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Budget Rent A Car customer service is ranked #625 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 27.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 175 ratings. This score rates Budget Rent A Car customer service and customer support as Terrible.


168 Negative Comments out of 175 Total Comments is 96.00%.


7 Positive Comments out of 175 Total Comments is 4.00%.

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  • Budget Rent A Car

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    • 27.60 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 168 negative comments (96.00%)
    • 7 positive comments (4.00%)
    • 1 employee comments
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Posted by tcruz

I have never been treated so bad in my life, does anyone speak English any more?????Take the time and try and reach out to the corporate office....what a joke there is no one that works there. they have over charged me on the care and I have been trying for 3 weeks to get my money back. noi returned call and no one will piock up the phone when they do they don't speak English.

Posted by S H

Horrible! I will NEVER rent a car from them again, I will walk first.
Not even going to list all the things that were wrong. Don't even get me started on the lack of customer service because there isn't any.
Oh and don't rent a car from The Sugarland Airport, it isn't located at the airport it is about 4 miles away, good luck at getting there.

Posted by Chris

Customer service is ridiculous poor..can't reach anyone one the phone and I have even emailed them several times. I have rented cars from this company on many occasions but they will most diffiently start renting cars from somewhere else..why is it so difficult to speak with someone at this company..

Posted by TickedOff

Never again. Stiffed us at midnight in Albuquerque. Car was reserved a week in advance. Today tried to change a reservation and all I got was a recorded message that doesn't allow you to do so. Called Corporate and got the same recording. Terrible customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

In Illinois, it is unlawful for a company to implement policies that are non-uniform in the terms the contract engenders. Budget rented us a car and altered the terms by which we used the car and overcharged us, and added a late fee.

Posted by Angry customer

In Oct 2016 I booked a Group B Budget rent-a-car online for a 3-day period. I was quoted $35/day "due at rental counter", which included an upgrade.
When I picked up the car, the counter clerk took 40 mins to process my transaction (due to some card issue). At the end of this very protracted process, she pushed the screen towards me and asked me to just sign "here" and "here" assuring me that this was just "all the standard stuff". I was only offered one "extra" (a fuel purchase option) which I agreed to.
A day after I returned the car on time and in perfect condition, my card was charged $390.49!!! This equates to $135/day!!
When I asked for the invoice, they had added on a whole heap of extras which I did not want, nor ask for, nor was I asked to approve.
Their only response is that I signed for the contract.
The increase included an arbitrary increase to $45/day for the car!
This is a big con-job and their business practice is obviously designed to deceive the customer. It is unbelievably crooked and I can hardly believe how they can continually get away with this.

Posted by Susan

I had a very bad experience with Budget and this was my first attempt to rent with them. Rented through Experion using an AARP discount. When I went to get the car the young man said my DEBIT card was not accepted. I asked why, and he couldn't tell me, it just said the computer refused it. Since I don't have credit cards I called the woman who would be travelling with me and had her come to rent the car and add me as an additional driver. Well lo and behold her credit card was denied by Experion. This woman has thousands of $'s approved on her credit card and her credit score is in the high 800's. The young man apologized and said this happens quite a lot.

We left and went to another rental place. We were in and out in less than 20 minutes, using her credit card and my debit as a second driver.

I will never again use Budget and plan to spread the word throughout my friends and family. This office was on Watson Road in St Louis Missouri.

Oh yes, one more thing. I tried to call the office one day and it routed to someone that answered the phone Avis. When I explained to the young lady that I'm asking about a Budget rental and gave her the confirm # she said that she was sorry but they aren't able to look those up. She wondered why the calls would route to them. I wonder that too.

Posted by Wayfastvw

Why are there such extremely different rates from a walk in to a reservation price . I know a one way is slightly more. But 193.00 24 hrs use and change to 45.00 24 hrs use 29.00 for the insurance upper end insurance that's ok. But having to change from one way to round trip and no brake at all. 400.00 for 48 hrs is a bunch of crap. This is not how a business will stay up and running with out lost clientele and when talking with a manager she was not any less helpful in understanding what took place. Just screw the customer. I surely won't be back. And I will tell everyone I know how I got taken advantage of the year both my parents passed away and put down one cat and the other cat managed to hang it's self in my basement now 400.00 screwed again.

