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Bushnell customer service is ranked #415 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 34.25 out of a possible 200 based upon 48 ratings. This score rates Bushnell customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


45 Negative Comments out of 48 Total Comments is 93.75%.


3 Positive Comments out of 48 Total Comments is 6.25%.

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  • Bushnell

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 34.25 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 45 negative comments (93.75%)
    • 3 positive comments (6.25%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 3.2 Reachability
    • 2.2 Cancellation
    • 3.3 Friendliness
    • 3.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by musicman 310

I have owned several Bushnell products over the years and all of them are still in great shape and offer me hours and hours of great times and never let me down. I have rifle scopes, game trail camera, binoculars, and use and love all of them. Just wanted you yo know this. It provides me with worry free excitement kniwing that each time I use a Bushnell product that it will perform as expected and never fail me.


Posted by Bill

Terrible warranty, all they say is it has been tampered with & they refuse you. Easy way out I guess, they wouldn't even discuss problems with me!

Posted by Billed

Bushnell customer service is designed to make you think they care but in reality is just a circle of disappointment. I bought a rangefinder and it failed during an expensive trip. When I got back I called and they talked me into upgrading. More money out. The new one failed withing a year. Very light use, no damage. I sent it in and they fixed it. Got it back, did not work. Sent it in. Now out of warranty period (1 year) They fixed it and waved the fee of 50.00 ok got it back and it did not work. Sent it in and they would not fix it free this time. Got it back and it worked. Two months later got it out and it would not work. Sent it in again and they sai they would fix it free. Got it back did not work. I just sent it in again and they wanted 415.00 to replace it. I just called an told them what they could do with it. Never again. Been a Bushnell customer for 40 years. Not any more.

Posted by J kyle

I want to see the specs on the 350 l flashlight is it quit working I want to see what I need to do to fix it will it come apart does it need batteries bulbs how do I go about getting it fixed I need my flashlight I need help

Posted by SoggyIslandHunter

Instead of 'Bushnell', they should be 'Bushleague'. I have a Bushnell rifle scope and need a very simple part for it. In Canada, in their infinite wisdom, they've decided not to correspond with their valued customers via email. Fax is perfectly okay, but who has a fax setup these days? They supply a phone number which I have tried several times to get through on -- unsuccessfully. A quick email could have some photos of precisely what need, but apparently not possible. See what I mean about 'Bushleague'?

I'm going to toss this scope and buy another from a quality manufacturer who actually cares about their customers.

Posted by Pissed off golfer

I'm so angry as I read these reviews. This company sucks! My rangefinder slope stopped working. I emailed them and it went ignored to this day. I called them and got some rude peckerhead not the phone. Says to send it in with my contact info and a description of what's wrong. I did that and a month later, I get it back and they say there is nothing wrong with it and it meets specs. Well the slope feature STILL isn't working and they threw out my $13 battery. Now I see the reviews and wish I never bought from this company

Posted by Anonymous

The customer non-service department is just that. I called and they lied to me and failed to fix a product that was under warranty. They tried to sell me a new golf rangefinder. Would never buy another product from this company they are the worst customer service I have since in almost 50 years.

Posted by Jeff

Sent back a rangefinder that was less than 9 months old only to find they wanted to charge me $158.00 for a replacement.

Posted by Anonymous

sent my bushnell yardage pro scope for repair of range finder in scope. I used the scope once and took the battery out. When I took the rifle and scope out of the safe half of the yardage display was out. I bought the scope new from Cabellas in Buda. I sent the scope to Bushnell for repair . I was sent a letter that Bushnell would sell me a cheap model scope for almost full retail and keep my old scope. Customer service at this company does not exist. Do not buy any of their products. This company does not back up their products. I demanded they send my old scope back to me since the range finder is all that was broken. I will almost bet that they send my scope back missing parts. This will trigger legal action against the company.

