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2 Positive Comments out of 299 Total Comments is 0.67%.

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    • 297 negative comments (99.33%)
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Posted by Anonymous

To the Boston Globe Circulation Department

In this day and age of newspaper subscription decline I have cancelled my subscription to the Boston Globe. The reason is that when we have snow on the ground the carrier throws the paper into the area of snow. I keep my sidewalk, walkway to my front door and driveway clear of snow. I have had this problem in the past and when I called to complain I was told it would be taken care of and received the paper for 2 weeks at no charge. The first couple of days the paper actually made it to my front porch. I also received a call inquiring if my paper was on my porch. After a few days the paper then was thrown either on my front bank or in the middle of my yard. there is no problem when the snow is not on the ground. However when I have to walk 10 feet in a foot of snow to retrieve my paper it is unacceptable. Hence I cancelled the Globe after being a subscriber since 2004. For $74.00 for 4 weeks this is extremely high for a paper thrown willy nilly onto my property. I receive the Salem News every day and it is delivered to my back porch. The bag reads Globe Direct. It is unfortunate that my Salem News can be delivered to my back porch and the Globe is thrown anywhere on my property. Also I regularly receive an envelop in the Globe from the carrier looking for a tip.

William Ambrose
Poplar Street

Posted by Anonymous

Just got my bill as a subscriber.Can�t believe how tacky you are by adding a $1.50 charge for mailing an invoice!!How do I avoid this senseless expense beside cancellation.? R. Campanella

Posted by Anonymous

For months now, the Globe has arrived in the Billerica Stores any time between 5:30 and 10:00 AM. Yet if if wish to travel the 3 miles to Tewksbury, it gets there at 5:30 am every day. You occasionally print an apology and blame in on the new distribution site, but you had literally months to plan for this and you still can't get it right. The distribution dept must be run by a bunch of clowns and its high time you fixed this. You are losing thousands of dollars because of you ineptitude. Get you act together.

Posted by Anonymous

Boston globe suck one day don't have papers next I don't people are looking papers day be at my location 530 am every day

Posted by Anonymous

I have waited on phone line for 40 minutes to change my subscription.

sent two emails no reply.

sent in request to find my password (which suddenly doesn't work) no reply.

Terrible service. Absolutely terrible.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible service. I am a long time subscriber. Cannot reach customer service. Will not accept my login,will not answer call to custservice. I want to talk to someone. Sandra Traiger

Posted by aedgar

I have been getting the Globe delivered for some time now, but I did not order it. I thought perhaps it was a promotional thing, but now I know it can't be because it's been coming for so long. It's also been coming through email, which I think I signed up for (ONLY A TRIAL PERIOD) many months ago at a supermarket promotion. How do I find out if/how much I may be being charged, and how to go about stopping the deliveries?

Posted by STEVE

I have been on hold forever. I subscribed for the Sunday paper and have only received 1 out of 5 weeks

Posted by Anonymous

Please cancel my subscription. The billing department just doesn't get it. I have called several times about incorrect billing and just decided to give up.

Paper delivery to my condo is exceptionally good.

Calling you means a 5 minute wait and I don't intend to wait that long.

Please cancel t o 60 New Driftway

Posted by Anonymous

Where's my Sunday paper? This also occurred previously on Jan. 22nd.

Diane Lancaster

17 Fells Dr

Amherst, NH

Posted by 35 year subscriber


My family has had home delivery of the Boston Globe for over 35 continuous years. We continue to subscribe to the Globe even though we also access reliable on-line sources because we value the paper and a free press. That is why despite the frustrations of last winter’s delivery debacle, we did not drop our subscription. However for the past year I have been trying to get a refund for two weeks when the paper did not arrive and your phone systems were so overwhelmed that that we could not report them missing to receive a credit.

