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Posted by Anonymous

I am having returnjourney confirmed ticket pnr no to travel back on now I wish to prepone to 10-9-2018 may I know what is procedure how much I will lose

Posted by Anonymous

Hi Customer Service
I am puzzled by this attitude of your finance . The bank information was given to you on 8 January 2018 and you told me payment be in 4 weeks but on 8 February 2018, you again ask for my bank information. Without argument I resend the bank information to you again on 9 February and today you ask me to wait another 4 weeks? Is this the way you all going to keep delaying my compensation.
Can you give the authorize person in charge, I am very disappointed and want to file a complaint to him/ her
Please give me payment immediately or I am going to pestering you and your management in charge from now no
I see no reason for this delay as I have provided necessary bank information on 8 January 2018 through èè£ and without reasoning he came back and request for bank information on 6 February 2018 . Appreciate your kind attention immediately

Posted by JA

I kept all my receipts, scanned them and filled out the forms from the May technical shutdown. I have submitted everything twice and heard nothing! It is now September. What can we do? Frustrated! JA

Posted by Terry

Where will I find the application from for requesting a refund during the day of the BA IT failure (27 May 2017)? I received an sms stating I could claim within six months of this date.

Posted by JOHN

This is John A. Simpson. My wife and I flew Brit Air from London to Paris on Friday

7-28-17. My suitcase never made it to Paris. We were in France until Wednesday

8-2-17 when we flew back to London and to the States on the 3rd. It is now 8-11-17 and I still do not have my bag! I have spoken to Brit Air Customer Relations on numerous occasions during this period. I've been told my bag has been located and it was in Paris, then in London, then...I lost track after the first round or two of calls. Bottom line is: Has my bag been found or has it be lost, completely? This has been a really frustrating experience and I want to either get my bag asap or just go ahead and file a claim for my bag and all of its contents. How should I go about filing such a claim, given the Brit Air website seems to always be down and not working for the purpose of filing a claim? Also, what limitations dollar-wise does Brit Air cover for losses. We're looking at around $3,000 to $3,400 in losses. Please offer me the courtesy of a quick reply which will be forthright and honest. The information I've been given thus far has been questionable at best. The tracking of my lost bag has not been updated since 8-8-17, yet I've had conversations w/ Brit Air during this time and most recently was told my bag was at Heathrow in London and was awaiting a flight to the States to Charlotte Douglas International Airport in NC.

Thank you for your quick reply to this note, today 8-11-17.


Posted by NotHappy

I am still waiting for compensation payments for cancelled flights over the weekend of 27/28 May 2017. When I spoke to your representative, Gareth, on 1 June I was told that I would receive compensation within ten days. I was not sent email confirmation of this, nor have I been able to get through to BA Refunds on the telephone.
Meanwhile I shall shortly be paying interest on my credit card on the amount of £381 plus £7.19 non-sterling transaction charges, a total of £388.19, which BA owe me.

Posted by RJDalgleish

This is useless service. I require a refund for UZ34EE return section on Flybee EDI-WIC on the 03/07/2017 for Mr Ray Dalgleish I have tried to do this one line on ESS staff Travel on line.

I spoke to BA Staff Travel who referred me to you people but there is no help here that I can see. I would like to know whio will action the Refund. thank you

Posted by Jmemagwa

BA cancelled my flight and also my connection,12 hours before boarding,when i contacted customer service i was told price line had cancelled the flight. I had to go to the BA desk at the airport to find out what was going on, I was told they had put me on an american airlines flight, American knew nothing about flights. After a whole lot of back and forward BA said that they cancelled for operational reasons. So that meant that their customer service agent lied about priceline cancelling. This whole experiance has put me off BA for good, and that their service hagents will just lie to get you off of the line.

Posted by COE Refunds

Where is BA refund department

Posted by Bob

My neighbor has purchased a ticket to Istanbul. She has a 6 moth old puppy and has been told British Airways does not allow animals. She paid $900 for this ticket and has been told she cannot get a refund. She is a senior citizen and does not have an extra $900 to give away. I lived in England and flew home and brought two Yorkshire dogs home with me and I flew on BA. Who can I contact to help her get her money back.

Posted by Karen Jenkinson

BA are definitely not Customer Friendly when it comes to change of dates due to problems. They cancelled my return flight, they wouldn't' change my existing fly out date, even Easyjet and Ryan Air are more customer focuses !

