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Posted by Shonda

Very rude unprofessional waitress name Katie in Laurel ms.location service was so bad me and my husband just got up and left after 10min

Posted by Alana


This is regarding employee Madison Long who works at the Burlington NC location. This young lady was celebrating her senior week and Myrtle Beach this past week and ended up jumping another young lady. She blind sided a young girl with a beer bottle and then proceeded to continue to beat her. The young girls parents are in the process of pressing charges on Madison and are very upset. Madison Long needs to be drug tested and needs to be replaced. I love this location but no longer want to bring my children in here if you have employees this wreckless.

Thank you,

A concerned customer

Posted by Anonymous

I feel it is important to let you know of my experience at your location in downtown Indianapolis this evening, April 26th. I arrived by meyself to watch the NFL Draft and sat at a table in the bar (the location was just about 3/f full). The bartender took my dinner order of 15 wings. Well over an hour later, dinner had not arrived. I hadn't said anything up to that point because I witnessed most of the other tables receiving their orders 30-40 minutes after placing them. I finally called the baretender over and complained and asked for the manager. She confided this slow kitchen service had been going on all week long in the evening. The manager (Aaron Brush) eventually came over. Aaron Brush had no explanation as to why my meal was forgotten (might had been good to go back and ask before shrugging his shoulders at an upset customer). He said it must have been a mix up in the kitchen. I left your location without dinner and upset at being so disrespected.

Seriously, this is an ongoing issue at this location. If the 'manager' doesnt know what is going on in the kitchen and keeping the food going, what good is he\she doing? Aaron had no idea food was coming out slow; he told me as much. What that tells me is that he is not doing his job. Buffalo Wild Wings has one primary job, to provide wings to its customers. You didnt deliver tonight. I wasn't alone, and it wasn't just tonight. Your management isn't able to provide food in a timely manner to your customers (or in this case, at all). What are you going to do about it?

Posted by Anonymous

[email protected]

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Posted by Anonymous

In February of 2017,I went to a Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant with the intentions of purchasing 40 wings, fries and a soda. It was a near the weekend and I had a taste for some wings, something to snack on while enjoying the movies with my Service Dog. It did not go well, at all! In fact, I was treated with some of the worse, unprofessional and immature behavior I have experienced, as an African American Veteran, at this particular Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant. They are located on Bechtel Avenue, Springfield, Ohio. The Regional Manager, Thereasa, and a male Manager, both White, were disrespectful and discriminated against me because of my race and my having my service dog with me. I attempted to be pleasant and inform them that the dog was my service animal and not a pet. She continually,cut me off, made insults about common sense should tell me he needed a service vest. When I quoted the ADA Federal Laws and Ohio Revised Code to her, trying to politely, enlighten and educate this poorly trained, uneducated woman and man, she continued with insults, talking over my efforts to let them know they were breaking both State and Federal Laws. I demanded to see her Regional Manager or get their phone number, to file an appropriate complaint. The General Manager, young enough to be my child, sassed me and told me; "I'm not giving you my Regional Managers number!" I told her she was not allowed to refuse a customer the right to speak to her superior. She repeated that she would not give it to me. She told me repeatedly, they would not serve me and to get out of their restaurant or she'd call the City Police Dept. I tried to explain to her that they were crossing a dangerous line by violating my legal rights by refusing to serve me because my service dog did not have a service vest on his back. My dog did have a service harness on his back, but, they were both too ignorant to understand that vest or harness with SERVICE DOG on it, serves the same purpose; to identify the status of the dog. I informed her that she should just go to her office and Google ADA/Service Animals and read the laws, which would state, nearly verbatim, what I told them about the laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities who use service dogs in the public arena. She continued to refuse me service, called her Regional Manager, who supported the General Manager's and the male manager's grave and ignorant mistake. She than decided to make up a lie and said: "Besides, your Service Dog Stinks!" Fortunately, my service dog had just been groomed the day prior to this horrendous discriminatory treatment and harassment; so, I know she was simply being nasty, unprofessional and trying to impress the two friends who were sitting and laughing at the Managers' table when I first entered the restaurant. Both Managers permitted their large thuggish white male friend to run up into my face and threaten me. He lied and identified himself as a Manager at Buffalo Wild Wings and started screaming and verbally assaulting me. Both the General Manager and the other real Manager allowed him to harass, intimidate and threaten my safety and the safety of my Service Dog for 15 minutes. The General Manager gave me a false name, just as her male friend did. Than she called the Police who verified my suspicion that the so called third Manager was not a manager at all. Meanwhile, about five customers entered and were waited on by the Cashier. The Police than violated my legal rights and asked me if I had a vest or documentation. When I tried to inform the Officer he was defending the wrong party and the laws supported my right to be there with my service dog and no documentation or service vests were required of me. The Springfield City Police Officer (Joseph)stated, "If they do not wish to serve you they do not have to serve you. They have the right to tell you to leave! Of course, I complied with the Officers' directive/orders to avoid being arrested under the catch-all arrest charge of Disorderly Conduct. Buffalo Wild Wings in Springfield Ohio on Bechtel Avenue is not fit for consumer patronage. I will personally, boycott this restaurant chain and urge the public who has friends or relatives that need a Service Dog for legal legitimate assistance in the public sector, and those who are disabled with a Service Dog, to seriously consider who you give your dollars to for wings, fries or a fast food experience. I would rather eat a raw dead chicken that was splattered on the highway, than to ever, patronize the ignorant, uneducated, unprofessional, nasty arrogant Buffalo Wild Wings Chain, who discriminate against certain classes of people and allow their friends who are not employees nor customers, assault, intimidate and threaten innocent customers who have a legal right to obtain service and customer courtesy. I do not expect an organization like this to ever even respond to my complaint. It appears from all the complaints I've read about this restaurant organization, they could care less. I can see why they wish to sell their chain for 2.4 billion dollars. Personally, I can't imagine what the CEO of ARBY's is thinking. Arby's has a good reputation, good food, clean employees, with good customer service skills and training. Good luck Arby's! You had better give your decisioin a lot more though, and investigate Buffalo Wilder Wings track record.

