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Boscov's customer service is ranked #62 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 67.05 out of a possible 200 based upon 79 ratings. This score rates Boscov's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


60 Negative Comments out of 79 Total Comments is 75.95%.


19 Positive Comments out of 79 Total Comments is 24.05%.

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Posted by Anonymous

Been a loyal customer for years . Spent $30 on curtains today using my Boscov's credit card. Purchased a $5 purse and was asked for ID. Talked to customer service at the store and was told there was no reason for this. My card is signed so that was not the problem. Will think twice about doing business at Boscov's .

Posted by Anonymous

Won't ever honor 1yr warranty on big ticket item.was slow in initial response n follow up. Shame on you boscovs. Won't be shopping there anymore will go to Macys.

Posted by Anonymous

Have a 1yr warranty on a recliner.was told would not be fixed because i waited 10 report problem,but im still under warranty.will NEVER purchase any big ticket or anything over $20 again n will suggest to anyone to Not shop at boscovs they don't stand behind the products they sell even if usa made. Shame on you boscovs

Posted by Anonymous

I was at Boscov's in the Ocean County Mall in Toms River NJ this evening to return pajamas. I went to the first register I came to after entering the store. The girl at the register said I needed to go to the proper department. I never had to do that before. With an attitute she decided to take my return. I went to leave the store and found something to purchase. I went to one register and no one was there an employee yelled to go to the register across the way. I went to that register and the employee said her register was closed. She said to go to another register, and pointed to a woman and said her register is open. As I was walking to her register she said I'll be there when I finish this. There was a woman standing at the register waiting already. I waited for a few minutes and decided if your employees do want to work, I will spend my money at a store that cares about their customers.

Posted by [email protected]

To whom it may concern:
I have purchased 2 recliners from boscov's in May 2016. I received both chairs that need repairs. I've left a message for someone to call me last week. No one returned my call. My opinion I think it's a disgrace buying 2 recliners and they both need repairs. They should have replace them with new ones. I will never purchase any thing again in this store. Sincerely Anna LaCarrubba

Posted by bevybev

My mother went to take advantage of the product Rodent Sheriff that was advertised in your mailed circular and stopped by Boscovs on June 11th! Well it was not in stock and my mother asked why then was in advertised in your circular and was then given a rain check. Today is the 17th and still not in stock! My question to you is why would you advertise having a product in your circular that is not in stock in your stores? YOU SHOULD NEVER ADVERTISE HAVING A PRODUCT IN YOUR STORES WHEN YOU DO NOT! My mother wasted time and GAS to go back to your store and You still do not have the product! Not consumer friendly Boscovs, not consumer friendly at all!

Posted by Jjose

We purchaced a couch and love seat a while ago and the switch release broke on the loveseat. It was replaced by a company in Pa. It took forever. Just now, 6/10/16 another switch release broke on the love seat. I am so upset over this purchace. It seemed to be of hogh quality but it is not. We need it repaired again! Help me out here!

Posted by Shalu

I had order the gift for mymom &brother gift for memorial daydid not recieve yet and they say they say mY be sombody picked from the porch . that is not my fault now they saying 8 days to investigate than they will call mi back than they will decide abt it

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a sofa & loveseat from Boscov's around June 2015 for my daughter's family. It was on sale for a very good price. Unfortunately it was a VERY POOR QUALITY purchase and probably not even worth the $599.99 that they cost! Within 2 months, the springs in the seats gave way, my son-in-law tried to fix them only to have them break again within 3 more months. They gave up, tossed them into the garbage and had to find second hand replacements since my money was now down the drain and they didn't have much on their own. I'm very disappointed that Boscov's would sell such inferior products since for the most part I have been very happy with their merchandise. If I had known they issues they were having, I would have contacted customer service and complained at the time, but only recently found out about the problems. This furniture didn't even last ONE YEAR!!!