Even though I paid for my out flight and return flight, they cancelled my return flight without informing me BA2632, I paid for both and BA kept my money ! I went to check in and discovered they had cancelled my flight when I called BA customer service, they were totally not interested and couldn't help.

Posted by giri naidu

my wife and 3 months infant travelling from Charlotte (NC USA ) to Chennai (INDIA) .my son had a US passport and my wife's US visa was expired a year back ...the itenary was American airlines from charlotte to Washington DC and from DC to London by BA292 and London to Chennai by BA35 .. they were allowed to board on the first AA flight and did not allow them to board on BA stating that, my wife require a transit Visa for London, eventhough they stay inside airport and change the flight ...I was not communicated while booking the tkt ...

I called to for refund ...they did not agree on it, stating it is passenger responsibility .. I was not even asked for VISA status while I book the tkt ...I was assuming they had Indian passport to fly india... on top of that the AA airlines, did not validate my wife's visa, eventhough the infact's visa validated .... so I would request not to travel with BA .com
please never fly with British airways .... I would prefer to choose Qatar or Emirites ...

Posted by Jockman

As if the flight experience was not bad enough - bumped from pre paid seats, poor in flight service and insincere staff, the complaints dept drags it heels and makes hollow apologies and gestures, breaks promises and ultimatley tells lies...

This used to be a World class airline..under the new boss Alex Cruz they are going discount carrier but at full price levels...after 40 years I am done with them!

Posted by mr allan david morley

can I claim ba airways for making to stand for 8hrs on a flight from London heathrow to Chicago ohare I paid for legroom was moved to world traveller plus I sat down for take then I got cramps in my legs I'm a man 6ft5ins the seat wasn't any good to me when I asked to be moved the cabin crew ingored my request the flight was ba 0297 I was treated like a dog

Posted by atldxb

I had a medical emergency and had to have my bags offloaded while I got off the plane (this was during boarding process). BA REFUSED to reimburse me or at least give me a credit to fly again on a future date! I provided numerous medical certificates and documents and STILL no go. I even contested the charge with my bank and BA fought with them claiming that they were entitled to NOT refund me despite my medical emergency. In the end, I didn't get a single cent of credit or refund. I will NEVER fly with BA ever again.

Posted by ihaveba

BA are dreadful, 3 flights cancelled this week and they just shunt you onto another like they are doing you a favour

Posted by tozzy

BA cancelled my flight on the 16th March, 2 long queue waiting phonecalls an email and a complaint survey and still no money. 1st june 2016. They are the worst airline to deal with!!! BA obviously stands for BUGGER ALL!!

Posted by AF

Absolutely appalling service from British Airways. I was planning to go to Nassau in February, and bought direct flight tickets via BA, when we arrived at the Airport, we were denied boarding, as the flight had been overbooked. We were re-routed via Miami, with promise that overnight accommodation would be provided. When we arrived, we realised that there was no overnight accommodation for us, and no BA staff to help either, and therefore had to get accommodation at our own expenses. What was worse, we realised that our onward flight had not been secured by BA, and therefore had to again buy our own tickets, even though we had already paid for this flight. BA Customer Services blatantly refused to help, and refused to reimburse expenses, despite all receipts being mailed to them. I am currently in the process of escalating the matters. Will not be flying with this pathetic Airline ever again.

Posted by Klara

I was supposed to fly British Airways morning flight from Munich to London on February 27, 2016. There was a huge (1 h and 30 min) line to go through the Passport Control in the Munich airport. As the result, I was at the gate 20 min before the scheduled departure, but the BA gate employees told me that I would not be able to board the plane because the bus that delivered the passengers to the plane had already left, and there was no other bus. They did not seem to be interested in finding a way to get me to the plane, nor in offering me any words of apology. They told me to get out and buy a new ticket. I asked them to help me rebook the ticket for the next available flight. The BA rep (who turned out to be a supervisor) told me the following: "I am not here to take care of you". I could not believe my ears. After several rounds of arguments, she decided to do me a favor and rebook my ticket. She told me that she was also doing me a favor and waived the ticket price difference, however, I had to pay an 80 euro rebooking fee. I was appalled, but I had no choice. So I paid the fee, but I felt that BA took advantage of my situation to extort the money. I was late for flights before (due to the circumstances out of my control), and those airlines always rebooked my tickets willingly and for free. When I returned to the US, I decided to complain about the non-existent customer service in Munich and to get the 80 euro refund. I was very naïve. The customer service rep I talked to on the phone did not want to listen to any explanation on how it was not my fault that I missed the flight, and therefore she did not want to give me the refund. When I asked her name, she gave me a very quick answer. I did not catch her last name, and asked her to spell it for me. She hanged up the phone! Her name was something like Sue Harrington, or Sue Arrington, etc. I called the customer service number again, and asked for the manager. Of course, I never got to talk to the manager, however, the second rep David was very nice. At least, he listened to my explanation, and opened a compliant case for me. However, I have not received my refund yet. I already know what kind of response I am going to get. In addition to a refund, I also asked for an official apology for being treated rudely. I have not received it yet either. I will never fly BA again. It is very strange that British Airways do not try to keep their current clients happy. It is well known, that keeping current clients happy costs way less than acquiring new clients. I guess, British Airways do not know this (yet!).

