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Bosch customer service is ranked #413 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.29 out of a possible 200 based upon 152 ratings. This score rates Bosch customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


140 Negative Comments out of 152 Total Comments is 92.11%.


12 Positive Comments out of 152 Total Comments is 7.89%.

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    • 34.29 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 140 negative comments (92.11%)
    • 12 positive comments (7.89%)
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Lee

i bought the bosch dishwasher at sears homestore in shelby,n.c. with a three year extended warranty. never used it. i want the dishwisher cleaned and a part of the handle fixed. called 800 944 2904/said they only send someone out for the first year warranty. called my local store,they gave me 800 469 4633. its a scam ph number. first call,medical alert bracelet,second phone call,a sea cruise,third,phone number cannot go through the area number. what can i do. i paid for this 3 yr warranty,cannot get a decent ph number to make an appointment. don't know if i will buy any more appliances from sears. getting my next appliance from lowe's which will be a refrigerator. thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

Bosch very unhelpful have a Bosch axt25TC shedder a few months old used 3 times now does not work. Not prepaid to consider a warranty claim could send it back if I box it iwith a new box and accepted that I must stay in alday to wait for it to be pick up and confirm the bill what ever the cost would be paid.
Ron Jones

Posted by aro

I have a Bosch dishwasher. My 3rd or 4th because they are silent. Purchased service warranty. Service terrible. Time to get appointment and parts always one week. Waited 2 weeks for appointment and then parts, one week later machine stops. Another week to get an appointment and another week - if I am lucky they say - to get parts. First two appointments, late - not 1 to 3, but 5.45 - and for the second they called to change the day to the next day, which was only OK because my son was home. Service like this is no service.

Posted by Anonymous

Just had a problem with a non working dishwasher. Engineer arrived this morning diagnosed as motor failure. All fixed off he went. Wife put washing machine on next to dishwasher and a leak appeared under washing machine. Later put dishwasher on and water all over kitchen floor. Bosch can't come out for 5days. They don't care that their engineer messed up. No dishwasher and no washing machine for 5 days because they are too busy.In my day that engineer would be sent back in his own time to put things right.

Posted by B

Someone please help me with customer service which seems to be a thing of the past with Bosch and Best Buy.
Purchased a stackable 24 inch Bosch Washer/Dryer, $2,600. At Best Buy on Jan. 13! Delivered on 2/5 with dryer defective, would not accept washer w/o workable dryer. Had delivery men put back old stackable. They put a new dryer hose (they didnât hook up and the front panel of the washer was off! Mind you my daughter just had a âNewbornâ not even 2 weeks ago by Cesarean. Wash alone with a newborn is tremendous and I the grand Mom bought the new Bosch to make her life easier but that has not been the case. Had to get the delivery guys back to properly install the old unit they took out, it makes a horrible racket now!
Iâve been in the phone to Best Buy for over 4-5 hours different times, called Bosch Corporate but they diverted my call back to Best Buy. They came back 6 days ago with another dryer but neglected to tell us it was the wrong model and didnât even bother calling us, they left a message the night before that they were coming to deliver on Saturday 12-4! As it was going on after 5PM I went down to Best Buy again and spoke to the manger of the dept. he promises he will take care of it but since the dryer is a special preset it comes from NC we canât get it till March 10th, that was yesterday and today is Feb. 13th. 25 days are you kidding me!!! What in the world, they have no problem taking your money, Iâve called other places and they can install and 2 weeks! This is the worst appliance experience of my life made the mistake of buying a quality item and no one seems to care.

Posted by ROZ

Please get the better servicing operator to serve customers. As the attitude is very rude to me who make complaining. When we voice up to a comments the operator keep talking for her own things. What is this servicing???

Posted by George

Cannot reach customer service as phone sends you to the website and the website doesn't have a clear place to send the information to then reference their safety recall. Trouble is I have two bosch dishwashers one in Mass and one in Florida.

