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Buick customer service is ranked #371 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 35.82 out of a possible 200 based upon 44 ratings. This score rates Buick customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


41 Negative Comments out of 44 Total Comments is 93.18%.


3 Positive Comments out of 44 Total Comments is 6.82%.

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    • 35.82 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 41 negative comments (93.18%)
    • 3 positive comments (6.82%)
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Posted by Vincent

My is vincent paloma your customer. Service is just horrible i wrote a letter to mary barra no response.i called today your customer sercice team i talked to is just incompetent.I will payoff my buick 2014 verano.and i will never buy a buick again.please call me vincent paloma cell phone

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a used car Buick Regal it was not detailed or clean yet. So they told me to bring back next day which is Thursday 12-14-2017. I called before I came they said no problem come on down. While I sit there for 21/2 hour finally I ask how long more is the wait. They never touched my car no communication plus when someone got in my car they hit my car door on a white car because I had seen the white paint on my car. So I’m back at west Sahara Buick got here again at 10 am they said it will take 3 hour to detail the car, now why they didn’t tell me that yesterday because I would have come early. They need to work on communication. I hope they get the white paint off my car. They offer to fill my tank but I only use 1/8 off my tank. I’m so pissed right now and I thought Buick service is better than that. I’m going to be sitting here for 3hours aghhhh. They should put a new floor mat for all the trouble they put me in.

Posted by Anonymous

I have Buick 2013 encore. Dead battery. Efore 30000 miles and at same time both side mirrors bubbling up and peeling. At 39000 the driver side mirro almost total bare metal. Passengers side going right behind it. Dreadful. I should have stuck with ford. Called place I bought it from no return call and another place was going to be 750 bucks a mirror to replace. Ha. Crap

Posted by 2010 buick enclave

Bought my 2010 Buick enclave on sep 22. 2016, have had nothing but trouble with it, have only drove it a handful of times, kept calling the service center downtown great falls mt, I could never get anyone to answer the phone, finally on dec 12th got someone, made an appt for wed dec 14th, kayleen the service person I talked to, told me I needed a paper telling her that the check engine light was on while I was test driving it, nobody could tell me what that light was, I went to the dealership where I bought the enclave (lithia) 10th ave so branch, the guy basically told me I was screwed, because I didnt buy the extended warrenty. now you tell me how that is customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

The Customer Service at Buick Honolulu is non existent - this is one of the most important aspects of a company dealing with the public. No one EVER answers the phone, but if you hit on SALES you are sure to get a reply, that person will then transfer you to a voice mail. Too many cars in such a small space. Saturn spoiled me, they had excellent customer service. They would call you back within an hour or so, and let you know what necessary work is needed and ask your approval to go ahead with the repairs. I must commend the MECHANICS who worked on my car, they did an excellent job, however, I will not be going back to Buick or referring or recommending my friends and Business Associates to Buick. The service is sooooo unprofessional.
They had my car for a week, I made an appointment 3 weeks in advance, was the first one there, and they failed to mention that they had an overflow, so my car was there for a couple of days while I rented a car. They did an extra function without consulting me, which I had to pay $190 for this extra service. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO TO BUICK - FIND A BIGGER LOT, Too many cars everywhere. AND GET WITH THE PROGRAM OF DOING BUSINESS 1.. PROFESSIONALISM, AND 2..CUSTOMER SERVICE

Posted by Anonymous

Maybe you should ask your customers how many times they want you to run there credit. My local place ran it 11 times. Yes my credit score was low to begin with but it's like they didn't care, let's just try and make a sale for the numbers. I know now in my future when I have reestablished myself and get ready to get rid of my Buick encore to let the next dealership how many times to run it. Then when I gave a bad review about the salesman they go and take there name off my credit and put back on as inquiry, which brought my score down even more. This place got 60 points knocked off my score because of what tgey done. Hyndai and Chevy never done that to me when they sold me vehicles. Not a very happy customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I was traveling from Bandon Oregon to McAlester, ok. My husband had flown but I drove because I take Sammy my Shihtzu with me. It is over. 2000 mile trip. I had a friend with me as well. I have a 2025 Buick Enclave which I bought new at Nix Buick in McAlester, ok. My husband has 2016 enclave we bought new at the same dealership. He has told me my car was a half a quart low on oil. The dip stick is hard to see so I just decided to stop at a dealership and have them check for me. Anytime I have ever stopped at any Buick or gmc dealer I have always been treated very courteously. Most of the time the service manager comes out them self. I had one tech guy come out, sit in my car and go thu my nav system in north bend, Oregon. My car was new and I couldn't figure something out. However, I stopped ar1st choice ford, Lincoln, Buick, gmc in Rock Springs, Wyoming. They were to busy to look at my fluid level. No one would be available until 4 pm, it was 11 am. Very rude. There were 2 women behind the service desk. I did send an email to them and got a reply fro Mary Kirk assuring me that would be corrected and not happen again. I certainly hope so. I give that dealership a D minus.

