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Borders customer service is ranked #265 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 41.38 out of a possible 200 based upon 167 ratings. This score rates Borders customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


147 Negative Comments out of 167 Total Comments is 88.02%.


20 Positive Comments out of 167 Total Comments is 11.98%.

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    • 41.38 Overall Rating
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    • 147 negative comments (88.02%)
    • 20 positive comments (11.98%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Dear Borders
I purchased "The Pokemon Essential Handbook" via ebay months ago for my grandson
I'm extremely irritated by the non response to my many emails for delivery of this book
Your urgent response is required
Lyne Pryor

Posted by i give up

I downloaded the boarders ipad app. I bought a e book The 4 Hour Body. I had to format my ipad and my computer. I reinstalled itunes and got back every app except Boarders Book Store app. I paid $13. for a E book and can't get it back. Itunes said they are not resposible for third party software. So if you have purchased E books from Boarders your screwed like me.

Posted by [email protected]

Call won't go thru - either get a message the call won't go thru or you get static!!!!! And my order has been lost! Very frustrated!!!

Posted by Dissatisfied

Received a Borders gift card last spring (March 2011). Attempted to make an on-line purchase this past Dec. 2011. Borders web site directed me to Barnes and Noble website. Barnes and Noble website would not process the Borders gift card number or PIN#.
I called 1-800 Barnes and Noble websited and they advised me to bring my Borders Gift Card into any Barnes and Noble store to apply toward a purchase. Two separate Barnes and Noble store MANAGERS told me I could only make a purchase on-line at Barnes and Noble. I tried again today to make an online purchase using the Borders Gift Card and the website would not process the card number/PIN.
I called the 1-800 number for Barnes ansd Noble customwers service and "Maureen" tells me they do not honor the Borders Gift Cards and to lo directed me contact which automatically re-directs you to a Barnes and Noble webpage exlaining they welcome Borders customers by only providing information specific to choosing to have your account information from Borders removed from their affiliates shared mailing list by Dec. 11,2011!

What a waste of my time and a total load of load of crap!
Looks like I won't be purchasing anything from Barnes and Noble!

Posted by Anonymous

I also got screwed as I have a Borders gift card that is now worthless. Yes I will take some blame as I probably should have used it sooner but this is typical Corporate America screwing over loyal customers. No wonder this country is on the decline.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a book on 10th Dec and it still has not been delivered on the 23rd Dec, It was in stock and was to be delivered by Xmas

Posted by stephny767

I preordered a book back on 6/28/2011(the book was released 10/10/2011), when I heard they were closing, I called the help line to check on my order-they said I shouldn't have any problem with my order. When it didn't come, I called their customer service hotline and a recorded message said the number was temporarily out of service! I checked barnes and noble-they don't know. Any ideas/suggestions??

Posted by ABC

i have a gift card that I'm unable to check the balance on, everytime I phone the number on the back, I received a busy signal. I was told that Barnes and Noble are honoring the cards; however, when I tried to check the balance it wouldn't go through.

Posted by Anonymous

I had no idea they were shuting down and now i have a 25 dollar gift card and i feel bad that i didnt use it they should have better informed people.

Posted by Abu Nadal

I was taken for the $20.00 rewards card as well. What a way to thank loyal customers.

Posted by Bulone1

I feel BORDERS BOOK STORE didn't notify anybody about closing down as well. I have a $300 Borders gift card. According to Borders they had said Borders stores where going to close and there website will stay open until two weeks ago. I took a great loss, I didn't see anywhere on there website they gift would expire in September 2011.

Posted by HateBorders

I bought the Borders Reward for $20 but after buying it for couple months they decided to close the Borders Store. It supposed to last for 1 year the $20 I paid but of course I already lost my $20 from the time they decided to close the stores. So from now on, I will not buy any membership from any store. This is for all of you also "DON'T BUY ANY MEMBERSHIP FROM ANY STORE OR ONLINE, BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW IF THEY WILL BE CLOSING THE STORE THE NEXT DAY FOR GOOD." That's a big lesson to learn. "NO MORE MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR EXTRA SAVINGS FOR ME".

