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Burlington Coat Factory customer service is ranked #435 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 33.74 out of a possible 200 based upon 199 ratings. This score rates Burlington Coat Factory customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


182 Negative Comments out of 199 Total Comments is 91.46%.


17 Positive Comments out of 199 Total Comments is 8.54%.

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  • Burlington Coat Factory

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    • 33.74 Overall Rating
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    • 182 negative comments (91.46%)
    • 17 positive comments (8.54%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I attempted to return a couple of items WITH MY RECEIPT and WITHIN THE 30 DAY LIMIT and my return was declined!!!! How embarrassing. The cashier nor the manager of the store could figure out what happened as I was within the time limit and had all my receipts. They suggested that I call the number on the rejection slip which the register produced. I called the number and was told I would have to wait 60 MONTHS before I could return my items and I was informed of this when I bought the items. I checked my receipts and NOWHERE did it state this policy; however, the gentleman on the phone said I was informed. I am thoroughly disgusted with this store and will never shop there again. CUSTOMERS BEWARE........

Posted by lucy

Just received my Christmas present coat. Is gorgeous BUT sent the wrong size. I ordered the correct size, the packing slip has the correct size, but whoever packed it packed the wrong size. So am I seriously responsible for return shipping too? Am anxious to see how Burlington handles this considering it was their error, not mine.

Posted by Very Dissatisfied Former Custome

The worst customer service ever. Because of the very rude and extremely unprofessional store manger Robert Ferguson, I will never spend my hard earned cash at the Savannah Mall location. The store and the employees will fail with this type of leadership. Shame on you Robert Ferguson....smh

Posted by Jimbwork

I bought a winter coat at Burlington in Sterling, VA and attempted to return it. However, the nice lady behind the counter told me that I could not get a refund to my credit card, just a store credit. She said that there is no expiration date abd that it is still my money. Technically speaking, it is now Burlingtons money on a store credit because I am now obliged to spend it there. The next time I want something, I will go to amazon instead for any future purchases after I use the store credit.

Posted by Bianca Coronado

I went to Burlington today and was really disappointed I wanted to return or should I say exchange some shirts I had got my cousin for her bday well comes out to they didn't fit her but didn't think I would need the recite anymore so me I throw it or I don't remember what I did with it and didn't bother to give them a number at the end of the purchase cause my two month old was going crazy and my 2 year old was also going crazy and just wanted to hurry and get out of the store. Well my point is they didn't let me exchange it or even get a gift card cause I didn't have the reciiept and it was over $25 dollars by a few dollars it came out to $29 something.. I've been been going to Burlington for a very very long time specially for baby stuff and never had a problem with returning anything but I don't know what was up this lady ass she didn't wanna help me and I did read the policy on returns and it never said a amount I can't go over look on the cameras this month you'll see me purchasing it and that's your reciept

Posted by Anonymous

The waldorf store in Maryland has a return policy right on the counter that requires a reciept to return items. Yet the management and the employees will only take a return it all the tags are in everything.
As a rule of sanitation, I dont wear clothing until the chemicals are washed off of them and sometimes cheap clothing or poorly made clothing will fall apart on the first wash but you cant wash clothes with tags on them! Or the seems come out upon trying them on.
Either way, the employees need to adhere to the written policy at the store.

Posted by andy

Store 533 kay is I guess the manager on duty as I try to return items that where purchased for me by a friend I have several different people come to register bc none of them no how to do a return with out a receipt... then they get kayak up there who says that cents the price of some where ripped off meaning just the bottom of the tag where it says how much it was ( these items are gifts so u don't won't the price on them )so cents it do sent have the bottom of the tag an no recipe she says I can't return nothing with out a receipt. ...??? So nothing can be returned in this store with out a receipt? ?? So what should u not buy gifts from Burlington bc if the person wants to return they can't. ...????

Posted by Anonymous

I just recently got a bluetooth headphone and I used it for only an hour and it has broke and I want to return it.