Posted by Anonymous

You have a really good customer relations department. My wife wrote a lengthy about the many complaints she has about the dealership. You didn't even bother to answer. I will be sure to tell every one I know.


Posted by Anonymous

I do feel that Buick has let me down as a new used buick owner and could let down future buick owners by not letting them know about repairs or replacements that need to be done and when owner breaks down because of it they refuse to take care of the problem when contacted.

Posted by Anonymous

This number rings in the Philippines and you'll get virtually no help. If you ask to speak with headquarters directly, you'll wind up in Texas. There doesn't seem to be anybody who takes a call in Detroit.

Posted by Lblevins

My friend purchased a new 2014 Lacrosse Buick a few months ago and we decided to take our wives on a two week vacation drive with the new car. Driving from Hot Springs, Arkansas we arrived in Nashville without issue. The next morning the car displayed a warning of reduced power. However, it would not start. Called Buick for a wrecker and they were easy to work with using On-Star. The dealer was nice and although it took all day we were finally back on the road. One week later on Friday we were in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and the car did the same thing. We again called Buick through On-Star and a wrecker towed the car to Stinnitt in Newport, Tennessee. The Service Supervisor was rude and did not seem to care we were almost 700 miles from home without a car. The Supervisor told us, after sitting at the dealership all day, they would not be able to look at until Monday. We asked to speak to the District Manager but the dealer would not give us a number. We are now stuck in Pigeon Forge in a motel hoping the car will be fixed on Monday. Cancelled my appointments for next week, running low on my medicine, more money for motel, expense for food, and it is obvious GM does not care. I have been looking at an Escalade ESV but after this experience I will stick to my Lexus cars.

Posted by mreynolds

On Friday 7/17 my 2008 Buick Enclave stopped working in the middle of a local & busy Highway 6. The car one hour earlier would not go in to reverse or drive. I gave it a break, turned it off and it went in to drive one last time after this.

After getting it to go, it stopped in the middle of a highway where other drivers were able to move me to safety after several attempts between my mother and I failed.

It was approximately 2pm on 7/17 when I learned from my regular State Farm insurance that this sort of thing would not be an issue I am covered under my Full Coverage with their company. I than turned to CarMax MAXCARE proveded through a warranty coverage company CarMax outsources to. This company is an inbound call center. This "covers" my used car purchase up to 200,000 miles and "covers" transmissions, which was the apparent the failing part on the car.

MAXCARE told me to get the car to a repair shop (at no cost to them, towing would not be covered). My State Farm insurance covered towing to the nearest auto shop but not to a Buick/GM Dealership. It was taken to Leadfoot Linda's in Avon, CO. MaxCare told me all I needed to do is get a diagnostic and they would promptly get me into a rental car so I could get my four children at preschool and camp later that Friday afternoon.

The towtruck was unable to get the car from the side of the road until 5pm but the shop agreed to get the car looked at and diagnosed, staying extra hours to do so. They called MAXCARE and faxed the diagnostic but MaxCare was not opened when they did this. They left a message and sent a fax.

Leadfoot Linda's is closed on Saturday and Sunday and MaxCare would not accept their diagnostics via messages/fax as acceptable diagnosis so I was left without a car or a way to transport my 4 children for the weekend.

On Monday July 20, 2015 MAXCARE told me the shops diagnostic would not be sufficient and they would instead now have to take the transmission apart to reveal the reason for failure before covering the rental car. This would be approximately 8 hours of labor by the shop, an estimated $1000 that I would have to accept fees for, and it would be to MaxCare disgression whether or not they would cover the repairs or diagnostic.

