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10 Positive Comments out of 125 Total Comments is 8.00%.

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    • 36.20 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 115 negative comments (92.00%)
    • 10 positive comments (8.00%)
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Posted by Bright House

Brighthouse Networks has been succefully disrespecting me as a customer and acting very unethical. One day in July 2016 my Internet completely stopped working. We called and scheduled a technician come in. First, they never showed up on time and smtms even the same day. I am saying they because it took like 10 different technicians and about a month without Intenrnet to figure out that we had been disconnected because specifically our wire was creating a noise for other consumers. Regardless of disconnecting us, so that all other customers in our community could have Internet, they never informed us about the issue and just kept charging and sending technicians our way in a very disorganized manner. I could not believe my years when the company refused to fix the issue and just said that I should just stop using them. I called and asked for refund for August and July (yes they charged me for two months in a row, while being disconnected), they said that if I want my money back, I would need to close an account, but I shouldn't, because somebody named Heidi said she was going to give me a good rate when the issue is resolved and promised to try and fix it, but stop charging me until they fix it!!! Two months later I've come to find out they charged me for September and October again!!!!! When I called, the MANAGER told me that Heidi didn't put any notes there and regardless of me using their service or not, they have already billed me for the two months and there is not way to give me a refund since I haven't closed my account. After speaking with at least 10 managers and different representatives, and explaining my story all over again, I realized that this company is just simply robbing people. I could not believe my years, with the way they spoke to me and in what they had to say. Basically, they disconnected me, refused to fix the issue, promised not to charge, but kept charging the money, and when I asked for refund they told me I had no rights to get my money back... Still can't believe this is happening in 21st century in a country of hope.

Posted by FedUp

We have been a BH customer for 20 years. We have NO OTHER CHOICE b/c of our location. Connectivity has been up and down, but mostly down. Although I am not a fan of Charter (from experiences in Auburn, AL) I was hopeful that Charter buying BH would improve service. NOT. And, it is worse. I work from home and HAVE to have a fast, secure, reliable network connection. I'm not putting one of those ugly disks in my yard b/c, with all the trees and wind, these go out consistenly. People in local office have the worst F2F service I have ever encountered. We have at least three cables "buried" in our yard, but they bury them so shallow, the become visible. So, mowing the yard is risky, trying to avoid the orange cable. The CS service folks are nice but they obviously can do very little with such crappy service. Trapped and handcuffed!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Brighthouse needs to consider a senior citizen bundle for $100/mo. total charges. Most seniors are on a fixed income. I believe such a package would draw seniors by the droves and would make a dazzling marketing strategy. My oringinal package was about $100, but has crept up $150. Ihad repeatedly told customer service of the idea and that when charges are inflated over $150, I'd be looking for another service. This last month bill broke $150 and I am looking.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst cable company ever poor service . Now they have deleted tv land lmn Gee my bill didn't go down . Now you have to go digital to get all stations. Bright house is the WORST

Posted by Anonymous

I have never seen such bad customer service as with Brighthouse, no one seems to know there job, or get it right. I think they spin a wheel to give you a price on a package. I guess it all depends what day you call.

Posted by fedup

Absolutely the worst cable tv/internet service I have ever had. I pay for standard internet and cable - nothing fancy and I expect it to work. I had Comcast for 10 years prior to moving here only had their standard services and rarely had a problem. Bright House's internet speed is worse than dial up. I am a die hard television watcher and am on a very tight budget. I am considering cutting them off and getting an antenna. I have Tivo, which I have had since the year they first came out, everything always worked great on any cable company I had but on Bright House, forget it. And when I moved from one apartment to another in a different part of town, it took 3 phone calls for me to be able to even get into my account again to see what my bill was. I hate this company, and as soon as I am able to figure out a more viable option, I am done with them.

Posted by dave

It works it dont it does it dont.
Commercial business customer.
They have been here 6 times in one year.
I think 2 tin cans and some string would be better.

Posted by cdr1182

Closed out my mothers account . I returned all equipment and was told there was a small amount owed(under $2.00)and that it would be written off. The following month I rec'd a bill for double the amount. When I called customer service they said they(or a supervisor) couldn't credit me as the account was closed and that now it was past due(hence the doubled amount).
Not impressed.

Posted by Anonymous

Have been through 8 dvr boxes in 2.5 years. They are old rebuilt boxes and was just told the box put in last week can't show the center ice package. Now considering Dish tv.

