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Brother International customer service is ranked #92 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 59.53 out of a possible 200 based upon 211 ratings. This score rates Brother International customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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    • 59.53 Overall Rating
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    • 166 negative comments (78.67%)
    • 45 positive comments (21.33%)
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Posted by SetterKate

Color quality diminished & called CS. The guy checks out the printer remotely. Tells me I have a virus in the printer and they can fix it for $139.99. They are overseas guys, hard to understand & showed me a FALSE Administrator Events. Tried to scare me it might infect my computer. Will never buy another Brother! Total crooks.

Posted by DMichaelT

With my first Brother multi-function printer, the MFC-8500, I became a loyal patron of the Brother brand. However, when it was eventually destroyed, by a power surge; I replaced it with the MFC-8890DW. The product quality is diminished; and, the once meritorious American support has been farmed out to foreigners who provide little or no support, at all. Another great American manufacturer has bit the dust. It seems that as soon as they build a good name, they sell out. Greed Rules!

Posted by CriticX

Called to ask representative why 2 sided copying was printing second page upside down. AFter almost 30 minutes with her asking a number of unrelated questions, she clearly was not aware that a printer did not have to be hooked up to a computer and was obsessed with the operating system and program I was using. The problem was as simple as I had accidentally pressed 'print on short edge' instead of 'print on long edge'. When I asked to be transferred to a supervisor, the background noise was deafening - until the call was disconnected by them. The most basic problem that should have taken under five minutes, could not be solved in almost 30.

Posted by Nanc

The Customer service is the worst of any product I have ever owned. We have 6 in our (1) office and we are will be replacing them all. I still after 2 1/2 hours can't get help resetting printer after replacing Belt Unit. Customer SERVICE SUCKS.

Posted by frustratedwithproduct

Expensive Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier worked great. I bought a second one. Had them a little over a year and both have stopped working. Customer Support just wants to sell an $80 customer service assistance. Indian tech support is rude and does not care about helping. If you buy one, hold your breath until it stops working and then your only option will be to throw it out. Major "offline" and network connectivity issues.

Posted by Anonymous

I had changed my network name and needed my printer to connect to the new network. I was first told that I needed to pay for a technician to come and install the printer and set it up to my computer and then was promptly hung up when I said I didn't understand why that would be the case. The second person I spoke with told me that both my network and laptop were infected and that I clearly didn't understand the importance of drivers of computer time outs and how they affect "the system." After I tried to explain for the 11th time that it was not a network or laptop problem but just trying to connect a different network name, she told me that I did not understand the issue at hand and if I wanted to work with her I needed to stop talking and be patient because the solution would take around 30 minutes to rid my network of viruses. I went to my laptop and hand entered the password for the network and the printer works. These reps are incompetent, useless, and rude. I will never purchase a printer from here again and this process was beyond unhelpful. It is truly pathetic that these people are trained to condescend and prevent someone from being able to use a printer. I could have saved 45 minutes just typing in a password directly into my printer and yet, that solution never entered the reps' minds.

Posted by Printersyuck

My experience with their phone customer service makes me want to throw my printer in the garbage and pay the premium to use print shops from here on out. The initial operator took (a lot) of my information for her file, then proceeded to put me on hold for 50 mins - I finally gave up, I'm just going to send my fax at the local print store. Why take all this information if you don't bother to offer a call-back service? I don't mind waiting until an agent is free to call me, but nearly an hour listening to hold music is a really disrespectful way to treat customers. I won't be buying another Brother product.

Posted by KK

Very bad Customer Care Service.
First They tried solving my issue(Was having installation prob) but when found themselves incapable for the same. They tries to close complaint forcibly and then no response later on. Be careful with them.....Customer care is crap.

Posted by AKG

I purchased a Brother HL-3170 CRW in January 2015. Printed 4500 copies. In August 2016 the metal spikes tore the fuser drum so that the printer will not print properly. Customer service accused me of not using Brother manufactured toner. Which I use, but I can't see what toner has to do with a mechanical part ripping through a liner of a fuser. In my mind this is poor manufacturing, and an excuse on Brother's part to not stand behind their products. I purchased the machine for $180.00. It will cost me $250 to fix. Now I know why Brother only offers a one year warranty...because that is how long their products last. My recommendation....DO NOT BUY BROTHER PRODUCTS!!!!

