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Burger King customer service is ranked #538 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 30.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 1615 ratings. This score rates Burger King customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,516 Negative Comments out of 1,615 Total Comments is 93.87%.


99 Positive Comments out of 1,615 Total Comments is 6.13%.

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    • 30.13 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,516 negative comments (93.87%)
    • 99 positive comments (6.13%)
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Posted by David

On 6/30/18 my wife entered your building to open at 5:00 am, only to meet a burgular with gun to be held up. This could of been prevented with alarm systems which they do not have. Not even working cameras that are in operation. I am so disturbed about this. She is not saying much about it but after being together over 9 years I have learned her and feelings. With an alarm system this could have all been prevented by either scaring the armed thief off or the police being there before hand. They are so lucky that they were not injured or shot. I know if they was injured or shot that Burger King would have such a Law suite that it would cost your business so much. This store is so outdated but they do not want to spend the money. Many years myself in business I learned you have to spend money to make it. Come on Burger King Wake Up! At least have alarms installed

Posted by mcsmile

Yesterday I went to do laundry on 72nd St in Tacoma Washington. I had clipped a coupon for 2 cheese burgers w/ bacon etc. Figured I would treat myself and enjoy while doing my laundry as I hadn't been to a fast food place in a couple years. After what was done to my food I'm still sick and I doubt that I could ever ever eat there again. One of the burgers had a regular sesame seed bun and the other I have no clue what the bun was. No sesame seed and the bottom had weird markings and black Mars everywhere. I stood there speechless. But that's not the worst .The bacon looked like it was set on the grill for one sec. It was almost completely raw. I only wish I had thought to take pictures cause seeing is believing. My stomach is still sick. Needless to say it went in the garbage. All of it. I worked in fast food at McdMcDonal fir 14 yrs and I'm not one to take the food back and cause a seen. But I also know that's not how the bacon is supposed to look. Something needs to be said before people get really sick. I tried contacting through a survey but the store number they gave me 12886 isn't working. I can't call cause I'm hearing impaired so you were my next option and hopefully some how some way this will reach the corporate office. Sincerely Debra Frichette. I don't have a receipt to look for a survey number because the food was unacceptable for human consumption. That bad. Debbie

Posted by Anonymous

We went to the Burger King in Swartz Creek Mi today and ordered 4 whoppers and 2 of those with cheese. Of course none of them had cheese on them despite being wrapped in wrappers that said they had cheese. We called the manager who's name is Jesse and she said they were made correctly and accused me of lying. More than once. Very rude and unbelievable shes a manager. Won't be going back there again.

Posted by David

I ordered 2 sandwiches this morning to go and when we opened them up they were wrong! Again! 2 sandwiches. I don't know why we keep going back there. The last 4 or 5 times they have been wrong. I don't know how they stay in business. Last time we went in to eat 5 customers in a row had wrong orders. I am not exaggerating. 5 customers in a row. Ridiculous.

Posted by Steven

A few weeks ago I visited a Burger King 2423 S Carrollton New Orleans,LA 70118... and the bathroom lock had made a minor cut on my finger... I place my order and when I was done I ask a black male manager for a band aid.... without even asking how the cut occurred, he say no, he did not have any.... I think Burger King needs to either retrain or hire managers who actually cares for customer wellbeing.... I will return to this Burger King to obtain this managers name...

Posted by Anonymous

The burger King in tilliams corner Alabama is the worst I have ever had they can't get your order fight bump cause meat and bread just don't go together how can yellow hire people that can't read or write I have never been so mad they had the never to tell meat I can't order a plain double whopper plain just meat bread and ketchup hoe can you tell a customer that I will never go to a burger King again hope they all get shut down I am post on Facebook book and yelp and any other place I can so people will know how they let there employees act inside a store

Posted by Anonymous

I'm sitting outside the Burger King on the 5000 block of Van Nuys Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. The tower signs is in such poor paint it's like 10 different colors and oxidized and it really makes your brand look bad the last time I was here a man that had his pants pulled down so far that you could see his penis was in the patio area and he came up to the window and it was right next to my table then he came into the restaurant and walked all over drink out of the drink machine nobody from the restaurant made any attempt to ask him to leave it was very shocking they don't seem to have very good management here and it's a shame it's one of the few fast food restaurants on this section of the street for quite some way.

Posted by jff1964

I have complaint about your employees in North Charleston SC..On the morning of may 1st 2018 about 9:25am, I was buying 2 item off the dollar menu. The employee rang up 3 item instead of 2. She had issues getting my order right. I told her no problem give me something else she started arguing with me. The came over I told her what happened she act like oh well.like like messed, up the order but the employee did. I'm a regular customer from time to time,you really need to know that so of your employees are incompetent..location Dorchester Road and Paramount Drive North Charleston South Carolina

Posted by Anonymous

On April 29, 2018, approx 1:55pm, I was at the drive thru at 20800 Groesbeck Hwy, Warren, MI, 48089, when my son was placing an order & was asking a question, the young lady at the window shouted out to him in a very bad tone "I' m not talking to you". She then said the total of the order (which we thought she was talking to us again, & she said it so nasty again "I' m not talking to you"). We drove off & went to Wendy's. She needs to be trained on how to talk to people.