Posted by NeverAgain

I ordered a black leather jacket online and received a green puffy bomber styled jacket instead. My trip I ordered it for is coming up and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of shipping it back. It took 5 people at the store to figure out how to give me the refund and then I found out they are only refunding me the price of the jacket. If I want back the cost of shipping I have to contact them online. I still haven't seen the credit for the return show up on my credit card but I'm hoping it does by Monday.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been in the new store in Gainesville Ga twice since they opened. The first time I was about blasted out of the store with disgusting and loud music. I gave it a try again the other day and ......no change!!! I complained at the desk when i left, and of course I was told they couldn't do anything because it was "corporate".. I had a lot of things on my shopping list but left because of the music. I will NOT be back as I have several other stores in the area to shop at. Turn the music down or better yet. OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I've never had a bad experience at Burlington.
I'm trying to find out if they have a price adjustment
policy. I bought a beautiful faux fur coat in person and barely 9 days later it's $30 off and
I believe a price adjustment refund is due as many
Stores such as GAP and Old Navy do similar.
I did buy a pair of boots, $20, just little boots which I wore one day and the zipper won't stay up.
Since I've worn them I guess I can't return them.
I wore them around the house first with tags on,
it wasn't until the next day out the zipper kept falling down. I guess that may be unrefundable/store credit?
However, I think the price adjustment is just.
I submitted to them and have yet to hear a
response, but it's only been a day and I have hope.

Posted by DontReturnIt

Burlington Coat Factory knows there are many con artist out here. They wear the shoes and bring them back, wear the clothes bring them back. You can't keep a cost for 30 days and return it. They can't sell it. Ladies try it on at the store. When I try it on at home, I leave the tags on. I never take them off. And I sure dont wear the items and try to return them. Im hapoy they are bevoming more aware of chronic return artist.

Posted by Anonymous

On October 22, 2016 I shopped at Burlington Coat Factory in Kalamazoo, MI. They were having problems with their debit card reader and I was told to swipe again because it didn't go through, so I did. Upon checking my bank account later that day I noticed that I had been charged 2 times!! I called the store right away and was informed that I would have to wait a couple days to do anything. On Monday I called the customer service desk and put in a complaint and ask to refund my money and was informed that all the stores had the same problem that day. I have called them 3 times and each time they say I will be refunded within 7-10 days!!! Really, how long does it take to be refunded and I was told that it would be put back in my bank account and not go to the store!!! This is really poor customer service if you ask me. I will never shop there again!!!

Posted by D

Never in my life have I EVER been Disrespected and Degraded by a Retail Store that I couldnt wait to Shop at once they finally opened!!! Went to EXCHANGE a Jacket WITH RECEIPT and the Cashier and Manager were No help at all... They didnt have any Customer Service at All!! Barely bought the Jacket 2DAYS before and came with the receipt Willing to Pay more money for the difference for the exchange!! They Literally said that the Jacket they sold to me had an Odor!! Mind you, just bought it 2days earlier!! NEVER heard of any exhcange policies like that before!! If there was an odor then thats Their problem Not mine!! How dare them.. Wow...

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped at the Burlington's in Fairview heights IL and when I say attitude that's all I seen throughout the store everyone seems so upset and unhappy to work there and the cashiers where unprofessional they gossip about other co workers and the way they talk to each other is horrible I remember one cashier by the name Pamela that literally argued with another co worker in front of me and several other customers which made me feel uncomfortable for that worker

Posted by jm

I have a complaint about one of the customer service at store in Arlington Heights, Illinois
their address location: Plaza 30 west rand rd., Arlington heights,il 60004

This staff shouted/yelled at my son who touches the gift wrapping located in front of the cashier, while waiting for me to pay my purchase. This staff named Ray is super rude and no respect to all shoppers, He asked one of the guy who was paying if that's his son which is i look behind and find out he was talking about my son who just touching those gift wrap not even ruining or taking them out of the bin. The man answered : No, thats not my son and i said oh, thats my son, and he said Ray (staff) tell your son not to touch those stuff. And I said to my son come over here no touching. And my son is 4 years old just want to touch the wrapping gift paper and this staff Ray yelled and shouted my son, Hey, do not touch, get out and go to your mother, the whole store can hear his voice because he was so angry and very loud that my husband was waiting at the door heard someone yelling get out and go to your mother, everyone is looking at him and I was yelling at him (Ray) telling him, do not talk to my son like that,. Nobody has the right especially in customer service yelling the son of the customer in a very mean way and my son is such a sweet boy, who got scared with his yelling.