On Tuesday July 21, 2015 I got to the airport because my rides were no longer available to get me to work and my children to school. I spent my last dollars on a car that would accommodate my kids and I to "buy me" two days of getting us around town and hope for a diagnosis.

July 23, 2015 I called Leadfoot Linda's to see how things were coming along. The tech assigned to my vehicle was unavailable and having family emergency. It was unknown when he or they would get to the diagnosis of my car. After my fourth call to Leadfoot Linda's they mentioned to me that this was a common issue with Enclave's and Rendezvous' coming in to the shop. They suggested I contact Buick GM with my VIN number because it was very likely that this was another recall.

I called CarMax after that to double check and see if they could help me at all. They aslo told me to contact GM Buick because after looking at the initial diagnostic along with my year/make/model and VIN number this would likely be one of two warranty issues. The transmission issue and also the Side Airbag recall. MaxCare ended up giving me all of the information to contact Buick / GM, and I did.

When I first got purchased the car from CarMax I contacted the dealerships in the area to have the known airbag recall taken care of as instructed by CARMAX. The repair was never taken care of due to high volume of repairs in my nearest dealerships and them not offering replacement transportation while they had the car with no known duration for repair. I'm a mother of four, have no child support for my kids ages 7,5,3,3. I cannot be without a car, which is why I'm taking the time while at a computer at my job...to make every effort possible to point out a major flaw in "special warranty coverage" for something that was no fault of my own.

My first call to Buick GM was amazing. I spoke with an adjuster name George who I spoke with for over two hours setting up repair, towing, free diagnostic and repairs. At the end of the two hours, George got off the line after speaking with a Dealership in Silverthorne (Cheryl suggested we take it to Glenwood Springs due to high volume of repairs and estimated date to LOOK at the car being 7/23) Javier with Mtn Chevorlet, told George and I on a threeway call that he could get the car in right away, would get me right in to a lender or Rental Car straight away and all of the above was agreed to at no charge to me.

Meanwhile, George explained to me the issue was common and they would take care of this under Special Policy Warranty "14404" specific to Enclaves, Rendevous etc.
This warranty covered a crack 670/675 in all AWD Buicks and my VIN number fell into the bad bunch.

When George disconnected from the call, the dispatcher told me I would need to give her $100 which I did not have and the entire plan evaporated.

7/23 I called Buick again in the morning only to be told none of what George set up is accurate. They called Javier on three way, and Javier said GM called him last night and they would not be servicing the vehicle anymore, that they had since become very busy and wouldn't be able to look at the car until possibly (no promises the following Thursday 7/30). The call was than escalated to a "Senior Adjuster" since I'd been misinformed by George. Steve, was very apologetic that nothing could or would be done with my car unless I figured out how to get the car to a shop and diagnosis.

I told Steve that I felt this was terrible customer service after being assured for two hours the night before by George and Buick that the tow, the diagnostic, and repairs would be at no charge to me. He told me he would look into it further and call me back. After three hours, and another day of panic that I would not be able to get home from work or pick up my kids AGAIN....I called Steve back. Steve was unavailable for the first of many calls. His coworker who told me she was sitting just a few seats away from Steve, ensured me he would return my call before leaving for the evening. Steve didn't call me back that night.

9am I called him, and Steve was unavailable.
10am I called back and Steve did answer and started to help me get the car towed as promised. He did make me pay $68for extra distance, quoted to me the night before $100. The 2nd dispatcher Askia quoted me $190. He called another dispatcher Lilliana who made the fee $68. My mother paid this fee for me.

The approval took 1 hour, but the car was setup for transfer to Mountain Chevrolet, Glenwood Springs. After the car was picked up I received a text message that the car was being transferred to Berthoud Motors, Glenwood Springs (never mentioned to me). I called the towing company and let them know I thought the car was going to Mtn Chevrolet. They told me they were given Berthoud Motors.

I called Berthoud Motors to follow up on the time frame I'd be looking at in diagnostics/repair and whether or not they would be as accomodating as Javier was at Mtn Chevrolet. I asked about the lender vehicle or rental set up for me that was offered by Mountain Chevrolet.