Posted by Edwardtodonnell

Received in the mail my Boscov's Rewards for 2015. Have no idea what to do with all this money so I'm going to Registered Mail it back to Jim Boscove. What a slap in the face. If I were running your store, I'd stop this insulting reward program.

Posted by zoso3939

Items within the store are not priced. Items on sale are not honored because the store placed the wrong merchandise out. Will never shop in Boscovs again.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm very upset and thoroughly disgusted with CapitalOne Credit card had I known that this was who I would be dealing with when I purchased the box spring and mattress from Boscov's I wouldn't have purchased it. But I did on October 10, 2015 and it was delivered on October 17, 2015. Up until now I haven't received a card or a bill telling me when my payment was due.

I decided to call on 11/23/15 and I spoke to Clinton and I asked him why I hadn't received a bill and he said because it was sent to 1600 E Tulpehocken St., Phila., PA 19138 where I haven't lived in one year. I gave the sales woman all my information with my change of address card on my license when I was purchasing the items.. The box spring and mattress was delivered to my correct address so why didn't the bill and the credit card come to the correct address. I was even being charged $25.00 late fee for a bill I NEVER received. He (Clinton) had the charges removed and I agreed to have a $150.00 taken out of my checking account (One Time Only) on 12/4/2015.

I come home tonite and I'm met with a letter from CapitalOne telling me about my authorization for $150.00 payment that I made by phone scheduled on 12/4/2015. Still no bill and no card.

I call CapitalOne (1800-755-7872) I first speak to Stephanie Juez (SRZ320) she couldn't help me so she put me on hold for 5-10 min or it seemed like it until someone named Angel comes to the phone and speaks to me like I'm a mooroon with a nice nasty tone. She asked if I wants the card cancelled since I hadn't received it and I said yes. She then begins to ask me security questions that she said she had to ask just like Clinton did and when we finished she said I didn't pass the test and therefore couldn't receive a card. That's when I totally lost it and told her to keep her dam card and I would contact my lawyer.

The treatment I'm receiving because of a mistake you people made is unbelievable.!! I

If I don't get any satisfaction form this customer service I will take it as far as I can until I get some results.


Posted by Deb Webb

I had a bed delivery today. .I asked the two gentlemen to please take their shoes off or to wear covers as I have brand new white carpet in my bedroom. .they didn't comply..also they said the extra part they left were just that. Extra parts...they were part of my side rails on my sleigh bed that they didn't put on...While they were nice ..they didn't respect my wishes on the shoes and we're too hurried to put the parts on correctly. ..?????? Not happy...

Posted by CAShopper15

I can't believe the message I received today from customer service. I made a purchase online for 20 1 gallon beverage dispensers. Of course because of the dollar amount the order came with free shipping. I completed the order, paid with a credit card and received an email confirmation of the order. Two days later I receive a phone call from their customer service informing me that they want to charge me additional shipping? Why? Because they have to ship a few units from their store locations?? Wow, talk about poor customer service. I will never be purchasing from them again. Now I have to run out and find new beverage dispensers for a party I am hosting next week. has horrible customer service. If you need anything in quantity and you need it in a hurry, don't get burned, order somewhere else. How unprofessional!

Posted by nancy pienkosky

i was shoping at bosco on sept, 10. 2015. got on ecaslator and fell. ambulance was called. bleeding out of nose badly. didnt go to hospital. they were very helpful then. i want to know why no one called to see how i was doing. is that the way u treat u customers. how in considerate are u. i always shop there. no more. if thats how customers are treated. store upset about this. see my dr. monday. nancy pienkosky.

Posted by sam84

Incident 1: A few weeks ago, I ordered 2 sets of Patio Furniture. Oder placed on phone. I was told that in 3-4 days, I would receive a call from warehouse to schedule delivery. I did not hear from them for 2-3 weeks!!! Finally I cancelled the order as I placed order elsewhere. After I cancelled the order, I receive multiple calls from Boscov's asking for confirming delivery. Ridiculous! I informed them that I had requested for cancellation. Even after that, I received call twice asking for confirmation for delivery. Finally it got cancelled and I got my money back... What a waste of time!!!

