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Posted by Frank Neglia

I purchased a brand new browning a bolt 12 gauge slug gun I am so disappointed in the barrel and finish I always on Brownings my whole life I'm 51 years old never have I went out once hunting in the snow And seeing a barrel pit in rust within the day I was hunting I will send you the serial number to my gun I would like to know if I can send it back to take a look at or else send me something that I can read to my barrel with for a good cook browning cleaner I spent over $1400 on this gun

Posted by Pilgrim

I've contacted your company before. I spent a lot of money for one of your a5 slaker models. Nothing but problems. I've accually went to gunsmithing schools. I'm not a young man. I've been around. Your product is worn-out after a 1000 rounds. Tolerances just don't work after that. Bad design. Going back to Remington. They won't let you down.

Posted by Bob

I purchased a new Browning X-Bolt High Grade Hunter with a fluted barrel (instead of the standard octagon offering) in .270 Win. I ordered medium 1-piece Browning X-Bolt mounts (nothing but BS from your customer service about details on exactly what objective end scope diameter will work but that is another story for later).

The forward most pair of scope base tapped holes in the receiver will ONLY allow the 6-48 (why not 6-40??) screw to makeup 3 turns. Furthermore, with the base in place, the screw only makes up barely TWO turns before it is snug! This is unacceptable.

The other six holes allow a scope mounting screw to makeup 6-1/4 turns. With the base in place, the screw makes up 4-5/8 of a turn.

The forward pair of mounting holes (closest to the muzzle end)are drilled and tapped through. It appears that the center-line of the forward pair is in the same plane as the rear face of the barrel. If the barrel threads had a proper chamfer, perhaps there would be adequate room for makeup for the forward two screws. Having 4 screws per base is a decent idea but if only TWO are functional, how silly is that?

I purchased the 0.50" (medium) bases. One base mikes at .536' and the other mikes at .602". On closer examination, it appears that perhaps a taller base is needed at the rear BUT there is absolutely NO mention of this in the manual and NO instructions come with the mounts! The manual says to properly tighten the screws BUT no torque is specified! The manual says use the proper length screws BUT NO length is specified.

Adding another 25 cents worth of material in the right place on the top of the receiver would have solved all of this. Either that, or changing the placement of the scope mount screws. Why some "engineer" chose a 6-48 thread is just goofy.

This rifle was not cheap. Someone needs to wake up in your engineering department here. I am ready to return this rifle because this whole thing is a can of worms.
Please advise ASAP. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought BL22II in '06 and never taken apart to clean, bore cleaning not withstanding, now I find it impossible to take the stock group apart from the receiver group! Should be a simple take a screw out and pull apart, but no can do, is there some secret I'm missing?

Posted by Anonymous

I just purchased a 1911 380 Black Label handgun. I am somewhat disappointed with the quality of the finish, the slide had some scratches and the finish seems to be thin. I have not fired the weapon yet,so I am not sure of its performance.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Browning 725 sporting on November 23 2012. By December 24,2012 it was on its way back to browning because the trigger pulled extremely hard on second shot. Gun was repaired and back to me by febuary 2013. I haven't shot 725 until July 7, 2013 Guess what the same problem started all over again. It also was hard to break open a few times [this was a new problem]. I've owned several citori's and never had these kind of problems in a new shotgun. What gives?

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