Posted by Anonymous

The service at the Greenbriar Parkway location in Atlanta Georgia on Thursday evening, April 12,2018 was TERRIBLE. I ordered two small hamburgers only at the drive thru at around 7:06 pm an FINALLY got served at 7:32! This is extremely poor service and will not be tolerated by me anymore because I will not patronize this location again. Although I was not happy to wait this long, I was patient and decided to ask the lady at the window...who did not apologize for the wait...if they were at least offering anything complimentary (like a soda), for the inconvenience. She said no because she was not a manager,but she could give me a cup of water, There was no receipt in the bag, so, I had to look up a corporate site in order top place this complaint.

Several cars behind me left when they realized there was such a long wait and I certainly should�ve done the same thing...my time, self-respect and money are worth more than what I spent at that Burger King.

A sad, sad reflection of the terrible customer service that is so prevalent. As a matter of principle, I will not be insulted there again!

Posted by [email protected]

Daniel Schwartz,Joshua Kobza, and Jill Granat:

Mary, Miranda and Bruce at BK 4358 have always provided me exceptional kindness and prompt customer service…Even early in the AM when some customers may be ‘grouchy’ or rushing.

MY HOPE IS THAT CORPORATE WILL ACKNOWLEGE THEIR EFFORT, KINDNESS, and also clean environment (seating area and also restrooms). Thank you. Please do not let these good employees go unnoticed! Thank you- April

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Paola Cova and I live in Ohio, to day a friend of my and me decide to go for launch at the Burger king located at Maysville Pike in South Zanesville Ohio as we did many time before. The service was absolutely a disgrace and the food cold, no ice in the soda machine for about 45 minutes or better after I and many peoples asked for ice. We order the special that you feature now "2 whopper for $6.00 " We are senior citizen and I know that Burger Kink offers free drinks for senior with an order( always did before ) but the girl at the register refused until another employee confirmed. They exchanged my 2 cold whooper but they new were as bad as the first one; I was charged $ 7.29 and when I ask why she replied in a very unkind manner " because that's what it is" but I know I was over charged. I ask her for a receipt she reply "I don't have one, no paper in the printer" I asked to see the manager and was told they don't know where he is. I wait for over 30 minutes to see the manager, and then I was told he does not wanna talk to me.
PS. During the time That I was in your establishment about one hour and a half I witnesses more than seven costumer with complain and re-found for wrong large order.
In your establishment #6525 South Zanesville Ohio I was treated with much DISRESPECT, And I believe it should go to your attention. I am still debating if I should call the Better Business Bureau. Please excuse my writing I am Italian.

Posted by Cici

I went to the Burger King in Jesup ga. There is only one. I went to the drive thru to order my child a kids meal. I couldn’t hear the person on the intercom. So I pulled up they told me that they only have coke and Dr Pepper. My child can’t drink dark cola so I asked after paying for it if I can have a cookie for them not having what I wanted. She said she didn’t know. I said can you ask your manager. She did. Came back and asked for the drink back in exchange for the cookie. I said no and can I talk to your manager. She slammed the window and proceeded rudely to her manager. The manager after explaining to her it’s not my fault your restaurant doesn’t have any drinks. She didn’t even offer a orange juice or milk. Horrible service I won’t be going back and it’s minutes from my house.

Posted by Steven

I got the 2 whoppers for $6 my first one was great but the second one started off great until I took a bite to eat and what I thought was tomato skin was not, honestly I don't know what it was but you can tell me what products you've got that can resemble tomato skin.

Posted by Marylu

So, I moved to West Salem Oregon (97304) and I am a big Burger King fan so I was happy to find out that I had a restaurant (store #6946) so close to home! Unfortunately this has been the worst Burger King restaurant I have ever been to!! Every single time I have visited the establishment my orders are incorrect and when I have approached the manager all I get is an attitude. I will now stop visiting Burger King and go elsewhere. I really hope that someone changes the management and crew at that location.

Posted by Anonymous

On January 12th I ordered food from the drive thru at the Christiansburg Virginia store at 260 north main. The sandwichs I ordered were to have no tomatoes, when I got home I found that there were all the insides of the tomatoes left as if the kitchen had just gotten some that were already made and removed the parts visable and gave them to me. I called the store and the manager offered to give them to me at no charge my neXT visit. I waited until 220 today to return and was told by the manager that I would have to drive around the building and come inside and wait until she had the time to check if my name was in a book to remake any food for me. The purpose of the drive thru is so I don't have to get out in the cold and come in. This is not a good way to keep your customers coming back.

