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CVS customer service is ranked #130 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 53.76 out of a possible 200 based upon 707 ratings. This score rates CVS customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


597 Negative Comments out of 707 Total Comments is 84.44%.


110 Positive Comments out of 707 Total Comments is 15.56%.

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    • 53.76 Overall Rating
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    • 597 negative comments (84.44%)
    • 110 positive comments (15.56%)
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Posted by JG

The complaints on this website are funnier than the rants and raves on Facebook! I'd like to give CVS my business since they pulled cigarettes from their inventory, but after talking to a pharmacist at one of their locations, I'll never give them any of my business again. Hope the stockholders are reading these posts! Yikes!

Posted by Anonymous

CVS would not allow return of defective reading glasses purchased the day before even with the receipt, because we did not have the original packing with the UPC code. Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

CVS is the worst company on the planet. CVS refused to return the item even with the receipt while they have no idea why they will not. At the time of purchasing I was not told that I could not return the item. Their customer service is a disgrace and bunch of idiots & unprofessional are running this company, They believe in unethical and fraud business operation while they sell the products but do not allow to return with receipt and their store management and over the phone useless customer service agents also do not have any answers. Stay from this company as they just want your money and provide terrible service.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the 2nd time I ordered on line from here. The first time everything was great. I received everything quickly and the order was right. This time, I ordered and 3 out of the 6 things were wrong. Now I have the hassle to return everything. Guess that tells me I won't be ordered or probably going to CVS anymore. 3 things wrong is crazy.

Posted by The Truth

There is no LAW in New York State prohibiting non controlled prescriptions from being returned or refunded. It IS illegal for the pharmacy to REDISPENSE that medication to another patient. So essentially, they are lying to you because the truth, we don't want to give your money back because it would be a loss to us, isn't very satisfying to the customer. Call them on this lie and demand to speak to the Pharmacy District Manager. If need be, educate them on the illegality of citing a lie as a law in order to maintain their profits. If all else fails, report them to the state board of pharmacy. They don't play around.

Posted by Califor nai avenue

My experience with CVS on California Avenue in Reno Nevada what's the the worst experience I've ever experienced with with customer service from such a well known and liked store in our. Neighborhood all tge way from smart remarks cussing swearing and overly excited body movements and all this coming from the store manager I have never been so insulted. Wow is this what out customer service has to come go these days I woukd request that gentleman would not be employed at that store because with that kind of behavior there is no telling what he is capable of I have spoken with the other store manager he said he would do what ever he does and he apologized the young mans name is Travis

Posted by Anonymous

I was denied a refund even though I had my receipt. I did not have the card it was charged on with me so they said they could do nothing. I had to wait for a manager and boy was she rude, I think maybe she was having a bad day. The line got long behind me because the manager took so long to get to the cashier. I guess I have no other choice but to shop elsewhere, I don't understand why you can't get a refund when you have the receipt, makes no sense.

Posted by Unhappy in NC

I purchased an item online at CVS on 3/8/18 & before it arrived I was given the same item as a gift, which I began to use. When the one purchased through CVS arrived I took it back to local CVS store, unopened, along with my packing slip and was told they could not refund in the store an item purchased online. I am disabled and had to pay for an uber to get to CVS, and back home. Once I got back home I looked online for the CVS returns policy and saw that they COULD refund in the store as long as I had a receipt or packing slip. I called and told them what their online policy says. The gentleman I spoke with called his manager and he then advised me she said there'd be a way to override this in their system. He also said she'd be in at 8AM the next day and I could speak with her. I called around 10AM and she told me she hadn't had a chance to check into this and the people she needed to speak with wouldn't be in until 1PM. She also asked wsn't there an invoice or something that showed the price? I told her there was no invoice but the packing slip DOES show the price. She said well since you have nothing with the price on it she'd have to check with someone else. ?????? I said there IS a asked me was there an invoice or something that showed the price and I said no invoice BUT the packing slip DOES have the price, She said they had new instructions a couple of months ago that told them an invoice with a bar code would be included in online orders to make it easier for them to i process returns. At this point I felt as though we were going in circles, I had told her more than once that there was no invoice..just the packing slip. If there should have also been an invoice in the box I don't feel it's my fault, or my responsibility if CVS failed to include one. I obviously had paid for this merchandise since they DID send it to me.) I also failed to understand why she wasn't able to speak with someone about this until after 1PM since the gentleman the day before had been able to reach her by phone within minutes of my call, advising him what the online return policy states. As we hung up, it was with the understanding that she'd "get back to me" once she had more information. Upon reflection, I felt I'd spent more than enough time on this matter and decided to "cut my losses". I called her back (Natasha is her name) and let her know not to pursue this further as I would take it up with their corporate office. I've been a CVS customer for over 20 years, with a CVS Card Card and have ordered regularly online for over two and a half years. I am very displeased with this experience and with the local CVS store. In particular, with Natasha who is supposedly the store manager. I feel her entire attitude leaves much to be desired in Customer Service,

