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Bradford Exchange customer service is ranked #751 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 60 ratings. This score rates Bradford Exchange customer service and customer support as Terrible.


58 Negative Comments out of 60 Total Comments is 96.67%.


2 Positive Comments out of 60 Total Comments is 3.33%.

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    • 24.13 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 58 negative comments (96.67%)
    • 2 positive comments (3.33%)
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Shar

I received my wizard of oz sneakers today. I love them but a charm is only on one shoe. can I get a charm for the other shoe? and how much would it cost. thanks. a wizard of oz fan. shar pisarski,

Posted by Anonymous

Very dissatisfied with your customer service and the ring that was purchased. For our 35th wedding anniversary my husband purchased the two hearts topaz garnet soul mates ring and had it engraved. After only a few months, the ring was so tarnished, colors on the stones faded, gold plate peeled off. When I tried to get our money back for it, they reordered it and expected us to pay for it again!!! I called again about it, they said they would refund us and give us a discount. Why not stand by your jewelry and send us a genuine, gold, diamond, ring of equal or more value at no cost to us, since you cost us so much heartache, and I am still out of a beautiful ring as my 35th anniversary gift? STAND BY WHAT YOU SELL!!!

Posted by Monika

Totally dissatisfied waiting four weeks for return refunded email sent to myself with someone else's address order details and still not received mine

Posted by Kevin

I will NEVER trust this company again. Two representative's told me wrong dates to make it look like my order would be received by Christmas. Jan 5th is not before Christmas.Even told this yesterday. My girlfriends big surprise i's now RUINED!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

On 13 December 2017 I received an Invoice dated 12/29/2017 from your company with a total due of $1,039.00 for the purchase of the Complete Morgan Silver Dollar Mintmark Set, I Do Not recall having ordered this set. I called tour company to speak with a representative but after having been held on hold for 47 minutes I gave up and decided to e-mail you. This has also proved to be an exercise in futility. Sure is a lousy way to treat your customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot find out anything about tracking my order. Very disappointed with these people and will not ever order anything again!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Teresa l.Jackson.i never ordered this,plus I have not received these iteams.if I do receive this book and penciles,I will reject the box and it will be returned to you,thank you.Teresa.

Posted by Anonymous

I talked to a rep last week bout returning two items. She said that she would send the return slips via email. I have not received these mailing slips and am unable to talk to a rep since ypur phone set up does not lpriovide the ability to talk toi a person. I have tried 5 times today to reach someone at your business and have failed every time My email is [email protected]

Posted by JANE

i am livid with this vendor. I placed an order it wash shipped out 3 weeks after order was placed, got lost because of incorrect address put on label, and has sat in limbo for 19 days, no calls, no notifications, no e mails, BUT THEY CERTAINLY CHARGED MY CARD FOR 2 PAYMENTS. Not until I called today, and waited 14 min to get a person, did they say OH yes, the address was wrong, call the Post Office, did and they said "sent back already" called back and was told we will correct address and resend, could be weeks to get it> idiots

Posted by Anonymous

I have ordered a mother's family ring before Christmas delivery was suppose to be Dec 30-Jan 9. Received email stating that it would be shipped by Jan 26. Telephoned again after not receiving first of February was told then was scheduled to ship February 14 still have yet to receive it. It is now the 28th of February and still no ring I had ordered that for my mother for Christmas had to find something else to buy her. Spoke to customer service and they stated 110 other customers are waiting on theirs as well. Also ordered my sister the sister necklace. Always my sister forever my friend. You can't even read the print on the necklace very disappointing for what you pay for the item. Very dissatisfied customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned Globe Christmas Tree weeks ago,would like to exchange for 4 TV trays,cost more use debit card are bill me.Thank you Barbara Crutchfield

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to contact Bradford Exchange via phone and e-mail, no results. Today I rec'd an e-mail that my checks have been mailed. The last person I spoke with I indicated cancel my order until I could reach someone re: difference in cost. However, my "cancel order" was not taken seriously. I have done business with your company for years and am very disappointed in your RR as of today. Never get to talk to anyone who can help me.