Just 4-5 days ago, I ordered a "LazyBoy" sofa set in the store in Woodbridge. I was promised delivery on Thursday. I categorically made a request that I should get at least 30-45 minutes notice before they arrive at home for delivery. I get an automated voice message mentioning they will be home in 10 minutes. I immediately left for home. While I reached half way (20 minutes left to reach home), I am told they have other orders to manage and I will have to request re-schedule of delivery. I had just moved in a new house and had planned for house warming party with guests coming in. Had to cancel that just because Boscov's said they can't deliver before a week!!! I definitely need compensation for this trouble...

Never again a delivery will be requested from Boscov's by me or any of my known people!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

For probably the past two months that I have been into shop at boscovs in Frederick, their price check machines are not working and I've heard employees say that they aren't going to get fixed. I think that is ridiculous because I know they have other things to do than just price check stuff for customers all day. I'd hate to be one of the employees there at Christmas time because I know people are already rude and nasty. I can even tell that the employees are already starting to get annoyed with price checks especially when they have an armfull of merchandise to put away.

Posted by matressless

Purchased mattress set. Delivery took 2 weeks. Not told it would take this long for delivery. Most places deliver mattress next day. Mattresses most profitable item in store. Terrible customer service. Most people need mattresses right away.

Posted by Anonymous

Salibury Boscovs has one of the worst retail exchange/refund policy I've ever had to deal with.I'm 76 years old so I've shopped alot in my life.Tried to exchange a sweatshirt my daughter gave me for my birthday,the sales clerk told me being the price tag was removed but designer tag was still on it they had to knock 10 dollars off the sweatshirt.I was so upset I said its still tagged never been worn,I also had my receipt my daughter had given me,plus they had lots of the same ones on the display rack.The sales clerk said that's our policy.I told her that was terrible.I said to her your not going to take my sweatshirt and sell it for regular price and take 10 dollars off of it from me,I left the store with it.Buyer Beware make sure everything you buy fits and don't remove tags even if you have your receipt.

Posted by Anonymous

Boscovs of Salisbury use to be one of my favorite stores for many years,after my experience tonight.

I don't feel the same.I bought 4 clearance items for my daughters,2 of the items didn't fit.I with receipt in hand, tags on the 2 items I'm returning went back to the store.No one was at the register in children's ware so went to next department which was Junior's ware.The lady(department manager) at the counter said she could give me a refund on the pants but not the Christmas dress.I then said why she said well this dress tag doesn't go with this dress,I said that's the tag that was on this dress and still is.She said no that's not the tag you paid for on,this dress.I said excuse me,now your calling me a liar,with my receipt in hand,she said well it is a seasonal item,I told her I was told it was refundable before I bought it.I asked to speak to store manager who also told me no refund,then he tried to say well it has a small snag anf looks worn,Isaid this is the worst I've ever been treated by customer service,then said I would not shop there anymore,he said ok that's your option.Boscovs did all this to me over a 6.99 clearance dress.If they don't want to refund clearance items this should be said at time of purchase,instead of consumers like me that spend hundreds of dollars being called a liar in so many words.I work at PRMC with alot of other shoppers that will hear about this. and I'm a very respected person and considering speaking with a lawyer about this.


Salisbury, MD store make sure you check your bag of items before you walk out, if they accidentally or intentionally forget to put an item in your bag, you are not going to get any help and it is your loss according to the Lost and Found Department there with the rudest lady working on New Years Day. Has happened to another lady I work with also, so please be aware.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 2 couches at Boscovs. the back of the couches are 3 attached pillows with zippers underneath to hold in stuffing. I realized one zipper was broken so they sent someone to fix it. OK for awhile, now its broke again. I called customer service and was told my warrenty is up so now I have to pay to get it fixed myself!