Posted by No

I have waited 18 working days for BA to refund nearly £900 of my money! Still no refund. Never again will I fly BA

Posted by David

I was injured in a road accident so my wife and I were unable to join my son on a booked flight to the USA. I tried to claim on my travel insurance for mine and my wifes unused tickets, but my son who booked the flights was told as he paid with a combination of cash and his Air Miles we couldn't claim the cash element back which was less than mine and my wifes tickets cost! Is this correct, if so why?

Posted by HaKa

I tried to book an oversea flight but the website just would not let enter my payment. They send me 3 emails to tell me how much they want me to book that flight and even offered a discount with my frequent flyer miles. Clicking on their link provided an error message that this flight was not available. I finally called and after some wait was told they might have some glitches. I could book the flight over the phone and the service charge would gracefully waved but the price would be roughly $100 more. Then the agent's computer crashed and had to call back. I was told the old price was 1 hour ago (that is how long it took me to talk to a person) and the price has gone up and would go further up the longer I wait. They refused to honor the web price whereas I gracefully declined to book with them. I checked back 1 hour later and lo and behold my original price was still available and this time I actually could have booked. But I went to United instead and saved an additional $100 to the best BA price with a comparable itinerary. It was not my preferred arrival time but I figured that the extra $100 will buy me plenty coffee maybe even a massage...
This better not be a scam to squeeze more money out of customers

Posted by Joe

British Airways provides absolutely ZERO customer service.
My daughter in-law was flying out of China on her honeymoon and BA wouldn't let her board the aircraft with her husband (my son) because the ticket was booked in her English name (recently married) and not her Chinese name. I can understand this to a point but my son had to board the aircraft and leave her behind in Shanghai, hundreds of miles from home, on her honeymoon!!!
How insensitive can you be. BA cancelled the flight (both legs) and are refusing to refund the flight which we are contesting.
My advice is DEFINITELY NOT to fly with this airline - We now fly Air Chine or Virgin which is much much much better - BA doesn't even understand the meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Booked two seats in the emergency exit row at £15 per seat British airways changed the aircraft so we no longer had the seats we had booked. I applied for a refund and on two occasions was told it was going through but received nothing. Contacted so called customers services to be told by a somewhat off hand woman (obviously does not understand the concept of customer service) that I was not entitled to a refund despite the fact that I did not get what I had paid extra to get. Avery poor experience all round.

Posted by Harith

I could not find a place to post my review and warn people to book on the British Airways unless here.
From my sincere heart I would advise people not to book on this airways. It is not only me who did not believe on the weak rate given; my experience with this big thief let me feel Yes the weak rate shown on this website for BA is really right and reflects the awful airways.
I am writing these letters and I really feel sorry of my initiative to book through them. Now I believe that it was my first and last time to book a flight via BA.
The story starts in September when I booked a flight before half a month.I cancelled my booking when I knew that my single visa to London is missing my father's name. I called British Airways claiming for refunds as I participated to be a member on their executive club. Firstly the officer told me to hold on for two minutes as he goes to ask his manager and he came back to me after 15 minutes. He repeated the same holds on with me for three times. My call took me more than 40 minutes just to claim for refunds.
Secondly he told me that i get a refund of 40 euros only. I complainted to him that this is really disappointing. I did not cancel my flight but because of the visa it is cancelled and they go a report from the airport checkin desk. Then he let me wait to ask his manager for another choice and he told me after 15 minutes of holding on that i can be given reschedule flight but provided with conditions as follows:
I must reschedule on that day of calling them
I can not give my ticket to any one or change my name
They will charge me over the reschedule service taxes of around 120 euros.
The reschduled tickets should not exceed the original booking fare and I pay the difference in cost.
If I reschedule for the flight with lesser fare than the original one, they will not pay me any pence.
I was astonished with their reply. They oblige me to travel again even if i do not want to. And they want me to use their flight and requires high service taxes over the reschedule booking.
At this time I believed that really they are playing with customers and stealing their money. I really have not thought that there is a A flight company staling its customer in our world.
I was thinking as British Airways is a good Airways but from this experience I share it with previous complaints against this Airways is a sufficient evidence to let the people who read my post to change their minds and travel with other Flight Airways.
I am reflecting my own experience to warn people from this airways. Their Airways is like a spiderweb where customers get trapped.
Sorry for taking your time and hope readers think carefully and read other's complaints against this Disgusting Airways.