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered checks (as I have for many years). Given one price, but, e-mail gives me a lower price. Have spoken to several people, no one can answer why. One suggested I call back tomorrow. I have spent over one hour waiting for different people who have been referred to me by others. So disappointed in Bradford after so many years of being a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a Usmc case from you guys before Christmas and it said delivery by the 24th well I am still waiting and the update on the delivery time is some time in February I will never buy anything from this place ever again and anyone and everyone that I can tell I will tell them not to purchase anything from this place as well. I'm to the point mow that when I do receive this item (if I ever do) I'm just going to turn around and send it back and ask for a full refund. Thanks for the sevice. Take me off of your E mail notification as well I want nothing that you guys offer.

Posted by Rebecca

I am extremely unhappy with the Bradford Exchange. I ordered my product 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and still have not received. When I called to follow up on my order he customer service I received was disgusting. I was laughed at, hung up on, disconnect from you Facebook chat, all because I am asking questions to understand the circles all the various reps I spoke with were talking in. I have received no official order confirmation to my email as promised and there are been no communication on the delays of this order. On December 13, 2016 I looked at my order status online, it read "Order Received". I called in at 11:30am and spoke with Katie, she explained that the item status means Bradford Exchange had received my order, but there is still a delay in the shipping. I ask why? She said she did not know. If my order was received then it should be here before Christmas, correct? She laughed at me, when I asked her if she was laughing at me, she said yes I am because you think I can do anything about this. Then I asked for a manager. She kept me on hold and never returned. SO I hung up and called back. At 11:46 I spoke with David. His customer service was a bit more friendly. I explained my conversation with Katie and asked David again my question. He placed me on hold, came back to tell me an update on what he could do and the call went dead. Really?

Then I went to the Facebook page and placed an inquiry. At 1:21pm on 12/13 I got a reply from Kelsy that she will have someone review my situation. From there I spoke with a Tofer via messenger. He had an understanding of my situation and why I was confused and was going to work with his manager to figure my order out. As of 5:36PM he was still looking into this. On 12/14 at 9:20am he got back to me stating there is a delay. This was a brand new product with no guarantee by Christmas Again I order this 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving. By Christmas this should have been a non issue. Tofer explained there was so production issues and that has delayed the creation of this item. However, no communication was ever sent to me about this delay.He offered for me to order a different item guaranteed by Christmas and offering to cancel my existing order. I declined as I wanted that item. So then I proceeded to ask Tofer why does my item status read Order Received if the item is not even available yet. He stated he was not sure as he does not have that information. WHAT?

So I asked a again as I was not going to accept he didn't have that information. He stated "It meant the order was received and placed in out system, but there were unforeseen delays fulfilling the order. Our first shipment of this item was delayed so until that shipment arrives they are unable to fulfill any orders" No even more confused, they just told me my item status "Order Received" meant this item was received and in their system. So you have the order from the artist but you cant fulfill my order? Again how does this make sense?

He stated that he was able to upgrade the handling of my order at no charge to ensure that is was at the front of the line to receive when the product is produced. Again talking in circles. The item status makes no sense to the explanation I am receiving. I asked about the details if the upgrade, but again he said it will not guarantee shipment my Christmas. Then what did this upgrade do for me? He said is ensures that my order is the first to be fulfilled. Ok so then he says the order status means Order received, but explained the item as not. Ok but that is not how he stated prior or any other rep explained it to me so again why I was so confused. I asked few more questions of Tofer and in turn disconnected my conversation and also blocked me from placing more inquires on on your Facebook page.

The over all customer service is appauling. on 12/13 my item status stated it will arrive between 12/21 and 1/6. Then I checked a week later it read will arrive Jan 9. I checked today and it now reads will ship by 1/31. What is going on with my order?? Does the Artist make sure before you advertise that there are enough in production so you can send out your product in a timely matter? I also want my product and some sort of compensation for all the rude customer service and lack of communication.

What will Bradford Exchange do for me? I will take this to the very top as high as I can.

Thank you


Posted by Anonymous

Initial contact was fine but the rep got the address wrong and my Xmas package never delivered. I called back and they did mark as return rep was nice but it took forever and continuously had to check with her Supervisor. I then went online to check and estimated delivery date given as Jan. 17th of following year. I called back to be told they were having a systems problem. I asked to speak to a Supervisor but never got one nor the on the second call I made prior to speaking to the rep that reordered. This my last try the rep cancelled my order because he clearly did not want to have to listen or oass me on to his Supervisor. last year I bought The dancing ballerina egg for my GDaughter I had to reorder due to the musical tuning being so weak. I did order another and receive but that one was not much better. Needless to say I will never again order from The Bradford their quality of merchandise and customer service appears to have gone downhill.

