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37 Negative Comments out of 49 Total Comments is 75.51%.


12 Positive Comments out of 49 Total Comments is 24.49%.

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    • 37 negative comments (75.51%)
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Posted by dan

At Night In My Bedroom The Clock Display Dim Very Low And I Cannot See The Time

During The Daytime The Clock Display Is Bright

Why Does The Display Intensity Vary So Much

Please Respond This Is For The Wave Musuic System 4

Dan Pollock

Posted by Ladydi

Since the Technical Support System has been moved from the USA to the Philipines (SUCKS IN EVERY WAY!!!!),the s0-called support tech are FECKLESS, WORTHLESS, UNINFORMED, ETC. ETC. When you ask for a Supervisor that perhaps may know something you are put on hold for about an hour and then disconnected -- this has happened to me at least 6 times!!! When the service was in the USA they were fabulous!


Posted by Kibuti

I feel your pain, Michelle, I ordered a Christmas present from on Dec 12 with promise of delivery within 6 business days. I never received any communication from Bose after confirmation of my initial order. The status of my order on showed that my order was being processed. On December 22, I was on hold for more than 20 minutes before someone answered. After putting me on hold for several more minutes, the rep advised there was no reason for my order being delayed. He assured me that it would be processed today. I received a shipping notice by email promising delivery Tuesday after Christmas. He said that UPS does not deliver on the weekends. I told him that I will tell my gift recipient

Posted by Michelle

Bose has ruined my daughters Christmas. I ordered headphone for her (the only gift she asked for) on December 5th. On December 11th I received an email stating that the product has been shipped. I tried tracking the UPS number daily with no change in status. On December 15th I called Bose customer services to inquire about that status of my order. The girl told me that it was now at the Canada warehouse and should be shipped to me tomorrow. On December 19th there was no email, no status change with UPS so I called again. I spoke with a really rude girl who told me that it is stuck at the border waiting to clear customs. This sounded weird to me so I asked to speak with a supervisor. She was so rude that I cannot believe she has a job. She told me there is no warehouse in Canada and that it was at the border and there was nothing that she could do about it. I then called UPS and they informed me that they never got a call to pick up the package from BOSE and that is why the status hasn't changed. I then called BOSE back and got a lovely guy names Chris, unfortunately he was still unable to help me but did give me a story that seemed more like the truth. It is still in Arizona and has been delayed and will not make to me by Christmas. BOSE sucks! They have taken my money, not delivered my product and left me with no gift for my daughter and no money to buy a new one. I am so upset and disappointed in how they have treated me. I feel like they have stolen from me and don't care that they have ruined a little girls Christmas.

Posted by Mauro Corbellini

I communicated both to Bose and UPS that I would have been absent from my home address in Italy during the week 24 thru 28 October 2016. Sure enough nobody cared and UPS sent back to Germany my repaired Bose entertainment system 3-2-1.

Is this Bose and UPS customer service? Now I am back home and I am still waiting for my device.

Additionally, I have been charged in advance a significant amount for the repair (apprx. 175,00 euro) without even knowing what kind of repair was necessary. It could have been a minor one. Finally, is it possible that a big company such as Bose does not have a repair center in Rome (a European capital, not a village in the mountains)?

Best regards Mauro Corbellini

Posted by Rick

The worst customer service experience I have ever experienced.
The phone handlers are inept and there is a total lack of concern for the customer's feelings.
Supervisors refuse to get on the phone to handle escalated issues.