Posted by disgusted owner

Needed to send a elite 4200 back to get crosshairs changed I was told no more custom shop to fix it. Gave me a deal on 30-50% off a new one of my choice I thought this was good customer service. Wrong! It is 30-50% off but its off MSRP.I asked for the elite 6500 2.5-16×42 they told me that the MSRP on that scope was 1,100 dollars and they would sell it to me for 650 dollars. That is not good customer service if I can go to my local gun store and pick up the same scope for less than their discounted price. If im going to spend 1,100 dollars on a scope I can find a better name than bushnell. Just a few words for future buyers.... Dont waste your money on a company that wont stand behind their product.

Posted by Anonymous

I have in the past returned game cameras for repair/ warranty to bushnell. 3 in the past all 3 were repaired or replaced. Then I have 3 more I just returned all 3 doing same thing no power to screen. Talked on the phone was to return with a printed off warranty request form and they would take care of it and waive the shipping also. Did just that and received 3 notices that camera repair will cost more than replacement and they won't do anything because of no proof of purchase sent with the cameras for repair. 2 cameras only been used for a short time and all 3 had been registered online. I called them back got someone else this time Guy was very disrespectful and short on the phone complete jerk. Said we can't do anything without your receipt for proof of purchase and that's that. I have no idea where receipt is and will never buy a bushnell product again. Very disappointed with there customer svc.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a savage rifle from Bass Pro that came equipped with a bushnell 9x40 scope. The scope reticle blew out after the 7th round being fired during range sighting! My buddy purchased the same Unit and his failed as well. The scope can't even handle the recoil of the rifle it is mounted to. Who produces a scope that is complete trash???? BUSHNELL does! I will never buy a bushnell product. What a joke. BUSHNELL SUCKS!

Posted by MSSB

We have use 4 Bushnell products, 2 Wireless TrophyCams and 2 field solar panels. Both solar panels failed due to corrosion from water accumulation inside the units. On was replaced under warranty but it took 3 months. A solar panel not designed for outdoor use in mild weather location. The Wireless TrophyCam cellular link failed after approx. 1 year in the field. Still waiting to hear about repair. It has been over a month since the physically received it but have not even checked into their service department yet.

Posted by blahhhh

Multiple defective trial cams. Their customer service told me to try a different video player, so I did even though that obviously wasn't the issue. I then uploaded a video set to show them that this new model has an issue. Lots of other buyers are complaining about it, too. Bushnell customer service has just stopped responding about it.

This is the worst customer service I've experience in a decade.

Posted by iflyapiper

Lifetime warranty on binoculars. Sent them in. They said they had got wet!! Also said I had damaged them. There is not a scratch on them. Very rude!! They asked me how I damaged them. Said they would send me a new pair for $54.00. I asked why in Hell would I buy another pair if I can't hunt in the rain with them. I'm so pissed!!

Posted by ICWB

I agree with previous posts that "Customer Service" is not an accurate description of my experience with Bushnell. I returned my non-functioning rangefinder to their customer service department. After receiving the defective product, Bushnell declare the unit unrepairable and try and get you to buy a new unit direct from them at a 25% discount (basically the street price of a similar unit). Of course they do not have to deal with a retailer margin so they profit. It is a scam! I will NEVER own another Bushnell product. I am disgusted with the company.

Posted by rsbiker99

Worst customer service!!! sent a scope after I found out that the scope is damaged before it got to me and after 3 weeks that they had my scope I called again (3rd time) and they said that it's not even looked at and this wiil happen the next 4 to 5 days and then they will know what to do? :(
This is the last time I am buying anything from them and make sure everyone I know Knows.

Posted by Paul

Still waiting 4 months on for warranty repair - only get feedback when I ask, offered a lesser product as a replacement.

Posted by UNHAPPY

I just heard from bushnell on my 10x42 excursion binoculars no help no warranty no parts. they offerd me a discount on a new set of binoculars and said the warranty is better on those than what i have.No thank you. WILL NEVER PURCHASE A BUSHNELL OR SIMMONS PRODUCT AGAIN.The money spent on first pair was for the lesson I learned

Posted by Wayne Schellhaas

I gave myself a Bushnell GPS golf watch for Christmas 2014. After 10 months of use it wouldn't hold a charge. You can't change the battery you must send it back to Bushnell for a blind repair quote. The quote to "repair" it was for the same price as a new unit.

Bushnell is TRASH in my opinion.