Posted by karma

Please be careful when renting from Budget and check your statements!
I rented a car from the Evanston, IL branch the last week of June with no problems (so it seems) but just yesterday Visa called ME to report a suspicious $300 charge on this card- the same and only card I use for rentals only. I'll be reimbursed for the charges and the card's now cancelled, but haven't used that card since renting the car is all I'm saying.
After reading all the bad reviews, I'm reluctant to even call customer service! I wanna talk to the guy who signs the checks!
You've been warned...

Posted by luckyk5

I rented a car a car. Reserved car rented but not under to per paid account it was done under. When the car was taken back the rudiness I have every meant a female at the counter Saturday 6/25/2016. Tried talk tô my husband and I so if we are slow. Not listening that car was paid another gentleman Karl was very firgured out the problem. But he still didn't fix it s#id would call next day for refund did not. I had to take more time out an call customer said I will get a refund will wait on that.

Posted by Anonymous

Picked up a car from the JFK location, for my daughters graduation, long story short the car got a flat 30 min in to driving it, no spare tire, no air supprssion and the best part is that after 6 calls to roadside assistance no one shows up. I am on a busy highway,scared and had to google and find a fix a flat, The end result, highway patrol $136, new tire $45 and I missed my daughter's graduation.Oh and when I returned the car I was told I never called roadside for help
Budget never ever again.

Posted by Anonymous

Beware of the Budget Car Rental in the Memphis Airport. They did not have the car reserved I requested when I arrived. I wanted an auto transmission but was told the owner would not buy new cars with auto transmission only standard shift, Immediately walked to AVIS next door and had no trouble getting what I wanted. Stay away from Budget at the Memphis Airport.

Posted by Jeanne

First time using a moving business, I had the worst experience with Budget Rental. Rented us a 16ft moving truck with no lights of any sort, and a car carrier while in our moving trip from Texas to Virginia a tire rolled off of the car carrier on highway 40 in Knoxville, TN. Roadside assistant came 4 hours later to haul the carrier away, could not be repaired axle broke. Budget tells us there is nothing that they can do. Had to have someone drive 9 hours to rescue us.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to rent a car in Utah reserved because I could use a debit card! Got there the guy said Absolutely not!!' Nevertheless left me screwed with out a rental... Will post this on social media will call local news channel investigators...

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern if any
On feb 12 2016 I picked a car at budget rental car and at the time of pick up the staff which was did not accomdate me with what I requested at the time I made reservation for compact car they also was very nitpicking during me signing the contract. Then on feb13 2016 for some unknown strange reasoning someone had the vechile of which they given me towed from infront of my own residence. And none of this is my
fault . I would like to lodge a claim against budget rental for the difficulty of which Ive undergone.
Since I am not being respected for the well paying customer that I have been for over a year. As I mean this by every means avaible.
for the record I didnt say anything at the time of the rental. And I would like to further discussing this
cause currently I am not enjoying said vechile which I accepted on feb 12 2016. Without any grips cause I knew what I was going to before that particular location has been trying to get ahead of theirselves this one several incidents at that location.

Posted by barshot

On 10/17/15 I used my Costco card to book a rental car through BUDGET for upcoming travel on 11/3/15. I used my Visa/Debit card like I always do at Costco. I thought I was paying at that time but as I printed out the the confirmation I realized I would pay at the rental agency, when I got there, NO PROBLEM. I got a confirmation, Costco Travel Booking Number: and a Budget Rental Car Confirmation number Great. When I got to the Budget Rental Desk at 11:30pm they REFUSED the confirmation! They CLAIMED that a CREDIT CARD was necessary and would not accept the card I used to make this reservation. My Wife and I do not have credit cards. We are in our 60's and have no need for them. Budget pushed for me to pay for upgrades in Insurance. I refused as I always have. Insurance Co tells me rental cars are fully covered and it is a waste of money to pay for Ins again. For the next 90 minutes I waited in lines at 5 other national rental agencies. None had a problem with a DEBIT CARD, but were 50%-100% more cost. I finally ended up renting a car much smaller than the one I reserved. I was not able to handle the number of people that I had planned on when visiting friends and family. I spoke to the Manager at Budget, he said there was nothing

he could do! I can provide copies of the confirmation slip if needed. I await your response to this situation.