Yes, I've called in 3 times now, only to be hung up on when talking to all 3 tech support people. ??? what is going on up there? I purchased a Bose Accoustimass 15, and called in to ask the diagram to wire it up to a Pioneer VSX-D601 & A VSX-D608 multi channel receiver..through the source, my DVD Player, and onto my Epson 8350 Projector...also have a Dual VCR Player that has 2 spots for to record from the other one to make a copy thereof...I'd like to hook that up in there too. All 3 techs gave me the same runaround, by stating "we can't see your components so we can't really help so many words or less....and, I'm thinking, HEY, I just gave you all the serial numbers & model numbers & brand names, so what, you're supposed to be a tech geek, and you don't have a computer you can feed my info into, to tell me where to run my wires too??? You're kiddin' me, right? All 3 then acted as though there was trouble on the line, like we'd lost power on the line, played some fake type noise, and disconnected me from them, after waiting a long time just to get through to a real person...all 3 times...piss me off!!! Then figured out why they pulled this stunt, as it was 5 & 10 till 6pm...quittin' time, I guess...pretty damn rude of you people! Bose is not the best system out there,,,sorry, you otta' do a much better job, before you lose even more loyal'll certainly not receive many new ones, with that kindaa' crap goin' on for you, internally...I know I'll never buy another Bose product ever again...Good Luck in the're gonna' need it!!! KENT HALL DALLAS, TEXAS

Posted by PUMBA

BOSE make great audio equipment. However their support is dreadful. I spend hours on the phone waiting to speak to one of the so-called "technical experts". When I finally get through after waiting nearly an hour he tells me that he is not competent to help me on a matter with one of the most popular products - the SoundTouch product - and he transfers me to someone else and I wait another hour. So you end up waiting long periods of time people who are not very competent. I have eight pieces of BOSE equipment in my house. I do not intend to renew any of them until BOSE sorts out its woeful, third-rate telephone support. Great products awful support.

Posted by Alan Davis

have tried 4 times to contact technical support, 3 times waited 20 minutes and gave up.
The 4th time I was told there would be a 20minute wait, I waited 35 minutes and again gave up.

Posted by Bose my arse

They have a lot to learn in a word rubbish. they can't be bothered to keep you up to date with our order they say 3 to 5 working days but after 7 working days I had to spend 40 minuets of my time phoning them to find out what was going on.
No delivery tracking.
Slow phone response.
Will never buy any of there products again

Posted by Totally Unsatisfied

I have bought more then one bose lifestyle sound bar syatems and i realize how cheaply made these systems are. A 300 dollar panasonic works way better and is more reliable. the accoustmass piece of junk has never worked right and customers service is of no help. They are poorly trained and know very little about the equipment. The systems are made in mexico and the quality shows. They are far from the best. I would not buy anything from Bose if I knew how terrible these systems are. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Lifestyle® SoundTouch® 535 entertainment system. I am trying to set up a pair of headphones so that my Mom can listen to tv through headphones while the rest of us hear the Bose. Her headphones are wireless from a transmitter that connects to either the Bose, TV or cable box. They are Sony MDR-RF985RK and worked fine with the Sony entertainment system before we bought the Bose. They work on other TV's so its not the headphones. I can't get sound to the headphones from the Bose, TV, or Cable box. I have re set up the entire system, re done the remotes, went to a Bose store in Halton Hills and was on line with Bose customer support on hold for 45 minutes before being told I need to connect them to the cable box and it was nothing to with the Bose. Something is wrong. I think the Bose cancelled external speaker audio on the TV and Cable box during remote set up or something. It is also strange that they don't work with the front white/red jacks or headphone jack on the front of the Bose controller. I have over 20hours of time spent into this and am ready to throw the Bose system on the front lawn and tell everyone what a piece of crap it is as well as support at your stores and on line. This is soooooooooo frustrating. I think I should have stayed with the $800 Sony instead of the $4000.00 Bose.

Posted by Anonymous

Over priced JUNK ! Solo 15 II
had for 2 months then one speaking blown hardly used.
Very disappointed.

Posted by Lama

Last christmas, I decided to purchase an aviation headset from Bose, thinking that these were the ones he'd been craving for. Since we have a joint bank account, I of course took out the amount of the headset in cash, which is nearly 1650$. Once in store, I became a bit unsure as to know whether the gift would suit or not so made sure with the employee that I could be fully reimbursed, since I was paying cash. I was told by 2 employees that it would be no issue at all: the reimbursement could be made of the same nature as the payment.