Posted by CJ

I've had Brighthouse in Pinellas for many years and in one word the experience has been terrible! The speeds vary between slow and stopped, with prices constantly increasing. We have needed regular visits by technicians to repair the substandard installation (wire across the lawn...). They have now been fired and the whole family is celebrating! I'm not joking about this and how sad is it that my wife and children are having a party in celebration of firing Brighthouse!

Posted by Anonymous

Ther e is a bright house employee that drives a tan color small van. He is extremely rude on the road. He almost ran me off the road twice today at 7:35 am. He will pull out in front of you then blame you ( the other driver). Becairful when you see a bright house tan van in Kissimmee Fl. 34741. I would never allow him near my family or friends. And I will neaver recamen Bright House to anyone.

Posted by awanaray

Bright House customer service does not exist. They all tell lie after lie on why they can not do something. Try calling them, you reach a computer that conveniently can not record anything correctly. Normally, it takes a minimum of 20 minutes until reaching a live person. Then, that live person can not do anything to actually assist the customer!

Posted by Anonymous

Brighthouse customer pay to much money for the same movies to be on week after week.we deserve to be treated better as being your need to make some changes,because I am very dissapointed,not getting what qe are paying for

Posted by Anonymous

Bright House service and quality is horrible. When I am on line at my roadrunner account, I cannot even delete messages without it taking a very very long time and many times of closing and opening the browser. Now with Gmail, I do not have the same problem. In fact, my Verizon hot spot is faster than Bright House when I compare them side by side using my laptop with the hot spot.I am looking hard at finding another provider because I am fed up with paying for lousy service.

Posted by Anonymous

[Internet] Bright House: Issue everyone may need to know/benefit from
For almost a year I have had the 150 internet plan with bright house.
This was about 108 a month just for the wifi part of the bill.
Everyone wants the most bang for their buck and to get the best features for their plan/price.
I had run into issues with loosing a signal before and a technician has come out and replaced the modem.
Turns out this entire time on the 150 plan you have a better modem which gives better coverage on how far your signal reaches/echo built in, hot spot capable, and 2 different signals, ports, bigger, better, faster modem.

No one had ever installed this better modem that is the standard instal for the 150 plan. I had the modem for the 75 plan.
this makes a big difference to me as a customer i want the best I can get for what I pay for.
The 75 plan would have been about 15 dollars less for me a month. That means for almost a year I have had a modem that does less when i am paying for more.
bright house argued their case with me over the phone that the 75 smaller modem could handle the 150 plan when it comes to speed and that I wasn't missing out.
Of corse they are going to say this when its an issue that to me should have been resolved with a 15 dollar credit for every month they had me on the modem not assigned to the plan I was paying for.
Instead they ended the phone call with me with no credit at all and during the call (the manager put on the line with me) tried blaming their technicians and phone support operators for basically leading me to believe that the other box meant i wasn't getting my full service.
I informed them that if i had known there was an upgraded modem available (that should have been installed since last june -which they admitted) I would have wanted that option but was unaware till this recent tech came to my house because i had lost all signal.
Even when a tech came months earlier he did not replace or offer me the better box.
I didn't even know that echo comes with my plan which they even told me today which is another option i have been missing out on with the smaller modem for the 75 plan. Having a better signal and echo could have helped me this whole time because I work out in my garage and the signal is weak so I have been placing the modem in awkward part of the house just to try and get a better signal to the garage when this whole time i could have had a clear longer range signal with the modem I was paying for this last year.

Be sure and check your modem, make sure the same thing isn't happening to you.
We all want to get what we pay for not pay more and find out we should have had something better.
I am disappointed in the way they handled this. I was nice the entire time on the phone and perhaps that is where I went wrong.
Maybe this proves the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If they put half the energy they did into getting me off the phone and dancing their way out of the situation (even blaming their own team) as they could have into finding some sort of credit resolution for my disappointment for a year of not having a better modem... this could have been resolved and forgotten.

Learn from my experience and don't rely on them to do the right thing. One of their employees agreed with me and next thing I knew they put a manager on the phone so that I wouldn't get the credit she also felt I deserved.

Posted by chris curley

I Called Brighthouse Due To Problems With Their Contact Number.the Operartice I Talked To At 4;50 A.m Named Jessica Was Rude,incompetent And Refused To Help Me With My Problem And Eventually Hung Up On Me After Insulting Me.