The reply from Budget was a LIE! You want to classify this as a "credit card" mixup! The claim of a lower type car was a lie, because your Manager never offered! You just didn't want to honor the great price through Costco.

Posted by Anonymous

Just sat down at Kahului Budget for what will be over an hour wait. The line is not moving. It is packed inside and out. There are 6 empty counter terminals. The room is past maximum capacity. Not acceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

Budget Customer Service is the most horrible. The reps do not speak English so you cannot understand a word they are saying. When you ask to speak with someone you can understand they laugh and hang up on you.. I will begin using other rental agencies due to thus experience.

Posted by L.J.

I rented a car from the Hawthorne California location(rental agreement . I returned the car to the LAX location. The rental did not close out on Saturday when I turned it in. I called Raoul Jimenez(manager) and he offered no assistance.

Posted by Lynesha18

I can't believe I thought Budget rental was a reputable company! My rental car Is infested with Roaches their everywhere ! I can't drive and I had to leave it behind and have my friend come and pick me up for a really important event! I'm beyond disgusted then I call customer service because there's no way I'm getting in it and driving it! And customer service sends me to road side assistance they say oh this is a common problem ( COMMONFOR WHO I DNT HAVE ROACHES IN MY 40,000 CAR SIR) Transfers me back to customer service where they say our system is updating for 5 hours! Please help me that's all I ask- One pissed off lady

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a car from the latter part of June. The rental should have been $354. and my card was charged $913.92 an additional $25.00. We have been talking to Christiana Rodriguez who is suppose to be in corporate office. She was suppose to be working to get the situation resolved and we have not heard back from her. I had a situation happen to me before and a gentleman in corporate handled it in a short period of time. I was very pleased. But this dragged on and I am very upset with Budget and the handling of this particular situation. Ms. Rodriguez has all information. This was a rental in Midland,Texas.

Posted by svelvet66

After telling me one price over the phone I was greeted with a completely different price at the counter (DFW). So I couldn't afford to rent at the airport so I found an affiliate branch outside of the airport in Arlington, Texas. It was more affordable but they were limited on the cars that they could rent to me so they ended up renting me the dirtiest and filthiest rental ever. They quoted the weekly rental at $255.57 including tax. Fine. Before returning the car early I got if detailed. Paid over 50 bucks to get it detailed because it was so dirty when I got it. Plus I didn't want to hear that crap about "well, we had to charge you more for bringing it back dirty" type crap. When I returned it I asked the checker did he want to see my receipt for the detailing and he said no. So I get back home and check my email a couple of days later and find out they've charged me 400 plus dollars for the rental. I contact them and they have absolutely no explanation for excessive charges the first 2 times I contacted them. The 3rd time I contacted them they said the reason they put a hold on the extra money was because of an authorization hold. WHAT!!!! How do you put an authorization hold on something after the fact. I had already rented the car. Plus the first 2 times I got replies from them nobody mentioned an authorization hold. After I cursed them out they promised to send me a 25 dollar gift certificate. I thanked them for it but told them not thanks because it doesn't began to cover the cost of the illegal transaction totaling over 400 bucks. So the person who responded back a 3rd time said to wait up to 30 days for my money to be refunded back to my credit card. 6 months later and it has still not been refunded. So I'm going to the media next.

Posted by Robbed

I reserved a 24' truck from Budget to move. One day before my move I was called and told that the 24' truck was not available and I was had to take the 17' truck to move.
Since it was to late to call another company to reserve a large truck I had to use the 17' truck.