Please call me to explain the situation more and investigate this unpleasant and very disturbing attitude of one of your employee. The supervisor of the store give me the managers number and his name and it seems everyone is scared of this employee and he has an anger management issue for yelling loud to a child who is 4 years old. I returned my purchase right there and then and promise not to go back until that staff Ray is still there.

Posted by Kimberly Bush

Hello, I generally don't fill out surveys because I find them to be too time consuming, although I did have to file a complaint last week about a different employee, but this isn't about that employee, and this isn't a complaint. I'm writing to ask you to recognize one of your employees as a good worker. On June 11th, 2016 I shopped at your store in Stamford Connecticut, store# 00445, where I received excellent, courteous service from a man named Shalabh. I kept the receipt all this time, so that I could remember to tell you about him. He was just a super nice guy. I hope you are able to keep him hired on. I shop at Burlington twice a month, I didn't see him last week, so I hope he's still there? The reason I'm taking time to write this is that I've lived all over the country and I'm aware that people in this part of the country are short on manners, which is what makes Shalabh stand out all the more! I would just like him to be recognized. Thank you, Kimberly Bush

Posted by witney was the cashier

Hello, I shopped in your store on 7-3-16. And when I went to the register to pay, the cashier was looking at her smart phone. But what upset me is that I stood in front of her for a little while and she didn't seem to want to put her phone down to help me. I know she saw me, yet she just stood there and ignored me. I got mad and spoke up and said "You need to put that down, now." She could have cared less! Her response was, "I have kids to check up on." I wasn't sure if she was being truthful, or trying to get away with being rude and not doing her job? Either way, they get breaks, can't she mess on her phone or check up on her kids then? Truthfully, I wondered if she really had kids? She looked like the type that would feed you a line of bull. I still have the receipt with her name on it. The cashier's name is Witney. The store number is 00445 in Stamford Connecticut. The transaction numbe Please let me know what you intend to do about this? Thanks. Ms. Bush

Posted by Grettacneo

The store in Cuyahoga falls is terrible. The cashiers are nasty. I had a cashier by the name demetrice and I can tell you I won't be shopping there ever again! Very rude about me wanting a price adjustment for a 5 pack of onesies when there were only 3! Not only that but when I got to the register she did not greet me. I don't know what's going on with this store but the cashiers used to be so welcoming. What happened?

Posted by Helen

I frequent your store in Flemington, NJ.

Every time I need to use the handicapped dressing room it is blocked. I must move things staff have purposely used to block off half the dressing rooms, and unfortunately the half being blocked off contains the handicapped area.

In addition, the door closing the handicapped area has a a broken lock for well over a year.

Over the last two years, I have spoken with at least four managers regarding this, either at the store or in person.

Each assured me that the problem would immediately be resolved, yet every visit thereafter resulted in me having to remove the rolling racks of blockades time and time again. This past Wednesday, I was blocked access again.

As a disabled person, under law, I should have access to the dressing room for disabled customers dressing room.

Most managers told me that one staff member wished to only have one side of the dressing room open, and they would address the situation with her.

However when I was leaving the handicapped dressing room a few days ago, I asked an assistant, Nicole, why that area was blocked, she told me it was because an older staff member who runs that area only wants half of the dressing rooms open, unfortunately the handicapped one is not located in the open section.

To add insult to injury, about eighteen months ago, after I cleared a path into the handicapped room, secured the broken unlocking door with tissues, and was trying on clothes; a sales assistant banged on the door to tell me that I had to vacate.

I asked why and was told a mother and daughter wanted to use it.

I was shocked and uncomfortable. In a breaking voice, I got out that I was handicapped and need to finish, and I would be done in about five minutes.

I was told to hurry up!

Later that day, I called the store manager, someone who was substituting for the regular one who had recently had a child.