Frustrated by the lack of response to my written queries and phone conversations about this problem, I stopped paying the bill and called the Globe for a final attempt to straighten out the situation before paying the balance and canceling our subscription. To that end my husband called customer service and spoke with respresentative. He did clarify the billing which was coming twice a month at two different amounts, but did not address the two-week credit for undelivered papers. I called back yesterday, several days later, to give it one last try. I too spoke to the same woman and explained the situation. She was abrupt, talked over me constantly and perhaps because of that behavior seemed not to fully understand the nature of the problem. Only after I repeated myself twice did she finally understand what the issue was. Her response, after a pause to look at our record, was that there was nothing that could be done to remedy the failed deliveries since we did not call at that time. She did not seem able to grasp, the crux of the matter – i.e. that we tried to call but were unable to reach anyone at the Globe during that time period. Given her failure to either acknowledge or understand the issue, I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me that wasn’t possible – a first ever in dealing with a customer service representative. I persisted in asking and she took my phone number but would not say when someone would call back. I hung up wondering if she would deliver my request.

Today I called back since I didn’t feel confident that my concerns would be forwarded and another service rep answered the phone. Again I explained the circumstances behind our dissatisfaction. He listened respectfully and thoughtfully, immediately grasping what the situation was. Within minutes he came back with a satisfactory solution. The bill was paid and all is right with the world and our Globe subscription. Same person (me), same circumstances talking to a different much more professional customer service person and the problem was solved pleasantly in less than 10 minutes.

How many other customers might be less persistent and so would simply decide that with all the other on-line options for news, they did not have to tolerate such an unhelpful and unpleasant experience if by chance they spoke with the first rep?

While I typically write to praise someone who's been helpful like the second representative I spoke with, I don't typically complain - anyone can have an off day, but my husband had the same experience. The first representative was really unprofessional and unpleasant to both of us several days apart.

I've written an email to a senior customer rep with the names of both persons since I did not wish to put those on-line. If the Globe wishes to follow up with either person, the information is available.

Posted by Annonymous

I am on vacation in Florida, I called The Globe to stop delivery on Jan.5th & I'm still getting it delivered. Have tried to call now for a week, but have waited for 20min.or more & just hung up,VERY DISAPPOINTED! When I return home I will discontinue my home delivery.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to call your customer service number, but was told I would have to wait for 20 minutes. My account. I received a bill from you stating I had only one vacation date for non delivery. I did have a second one, namely 12/11/2016. Please credit this to my account.

After my already paid subscription ends kindly cancel my subscription. I can buy the Globe for less than my new weekly rate of $5.70.

Thank you for your previous service.

Posted by Thomas. Holmes

We only get the Sunday paper and the home delivery record is not very good!! We get up early and after 9am we go out and enjoy the day. If the paper comes after 8am I'd does us no good. I've had it and will be cancelling it again.

Posted by Anonymous

Again, delivery issues. We did not receive Thursday's paper or today's (Sat). This happened before and after weeks of some missed papers it seemed to be resolved. Why is this happening again?

Posted by Anonymous

We start every day doing the Jumble (word puzzle) in the Globe EXCEPT for Sunday. For some unknown reason you don't publish it on Sunday. I would like to draw your attention to this gaping hole in our enjoyment of the Globe. The truth is we subscribe mostly to get the Jumble and we feel cheated when the most expensive issue of the week doesn't even have it. Please, could you, WOULD you, correct this glaring fault and publish the Word Jumble seven days a week? You will make us life-long loyal customers if you do. Mary Bawabe

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you very much for responding to our request for a revised delivery site at 75 Richdale Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140. The delivery person has begun leaving the papers at the main entrance (large parking lot entrance) as requested! Best regards, Marion Foster

Posted by Anonymous

Oct. 30,2016

I called this morning to report Sunday Globe not delivered. Eventually, after a Byzantine number of prompts,the disembodied voice said the paper would be delivered between 10 and 2. IT WAS NOT. At 3:15 I attempted to reach a real person, following a prompt that read"press one and then O at next prompt." HAH. "We do not recognize your prompt." I put up with this nonsense all last winter and have NO desire to repeat that fiasco. Not to mention that this is the 3rd or 4th time recently that I have had to call. In addition, the rocket scientist who sporadically delivers seems to be unable to read the word "Globe" on the green delivery box and tosses the paper on the ground if it's delivered at all. CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION IMMEDIATELY.

