edmonton store to see if they have one. Next day I received an email stating they could find one and it would not be there for Christmas.
The following day I received an email from another lady stating that the file had been handed over to her as the original lady was now on vacation. In this email she stated that the may not be in until February BUT they woud send it express on their charge.
I sent a email back advising that they have ruined a good friends Christmas And got a reply by email that the second person was now out of the office until 29 Dec. . So much for customer service cancelled the order and will now deal with Bass Pro. Customer Service in Cabela's is horrendous.

Posted by Customer service

I'll stick with Lands End. Never Cabellas again. Customer service cut me short.1. Sorry you bought for $51. Went on sale for $27. Next day. That's tough. But at your own risk.
RISK?!!!!! NO. Risk-- is that the way we are shopping now?
I just hope the darn deep fryer works. Probably not. I've returned every thing so far. I'm just glad we can afford this crap but it won't be from cabellas. We've given them fair enough chances.
Don't dare send us another catalog! No emails either!

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Posted by Sauza59

Hi We were unable to complete a transaction online so we called and spoke to Laura in Texas... She gave us the BEST customer service! Thank you for making it such a great experience...

Posted by Anonymous

Awesome customer service! I needed to return a defective jacket I bought. When I called customer service, the lady was so nice and helpful. She is sending me another jacket free of charge. I'm very impressed.

Posted by Anonymous

My sales girl Amy Hensley in clothing really helped me tonight and was very knowledgeable in explaining base layers to me! What a great employee!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear cabelas I had stopped in your store in ackworth ga and your staff was best in helping and answering my questions and showing where stuff was in this I would like to say you have a customer for life thank you Kelly wentz

Posted by Eddie

Someone called from California and talked to a coworker to let them know they did not have the inventory to fill my order . I think that I ordered from you and your partner company should of left message for me to call back or someone from Cabela's should of contacted me. The two pack of socks is not that big of a deal but the way it was handled was very weak.

Posted by Anonymous

Lesyah from the Ammon Idaho store did an outstanding job helping my husband pick out a everything that he needed for a fishing trip to Alaska not on one occasion but two. Cannot say enough about how helpful and professional she was. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Anonymous

I wish to thank Cabela's for their fine employee, Earl. in the the fly fishing department of the Broomfield CO store. Earl is knowledgeable of his home waters in RMNP and willing to share his experience in fly tying and in where to find the type of fly fishing water that is desired.

I just purchased a new fly line on line [Cortlalnd 444 Sylk double taper for $59.] When I noted that Cabela's charged $11 dollars for shipping this item I purchased this product from Stillwater Fly Fishing as they did not charge any shipping and charged the same $59 price.

Posted by Debbie C

Seldom do I take time to thank an employee for excellent customer service. The reason being... I expect excellent customer service! But I want to thank John F in "Camping" who took a great deal of time helping me pick out just the right gifts for my grandson. He nailed it! Thank you John F... you have what it takes and you delivered excellent customer service!

Happy Grandma
Debbie C

Posted by Anonymous

I am very pleased with revolver I purchased. But you advertised free shipping and still charged me. Also black powder starter kit is essentually worthless and certainly not worth the price.I would appreciate an adjustment if I am to continue to do business with you.
Thank You

Posted by CHOLZ

Recently went to Cabelas Richfield. Got a brand new Ruger 1911 for $625, by price match. Used a friend of mine at Bills Sports in Hartford, to answer phone and tell Cabelas that the USED gun they had, was a new one. Cabelas Store Manager bent over backwards to make me happy. I got the gun $300 less, resold it the day I picked it up for $200 profit. Thank You for your liberal price matching policy and generous store managers.

Posted by [email protected]

Brooke in the archery department does a superb job. She is knowledgeable and fun to work with as a customer.

Stop in and see Brooke for your archery needs.

Thank you for such wonderful customer service. thank you, Brooke


Posted by Deer game cameras

I met "JOE" in the Archery Dept who spent a great deal of time explaining the choices of game cameras each's pros --- this young was very knowlegable and a great help in my decision in my purchase --- he took much time w/me --- he is truly a great "asset" to Cabelas " please acknowledge this fine young man he was GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by azo

I had a great experience in store.Survey site doesn't work. Cant complete survey

Posted by Anonymous

You have a very good salespeerson in fishing. His name is Joe, he was very helpful and knowledgeable. Took me right where I needed to go and pointed out everything I needed. I was very impressed by this young man. The store is a St. Louis Mills.

dennis parker

Posted by Anonymous

I have had nothing but possitive experiances from your staff. Not only do you have an ubundance of help,but they are very happy and willing to please. They have helped me many times finding items and been very helpfull in helping me find these items. You have a wonderful store and my grand children really enjoy visiting and seeing all the animals and wonderful toys and fish aqarium. Your teller judy gc was very plesant and made my purchace very enjoyable. Thank you for being in out neighbor hood.