I am frustrated.

Posted by senthur

To whom it may concern,

Hi my name is Senthur, on 10/24/2016 I purchased a jacket from Burlington store # 3 Cheektowaga NY. and the total was $136.15. I didn't realize the jacket was damaged for a while. The button and everything was torn, and I could not find the receipt or tag for the jacket. So I called the store and explained the situation and told them I have the transaction on my phone but do not have the receipt. They said it is okay come to the store we will refund. So I took taxi for $90 and went to the store on 01/26/16 around 2:30 PM. Supervisor named Nysia gave me hard time and said she won't take it back even with the proof on my phone. So I asked for a manager (Kathy), and you can check the footage around that time, I waited almost 15-20 minutes and manager did not show up. Supervisor went inside and called the manager named Kathy. The supervisor came back out and said the manager cannot see you because, she knows the situation and she said she cannot meet you and nothing will be refunded. I was so disappointed and said you can keep this damaged jacket. The supervisor very rudely responded, "No problem you can leave it if you want, it is not my problem and I don't care". I left my jacket on the checkout counter. Now I lost my money and my product. I would really appreciate if I could get some help to solve this problem. I was not happy with the service and the way supervisor and manager treated me. The manager did not even show up to solve the situation. I strongly got the feeling that they were discriminating and ignoring me because I am an Asian. I would like to get my refund or a new jacket. I paid almost $ 200 for taxi including waiting charge, I would like to rectify this problem in a fairly manner. Thank you.


Senthur Singaravel

Posted by Dissatisfied consumer

Ordered a baby crib last week and they still haven't processed our order. My wife is due anytime and we will not have a crib for our new born to sleep in. We have contacted customer service 4 times now and they keep on giving us the run around. They charged us the full amount yet they don't know why they can't process order yet...

Posted by D.M

I was in the store looking for coats I found a coat I really liked I really wanted it I walked around the whole store with it on I even asked my sister can I barrow money to help me pay for it I put it on the register to pay for it the guy was examine it I told him the tag was in the sleeve and I found that coat like that that's the way I wanted it that was the truth I really did find it that way so he asked his manager was it it suppose to be that way he said no... No coat should be that way very rudely... They were all not smiling or friendly... I repeated myself I'm not buying that coat without the other piece because that's the way I found it they didn't give me the other pice so I didn't buy it and I don't shop there that much I don't like there policy anyway so I definitely will not be going back for me... And I know the manager really don't care about there customer complaints because there business still move forward...

Posted by Judy

Hi, when can items be returned if putchased during christmas holidays? When did they have to be purchased?

Posted by suet

Good morning Burlington, the place I thought where to shop happy; unfortunately, it's not. Today, I went to return, or in the right words, to exchange what I bought for my kids as Christmas gifts, as the size was little small. Anyway, we walked in and went to register 8. I gave the lady what we needed to be returned, and she looked over the receipt without looking in the bag, as I asked her if she wants to check; she said no. "Ok," I replied. When we are done, we will come back to you; she said any register. Now the adventure began when we came to register 7. Of course, you could tell that the cashier had no good behavior at all, but I had to exchange what I needed to exchange and leave. I showed her the receipt and told her that these are the cloths we purchased on the receipt. She brought the bag and looked over the tags that we have. She consult the next cashier, as the price did not match the receipt, and I told her it was purchased from here; then without her responding to me, she just looked at me. She went to the superman/security guard; I am not sure what the conversation was all about, as I waited for ten minutes, and when she came back, she said that the jeans was not purchased from this store. I told her "Ma'am, it's from here," and she kept insisting that it was not from here, after she told me before that the price not matching the receipt. She said if I wanted to look over the recorded video from the security guard, and I said yes. On her way, she told the superman/security(the one who sits by the door), that I said I don't believe what she said! I looked at her and replied, "I did not say that; don't reword my words." The superman yelled at me for something I did not say. I told him not to yell at me, and the cashier said that I wanted to look over the recorded video; he said no.I replied "Why; I have the right," and he said "No, because I don't want to, and it is not purchased from here." He accused me of lying about the jeans being not purchased from this store; he told me that it was purchased from a different store, and the cashier said that the price did not match the receipt, but the serial number of the jeans showed up on her computer. I looked at him and said "You know what, I will get the jacket, and I assure you that the jeans were purchased from this store; if the cashier was here, she will tell. I went back to the cashier and the jacket dropped on the floor by the cashier's side; she took it and returned it to the other table, and I told her I need this jacket and she said that I dropped it. I looked at her and said to myself, "What kind of people this Burlington store is hiring."
The people are very unprofessional and very demanding in their behaviors toward customers. They need more supervision and training, and the superman they had there is very rude. The superman does not respect people; he thinks, with his muscles, he can be rude and people will get scared of him. The workers do not communicate well with each other, or with their customers.
Below is the location of the store and the name of the cashier I can't remember the name of the muscle superman/security. Am going to post the jeans, the tags and the serial number of the receipt. I hope there will be action taking toward the unacceptable behavior