Not only did the gentleman tell me they were very busy and would not be looking at the car until the following Thursday (the same date that Leadfoot Lindas, the Chevrolet dealership in Silverthorne, Berthoud Motors, AND Mountain Chevrolet, Glenwood Springs [after telling us the opposite before speaking with GM told me the night before] since the incident on 7/17), but they would offer no rental car until after diagnostic and that remains unknown today 7/27/15.

I called Javier back and he explained to me that GM contacted him after my three way call with George, and he could no longer assist me. I've since played phone tag with Steve and spoken with Andrea (also a senior advisor) to help me while Steve was unavailable.

I have spent $289 in rental car fees, $68 in extra miles of towing to Glenwood Springs, and have no way of renting a car. I live in the mountains, there is no bus route near my home located atop a two mile incline.

The only offer I've had so far to assist me while GM/Buick makes time to diagnos my car is from Carmax to have their discounted rates of $30 a day for a midsize vehicle which would not hold me and my four children.

Possible job loss, possible loss of spots at day care AND camp I have my children in but cannot GET to while I am out of a car. I am a single mother, do not have extra car laying around, my friends and family work and we live up a two mile hill which I cannot walk my children up if we were to attempt using local bus routes not servicing our location.

Any suggestions in saving jobs, daycare, and camp spots? This is a life derailing situation and I have not heard from ANYONE, about my car....it has now been 10 days with no transportation and if I took CarMax discount it would have cost me $390 in rental fees in addition to the $285 I spent for 2 days of having a car since the incident. It has now been 10 days.

Posted by kidrock

Customer service people were not helpful.
Did not know anything and could not refer me to someone who does.

Posted by Jreid

Bruno's Motors in Hancock Mi. Owned by David Luccessi he is not a customer friendly person I will not recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a vehicle or service...

Posted by Anonymous

I own a 2014 Buick Verano, and for the most part it is a great car. One thing that I have discovered about the car which is distrubing. On very cold nights all the windows inside the car are frosted, so much so that I have to scrape the ice from the windows. th dealership pretty much said thats the way it is. Explained condensation in the freezing, etc ect. It just that in all the years I have driven a car, and the amount of cars I owned, I have never had this experience. My wife and I were in the theater for two hours came out and the windows were frozen, no other car around my car had the same problem. It seems a fault to a otherwise great car, and annoyances that I have to waste gas defrosting my windows, which should not be to this extreme.

Posted by Anonymous

I was finally pushed over the edge by my Buick dealership today. I had previously called to make an appointment to fix a problem with the key pods and an oil leak. I scheduled the appointment for Thursday 11/6/14. After arriving (and driving 25 miles to get there), I was told that my appointment was really for Friday afternoon. The service manager said that there was no way that they would have made it for Thursday because they did not have anyone available to help me. Given that, I left. Customer service of that type has no business in a dealership. Leading up to this overall dissatisfaction was the following:

. After having an oil change at the dealership, I noticed oil spots on my garage floor. After cleaning up the oil and waiting several weeks, I returned the vehicle to the dealership for it to be repaired. I was told it was simply residule oil and that cleaning it off would fix it. I wonder why it wasn't cleaned properly the first time. Unfortunately, I still have the oil leak and today's visit was intended to fix it once again.

.. I bought a new set of tires and had them installed and left on a trip to Chicago. After 50 miles of driving, the tire pressure sensor indicator light came on stating that the air pressure was 0. Obviously, the sensor was bad. Why did it go bad when the new tires were put on? I was told it was a coincidence and was charged to replace the pressure sensor.

.. Steering column was grinding a little over a year ago. Had it repaired. Same noise has now reappeared. However, I am being told it was another problem in the steering column. Either this problem was mis-diagnosed or the design of the steering mechanism is sub-standard.

.. I have had two other occasions of tire pressure sensors gone bad.

.. It took me three different trips to the dealership to have a malfunctioning fuel tank pressure sensor diagnosed and replaced. I was repeatedly told that the reason it was faulting was that we were putting too much gas in the tank. Why didn't they believe the error codes sooner?

I could go on with other issues but I believe the point has been made. This is simply lousy customer service! I am usually easy going, but I have had enough!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying for 2 montjs to gey recall fixed, this is the 4th!!!, to no avail. It is seatbelt anchor for buick enclave and they keep telling me its on backorder. R u kidding me?