Add your review!

Posted by Aleena

Hello - I am writing to let you know that Elena Das was extremely helpful to me yesterday in my customer service call yesterday . She is the only one out of the 6 other agents I spoke to who was able to get me to sit with my mother and 1.5 year old son - thank you.

Posted by laura

Dear British Airways,
I tried to send a letter prior to this but it didn't go through.
First I would like to Thank!! Everyone at British Airways!!From the tower to the mechanics,the pilots everyone!!!For a safe journey for my son.My mother is very sick on hospice,and my son had to travel to Thailand at this time.I was very nervous but the flight tracker helped me and my husband feel better during his very long flight.I wish I could give each one of you a Big Hug!!!
Thank You!!Thank You!!Thank You!!!Outstanding!!With All My Heart!!!!
British Airways 202 Boeing 747 Boston to London Jun.23/15 and British Airways 9 Boeing 777 London to Bangkok Jun.24/15
With Love & Appreciation,
Laura Forrestal

Posted by Anonymous

Dear British Airways Team,
I wish to express my immense gratitude and appreciation to the flight crew of BA 238, flying from Boston to Heathrow on 8 th December 2013.
The crew handled the emergency expertly and professionally when I fainted about two hours into the flight. This action went a long way to save my life. I was given extra medical attention on that flight and was even surprised at how they coordinated the health response on the ground when the flight finally arrived in Heathrow. I was immediately transported to Hillingdon Hospital and received further medical attention to ensure I was ok before catching the next flight to my home country in Accra Ghana on 9th December All transit arrangements and flight changes were coordinated and arranged by the flight crew of BA 238 Boston to Heathrow.

Thank you so much. BA will definitely be my only preferred airline from now, as well as for my family and company.

Prof. Philip O.Yeboah

Posted by CAPT. KIBOI J.P.

I Recently Flew On Ba228 On November 15 2013, With My Wife From Baltimore To London Heathrow And At Flight Check-in Met Staff Member Mr Brian Reidy, Flight Dispatcher, Helping Out At Check-in Desk And He Was Wonderful, Really A Good Hearted Man!!! He Gave Us Such A Good Service That I Must Ask Ba Concerned Staff Section To Let Him Know He Did A Good Job!!!

After Boarding The Flight Ba228 And Settling Down, In-flight Cabin Staff Were Equally Good And In Particular Again Mr Ian Morgan, A Cabin Crew With Very Good Public Relations Attitude And Excellent On Board Service!!! Please Thank The Two Ba Staff Members Mentioned, On Our Behalf And I Can Assure You They Are Dedicated Staff Members To Pleasing Customers.
Captain Kiboi J. Peter And Pleased Madam.

Posted by Happy customer

We were on holiday in Israel & due to the conflict our travel company said we were to be evacuated from Jerusalem. We were booked onto BA flight 164 on Sat 17th Nov 2012 from Tel Aviv & the flight was excellent as were the flight attendants. We cannot thank BA enough for their first class treatment. We have used many other carriers but none compare to BA. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

We travelled on a flight from gat wick to Antigua on 18 October on ba 2157

Your in flight staff where excellent in particular a flight attendant named Sheila. She went the extra mile to ensure I was comfortable because I have phobia of flying. Due to your online system crashing I was unable to sit with my sister. Sheila arranged temporary seating for take off and landing so I was close to my sister. Throughout the light she continued o suport and reassure me.

Please pass on a huge thank you to her. I will never travel

with virgin again.!!!

Donna brown

Posted by Anonymous

After reading so many negative comments I'm feeling blessed that British Airways didn't screw up anything on my trip. The staff were always pleasant. The food on the plane was free and delicious and in comparrison to my dealings with Air Canada.... British Airways shines....