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Posted by Shopgrl

Good afternoon! I was in the Waite park store 10/25/17
Looking for a wool coat. I found limited supply but one I liked just needed to find out if a larger size was available... I made eye contact with an employee, I asked her if she could help me.. she was coming back from her break but helped me anyway... We small talked a bit while she walked me to the front desk and asked the associate to look up the coat to see if maybe another store had it. Unfortunately the cost didn't come up in the system and the manager suggested that it was the only one and there weren't more available. The original girl came back and tried to help but there wasn't anything left to do. I wanted to point out the appreciated attention I got from her... I didn't get her name but she is a really pretty African American woman, short like me 5'3" and had long wavy hair... I would love for her to be recognized for what she did so she knows it was appreciated!

Posted by Mrs Anne LP

We went to Burlington Coat Factory (00378)Laurel MD on 6/9/17 to purchase a travel bag. Mrs Anne from LP walk pass by and offer her help. She make my purchase more fast and easier. She handle customer professional and good knowledge.Mrs Andreia cashier very friendly and good customer services. We love this store and will come back again.

Posted by Kimberly

I shopped at the Burlington in Hollywood on April 29 the opening supervisor is awesome she always make me want to shop there it's not the first time she shows very good hospitality

Posted by maple01

Pleasant shopping experience at Flemington, NJ store. Found lots of good quality bath towels at great prices. Same true for womens' and teens' clothing. The sales staff were eager to assist and pleasant to deal with.

Posted by Anonymous

On Saturday I went to the new Burlington store in Okeechobee I LOVE the store is a clean store employees are friendly I when to buy some clothes for me and there was and employee in women's her name was Rose she said good morning and welcome to Burlington is it your first time here I said yes she said well here is the women's over there are the shoes before you get to the shoes are the bags and accessories if you need any help my name is Rose I loved her smile wonderful customer service I Would come back Great job....

Posted by Angie213

I just want to submit a comment. Every year at Burlington which happens to be my favorite store becomes very hectic and at times rude by customer service. I absolutely dread it, but this year you have Woman that works there by the name Suzie. She has made my whole experience this year a great one. She is always kind and patient and takes time to think of the customers in line. Every time I get to the register she is quick and so friendly she answers all my questions and bags my merchandise with Care. She always tells me she looks forward to seeing me again soon. Since I've known of her working there I have been back at the store about a good five times this month. I refuse to go on anyone else's line no matter how long the wait is. I thank you Burlington management for employing such a great loving person.

Posted by Angela

Dolcie is one of the best customer service representative and cashier in Burlington at silver sln east Hartford store

Posted by Anonymous

My Name Is Linda Walters Im From Idho Came To New York For A Wedding Came To Burlington In Rego Park Had The Best Service Ever Annette And Nadia Was Very Helpful Annette With Her Warm Smile And Custmer Service Helped Me Find Everything I Needed Nadia Move The Line Very Fast Im Very Glad I Came To This Store Thanks Annette And Nadia.