Turns out my boyfriend wanted another headset: cheaper and apparently much better. I headed back to the Bose store where I had to wait 40 minutes before an employee let me have access to the cash (each of them ignoring me and passing other clients - guess the sight of the package annoyed them already). I directly asked to speak to the manager to make sure the reimbursement would go smoothly. Once he arrived, another 15 minutes later, he tried to convinve me to get a store credit - insisting that it would fit better my needs. Once he finally understood that I would only settle to get my money, he informed me that they would send me a cheque. The cheque itself doesnt bother me - but the fact that I wasn't previously informed of this method really bothered me.

Three weeks later: I received the cheque, headed to the bank to cash it. For the past week now, my bank account has been blocked because of the cheque - probablu turns out that the cheque they sent me is fraudulent. I have yet to receive a call from their head office after leaving multiple messages. Thanks Bose!

Posted by hgh

really bad customer service with no knowledge of the process and kept me on the phone for over 40 mins.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. I am now on my 2nd set of bose headphones that keep tearing apart. For this kinda $ i expect them to last more than 1 year. I have a Bose stereo in my living room. Love it. I am looking at replacing with a new and giving the stereo to my college daughter. I feel the product should last longer. See picture.

Posted by Jim

I called to inqiure about any updates to a Lifestyle 35 system. 5 minute wait to have a rep send me an e-mail that spells out %50 discounts for systems that he will email me details on. E-mail arrived quickly, but options were blurred out on the PDF attachment. I'm on hold now with the " next available specialist"..13 minutes now, and I'm going to hand. Brenden Just answered the phine. discussed my question with him, he said he would e-mail my options. I'm waiting . OK, 5 minute later I recieved another non-legible PDF attachment from Bose.

Anyone considering buying Bose. When you get your product, consider your self on your own. Do not expect help if you have any questions or issues.


931-224-9242 . (my cell number if you think this is not for real, I'll explain it to you.)

Posted by John

I purchased a Bose 5-speaker surround system five months ago. Owing to house construction delays, I've been unable to install it until now.I was given the phone number of installers who evidently are not Bose employees. One I contacted wanted me to upgrade to a more expensive system, but said he would be willing to install the one I purchased for a fee of a couple of hundred dollars. Another offered conflicting advice about speaker locations.
I needed wall mounting hardware. When I went to the Bose store in White Plains, NY, the store clerk first offered me the incorrect mounting, then couldn't explain the complexities of the supposedly correct hardware. So I purchased just one wall mount to see if I could figure it for myself. First challenge. I am unable to remove a screw that is locked into place.
Bose service falls far short of the sound quality it sells. If I had to do it over again, I would choose another speaker system supplier. -- John

Posted by Tee

Advised by Bose warranty on product I received 12/2014 as gift without receipt was "12 MONTHS FROM DATE OF MANUFACTER". Bose advised my Bose Sound Dock Portable was manufactured 2012 and the 1 year warranty expired 12/2013. They offered repair for $130.00. The item is no longer available for replacement so the offered a Bose Bluetooth III for $170.00. Bose advised it did not matter when the item was bought, whether or not I had a receipt or when the product was registered.

Posted by unpleasantexperience

Bose customer service is not knowledge in their product or respectful at all. They dismissed my headphone issue as nonexistent when I have owned my headphones for several years and had not noticed this issue before. I spent 30 minutes on the phone explaining my complaint only to be told they thought the headphone were fine and it was my fault. Will never be purchasing with Bose again. The customer service department also needs better training on how to converse with customers on their product.