Posted by Kilgome

Employee(s) Dealt With: Roger S Kendrick

My Review of Bentley Buick Cadillac Gmc:
Do not take your car to this service center. I should have paid attention to the bad reviews I found online but I did not and I have had the worst experience in customer service and vehicle service. Seriously, Firestone is excellent and there are locations near by.

11/2013 - I take my 2011 Buick Regal to the dealership because the air conditioner stopped working and the front drivers seat warmer stopped working. I also needed an oil change and tire rotation. The dealership determined my ac condenser was damaged ( I later learned this is a common occurrence in Buick vehicles). I was advised it would be $523 to fix the AC. Because it was nearing winter, I elected to wait until the next season to have it done.

TUESDAY 6/3/2014 - I call the dealership to make an appointment for service. An appointment for the following day 6/4/2014 at 8:30am was given to me for service.

WEDNESDAY 6/4/2014 - I arrive for my scheduled appointment and advise the service representative that I am there to follow up with the AC issue from my service in November. I was advised they would call me as soon as they got it to the back and let me know an estimated time it would be finished. At 3:36pm I had not heard anything so I called to see what was happening with my car. At this time I was told "we are still trying to see what is wrong with the AC". I reminded them that they had already done this process in November and was told "I'm glad you said that" even though I had already reminded them. I was told my car would not be done that day and they would provide a rental so I go to pick it up. When I arrived the service representative Scott asked me to come into his office to provide my insurance information for the rental. While I was there there was also another random customer just sitting in his office while he was gathering my personal information. I didn't think this was professional but I disregarded it. I was given a rental and told my car should be done the next day.

THURSDAY 6/5/2014 - at 4:27 I call to check on my car because I hadn't heard anything all day. The first call I was transferred to the service department and then hung up on me (this happened more than once...the phone system they have is TERRIBLE). I finally reached my service person, Scott. He advised me AGAIN that they "still haven't figured out what was wrong" I told him yet again that the issue had already been identified by them in November. At this point he replied, "oh...we'll...we....check out all the cars again". I was told yet again that I would hear from them the next day.

FRIDAY 6/6/2014 - at 1:16 pm I had not received a call from the service center as promised. I call and was ...again...accidentally hung up on during transfer. I call back and finally reach Scott the service representative and was told "they just don't know what is wrong with the AC". I asked him to look up my car service history while we were on the phone. He seemed surprised to see that the history very clearly stated that the condenser was damaged and needed to be replaced. At 2:48 I receive another call from Scott advising me to keep the rental for the weekend and they would try and figure it out on Monday. At this point I realize they just aren't listening to me at all.

MONDAY 6/9/2014 - I receive a call from Scott at Buick to tell me there is a nail in my tire and I would need a new tire. He advised the tire would cost $386. I'm not even going to get into what a terrible price that is. I have yet to be able to find a single tire for my regal that is that expensive. I advised him I would get the tire somewhere else not to replace it. He said ok and that he would call me later that day about the AC.

TUESDAY 6/10/2014- I don't hear from Buick all day long.

WEDNESDAY 6/11/2014- I have a missed call from Buick (at 3:28 pm) and a voicemail telling me my car is ready for pickup. I call them as soon as I leave work and the service center was closed for the day.

THURSDAY 6/12/2014- the calls from Buick start at 6:44am to tell me to pick up my car. I call at 10:34am to tell them I will not be able to leave work that day before they close and to see if I could pick the car up Friday. I was assured that would be just fine. 1:15pm, 1:47pm, 2:01pm, all missed calls from Buick. I call AGAIN to advise I could not pick up the car that day and was told AGAIN that it would be just fine.

FRIDAY 6/13/2014- I call Buick at 12:38pm to tell them I may not be able to leave work and get the car that day but I would definitely be there Saturday morning. I was assured again that this would be just fine. 5:13pm I receive a call from Buick with a voicemail that states if I don't pick the car up Saturday. I would be charged $100 per day. At this point I am disgusted with the customer service experience. This dealership had my car for SEVEN days before I could get anyone to give me call or answer then I receive harassing calls starting at 6:44am before they even open when they are ready for me to pick up my car and pay them. This type of customer service is unacceptable.