Posted by Anonymous

The BK in Loneoak, AR service is very slow. Waited in drive thru for 20 mins. Worker said there were only 3 people who work because that is how management wants it. Bad for business. While there I witnessed people pulling out of drive thru and leaving. Problem need to be solved because you will Continue to lose business. THKS

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to say that the burgers at Burger King get smaller and smaller.Don't even fit on the bun! Sent my husband to get me a double burger at Burger King at 2202 Rockingham Road in Davenport,Iowa 52802.He didn't check the bag and when he got home,I opened the bag,took out my burger and it was disgusting and soooo small.I wasn't about to eat that.I can't imagine serving that to anyone and would be embarrassed,as an employee to serve that.My husband wanted to take it back,but I said don't bother.And half the time,the employees could care whether you come in or not.So not caring about customers.I won't go to that location anymore,but something needs to be done about the burgers.They are horrible and half the time char-broiled beyond char-broiled.Plus,the burgers can give you an upset stomach if you even eat them,which I won't anymore.

Posted by GRUY

I'd like to mention to " Brenda " a clerk at front desk in this particular restaurant in Oakland Ave, San Jose, CA. I have seen to Brenda for yearsand She deserves a mention for her kindness, hard worker as I have seen. A humble girl who has grown in this store through the overtime. My particular perception about her is that as a mother has great responsibility because she really cares for customers and she is very friendly. She has already learnt it how valuable is customer service and The life of a Restaurant is the sales because its the blood of any store. Great worker and She always welcome all customers to keep coming to the Store .of course, she has the great support of The Store Mgr and Asst Mgr.

Ray J. Perez

L.R.O.N.'s Chairman & C.E.O. Journalist (reach me by e-mail) or Facebook.


Posted by Art

Location 1113 E. Ireland Rd., South Bend, IN. On several occasions I have gone to the drive thru at or after 6:00a only to be told they aren't open yet or have opened late and don't have all the food ready. Drive thru is posted as opening at 5:30a. Yesterday 01/06/18, I pulled in at 6:10a to be told some of the breakfast sandwiches weren't ready. This morning I pulled in at 6:00a, had to finally pull up to the pickup window and blow my horn to be told they weren't open they just got there. This is terrible customer service. What kind of managers allow this to happen. I would like an explanation. Art Scholtes

Posted by Anonymous

I went thru drive up at Burger King in Galesburg. Ordered 2 whoppers got home and all that was in them was a hamburger patty. Tried a lot of times to call them no answer.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to done on at burger king located at 4150 East highland avenue highland ca 92346. Their phone number My order was ok accept my daughter ordered flaming hot mac & cheese & it was dry and old I was very upset also the young woman that took my order was very rude I asked her 3 times to wipe off the table where we were sitting.Her name was Tania.

Posted by Anonymous

For the sake of God this company makes leaving a review very difficult. If you don't have a car too bad for you
Not everyone drives but Bk does not care
Employees are rude.

Posted by Anonymous

My wife went thru drive thru. No one else in line. Paid for 3 whoppers/c plus whopper Jr. She was told to drive forward and they would bring it out. Nobody else in line. Took. them forever. Brought food. home 3 min. from restaurant. Food real cold. Tried to call back for 30 min no answer order 218 store # 6357 Dec.27 6:09 pm. NO OTHER CUSTOMERS IN RESTAURANT N.CHARLESTON SC I WILL NOT RETURN NO WONDER THERE ARE NO CUSTOMERS

Posted by Anonymous

Took my grand kids for lunch, dine in, my food was bagged, chicken fingers and fish sandwich were dark, I mentioned maybe change the oil, and if they weren't talking so much they would have put it on a tray, manager got nasty with me, I tried to speak, she wouldn't let me, kept cutting me off, my grandson asked her to leave, she kept ranting.

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Posted by Anonymous

I was at Alex city AL Burger King the cashier Jackie was wonderful and very nice and she helped me with taking my food to the table for me cause a was using a walker and no other cashier check on me but the Jackie if y'all had enough people like her she even help me with taking my food to the table for me.she definitely needs to be receiving awarded for this. thanks for the hard work Jackie Thanks Mr.Davis see you again soon

Posted by Jorden Dash

We visited the Burger King in Pineville Louisiana at Kingsville yesterday for lunch . Wanted to let someone know how wonderful the young black lady (teenager ) and the manger lady ( middle age white lady ).Bless their hearts they were were extremely busy but still made sure to give us welcoming attention and our needs meet !! Our order took longer than expected to receive and after getting it was incorrect so after bringing it back to be fixed it again took a while . Normally I would have been upset but they way those to lady's handle it and went above and beyond to correct it and ensure we were satisfied made the visit enjoyable . I Hope this finds it way to the correct place and people because those two deserve a job well done !!! We will come again with service like that !! Mrs Jorden Dash

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know that the cashier Jackie was wonderful to me and my family she is a very wonderful young lady and we really appreciate her tonight.she told me to have bless night.with me begin a pastor means allot to hear young people say that can u please give her our thanks she was a blessing to me and my family thanks again tell Jackie and so much for her kindness

Posted by Anonymous

I have always had good service and food at the three Burger Kings in the area where I live, Southfield And Berkley Michigan.
My wife and prefer the quality and taste over Mc Donald

Posted by Burger lover

Tonight I eat at the Burger King in Bartow Florida the food were great the people were nice the manager Rick went above and beyond thank you very King

Posted by Shugnasty1911

Wellthe service was nice, but it took longer than was expected to get my order and I only had a few things

Posted by basha

The newly remodeled BURGER KING on lititz pike in lancaster, pa is great! As of sat 12/4/16, the dining area is open for customers. The manager, Rick, was extremely accommodating and helpful. His excitement for their 'new' facility is shared! Nice and polite staff too!