Posted by deco

I have bought 2 items,1 was aremembrance vase I bought for my father in remembrance of my mother,so obviousely of high sentimental value.delayed delivery caused inconvenience,and when it arrived the so called hand painted flowers were plastic and cost £125.the second item "airman" was supposed to be a bronze statue of an airman running to his plane.again delayed delivery and when it arrived looked nothing like the advertised item,he was standing still,and small in size,i will not buy from them again obviousely cos their item"s are not what is advertised.

Posted by wings4tt

I am absolutely frustrated with the Bradford Exchange! I've ordered from the company many times and have always been happy with my purchases but this time I ordered the Love you to the Moon and Back glitter globe ($69.00) and didn't give it to her until she got older. I ordered it last November 2015, opened the box checked it out then put it back in original box and stored it until this past Tuesday when I planned to give it to her. Well the globe still looks great but the music box won't work at all and I can not get anyone to help me with this problem! I'm not happy to spend this much on a globe and it not work the way it's advertised to! I've sent multiple e-mail's about this issue but no one will get back to me even though the site says they will respond withing 24 hours! What a mess! And when I called the only number I could find I was told that number was for ordering only! What? Once I hopefully get this matter resolved the Bradford Exchange will not see another penny from me! So disgusted with this company! I also get the Pug series Christmas ornaments from this company but will be canceling that asap. I've done that for at least 10 years! So long Bradford Exchange.......this is one customer who is fed up with your support!

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a item 2 weeks a go I have not heard anything our got my refund

Posted by jjhollywood

spoke to an offshore person, rude and stupid, was told i could make 2 payment of $24 from a very nice rep a month ago, this offshore idiot told me my wrong balance, which i had in front of me on my computer and verified by the lady i spoke with a month ago, i told her what i was told by the American, she refused to take my payment and said if i wanted to make a partial payment i have to mail it. this company is so backwards you can't even pay on line, unheard of these days. and offshore, well, give the jobs to the people in the huts in Belize drinking pineapple juice and rum, hopefully trump can turn that around and get Americans thier jobs back. I now will not pay off my balance and won't order the train i was,this company SUCKS!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered A Touch of Heaven- Engraved Copper Healing Bracelet in December and it was delivered on time. However, it was not opened until Jan. 16. It was awful and did not look anything like the picture. I immediately asked for a Prepaid Return Label within the 120 days. No label. Called on May 18, 2016, and was told that it was too late. I explained the situation to customer service, but his attitude was unacceptable.I'm stuck with a piece of trash.I'm a long-standing client, but no more. Take my name off the client preferred list. It's a joke. Gloria in Virginia.

Posted by Anonymous

I am so upset with you right now my grand daughters are graduating June 3rd and I ordered their stuff in February, and you are telling me it's not shipping till June 11th I am devastated and now I have no gift to give them I am 66 years old and you should have told me if the LONG DELIVERY

Posted by acimellaro

I am terribly terribly disappointed in my ring. Bob Mackie Golden Glamour. My husband had sent the order in for this ring before he passed away on 1/15/15. I received this ring Friday 2/5/16. It hasn't even been worn and it's tarnished looks like a baubbke him ring. I would like my money back and will never purchase this cheap jewelry from your company again. Regards Amy Cimellaro-Cook.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a bracelet back in December and I still haven't received it yet. There isn't any phone number that works. This makes me very uneasy and feels like a scam. I paid it in full. I sent them an email hope to here from them.

Posted by Anonymous

I noticed that there are 2 watches on my order and I only want 1.please change my order to 1 watch. Order number .phone number

Darlene Davis

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Posted by Anonymous

Once I got to page with phone number, the Customer Service woman was very helpful. Accomplished what I needed done in no time.

Posted by Debra Warner

This is really very scary if I have trouble with them I will never use them again. They have nice products, it would be nice forthem to strengthen their customer service skills and take care of people in a timely manner. I just purchased my 1st item but if I have a problem that's it.

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Posted by frank.g

I have a few words to say about this company. I've worked for them as a customer service representative, and left the company for a number of reasons, not least of which was their bad business ethics.