Posted by Anonymous

CVS supposedly has a 100% Beauty guarantee so if you aren't happy with an opened item you can return it. I had my receipt but because I used coupons the cashier treated my refund like i didn't have my receipt and shorted my refund. I wasn't looking to make money off the return- i just wanted the amount of money i actually paid but she didn't give me my full refund. I will shop with Walmart and Target from now on because they don't judge you and they will give you your full refund.

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I have visiting your store at 6650 w. Lower Buckeye store for quite a few years.We have always received kind and professional service.Yesterday 2/1/2018 we stopped by to look for one of those spin mops and found there were none on the the shelves.We had spoken to a gentleman by the name of Victor,he explained that they were removed .He then said that he would contact corporate and ask if you could release one or for sale and that he would let us know today.I stopped by the store and he had already left.I assume that it was forgotten.My wife and I are still interested in purchasing one or two.Would you let us know if we still can.
Thank you,

Posted by Doeja

Purchased CVS brand shoe inserts. They are still new and in the package. I have my original sales receipt. I paid $10.79 for them with a visa credit card. I went to return them with my receipt and explain to them I no longer have that credit card it was lost and canceled. Because I no longer have that original credit card they're telling me they will only refund me six dollars because they can only refund me the sale price. That makes no sense, I have my original receipt showing what I paid! The manager Rita Del Gato, was extremely rude and brushed me off. She said that Is our store policy look it up. That's ridiculous and not fair. I have proof that I paid $10 and 79 finance I have my original receipt why does the store get to keep extra money just because my credit card was stolen. I have my ID I have my receipt I want my refund! Nobody is helping me. I called the 800-number I was told I would get a call back in 48 hours that never even happened.CVS is being falsely in Riched I feel that they're stealing my money. Can you imagine how many times this happens overall how much money they're actually profiting off of us? I see this as a possible class action lawsuit. Any attorneys out there interested please call me.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the CVS in Mercerville, New Jersey - Mercerville-Whitehorse Road. The parking lot was not cleared very well after this snowstorm. The thing that bothered me the most was that there was no path for costumers to enter the store. An elderly woman had no idea how she was going to enter the store to get her medicines. I helped her in and out of the store. It was a very unsafe for all the costumers. I told the manager of the store, she called but the problem had not been rectified.

Posted by Anonymous

#1 I am sorry WONDERFUL LONG DRUGS was lost to CVS.

#2. I ABHORE your UBIQUITOUS SEA of yellow-hanging-signs offering if I buy more than the ONE I want/need; just give me a reduced price on that ONE item I want.

#3. I buy all cosmetics at Bed, Bath, Beyond with their outstanding coupon system.

Posted by Judylili

I forgot to use a 10/50 cvs coupon the day before. I go today to edit my purchase and the asistant manager refused to edit my transaction. I never wanted to return the product, i just wanted them to fix my receipt and edit my transaction. It was a perfume by the way, sale is final but nowhere stated on the receipt, i wasn't even warned when i paid. The clerk was very rude to the point of yelling at me. Such harsh customer service CVS has working for them.

Posted by Anonymous

I just shopped at the cvs on Miller valley rd in prescott az. I had my 20 percent coupon with my name on it and after ringing the 3 items she went to scan the coupon and it wouldnât take. The items was not on sale...she said the phone numbers didnât match the scan card...I have no idea why as the coupon was in my name...So I took the key card off my chain and said you might as well take this because if you canât figure this out I am not coming back...The cashier said not my problem to me.I left and turned around and talked to the manager on duty Lynn. She made it right but where do your employees get off acting as she did to me...Itâs not like you have the only pharmacy in Prescott but it will not return with that cashier employees there.