Posted by Anonymous

On March 23rd I checked in for flight BA255 with a group of students and a large amount of luggage at Terminal 5. We were assisted through this lengthy check-in process by three staff whose help and support was outstanding. They were Raji Nair (check in) Tracy Cubitt (check in) and Sue Fuller (Customer Services Duty Manager)
They were excellent in all areas, patient with 26 in the group and 60 bags to check in, helpful and really well organised.
I would like to pass my thanks on them directly and hope that they receive some recognition for their superb Customer Services.
Thank you
Sue Pomeroy
The Wye Valley School

Posted by Anonymous

Recently my son and I were scheduled to fly Aberdeen-Heathrow-Boston and decided to use only the London-Boston portion of the flight causing all sorts of issues of cancelling that portion since there was a no-show in Aberdeen. The cost change was going to be around $1000.00 but fortunately a Ms. Amanda Goeenann, in Terminal 5, came and helped us out and was able to make the changes at no cost to us: she was amazing, gracious and deserves high praises from BA which I hope that this gets forwarded to her.We will certainly continue flying BA. Best, Tony Clark

Posted by Anonymous

Dear sirs and madams
We really want to thank you for your great help!!
On August 5th, 2011, our daughter Hanna Vorreiter and her friend Magdalena Pfeifenberger (both aged 15) missed their plane (flight Nr BA0952, 12.45) from London Heathrow to Munich. As it was their first flight they were really upset.
Fortunately Gina ? of the customer help service and the manager Nick ? were so kind as to sort out things and book a new flight for them two hours later.
Maybe there is a chance for you to pass on our thanks to them. British Arways proved a reliable airline and excelled in customer service!!
Best regards Robert Vorreiter

Posted by equiprx

Absolutely the best. I won a Free trip back in 1987 and they treated the winners like gold. First class accommodations and business class seats. Free drinks and food that was as five star as you can get on board a plane.

Posted by verticallander

I am uncertain what circumstances surrounded any of the rather severe criticisms out here.
I and my wife have taken several International trips on BA. Everything went smoothly and courteously, from making the initial contacts for information to picking up our luggage upon our return from homes. I include hours of help form the US customer Service trying to help me rectify a gross error in ticketing visited upon us by making the mistakeof booking thru Expedia.

Posted by Anonymous

On the 10th Nov I travelled on flight BA0219 to Denver I'd like to say what a pleasure it was to be served by your stewardess Laura she is a credit to the airline good at her job and always a smile,likewise on the return on the 24th BA0218 Sarah was happy and ready to help. One complained my headphone socket was broken so was unable to use the inflight entertainment on the return.

Posted by Anonymous

Fantastic customer service was given by one of the stewards on a flight from Helsinki to Heathrow on 11th November. Flight was delayed due to high winds at Heathrow and steward found out that my connecting flight had also been delayed, which was good and also moved me to be closer to the exit so I could get off quickly to hopefully make connection. He was fantastic and really went out of his way to help me.

Posted by Anonymous

I experienced wonderful help from an "Irene"
on the web support line July 23 with a booking from Boston to London. My server was not co-operating. She could not have been more helpful. She said her agent sign was AU and I believe a Jackson was her Supervisor. My wife and I fly to London on BA every either June or Oct., and we always
have good flights; but this lady was out-
standing, patient, and competent to the max!

Posted by penny

My sons flight was cancelled due to the strike, but after ringing customer services was re-booked on another flight enabling him to catch his connection to Hong Kong.

Great service and the women he spoke to him was not only professional, but also kind and very helpful.

Thank you very much.


Posted by Philippa Lyons

I flew recently from Terminal 5 at LHR to YVR in Canada on BA 85 (or 84...I can't remember which one returns from the UK to vancouver), on Dec 1st 2008
I wanted to pass on thanks to one of the Stewards, 'George'. He provided excellent service, going above and beyond. He won't remember me since I had no special needs or requests...but I think thats why I am writing because his general care and approach was so good. If he represents BA then he does the airline proud.
If you have a way of checking the cabin crew on that flight and identifying George...who had no last name on his name badge, then please pass on my thanks. Service like that should be recognised.
I will without doubt return to flying BA.
kind regards,
Philippa Lyons
[email protected]

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Posted by maryn

I cannot believe BA do not have bereavement fares - must be the only airline that does not. And for BA employees no less!!!!


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