Posted by likerah

Brighthouse has to be the worst cable company I have ever worked with. Never have I had to call numerous of times to get problems resolved. They have a lengthy process for any resolution to the problem. Take my advice go to Direct TV or Dish save yourself the time and money!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

After having a DVR installed, I have very poor recording quality. After having four different technicians at my home telling me a different story (one technician rebuilt the wrong box), I still do not have recording capability. I was told by the last one that I need new lines in the house. This has entailed another cumbersome attempt to make appointments. No one is accountable. I speak to a different person every time. There was no follow up phone number when I missed the call from the Line Supervisor who did not leave a phone number that I could return a call to him. I am very discouraged at this point. There is no accountability and the follow up is terrible. Poor customer service.

Posted by Bull

I've spent over three hours on the phone with them regarding the return of two digital adapters. I finally had to call their corporate offices in E. Syracuse, NY and finally got a call back.

All they do is keep increasing your costs of service, but the quality of service keeps going down hill.

Posted by RickFLA

This review is based on my opinions and experience with Bright House. The quality of service has steadily declined over the years to the point now that it is horrible. My last cable box had to be rebooted several times a week. It was not recording shows at times. I finally broke down and told them I wanted a new cable box. I HATE having them come to the house because they walk in and out several times and never have the courtesy to wipe their feet. They brought a brand new box and a new modem for my phone/internet. Since putting the new modem in, I had to call in 3 times because I had no dial tone. Also, I have a constant buzz on my phone. As for the brand new cable box. I have had to reboot it 4 times already and I have only had it a month. It has missed recording some shows that I had set up to tape and I turned it on yesterday morning and 2 weeks worth of recorded shows/movies were gone! VANISHED! I hate the poor service from Bright House. Now, I am going to be forced to have someone come out AGAIN and waste my time getting all new stuff that more than likely won't work either. My opinion…if you have other options for service…TAKE THEM.

Posted by Anon

This company (Brighthouse Networks) is spamming my cell phone non stop with extremely long telemarketing voicemail calls. If someone picks the phone up when they call, only silence, but if the machine picks it up, they leave a multiple minute long message about "courtesy calls" and how I should call them for "business transactions". We do not have their service, never have, and never will simply because of how much they have been harassing us for weeks straight. I have called the number they leave to tell them I am not a customer, and to remove me from their calling list, and they refuse to do so. They are using multiple numbers even after we have tried to block them., all spamming daily. My number is on the DNC registery and I have filed complaints with the FTC. The calls still continue, ranging from 6am to 11pm every single day.

Posted by angry customer

This service is horrible. They came to hook up my Internet service and in the process, kicked my cable out (different provider). They REFUSED to come out stated their guy doesn't bother the cable line (which he clearly did). I had to pay my cable provider $50 to fix the following day. He had to replace the line coming from the dish. Once again Horrible Service!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

A technician was to come out and call before coming. They came while I was in my basement. They did not call as requested. They left. I left work early to have them come. I had to reschedule and ask to leave work early again. That was not a good look to my boss. I don't think the company is being lead by anyone with a great mission. They'll lose costumers slowly but surely. One day we'll have many cable companies to choose from and we'll feel no loyalty towards Bright House.

Posted by An ex-customer

Brighthouse networks is the (WORST) customer service I've ever seen . Starting with cable boxes or pic just stopping and sound keeps going . This went on for months . " from April 16th 2013 to December 22nd 2014 . Same old story "I'll send out a Tech" and nothing . Had to talk to Brenda at the CEO office to get it fixed . Then in january 4th 2015 the cable box burned up and the HDMI going to the tv melted . It burned out the motherboard . $295.63 to get tv fixed . Brighthouse called & Nick 727 224 9015 saidthey will only pay 150 off my cable bill ..... Now another month has gone by and no tv to watch cable but still get charged $200 this month ???????????????? Great customer service NOT . maybe time to get a layer involved . Will have cable shut off now and get a dish .............................................................................

Posted by orlando113

I have been with brighthouse since I moved to florida going on 6 months and I have never had bad service and customer service till I got them I have got there boxes and all they do is freeze and lose there signal every day . We call them and they shoot bullets to the boxes to no avail they have changed the boxes and still dont work .so we keep calling they tell us they will be there between 1-4 and they have neverever been on time in 5 appointments and they say they will call you when they are on there way but I never received a call from them till this day I was given a credit of $20 but I pay them in my rent so I dont get the money it goes to the apartment complex . So go figure I just get screwed word of advice stay away from brighthouse the worst cable ever.

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Posted by Anonymous

I would like to say that the service tech that fixed my issue with the internet was awesome! He was friendly, helpful and went above and beyond to solve my issues. I have had several techs at my house in the past year, due to ongoing internet problems and he was by far the best. His name is . great people skills, great worker

Posted by Red772

George with dark beard and hair, in winter park florida fixed our internet in a snap he deserves to be in the commercials not the other guy.