Posted by kvc

after 1st transfer .. 40 + min transfer wait time ( on cordless phone); then support suggests all of these maneuvers ( reboot, reinstall back to factory settings, etc, in between every suggestion, put on hold ( asking a more senior person or reading from a book?) comes back on.. after 1 1/2 hrs AND a supervisor, still problem NOT solved; support says they will have someone call me back the following day, we set appt; 1: 30 PM- No one calls back; I call back give case #, STILL PUT back on hold

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Brother printer/scanner/copier. I continue to have problems with the wireless setup. Brother online tech support is of little use. I have called, at least 4 times the corporate office in New Jersey. This time, I reached the receptionist who connected me with "escalated customer service" in the Presedent's office. An hour and half later I received a call from someone in the President's office who said they had no idea what "escalated customer service" was. He would not / could not refer me / transfer me to another dept. for help. I called back and got the same receptionist and told her what had happened. She laughed.

Posted by 2Doubloon

OMG are you serious. I brought a Brother printer Friday afternoon and am having trouble with iOS set up. I called until 9:00 pm that night but was on hold more than 1 1/2 hours until they closed. So I got up early this morning (East Coast 7:00am) only to get the recording that they are closed until Monday. Live chat is even unavailable. This is 2016 and are you serious. No wonder they can offer lifetime support, no is there so why not offer it. They aren't paying anyone. I will never purchase another Brother product of any kind and will spread the word. In fact, as soon as Office Depot opens, they will be the first to hear how bad the support is. I don't know if the printer is any good or not and will never have the chance to find out. Next time go with Canon or HP for sure.

Posted by Anonymous

tech support setting up wireless was useless. still not working after hours of trying.
I will never buy Brother again. I have had HP who were very helpful

Posted by disappointed

I was on Live Chat line hold for over 10 minutes even though I was next in que. Finally found a phone number from US site and called. I was told they did a survey and customers wanted the Chat Line service instead of talking to someone over the phone. I tried the Live Chat again and was sixth in que, waited for a couple of minutes and left.

Posted by Riles

This place is an absolute joke. I called customer support yesterday to get updated (SDS) Safety Data Sheet information and the customer service rep had no idea what I was talking about. I wasted 10 minutes of my life trying to explain to her what she should have already known only to have her act like she finally understood what I needed and she ask for my email address so she could send it to me.....guess what? Never received an email. That was her way of blowing me off. Here's a hint Brother...either train your damn staff or close down your customer service phone number. I'm embarrassed for you.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Had Four Wonderful Brother Fax Machine. And Loved Them. What I Do Not Love Is The Miserable Outsourcing To Many Countries,where Not Only Are They Outsourced By Labor Cuts That Cause Long Waits And Inexpererinced Works, While Nice To Talk To Are So Young, And Lack Knowledge For The Job They Are Doing. I Love The People Of The World, And Am Glad You All Have Jobs So What I Am Saying To The U.s. Company Brother. The Justice Dept In The Us Has Ada. The Boiler Rooms These Folks Work In Make It Hard For Me As A Hearing Impaired Person To Hear Them. Next Is The Long Wait Time And Wasted Hours Of Such. The Cominican Republic Is The Easiest To Understand, But Not Knowledge Based. The Phillipines Is The Same And Yet No One Knows What They Are Doing,and For A Simple Question There Is No Answer.also They Have No Cd's And They Are Needed. Dell Could Not Believe That I Had No Cd. If There Is An Award For The Worst Customer Service, Brother Wins, And It Should Be Moved Back To Nj.

Posted by Brother please dont use SCC

November 2015 - Brother using SCC.
2 month old printer failed 27/10. 3 engineers just didn't turn up. 1 ordered wrong part. No engineer ever turned up at allotted time - just appeared. Printer finally repaired 19 November.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Customer Serviced is not what it should be.

I get the impression that as long as you are making a good profit you don't care about the customers. Otherwise you would do much better than the present service available.