Posted by Anonymous

Burger King restaurant in Los Angeles at 96th Street and Airport Blvd near Los Angeles International Airport. Cashier named Venita gave exceptional customer service. I was rude to her in placing my order. Nothing that she or anyone there did to me--I came in already mad about a free-loader I have living in my house at home. But, as rude and callous as I was towards Venita, she was exceptionally professionally courteous towards me. She showed me a wonderful smile and maintained it through my entire diatribe. As I barked out my demands for my Whopper this way and that way and how I didn't want any condiments on it, etc., etc. she worked with me very politely and patiently; and got my Whopper precisely right. Later, as I finished my meal and was leaving, I stopped back by the counter to apologize and thank her for treating me so nicely in the face of my rudeness. I even offered to drop a compliment in the suggestion box if they had one. She said, "thank you but you don't have to, it is my job and it is how I am." When I left out of there I felt so much better than when I went in, and not just because my belly was full. And I'd like to commend her for it.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to tell you about a wonderful experience I had at your store #1025 last evening, 10/9/2016. First, let me say, my friends always discourage our group from going to this particular Burger King because the service has been very slow at this store. Last evening, it was just the opposite. I believe this is due to the Night Manager, Khiry. He was GREAT! Khiry greeted us as soon as we approached the counter. He was extremely pleasant and eager to provide wonderful service. He asked if we wanted cheese on our Whoppers; what type of dipping sauce with the chicken fries; and, when we wanted to have a slight deviation to our chicken fries (we had a coupon and we wanted to try the Cheetos chicken fries, he checked and said he could do it for us - without any nasty looks. We were out of the store with fresh, hot food in under 5 minutes. We will go back again because of Khiry!

Posted by Anonymous

Was traveling in Arizona and ate at the BK in Chinle. We commeted on the cleanliness of the dining area and bathrooms. We met Arlene Tsosie. We believe that location was clean because of Arlene. You could tell that Arlene had an excellent work ethic and appreciated her job. She definitely should be commended for a job well done. Terry Burleson. Stanfield NC

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to say your store in newhaven Connecticut on whalley ave the lower end has this awesome worker name Keshia Forman. This morning I watched her perform the greatest tasks of running the front counter and drive thru alone with perfection not missing a beat and did so with a smile and kindness. And the cook in the back was alone as well but I didn't get her name but she was awesome too. The woman need to be honored and can definitely be used in a higher position to teach the class on how to be a bergerking super employee. SIGN RAY ALLEN

Posted by Anonymous

I live in Hagerstown md I go to the Pennsylvania ace location often because I always receive great customer service there! The manager Andrew grove is a great manager.

Posted by Anonymous

Today, I was serviced by a worker, Aaryn at the Ontario Mills, Ca. location. I enetered the drive thru with nothing accessible, but the 1. 00 i had received from a young man who was at the metrolink i was picking a family member up from. He was waiting w/o any fluids or food and i offered to go find him some nourishment.. Went to wienerschnitzel and carls, then BURGER KING.. and the queen of customer service was there 😀, she shared an add'l sm fry and an extra burger.. She
is a pleasant and corteous worker and you find it hard to come by one who is swift to make a well recognized customer cashier service worker and wanted you all to know this information.. Recognize her as employee of the month!! Burger King has found its way to # 1 with me, others will hear about this,


Posted by Anonymous

Would just like to say, I had a very great experience while eating at the north Utica burger king. The staff was very friendly, and the young woman (Nalijah) who served us at the register was very very sweet! She has a nice smile and I couldn't be more pleased with how pleasant she was!! I was truly appreciated. And she definitely made a difference in my day! Thank you Nalijah!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

There is a man who hails from Chicago that works at the Burger King off Holland Rd. in Suffolk, Va. He represented the best customer service I have seen in a long time.Made sure I got the exact breakfast I wanted and was just down to earth friendly.To top it off while I'm eating my pancakes and sausage a young man walks into the store and asks him if he can use the phone to call his dad and he tells him know but he can borrow his cell phone.The young man ungratefully takes his sweet time making the call and this guy never says a word. Please give this man some recognition.You are lucky to have someone like him representing Burger King.

Posted by Anonymous

On June 26 I visited store 7115 about 8:45am. There was only one person working she had customers both in the drive thru and in the dinning room. She not only served everyone quickly and with a smile but she was very pleasant. What a breath of fresh air to see someone not complaining about difficult times.