Posted by Anonymous

I had all sort of problems with my Bright House cable service both upstairs and downstairs. I called for technical service and talked to Nicholas. He was more than wonderful. Not only did he fix my multitude of problems, he was so pleasant and knowledgeable. He is super smart and knows cable service in and out. Nicholas is my hero!

Posted by haus in bakersfield

I found this blog site while looking for another source to explain my monthly cable bill from Brighthouse. I don't believe the explanations given by Brighthouse are straight-forward.

I do not now, and have not ever, experienced the service response issues described. Service is prompt as promised by dispatch. My Tivo reception issues were due to aged cable connectors between the street and into the house. (Their cable box was receiving a decent signal, but it was not good enough for Tivo's use.) Any remaining issues are solved by a monthly reboot, not unlike rebooting a computer.

Since Brighthouse corrected my original issues, in 2013, we have added one of their DVR's to the bedroom, and switched to the Brighthouse Broadband from ATT Uverse to save $10 a month. All is well.

Before Brighthouse, my experience with cable companies has never been anything other than poor. Other Cable Companies do not maintain their infrastructure; it is expensive to do so and they continue to lose customers. Their customer service stinks because the employees realize the issues with reception cannot be repaired, and employees interested in only a paycheck will stay and put up with the farce.

Haus in Bakersfield, CA

Posted by luvlieeiis

Spoke with a customer service rep Diane, she was willing to go above and beyond to assist me with glitches in the technicians installation.

Posted by tjhoover94

Well got a hold of them and he quickly took over to get the modem fixed I believe this has happened to a lot of people today locally.

Posted by Pickett

I have had an exceptionally nice time dealing with BH service. It was my first time setting up internet and cable for my house (which is kind of out in the middle of nowhere Orlando) and it was a very pleasant experience. Everything went as planned and everything was charged as expected. I have made various changes to my service (adding/dropping services) and each time I have used the online chat to add or cancel services. Every time the employees have been very helpful and easy to work with. The times I have had to call the employees have been very helpful and nice. I have had absolutely no problems and nothing but PERFECT experiences with the customer service employees and the contracted technicians. Anyone having problems has probably been rude or just got that one grumpy person...100% great experience!

Posted by Vegan Chef

Someone hit the nail on the head when they wrote "Bait and switch!" I subscribed to the lowest possible internet pricing at 19.95 per month. It is slow. I understand you get what you pay. Without notice, I was now charged 29.95 for this slow internet speed. I was told my old pricing was a promotion?! How can it be a promotion when I asked for the lowest of the low internet pricing they had and was told that price. Luckily I am moving to a less rural area where there are other carriers I can choose from. Never again brighthouse with your yo-yo pricing and car salesman tactic. Truly unsettling.

Posted by Anonymous

Ive been a customer with Brighthouse since 2008 and I must say their customer service is TOP NOTCH!!ALL OF MY TRANSACIONS WITH THEM HAVE BEEN EXCELLENT! If you live in Southwest Florida, sign up with them as your internet and cable provider. In 20 years of dealing with cable companies,this one IS THE BEST!!!!!

Posted by pdk

I've been in the Orlando area since August 2009. My decision to enroll with Brighthouse was very difficult because it was my first time paying for my own phone, internet, and TV services, and I was not at all prepared for the prices offered by Brighthouse. I called Brighthouse numerous times, and during each conversation, I was provided with friendly, informative, and professional service. I did not sign up with Brighthouse until recently, but I can say that I have never had a bad moment with Brighthouse. Whether you are calling to get a quote or just to get information, Brighthouse will help.

I would definitely recommend Brighthouse!

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Posted by good service

I worked as a customer service rep 6 years ago it was do anything you can to help customer happy ......... fast forward t years. Introduce linda and paula bass. Who care only about their numbers & how they look to their superior. And it is now call any customer who has a service tech scheduled to go to home and fix problem.

Okay sometimes it was silly mistake. But alot of calls were due to refurbished broken equipment. ...... some customers paying $200 a month for service which never works.......... it cost too much to send tech out( i mean odds are they would swap box with another outdated. Broken. Piece of junk. Per paula bass. You are too cancel service cals br any means neccessary & convince not to call back & reschedule for a month or it will look bad on our "team" and you will be excuses..........poor customers were furious

When "tech support" calls trying to cancel your service appointment. Just say no. I want a tech................


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