Please Provide service personal in North America that way the folks can understand our situation and problems much better than someone half way around the world

Posted by Anonymous

How difficult can it be to make a printer that is designed to connect to a mac book pro (wireless) ? Apparently, for Brother, it is very difficult. I had no problem connecting the printer to my other computer, a P.C. But I guess Brother just doesn't like Mac. I tried a number of times to get through to their customer service dept. English, in this case, is a second language. On hold for 45 minutes. Finally got through, Told my problem was 'software related.' Then was disconnected. To say brother's customer support effort is below par is being charitable. It is so bad, it can't be measured. Perhaps the problem lies, in part, that Kazufumi Ikeda (Brother's president) doesn't understand the American business culture. Who knows.


Posted by na

30 -60 minutes for support. I had a few simple questions and gave up waiting. I tried 6 times at different times of the day and night. All were the same results. I will nurchase another Brother product...not worth the wait times. BTW, once or if you get through, you can not understand a word they say and all they do is apologize for everything. SWITCHING TO DELL OR HP

Posted by Al_Syracuse

They agreed, in writing, to refund my purchase price because the printer simply does not work. They said as soon as they get the printer back they would give me a credit. When UPS tried to deliver the printer, they refused to accept it and instead asked that UPS hold it until some future, undefined, date. Clearly they do don't want to give me a refund. I think this is consumer fraud.

Posted by Sister M

Brother has THE worst -customer service. I was seeking assistance for instructions on how to set up wireless service for my Multi-Function Brother product model MFC-J450DW. After a 40 minute wait, the service technician admonished me because their system connected me to them (the hardware department) after I stated the correct model number. He offered to transfer to the correct department, and to a supervisor after I indicated to him -he may ...want to advise his supervisor: their customers are required hold for 40+ minute only to be informed their system routes customers to wrong departments. He indicated I would have to wait additional time to be connected to the right dept. After an additional hour wait, the technician was far more polite than the 1st, but ultimately after 2.5 hours on the phone, most it waiting for "Customer Service" he informed I would need to be contacted the next next day by support services located in the Philippines.. In summary, their customer support and service is just awful, plain and simple. If you are looking for an all in one printer/Fax/ copy/scan device, I would strongly recommend you choose another company altogether.

Posted by 1UnHappyCamper

I cannot believe the wait time to talk to a customer service rep. Going on 45 minutes.

Posted by annom

I bought a Brother MFC-J870DW printer to copy and print pictures. I used it two days with lots of frustration with paper jams and no paper feed. After each jam or no feed I had to wait for the printer to reset before another attempt to print. I called customer service waited 30 minutes for a rep. Them spent 1 hour going over all the procedures he needed still had the same problem. Then offered a reconditioned printer which has had a problem before. I will never buy another Brother Product again.

Posted by SOHO Guy

Long waits both on chat, (gave up) and phone, (over an hour). End result is that the technician did not know as much as I did. Offshore support, poor English. Printer stuck in continuous print, wouldn't stop. I'd already tried everything possible. To make matters worse, Brother has started using proprietary chip ink tanks that preclude the use of generic inks. Last time I'll buy a Brother.

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Posted by Sue

I've just spent almost an hour on the phone being helped by Patrick (in the Sydney support centre) with my rather old printer. He was helpful and patient. Such excellence in customer support is a good reason to but a Brother product. Sue (Melbourne)

Posted by Happy Customer

I have the Brother all-in-one printer, scanner, fax model MFCJ4510DW--which I just love--and the Brother FAX-575. I have had very few problems with each of them and even though my Fax is no longer under warrantee Brother still provides customer service.

Every time I have called Brother customer service and support I have gotten through pretty quickly and every customer service representative that I have spoken to has been just wonderful--extremely polite and extremely knowledgeable.

Posted by MJH2015

I could not access my new Brother scanner/copier/laser printer DCP-L2540DW via our quasi-home-network. I first called the Brother customer service line within 30 minutes of their 'closing time' and did not reach anyone. I called earlier the next day - reached someone fairly quickly, but was told I had to be transferred to another department; at that point I waited on-hold for nearly an hour. I obviously wasn't happy about the wait, but when the customer svc person answered, I could understand why the wait was so long.

The person was very knowledgeable and would not hang up until he was sure all the issues had been resolved. He walked me through the software installation (a 15 minute process) on my wife's laptop and confirmed printer access, then did the same for the installation on computer (both Windows 7-based). He also helped me set up wireless mobile device printing via our phones and iPad.