Posted by Anonymous

Great experience at the Hunt Valley, MD store #304! I believe enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm. I walked up to the cash register with a smile on my face and a cheerful hello and simultaneously Salena and Erica had smiles, looked me in the eye, said hello, asked me how I was, and were both eager to help me check out. They explained my questions about the shoes I was purchasing, explained the receipt chance to win a shopping spree, and asked if I had questions. I did. How do I share with their manager and corporate what a GREAT job both ladies did taking care of my purchase? Thank you for hiring both of these ladies

Posted by Anonymous

I visited the store in Ponce PR and its so nice, so clean, so organize and personnel so kind. I had to do a return and I visited on sunday the store in 65 inf. avenue SAN JUAN- Carolina OMG I cant be there more than 5 minutes all the store was a mess. Clothes was everywhere on the floor, the store look dirty and the woman in customer service wasn't a nice person. I hope never have to go back in that store.

Posted by Anonymous

My comment will be for one of the cashiers at the Pearland Store in Pearland, Texas. Her name is Jennifer Rodriguez. She was very pleasant, friendly and efficient as well. I asked her was she scheduled to work the holiday just to hear what she would say, very polite she said, " I don't mind working what ever shift I'm asked to work because I take my job serious and I love giving customer service". I have shopped at a lot of your stores and Jennifer has an awesome personality. If I gave her a rating it will be way beyond the max of 10. I am truly a well pleased customer. At her store, maybe the supervisor could let Jennifer give a small class for the rest of the cashiers on Customer Service.

Posted by allen222

They charged my daughters gift card twice and you would think it was going to take the second coming of Jesus to get the matter rectified. It was the worse experience and I am still dealing with it 2 months later.

The only way to get a response or resolution from Burlington is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They take these complaints seriously. I had made repeated calls only to reach dead ends. Once BBB got involved, I heard from this in a matter of days and they worked steadfastly to get the matter resolved.

Posted by Iguess

I ordered two dresses for my twins to wear for Christmas. Only one came in.
No luck when I tried last night. Started calling this morning at 7:15 Central time. It took several attempts (I didn't bother leaving a message), but I got some on the phone from online ordering (option 2). She was helpful and apologetic. She said she'd call me back when it was resolved. SHE ACTUALLY CALLED BACK! I received an email confirming that they were shipping the missing item. So I'm satisfied. Will update this post if I don't receive it, but so far so good.

Posted by Anonymous

I was given EXCELLENT SERVICE 2 TIMES this labor day weekend from the most PROFESSIONAL KIND NICE employee. He is AMAZING. I recently had surgery and he carried my purchase to my car. His name is Schuyler. He was on a register. Schuyler was happy to assist me and smiled and is just one of a kind. I am thankful he is there at BCF. He was even in a good mood working a holiday or any day. I went to BCF 2 different days and did have him luckily to help me both times. I hope management will give Schuyler my comment. Customer service is huge when a person can choose any store to shop. So he makes you feel like returning to your store. Tell him thanks from the lady that he carried her purchase for her.