SATURDAY 6/14/2014- I go pick up my car and pay the bill $656.43 in full. I receive my car and leave the lot to realize that the change tray in the front console is completely missing. I go back to the dealership and was first told "well, no one would have been in the car". What a ridiculous thing to say. I know for a fact someone had to get in my car just to drive it to the mechanic. Unbelievable. So Scott leaves my car to go inside to retrieve a map of the inside of the console to make sure that this tray I'm talking about actually exists. This was extremely insulting. Also, how are you representing a company and you don't even know what the inside of the car looks like? I was told then that he would have to "look for it and he would call me later that day". Of course, I didn't hear from them.

TUESDAY 6/17/2014- still haven't heard from Buick. I call them at 3:44 and was advised they weren't sure what happened to it that "sometimes people come through their lot and take things out of cars at night" those were his EXACT words. I was advised he would speak to the service manager and call me the next day with a resolution. Can you believe I didn't hear from them AGAIN.

WEDNESDAY 6/18/2014 - I call Buick AGAIN and was told there was nothing they could do about the missing part. Never mind the fact that this tray had coins, a couple of pair of earrings and a necklace in it. It was CLOSED in the console so I never imagined someone would take it. I told them I at least wanted the part that came with the car replaced. I asked about replacing the items that we're in the console and was told "if you parked your car at the mall and someone took something out of it, you wouldn't sake the mall to replace it". You are right but I ABSOLUTELY expect my car to be secured when I leave it at the dealership to be serviced. He finally agreed to replace the missing tray.

Before I had this experience at this Dealership I was planning to upgrade to the 2015 Buick Regal. I will NEVER buy another Buick, Cadalliac or GMC vehicle because of the unbelievable and inexcusable service I received at this location. I never even once received an apology for the delay in service, the blatant mis information or the missing items from my unsecured car. Customer service is not difficult. You lost a customer that could buy any on your lot and now I will make sure everyone I know knows what a terrible and dishonest place of business this is.

Posted by felix

Another Buick Enclave just a few thousand miles out of warranty that needs a whole new transmission. Not good for American car companies. Please take care of customers better so we can buy American.

Posted by Shoobug38

I have had nothing but problems with my 2008 Buick Enclave since I purchased it used. About a year ago, I had to replace the engine due to a bad timing chain, and now looks like the transmission has to be replace or rebuilt. Can you please help me with getting some assistance to get my wife's car fixed. I only had just over 100,000 miles when I had to replace the engine & now at 112,000 the transmission has given out. Please help us. Thanks.

Posted by airdnassyale

I recently leased a Buick Enclave 2013 and I am so not happy with my purchase. For the enclave to be classified as a luxury vehicle it should behave as such. Since I have leased this vehicle, which I intended to buy, it has been it and out of the dealership's service department on several occasions for various reasons. The quality of the inside should match the outside of the vehicle. The vehicle should be a much smoother ride with makes me question the external components of the vehicle itself when it was orginally built. They doors on the vehicle I have close so hard it's like a gun shot going off when you close the doors. The service Tech at the dealership said I should just roll down the window and (THAT) should fix the problem. I have him on my camera phone making that statement. Why should I have to roll down my window? Why wasn't this issue addressed and fixed in the quality control phase of production? Did GM/Buick just want to make a car to sale to make a lot of money or did they want to make a car that consumers would enjoy and rave about to their friends and family and then come back to buy that car or a similar car from the same maker year after year?

I hope that someone from Buick calls me to address this issue personally since the staff at the dealership I leased the vehicle have nothing but excuses to make when I need a resolution to these problems.