When I called customer service I was told that I would pay the same price for the smaller truck but would be compensated in miles. The change in trucks cost me additional money since I could not complete the move that day.

I will never do business with this company again and I I telling my friends not to use them

Posted by Ken

I returned the car with full tank gas and their staff marked FULL tank gas on the Tax Invoice as well. Few days later, they charged me for the gas? Please be careful if you are tourist.
I called them they always said it takes time for investigation.

Be careful.....

Posted by mtw

At the Budget rental counter Saturday morning July 18th. Question is "Which will be longer? The flight from Manchester, N.H. to Tampa or the wait to get the car?" there are at least 35 people in line and only one agent at the counter.

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Posted by Vero

San Antonio location airport budget drop off was awful I returned car 2 hours early and nikki front office clerk was rude and abrasive. She barked orders at my husband and rushed him out of car, she tried to blame me for a clearly marked dent in car that had already been flagged. She was extremely out of line and I did not trust she would intake the car properly, I had to ask another employee about intake and secure the keys Mr. Love was nice and professional.

Posted by Madame from Finland

I used Budget Car Rent in Firenze Peretola Airport in June-July 2015 and service was excellent!

Posted by devilsashpit

Recently I rented a car at Orlando Fl. for a week. The agent did not explain the Sun-pass feature to me. I saw the Sun-pass module once I got in the car and turned it on. If I would have read the fine print taped to the module I wouldn't have turned it on. I had to get right up to the module to read(since I'm very Far-sighted) that a $2.95 convienence fee would be charged for each day of the rental, plus the tolls. That means even on the days I didn't use the overpriced tollways in Orlando. If the agent would have explained the Sun-Pass feature I would have just kept a bunch of singles in the car. I can see a one time charge for the use of the Sun-pass per rental, not for every day. But I guerss you have to gouge the customer anyway you can. Next time I will know better. I used the tollway on only 3 days.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a compliment specifically for Heather. On a recent trip, I left my coat in the Budget rental car returned on September 29, 2012. Heather was most helpful in finding it, and holding it for my pick-up when I returned to Phoenix October 8, 2012. I greatly appreciate her outstanding customer service

Posted by Ruthboaznyc

FYI, I rented a vehicle on April 8, 2012 at DCA. A few months later I received a letter from Budget stating that I had a traffic violation for speeding and that my card would be charged a $30 fee. Now in September/October 2012, I received another letter stating the fine is $125 for speeding. I checked the website to see the violation but it's just a photo not viable proof that I was moving. Generally you are able to see the actual tape of the vehicle moving.

Posted by Anonymous

I have rented from Budget at the Ottawa airport location on numerous occasions. Their staff is very friendly and knowledgable and the cars are clean and well serviced.

Posted by rnmerrihew

I'm a Fast Break customer and had called to prearrange for a specific vehicle for a two week rental on the island of Maui. Upon arrival at the Kahului airport the Budget representative had my paperwork all completed and the vehicle ready to drive off the lot. I spent less than 5 minutes at the counter.
5 days into the rental period there was a mechanical malfunction with the ignition system in the vehicle and it wouldn't start. Fortunatly,it was in the parking lot where we were staying.
Through a series of phone calls to the Budget roadside assistance person back on the mainland ( a very friendly and professional lady, Nefsteria), and the local Budget rep at Kahului, Gabriel, they arranged to have a new rental delivered and the disabled one picked up by a towing service.
This whole process was completed in less than 2 hours
I have always used Budget and will continue to do so.
Thank you, Budget, for a job well done.

RM March 17 2010 Maui,HI

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Posted by rf

I work for Budget Rent a Car. I often see people complain about there charges but NEVER READ what there signing. Yelling at a rental/return agent will do no good IF its a charge YOU signed for. I see this happen all the time and then we see they signed for it like for example: an upgrade charge, coverage charge, gas charge or damage charges.For this is why its posted in a rental agreement for you to read and know. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS READ WHAT YOU SIGN.


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