Posted by Frustrated

I was shopping in your northern Colorado Springs store (1730 Briargate Blvd.) on Sunday afternoon. I walked down an isle past a store associate and as I neared the end of the isle, the employee asked if I needed any help. I told her, 'No thank you'. She then replied to me, looking at my 11 yr. old daughter, 'You are in the 4-6x isle. Does your daughter wear size 4-6?' I was shocked and dumbfounded at the rudeness of this question and her looking at my daughter and making such a comment. I was also at the end of that isle, heading toward another isle as she said this. I had already answered her original question, was there any reason to answer me with such a judgemental response? I was fine shopping and did not need her assistance as I had already indicated. I replied to her, 'Are you really speaking to me like this?'. Her response was 'I am just trying to help!' I walked to the front of the store to find a manager. At the front of the store as I was approaching, I saw three employees standing around talking (1young male, 1young female and 1 older female). I asked one of them if there was a manager I could speak to. One of the three (the older female) was the manager. Normally, I would not address such uncouth behavior in front of anyone else, but I was so shocked at the salespersons odd behavior that I did not think to move off to the side and I shared what happened with the manager in front of the other two employees. The others listened in on the conversation. I know this because my son informed me later that as I relayed the story, the other employees were rolling their eyes and shaking their heads behind my back. The manager said that she would talk to the salesperson . I went on shopping, far away from the abrassive salesperson. My son saw all three of the employees standing around talking and then again later the employees plus the employee that was so rude was standing with them and they were all laughing. Do your lower floor employees have nothing better to do than stand around harassing shoppers? I must also add, that I felt extremely uncomfortable with such terrible behavior and lack of concern for treatment of customers that I ended up taking items upstairs to try them on. Upstairs was a completely different world. Sara was an associate that was WORKING, cleaning and taking care of the dressing rooms. She VERY KINDLY helped us with a dressing room and answered any questions we had. When I decided to purchase two coats and a semi-formal dress, I took the items to the upper floor cashier who was also busy working alone (not standing around laughing or gossipping like the manager and 3 employees on the lower floor). Pam was the cashier that helped me and she was so very sweet, kind and helpful. The difference from lower floor to upper floor was night and day. What kind of manager would allow AND more importantly encourage behavior such as what we experience on the lower level? Is this what your store represents? Rude behavior? Management laughing it up and hanging around chatting with the younger employees for extended periods of time? Is it your intent to employ people that are abbrassive, flippant, and drive customers away? That was my experience on Sunday January 15th, 2012 at 4p.m. in the store located at 1730 Briargate Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO, 80920. My husband has told me not to go back to your store because of the inappropriate treatment of my daughter and me. If that is the way customers are treated in Burlington then Macy's, Dillard's, Sears and JCPenney's are just down the hall. These stores have reputations for showing a lot more care for their customers than what we have endured on the lower level of your store. Please make sure to applaud Pam and Sara for their pleasant and helpful attitudes. They are good employees and I hope to see more like these gems if we ever return.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in Burlington before Christmas. The store was neat, sales people friendly. I left with bags of stuff

Posted by Nonnie

To whom this may concern,
I have never been in one of your stores until today 12-1-11. I just want to say how nice the employees were, so helpful and considerate of trying to help me find something on my budget. I was in the Burlington store in Joliet Il. on Larkin. One of the managers was the one that took care of us at the register, she was so sweet and helpful. Full of smiles and suggestions on an item we were not sure of buying. Which I did get. I will be doing the rest of my Christmas shopping at that store this year. Thank You Joanne Graziani email [email protected] I will be on the lookout for sales and coupons to shop there. Please respond.

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On A Daily Basis The Store Just Doesn't Appreciate Their Workers. They Cheat You On Your Hours And Your Money. Is The Worst Managed Bcf There Is.management Never Takes Time To Even Talk To Any Of The Employees They Don't Care About Nothing But Making Threir Own Selves Look Good. Receiving Sup.sucks Store Manager Sucks. Hopefully One Day The Correct Executive Will Come Through Recognize The True Individuals That Are Keeping The Store In Tact... Shannon St. Manager Worthless Beatriz Asst. Manager Childish And Immature Social Skills None. Jamie Manager Yells To Much For No Apparent Reason And Doesn't Know Anything At All. Debbie The One That Left Seems To Have Been The Only One In Her Right Frame Of Mind. Unorganized ~ Unethical ~ Non Communicative ~ Selfish ~ Style Of Store Management.

Posted by Davis

Terrible place to work. As a former employee, I can say my experience there was terrible. I worked at Chicago Illinois location. The employees were very rude and nasty. Didn't want to work as a team. Maybe except for 2 or 3. They said that store has seen about 100 employees leave the store over the last few months. I sure understand why. I got 4 days on my schedule for the entire month. Not even 8 hour shifts. The assistant manager was awesome. However. The manager was just as bad as the regular employees. LP stood inside the store talking loud and cursing. The whole experience was terrible. I contacted Corporate, hopefully they'll correct these problems so that the next employees won't experience these things. Terrible terrible terrible place to work.

Posted by Greatness 7

Former employee, hours were extremely terrible. Got 3 days on my schedule for the entire month. Most of the co workers in the store were rude and didn't want to work as a team. Assistant manager was great. Manager was just as bad as the associates.