Posted by Miezlvn

I was not notified by borders that my gift card would be cancelled. I have a 25 dollar card and now it is not any good. Borders leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Is there any way to get my money back?

Posted by Anonymous

Anybody know how to contact Border customer service very fastly? phone number or email address?
I have some problem in purchasing ebook reader in border online. Even the order is not confirmed, the transcation is done in my account.
So I urgently need to contact customer care.

Posted by Anonymous

The Boarders' manager
Brentwood, Missouri. Horrable Manager Steve.
The casher got wrong barcode which is not discounted (there are two barcodes, one is original and the other one is discount one).

I asked manager to return the differences.

He said no because "all items are final."

I am not asking you refund.

I am asking you the differences you guys overcharged me because of you guys mistake!!

How come I paid cash and you guys overcharged me then I cannot get mycash back.

I was mad and he threaten me to walk away if I do not accept the boarders credit.

He said "shop more here with this".

Even he refused to give me his name (but I got it from other worker).

What kind of manager and business are you guys doing? That is because of closing store?? No. Absolutely not acceptable response.

Posted by airiel

Brentwood, Missouri. Horrable Manager Steve.
The casher got wrong barcode which is not discounted (there are two barcodes, one is original and the other one is discount one).
I asked manager to return the differences.
He said no because "all items are final."
I am not asking you refund.
I am asking you the differences you guys overcharged me because of you guys mistake!!
How come I paid cash and you guys overcharged me then I cannot get mycash back.
I was mad and he threaten me to walk away if I do not accept the boarders credit.
He said "shop more here with this".
Even he refused to give me his name (but I got it from other worker).
What kind of manager and business are you guys doing? That is because of closing store?? No. Absolutely not acceptable response.

Posted by Anonymous

After today, I understand why they are going out of business. The service was great until a secondary employee came along my transaction at the counter to ask me if I could place back all the stuff I didn't want.

She asked very nicely so I answered honestly that I couldn't remember where they were (seeing as they were all dvds and the dvd section was ...a mess, I really couldn't remember which shelf or which row).

I continued my transaction until I heard her make a comment to another co-worker mocking how I didn't know where I took my things.

I justified to her what I described earlier and continued on my transaction. By this point, I wasn't sure about my purchase anymore. She probably saw that I was hesitating so she came and took over the transaction saying that if I didn't decide in the next 3 security, should would call security.

Which, makes no sense...seeing as I didn't display any signs of violence (no screaming, no hitting).

I really don't want to wish bad on strangers but...

Posted by ex

Borders Rewards does not reward.
Called 1-734-477-1100 Corporate Press 3 for Customer Service. Had to leave a message and they promised to call back in 1-3 hours.. we'll see. I really want my $20 back.

Posted by Diane

I tried for two nights to reach customer service at Borders to no avail. We bought the rewards card in the spring and went to use a $10.00 rewards we received and were told at the Greensburg Borders we couldn't use it as they were bought out. I need assistance. I am now out of the $20.00 paid for the Rewards program and my $10.00 coupon.

Posted by Rory Vance

07.24.11 - I went to Borders at South Coast Plaza to check the book sale. I understand the frustration the staff must have regarding the store closure. But I was not in anyway prepared to be told to get of the store and go [email protected]*k myself. Yes, it's true. Twenty minutes before closing Border's staff was herding customers into the check out line our out of the store. Erin was being very abrupt, rude and condescending with every customer she was pushing out of the store. We she came after me I asked her if she could take it easy, I was on my way out and I wasn't going to buy anything. She told me I needed to leave her store and go f*#k myself. I and all the customers around me stared at her in disbelief. She told me to stop looking at her because I was making her uncomfortable. I asked her "did you just tell me to go f#*k myself?" she said yes because I was being such an a*#hole.