Posted by Unhappy

We are now in our second day without heating, hot water or, indeed, water! Our oil-fired combi boiler sprung a leak on Saturday and after initially being told by Bosch that we were not covered under our insurance a local plumber insisted we were covered as it was the boiler at fault. I phoned back Worcester Bosch who then confirmed we were covered. However as it was after 8pm on Friday there was nobody to arrange an emergency call out until Monday. So, although we pay £19.75p per month for breakdown cover there is no help after 8pm on Friday until Monday morning. No emergency cover over the weekend. This is dreadful.

Posted by Madhan Mohan

I have purchased a bosh washing machine in the year 2012 and my registered mobile number is To my surprise it in just 5 years and repair cost is half the purchase price. Never purchase bosh washing machine.

Posted by Madhatter

Unfortunately, we join the ranks of the negative comments after numerous attempts to resolve our issue with Bosch, Sears & the service company contracted by Bosch. Our Bosch dishwasher model first stopped working January 9/17 and its now April 4/17 and we are still without. Bosch is now having the service company replace the same parts previously replaced in the earlier months which did not fix the problem to begin with. This process has been the worst we have ever experienced. No more Bosch products for us.

Posted by Anonymous

Used their online booking service, there was no suitable appointment so I requested the call back system. Never got a call back, so I contacted them. They made no real effort to try and accommodate my request so I will go elsewhere. This is the second unpleasant experience Ive had with Bosch service. Will not buy any of their products again. Looking at the reviews online I'm surprised they can be so caviler when dealing with their customer. I sincerely hope someone at Bosch takes the time to read some of these reviews and act accordingly.

Posted by Anonymous

Requested advice on how to fix defective humidity control on fridge salad drawer.
They sent me a copy of my query three weeks ago, but no reply.

Posted by Sammy

Never buy a Bosch appliance. Their customer service is appalling. I arranged for a Bosch engineer to visit to repair my dishwasher on a Thursday. I sat in all morning. He didn't turn up. They said they had allocated the job to the wrong area. They said he would come on the following Monday. He didn't turn up. They again said they had allocated the job to the wrong area. They re-booked it for the following Wednesday. He rang me and said he wasn't coming because the parking in the area was bad. Each time I called customer service and there was just a resigned acceptance about this deep rooted shambles. Never buy a Bosch!

Posted by julie- Surrey

26.02.17 absolutely awful, more or less accused of lying after brand new product leaked on floor senior customer advisor read from a script, they don't care. Never buy Bosch they aren't they best either regardless of tv ad's saying they are. take my advice and Leave alone :-(

Posted by astoria

I purchase combi boiler{heat+hot water} i choose professional installer from Bosch web page.
Consumer check contractor licence before u hire anyone. Bosch contractor was with out proper licence, messy and nasty. I contact Bosch numerous time in the past 2 weeks. As of today no one reply back or give any call back. Customer service is nasty and unhelpful.

Posted by Dave

An absolute bloody nightmere to be able to contact Bosch. no telephone numbers / no online advice / No land Address. No email address. will not accept UK post codes on web site. and even when you do fill out a mountain of questions, that are absolutely .... ing irrelevant it refuses to accept it, saying this box is mandatory even though one fills it out correctly No Uk web site / no customer service / Do you guys at Bosch dream up all day ways to stop us contacting you. Or are you just a bloody offal company.
D.R.Barnes M.I.mech eng

Posted by JOhn Trueman

I bought a Bosche oven HBA22R25IE. There is a fan that blows out hot air! I asked Bosche to look at the oven as the supplier would not. When the engineer came he said the oven had to blow out warm air or it would get too hot. I showed him the oven was put under the hob, and this caused a problem when cooking in summer, wearing shorts. He advised me to move the oven elsewhere. The manager then phoned and told me the call was chargeable because there was nothing wrong with the oven.

Posted by Dr. Ray

I have been trying to get resolution for TWO WEEKS from Bosch. I have given up. Bosh has the ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE of any company in the world that I have ever dealt with. Bosch has extremely RUDE employees who say they will do something or call me back and they NEVER DO. If I could give 100 NEGATIVE stars for this horrible company, I would.

I encourage and WARN EVERY CONSUMER NOT TO BUSINESS WITH OR PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. Bosh will ignore you, hang up on you, not return your call, refuse to speak with you, be rude to you, dismissive, and completely unprofessional. I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY ARE STILL IN BUSINESS.