Wayne Schellhaas

Posted by iam84rider

Bushnell is a rip off, they don't honor there warranties, I paid 500 for a hybrid laser gps rangefinder. The laser stopped working, I sent it in for repairs under warranty. They informed me it would be an additional 179 to replace it due to it being damaged which is baloney, I took care wrap in bubble wrap before sending it. Who would bubble wrap a already cracked item. Do Not do business with them !!!

Posted by Never trust Bushnell or buy from

I am extremely unhappy and will never buy another Bushnell product.

On 7/23/15 you acknowledged receipt of my 7x26 Rainguard binocs . I sent them in for repair for poor focus and fogging. I was accused of abusing the binocs and that they warranty would not be honored. Scott offered to sell me the Legends at a discounted rate since the repair estimate of the Rainguards was excessive.

It has been almost 4 months and multiple broken processes of sending me first the 199104 and then the 199842 models. Bruce just said that it will be 4weeks before more 199842s are ready (QC'd and shipped). I cancelled the order (3 weeks to get refund!!!!), absolutely frustrated and incredulous at Bushnell's lack of customer service, poor logistics and communication and nonexistent credibility.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service guy didn't (or couldn't) pay attention to details and was very rude.
I am visiting Japan and my golf range finder broke, so I called Bushnell and customer service kept tell me Bushnell can't fix my product, because he insisted that I am not living in the States. Okay, that is technically true on the fact that I'm in Japan right now.
Now, I can easily go back home to Cleveland in 3 months and would that have fixed the problem? No, because he insisted that the company still can't fix my product, because... I am not living in the States when I go back to Cleveland? WTF?
Luckily I didn't give him my full name and my product name or any information, so I guess he can't stop me from sending the broken product from my home when I go back home (warranty wouldn't expire)

Anyway poor customer service, wouldn't recommend anything with Bushnell.
Hopefully I can sell this thing on eBay and have someone else deal with Bushnell's poor service. Too bad it was decent product (other than it broke after 6 months)

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service guy didn't (or couldn't) pay attention to details and was very rude.

I was visiting Japan when when my gold range finder broke, so I called Bushnell and customer service kept tell me Bushnell can't fix my product, because he insisted that I wasn't living in the States.

I could easily have gone back home to Cleveland in 3 months and would that have fixed the problem? No, because he insisted that the company still can't fix my product, because... I wasn't living in the States when I go back to Cleveland?

Anyway poor customer service, wouldn't recommend anything with Bushnell.

Posted by BigGrover

Bushnell products and customer service suck. In the last year have purcheased a rifle scope, rangefinder and golf gps device. All three had to be returned. Will never buy another bushnell product again. Customer service was extremely disinterested in helping apparently yhey know bushnell products are crap and expect customers to accept that.

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Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I are avid birdwatchers and have used Bushnell binoculars for a number of years with great pleasure and satisfaction - I used the Infinity and she the Legend. After an active season both needed cleaning and some minor repair work. Bushnell went above and beyond good service. As the Infinity has been discontinued and needed parts replacement Bushnell replaced it with their new Elite model. The legend came back cleaned and repaired with no charge even though we have owned the binoculars for more than five years. Service was prompt an thorough. We will recommend Busnell binoculars to anyone. Love the product. Love the service. Thanks... Dan and Ida Tigchelaar

Posted by Dee

My binoculars were destroyed in a flood years ago, and even at the time the product was out of warranty. I recently decided to get it repaired and given the amount of negative feedback the company and customer service has received, I was surprised to get a free replacement binoculars within 2 weeks. Perhaps I was lucky, perhaps they are improving, perhaps my product was too cheap ($80) to bother with the hassle, but that was my experience and I'm satisfied. Hope it helps.

Posted by Anonymous

Fantastic customer service,outstanding help and support.

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Posted by Anonymous

This is one of the worst companies I have worked for. You are expected to work 18-20 hours on the last Saturday of the month and leading up to that Saturday you are working 10, 12, 14, 16 hour days. They of course do not mention this in the interview. You have to sign in and out to go to the bathroom. They treat their office people fine, but if you work in the warehouse you are treated like a replaceable mule. If you have any pride do yourself a favor and do not work at Bushnell.


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