First of all. I collect stuff, and I like high quality merchandise (tools, clothes, whatever). I understand the value of paying more for something that is clearly better than something that costs less. Pay more money for a nice shirt, and you just might get a shirt that wears better, lasts longer, and looks nicer than the shirt that costs less. This is not so with the Bradford Exchange. With this company, you are paying more money for less. Everything that you can get from Bradford Exchange is available somewhere else for less money better quality. This only applies to the stuff that Bradford sells but is available through other retailers. There's plenty of stuff sold through Bradford Exchange that is exclusive to them, and I guarantee that this exclusive merchandise is also low quality. We're talking about reproductions of canvas art prints that light up with LEDs, sculptures that have other artwork printed on them, circulated coins that have stickers of Obama fastened to them thus making them "limited edition" and therefore worthy of a high price tag. None of this stuff is low-priced, but all of it is very cheap. Go ahead and buy that nice shirt because it just might give you that extra value, but none of Bradford's products are worth their dollar value. I mean absolutely none. And think of the target market of this company, based on the kinds of customers who would call into me with orders or concerns: Senior citizens on fixed incomes who wanted to spend their pension checks on something nice. This was one of the reasons I quit the company. I hated selling stuff that has absolutely no value. Not functional, not collectible, nothing. I hated selling junk, and that's what this company sells. And I hated selling this stuff to people who are likely to get ripped off. I hated preying on the elderly.

Next, I absolutely have to mention the horrendous customer service policy this company has. Yes, you can return your product for a 100% refund, free of shipping. Yes, if your personalized item is broken or done incorrectly, you can get a replacement free of charge and keep the broken/incorrect item you received. That sounds like a lot, but as far as customer service goes, that's not enough. Christmas guarantees with this company mean absolutely nothing other than a refund of your money or a cancellation of your order. The item you ordered that was guaranteed for Christmas has just gone on backorder and it's one week before Christmas? Don't expect to get any notification about this so that you can figure out a backup plan for your kid's/relative's Christmas gift. This goes beyond the extent of Bradford's customer service policy (again, not reaching nearly far enough, in my opinion). And while it's not the end of the world if you don't get it by Christmas, you are absolutely right to expect to receive it by Christmas, and if you don't get it by Christmas, you are absolutely right to expect some form of compensation that goes beyond a refund or more crappy merchandise. You are also absolutely right to expect a notification if your item has gone on the list of backorders that will not be arriving for Christmas. Unfortunately, the only consolation that Bradford Exchange can offer you is free shipping and sometimes a discount on more of their other items (read previous paragraph on why this is not desirable compensation). Again, here's another reason I left the company. I didn't like ripping off customers, even if it wasn't actually me that was doing it. I didn't like being the hand of the thief who reached into your pocket and took your cash.

More on customer service. Customer: "I got this train set for my kid, I paid $89.95 for it, but I only got one piece. Where's the rest of it?" Me on the phone: "Unfortunately sir, that was $89.95 for one piece of the train. There are 22 pieces in total. It will cost you at least $449.75 to have a train that works, and $1978.90 to have the complete train. And it will take you almost two years to get the whole train unless you pay for all of the pieces right now. I can take your credit card number if you're ready." What's with this marketing? Although it does sort of indicate on the website that the prices for train sets are on individual cars and not the whole train, why are the descriptions of the items designed to trick people into thinking that those prices are for whole sets of trains? As ridiculous as this sounds, I would consistently get phone calls every day from customers who thought they were getting the whole set when instead they only paid for one piece. And the customer's reaction to the reality of the situation and the full price of what the customer was expecting was always the same: Shock and disgust, both of which were reactions that I sympathized with. Moreover, many customers had no idea they had actually subscribed to ordering the series, so within a month they were shipped another piece of the set and had their credit or debit cards charged with the bill. Ever had your bank account overdrawn, or had your credit card charged on the day that you needed to pay the rent? If you've ordered from Bradford Exchange, you probably have, and if you haven't yet, you probably will soon. Another reason I left this company. I hated responding to customers who had been tricked or lied to by my company. I hated wrecking people's finances with tricky marketing.

I've worked customer service before. I've dealt with customers who have put money on the line, not gotten what they wanted, and became very upset. In the past I've always felt that I did the best I could to help my customers, that there was a way I could fix their issues and offer them the service they wanted at a price they could afford. Not with Bradford Exchange. This company is designed to trick people into spending their money on high-priced, low-quality merchandise. It targets people who are in need: Elderly persons with low income, families who desperately need Christmas gifts, veterans who served their country, and all other people who are in an emotional state that precludes them towards spending money. Isn't this basically what every company does? Yes, to some extent. But Bradford Exchange is much more insidious. Take my advice, do not learn the hard way. This is not a business you want to deal with.


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