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Brookstone customer service is ranked #791 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 26 ratings. This score rates Brookstone customer service and customer support as Terrible.


25 Negative Comments out of 26 Total Comments is 96.15%.


1 Positive Comment out of 26 Total Comments is 3.85%.

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    • 22.65 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 25 negative comments (96.15%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.85%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Eloise

I cancelled my order within the hour they still shipped, because it was a third party site. I am surprised they don't come with a return address sticker. Why should I have to pay shipping. I did order an upgrade. I cancelled the 1st order. Had I of been home when they delivered it I would have refused shipment.

Posted by Anonymous

The picture is very misleading I thought I was getting a couch I'm getting one piece

Posted by Carlos

Bought a Bluetooth speaker from brrokstone. Basically I bought a piece of crap for 150 bucks that is defective.
Can't return it because I don't have original packing box.
Absolutely disgraceful . Seems they have a lot of crap products.

Posted by Fred K

I ordered a ping pong robot after reading their "Easy Return" page on their Web site. The robot was defective and would shoot all balls off the table. There was nothing "Easy" about their return policy. I took it to a BrookStone store but they refused to take it back saying they didn't know what to do with it. In direct opposite of what the Web site says. Called the customer care center and they insisted that I was responsible for packaging and sending it back, including the shipping before they could refund the money. When I tried to draw the operator's attention to their Web statement, she hang up. Unbelievable and extremely rude to a customer. Please stay away from this store, specially for online purchases.

Posted by SOsad


I PAID $4000 for a Renew Zero Gravity massage chair and bought all the extra bells and whistles for the extra protection and then months later I see it at Costco for $2500 on the same chair
I am sick to my stomach.

I wanted to return the massage chair after 6 weeks of having it and they would NOT take it back because it was over the 30 days. I knew that I would be penalized $300 and I was ok with it. But still they would not take it back.
Do not buy from Brookstone. Go to a store that will accept a return and does not punish you hundreds of $$$.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered several of Brookstone's 'Cool It Fans' to take on my trip to China ( very hot / humid in July). As time came closer to departure, the fans had not arrived. I e-mailed Brookstone my concerns & they sent out, by express, my order, so I would have it in time for my trip. WOW !! All they asked was that I would mail back the original order when I returned. The fans were great, but the customer service was absolutely incredible !! Where have you had that level of concern & efficiency anywhere in the last 30 years ? Nowhere .I'm their customer for life . Renewed my faith in the business world.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow i was just going to order a fit bit online. Your return policy is terrible.

Posted by Anonymous

On June 3 I was flying to a funeral in Buffalo, New York and was changing planes in Charlotte airport and realized I had left my charger for my tablet at the office.

I stopped at your store #444 and was greeted by a very nice young lady, pulling out my tablet I showed her the port size I needed.

She found the one that fit and offered to take it out the packet so I could use it.

I rushed off to catch my next flight.

The flight was delayed a little and as I sat in my seat an American Airline employee stopped at my row and asked for Lorraine Deitchman, I acknowledge my name and in his hand was the tablet I had left at the store.

Not only did she go to the trouble to find me and the flight I was on but she made sure I received it before I left Charlotte.

This is above and beyond customer service and I want to thank you for hiring such a capable employee. She made my day and should be congratulated for her prompt and courteous service. The transaction was at 3:45 pm and I hope you pass on my thanks and many cudo's.

Lorraine Deitchman

Posted by hktom17

I can't even describe how frustrated I am with Brookstone. I brought a Osim U divineS on September 2015 and just after 2 months, the massage chair had broken down. I have waited more than 6 weeks for the technician to even show up to try repairing it. His excuses was that the parts need to be ordered and that I am not his only customer. However, he couldn't fix it even though he came to my house THREE times trying to have it fixed. Then, I called Brookstone and they finally decided to sent me a new one. After another 2 more weeks of waiting, the new chair finally delivered to my house. And guess what? It broke down AGAIN with the same issue. I have spent thousands of dollar on this chair and I felt like they were selling a piece of junk to me. I feel like the lifetime of the chair is only less than two months. This experience has been a nightmare to me. I am so sick of it already. They are wasting my time, energy and money! This is just absolutely ridiculous!!!!! I just can't believe it!!!!!

Posted by scooper9

We are currently on our third towel warmer from Brookstone that we have tried. � The reason we come back to it is because we are hoping one will work as described on the box. They do not always go on by pushing the button repeatedly and then once it is on it NEVER gets or stays hot longer than ten minutes. Definitely NOT long enough for one shower and NEVER for two. Every quality appliance that heats an item (i.e.: toaster, convection oven, stove....) keeps temperature for an adequate period of time. Is this caused by a design flaw or just 3 defective towel heaters? We trusted the product because it has a Brookstone late: Intertek . I can email pictures, if you wish. How can I get a good working towel warmer that meets customer requirements? � Thank you, Stu Cooper

Posted by Breuckleen

I am so disgusted and appalled by your company and the customer service that I am struggling to find the words to begin this letter.