Posted by Paul

Before i started to buy some medicines for my family in korea, i asked the employee at the cvs that what the return policy was. I asked because i knew that i had to make some returns just in case i bought the wrong stuff. The employee told me that as long as i have the receipt within 60days, it is returnable. Believing that, i made lot of purchases with no fear. I made some couple of returns and the last return, i was declined. I was told from an employee from cvs that i have to call TRE (The Retail Equation). And they cant do anything about it. When i did call TRE, they pretty much told me i was blocked from returning due to fradulent activity. Someone need to do something about this. Nobody is helping me in CVS

Posted by Nancy Spain

While I appreciate the service the robot reminder calls provide,they have become an annoyance.My husband has a chronic illness and the calls are so irritating to him.How can we stop the robot calls? We are longtime customers of CVS and would appreciate your assistance.

Posted by Shekayher

I wanted to return an item WITH RECEIPT an she said they didn't carry it I had to go to same store I bought from 60 miles from where I live completely frustrating!!

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Been Dealing With Cvs For Many Years.....since My Heart Attack In 1999, I Have Been Buying Numerous Prescriptions Every Month.......i Have Never Seen A Pharmacy As Bad As Your Store On Fay Blvd. In Port St. John Fl......
When You Go In Or Go Through The Drive Through, It Is Though You Have Interrupted Them....i Feel Like They Are Saying..."do I Have To Wait On You?".......and I Have Constantly Asked Them To Stop Doing Automatic Refills......and They Keep Doing It.....i Have Had Medications That I No Longer Am Using Refilled....and Also It Happens To My Wife.....apparently The Women That Work In That Store Feel That Smiling Gives You Lines In Your Face....because, I Can Not Remember Seeing Any Of Them Smile......i Am Probably Going To Switch Pharmacies......i Know That My Little Bit Of Business Will Not Effect You, But I Just Wanted To Let You Know That You Are Going To Lose A Long Time Customer....make That, 2 Long Time Customers.....

Posted by Intenzeblueyes

While I was able to return my perfume purchase (opened, with receipt), I was told by the Bensalem, PA clerk that I was not going to be able to return a Time Inc Special magazine that I purchased yesterday, because "once books leave the store, I don't think we can return it." I have the receipt, but because I have a migraine from the perfume, I didn't feel like asking for a manager, especially since I waited 5 minutes at the front of the store waiting for this clerk.

Posted by Anonymous

CVS brand body wash bottles for leaking all over where the cap meets the bottle. There were four on the Shelf. I took All 4 and they all were leaking and ask the manager if he could discount it. I was told no that's the way they come in. Really? If you to give me 10% off which would probably amount to about $0.20 at least I would feel satisfied that they were discounted instead for whatever reason he would not discount them. They are damaged and they are on the Shelf. Discount them or send them back. $0.20 for a satisfied customer is too much for CVS to spend. I'll be shopping at Walgreens from now on.

Posted by don'tshopcvs

After standing at the counter for over 5 minutes waiting for the person to get off the phone, Pharmacist tells me 20 minutes for a prescription and I should wait! After TWO hours, the half wit pharmacist tells me THEY DON'T HAVE THE PILLS FOR THE PRESCRIPTION, YOU SHOULD COME BACK TOMORROW! I speak with the store manager, Mike, he tells me there is nothing he can do that the pharmacy is a separate entity. Go across the street to Walgreens, they fill immediately!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been going to this CVS store since the first day it opened several years ago. With the latest change in Management, things are going down hill. I am disabled, and I use the shopping cart for support. This store only has 3 carts. The other day there were no carts up front. I asked the guy at the register, and he said he didn't know where they were. There were no customers in the store at that time. I could only get a few things I could carry and was not able to get other things I needed. On my way up front, I see the store manager using 2 shopping carts with labels spread out as she was putting labels on the shelf. She clearly has no idea what customer service means. How she made it to Management I have no idea. One employee looks dirty all the time, and it looks like she is not even wearing a bra. The outside needs shrubbery cut and trees cut back. You cannot even she the store from the road anymore. This is a safety/security issue also. The parking lot looks dirty too. It is so sad to see this store go downhill. This store is convenient but I think I am going to have to go down the road to Walgreens from now on.