Posted by DenB1214

I have tried appreciating my Bose WAVE III for almost a year.
A component stereo system with full range speaker, with tweeters, woofers, a sub woofer and horns spaced six to ten feet apart is needed for full classical orchestral sound.
For a full classical orchestra, the Bose WAVE III is VERY sub-par.
The Bose WAVE III would be much better if speakers could be added. But the, it lacks the least 200 watts per channel is needed.

Posted by J D

I Purchased a Bose Solo TV speaker system direct from Bose. During the 15 months it was in use I had to "reset" the system several times.[unplug]. After only 15 months it died completely. I was told by customer service I could pay for shipping and pay them 99.00 and they would see if they could fix it.
I was very disappointed in their attitude and lack of willingness to help. The only thing I rate high at Bose is price. Good bye Bose.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Cynthia Wallace, I was at your King of Prussia location 160 N. Gulch Rd. Ste2651 on December 18th I was attempting to purchase a Sound Bar for my Flat screen when your Mgr Christopher B. Kiel pushed me aside for the sales associate Vincenzo to wait on guest that just entered the store, I asked Mr. Kiel was there a problem his reply was he wanted the associate to take care of this sale, I was literally pushed aside by Mr. Kiel as if my purchase wasn't important or as If I wasn't purchasing, my item cost $299.00 and when he realized I was purchasing, he wanted to apologize, I asked him was it racial or blacks don't purchase or shop this store, or did he feel that I wasn't a paying customer, & not to d own play the customers he push me aside for, they bought head phones. I was embarrassed by his treatment in front of other guest in the store, ppl had begun to stare as if I had done something wrong. My good friend and I were there to send her Bose out for repair,and to purchase a sound bar for myself. I was humiliated and disrepected by Mr. Kiel nor did I get to purchase my sound bar. I would like a response from this complaint. Cynthia Wallace email

Thank You!!

Posted by Anonymous

dered on line a bose radio for my wife for

Christmas and checked the box for no email response!!!! I have had multiple email resonses and so much advertising on the email that I know that my wife has surlly figured out why. I ask for none of this and I am very unhappy. I assume that you dropped abunch of cookies. I intend to contact my email firm about this as well. The company is

I am sorely tempted to return this for this reason.

Posted by Customer

Would never order from BOSE online again.Ordered headphones 12/4/14.Called back immediately to cnx because it's a gift & they would have to return it at a BOSE store not like BestBuy. Katie handled cnx but she didn't cancel it even tho gty'd. Charged my cc and recv'd headphones next day. 12/5 Macala said she would email an overnight return label, it was next day. Filed complaint on Katie. 12/12 still don't have my $ back but they have headphones. Finally supervisor Cathy sent the credit.

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Posted by diemcee

I had one of the best experiences with customer service over there at Bose than I have with any other company ever. They took care of me quickly with no questions asked and it was extremely hassle free. This is exactly why I'd spend the extra money and get a quality product with great service.

Posted by Anonymous

Recently I visited the Bose store in Christiana mall. I was greeted promptly by 2 Bose employees. I explained the problem I was having with a dead battery. Rebecca O. explained to me in detail where I could get a battery, how to install it and what to look for when purchasing the battery. She also gave me a business card in case I needed further assistance...The service was exceptional. Thank you Rebecca from bose..Sincerely Terri C

Posted by kellinaroberto

I just got off the phone with a Bose customer service rep who was entirely patient, knowledgeable and so helpful during what could have been a frustrating time. I called to get help in setting up a new TV with our entertainment system. Tom, truly a hero, went through and eliminated all the extraneous cords I now longer needed with our TV. He looked up the model of the TV so that he could tell me (somewhat inept) where exactly to plug in everything and waited as I huffily tried to untangle the hot mess of cords that had gone with the old TV. He even helped me with setting up a receptor for my uncle's hearing aids. It was an hour long call and he made it feel like I just called up a tech friend to walk me through it. Will definitely be buying my next pair of headphones from Bose (for real, how do I lose so many pairs of those ones from Apple?)