He helped me for 30-40 minutes, during which time I'm sure other people 'on hold' were going nuts, but I was appreciative of his ensuring everything was working as expected.

So if you can allow for crappy 'reachability', the service once contacting someone is fantastic.

Posted by kruzer

It is bizarre when I see all of the negative reports here. I have had Brother equipment for more than 10 years now, and they have NEVER failed to find a solution when I have called them! You always get someone who speaks English well, the problem always gets fixed, and there is no cost!! Brother simply has the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with.

Posted by Anonymous

I called customer service yesterday with a printing issue. After waiting on hold for a little while, I was put through to a very nice and patient woman. She walked me through every step, explaining every detail. She made it so easy for me to fix my issue. She understood how frustrating it can be, and apologized for the issue in the first place. Never have I talked to a customer service representative with better manners than the one I talked to yesterday with Brother!

Thank you so much!!!!

Posted by John

My experience was totally positive. I said "Operator" during the introductory message, and someone picked up after 2 rings. I told him my problem, he transferred me to the right support person and they got my printer back on line in about 3 minutes. This was one of my best customer service experiences.

Posted by KatieNevada

I have used several Brother printers between home and work; I also have a Brither serger. I prefer to buy Brother products because I find them relatively easy to contact. They will also help you with a problem after the warranty expires. I've contacted them 10 years later and gotten help. I have had an incident where I've had to call back and think the csr didn't quite understand the problem; the next one did. They email documentation on the fix so if it comes up again, you have what you need (and when you change networks, for instance, the same problem can come up again so it's nice to have that info. I can't think of a single other electronics company that will help you years after the warranty without having to pay them. In an ocean of non-support, I really appreciate them!

Posted by Anonymous

Today, Dec 4, 2013, I had a problem scanning documents on my Brothers All in One Machine, Model No. DCP-8080DN. I contacted Brothers and after a short period of time, the problem was resolved. However, later today, I couldn't print documents. I don't know if it was related to the help I received earlier in the day but I do know that the problem didn't exhist before. At 7:40 PM (EST) I placed a call to Brothers and I have been on hold for one hour 10 minutes. Enough is enough. If you don't have enough technicians to help, then I suggest you hire additional ones. Either that or wake up some of your people who are sleeping on duty.


Posted by None

Today 3-20-2013 I spoke with Anita via phone. She was not only knowledgeable, she was also very pleasant while assisting me regarding my lack of knowledge of using the Brother automatic threader. I felt that we were friends.

Thank you Anita.

Posted by legaldiva4999

Great customer service ! ! ! I have always purchased brother printers/fax/scanners and have never had a problem. when a problem did arise when it came to resetting the drum . . . customer service did an excellent job in walking me through the process. thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I just finished with a wonderful technical support experience with Brother. The support person was polite, quickly diagnosed the problem and helped me solve it over the telephone. Didn't charge me even though the fax machine is several years old and certainly no longer under warranty

Posted by Anonymous

Just a quick comment to say that I am so impressed with the customer service I've had over the years with respect to inquiries or issues I've had with my Brother's products. You are second to none! Your tech support people really know their stuff, provide play by play instructions as to how to correct a problem and are courteous and reliable. Bell and Rogers could certainly learn a few tips from you! Thanks again.

Posted by Bill

After dealing with customer support for many different manufacturers it occured to me that I found myself always comparing them to Brother so I thought I should mention it.
My experience with them has been very good overall. I especially appreciate that they support their products long after purchase when other companies can't wait to get to the point of saying "we can help but you have to pay $49 to get the help".

Posted by azmrclean5

our operator had us just take it through the clean cycle several times and it is working like new they saved me about a $150.00 service call we are really happy with Brother.

Posted by Steph012

I worked with a CS Rep named Jay. Very helpful, professional and personable. Waited on the phone for about 15 min's, which these days seems to be fairly normal.

Posted by Suzzz

For the people who said they had a bad experience, I would suggest calling back to get a different operator, don't judge the whole experience on just one person!! I didn't even wait one minute, after I said "operator" right off (in the phone tree)... I was lucky to get a good one on my first try and he was totally professional and solved my problem by having me clean a couple things inside the top cover with a lint free cloth and since I had tried to do troubleshooting myself and reinstalled another driver, one of my problems was that my settings had not been reset to "brother printer" it was not being sent to my printer (was set to a PDF) anyway he solved all my problems!