Posted by Anonymous

Just left the Hillside,NJ location on Long Ave. Both the pharmacist and cashier for the drive thru rushed me to leave because the script was not ready. I tried to communicate my level of pain but no success.The two staff members not helpful At All.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know why all the stores everywhere offer antibacterial wipes at the entrance of their stores except CVS and Walgreens

Since a good amount of your customers are patients in need of prescriptions it would make sense that there will be a lot of sick

People on and out of the store. So all the more reason you should offer this to your customers.

If the supermarkets and dept stores do it why wouldn�t yiu? After all you claim to be all about health.

Please take my concern into consideration and have this issue come up at your board meeting

I�m sure more people would shop for more merchandise other than prescriptions if they felt that you were concerned about germs

Please respond if my suggestion is not acceptable

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding of my concern


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Posted by Anonymous

Thank your Customer service Representative was very helpful in directing me to a Oahu person in charge of your store in my area she was very
Kind Thank you I will get a call back
From Shannon in 2 business days

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to recognize Sara and Mary from store #2103 for their great service. They were very helpful in my attempt to retrieve a coupon on the CVS app. I was having difficulty and they were very helpful and felt like I was cared for as a customer. Please would you recognize them for their great service.

Posted by Larry

I want to commend the great customer service that I have received at the CVS on fifth Avenue in Bayshore New York. Lauren, the assistant manager, has repeatedly gone way beyond the normal in helping me as I have shifted over printing out pictures from another firm. She is polite, courteous, very knowledgeable and she has checked up after I have completed my order several times. She wanted to make sure I was happy with the photo lab. She is the type of person that makes me want to go back to CVS.

Posted by [email protected]

I want to express my appreciation to all the employees at the Sandwich on Quaker meetinghouse location for all the care they have given me in all aspects from prescriptions and all other shopping needs. I always choose the CVS brand on most products and find the quality to be just as good as name brands....And of course all the coupons they offer keeps me a satisfied customer. Thank you from a long time customer, Cecelia Timmons

Posted by ira2118

I wish to compliment two of your pharmacists at the Plainview,NY location on South Oyster Bay Road. Michael Bilko and Kathryn Testa have always provided our family with exceptional information whenever we call them with a question. They are extremely courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. They are assets to your organization and should be recognized for their work! You are very lucky to have them!

Posted by Anonymous

In 4/2014 I (age 72) came to live with and take care of my brother (age 77) who has multiple physical problems plus dementia. I was relieved to find a CVS a mile away who dispensed all of Vernon's meds. (Full name, Vernon Sauer). Never have I had such a positive relationship with pharmacists and/or pharm techs as I have experienced at your CVS Hagerstown, 10 E. Wilson Blvd. store #1442. It is always extremely busy, rarely without a line at the counter, yet your employees are always polite, professional and patient. I've had no exposure to dementia illness before and so when I have questions about the drugs Vernon is on, I consult with the pharmacists and always receive the info I need, particularly from Dr. Sandi (I don't know his last name) who has always taken the time to help me no matter how busy the pharmacy is, always with a smile and a kind word. I do miss faces I used to see who are no longer employed at the store and that's sad because I've never had a "bad" experience at this store. In fact, I've never had a relationship with a pharmacy in my life like this store. I rely on their judgment, and with everything that is happening in my life right now, managing Vernon's meds is one less thing I have to worry about, and that's such a relief! These folks are GEMS!!!

Posted by Jan

I visited your brand new store in Kirkwood, MO (Store 10334). I want to let Corporate know that one of your employees, Layla, couldn't have been more helpful. She spent a lot of time with me at the photo computer trying to make a print fit into a very small Hallmark Ornament. This girl is awesome but unfortunately, I know she's going back to her "home" store as she's on loan helping brand new associates. I'll hate to see her go. What an asset!