Posted by Anonymous

My husband bought me a ruby ring in February of 2014 from Boscov's with the LIFETIME warranty. As soon as I go the ring I needed to have it resized so I immediately took it in. I received the ring back on the 28th of February and I then had the ring on for 4 hours and the stone fell out, and I found the stone. I took it back that day and asked them to put more prongs on to which they refused to do and said that if it kept falling out they would give me a new ring due to having the warranty. I received my ring back on the 9th of March. By the middle of August of 2014 I was putting away groceries and the stone fell out again but this time I could not find the stone. I took it into Boscov's and was told it would be covered due to the warranty even though I didn't have the stone. Today on the 5th of September I received a call stating my ring was in but they needed to talk to me. When I contacted them they told me they would not replace the stone because it was outside of normal wear and tear. So putting away the groceries is beyond normal wear and tear. The manager of the store eventually authorized a new ring for me but stated that this was the last time they would replace a stone. So they are no longer willing to uphold there LIFETIME warranty. I again asked them if they could put more prongs on to help the stone stay in, which again they refused to do. I have ONLY had the ring for a little over 6 months and the stone fell out 2 times. So they are willing to give me a new ring but are not willing uphold their LIFETIME warranty on the ring. If the stone fell out 2 times in 6 months, what is the probability that the next one will last only longer. Then when I do have problems with the stone or the ring....they are not willing to fix it. NEVER BUY JEWLREY FROM BOSCOV'S AND EXPECT FOR THEM TO UPHOLD THEIR LIFETIME WARRANTY. The LIFETIME warranty of my ring was 6 months. I will never buy jewelry from Boscov's and I am hoping that my comments will prevent others from buying jewelry at Boscov's so that they do not have to go through the same frustrating situation as I did.

Posted by Anonymous

A security tag was left on something I purchased (by a very rude cashier who made me feel as if I was bothering her when I asked to be rung up). When I returned to have it removed I bought something else and ANOTHER security tag was left on. On my 3rd visit to have the tag removed the cashier did not speak to me and was talking poorly about another customer with the stock guy the entire time she was ringing me out. No thank you, goodbye or anything. Again as if I was bothering her. Worst customer service of any store I've shopped in.

Posted by McSomething

A few months back I called for service on my Haier Dryer that I purchased from your Colonie Center store a few years ago. It had an electrical short that resulted in burnt wires that for some reason were left sticking out of the safety plate when originally installed. I had no reason to have to look at the back of my appliance for the two years or so that I had the machine. It wasn’t until the “spark and smoke” occurred that I was aware of the shoddy safety plate. Thank goodness I was in the laundry room at the time, or that it wasn’t a major fire.

The appliance was under warranty at the time so I called for an appointment for a “Technician” to come to the house. He came and checked the dryer, but needed to order parts/wires and that he would have to come back. At this point I was still under warranty, but since he didn’t have the parts to replace it at this time, his next visit in about a week would still be considered under the warranty even though at that point my warranty would have been expired.

A few nights before his return my Haier Washer, that I bought as a set with the dryer, stopped spinning out water. These are only 3 year old appliances!
The “tech” came back in about week or so to replace warranted parts (shorted out electrical wires) for my dryer. I told the rep I had a problem with the washer as well. He told me it’s probably the water pump. I asked him what would something like that run? He said “probably about $20 for the parts but about $60 for labor”. I said “Well in that case I’ll fix it myself, but would you know the part number for that model. With his tablet in hand, and in about a minute or two, he found the part number and told it to me. I said Thank You!!

When I received my bill with a charge for “Parts and Labor”, I called to clarify that my dryer was still “under warranty” at the time. I was told it was a charge for the washer! The “tech” charged me for giving me the part number! And your customer service people agreed!
If the “tech” would have said “that information is going to cost you $30” – I would have looked it up myself!
You pride yourself on your customer service and your courtesy. How is that being courteous and caring to your customer? Considering the fact that both appliances had major problems beginning just their third year of use? The rep I guess wasn’t getting compensated for the trip, so he had to tack on the “consulting fee”?!