Even though Borders is going out of business I do believe that they are responsible for the conduct of their employees. The economy is tough for everyone and we shouldn't loose or civility and respect for other human beings.

Posted by Engineer Tall Grass

I just walked out of Borders in the Houston Galleria after trying to shop for 30 minutes with my wife. The Satanic music they were playing was so loud people were raising their voices just to talk to each other. I've never been to a Borders that played this genre of music. I'd gladly listen to it in a bar, but on a Sunday morning at a book store? I tried to find a manager but no one was there. The oldest employee was no older than 25. I tried to ask two employees if this was the kind of music they played at this Border, but they just shrugged their shoulders and walked away. If all Borders employees are this discourteous and if all Borders are this out-of-touch with what customers want (an atmosphere conducive to book-shopping), then it's no wonder why Borders failed. Too bad the Borders management and employees will never "get it" and will slowly filter into other businesses with their poor attitudes and satanic party attitude. I wonder what business they'll destroy next?

Posted by ElleninNC

A few years ago I received two gift cards for Borders. I never shop Borders because they always have higher prices than Barnes and Noble. After hearing that Borders is going out of business I decided to use the cards so they would not go to waste. I called the number on the back to check the balance and too my surprise one card was no longer valid and the other card (which I have NEVER used) had a balance of $0. No where on the web site or on the back of the card does it state that there is a time limit in which you need to use the cards. I'm not surprised this place is done for. Thank GOD for Barns and Noble!

Posted by Anonymous

Currently, I'm at Borders trying to study for an upcoming exam. Normally, I don't study at home because of all the distractions there are.
In the past, I didn't have a problem studying here, but lately, WTF!!!
I viewed Borders as a library. People come in and go QUIETLY reading their books, studying, etc.
But I guess my view was wrong. People are talking to one another as loud and obnoxious as they can, playing games on their phone with the sounds blasted, and... I'm so frustrated I can't even list all of the reasons.
AND they are all doing this around the people who are here trying to find some peace & quiet and the employees here aren't doing anything to keep the noise level down. HOW F****** RUDE!
Another thing about the employees, the damn store phone has been ringing for over an hour now and the employees aren't even doing their damn job to answer the damn thing. It's easy as 123 and probably takes out a minute - AT MOST - of their time and they aren't even doing it.
I saw a couple of them just walk past it while it's ringing. It's part of their job so DO IT! If not, still pick up the phone so it doesn't distract not only workers, but the people here.
I could of been done studying if it weren't for the distractions going on here.

Posted by dustbunny

I am trying to use up 2 Borders gift cards that I received over the past few months. I would NEVER choose Borders to shop from due to continual messes with orders and terrible customer service over the past few years. One must use the gift cards...sigh
Their web site is a mess, customer service is unreachable, and I do not want a hassle. I had predicted Borders would go tits-up due to extremely poor business model, non-competitive pricing and bad, bad, bad customer service. Color me not shocked.

Posted by Kim

Have a gift card that I want to use before they go completely "belly up". Repeatedly attempted to order online, but their server kept becoming "unavailable". So, called the customer service line. So far, I've been on hold for 20 minutes waiting for "the next available representative". This is ridiculous!!

Add your review!

Posted by ex--

you can email that to [email protected],however, since your concern is about ebook, you might wanna call KOBO since they are the source of ebooks where is selling/displaying,Borders is not selling those ebooks, they just partnered with kobo and use the website to offer the said format of book. please contact them at 866-204-4714. thanks.

I miss you Borders :(

Posted by Usfgirl86

I love Borders and am sorry to see them go. Reading all the negative comments, I've never had poor service at a Borders. Before the ones in Tampa, FL closed earlier this year, my boyfriend and I were always in there...I'd lose him and go looking and someone would ask "Can I help you?", I usually chuckled and told them not unless they saw my boyfriend lurking around lol! It was always a good laugh and there were always helpful people around. I now live in Knoxville, TN and have been to 2 Borders stores here, both with excellent customer service. I'm just disappointed that we spent $20 on their rewards club and have only used it once...oh well, it's just $20, but we were looking forward to all the benefits from the club. On the other hand, I also love the Seattles coffee, my boyfriend vows to get the Javanilla shake recipe from them lol!