Posted by Anonymous

I want Erin at Burger King Kamloops British Columbia Canada Valleyview location be complimented on her excellent service. I pre ordered salads and they were so good and fresh. She was very polite on the phn...and overall experience was excellent. Rose the Manager at that restaurant and John, are also excellent and always go above and beyond when i order my salads. My husband and myself will continue to patronize your store. Please compliment these employees on my behalf....nowadays ppl like these employees are far and between. Pamela Evensen

Posted by Jbonz

Store # 6489 in Newport, KY on Carothers Rd ROCKS during breakfast! I stop there most days on my way into work and they are fast (literally within minutes I'm completely finished), very friendly, and I have never had a messed up order. Kudos to the manager and staff at this store! It makes the start of my day a little easier.

Posted by Penny Bailitz

Our granddaughter, Kate who will be 5 soon, will only eat french fries from Burger King. Kate will say "no way" to eating fries from McDonald's. No matter what Burger King we go to, your workers are so courteous.

Posted by Anonymous

Store 2581 I'm happy to be able to send this after recently sending a couple complaints. I was at drive thru today and was so concerned about my order being correct I pulled off wit out my change. Didn't realize till I got home luckily not far. Went back and not only did the lady remember me she had put it aside wrapped up with recite. I wish I had gotten her name. U guys are really lucky to have her. Over the years working as manager in the industry I've learned there's 2 things u can't teach one is honesty. My complaints from the other day can be corrected with training but u can't train someone to be a stand up person which this lady definitely was. Thanks alot. If I worked there I would look and see who was on drive thru register at 12:15 pm April 20th so she can get praise she deceives from managment and to let her know I sent this so she knows I appreciate it cause I know comments r usualy bad.thanks again.

Posted by Anonymous

My son & I have had breakfast at a Burger King near our home several times. Every time we have gone there, we were greeted by a very friendly young man by the name of Eric. He is so welcoming and pleasant that it makes us want to return. He is kind and respectful to his fellow employees as well. He is an asset to the Burger King corporation. This particular Burger King

Posted by Anonymous

Came into burger King #2917 yammi was the cashier was already have a bad day on top of that placed my order and forgot my wallet home I was finally able to paid. Yamhi had a warm welcome that brighten my day and made me feel important her customer service was incredible.

Posted by Gloria

My name is Gloria DavidI visited the Burger King on wholesale club Drive Whitemarsh Maryland and I just wanted you to know that I had the nicest lady wait on me and it was sure a breath of fresh air because you don't find that very often unfortunately he was extremely nice and courteous and I really do appreciate that and I will be back thank you very much 😊

Gloria Davis

Posted by Kristen Zimmerman

Friday night me and wife were so happy to see the store open late earlier this week it was closed before 11 . Great service from manager on duty Friday night great food

Posted by Fiorda

I recently went through the drive through at Kingsley and Blanding in Orange Park and came first to face with an Angel named Mariah (not sure if I spelled her name correctly ). I placed my order. When it was my turn to pay,the system for Credit Cards was down, so she asked if I had cash. I didn't so I asked if they can take a check. She said "no,but I will pay for you meal." She reached into her pocket and proceeded to pay as I tried to reject her offer. I thank her whole heartedly. She turned an embarrassing situation into a blessing.

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Posted by Anonymous

Store 2662 same managment over the past few years, have degraded their workers at breakfast and lunch it must Stop!We eat there on a constant basis due to our job location.When it is busy this is observed, frequently in front of customers.The workers become embarresed,but still smile,overall it is a good store, but this issue needs to be Addressed!And this will be a King of your stores.It is shameful,please tell them, train them to Stop,and think of the customer.We have become disapointed at the treatment of their faithful good workers

Posted by Pj

I have once worked at bk 4years or more and left on bad terms. I feel horrible or about it and was asked to not come on the premises. Since then I have gone threw the drive threw and have not had any problems. I have had to call in maybe 4 times in 4 years about a problem with my order. The last problem I had was on Feb 27 when my burgers were made wrong. Deepak manager from the office in prince george answered at that time and said no problem that I could have it replaced. I kept my receipt just in case. I came in today and had him telling me I still wasn't allowed on the premmises. I was then asked to come in by Deepak to retrieve my burgers,So I did to have him belittle me in front of other customers and staff. He made me feel like a thief when I have never in my life have stolen anything. I would like to know why after 4 years it can't be dropped I have even apologized in person the first year to Deepak. It's like he chooses to serve me when I come through the drive through to spend my hard earned money but I'd something goes wrong then I'm not allowed on premmises. I am very confused, is this the way people should be treated by bk management? I have never felt so little In my home town and all my friends and family are very hurt that i have been treated this way. I would realy like to know what goes on from this if anything. My family and friends will not support bk because of this.

Posted by Willielloyd

I use to work 4 burger king in greenville nc they show a lot of favoritism there n the store manager do not know how to run a store (Jennifer) she treat her employers unfairly

Posted by Anonymous

Store 3400 has no compassion for their employees my supervisor Denise Montoya and Georgia Castillo have not corporated with my requests for my check stubs verification of employment. This request was for New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission. Denise told my parents today 01/11/2017 that she mailed the letter to We Care in California. I am unable to go myself since I am in a rehabilitation for my depression since my assault. I cannot believe that not one person that I work for could not contact me at all and I have called everyday since December 8th 2016. Maybe someone will hear me out.