Posted by Walt

My husband and I were at the Richfield store and we had a employee named Mike Luck in the fishing department help us. He could'nt have been more helpful.My husband had some questions about winterizing his boat and Mike is really well versed in anything to do about fishing and boats.Good to talk with some one who is in the know.
Walt and Pat Wyczawski



Posted by Christy Norys, Ca.

While vacationing in Wisconsin we visited the store in West Bend. We were looking for a particular item, which we were delighted to find at your store. When discovering the quantity we needed was over 70 items, we were given the 800 number to help in our quest. From there, I was directed to store 16 for further assistance. I was pleasantly greeted and assisted by this wonderful and hard working lady name Bree. She went above and beyond to make sure our every need was met. I asked for her supervisors name, which is Julie Odom. Because in this day and age, you cannot find a customer service professional as helpful as Bree, I not only want to let her supervisor be aware of the fantastic person she has representing your company, but I wish for this to go even higher. After running a business for many years, and hoping others feel the same about my employees, a person like Bree should be recognized for representing your company with pride and compassion.

Thank you for your time, and know I look forward to passing on my pleasant experience to many others along the way!

Christy Norys

Posted by Cory

I've been a customer of Cableas and a card holder for about 10 years. Never had even the slightest problem with Cabelas. I also love the credit card - I pay it off in full every month, and get points for free stuff.
The only thing I wish Cabelas would do is build a store in North Dakota!

Posted by Anonymous

What an outstanding day at the East Hartford Archery Dept.! Outstanding service and curtsy
and excellent service. Hats of to the crew who worked today 4/6/12's afternoon shift we were there at about 1:30 2:30 to be precise.
My son and I appreciate the special guidance and assistance in finding him a re-curve bow which he has been contemplating buying for a long time.
Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

cabelas is the best. Its an awesome store and the employess are the best and the experience they pass onto their younger staff shows.

Posted by mike cunninham

For years I could depend on Cabela's product being the size and quality that would make a person want to shop with you.
On February I place a mail order for a pair of Cabela Outfitter hunting boots . These boots in the past were made in USA, Irecieved my bots this week and the size I have always worn does not come close, then I see you have started making them in china .
Its a shame, I will not be ordering anything else. I can not trust the size to be correct with products made in china. Mike Cunningham, Lamar Mississippi....

Posted by Boondocker

In placing a recent internet order with Cabela's I had missed the free shipping over $99 offer on their website. I emailed CS and asked them to please credit my account for the amount of the shipping on the order. I quickly received an email from Cabela's confirming that my Cabela Visa card would be credited for the shipping cost. That is good service. It would have been easy for Cabela's to refuse the credit, but they did me a favor, thank's Cabela's.

Posted by Anonymous

shopping for a bow on 12-24-11 was very possitive experience. Tylor was very helpful in explaining the products and offered the accessories needed to get the sport started. He was very knowledgeable about the products. He was also very pleasant and courteous. We were very happy with him and the other staff in the store.

Posted by Anthony F

Cabela's has outstanding customer service and I have no complaints. I've ordered and returned items with nothing but positive experiences.

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Posted by Ben Lively

As a former Cabelas employee all I can say is yup sounds about right.

We were always told to push the Club Card n matter what. In some stores,like Hoffmann Estates, they use it as a means to fire people if they don't get enough referrals.

The quality of staff has rapidly deteriorated. Why?
1)They pay barely over minimum wage.
2) They DO NOT want anyone with too much education, period. They don't want anyone that can think.
3) There is no longer ANY gurantee of hours, so you may work 38 hrs one week and 20 the next, but if THEY need you to work and you can't come in you're fired. It makes it impossible to work a second job.
4) The employee discount is marginal and there is NO commission.
5) They reduced the number of department leads to "area" leads and put the biggest, stupidest brown nosers in those positions.
6) Morale is non-existant.

Other problems. A couple of years Remington recalled one of their lousy automatic shotguns. Instead of returning the guns Cabelas decided to sell the guns to customers at a greatly reduced price, but also giving the customer a gift card. However when the gun broke down and wouldn't work the only way you could return it was if you hadn't used the gift card. (Oh and the new Cableas CEO worked for Remington during the design phase of that gun).