For those of you who have negative comments, get the stick out of your ass and pay attention to the real world, the world does not revolve around you! I'm sure the employees are irritated that they will be out of a job soon and I wouldn't be surprised if they get a bit pissy with the customers coming to get all the books. Just be patient, you'd probably feel the same way if you were going to lose your job.

FYI, I'm NOT a Borders employee, I have a medical job, if you were wondering.

Posted by MegaBoss

Borders and Waldenbooks hold good memories for me and I've never had a complaint about their customer service or staff. Ever. If, during this sad time, their behavior is a little uncaring... I can't in all fairness hold it against them.
I truly love how everyone is bashing the employees for their behavior... 'No one is answering the phone, people are talking loudly and the employees are rude...' Well... Duh. What reason do any of them have to be nice, courteous, kind? Their jobs are no longer dependent on their good behavior or performance, and their wages don't make up for the coming loss nor the stresses of dealing with an influx of bargain shoppers and carrion crows.
Speaking as someone who has always worked in customer service, it's not easy at the best of times to deal with the mass of humanity. In their shoes, I probably wouldn't give a care either.
Thank you Borders employees for all of your gracious years of service to my book addiction.

Posted by dtcc2134

I saw all the negatives comments and felt I should add that I just called customer service and had an excellent result. The operator was helpful and friendly and resolved my issue quickly. I was concerned that my pre-orders would be lost since they are closing and she was able to help me get the information I needed. Thank you

Posted by Employee606

The customer service help line was atrocious, but the emails with shipping information had a contact email that would cancel and refund backordered purchases. As an employee I learned quickly that I could collect a customers information, then go home and send one email and the problems would be fixed within 24 hours (many customers didn't have emails so I had it sent to mine and then gave them a call with confirmation). Otherwise I had to wait on hold for 20+ minutes while the customer stood right there and waited with me. As a store we always solved problems to the best of our ability even if customer support was outsourced and non-beneficial.

I do wish I'd had internet access in the store so I could have done this on the clock. I also wish that we had been trained to handle these issues. My store (Roseville, MN) was an exceptional place for quality customer service, but the corporate company was certainly a disaster. I'm just sad that all the good employees throughout the company, especially those who've dedicated much of their life have to lose their jobs because the corporate office had no idea what they were doing.

Posted by Anonymous

I think someone needs to really look into the Border's in the Cambride Side Galleria. It is the filthiest bathroom I have ever been in. I work in the area and most days go in to purchase a book, and the bathrooms you can tell haven't been cleaned from one day to the next. Thank you.

Posted by Raymond.Simpson

Ref# 508333, I placed an order on 4/28/2011, and went to download it on, 4/29/2011, When I could not find it, I checked with my bank and discovered the amount had been deducted. When I first called the Borders customer serice line, I spoke with a representative, (who I failed to get her name), who was very rude, unwilling to help and offered very little recourse. When I asked to speak with her supervisor, she placed me on a long hold, and never returned. I immediately hung up called back and reached a representative, who gave her name as "Irene. I explained my situation, explained that I had confirmed that my bank account had been deducted, but that I have not been able to find my order. Irene, has been the greatest, she conducted all kinds of research, and each time she had to place me on hold, she politely would inform me ahead and the wait was never intolerable. She finally help me discover my problem, in that I had forgotten that my son also had setup and account for me, and the order I placed was through that account. I could not thank "Irene" enough. She was very, very well responsive to my issues and responded with great care and concern. I was at first resolved to the fact that I would never use Border again, after the first representative (which I wish I had obtained her name). But after "Irene" great care and customer service, I know I will continue to be a customer of Borders. Please if it is possible to let "Irene" know how much I appreciated her assistance and care, it would be a great service to me and your company. Thanks to "Irene".