Posted by Anonymous

Had wonderful help today at CVS on Tuckerman Lane, Potomac md 20854 The young man's name was ENGDASEW. He was extremely patient with me in the photp department.

Posted by Horace Smith

I would like to commend your associate Natasha Locker at Store #7482. I wanted to make a photo book today and needed help
As I had hard copy photos and photos from my book that I wanted to use. Natasha was very helpful and patient assisting me to complete this book. I thought customer serice was a thing of the past but Natasha proved me wrong! Natasha is a very valuable asset and represents CVS well.
Elizabeth Smith

Posted by Anonymous

Hi it's m again, I hate to bother
U but the cvs 1634 Belleview Shopping Center in Alexandria, Va
Has not called m so we can have a
Meeting: I no he is busy but I
Really need to talk to Bart and I
Had to have poor Trudy the cashier double check the hair dye no 110 and they had none there and Trudy was kind enough to pull the sign
Off so hopefully somebody will
Order that nice and easy in the no
110; and that took Trudy away from
Her cashier job and I tried to apologize to Marita and she liked
To bite my head off; what is going on in my favorite cvs and now it
Looks like if the hair dye isn't on
The truck tonight I will lose my
Nice coupon. And I really feel sorry for the manager Bart there having to deal with all that is going on. If I loose my coupon deal possibly I could get a raincheck. Respectfully, linda

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I want it to b known that
If everybody answered the 1394 cvs
Store in the Belleview Shopping Center like ms Trudy does that
Would b a great place to call because ms. Trudy goes out of her way to do the best job of any of the cashiers that work there. Please see ms. Trudy is recognized for her outstanding work and please see ms. Trudy receives a copy of
My comment. Respectfully, Linda

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Cvs coupon that expires

Tomorrow and the item I wanted they

Did not have so I have an idea on

The coupons if they don't have the

Item in stock ask the store

Manager if u could get an extension

On that coupon until the item

Comes in. Respectfully,

Linda kelley

Posted by Anonymous

We appreciate the fine service received by Deborah (front desk, store #1273)during our brief stay here in Worcester, MA. She is friendly, helpful,and efficient.


Virginia D'Antona

Posted by Don't no

I think the cvs Belleview in
Alexandria, Va does the best it
Can for m especially a pharmacist
By the name of Mr. Young he is
Always pleasant, nice and way
Above the call of duty and I am
Making another comment about the
Store manager me. Bart; Mr. Bart
Is the greatest and again he, Mr.
Bart goes way out of his way to
Please each and every single
Customer in his cvs and Mr. Bart
Keeps that cvs spotless and I do
Mean spotless from the restrooms to
The cooler and even the floors are
Shining clean and I don't want
To hear any team work when I receive a reply back from u all
B cause when I go into the store all I see is a lot of standing
Around not working like Mr. Bart
Or Mr. Young in the pharmacy so
Please do something nice for these
Two individuals like a half hour
For lunch or something to that
Nature. My hat's off to Mr. Young
And Mr. Bart; way to go cvs employees. Keep up the great work and please see that each of these
Fellas receive a copy of this
Email please. Respectfully,inda Kelley

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to say I had a fantastic experience at the CVS at 1118 W W White Rd in San Antonio,Tx I did not get the manager 's nor the cashier's both very helpful and on such a great mood-even with all the couponers.

Posted by Dyan

I wanted to say how much I appreciate the kind attention I receive at the 833 Mass.Ave.Arlington,Ma. pharmacy and store. I was very sick last winter and had a difficult time,however, I have found such renewed caring from your staff. I thank Dan for calling and gently reminding me I had a script waiting which I had forgotten to pick up!!! Thank you for all your gracious attention. Dianne Dorman

Posted by mdm

Shelley at CVS deserves extra recognition. I am a real CVS customer in town for a month and have been visiting the store on Malcolm X Blvd. She always is eager to help, and I am always impressed by her positive attitude and professionalism. :) She is the reason I will continue using this CVS while in nYC.

