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Boston Herald customer service is ranked #384 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.33 out of a possible 200 based upon 38 ratings. This score rates Boston Herald customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


34 Negative Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 89.47%.


4 Positive Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 10.53%.

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  • Boston Herald

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    • 35.33 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 34 negative comments (89.47%)
    • 4 positive comments (10.53%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
    • 1.9 Reachability
    • 1.5 Cancellation
    • 4.2 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by John

Why won't your distributors Give

The vendors in Portland Maine more than 1 paper? Only a couple of places in the whole city (Hanneford) have up to 5 papers, even though other vendors have REPEATEDLY asked for more?! Dont you WANT to increase your sales? No wonder you're going under..

Ps. Please answer, there must be a reason!

Posted by Anonymous

Service is unacceptable! We get the herald sporadically at best!, it may be time to cancel our subscription. What has happened to this paper?

Posted by Sissy kelley

Have only gotten 2 papers in over 2 weeks.. Eleanor Kelley 1

Posted by Anonymous

This paper has gone down hill very rapidly!, the delivery has been absolutely terrible! We have been customers for a very long time but are ready to cancel! My husband is 84 and disabled and looks forward to the paper, but it has become not worth the aggravation to deal with !!

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Daryl Diotte . I live at 28 Tara Terrace, Buzzards Bay, Mass 02532. My home delivery service is awful. I've complained on 3-4 previous occasions. Yesterday there was no delivery, and today no delivery. I also have the Cape Cid Times delivered and written on the Times was "no herald available ". Why not? Is this a Herald problem or a delivery problem? On my prior complaints, I was advised that as a courtesy for the problems, I would receive 2 weeks free copies of the Herald. This never happened as well!!!

Posted by netminderone

No paper on Mon.,that's ok,stuff happens,got paper Tues.(it was Monday's), Wed. got paper (it was Tuesdays),Thurs. got paper(it was Wednesday's),Friday got paper (it was Thursday's). What the hell is going on?? Don't even try to contact them with any issues,USELESS!!! Anybody know how or had any luck in contacting them??? PS- how can you fill out the form below, when you can't talk to anybody???

Posted by Anonymous

I am very close to canceling the morning delivery. ONe day it comes the next two days it does not come. Then I get a 2 day old paper. I am a loyal paper reader even though I could get it on line. Robert DeLena 85 east street Melrose MA

Posted by bill

your customer service department sucks....I can't through to someone to help with home delivery problems ( 1 week no delivery) Finally some person calls and says we are trying to rectify the situation.... I just want to cancel my home delivery now and get a refund .

Posted by [email protected]

Going on Day 3 of no newspaper. What's going on.

Posted by Anonymous

4/14/2017. Tried calling the 1800 number numerous times. Called failed is all I get back ! Terrible service. Another missed paper.

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service is deplorable. Once, every 2 weeks, I don't receive my home delivered copy of of your paper. I always contact your customer service, and once in approximately 8 instances have I received any response. Today, April 8, I didn't receive the paper. I would like to know why it was not delivered and why I'm not receiving a response to my complaint. Daryl Diotte, 28 Tara Terrace, Buzzards Bay, Mass.

Posted by Anonymous

Our family has been a customer for over 25 years. I have never been more disappointed and frustrated with the customer service I received yesterday. I left my house early in the morning to get Patriots gear for my husband and son, then I didn't come home until early afternoon. I save all the important papers. The day after the Super Bowl, IS one of those papers. We never had a paper delivery. I have cameras on my home and I watched from 4 am to 7 am... there was never a delivery. I went to 5 stores but all the papers were sold out. I called the delivery department and I was offered a credit for the day. I told her I DID'NT WANT THE CREDIT... I WANT THE PAPER! She spoke to a supervisor, and then came back to me and told me their papers were gone and I should have called earlier. I couldn't have called earlier I left my house very very early and when I came home from work there was no paper. I asked to speak with the supervisor and I was told that I couldn't. I also asked many times if they knew who my Delivery person was. They said they don't have that information. I asked again to speak with manager, I know that somebody knows who delivers my papers. I was again refused. Third time I demand it as a customer to speak with a supervisor, and I was put on hold for 40 minutes. It is very important to my family to have the paper the day after the Super Bowl win. I am sure that that was never delivered and something shady is going on. I want to call from someone in charge today. I believe after 25 years as a loyal customer I should be able to get the one paper that is very important to my family.