February 15th, 2016 placed order number Seabrook Bed cappuccino king size. The next day I noticed I hadn�t received a confirmation email. I called your customer service department to inquire about my order on February 16th. During this inquiry, I discovered that the confirmation was sent to the wrong email address. We corrected the email address and the representative re-sent the confirmation email.

Upon receipt of this email, I notice the size of the bed was wrong as well as a missing apartment number from the shipping address. I called customer service again. This time, I was informed that due to the PayPal payment, I would not be able to revise the current order. I was instructed to cancel the order and in 3-5 business days, I would receive my refund and reorder. At this point, I was just annoyed, but I complied. I proceeded to cancel the order however, I informed them I would not reorder until I receive my refund which I was assured I would receive in 3 to 5 business days. Timing to me was very important for the receipt of this bed. My husband and I were due to complete the construction on our bedroom in a week. I purchased this early enough to have it delivered and put together upon the completion of the construction. After living extreme dust and other inconveniences, this was to be our refuge. Needless to say due to the many issues with this order my husband and I could dismiss from our minds the comfort of our new bed upon completion for the construction. Regardless of my follow-up, and due diligence.

The very next day (2/17/16) I received an email from your company with a tracking number. I called customer service again. This time, I was told that your inadequate staff did not send the message to the shipper until after the item was shipped. Yet another error made by your employees. I was then instructed to accept the shipment then send it back. I did as instructed.

After accepting the packages, I began looking into the return process. I was emailed one return label even though your company sent me two boxes. I called your customer service yet again, to get another shipping label for the second box. This call was placed March 2nd. Upon receipt of the second tracking number, I attempted to schedule a pick from my home where the bed was delivered with UPS. In order to do this, I needed to have an account number. I called your customer service center again. When I explained the entire situation I was told your company would schedule the pickup. The representative then asked, ââ?¬Å?Will you be homeââ?¬Â?. To which I answered, ââ?¬Å?What day?ââ?¬Â?.

She could not supply me with a date or time! I attempted to explain to her the lunacy of her question. How can I make sure I am home if you can't give a date or time window? She said she understood but this was all she could do. She went on to recommend dropping it off at a UPS location or leaving it outside for UPS to pick up. I went on to explain New York City living. This is a bus and train city and I cannot transport a 77lb box on the train or bus. I went on clarify how absurd it would be to leave a brand new bed still in the box on a New York City street or even in the hallway of my apartment building. She went on to say there was nothing more she could do. I was also told at this time that I would not receive my refund until your company received the receipt of the parcel.

After numerous phone calls I made to rectify your company�s countless errors, I realized your employees are incompetent and I filed a claim with Paypal. I explained to them that without a scheduled pick up time or date I could not assure that the packages would be returned. I went on to explain my need to reorder and how that wasn�t possible without my refund. I was then issued a refund and I reordered.

A few days later I received and email from Paypal stating if your company did not receive the parcels back my refund would be reversed. I called Paypal to remind them of the prior call I�d made, alerting them of your companies ridiculous shipping procedures. Now my refund has been reversed. I feel bamboozled into reordering. Your company issued my refund to get me to reorder then reversed it.

I am an avid online retail shopper with lots of friends that listen to my reviews on the items or companies I purchase from. Moving forward I will make it my life�s mission to make sure neither I nor my family and friends will NEVER order from your company again. Not only is your company and employees incompetent but you are deceitful misleading and unscrupulous!

Signed outraged by deceit,

Posted by suszanka

i bought the brookstone adjustable lighted magnifier for my husband. when we opened it the small tab that holds the battery was broken. it was missing a hinge. i told the lady behind the counter i just wanted to exchange it. i had the receipt and it was not even one month yet. she opens the box and the tab falls out. she then says " where is it broken? " i pointed to the tab and said its broke and wont hold the battery in place. she then says " well thats really unusual..we never sell anything thats broken " i told her i dont believe that . all stores can have a misshap. she goes " not this store " at that i just said " look just exchange it." what an idiot.i will never shop at the strongsville brookstone store again. she needs lessons in public relations skills. i have bought many many brookstone items on line, which is where i will shop from now on. her terrible skills will land the store to close and she will be out of a job if she doesnt change her tune. buying online is nice and thats what i will do from now on with this store.

Posted by Anonymous

For Christmas I gave my beer loving husband the FIZZICS for $169.99. Totally bummed when it made the beer flat completely opposite of what the description said it would do. Needless to say tomorrow 12/26/15 I will be calling customer service and sending this product back to them.

Posted by Penny Janiak

We ordered an Ollie for our son for Christmas. We just opened the box and inside were headphones. Our receipt says we purchased an Ollie. Now we are told we have to pay to return this item and get the correct one. HOW IS THIS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE?????? It was YOUR MISTAKE. We will never order from you again and will tell all our friends about this experience.