Ray Simpson
Border Customer

Posted by Smom

Borders is great!!! a gentleman thought me on how to transfer books to my sony and also he said that i can also transfer books from my public library(AWSOME)....... he also gave me case num:495142 so incase that i had another problem they fix it!..I LOVE BORDERS!!!!!

Posted by mizzy

Borders customer care is not bad and they are amazing.. I spoke with a very nice customer care agent and they transferred me to technical support who is very helpfuln and was able to solve my ebook problem.
keep it up guys..

Posted by ahhh noh ni muss

I beg to disagree with these comments all I know is that the phone people are very patient, polite and they always find a way to resolve my problems coz honestly i been using Borders eversince they started.I really love Borders. I really enjoy there service.

Posted by 060210

I love Borders! they actually resolved my concern, especially when im having problem with my reader, Technical Support was amazing! They are knowledgeable and they, manage to resolve my concern. I do have fun talking to the tech agent. Thumbs Up for Borders!!!

Posted by Janet

Called last March 30 regarding the reference number 434492, I ordered an eReader a month ago and its still on Back Order. The guy that I spoke with from really help me to understand that the eReader is not instock and it will never be instock. Thats why I decided to cancel it, and the Rep. said that I could try the Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet and I tried it. Its great! I was really satisfy with the Service.

Posted by dianne

the call I had with Borders customer support was fine. they were polite and nice. good thing i did not experience the same experience others have had with them. I am a very satisfied customer.

Posted by lizy

I really love Borders, my heart breaks when I heard the news about the reorganization.
Hope you guys will stay long in the business.

Posted by maria ozawa

i was able to talk to one to the customer representative in Borders. And they treat me very well.. they were so nice and responsbile to take good care of the customer. i barely disagree to the comments that are posted here.

Posted by greg

I do not believe that the Borders Customer Service really sucks, because as I called yesterday wanting to know the status of my order and why am not able to used the Borders Bucks in my account, the Rep educate me a lot of how the policy is and the rep made me aware of everything I really love it. He even adjusted my Borders Bucks for it expired and I have not used it.

by the way the rep name is EVO

Posted by Anonymous

i order a cd online and it came to the store for me to pick up i was very satified with the service

Posted by Nadiana

I just called borders today because I bought a book online from them yesterday (I paid for express shipping which it is suppose to take 1-2 days) and I haven't receive any confirmation of shipping until now. The customer service quite helpful and after 6 hours, I received confirmation of shipping. I just hope I receive correct book tomorrow.

Posted by Rina

The customer service sucks as I have been trying for days to reach after I have ordered a book december 8th and have not received it at all. I did, however, call the corporate number ( thanks jennyboo for that info) and have gotten a hold of a live person who was extremely nice and helpful througout our conversation and has refunded the money back to me and canceled my order. If you guys have issues getting through to the customer service line just call directly to corporate. Here's the number again:

Posted by Anonymous

Update. Was so frustrated reaching no one (tried all morning!!!! never reached anyone) on their service phone number that I decided to try their corporate phone number a try.

Borders Group, Inc.
100 Phoenix Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

phone: 734.477.1100

I finally reached someone immediately (think I pushed 3 to get through to customor service in menu) they were very kind and helpful and helped me cancel my order. She explained that sometimes it takes awhile for a backorder to appear on their website. But I ordered 5 days ago and its still doesn't show online that it is out of stock. Anyway, order canceled and off to amazon to purchase instead.

For everyone frustrated please try this number and I hope you get through to someone helpful like I did and everything will be resolved for you. Good Luck!

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Posted by whatawonderfulworld

Guys, you know what? Borders customer care representatives are good, they actually try to help you out with your concern no matter what and anyhow.