Posted by frankpark11

2 out of the past 3 sundays I did not receive my newspaper.
some days I find it on the sidewalk or beside my home.

Posted by KP 038

I love the Herald. Just wish it would be delivered as promised. New subscriber and only got two out of first five days. Am I being punished for cancelling my Globe subscription ? I decided to back you guys instead. Is this a case of "No good deed goes unpunished"?

Posted by jjgold62

I am getting very sick and tired of not get my newspaper I've been getting a new newspaper from you people for 14 years I always pay off in the front and when I call the people that deliver it they tell me there's nothing they can do that makes me mad I live at 260 Reservoir Ave Revere I need this to stop if I don't get my paper and tomorrow I will just ask for a refund please take care of this problem

Posted by Anonymous

no delivery on 1/30 and 2/5.. inconsistent delivery times frequently
please correct.

Posted by Christine Anderson

Account # 990716192 address 92 Crystal Ave Revere I have been receiving 2 papers a day for the last 2 days? Also I have a vacation stop for Feb 5 to Feb 26. Please check on this for me.

Thank you

Christine Anderson

Posted by I Have the Worst Delivery Person

I call first thing every morning and get the same recording - new delivery system and high volume of calls. Really? I don't think its the new system. I think its the new delivery person. I am a long time subscriber and never had this problem even with changes of delivery people. The new delivery person cannot seem to find my front door. He gets out of his car, stands in my driveway, and purposely, drops the paper. My front door is 3 steps away. I video taped this guy because no one would believe what goes on.

Posted by Anonymous

Again no newspaper delivered....and nothing printed in the Herald about this screw up...going into the third week...beyond comprehension...
Brian Jason

Posted by Jim

Unable to reach customer service. Dealt only with the people delivering the paper. The turnover of delivery people is too high. My 88 yr old father has been receiving his paper inside the front door for years. The new delivery folks just smile and nod when I meet them at the door and let them know how its done. Next day its out on the walk where he can't reach it.

Posted by Anonymous

My mom is 91 years old and a subscriber. Likes to read her paper in the morning before starting her day. Tired of not getting it delivered or getting it at 2:00 in the afternoon (why bother). And try getting through to customer service-they keep you on hold for days!

If the problem is with the Globe why are Herald subscribers involved. Time to get your own distributor. Guest customer service is a thing of the past.

Posted by Dot

How long is the delivery delay suppose to last??????
I need my paper delivered before 7am before I leave for the day.

Ive tried calling several times and no one picks up.
The globe has the problem and the Herald customers should be taken care of first.

Posted by Noreen Mastroianni

Received paper today at 8:30. It has been late all week. We need paper by 7 am or we will cancel. Paper has to be thrown father up the driveway as well.

Paul and Noreen Mastroianni
9 South Barn road
Hopkinton MA
Herald subscriber

Posted by Anonymous

What has happened to the home delivery service? Receiving the paper before I go to work is, apparently a thing of the past. When the paper is delivered (late) it has been tossed onto the snow encrusted front lawn, tossed at the front door with a bang, or thrown at Christmas decorations and knocking them over. This is unacceptable and after 3 calls to Customer Service it continues. I asked for a Supervisor to call me Friday, January 8 and was assured I would hear from someone. It's January 9 and I am still waiting. I just called Customer Service, waited for 15 minutes and was disconnected. I am disgusted and will not pay for any further lackluster service. Do what you say you will do. Empty promises don't cut it.

Posted by Anonymous

We have not received the Herald or Wall Street Journal for 7 days it had come a couple of times but late. I am not going to pay for this failure or delivery. How do I get my account credited.

John L Brusch

52 Radcliffe Road

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Posted by Anonymous

What's up second day without a paper which we are paying for this happens a lot I am considering stopping our subscription this isn't even funny. Or the person who delivers the paper doesn't I think we are entitled to a refund on the papers we do not get.

Posted by Anonymous

We did not get our paper this am, I called to report it to customer service and I spoke to the nicest person! She was very professional and concerned to me. I appreciate it when I get some one who is respectful and pleasant, Her name was Doreen and she should be recognized for her pleasant personality. William Belanger. 65 lone pine path Weymouth ma,

Posted by Joanne

I just talked to the nicest girl in customer service, Krista #13412. She was very professional and pleasant, my point of the call was to cancel my subscription because of all the problems I was having but after talking to her, I changed my mind. She is a credit to you.

Posted by Anonymous

I called Customer Service today to cancel my subscription. The representative, Dominick, was very helpful!!


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