Posted by Hammer

I have had problems from the day I bought the 2013 Buick LaCrosse from Peterson Buick in Boise, Idaho. The car was scratched and water spotted badly the very first day I looked at it. I was assured that it would not be delivered this way by a top salesman and a salesman that is responsible for selling customers all the extra items. Well, they delivered the car with the water spotting mostly gone but scratched paint, now with a $700+ Zxilon treatment on it. The Service Department attempted to buff the scratches out but couldn't. I then buffed the paint to perfection and delivered it to them to apply the Zxilon treatment for the second time. They scratched the car all over once again with this application. For this they gave me $100 for my materials (which covered the materials the first time), refunded the cost of the Zxilon that the application of which the 2nd time scratched my paint once again and gave me a couple oil changes. While buffing the car out the 2nd time, I noticed they had now scratched the chrome grill and the chrome rear valance, I took the car by Peterson and the Service Managers agreed to replace them although they said they didn't cause the damage. This service is for replacement of those damaged parts. When I picked the car up and washed it the next day (touchless wash) while wiping it down, I noticed scratches on the top of the driver’s rear 1/4 panel now. I took it by Peterson and showed the above people who told me they once again did not cause this damage. I am at my wits end with this dealership and their treatment of the paint on the cars they have, not just mine. I would advise anyone buying a car here to take a good, good look at the paint in the sun before signing anything, unless you want to go through what I have for over three months now. Also take a look at the cars on their showroom floor, most of the ones I have seen have been loaded with scratches. I have asked that a booklet of maintenance coupons be bought back from me so I can severe my relationship with this dealer. I am presently dealing with Buick Customer Service on these problems as Peterson will do no more for me. I sincerely hope this review makes it public and nobody else has to go through this.

Posted by pturner38

Our car, a 2012 Buick Verano, has been in the shop since Dec 4, 2013, they "can't find anything wrong" but they have not replaced the infotainment System. When it really cold outside the Infotainment System refuses to power on, after the car warms up for awhile the unit works, so far all they have done is to "tighten connections".

Posted by Beheard

I bought my 05 Buick Rainier in 08. I had no problems until last year. Ooh yes. I did get one of the bolts in the engine replaced because it was broken (it made a tapping/puffing sound). My list starts and they are; My air suspension is leaking and my compressor is working overtime. My washer fluid is leaking. My fan blower went out.. and now my gas senor is caput so my gas gauge reads empty. I was happy to get a recall letter two weeks ago from Buick on the gas sensor but it was a thousand miles too late. My miles are at 129 and the expiration date is 120. I think as long as the car is still running on highways, Buick should honor all recalls. I found a few places but this single mom is on a budget. I pray Buick finds it in their heart to help me with my gas sensor.. i can figure the rest out.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a few issues with the convenience of my 2012 Enclave. you moved the compass and temp from the mirror to the dash not too convenient for the passenger. No handle above pass door. Not too convenient for the passenger. No 8 way power seat for the passenger. We travel a lot and my wife likes conveniences also. Also poor visibility for the driver to the right of the windshield in the mirror area.

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Posted by Anonymous

While passing through El Paso on our way to San Antonio the transmission in our 2008 Buick Enclave blew. We used On Star and they arranged a flatbed tow truck for us and booked us into the closest dealership - Crawford Buick GMC. They really looked after us. They provided us with a vehicle which enabled us to get to our grandson's gradation from trainee to airman at the Lackland AFB. We cannot say enough about the caring treatment they provided in our time of need and their excellent service.

Posted by ceecee25

I purchase my first Buick July 2013 at Delray Buick it was a Buick Verano. I was hesitating because of the rumors that Buicks were for older people. Well after my visit to Delray Buick my mind has changed totally. I found the vehicle for us younger people mids 30+..The Verano is stylish and has all the updated digital features.

*The one complaint I have about the car is it sounds like a truck I was told by service manager it is the fan belt and that's how verano are made-I am not used to a loud sound vehicle. I hope they fix that issue soon as of now I am dealing with it. Next, complaint I didn't notice that there were any air conditioning vents in back seat area-until my guest in my car complained about not getting any air now that was weird no vents??? Other than those issues I love my Verano..I can work with the no vents but loud sound is kind of bothersome. But I must say everyone at Delray Buick were very kind and friendly..Love the dealership service.. Thanks Carla Colebrooks Spencer-

Posted by Anonymous

recently had trouble with my wife's 2009 enclave & A/C going out. car was purchased in 6/12 with NO problems listed on carfax. email complaint was turned over to a young lady by the name of Lapeshaa, claim . service was done at Vardamann Buick in Hattiesburg, ms. Our experience thru 4 different problems over 3 1/2 months with this young lady was so rewarding we only wish we could thank her in person. she stayed on top of each repair with us & the dealer. we NEVER had to wonder what was being done & she followed up each time with a very pleasant call back. Makes one wonder why we can't have that kind of attention from every one. she is a very valuable person to have on the buick team. we will be back with buick on our next car purchase because of her. please let her know how VERY MUCH we appreciate her. Charles & Reba Boyer,

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