Add your review!

Posted by giser helm

I have a large credit limit with Boscovs.. I too was very insulted by the letter sent to me with my rewards money iron doll a total of $5 for over $1,000 and purchases.. I also sent the check back with a letter this is insulting to your customers I end up paying $5 worth of gas to get to Boscovs.. Your Rewards program is an insult and a joke I get so much more money with Walgreens rewards program spending small amounts.. Keep the postage and the $5.. Apparently you need it more than we do

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to say that the gentleman providing service at the watch repair counter at the entrance to the colonial park store is outstanding.

Posted by Larry

Customer service was outstanding. Rachel was more than glad to help and see that my issue was resolved with ease.

Posted by Anonymous

I had my wallet lost/stolen today. I called the phone number to report the stolen credit card and the woman who answered could not have been more helpful. She expressed her condolences and was so nice. GREAT JOB. I've been a BOSCOV's customer (she reminded me) since 1998 and now I really don't shop many other places at all. Boscov's has the clothes/shoes/undergarments/etc that I like and need. The staff has almost always gone above and beyond to help me. I also get my hair cut at the hair center there, and that's been a good experience as well. Boscov's in Pottsville is a great store. Thanks to all of your staff there. You make shopping FUN!

Posted by lucille

Kudos to Theresa in the shoe department at Boscov's Monmouth Mall. When two shoes in which I was interested were not stocked in my size, Theresa took the time to locate something similar in my size. The shoe was a perfect fit - and it was a super sale too!!

Posted by Anonymous

The saleswoman, CIERRA, in the Boscov's JUNIOR DEPARTMENT, on Concord Mall in Wilmington Delaware MUST BE COMMENDED for her outstanding
She gave advice...was extremely helpful, has a wonderful personality.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a long time customer of Boscov's Exton, Pa store.

I would like to comment on Michael Carey manager of the Shoe Department.

Michael always is pleasant and helpful. On my visit today, although the department was very busy, he stopped what he was going to help me find the perfect sneeker and size for my need. This isn't the first time he has done this.

He is an asset and credit to your store and his customer service skill is exceptional.
I Love my Boscov's!!!

Posted by moorestown nj

moorestown store

I have been shopping many years and have never had such good service inthe women' accessories dept,socks,slippers, etc
I believe the young womsn's name was evonne or yvonne. She went ou tof her way to find the right size of boots for me making several trips to the storeroom..She wa beyond helpful and should be recognized.

thank you Claire Scott

Posted by TDelquadro

I have been a Boscov's shopper for years.The sales people go out of their way to give excellent customer service. I love their courtesy gift wrap. One of the few department stores that plays real Christmas music. I enjoy their door busters. Thank you Boscov's for helping me be a satisfied customer. O yeah 6 months no interest on holiday money and 1 year no interest on my cruise from the travel center. I love Bovcov's

Posted by [email protected]


Posted by Anonymous

I wish to tell you about the wonderful service I received from Richard Garlick at the Johnstown PA Galleria. He was the only one who tried to help me with my Whirlpool washer problem. Whirlpool was no help but Mr, Garlick went out of his way to help me. Ialso noticed how kind he was to other customers. I sure appreciated it.Sylvia Klein

Posted by Candace

I was in the Bosco's shoe department in Media, Baltimore Pike about 6 PM on 8/24/12. It was crowded with people because of sale on summer shoes. The salesperson(a black african american) was absolutely wonderful. She knew the stock, helped everyone with a positive greeting. I was having difficulty with sizes and fit - did not matter to her how many times she went back into the stock room. After the shoe department cleared out for awhile she hustled around trying to clear up the many pairs left around. I hate buying shoes, she made it easy.