Posted by Outraged

I heard that Mitt Romney is One of the stock holders in Burlington Coat Factory! If this is so then I can truly understand when he ran for Pres. why he loss.I live in Bangor Maine and there is a Burlington Coat Factory that needs an overhaul . As I'm sure there are many more as well. It's said that their pay is only 7.50 an hour and no one other then Management gets full time . So there for no one gets benefits or more then 29 hours a week. The store is dirty and needs to truly be cleaned. There are some amazing works there, who are treated horrible. The old saying goes the rich get richer and the poor get poor. The fact remains that with out these people you as stock holders or owners wouldn't have your pockets full if it wasn't for the sales women and man out there working there butts off or the receivers or the cashiers doing there jobs. A Company becomes are remarkable Company when you treat the people that work for you as you wish to be treated . And I don't see that being the case with Burlington at all. It's said that the people there bust there butts for wages that don't even cover there rent .... Do the MATH 29 hours a week at 7.50 an hour 217.50 a week after taxes your lucky if you walk away with 175. a week that comes out to 700.00 a month and 9100. a year. In a state with high rents and taxes Electric and so much more. And you can't help . So as for me Burlington is as bad as all Box stores in this Country hooray for the stock holders and to hell with the real people who want to take pride in where they work and who they work for. This Country is no different when it comes to slave labors . Get your heads out of the sand and make changes.It truly is a shame that you are clueless to your own stores . I have to say that respect is earned there truly needs to be an under cover boss in Bangor's store. And others ! You'll truly learn the truth about a lot. No one has a smile or even greets you with a pleasant tone. That's sad that they are not respected by the Company they work for. That is an outrage . You feel the need to treat them as slave labor and of no benefits or raises to show that without them you have nothing.

Posted by stephanie

First of all I am very dissapointed in cherl at corporate my Mom has been getting harassed at work for 4 months and she called corporate and spoke with chwerl which is the manager Anne's best friend so instead of helping and preventing harassment she and the employees Veronica and sandra start harassing her and made it look Look noone is bothering her Veronica watches what time she comes in what time she works what she's doing while she's working talking to other employees that have come to her to let her know and when they were brought to the office they were intimidated and not asked the right questions instead of solving the problem by calling corporate but no they pulled my layaway while I was off because Veronica told them to check it which was no problem with my layaway I put a leave of absence and they said yes March 5 was supposed to be my day for leave of absence now Feb 25 they tell me no incantations take a leave of absence why are they doing this and she bought a coat and I say two weeks later they told her they had an audit and her coat was marked wrong. She needs. To bring it back or pay the difference that's wrong its not her fault she did not price the item she's going to take it back but why would they do all of this to an employee that works hard and goes to work to work and has worked at Burlington in other state and has worked for Ross many years she's a good person and will do whatever anyone asks of her which is why I'm writting this to you because she Called and asked cherl if they can do an investigation or help her to see what's going on at her store because Veronica ��� nd Sandra harass other employees that the quit they have purposely sabotaged previous managers by purposely not doing thing by deadlines when having visits and laughing at them they make sexual remarks about gay managers which is terribly wrong and they make racial comments calling employees ni*** go arond talking about the managers that's help them harass employees saying the only reason they got the Job is because their white which is another long time friend of Anne's that's very racist and uncalled for I can't believe you guys let them harass and bully a previous burlington employee three times for seasonal if she is a bad worker why would they hire on numerous times it this store and my mother lived going to work it wasn't until Veronica started harassing her and she asked Anne for a meeting and she said now's not the time so Veronica and Sandra which also have been friends for years which doesn't give them the right to scream and scare employee harass my mom so she calls corporate and cheek which is Anne's friend bad person to talk to because instead of looking into it she told Anne and Anne got mad and nothing was fixed they made my mom look like a thief they embarrassed her and watched her every move made her feel uncomfortable to come to work they cut her hours so cause she called corporate because veronica harasses her Anne got mad and now they all gang up on her which when you call corprate you should get some help you don't call for no reason something's seriously wrong please help. Please respond on what she can do


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