Posted by Anonymous

I sent an email on 2/1/2018 on your contact me link with no response.

Buffalo Wild Wings Guest Comments Case:

Posted by Btrgrl

How is this chain still in business??? All I see are REALLY bad customer reviews!! The one in Sterling, VA is horrible as well! The only consistency they have seems to be the horrible service and total indifference to it, yet they continue to exist. How is that possible woth all the competition in this day and age? Why are there not more wing places and better service?? What is the deal?? I went to find the corporate site to see if the corporate execs would care more about their brand, thinking that this location was a one-off, but after reading all the reviews, clearly not!! I�m in utter amazement. I�m not even sure why I am posting this. It seems they just allow you to post in these boards to let you rant so you feel like you might have been heard, but they completely ignore you.

What is wrong with us that we still patronize their business? Maybe that�s what�s wild!

Posted by Btrgrl

How is this chain still in business??? All I see are REALLY bad customer reviews!! The one in Sterling, VA is horrible as well! The only consistency they have seems to be the horrible service and total indifference to it, yet they continue to exist. How is that possible woth all the competition in this day and age? Why are there not more wing places and better service?? What is the deal?? I went to find the corporate site to see if the corporate execs would care more about their brand, thinking that this location was a one-off, but after reading all the reviews, clearly not!! I’m in utter amazement. I’m not even sure why I am posting this. It seems they just allow you to post in these boards to let you rant so you feel like you might have been heard, but they completely ignore you.

What is wrong with us that we still patronize their business? Maybe that’s what’s wild!

Posted by Jannet

This experience was HORRIBLE! I come to this bdubs every week and i am very disappointed at what happened today. There were the 4 dollar appetizers today and our waiter was NOT specific about which ones were included. She claims she mentioned it but obviously didn't make it clear because we ended up ordering the full price ones and didn't notice until she told us at the end. One of the appetizers we didn't even eat. When we explained very kindly there was miscommunication with the waiter, Randy at 12 & mound Warren Michigan. She was very rude and not helpful at all so we asked for the manager. The manager was also disrespectful and didn't care at all or didn't even say sorry once. This is the worst customer service experience coming from myself who has worked in the food industry for 2 years i have never seen anything like this or I myself would never treat any of my customers like how I was treated today. We were not helped at all, treated poorly and left very frustrated when the workers could have simply helped us. The point is not about how we had to pay full price but the fact that we were treated with such disrespect and how Randy and the manager had no care in the world about their customers. I will definitely never come back to this bdubs and make sure everyone knows about my experience today. Very upsetting!