Posted by RubyNYC

I am also a Boscov lover and surprised by the negative comments. I live in NYC and had never heard of this company. I ordered white tier & swag curtain sets, a bed cover, and hangers. Very curteous phone service, quick delivery, and good quality for the very low price. When I made an order mistake, it was quickly fixed by customer service.

Posted by cpsappleh

July 1, 2012 I made a return in the appliance dept.
I purchased a clock radio and returned it. I am hoping
this gets to the proper person.....C Richard Garlick, Jr.
did the transaction. Prior to my transaction, he was helping another family with their question about the recent purchase of a TV....He is one of the finest salespersons you may have....he was very clear in his helping them and informative for all their needs. So with my return, he was equally helpful and did the transaction quickly with a smile and I felt happy to see he looked at his customers with concern and treated them so personally. I trust you will acknowledge his abilities and keep a salesperson like Richard for years....he is truly an asset and I would be disappointed if I didn't have him help me the next time.....Sincerely, Collette

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased a T.V November 27 from the Johnstown Pa store at Galleria Mall. Just wanted to say our salesman Brad was very helpful to us. He was very knowledgable about every product there. We were very pleased with him. If we ever need anything else he will be the first one we ask for. It was a pleasure doing business with him.

Posted by A Boscov Lover

I am really surprised at those that say poor customer service. I have gone to the Ocean County stores for years and never had any issues. At times not enough people at registers but that is everywhere lately. As far a dishonest pricing. I cannot agree with that. Not enough stock might be an issue for items that sold quicklyl, but I have gotten some real great bargains! I LOVE MY BOSCOVS. I've got my son now shopping at Boscovs too

Posted by Anon

Colonie, NY:

A big thank you to your bridal consultant Mylah who was able to help me resolve some things after a worker named Lisa was simply said "this is what you get". Thank you so much for having a consultant that is kind, informative and understands how to treat a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I shop at the Boscov's in Colonie Center, NY. We have often been assisted by Sales Associate Mylah Sorrell. This young woman personifies customer service and enhances the shopping experience. She is always personable and goes above and beyond, in our opinion, to assist shoppers. She has our vote for outstanding customer associate. If possible, please provide this positive feedback to Ms. Sorrell.

Posted by lovetoglitter

I have ordered dozens and dozens of items from Boscov's online site. I have begun calling them "the magic store". With a little time and effort, I have been able to save many hundreds of dollars (even thousands) by buying from Boscov's. I have had no problem with quality. I actually enjoy talking to their Customer Service people because they are so calm, friendly, and helpful. My family has been completely astonished at the quality and unbelievable bargains I have found at Boscov's. In fact, I owe Boscov's a big "thank you" for having made it possible for me to prepare my home and provide comfort for 10 houseguests during their 2-week stay here to attend my son's wedding, without putting us deep in debt! I am not kidding or exaggerating. My family now also calls Boscov's "the magic store".

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Posted by unhappy boscov worker

i had to work on thanksgiving this year

we all should have the day off

alll this company is worried about is making money and the workers unhappy

Posted by Anonymous

I just started working at Boscovs 4 weeks ago as Christmas help. The store is filty and run down, yes, prices and quality seem very dishonest. Really look at what you are buying. The deals are not deals. You are getting what you pay for. Yes, I agree, there is not enough help because that would cost more money. Customers yell at me, and I don't blame them. Dont waste your time, complain to the management...but its probably a waste to do that too. The management treats us terribly, leaves us alone with customers without any training and yells at us and doesnt give us time to use the bathroom. I cant wait til im done. Several temp help has already quit.

Posted by Anonymous

i left boscovs 3 years ago the conditions are worse now then they were when i was there

The Dept of Labor should investagate the working condtions for the sales support team

Posted by Anonymous

i also worked for boscovs i never got the raises that i earned, we are over worked, under paid it would be a miricle if a co worker actually got a .25 cent raised

Posted by Anonymous

i used to work for this company

all of the co workers are under paid and over worked

we never had enough help


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