Posted by Mora

To who it might concern i work at the Burger king in Sparks Nv and im waiting for my check i need to pay my rent and bills

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for bartow fla burger king...first day i sat at table for 4 hrs...next day 3 hrs..then i got to start videos and i just walked out...never got proper hat..etc and they wanted to get mad at me...this has been about a year and still not got paid for those hours...i believe the manaher was Donna Black...I would like my pay...my name is Sandra Kilcrease....

Posted by mark

My name is Mark Reed and I was recently employed as an RGM with the Burger King franchise that is owned by the EYM Group based out of Texas. I have NEVER had an employer treat me the way that they did me. First of all, my DM told another manager that i was HIV positive after promising me that it was between she and I when i informed her of my status for health and safety reasons. After that I found out that she had told the manager, the treatment i received shortly after up to my unlawful termination was extremely rude and unethical. I began having suspicions that I was going to be fired after I found out what my DM had done when she stopped communicating with me and put my # on call block for an entire weekend. Not only did she do this but my OP did the same thing to me to avoid me talking to them about it. Two days later my DM came into my store and told me to "get the f*CK out or she would be calling the police." I had not done anything wrong or could not even imagine why she would do this. I have reached to her, the OP and the Vice President but they have all refused to talk to me. I will never be going to any Burger King again if this is the type of people that you let carry your name. Thank you for such a horrible experience.

Posted by Aynomoys

I work at burger king in nc for 2 mouths i was set up and mistreated i got bully by the mangers and some co workers i was call in just to be told i was fire for harrsment for just toughing a co worker on the shoulder and a pat on back i will never go back to burger king again.

Posted by Anonymous

I called my local Burger King and asked to speak to the hiring manager, who had called me two weeks prior and said she would call back to set up an interview. I explained to her that she said she would call back but never did, and she asked me over and over again if she had said she would call me back, to which I responded "Yes ma'am" at least six times. Then I explained that since it had been so long I just wanted to check in, and she said that she wasn't hiring anyone at the moment. I was shocked at how rude she was, especially since I was being so polite (of course I would be polite, I was interested in the job she called me about)! All I know is that her name is Katrina and she works and the Burger King in Many, LA as a hiring manager, but to be so rude and condescending for no reason was uncalled for and I hope BK values their customers, employees, and potential employees more than she does.

Posted by Anonymous

I've work at Hartsfield Atlanta airport 6 years, Burger King on ground transportation has been wiping down shake machine tool mixer with the same cloth they use to clean up spills, wiping down register and also the food table. Today right sfter the young lady cleaned around the shake machine sides and top she used the same rag to clean the spin tool that goes in the cup to spin shakes and other drinks, I've complained to the staff before and now I'm complaining to you please give the crew proper cleaning procedures for that blending tool I do not want to get sick from all the germs the workers are wiping the whole kitchen with and then wipe the spinning tool for the shakes ? I will record and send to health department it's very aggravating when you want a shake and can't get it because the spinning blended tool is contaminated with germs

Posted by Anonymous

I have a complaint about the manager at the store location 3009 collingsworth. As a former employee I was treated very rude upon me trying to retrieve my W2 form. Juan was very rude and I didn't appreciate him relaying information to the employees who was working to give me a message, when he was standing right there in my presence. He used poor constructive behavior

Posted by Alexis

Hello is anyone having trouble contacting Burger King's corporate office like I am. I've been working for BK for over a month and they refuse to pay me the money I earned. Please help!

Posted by Highly Dissatisfied Customer

I'm not here to over exaggerate my issue. I have always been fond of BK; I even worked for one of your store when I was younger, so I know how customer service should be conducted. Once I came across a location (#06676) in jackson,ms. I continually buy from this location due to convenience but I started noticing how the timeframe to get just order and receive your order is really ridiculous and I'm pretty patient person but to wait 20 minutes for items is beyond ludicrous. This is even if I'm the only customer or if there are other customers in front of me. This is when I order in the lobby. Then if I go through the drive thru and only order 1 item which is oatmeal; they will make me pay at the 1st window where there is no register and make me wait 5 minutes then ask me to pull to the 2nd window just to get my change and order. I never get a receipt and it's always the same 3 individuals in the morning and the manager is always on his/her phone (not sure if it's a man or a woman - hard to distinguish) and that's very unprofessional and rude to customers. I only receive a receipt if I request for one. I know that one customer may not mean much but one voice can transform into hundreds and so on and so forth. This location puts a damper on your sterling reputation but I will not ever return that location and will test out another location and if there are similarities I will discontinue any purchases from any of your restaurants.