In another incident Deer Corn was found to have excess levels of mold. The company recalled it. Cabelas dropped the price to $1.00 a bag and sold contaminated products to the public. Who knows how many animals died from eating it. Cabelas DID NOT CARE! PERIOD!

Merchandise designs are routinely obtained from a designer or inventor with an unpatented item. The design is then stolen and the items manufactured in China.

It is very possible that certain vendors make illicit deals (even against Cabelas policy) with corporate staff because those items get preference. One game camera model which Cabelas also sells under their own brand is so bad one of the Hunting Guides from North Dakota ( one of Cabelas listed guides too) brought back 10 of 12 cameras purchased because they flat out did not work.

Time, and time and time again they wanted us to sell equipment we KNEW was garbage. The more ethical of us steered customers to better products and tried not to get caught not selling the preferred products.

One other problem is that we were told to towthe line the vendor gave us. And in my case I had more PROFESSIONAL experience with items than the vendor reps did.

Then they re-did the idiot no questions asked return policy to a draconian almost impossible to return policy to force people to get an add on aftermarket warranty which if used would nullify the factory warranty.

And some employees are worse than others. La Vista has always had a bad reputation and no one does anything about it. Kearney should just be closed it's too small, it's a ROYAL pain to get to and you can't get any service. Sidney, it depends on who you deal with some are jerks, but many bend over backwards to do what they can. There is however a high turnover rate. The customer service centers yeah right.

Notice I said former employee.

Posted by Anonymous

I work in the catalog call center. Every day I get called a F-ing B- and many other things. I'm very thick skinned, and it is really getting to me. If I could change anything, I would. But since we can't magically fix every problem instantly, have a little patience with us.

Posted by Anonymous

I work in Customer Service in the catalog department. I used to love my job. Since the software "upgrade" in October, I have been screamed at for 9 and 10 hours a day. People, PLEASE do not take it out on us. We have been on the front lines dealing with this ordeal day in and day out. We are frustrated that we cannot help you better than we are able to right now. It is the end of December. Big improvements have been made. But there is a long way to go. I am sick and tired of hearing "I have been on hold for X minutes" and so on, and so on. I get told that almost every call. Since the "upgrade", in customer service we have had over 100 calls waiting on any given moment. Yes, we are frustrated. Yes, we wish it would get better. Yes, we are sick of getting yelled at. When it sounds like we don't care that you are threatening to go to a compeditor, it is because you are probably the 10th, 20th, or 100th customer THAT DAY that has told us that. Personally, it doesn't offend me. And in some situations, I don't blame you. But, we are trying everything we can to make this ordeal as smooth as possible. All we ask (and I think I am not in the minority on this one), is that you work with us. We will work with you.

Posted by 101 Cabelas

I work at cabelas and our customers do not understand the frustrations and difficulties that we have to deal with on a daily basis. You know the quote put yourself in someone elses shoes for a day and see what its really like. just so all of you know its not the people in the call centers doing anything wrong we just work there and do our best of what we can do. cabelas got a new ordering system and has totally messed everything up. so we understand your frustrations but please do not be so raged at us remember its not us its cabelas.
cabelas101 12/29/10 9:25PM

Posted by cabelas101

I work at cabelas and our customers do not understand the frustrations and difficulties that we have to deal with on a daily basis. You know the quote put yourself in someone elses shoes for a day and see what its really like. just so all of you know its not the people in the call centers doing anything wrong we just work there and do our best of what we can do. cabelas got a new ordering system and has totally messed everything up. so we understand your frustrations but please do not be so raged at us remember its not us its cabelas.


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Cabela's headquarters loss leaves Cheyenne County at lowest population in 25 years
Sidney, Nebraska, is a small enough town that Mayor Joe Arterburn has heard stories of former Cabela's employees who have left for opportunities elsewhere. But now the Census Bureau is beginning to put actual — and discouraging — numbers to what theá...
Shredding event scheduled for April 21 at Southridge Cabela's
AARP West Virginia, the Charleston Gazette-Mail and others will sponsor a “Fight Fraud — Shred Instead” event at Cabela's at Southridge Centre later this month. The free event is open to all Kanawha Valley residents and is scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon.
Cabela's sells local real estate for $35.5M
Cabela's has sold its West Chester Twp. and Cornerstone of Centerville real estate for $35.5 million. The outdoor retailer, which sells hunting, fishing and camping gear, opened its first location in the Dayton area in 2016 when it cut the ribbon on ...