Posted by Steph1992

Well what can I say if I could give this a 0 stars I really would we went to this location, The Block, Orange . Me and my friends were playing music on the TouchTunes app but at a point the music was cut and game took over when me and friends had music pending when we had already paid for so we let our server know and about 15 mins later the manager came over and asked what was the problem and he said, " well I can show you ! If you want to get up I can't show you ! " he had almost a yelling tone towards us and was totally disrespectful towards our whole party ! & may I say our order came out WRONG ! our friends lemon pepper wings were actually forgotten so he had to wait and received his wings as we were all done eating ! So ESTEBAN say he would go and check on that and said he would find out what happen with the situation so we wait and wait and wait and 40 minutes later I had to approach him and personally ask him if we we're going to have that taken care of or if we're can get our check ? And he proceeds to raise his voice and said, I ALREADY TOOK CARE OF IT ! " he literally is so disrespectful I'm a supervisor myself and I would never treat a consumer this way right or wrong we have to be respectful and most of all professional ! I asked the manager Veronika ? I believe it was, I asked for a corporate number she told me that this was a franchise so all emails go through ESTEBAN and gave me his card and refused to give me another number so I had to google corporate! So they lied as well I'm a supervisor I'm 100 aware that people have bosses of their own ! These people think they can treat people like trash ! I go to BWW to have a good meal and experience not for managers to take advantage, lie, and disrespect customers !

Posted by Smartypants228

bdubs location on December 20, 2016 after leaving old Chicago because we sat for 20 mins with no service or acknowledgement. We were going out for his birthday dinner. After a terrible experience at old chicago, We had amazing service at bdubs from our server Jessica. She was very attentive and made sure we had everything we needed. It was really awesome to have such a good experience from this restaurant after having such a bad one. Thanks again, keep her around!!

Posted by Jessica

So my friends and I heard about the buy one get one free deal and thought it would be a good idea to go after practice. We got out of practice at 6 and arrived at 6:15. We were told the wait was going to be an hour, but we thought it would be worth it so we waited. We got seated within 10 minutes, and we were surprised by how quickly we were seated. We waited for our food for 2 1/2 hours, when we were repeatedly told that it was going to be 15 minutes longer, but then waited for two hours. We were extremely disappointed with our experience. We understand that it was very busy, but the part that made us the most upset was that the people we walked in with at 6:15, who also got a table right next to us, got their food in the hour promised, ate, and left a good hour before any of us received our food. We all enjoy buffalo wild wings very much, but this experience makes none of us want to return.

Posted by Anonymous

We placed an online order and received email confirmation it would be ready for pickup at 5:50. We are still waiting on it, standing here at the counter for 35 minutes and they still can't say when it will be ready.... Unacceptable!! Rick & Jodi Bothwell

Posted by Darrell

Had to go get two beers from the bar myself. Then ordered a sampler appetizer to go but forgot on the table came back to get and it was thrown away before I got back. I am Buffalo Circle member and a very good customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst experience ever! Waited over twice the time we were told.then brought the wrong food.when we complained the slob at the register said their "manager" would correct our order.another 10 min later we finally received the correct food with no apology or sympathy for the error. Abosolute worst service ever.the young employee even laughed at us when we told them we received the wrong food. Slobs and rude servers!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I was at Buffalo wild wings in cape coral Florida this evening,food and service was ok but I was very disappointed with a side order,i spent over three dollars on side order of fries,what I received was a small container barely half full,definately not worth the price,if I had known that I wouldn't have bothered,i won't be returning and if anyone asks my opinion I will definitely share this info,thanks for listening

Posted by Travis

The other day when I went to Buffalo wild wings I was greeted at my table by a server named chastity she took my wife and my order and 30 minute pass we ask about our order and she said she forgot to put it in . I we ended up leaving the service is was bad .

Posted by Chase

My servers name was chastity, she was slow pasted, I had to ask her name . I told her my food was cold and she said she couldn't do anything about it I requested a manager but she never came back with one so I left . The service was bad and so was the food .

Posted by Abagail

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Odessa Texas yesterday around 2:30-3:00 with my husband and 2 kids, our sever was extremely forgetful and rolled her eyes when I reminded her we were waiting on a drink refill .I think her and was chasity .