I understand that you are expecting much from them because of the product knowledge they must have as a group of people working for this company. But don't they deserve to have like chance to let them be heard? They are sometimes trembling to response/answer you due to nervousness and especially to what attitude you have. I'm not an Asian but I believe that Asian are more patience and trust-worthy people. America is not the only place in this world. TRY TO OPEN YOUR MIND guys. Maybe I would say that first time that comes to your mind is that they are not speaking English, well they are, but you need to consider that its not their first language. It's like trying also to learn what language they have. Flaws may be obvious but just ignore it and just try to understand what they are trying to say-they are friendly and are trying to help Borders on business online. They are not stupid, they are just implying what rules/terms and condition the company has . This is not a positive nor a negative comment- this somewhat my opinion.

Just let your mind open

oh, BTW.. I just called awhile ago and experienced terrific customer service from them-I just had some ebook/Reader issues.

Thanks and more power BORDERS! You can do it!

Posted by Wandarty

I work in a Las Vegas Borders, I'm a barista in the Seattle's Best Café. I am on my way to being fired for "failure to comply with company policy" because I am failing to meet my Plus Program quota. I took this job to make coffee and to work in the café. During the interview process it was explained that I would be expected to talk up the Borders Reward Card (back then it was a free program), something that I accepted as part of my job description and something that I was able to do adequetly. As a barista I am very good at what I do and I have dozens of regulars who come in during my shifts. I upsell, provide excellent customer service and pitch the promotional items of the month. However, despite explaining the Glorious Borders Rewards Plus Program to EVERY customer who comes in, I am in danger of losing my job because I am unable to sell $20 reward cards to people who are trying to buy a latte. I've had customers leave in mid-order out of frustration. I have been cursed at and told I was worse than a telemarketer. I have been told to shut up and just make their d*mn coffee. Despite my assurances that our store would be remaining openn after the reports of the recent bankruptcy, I have had customers decline the card because they don't want to waste money on a program that may not exsist by the end of this year.
Our store has had three different General Managers in the last 10 months. The employees in the café and on book side are consistantly harrassed and belittled over the radios we all wear by these managers about how poorly we are doing with our BR+ numbers for the day and are told our performance is "DISGRACEFUL" and "UNACCEPTABLE" and we are told how expendable we are and that if we can't get our BR+ numbers up then we will be fired and replaced with someone who WILL sell these cards. We've even come in to work with little cards in our personal cubbies reminding us that we need to sell atleast 4 BR+ cards per hour per shift. This is a ludicrous and nearly impossible goal for the café workers.
Meanwhile, the store is over-staffed with poorly trained people and somehow we still have inadequate shift coverage.Un-
certified baristas are left alone for hours with no knowledge on how to prepare beverages, handle food or work the register. The cleaning staff for the store has been fired (to save money) and now store employees are responsible for cleaning up human waste in the restrooms. Staff members without healthcards are violating health codes daily by going into the café kitchens to get to mops, brooms, towels and supplies. Team members without health cards routinely go into off-limit areas to help themselves to cups bowls and cutlery.
Customers can't find books they're looking for because we don't have them in stock because we can't pay our vendors. Café employees are being poorly trained and can not get the supplies needed (supplies like MILK!!!!) because vendors do not wish to work with a company that bounces it's checks.
But yeah, my bad for not selling those BR+ cards. So when you're in there, and you're hearing the employee explain the rewards program to you, take the free card or just say "No, thank you." We hate having to recite it to you just as much as you hate hearing it. We have to say it though. Otherwise we will be fired. Fired as I'm about to be because I can't convince you to pay an extra $20 on a card to go with your three dollar latte.