Dr. Ray.

Posted by Hally

Absolutely the worst customer service I have EVER experienced. Over the last ten weeks I have made three phone calls only to be given empty promises or treated rudely and talked over. I have sent seven emails, no acknowledgements or replies, save for one stating my email had been forwarded to HQ Germany marked for urgent attention, that was over a week ago. NO REPLY
If consumer law allowed me to return thousands of pounds of tools I had recently bought because of this lack of service I would and NEVER purchase any of their products again. I will take every opportunity I now can to warn others of their shoddy treatment of customers and their lack of common decency and respect. I know that I would be wasting my time though as they DON'T CARE

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Bosch optical level that I use for my construction business. It was a little out of whack. So I call the service center and they told me to send it in and they estimate it would cost $39 to re-calibrate it. I sent it in and 2 weeks later they called and asked for my credit card number so they could look at it and tell me how much it will cost to fix it. Then I get a call 2 days later and they say it will cost $223.00 plus shipping to fix it. I told them I could buy a brand new one a Home Depot for $200 so never mind fixing it. Then I get a charge on my credit card for $39.95. What a waste of time and money!!!!!

Posted by Ryan V

BOSCH Designed for LIFE......... I guess so,
That is, if your life is only ONE Week Long!!!!!

After recently taking a faulty Bosch Inspection camera to their Melbourne Service Centre, it came back replaced with a brand new one! Wow that's fantastic service! So we thought???

This was short lived, when not even one week passed and we went to use our new Bosch Inspection camera for the second time,
only to find it too is faulty with the exact same fault as our original!

And the official words straight from the Bosch Service Centre

"Proof of purchase date on original replacement is 24/3/13.
The warranty period for this purchase
was 2 years, the tool was replaced under goodwill, the warranty period has long expired"

In other words we gave you a new one and don't really care that it only lasted less than a week! That's your problem now!

Well that's one sure way to go from Fantastic Service to I think if that's how they treat there customers, we sure won't be stocking any of our companies service vehicles with Bosch anymore.

I'll keep you all posted on wether this is seriously how BOSCH are content to treat their customers and in the meantime does anyone know any brands for a decent inspection camera?
As looks like we are in the market for a new one !

Posted by HansMuns

I purchased a Bosch refrigerator (Model 9000969912 in January 2016 and have had to request repairs for the ice maker (which makes one batch of ice every 24 hours) and the fan (which is very noisy for prolonged periods several times per day.)

Every time the repair person visits, it takes weeks or months to obtain the replacement, then they replace it, leave, and the problem continues.

It has been the same two problems repeatedly since the first month it was installed. It is now out of warranty and we are asking Bosch to replace the refrigerator (or give us credit for what we paid) so we can purchase a working refrigerator. I have bought and sold several houses and a result have purchased approximately 10 refrigerators over the past 30 years. The is the ONLY refrigerataor that has given us problems.

I love the Bosch dishwasher but would warn you NOT to purchase a Bosch refrigerator.

Posted by turkey

I bought a washing machine from authorized dealer in Ankara, in 2014. I have the warranty for three years. Last week, the machine broke down. Problem is the door bellow (the plastic deformation). I immediately talked Bosch's customer service in Turkey (phone is: 444 63 33). I talked to Ms. Beste from General Directorate of Bosch Turkey (in Istanbul). As a result, The staff of the authorized service came my home. Authorized service inspection was completed a few days ago. They said: This problem is your mistake. Because you use too many detergents. Therefore, you can not use the warranty, and you must pay 165 Turkish Liras money for a new door seal. So I am the victim. I did not use misuse the machine. I have the warranty more a year. This is not an improper use. Furthermore, in Turkey, there are too many complaints on this subject on the Internet. If you research you will see. Is your principle, I would rather lose money than trust? Are you serious?

Posted by Mw

Totally ignorant. No reply to 3 "contact us" e mails over the last month.
Web based form so no proof of sending, in out box!
Expensive products, with no customer service.