Posted by Anonymous

Just ate at buffalo wild wings in mansfied mass table dirty food was sub par but the smell of marijuana from the kitchen was unexcusable

Posted by Anonymous

Had terrible experience Milwaukee wi. Went after work @ 11PM. Had party of 6. Told by our server Angela who was crying, because she was yelled at by Manager Julio that one of the members in our party missed last call. So she could only bring out 5 drinks to us and not serve our 6th person who happens to be an Africian American Male. We never heard last call announced. But more importantly WHY we would stay and drink in front of our co-worker whom you refused to serve? We all hit up and left immediately. No food or drinks were ever given to us. Totally disgusted with this whole experience!!

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Buffalo Wild Wings at the Buena Park California mall !! Manager rude old wings just microwaved wrong order. Took a picture of the wings they have no good costumer service. Manager doesn't care about the people that buy because of us is that Buffalo Wild Wings make money. Never will I ever return and I will be making a court case for having rotten food or calling health services.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband had lunch at your Concord CA store today and ordered boneless wings. There was a bone in one and a tooth from his partial broke off. We have gone to our dentist and had it fixed but I am having an impossible job getting the information I need for insurance purposes. I am waiting for a call back from the store manager with the claim number and phone number of your insurance carrier. However, there appears to be no way to contact the corporate offices, which, from a customer service perspective is very disappointing to say the least. How can you be so out of reach of your customers and run a successful business? Hopefully there will be a quick resolution to this as we have already paid out of pocket. A response would be greatly appreciated. However, should I receive no response, I am not opposed to moving on to appropriate regulatory agencies to obtain satisfaction.

Posted by Anonymous

Wilson nc
Horrible service! Waited 2 hrs for 2 salads, was told 2 different reasons why we did not get our food. Will definitely not be going back to this BWW

Posted by Anonymous

Tualatin, OR
We waited 10 minutes to be asked what we wanted to drink, it was not busy at all. Then I waited another 15 minutes to get my drink. I asked for nachos with no meat, but got nachos with meat. Jeff, the guy that served our food was very polite and diligent and made sure we got what we wanted unlike the guy that took our order, who wasn't friendly and didn't smile. The only reason he checked up on us was because we had to ask for more water. After we finished eating we proceeded to wait another 20 for our bill which never showed up. So we went up to the counter to pay, once we got up there the manger told us that normally we should wait for out server, I had said we've done nothing but wait and we have waited long enough. He then told us that we would have to wait for him to go get the server-- I don't think so. When he did finally check us out after i told him that we not would continue to wait he said that next time that happened to come get him.. We are customers we come to get good food and good service, which doesn't include chasing down our waiter or the manager. We won't be going back to be treated like that, maybe work on better customer service and getting the orders out right and in a timely manner. And as if that wasn't enough the location was filthy, tables left dirty messes all over the floor not being cleaned up. Buffalo has really declined the last couple times we have gone. We hope you figure it out and start hiring people with more integrity.

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Posted by Vince

I work for buffalo wild wings in palm desert I was hired as a cook I was never properly trained they never gave me breaks sometimes lunch I been promised full time but only work 2 day a week been harrassed by my boss Courtney threatening to fire me she ask me if I was a us citizen she went as yelling and cussing in front of customers and employees I have been doing maintenance around the restaurant i ask for more hours they told me they will give me more hours but hired new. Employee and they have full time hours now i been on call. And I know my rights all this has cause me to lose my car my home now my family Been under a lot of stress and depression so now I’m seeking legal help

Posted by Kayakaya

You may also want to do something about manager Jamie Batton. She on several occasions served tables under the name Lamie all while getting her manager1 pay hourly. She would purposely not try to call in a ser2ver so she could make the mo1n1ey. Illegally might I add. And she is spreading lies pertaining t my medical history and the fact I was in the hospital this year. I ultimately quit because of the gossip, the bullying and the outright disrespect from her among other managers. I have stories I could go on all day regarding her unprofessionalism and so on. Please address this so they don't lose all of their employees. I was a trainer for 2 years and this is how I'm treated while dealing with a disease. There are hipaa laws that she is breaking and I intend on yaking this to my attorney just thought you guys should know first.


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