Posted by Store Clerk

Former employee from Store number 365, Unfortunately that store is now closed. However, Im not convince with the Negative comments that you have there guys. Because our store have a great rule and we are not suffering just for the sake of the job. I am sad that Borders was on Reorganization reight now and I hope that the store 365 will be back! ☺

Posted by tired

I'm surprised we haven't been ordered to address managerial staff as Herr Kommandant. They cut hours and staff down to the very barest minimum but will not lift a finger to help out. They refuse to ring on registers or answer phones but they've gotten really good at hiding in their offices and shouting at us over their little radios: "SELL MORE PLUS PROGRAMS! WE'VE ONLY SOLD TWO TODAY! YOU TELL THOSE STUPID CUSTOMERS THAT WE'RE NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS AND THEY NEED TO UPGRADE! YOU DON'T TELL THEM IT COSTS $20, YOU JUST CHARGE THEM FOR IT!!!" Think I'm kidding? No, I'm not. We knock ourselves out and it's never good enough, all we get in return is "You're not selling enough plus programs and if you don't start meeting your quota we'll give your hours to someone who can." It doesn't matter how long you've worked there, how much you know about books or how much the customers like you. If you're not pimping their stupid plus programs and their worthless e-readers, you will be belittled and reprimanded, usually on the sales floor for everyone to see and hear. it's like working for the schoolyard bully. lots of employees are stressed out to the point of being seriously sick, and they just don't care. they deserve to go out of business. as a former employee, I beg you all - don't shop there. let them die.

Posted by a nonny mouse

long story short: do NOT shop at Borders. they dont care about you, they just want your money. they treat their employees like slave labor. they make fun of their customers calling them morons and suckers, they look for ways to screw you over and are out to rob you blind. there is a reason they are going out of business, its because they are more interested in fattening their wallets than making you happy. they are evil.

Posted by fborders

I must say, I have been working for Borders for two years now and it is the WORST company i have EVER worked for!!! Most of the time I am not given a break even when I go over 5 hours, so illegal! I am expected to perform at a supervisor level without the official title or pay, and our store manager is a complete worthless *!!hole who locks himself in the back room 90% of the time doing anything BUT work. So with that said, lets go into the online customer service...God, I have never had so much trouble with customer service before! I ordered a book online for school two weeks ago and still have not received it. I have been calling them about three times a day for the past four days only to be given the run around every single time. They say they will call me back and never do, they say that I should get my book "tomorrow" and never do...they even went as far as hanging up on me! I HATE this company with a passion, the only reason I am sticking around is to go down with them when my store goes out of business so I can at least get unemployment from these bastards. Borders, there is a reason you are going out of treat your customers just as bad as you treat your employees!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a FORMER employee for Borders and I can tell you that working for them was just as frustrating as buying from them. No surprise that most employees didn't last long enough for me to even learn their names. We got a new store manager that the district seemed to love but everyone in our store couldn't stand. She was a micro-manager who couldn't handle simple tasks like getting the schedule done in a timely manner. Our weekly schedule was from Sunday-Saturday and many weeks I would come in on a Saturday morning at which point no schedule for the next week was posted. Therefore, I wouldn't know if I was working Sunday until Saturday afternoon. This happened 4th of July weekend, too! Are you kidding? You don't give people more than a day's notice if they're working on a holiday? (for which we did NOT get time and a half.)

Hate being asked if you want to sign up for a Borders Rewards card every time you come in? Trust me, we hate pushing those stupid cards on you. I send all my Borders emails to spam because that's what they are. It's ridiculous how many emails they send out in a week trying to push their sales and employees know it! I always felt like I wsa tricking people into signing up because I knew what they were in for! But they have incredibly high expected sign-up rates and track how well each employee is doing. My store manager was always on my back about it and it got so irritating it was one of the contributing factors for my quitting. I had a friend at the store that had been there for 2 years trying to put herself through school. Borders pretty much doesn't give their regular employees raises anymore and when, after 2 years, my friend requested a raise, she was told she'd have to increase her sign-up percentage to get it (to an impossible level,) even though new hires were automatically getting paid more. She quit soon after.

Great way to treat employees, Borders! I'm not sorry to see you fail!


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