Posted by Anonymous

I live at 492 Washington Street in Holliston Massachusetts. My name is Marjorie Greene. I want. to cancel my subscription. I ordered it on the 26th for Thursday-Sunday. Received it Thursday and Friday but not Saturday and Sunday. I t they can't get it right the first weekend I don't want it.

Posted by Past Customer

There is no reason for treating a long term customers this way.... I was on hold for over 30 minutes. I needed to notify them to close my account due to a move. I will not be getting home delivery at my new address, it's just not worth it.

Posted by Cleanfreak

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE WORLD. Maybe best to say none. Nearly impossible to reach by phone, then one nice person says it will be ok and the next Sunday and all the "nexts" it's the same garbage. Tired of papers thrown outside even after I send the delivery person a check for "good" service to open the door and throw it inside. This is it - no more Globe for me.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to get through to the Boston Globe customer service . it worse than having all your teeth puled with NO novocaine,,, It's a total disgrace. John Henry should stick to baseball . He and the customer service is a disaster when it comes to dealing with the Globe customers . WE all know he bought the Globe for the Dorchester property, At 75 million he got a good deal . we all got F==ked . . I called 4 times yesterday never got through, today I got through after 10 min wait then the phone went dead when the lady said she was going to put me on hold and check on my problem ..... I then called 2 times and was on Q # 23, later I was Q# 50, Again the service is a word I will not use,,,,, U know what I am saying,,,,,, I bet the Globe won't print this ...

Posted by Charlie

It is nearly impossible to navigate through the telephone system to resolve a problem. Often I get caught in an endless loop with the automated assistant. When I get in a queue the system says that the wait is longer than "normal," but since I've always heard that message, "normal" is a long wait. Getting to talk to a customer service representative is an absolutely terrible experience.

Posted by Home delivery fraud victim

The Boston Globe's recent vacation hold policy change seems to demonstrate a new found low in wealth extraction. What other private firm would adopt a policy for home delivery subscribers that states if at your request we don't deliver your paper we won't extend credit to you for services not rendered because "fraud" is now our stated policy. Yes, I said fraud because that is what this is. I paid for home delivery service, it says so on my member account login screen. Even gives the current expiration date based on the monthly rate that I have been automatically charged. So now when I don't get delivery because you know it is an open invitation to crooks when they see your papers piling up in front of your residence that the property owners are away. An "easy" target the police say. Yes but the Globe doesn't care about customer service they just care about their costs have gone up and they can defraud you and make some more money. That's what their NonCustomer Service Department actually wrote and told me. Cost recovery, that's what they care about.

Posted by jerry

I am a longtime subscriber to the Globe and in retirement I enjoy it over my morning cup of coffee.(especially during the summer months on my porch) For the past week I have had not had the opportunity because 1/3 of the combination was missing (THE BOSTON GLOBE) After daily calls and promises to the distributer and The Globe call line, all I received was "I will have it delivered right away" or "I will give you credit for the mixed days". I got the credit, but not the paper. Very poor for a major paper.

Add your review!

Posted by NSAGuy

I read the newsprint version of the Globe everyday. I believe it is an excellent paper, even though it is part of the biased mainstream media. Hah!! I lived in the Washington D.C. area for over 50 years and I subscribed to the Wash Post. I think the Globe is as good as the Post. One of my favorite comics is Big Nate and my other two favorites are the sudoku and the crossword, which I work on everyday. I was very disappointed when I began to miss the comic this week and I don't like the new layout of the latter two.

Posted by BostonMaestro

I've been a Globe subscriber for years. A year or two back they stopped sending invoices. The delivery person is supposed to put them in with my paper, but never does. So like clockwork, every month, I get a collection call from the globe telling me there is something wrong with my subscription and to call them immediately. We spend some quality time on the phone, they tell me what I owe and I send in a check. I don't understand why they can't send out an invoice like every other service that comes to the home - water, electric, gas, phone, internet, etc. Even an email would do, but they only want you to sign up for automatic billing on your credit card. After six months of this I cancelled my subscription.

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Posted by bob_sprague

I got a paper Friday (so you know where I live), but not today (you forgot?). When I logged in to request a refund, the online plea could not be handled. A refund, please: Bob Sprague, a very longtime Arlington subscriber and former Globe employee


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