Posted by Anonymous

On Saturday, November 14, I made a purchase at your store located in the Treasure Coast Mall in Jensen Beach, Florida. I purchased the sand box and large container of pink sand as a Christmas present. I had my two year old granddaughter with me at the time. I was so frustrated by the transaction that I almost left the store. Evidently a new system of paying using your credit card with the security symbol on it is not working properly. The sales clerk tried for several minutes to get the transaction to work but the machine would not take it so she tried a different register, then called the manager who also tried without luck. The manager then called a tech support so finally after about 30 minutes of standing there, my transaction was complete. I will not visit Brookstone at this mall again - I wasted a lot of time and could actually have purchased those same items elsewhere.

Posted by Adam C.

Honestly brookstones return policy is complete I bought a Bluetooth keyboard and my little sibling wondered if it could bend past 180*. So since the package was open(and I had bought the two year plan) they would not accept it. Waste of my b-day money.

Posted by [email protected]

About five years ago I bought a full body massage chair from Brookstone. After two years it broke down. I have been trying since then to get it repaired. I got no help at all from Brookstone. I've been using g it as a catch all since. Decided to try again. Still getting run around and the information that it is no longer under warranty. It was when all this started. I am a 78 year widow, living ss. Doing my own yard work. I will NEVER do any business with Brookstone again!

Posted by Anonymous

Please have someone contact me. I am atin Jacksonville, Fl. I am trying to find merchandise I had and wanted more. The Avenue Mall here I called and they were no help. Love your stores, so unique and special. Respectfully submitted, Sheila M Phillips

Posted by Kim

I had a bad experience with Brookstone ..I recently bought something there brought it home.. Opened up the item and it did not work went straight back in the Brookstone with the receipt to return it The employee Christopher.. Told me they would not except the item back because it was open.. Even though I have the receipt.. Hi told him I would never return to the store ever again but he hold firm to their policy good for him lost a customer hope they lose way more than that.. And all the shopping done that before for holidays and gifts and for my own home i'll never returned of that store again that's for sure they can take their policy and shove it where the sun don't shine

Posted by Anonymous

Is there a reason why your call centers are still on MLK holiday break and not answering phone calls way past the actual day that you guys are saying you are on break?? Please fix that issue, so that customers can call and get real customer service!!!

Posted by brookstone lover 22

i all ways had great costermer service with brookstone. and i think that all of their products are well made and are good quality

Posted by N/A

I purchased a Brookstone Executive Bluetooth Keyboard Set awhile back. I went to power it up and there was no power cord in the box. This was purchased at your Woodland Mall location in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I did stop at the store and was told there was nothing they could do. That was a big disappointment. The only ID on the box or the keyboard is China 12257. Can you send me a power cord or a new unit? Thank you, Timothy Orange . I don' t talk on the telephone very much due to my Bipolar and PTSD difficulties.

Posted by Sally

Twice I have talked with a Customer Service person and twice they have promised to send me a label to use to return an item for credit card refunding. As of this morning, no label has come to my email account. I have checked "junk mail" as was suggested and nothing is there either.

Can I have action today? I am getting frustrated with your company.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had horrible issues with customer service the last 2 orders we placed with Brookstone. Problems both times not receiving what we ordered and the confusion on their end was unbelievable when trying to resolve. Our latest issue has resulted in the utmost in what not to do in customer service. I rarely ever write reviews, but I have to say, this is the worst CS I have ever experienced. We even received a call from them at one point asking that we call about the order and when returning their call, they had no idea who called or what for. They have all the signs of a business going down the tubes. If not already, it won't be long.

Posted by Unhappy

I have never been so disgusted with customer service from a major company. An order was placed on Dec. 8. Called on the 13(William), 18(Alicia), 22(Ashley) getting no where it seems. Also on the 22, spoke to Jaime(supervisor) whose first comment was (I'll credit the order). I cannot believe someone like this holds such a position.

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Posted by Contact help

I am so grateful for the help i had recently from the store manager at #074 in Boca Raton FL. My fitbit was not displaying the correct time and was resisting getting the problem fixed. Jorge Rubero did not give up when it appeared I would not be able to get the correct time on my Heart Surge model.
It is unusual to get Customer Service of this quality especially since it did not appear that I was in the store to make a purchase. I will line remember his good humor and, most of all, his determination to make all things right.

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Posted by SuperShopper 1987

I have a dear friend who is currently working at the Brookstone store located in Woodland Mall Grand Rapids Mi. Everyday this person is berated and talked down to by their superiors. My friend has proven his sales abilities and gets along with everyone. I personally will NEVER shop at Brookstone and will tell EVERYBODY that I know to NOT SHOP THERE either. Your company should be ashamed of it's employment practices as well as hiring incompetent/rude/disrespectful managers.


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