Posted by geraldine lydon

great service at your Mc ArthurGlen branch THOMAS CHAPPELL gave us great service and advice .We bought because he gave us time and was very clear about the facts. WELL DONE

Posted by katieb

Really, I never write comments but I received such AMAZING customer service I had to post!My headphones finally broke after 2 years of constant use. I mean constant as in Im probably deaf from using them so much.

After waiting (quite a long time) they told me they would be more than happy to give me a new set at half price! Could I say no to that? I shipped the dead ones in, and within two days the new set was shipped out. I didn't pay a penny shipping wise.

I am very thankful they were willing to work with me to resolve the issue, and they were fully versed and friendly. Couldn't be happier!

Posted by cms16

I want to start off by saying I don't usually do reviews. I had a very negative experience with a bank that would not reverse a charge that was clearly not my fault just yesterday and I just had to leave a review, one being it should have been reversed and two being the customer service was unwilling to help me ...well today I had such an opposite experience with Bose that I had to leave this review for them! I have owned a Bose wave radio/cd player for over 13 years with never having a problem.Just yesterday the radio broke with a loud humming noise.I called today and although it couldnt be diagnosed over the phone...I was given an offer that I could not refuse for a brand new NOT REFURBISED wave radio! I couldnt believe it! Thank you Bose! you really treat your customers well and go above and beyondto make sure they are satisfied! and yes the customer service was outstanding and the gentleman was very pleasant! five stars and more!

Posted by PixTraveler

I have to take a minute to praise the customer service provided on my Bose Cinimate speaker system. It is the all time best I have ever received. A very competent tech walked me through some tests and we agreed that my problem was in the Bose system. Bose sent me a shipping carton which arrived via UPS in about one day and arranged for free UPS shipment to the repair site. The repaired system was returned the next week. Bose is a very classy operation

Posted by Orca

BOSE Solo TV sound system.
I got one for Christmas, I was surprise my wife would spend that much money. The system
cost at least three times more than the television.
While we have three TVs, I watch mainly on a small screen in our kitchen. We had a small
(22") LG set with decent picture but terrible sound. Turns out, that TV had no
audio out jacks ... could not support the Bose device. I bought a new television, was assured by the clerk that it had red and white audio jacks. It doesn't. It does have an orange audio output. I shopped for a coaxial cable to run from the TV to the Bose, Radio Shack was sold out. The guy at Best Buy told me to get a Y cable with red and white on one end and mini something on the other ... that didn't work either.
When I first called Bose with the problem, the technician said that the coax was only for use in Europe and shouldn't have been included with the instructions. When I called
Bose again, I was told to find an old tv connection with red, white, and yellow ... and just use the yellow. I drove back to Best Buy, got a yellow only cord, and Viola!
It finally works. Thanks to Peter at Bose.

Posted by Anonymous

Great Customer Service! My headphone was broken and they immediately placed a new order.

Posted by braisinbran

I just bought my SoundDock a couple weeks ago and called because I would need to be real close to the unit for the remote, and within minutes, I was told that they would gladly send me either a new unit or a remote! I said if they could maybe just send a battery that would be fine, and what do you know, a month later, I got a battery for the remote and an apology letter for the inconvenience!

I knew going in that things were expensive with Bose, but when you get service like this, they beat anyone, heck, even if the sound wasn't as amazing, I think just based on customer service, it's worth the extra dollars!

Posted by homeTechUser

incredible service!
I called because I lost a cord from my headphones. Hold time was under 10 minutes (11 am thursday) The agent quickly sent me a replacement cord for no cost. It was my fault, yet the replaced the part for no fee, and no shipping fee! Now that is service!

Their products may be expensive, but with support like theirs, Ill be a customer for life

Posted by Dave

Quick answer with someone who spoke clear english. The individual was polite, helpful, and we resolved my problem quickly. It was a refreshing customer service experience.

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