Posted by Doreen

I talked to Zieman in CS this morning and he was very helpful and polite. We are having an issue with our copier and the drum. He emailed me instructions and gave me the part #, so I could order a new one. Thank you!

Posted by Happy Customer

This is specifically for their help line in Canada. I bought a lightly used MFC printer - told them that, but was having some problems with the print quality and had some general questions. They were awesome. Diagnosed the problem and are sending me a new cartridge. Answered all my questions and suggested I get back to them if this doesn't resolve the problem. More than happy. Only downside - I used the chat line and it cuts out after inactivity quite quickly and it is only open 4 hrs a day - thus a downgrade for reachability - but I am extremely happy.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent service. After a paper jam I was getting "unable to print 36" error message. Called and the technician told me how to fix it. He was very polite.

Lift lid, move black square sensor box all the way to right side of printer and with a non-lint cloth (I used an eye glass cleaner) grip both sides of clear plastic sensor and wipe several times to clean. then re-check back of printer and clear any paper. Worked like a charm!

Posted by Anonymous

I was skeptical on what type of service I would receive after reading the posts. We have 2 MFC-9320's in our office. One printer had a dark black streak along left margin of each page printed. Was able to get through to a tech (Jose) within 3 mins who was able to help us fix the issue with a cleaning maneuver. Excellent service experience from Brother!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a MFC 255cw machine. It has never worked right. I finally got ahold of Brother and they walked me through some troubleshooting steps and they decided to replace my printer even though I have had it for almost 2 years. Thank you only compaint is they charged me a 50.00 hold on my CC and they said they would give it back when they recieved the machine back.

Posted by Pay Attention To The Instruction

My laptop had to go to the shop so I switched back to an old desktop that had not been turned on in several years. My MFC printer would not work even after updating the drivers and updating everything that I had on the CPU itself.

So I had to wait for CS to open today (Monday)

Had a very, very difficult time understanding the young man with whom I spoke but I cordially asked him to keep repeating until I understood him and he fixed the problem that I had been unable to solve alone and he did it very swiftly considering I couldn't understand a lot and had to have him repeat - sometimes 203 times. He was very courteous and patient and never indicated that I was annoying him by the fact that I could not understand him. He was very pleasant. I'm sure he had trouble understanding some of the things I said, too.

And it was STUPID on my part - I'd avoided unplugging the cord from the back of the MFC because it was a hassle to get behind it. I'd only unplugged it from the back of the CPU. If I'd followed the instructions that Brother gave on their FAQs on their site, I'd have fixed the problem myself.

So there. Following instructions would have saved everyone a lot of time. Pay Attention To The Instructions!

Posted by Jen

I've had my Brother mfc 490cw printer for a while and love it. When we got a new cable box I had problems with my computer not recognizing the network. Called customer support and they helped right away! I just wish I had called sooner. I will buy my son a Brother printer when he leaves for college.

Posted by Anonymous

It turns out that I had a defective toner cartridge for my machine. I called customer service, and spoke with a representative (in the united states!), who quickly diagnosed the problem. With little fuss, after a couple of simple trouble-shooting steps, they are sending me a new, prelacement catrtridge. It was the most pleasant and pain-free (and quickest) service call I have placed to any company, in a very long time. I would put them on-par with L.L. Bean!

Posted by magnusdoofus

Surprisingly, I received terrific service. I had a problem with my MFC7430 and called this number for help. The technician found a solution, walked me through some processes, and, voila!, no more problem. Couldn't be happier.

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Posted by yours truly

I can honestly say....yes the printers are crappy but they are cheap and support is free based on other companies. However, Brother has some of the dumbest customers ever. You guys do not read nor follow any type of directions. What school did you guys graduate from? It is insane how you contact Brother and not know how to use your own computer. It is ridiculous. Stop complaining and follow directions. Follow directions means to read and perform them. Not call in and lie saying you have done them nor do some of them. Read and do all of them. Geesh

Posted by post

Here is a helpful tip from a Brother agent, we don't mind if you don't know anything about computers, however, as long as you're willing to follow directions and you don't question our every move; you're ok!


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