Posted by Anonymous

To Burger King. My Wife Has Work For Your Company For About 2yrs.riding The In The Snow And Rain. Made It To Manager.she Was Happy Now It Seems That You All Dosent Appreciate Your Good Workers. Now She Is Being Call Very Bad Names By Your Others Employees Who Dosent Take Their Job Seriously. Now Being Subjected To Work Withs The Very Same Employees That Has Threaten Her.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Jennifer Dean i work at the paw paw Michigan Burger King,when i was hired 20 plus hours a week, neen there since september 2015, i was offered a job somewhere else i took it,it did not work out so i called Burver King Back to see if i can get my job bavk manager Tim saod yes no problem you are a good worker never late always on time,my first week bavk i got regular hours,last week i got 3 hours so i called today only 3 hours,i like time the manager,Andrew assisrant manager is against me,i have a appointmwnt monday at 2pm to a Lawyer,he said i have been discriminated against,myanager Tim is on vacation for a week,i was never late,never missed a day,busted my butt,i am almost 40 yrs old,i live 13 miles from burger king paw paw Michigan,heck teenagers are gwtting morw hours than me,i explained everyrhing to my managwr tim he said i will fix it,i love my job,my lawyer told me let it go cause i have a caae,Andrew assistant manager on monday he did not ordee our mexium, or all drinl cups ao we had to give customer a large drink for rhe price of a amall an medium,i umderstand i got a better job offer so i took it,but it did not work out,tim the main manager said he would hire me bavk cause i was a good worker etc., first week back i got my normal hours,last week i get 3 hrs,called today i get 3hours agaim, come on now,i talk to tim an he said you will gwt more houra next week,well i got 3 hours,i am meeting with my lawyer 2pm on monday,so wrong i have been discriminated against by assistant manager andrew,no one working likes him,he is rude disrespectful not just to emplyees customers also,please contact me asap before 2 pm monday,holidays are here an i have 2 kids so unfair,my husband cousin brother is co anchor to our local tv station wwmt channel 3,he wants an I team investigation on this,i said no just want my 24 hrs week back,my lawywr said talk to no one, but all i want is what i was promised,by the way andrew assistant manager is the wrong person for burgwr kong in paw paw michogan no one likes him he is rudw an tim told me he needs to go,employees e en said they feel uncomfotable around him,no one likes him,let me know asap before i go to lawyer,thank ypu!!!!

Posted by Debismom2015

A couple days ago i was working 07881[front line. I was hungry amd broke. The fries were fixing to timeout. So I figured since the other employees do lt all the time { and for ogbut the difference between them and me is I didn't try to be sneaky. I was walking to the guru room when brittany the GM confronted me and asked what the hell do you think you're doing. I replied that i had no money and that everyone else does it. Brittany told me no so i threw them in trash. She proceeded to jump down my throat in front of everyone. She's notorious for doing that. I asked why are you yelling at me in front of everyone. By her doing that it made Montrece laughing i asked him to stop laughing. Then i told him that nevermind i got you meaning i know how how you are. He charged into the office I stood up and got in my face and said what are you going to do about it I Felt Threatened but he turned around and told Brittany that I'm the one that threatened him!!!! In the office I said I can't wait to call my husband. She said if i called anyone she would fire me it was a straight up threat. I got wrote up the next day and i added my comments and reluctantly signed it. There's so much more that you all need to know. So please give me a call thank you steph bell