Posted by Yoga One

My experience with the CVS on Montague Street in Brooklyn has been extremely favorable mostly because of the sales person Michelle. When she is doing cashier work she always has a smile on her face and says thank you for doing business here and ask did I find everything I wanted.
In case I could not find anything and she is walking around the store,she will take me directly to the merchandise and while going there if she sees any merchandise out of place she puts it back.
In summary, I feel she has a tremendous amount of pride in what she does and values me a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Cvs pharmacy nashville indiana.
I came in Sunday evening, I bought 2 bags of cheese chips, and I didn't like how they tasted, I returned them and explained to the cashier Sam, how I was very upset about hoe they tasted stale and she told me she was sorry and offered me a CVS extra buck but I didn't take it she was very nice to me for how upset I was.

Posted by Anonymous

I came in on Sunday evening, I was helped by a cashier named Sam assuming her name was ( Samantha ), I had forgotten about the no alcohol sale on Sundays due to the state law and she very politely explained to me that there is no alcohol sales on Sunday and helped me put my AL of my alcohol away, then she asked me if there was anything else I needed and helped me do the rest of my shopping, I hope that she is there everything I come in for her help!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to thank your company for such professional employees at your 3327 Connecticut Ave.NW Washington, DC. Everyone seem to go out of there b way to serve and make feel comfortable. Matter of fact I moved to another area but I still use that Connecticut Ave store. As a customer thank you again.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I recently had passport pictures taken by Maria at the CVS 1402 Sheepshead Bay Road Branch.
Maria was very professional from the moment she took our pictures until she processed them. She was efficient and pleasant to deal with.
I just wanted to have this noted because she certainly deserved it.
Thank you
Dale Wolkoff

Posted by Anonymous

Just want to recognize one of your employees at the CVS /Target pharmacy in Wilsonville, Oregon. Loren is always pleasant and helpful, even when under immense pressure. He goes out of his way to exhibit great customer service and I appreciate it.

Posted by Anonymous

Bully Lui at the CVS in Carmel Mountain Ranch/San Diego, (on Camino Del Norte) CA, provided so much kindness and help when I was searching for a lost necklace last December. He found it in the parking lot in the dark and promptly called me. He was Wonderful!

Posted by Anonymous

On 4/4/2016, I was in your CVS store and witnessed how professional and courteous your employee, Dolores was toward a nasty arrogant customer, who was verbally abusive toward her. Dolores is a patient lady, who takes time to help CVS customers. Because of Dolores's professionalism, she was able to calm the situation.

Thank you for having Dolores on your staff .
Yours truly, Vonnetta

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Posted by Anonymous

I am having trouble filling out a application for employment. All it says is that I'm locked out. Terri White

Posted by Anonymous

I used to work at my favorite CVS in Alex., Va and my stubborn headed xboss will not hire m back and I hope Mr. Bart Gautier will read this because he knows how desperately I am trying to get my job back and they only have one cashier up front and that use to b m working uo there but I am trying my best to get my job back but he won't even budge and I am a retired housewife and its very tiresome staying home until your husband comes home I hope someone will b able to help m and again I really enjoyed working with this man Bart until he gave m no chance to defend myself. Thanks, Linda Kelley

Posted by Anonymous

I fill the supervisors and store managers should work with they works on rotating they days on Sundays because that's when people raise and go to they Christians meeting it not fear to work anybody on every Sunday

Posted by Anonymous

So left urgent care took my rx to cvs in roxboro nc, Was told it would be 1 hour before rx was ready, now this was rx for pain medication once again just left urgent care, took my rx down to Walmart and they had me out of there in 15 mins and provided excellent customer service. Sad thing is I work for cvs and hate to take by business else where and that would never be allowed at my store.

Posted by Tonyaboo

I don't understand CVS. I have a sister working for the CVS in MS she been crying and upset about the way she has been treated. They short her hours and have her working 12 hour shifts but she gets less hours then anyone else. They owed her a check from September and her manager excuse was always he forgot to call about it. I tell her to file a complaint on them but she doesn't want them to treat her even worst then they already do. She thinks they are racist toward her at times. She is a supervisor but they keep her on the register while everyone else be in the office. She don't deserve to be treated that why. She tries to get through to her manager but he never have time to hear her out. He only cares about himself. Maybe if he will do right he wouldn't have to worry about getting in trouble himself. If he that forgetful he need being doing another job. That's not the field to be in if he can't remember what he is suppose to be doing and blaming the works for his lacking is not good business.


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