Posted by Luke

Hey i recently bought a impact drive drill pack $400 later have taken the first one back and now looking at taking back this one.the battery lable/battery charge display keen coming off leaving the battery exposed to dirt/water bit of a poor disigh plz help not happy

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir Your Excellent Team of Staffs lead by Mr Vinoth has done an exemplary job Yesterday at Pondicherry has helped us stranded in the road requesting for help while my vehicle was met with an accident by the fault of the Bus Driver.I am 71 a Retd Vice President cement Industries.Your Team has visited our factories. Thanks To All and Best Wishes.

Posted by Anonymous

Engineer arrived promptly, was very friendly and polite and completed the job quickly.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been through TWO Bosch washing machine in the past seven years. The first one I bought to put into my new home made so much noise that it sounded like we lived near the train tracks and never drained right. Thanks to the lemon clause it was eventually changed out for a new one. We still have issues with this one not draining and sometimes the door does not lock. I have two small children and these issues are very frightening to me. I thought I made a wise investment but it now looks like a money pit. The night before Christmas and I can't wash any clothes.

Posted by Huzaifa

I am extremely happy with the repair team and service provided by Bosch. they were efficient and gave me all the details of costs and such as soon as they recieved the broken iron and suggested they would repair or replace and they replaced my iron with a completely model which retails for at least £170 but I was given it for £97 which is a big save considering if I had just not bothered with phoning them and bought another one myself. very pleased.

Posted by Gary P.

About 1-1/2 years ago we remodeled our kitchen with all new Bosch appliances. No real problems to speak of, until this point. The dishwasher, most noteably is the quietest I've ever heard...very nice. On the other hand the range hood is quite possibly the most noisy. Recently the light bulbs burned out in the range hood. I removed them and searched the hardware and home stores for a replacement. But it is a VERY uncommon bulb, even though it doesn't look as though it should be. So I turned to looking on-line for the bulbs. It turns out the bulbs cost $42.50 each (and there are 2 that need to be replaced). I was expecting these bulbs to cost maybe $4 each. What the hell is Bosch thinking by using such an obscure bulb in their product. This is TOTALLY ridiculous!!! They are incandescent bulbs that will probably need to be replaced on a pretty regular basis. It really makes me nervous about any other future repair parts that will be needed.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Bosch Corless drill 18 volt.
It had very little power and failed after about 1/2 hour of use.
I could not find my receipt and called Bosch directly.
I was treated as though they really cared.
Within 24 hours, I received my new drill and it works perfect.
I have 2 corded Bosch drill that are over 30 years old and still work like the day I brought them home. TOTAL SATIFACTION.

Posted by MrStingl

I bought a new table saw from HD - model GTS1031. Great saw, well built, award winning actually. However, when I got it home it was missing the table plate around the blade. HD wants you to contact the manufacture direct, no big deal, so I used Bosch Chat feature at I am realistic, I understand that these items are mass produced and that parts may get missed, it sucks but it happens. I had an agent on the Chat within 30 seconds of opening it and they ordered a replacement part for me with in 60 seconds. No problems, no questions asked. Great customer service and support. Part should arrive within a week. Will rate again after that!

Posted by glee

They honour their 30 satisfaction guarantee campaigns relatively quickly once you find out who to actually contact.

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot praise Bosh highly enough for the service they have given me concerning the faulty toaster I had to return. All members of the customer service department went out of their way to be of assistance

In a nutshell thank you so much

Posted by billbanter

I had a problem on a new washing machine that I knew was a manufacturing fault. Bosch Call Centre response varied from very helpful to awful. However, I insisted on an engineer call for which I told them I would not pay. The engineer came promptly, as agreed, and he was wonderful. He confirmed the fault (already found on several machines) sorted it out and then gave us a lot of helpful advice. No charge - all under guarantee. One unhelpful adviser let Bosch down. My ratings would have been much higher.

Posted by shannonjohn

I had to search on the internet for a while to get the correct number. Besides that I have one word for you:AWESOME!

Posted by abmacus

Wicked service. Purchased a new front loader and had a couple of queries about water pressure. They were onto it. Sorted in about 5 days, of which I was out of town for 3 over the weekend. Great stuff.

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