Posted by current employee

I am a current employee for the burger king in gray TN. Im not positive of the store number at the moment. But, I have some things I would love to get out in the open about this restaurant. I have been working for this store for a while now mentioning exact dates but close to a year. I couldn't tell you why. I have read through all these comments and the store im at has all these problems and more. I'll start with health code violations.. First off I read a comment about being trained to change the time stickers on the food instead of throwing it out like we are supposed to. I and all the other kitchen workers are trained to do this as well. Along with leaving the burgers and chicken products in the heat shoots for hours and not throwing them away just resetting the timers. We have had many complaints on our store for serving old cold food. I wonder why... But seriously its bad. I do not eat from the store unless I have prepared the food myself or have watched it being prepared. But the list goes on and on.. Lets see speaking of health code violations, I was told just a couple of days ago that it is a health code violation to prop open the drive thru window which is fine but I was never told this before and instead of doing what any professional would do in that situation my manager decides to yell at me as she does on a daily basis. My question is isn't it your job to make sure your employees are trained on all health code regulations? But it's awful for me to open a window and okay for you to serve 6hr old food to our customers? Which brings me to so many other problems. First one being known drug use by the two main managers one of which actually comes in smelling of an illegal substance on a daily basis. But the biggest problem for this particular store is DISCRIMINATION at its worst. What is supposed to be an equal opportunity employer is about as far from it as they come. Most of the discrimination is directed forward gays and lesbians and mostly from the main manager of the store whose name I won't say. But there have been several cases I've personally witnessed of this issue. Such as, there are several straight couples working in this store on the same shifts as well as several family members working on the same shifts as well. But only one gay couple worked there I say worked there because one of the girls quit due to the mistreatment. But the reason. I bring up the families and couples is because they do all work together everyday. They all talk and carry on through their entire shifts to the point where they aren't doing their jobs just standing around talking. Now the gay couple were on different shifts that sometimes would over lap but they were told by the main manager that they were not allowed to speak to each other and even threatened their jobs just for looking at each other! But nothing has ever been said to anyone else that is family or dating in the store. The gay couple would be the only ones that were talking and doing their jobs but were always told they're not allowed to speak. This was an everyday thing. There was also a situation with the girl in the couple that has quit now where another employee a male employee was making very dirty comments to her when her gf wasn't around. And the main manager knew it was happening I witnessed her standing beside him in the kitchen while the guy yelled up to the front saying the comments to the girl and the manager said and done nothing about it. So the next day when the girls girlfriend came into work she in the nicest way possible asked the guy to not talk to the girl that way because it made her uncomfortable he said nothing back just walked away. Well when the one that asked him not to do that got off work he went to the main manager and told on the girl for asking him not to say that stuff but instead of being mad at him for saying it in the first place she gets the girl that he had said it to and takes her in her office and starts screaming very loudly at the girl. When the girl came out she was crying. He was never punished in anyway for sexually harassing the girl but she gets screamed at for not wanting him to? Really? He still to this day is, has been, and always will be the managers favorite and its not hard to figure out her favorites. Well shortly after that situation the girl that got yelled at quit and moved to another job but her gf stills works here and that same manager still treats her like crap every single day. She gets yelled at over everything! And everything she gets yelled at over everyone else doesn't when they do it. You cant tell me that isn't discrimination! The sad thing is I could keep going. But im not going to. I just wanted to put it out there that there is a lot being done by that manager that she shouldn't be doing. And it needs to be acknowledged. Thank you for listening.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the worst service at the burger King in Madison, tn, phone number the man name is David the employee number 384904 ...and there was one guy was around back smoking and 2 guy talking in front door broom in one hand .I guess this is how they work around there .food was bad..

Posted by Anonymous

I was just at a Burger King in riverbank California.they have the 245 poster advertised.however they will not honor it.just let you know I used to work for Burger King that looks bad on you

Posted by Anonymous

I work at the burger king on old national in college park, Ga and it needs to have a thorough investigation. The cooks are slow, one of the managers act as if he doesn't need any employees. He is very rude and nasty and he talks to us as if we are not human beings. Also, it has come to my attention that he has been fondling with the drawers to get people fired. This store really needs help!

Posted by Anonymous

Why do meddford or. Employee get to use cell phone while working . And u have a aast. Manger scubing and working so hard to make busness look good when the other employees dont do anything. And odder are rong.what the point in having emplyees that dont work. I will start taking my bake other places it un fair ?

Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Ratayion Mills and I have been trying to get a job at the Burger King in Mooresville #4944 and the manager always say they are not hiring but when I ask all of the employees and other managers they say that they are hiring. I called today and asked carlos the hiring manager were they hiring he said yes so I went and filled out an application and he looked at me and said we are not hiring. He was very rude his name is Carlos. I will be contacting an attorney because I feel out I am being discriminated against. I watched him throw my application in the trash. When I asked him why when I was told over the phone that they are hiring did he tell me that they are not hiring he said it don't matter what anybody else say I am the one who decide who get hired and who don't and why.

Posted by Chilldude324

Loved working at the burger king on highway 231 in Panama city. My only issue is that I am supposed to have $300 that I don't have cuz they never paid me like they were supposed to. So I am trying to get a hold of corporate and everything because I need my money. But other than that it is an awesome job. Name is Henry Brock Poe III. Please help me

Posted by Anonymous

Hi to whom it may concern i was a employee at store #2917 in winter garden i got terminated. Today by a honest mistake. Because i didnt put my charges dwn on my app which i dnt hve to because it was spunged der for my GM had me to fill out another one nd put my charges dwn so mayb a month later she told me i hve nithing to worry abt gettn fired now we have a new area coach its a problem i really liked bk i was on time never called out or missed a day did wat i pose to have dne but i called FDLE. To see why.my record still shown up nw dey say not in der system. Which nw my record shes wen it dnt posef to it made me loose my job that was a honest mistake.... but thanx bk fr the exsperience it made me betta fr my next job to cum thsnx everyone

Posted by Nicoscia

To whom it may concern,

My name is Nicoscia Robinson, I was hired to work at Burger King on 1470 Canton Mart Rd Jackson Ms 39211. After about 1 1/2 weeks later, I was still not put on schedule to work. I had stopped working at my other job by now due to seasonal closing. So I left Jackson Ms to come back home to the Delta (Shaw MS) because my children was getting out of school and I needed to be there in the day time. My living arrangement was not fit for them to come to Jackson so at that time I had to come back to them (the children).

My caseworker, from the Mississippi Department of Human Services, out of Bolivar County sent a termination verification letter, by mail, to Corporate on July 31, 2014. I do not know what address it was sent to. I wanted to know if I could get some information about this letter and where it may be. I need it signed and returned as soon as possible before my case is closed due to no response.

Nicoscia Robinson


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